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Are events an engine for Falmouth?

Are events an engine for Falmouth?
Events Square

Historically, Falmouth has always been a thriving town and busy commercial port and it has always been good at exploiting its assets. Although its population is relatively small, it manages to attract large numbers of visitors from across Cornwall and further afield for its events which are now part of the Cornish calendar.

So what type of event is held on Event Square? There are broadly three types of event taking place in the town: the small, local sports events, civic events and commercial events, all of which bring much needed visitors and money into the town. Event Square became a recognised venue in 2005 with the return home of Ellen McArthur. Falmouth Week entertainment and the Oyster Festival have now moved to the Square and it hosts many other events during the year.

In recent years, music events have found it hard to attract the volume of ticket sales required to make a profit and a lot of money has been invested by individual promoters including a £50,000 investment in Falmouth Week entertainment this year. However, the café culture of the Square is attracting much greater footfall and well-known artists will bring in the crowds.

Falmouth Festivals organises a full programme of events throughout the year. All that remains to make the programme complete is a large Christmas event. Local business support is vital to making events a success but the future looks bright.

August 2010

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