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Boat ID Boat Name Designer Boat Type Class/Size Magazine Year/Month Page
9542Peggy BawnWatson, G L & Co LtdYacht, cutter41 ft LOAClassic Boat2005/0936
9543PelagianRoy, C S JYacht33 ft LOAYachting World1972/0790
9544PelagicCastro, TonyYacht, cutter74 ft LOAYachting World2000/1267
2690Pelagic, Leisure 29Pryor, FrankYacht, sloop29 ft LOASailing Today2003/0372
9545PelicanMcBryde, W GYacht, motor28 ft LOAYachting World1952/04181
14391PelicanShort, WilliamDinghy, sailing12 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1971/11954
9546PelikanHerlin, TYacht, sloop10 m LOA Yachting Monthly1918/12117
5070Pellag IIDickieYacht, motor61 ftMotorboat and Yachting1937/10391
9547Pellag IIHoult, J M Motor60 ftYachting Monthly1937/04537
9548PelorusDunphy, B LYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting Monthly1954/0137
4437Pelorus JackGlowacki, Tomasz MYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting World1987/10121
9549Pen DuickFife, William IIIYacht, cutter49 ft LOD - see also CB 1992/12 p 8Yachting Monthly1996/0841
3867Pen DuickWilliam Fife IIIYacht, gaff cutter50 ft LOA 1898 restored 1989Maritime Life and Traditions0212
9550Pen Duick 600Presles, DominiqueYacht, sloop19 ft LOAYachting Monthly1976/04582
9551Pen Duick IVMauric,A & Rouillard, JCatamaran57 ft LOAYachting World1968/06260
4500Pen GwynTanton, Yves-MarieYacht, ketch37 ft LOAYachting World1989/0755
4073Pen-HirVivier, FrancoisYacht, sloop25 ft LOAWatercraft2009/0756
9552PendragonDevereux, H M Yacht, cutter41 ft LOAYachting Monthly1939/08327
15998PenelopeMauryDinghy, sailing14 ftYachts and Yachting1965/10801
9553PenguinCardwell, G E Yacht, cutter19 ft LOAYachting Monthly1928/06128
9554PenguinWelsford, JohnYacht, sloop21 ft LOD C BWatercraft2004/0756
15771Penguin classRhodes, PhilipDinghy, sailing11 ftYachts and Yachting1958/08857
5042Penine WindGraham BunnYacht, motor46 ftMotorboat and Yachting1937/0749
14153PenlenaFreeman, ReggieYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1950/121199
4515Penmar, Westerly KonsortGiles, LaurentYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1990/01110
2354Penny LaneHolman & PyeYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/0892
3026Penobscot 14Davis, ArchDinghy, sailing14 ft LOAWooden Boat1997/0988
3796Penobscot 17Arch Davis DesignsDinghy, sailing17 ft LOAWatercraft2008/0956
3042Penobscot 17Davis, ArchDinghy, sailing17 ft LOAWooden Boat2000/0592
14104PenquinRhodes, PhilDinghy, sailing11 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1949/04523
2756Penryn NovaWestell, JohnYacht, sloop27 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1971/0183
9555Pensive TemptressFox, UffaYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - see also Mbt 1947/02 p 75Motorboat and Yachting1946/12464
251PentireHamer, RichardYacht, sloop26 ft LOA ODClassic Boat2006/1058
16068Penultimate, Kingfisher 30SRAG NeiropYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly2005/1072
9556PeregrineHyland LtdMotor36 ft LOAYachting World1935/08182
4462PeregrineNelson & MarekYacht, sloop70 ft LOAYachting World1988/0699
9557PeregrinePeggYacht, sloop26 ft - renovated Norfolk Broads vesselThe Boatman1996/0758
516PeregrineProctor, IanDinghy, sailing19 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1963/02197
9558PeregrineProctor, IanDinghy, sailing19 ftYachting World1963/05229
9559PeregrineWatts, O M Yacht, cutter39 ft LOAYachting Monthly1939/01206
3005Peregrine 18Brooks, JohnDinghy18 ft LOAWooden Boat1995/0998
9560PerentiePayne, DavidYacht, sloop23 ft LOAClassic Boat2006/0160
16277Perfect PrescriptionCurran, PhilYacht, motor150 ftBoat International1997/1194
3630Perfect PrescriptionOceanfastMotor54 m LOABoat International2003/11106
9561PeridotClayton, C PYacht, motor75 ft LOA - see also Ymn 1904/06 p 65 , Mbt 1935/Yachting Monthly1935/0546
9562PeridotCoade, H GYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting Monthly1913/01238
4909PeridotW White & SonsYacht, motor75 ft 1894Motorboat and Yachting1935/03293
2348Perini 38MPeriniYacht, sloop125 ft LOA SuperyachtYachting World2007/09102
9563PerkyBain, JohnYacht, motor39 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1944/12313
9564PerpetuaThornycroft, PeterYacht, motor45 ft LOAYachting World1954/09406
4351Perry 62Perry, RobertYacht, sloop62 ft LOAYachting World1985/1280
