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Sailing Clubs and the Local Economy

Sailing Clubs and the Local Economy

You may not think that there is an obvious connection between our local sailing clubs and the local economy but they are much more closely connected than you would think. Restronguet Sailing Club is a good example of this. It organises a number of events including one national championship every year and it attracts competitors and their families from around the UK. It also runs the annual dinghy sailing element of Falmouth Week. Competitors at these events make their contribution to the local economy by staying in local accommodation, spending money in the nearby towns and villages and visiting local attractions. A conservative estimate of this contribution would be £200,000 a year with the sailing club receiving a small proportion of this.

So why do people come back year after year? The simple answer is that there is always good sailing in and around Falmouth and there is plenty for people to do. The sailing clubs do their best to manage the events well and to give a good welcome. Sometimes finding enough volunteers can be a problem but generally people are more than willing to give the odd hour here and there to help out where they can.

There is always a need to generate sponsorship for prizes and equipment because it is important to ensure that the kit is up-to-date and meets the necessary standards. A match funding pot which was available to help local events get off the ground would be a great help in attracting sponsorship and would relieve the pressure on local clubs. Whatever the solution, there will always be sailing events in Falmouth and the more there are, the better it will be for the local economy.

June 2010

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