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Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership

Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership

Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly have a new Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP). It is one of 38 across the country set up to push forward economic growth. The Museum hosted an LEP Roadshow on Friday 6 January as a combined breakfast.

The LEP’s purpose is shifting power to the local community and businesses, to encourage and empower enterprise and to unblock barriers whilst determining priorities.

Its vision is to "…provide the knowledge and strategic leadership needed to drive sustainable private sector growth and job creation in their areas depending upon local priorities".

It aims to create more jobs, improve skills, help overcome barriers to growth, attract more private and public sector funds, create infrastructure to help business thrive, create a ‘can do’ enterprise culture, protect the value of our environment and seize opportunities presented by superfast broadband and the global marketplace.

The Board comprises 6 appointed business members, five nominated Public sector/academic members and there are 2 support staff. They have begun work on a 5 year Strategy and Business Plan and consultants have been appointed. The final document will be launched later this spring after all the Roadshows have taken place. The key to the success of the LEP will be engagement with the local business community. The Roadshows will provide important first contacts but much more will have to be done in the coming months if the aims are to be met.

January 2012

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