5577PerseaBrooke MarineYacht, motor98 ftMotorboat and Yachting1964/0821
9565PersephoneHoward, J T Yacht, cutter28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1930/12196
311Pershing 37PershingMotor39 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2001/0548
302Pershing 56VenturaMotor59 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/1146
16178Pershing 70De Simoni, FulvioMotor69 ftBoat International1994/1190
2359Pershing 72Ventura UKMotor73 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0728
3613Pershing 76Pershing SpAMotor23.7 mBoat International2003/0354
9566PerteloteGarden, WilliamYacht, yawl42 ft LOAYachting Monthly1967/0869
9567PesaOertz, MaxYacht, cutter64 ft LOA - 10 m classClassic Boat2003/0950
9568PetWanhill, T Yacht, cutter33 ftClassic Boat2002/0350
9569Peter JanHayman, BYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly1946/01158
6985Peter PanMcCallum, John AYacht, motor80 ftMotorboat and Yachting1911/09232
9570Peter PanSchenk, H GYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1975/0688
9571Peterson 33Peterson, DougYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1977/01185
14464Peterson 34Peterson, DougYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1977/12190
5243PetitaSims, W E RMotor20 ftMotorboat and Yachting1953/07293
9572Petite BriseSelway Fisher DesignDinghy, sailing16 ft LOD - yawl rigWatercraft2001/0539
9573Petite MarisSelway Fisher DesignYacht, cutter19 ft LOAWatercraft2000/0355
5384PetraFredk. R ParkerYacht, motor60 ftMotorboat and Yachting1957/09400
9574PetraParker, FYacht, motor60 ft LOAYachting Monthly1957/06308
9575PetrelBolger, Philip C Yacht, yawl20 ft approxWatercraft2000/0119
9576PetrelFisher, PaulDinghy13 ftClassic Boat1997/0757
1931PetrelPape, AlanYacht, sloop30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1986/0655
1854Petrel 30Pape, AlanYacht, sloop30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1984/1142
9577Petrel 32Pape, AlanYacht, cutter31 ft LOAClassic Boat1988/1183
1962Petrel 32Pape, AlanYacht, sloop32 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1988/0573
9578Petrel Mk IIFisher, PaulCatboat13 ftThe Boatman1993/1038
5021PhantomBanham, H CMotor31 ftMotorboat and Yachting1936/09299
9579PhantomStrange, AlbertYacht, cutter28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1914/08298
193PhantomWright & TaylorDinghy, sailing4.42 m LOA 1971 designYachts and Yachting2005/0137
3741PhantomWright & TaylorDinghy, sailing4.42 m LOA 1973Yachts and Yachting1997/1154
2578PhantomWright / TaylorDinghy, sailing4.42 m LOADinghy Sailing2004/0162
14611PhantomWright, PaulDinghy, sailing14 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1973/041146
2500Phantom 40FairlineMotor41 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/0329
308Phantom 48FailineMotor50 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/1154
3801Phantom of Cramond, Moody 27Dixon, BillYacht, sloop28 ft LOA 1981Sailing Today2007/1152
14488Phantom WakeProut, RolandCatamaran40 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1979/051720
2672Phebe, Sadler 29Sadler, MartinYacht, sloop28 ft LOASailing Today2000/1244
9580Pheonix 77Humphreys, Rob & Freivokh, KenYacht, cutter77 ft LOAYachting World2001/08167
9581PhialleHolman, C RYacht, sloop27 ft LOA - see also YW 1957/11 p 491Yachting Monthly1956/10204
3664PhialleHoman, KimYacht, sloop27 ft LOA 1955 restoredClassic Boat2008/0162
9582PhilBaldenweck, GeorgesYacht, cutter54 ft LOAYachting Monthly1957/0720
5099PhilanteCamper & NicholsonYacht, motor263 ftMotorboat and Yachting1937/02156
7366PhilanteCamper & NicholsonYacht, motor263 ftYachting World1937/02128
9583PhilanteNicholson, CYacht, motor263 ft LOA - see also Ymn 1937/02 p 405Yachting Monthly1937/03424
3510PhilanteShead, DonMotor131 ft LOABoat International1991/1286
9584Philante VHunt, C RaymondYacht, motor75 ftClassic Boat2002/0761
5661Philante VHunt, RaymondYacht, motor75 ftMotorboat and Yachting1968/0770
14192Philcraft 23Parker, Frederick RMotor22 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1970/041028
9585Philip 43Holman & PyeYacht, sloop42 ft LOA - see also YM 1975/04 p 567Yachting World1975/02118
9586Philip 50 Philip & SonYacht, motor52 ft LOAYachting World1963/09408
5555Philip-FiftyPhilip & SonYacht, motor53 ftMotorboat and Yachting1963/0748
