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Sea Vision UK - Promoting careers in the maritime sector

Sea Vision UK - Promoting careers in the maritime sector

It is a well known fact that although Cornwall is surrounded on three sides by the sea, there are many young people living in the county who are unaware of the huge choice of careers available in the maritime sector.

Sea Vision UK is an awareness raising campaign for the sea and maritime sector in its widest sense. It was established in 2003 by the three founding partners The Chamber of Shipping, The Royal Navy and Lloyds Register. The partnership now comprises some 380 organisations some of whom are more actively involved than others. Over the last six months, Sea Vision’s objectives have been narrowed to focus on educating young people on the vast range of courses, jobs and careers opportunities available in the maritime sector.

Raising public awareness of the sector and the importance of sea trade is core to Sea Vision’s work and some of their activities include: the production of a maritime careers guidance magazine, a website, statistics in the maritime sector, displays and banners, facilitation of maritime events and a regular newsletter.

If you or your organisation would like to become a partner or find out more about Sea Vision UK, please visit their website at

September 2009

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