2778Philippa 27Clark, RobertYacht, sloop27 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1972/0457
9587PhillidaSimpson, H HardyYacht, sloop22 ft Conway classYachting Monthly1915/10381
9588PhilouiseGraham, S NMotor44 ft ex -Navy PinnaceYachting World1937/04292
14743PhilouiseHarvey, R C J Yacht, motor42 ft LOA -ex Navy pinnace - see also YM 1933/10Yachting World1933/09174
9589PhilouiseHarvey, R C J Yacht, motor42 ft LOA -ex Navy pinnace - see also YM 1933/10Yachting World1933/09174
9590PhizzParker, F R & Partners LtdYacht, sloop40 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1953/03109
14162PhizzParker, FrederickYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1951/03126
9591PhocenaDias, AntonioYacht, cutter25 ft LODThe Boatman1995/0183
9592PhoebeBain, JohnYacht, motor57 ft LOA - SilverYachting World1953/0264
5226Phoebe AnneBain, JohnYacht, motor58 ftMotorboat and Yachting1953/016
9593Phoebus IIGodinet, AugusteYacht, cutter36 ft LOAClassic Boat1993/1129
14535PhoenixBerret/Fauroux/FinotYacht,sloopOne tonnerYachts and Yachting1985/0826
3948PhoenixChilvers, M HDinghy, sailing11 ft LOALight Craft1961/0466
9594PhoenixKelsall, DerekTrimaran26 ft LOA - Telstar classYachting Monthly1994/0395
3991PhoenixMacAlpine-DownieCatamaran18 ft LOALight Craft1966/0444
9595PhoenixMacalpine-Downie, J RCatamaran18 ftYachting World1964/08360
9596PhoenixNicholson, C EYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1948/05158
4877PhoenixWhite & CoYacht, motor52 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1933/06606
9597Phoenix IICamper & NicholsonYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1949/05169
9598Phoenix Major Nicholson, C AYacht, sloop35 ft LOAThe Yachtsman1949/0330
2802PhotonKirk, Chris & MikeDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1991/0922
9599PhrynaMeek, W McCYacht, cutter48 ft LOAYachting Monthly1938/12109
9600PhydorHart, E PYacht, ketch32 ft LWLYachting Monthly1910/03318
9601PhyleneParker, F RYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting Monthly1961/0122
345PhyleneParker, Frederik RYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1961/0162
9602PhyllisHart, E PYacht, motor40 ftYachting Monthly1907/1135
9603PhynellaDallimore, N EYacht, cutter39 ft LOAYachting Monthly1938/04534
4729Piano, Bowman 45Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1995/06108
619PicariniTrimaran30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1967/0816
2729Picaro, Vancouver 34 ClassicHarris, RobertYacht, sloop34 ft LOASailing Today2005/0280
7113Picchiotti Tigress MkIIPicchiottiMotor45 ftMotorboat and Yachting1983/1144
9604PiccoloFife, WilliamYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1936/11450
9605Pick-upNewick, DickTrimaran32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/05990
3920PicoLaserperformanceDinghy, sailing3.5 mDinghy Sailing2009/0440
7169PicoteeLinton Hope & Co.Motor28 ftMotorboat and Yachting1905/04266
7094Picton 180 Mardi GrasInnes, RayMotor18 ftMotorboat and Yachting1983/01164
9606Pieces of EightAnderson, J A DYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1939/0552
5061Piet Heinde Vries LentschYacht, motor100 ftMotorboat and Yachting1937/09269
9607Piet HeinVoogt, H W deYacht, motor101 ft LOA - Royal Dutch YachtYachting World1937/07102
9608Piet HeynMylne, AlfredYacht, yawl60 ft LOAYachting Monthly1916/1295
9609PigmyBraithwaite, A LDinghy, sailing12 ft LOAYachting Monthly1954/04214
9610PilgrimMylne, AlfredYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1914/04475
12935PilgrimWelsford, JohnDinghy, sailing16 ftWooden Boat2010/0791
9611PilotWarrington Smyth, RYacht, sloop24 ft LOA - see also YW 1958/10 p 442Yachting World1957/12537
9612Pilot - 9 tonWarrington Smyth, RYacht, ketch30 ft LOAYachting World1961/11517
2105Pilot 27Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop27 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1995/0442
15782Pilot classWarington, RodneyYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1958/091044
4028Pilot ClassicHoek, AndreYacht, sloop85 ft LOAYachting World2009/0640
9613Pilot CutterCornish CrabbersYacht, cutter35 ft and 39 ft designsClassic Boat2004/0124
9614Pilot CutterSparkman & StephensYacht, cutter32 ft LOA - possible pattern for Inward Bound (3Classic Boat2006/0522
4192Pilot House 40Benford Jay RYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1982/05103
9615PimpernelCamper & NicholsonYacht, motor121 ft - see also YW 1949/04 p 120Motorboat and Yachting1949/04151
9616PimpernelFrogatt, Peter & JohnYacht, sloop19 ft LOAYachting Monthly1961/06307
1864Pink GinJudel & VrolijkYacht, sloop152 ft LOAYachting World2007/0494
9617Pink unBurnett, C GIce boatYachting Monthly1919/03281
9618PinkyFishing - Essex schooner - America - 1840Classic Boat2001/0653
9619Pinky KetchBenford, Jay R & AssocYacht, ketch34 ft LOAYachting World1975/0594
9620Pinky KetchSelway Fisher DesignYacht, ketch35 ftWatercraft2000/0956
14249Pinna IILaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1954/05396
6664Pinnace conversionJ Barr & Co.Yacht, motor40 ftMotorboat and Yachting1932/02162
15291Pinnace conversionR C J HerveyYacht, motorYachting World1929/08201
15303Pinnace conversionR C J HerveyYacht, motorYachting World1929/12562
2759PintailYacht, sloop28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1971/0250
9621PintailBuchanan, A HYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly1945/1138
9622PintailRossiter, H TYacht, sloop27 ft LOA - see also YM 12003/01 p 9, WC 1998/03 Yachting Monthly1973/03437
9623PintailTough BrosMotor40 ft LOAYachting World1953/12542
9624Pintail IIRossiter, HughYacht, cutter27 ft LOAClassic Boat1999/0334
3877PinucciaBaglietto, Vincenzo VittorioYacht, sloop48 ft LOA 1937 restoredClassic Boat2008/0714
9625PionStadt, E G van deYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1973/01132
6122PioneerCamper & NicholsonYacht, motor168 ftMotorboat and Yachting1920/03317
9626PioneerDixon, BillYacht, sloop25 ft LOA NewbridgeYachting Monthly1986/0852
9627PioneerMacLaren Bros.Yacht, motor40 ft - gas firedYachting Monthly1909/04418
4228PioneerMauric, AndreYacht, sloop82 ft LOAYachting World1983/0295
9628PioneerNicholson, CYacht, motor168 ft LOAYachting Monthly1914/09374
565Pioneervan de StadtYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1963/02288
7085Pioneer 20Pioneer CraftMotor20 ftMotorboat and Yachting1982/0841
9629Pioneer 9Stadt, E G van deYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1992/10107
9630PionierStadt, E G van deYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1961/0888
9631Pionier 10Stadt, E G van deYacht, sloop31 ft LOA - see also YW 1971/11 p 83Yachting Monthly1972/111529
9632Piper O DBoyd, DavidYacht, sloop24 ft LOA - see also CB 2005/06 p 47Yachting World1969/06271
11639Piper O DBoyd, DavidYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting Monthly1966/04208
7101Pipers Merlin, Broom 32Bennett, JohnMotor32 ftMotorboat and Yachting1983/0580
63PippaPerryman, JohnYacht, sloopPractical Boat Owner1970/0272
2180PippinTucker, TonyYacht, sloop19 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/0742
2636Pippin 20Tucker, TonyYacht, sloop21 ft LOASailing Today1998/0890
9633PiranPayne, ArrthurYacht, sloop18 ft lLOA - version of Itchen FerryThe Boatman1992/0645
3088PirateGeary, TedYacht, sloopWooden Boat2006/1038
2833PirateProctor, IanDinghy, sailing17 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1974/081
14426PirateProctor, IanYacht, sloop17 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1975/0183
9634PirateProctor, IanYacht, sloop17 ft LOAYachting Monthly1974/05649
2810PirateProctor, IanYacht, sloop17 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1973/061
9635PixieCollie, W StuartYacht, sloop20 ft LOAYachting World1953/05215
15746PixieGarden, WilliamYacht, ketch48 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1958/06584
6285PixieJames Taylor & BatesMotor27 ftMotorboat and Yachting1923/08140
1911PixieWoods, RichardCatamaran14 ft LOA surf catPractical Boat Owner1985/0659
7283Pixie, Sadler 32Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/1186
9636Plain JaneBain, JohnYacht, cutter39 ft LOAYachting World1945/0115
9637Plan No 126Berthon, Edward LyonYacht, sloop34 ft LOA - W restricted classClassic Boat1995/0443
9638PlanesailWalker, JohnTrimaran48 ft LOA - wing sailYachting Monthly1987/0891
5334Plastic cruisersCooper, FredMotor38 ftMotorboat and Yachting1955/12521
9639Play BoatChris-CraftMotor42 ft LOAYachting World1941/06150
9640PlaymateHutchinson, H W Yacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting Monthly1921/04409
6928Pleasure launchSummers & PayneDinghy, sailing30 ftMotorboat and Yachting1908/06390
9641PleioneLeather, JohnYacht, cutter24 ft LOAYachting Monthly1961/0290
3073PleioneTaylor, JimYacht, sloop48 ft LOAWooden Boat2004/1060
577PleonieLeather, JohnYacht, cutter24 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1959/081173
6361PliosaurusG L Watson & Co.Yacht, motor92 ft conversionMotorboat and Yachting1926/0174
2135Plymouth PilotSkentelbery, K RMotor24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/01121
2214Plymouth Pilot 24K R Skentlelberry & SonsMotor24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2000/02116
9642PlymytStadt, E G van deYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1959/06280
14513PoacherRichardson, WYacht, ketch21 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1981/0256
9643PocahontasDaniels, W J YachtModel Marblehead 50-800 classYachting Monthly1964/11246
14107PocahontasLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1949/05549
9644PocahontasWall, RaymondYacht, cutter28 ft LOAYachting World1961/10451
14530Pocket BattleshipDubois/HumphreysYacht, sloop13.6 m LOAYachts and Yachting1985/0396
4178Pocket-RocketshipMull, GaryYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting World1982/0282
263Pogo 40Groupe FinotYacht, sloop40 ft LOA +supplement -Supersail WorldYachting World2006/1068
9645PointerPetrie, C JYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1966/0142
6727Poisson SorcierJohn I ThorneycroftYacht, motor62 ftMotorboat and Yachting1934/04390
9646Polar BoundDavidson, DennisYacht, motor48 ft LOA - Polar exploration vessel - see also Motorboat and Yachting2001/0846
9647Polar Star IIDobie, J DMotor22 ftYachting World1938/08152
14744Polar Star IIDobie, J DMotor22 ftYachting World1938/08152
9648PolarisMitchell, Percy GFishing36 ftMotorboat and Yachting1950/0129
5957Polaris 770C N van der MaadenMotor25 ftMotorboat and Yachting1974/0675
6924Police patrol launchLinton, Hope & Co.Motor35 ftMotorboat and Yachting1908/02104
4091PollyCrouch/Merrill/NevinsYacht, sloop51 ft LOA 1939Maritime Life and Traditions3160
9649PollyHenwood, ColinMotor13 ftClassic Boat1998/1032
9650PollyHesp, JohnYacht, sloop16 ft LOAWatercraft1999/0359
9651PollyPollard, JackYacht, cutter26 ft LOAYachting Monthly1949/04166
9652PollyWolstenholme, AMotor13 ftWatercraft1999/0538
3773Polly AgathaCockwell, DavePilot Cutter45 ft LOAYachting World2008/0850
9653PollyannaJohnson, C V Dinghy, sailing15 ftYachting Monthly1921/06122
2995PollywogGarden, WilliamMotor27 ft LOAWooden Boat1994/07109
2958PollywogGarden, WilliamMotor27 ft LOAWooden Boat1994/07109
6345PolsloeRogers & Co.Yacht, motor42 ftMotorboat and Yachting1925/11396
9654PomonaWatts, J MurrayYacht, schooner37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1927/06132
9655Poncin 38J & J DesignsYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/1042
9656Poncin 44J & J DesignsYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World2003/09116
9657Ponda RitaRampartYacht, motor48 ft - Rampart 48 classClassic Boat2003/0961
9658PongoWoodcock, PercyYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting Monthly1945/0532
3798Pontios, Beneteau First 32Berret, JeanYacht, sloop32 ft LOASailing Today2003/1272
9659PooduckWhite, JoelYacht, sloop12 ft LOAThe Boatman1994/0665
15633Poole knockaboutFrench, Eric HYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1939/09252
9660PoppyBush, FabianCanoe, sailing21 ft - Blackwater classClassic Boat2002/1047
9661PoppyStow, E AYacht, sloop6 m classYachting Monthly1909/03324
9662Porchester DuckHamond, C EDinghy, sailing11 ftThe Yachtsman1935/02391
9663PorpoiseMylne, A & CoYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - see also Mbt 1950/07 p 293, CB 2001/0Yachting World1951/05254
9664Port Isaac LuggerCastle, MartinFishing16 ft - see also CB 2000/04 p 71Classic Boat2000/02108
9665Port LouisSelway Fisher DesignYacht, cutter20 ft LOD C BWatercraft1999/0553
4077Portofino 47, SunseekerShead, Don & SunseekerMotor49 ft LOA 2006Motorboat and Yachting2008/0266
5616Poseidon VHenry LuhrsMotor32 ftMotorboat and Yachting1966/0480
9666Post BoatBailiff, BillYacht, cutter14 ft LOAThe Boatman1995/1065
9667Post War PropositionClark, RobertYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting Monthly1945/0696
620PotterSmith, StanleyDinghy,sailing14 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1967/1047
9668Potter 25Fairways MarineFishing25 ft LOAYachting World1975/0759
5265Potter's BarHall, A GMotor22 ftMotorboat and Yachting1954/0253
9669Pourquoi PasDuckworth, PMotor17 ftYachting Monthly1915/04393
9670Powder MonkeyBuchanan, AlanYacht, sloop30 ft LOA - Yeoman classYachting Monthly1994/0549
15955Power CatBuchanan, AlanDinghy, sailing19 ftYachts and Yachting1955/05398
15961Power CatBuchanan, AlanDinghy, sailing19 ftYachts and Yachting1955/06542
15605Power Express cruiserBritish Power Boat Co.Motor38 ftYachting World1939/06592
14853Power Game II, Super Moonraker 36DC MarineMotor36 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1998/0748
15975Power YachtParker, FredYacht, motor68 ftYachts and Yachting1955/10893
15447Powerful ketchG de Vries Lentsch JnrYacht, ketch72 ft LOAYachting World1932/08170
3426Powerline 390Bennett, JohnMotor40 ft LOABoat International1990/0374
16227Powerline 88Stiegler, KarlheinzYacht, motor67 ftBoat International1997/0272
5973Powles 33Jack Powles International MarineMotor33 ftMotorboat and Yachting1975/0149
6035Powles 40Olesinski, BernardYacht, motor40 ftMotorboat and Yachting1979/03142
6008Powles 53Olesinski, BernardYacht, motor53 ftMotorboat and Yachting1977/0386
7127Prairie StarJack Powles Ltd.Motor1938 restorationMotorboat and Yachting1984/0672
15544Predator 130SunseekerYacht, motor39 fmBoat International2009/1196
264Predator 62Sunseeker 62Motor64 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/1136
235Preditor 62Sunseeker & Don SheadMotor64 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0276
9671PrefectWalton Yacht Works LtdPassenger80 ft - ThamesMotorboat and Yachting1949/04149
14647PreludeProctor, IanYacht, sloop19 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1973/061725
3370PreludeProctor, IanYacht, sloop19 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2008/0240
14393PreludeProctor, IanYacht, sloop19 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1972/0198
9672Premier 45Dixon, BillYacht, cutter45 ft LOAYachting Monthly1992/05118
4607Premier 45Dixon, BillYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1992/0246
3527Premier 45Dixon, BillYacht, sloop45 ft LOABoat International1992/0656
4671Premier 66Dixon, BillYacht, sloop66 ft LOAYachting World1993/10120
4798Premier DiscoveryDixon, BillYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1998/04112
16204President 83Kuan TeinYacht, motor84 ftBoat International1995/0852
2462Prestige 32JeanneauMotor32 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/0354
4081Prestige 50S, JeanneauGaroni Design & JeanneauMotor50 ft LOA 2006Motorboat and Yachting2008/0282
2953Presto, DuraKore KetchWalters, Craig VYacht, ketch49 ft LOAWooden Boat1993/09112
2986Presto, DuraKore KetchWalters, Craig VYacht, ketch49 ft LOAWooden Boat1993/09112
9673PretorienHolman & PyeYacht, sloop35 ft LOA - see also YW 1981/01 p98Yachting Monthly1981/051036
9674Pride of Baltimore IIGillmer, ThomasYacht, schooner170 ft LOAThe Boatman1993/0257
6022Pride of JuraWatson, ColvicMotor, sailer35 ftMotorboat and Yachting1978/05115
5533Pride of PaullLock Marine Services LtdFishing26 ftMotorboat and Yachting1962/1150
9675Pride of PortThomas, WYacht, cutter26 ft - Falmouth Quay puntClassic Boat2001/0230
6819Pride of WestminsterShepherd, FredMotor70 ftMotorboat and Yachting1938/04357
5737Prikkelpopvan de Stadt, E.GYacht, sloop30 ftMotorboat and Yachting1973/0480
282Prim'VentDinghy, sailing18 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1970/1257
9676PrimaJardine Brown, JoanYacht, cutter22 ft LOA - see also CB 2004/05 p63Yachting Monthly1939/1142
4803Prima 38Jones & SherwillYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1998/06114
442Prima 38Jones, StephenYacht, sloop11.59 m LOAYachts and Yachting1998/0711
9677Prima DonaKloss, B & Blake,W MYacht, sloop29 ft LOA - Royal Singapore Y C classYachting Monthly1927/09350
4785Prima One-Design 38Jones, StephenYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1997/10118
16007Primatist G70Abbate, BrunoYacht, motor21.02 mBoat International2006/0566
9678PrimroseYacht, cutter33 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1921/09254
6262Prince EdwardRichard Dunston LtdMotor30 ftMotorboat and Yachting1922/10312
3450Princesa Del MarDiana Yacht DesignMotor101 ft LOABoat International1990/0968
9679PrincessScheel, Henry AYacht, yawl42 ft LOAYachting Monthly1936/04452
15927Princess 440Olesinski, BernardYacht, motor47 ftMotorboat and Yachting1994/03110
16223Princess 20MOlesinski, BernardYacht, motor69 ftBoat International1997/01108
16269Princess 22MOlesinski, BernardYacht, motor72 ftBoat International1997/1076
14851Princess 30DSOlesinski, BernardMotor30 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1996/0566
2529Princess 32Senior MarineMotor32 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/1194
15902Princess 32 RivieraOlesinski, BernardYzcht, motor34 ftMotorboat and Yachting1993/06102
7125Princess 33Bennett, JohnMotor33 ftMotorboat and Yachting1984/0552
15856Princess 34Olesinski, BernardYacht, motor36 ftMotorboat and Yachting1996/0646
15909Princess 360Olesinski, BernardYacht, motor39 ftMotorboat and Yachting1993/0954
15846Princess 368Olesinski, BernardYacht, motor39 ftMotorboat and Yachting1992/0342
2276Princess 37SBennett, JohnMotor37 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1995/1086
7069Princess 38Bennett, JohnMotor38 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1981/1260
16370Princess 38PrincessMotor12.14 mMotorboat and Yachting1999/0750
2290Princess 41/412/414Bennett, JohnMotor41 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2000/0866
2495Princess 415Olesinski, BernardMotor43 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/1287
2439Princess 42FairlineMotor44 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/1112
2501Princess 42PrincessMotor44 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/0334
2249Princess 420Olesinski, BernardMotor43 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1995/0280
15938Princess 420Olesinski, BernardYacht, motor43 ftMotorboat and Yachting1994/0950
14842Princess 435Olesinski, BernardYacht, motor44 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1991/0446
14855Princess 435Olesinski, BernardMotor44 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1998/0784
7209Princess 440Olesinski, BernardMotor45 ftMotorboat Monthly1994/0242
7116Princess 45Olesinski, BernardMotor45 ftMotorboat and Yachting1984/01140
2514Princess 54Princess YachtsMotor54 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/0824
7214Princess 58Marine ProjectsMotor58 ftMotorboat Monthly1994/0528
265Princess 58PrincessMotor59 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/1138
3492Princess 65Olesinski, BernardMotor69 ft LOABoat International1991/0668
16300Princess 65Olesinski, BernardYacht, motor69 ftBoat International1998/1080
4013Princess classAas. BjarneYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1962/10687
9680Princess GipsyBombigher, DanielYacht, schooner65 ftClassic Boat1990/0815
6244Princess MaryJ W Brooke & Co.Motor35 ftMotorboat and Yachting1922/0780
2459Princess of DeniaEurocrownMotor42 ft LOA 420 CRMotorboat Monthly2004/0272
5391Princess of HeartsHearts CruisersMotor36 ftMotorboat and Yachting1957/10462
16141Princess TanyaAustin & PickersgillYacht, motor189 ftBoat International1993/0790
2250Princess V39Olesinski, BernardMotor39 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1995/0634
16365Princess V40Marine ProjectsMotor12.56 mMotorboat and Yachting1999/03102
16182Princess V52Marine ProjectsMotor54 ftBoat International1994/1282
15882Princess V52Olesinski, BernardYacht, motor54 ftMotorboat Monthly1995/04116
9681Princess V65Olesinki, BernardYacht, motor66 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2001/0961
225Princess V65Olesinski, BernardMotor67 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/0658
9682PrindahShepherd, FredYacht, schooner54 ft LWLYachting World1935/03228
3679Prinz 54Quartostyle 2007Motor56 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2008/0556
9683PriorPetrie, C JYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1968/0128
305Privateer 52Privateer YachtsMotor51 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/1150
9684Privilege 37JeantotCatamaran36 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/1290
9685PriwellOehlmann, Kurt A HYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1959/03150
15872Pro-Line 231 WalkaboutPro-LineMotor25 ftMotorboat and Yachting1995/1040
15873Pro-Line 240 SportsmanPro-LineMotor25 ftMotorboat and Yachting1995/1042
9686ProactiveZabukovec, RobertCatamaran49 ft LOAYachting World2001/1286
14202ProctorProctor, IanDinghy, sailing15 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1968/12116
6972Producer Gas YachtMavor, HYacht, motor54 ftMotorboat and Yachting1911/03160
6009Profile 33Gannaway, DaveMotor33 ftMotorboat and Yachting1977/0590
5990Profile 40Dewar, JimMotor, sailer40 ftMotorboat and Yachting1976/01172
88Projection 762Thomas, StephenYacht, sloop7.62 m LOAYachts and Yachting1996/037
39Projection 920Thomas, StephenYacht, sloop9.20 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/119
4793Projection 920Thomas, StephenYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1998/03102
9687ProlificPrimrose, AngusYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1967/11494
9688Prom OceanWynn-Thomas, AlanTrimaranFormula 40Yachting Monthly1986/06114
287Pronavia 38Stimson, ChristianYacht, sloop11.58 m LOAYachts and Yachting2007/0129
2845ProspectRydgeway MarineYacht, sloop27 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1975/1152
9689Prospect 28Stadt, E G van deYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting World1975/12108
9690Prospect 900Stadt, E G van deYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1977/081241
9691Prospect IIWinch, PaulYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting Monthly1965/0294
14447Prospect of PonsonbyFarr, BruceYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1976/0146
9692Prospect of WhitbySparkman & StephensYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1969/09405
9693Prospect of WhitbySparkman & StephensYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World1973/03104
9694ProspectorConcordia CoYacht, ketch42 ft LOAYachting World1943/0110
2597ProspectorFairlineMotor37 ft LOA 1981Motorboat and Yachting2000/05104
9695ProspectorSelway Fisher DesignCanoe16 ftClassic Boat1995/077
9696Prout 38Feltham, DavidCatamaran38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/09114
2644Prout 38ProutCatamaran38 ft LOASailing Today1999/0532
9697Prout 45Feltham, DavidCatamaran45 ft LOA - see also YM 1996/06 p 86Yachting Monthly1995/0789
2104Prout 45ProutCatamaran45 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1995/0342
4758Prout 45Prout CatamaransCatamaran45 ft LOAYachting World1996/06112
3940Prout CatamaranG Prout & SonsCatamaran19 ft LOALight Craft1960/11700
4574Prout Event 34Milne, PeterCatamaran34 ft LOAYachting World1991/0573
7224Prout Panther 61Prout CatamaransCatamaran61 ftMotorboat Monthly1994/0756
15935Prout Panther 61Underwood & FelthamYacht, motor61 ftMotorboat and Yachting1994/0786
9698ProvenceComben, A HYacht, motor35 ft Motorboat and Yachting1927/04342
9699ProvidenceWarrington Smyth, NYacht, cutter38 ft LOA - see also CB 1997/09 p 51Yachting Monthly1941/0520
9700Providence 47Laurent Giles LtdYacht, cutter16 tonsYachting Monthly1991/05117
9701ProvidentSaunders & CoFishing70 ft LOA - Brixham trawler - see also CB 1991/0Classic Boat1987/0630
9702PrudenceHerreshoff, L FrancisYacht, sloop22 ftClassic Boat1990/0138
6420PrunellaTaylor & BatesMotor45 ftMotorboat and Yachting1927/06521
9703PrunellaThornycroftYacht, motor53 ft LOAYachting World1938/08162
15977PsaropoulaThorneycroft PeterMotor36 ftYachts and Yachting1955/10896
9704PsaropoulaThornycroft, PeterMotor36 ft LOAYachting World1957/06274
2235PsycheBurnett, EdYacht, yawl38 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2001/034
9705PsycheStrange, AlbertYacht, yawl27 ft LOAYachting Monthly1918/02245
3089PT-15Bieker, PaulDinghy, sailing15 ft LOAWooden Boat2006/1270
6607PtarmiganJames Taylor & BatesYacht, motor35 ftMotorboat and Yachting1930/06532
2029PuckCardyn, StephanYacht, sloop23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1992/0250
9707PuddockGibbs, Kenneth MDinghy, sailing 9 ft Yachting Monthly1951/09157
9708PufferCockshott, GeorgeYacht, motor35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1913/04506
9709PuffinBuchanan, A HYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting Monthly1944/10347
9710PuffinBuchanan, AlanDinghy, sailing10 ft Yachting Monthly1949/04176
6258PuffinRobinson, Leo AMotor44 ftMotorboat and Yachting1922/09222
9711PuffinRowland, W HYacht, cutter24 ft LOA Mersey O D classYachting Monthly1906/1160
9713Puffin Sparkman & StephensYacht, cutter35 ft LOAThe Yachtsman1957/0362
9712PuffinWillyams, H VFishing16 ft LOA Yachting Monthly1942/0536
9714Puffin IIStrange, AlbertYacht, motor39 ft LWLYachting Monthly1910/04408
9715PullisHarvey, R WMotor43 ft LOAYachting Monthly1930/0549
15320PullisHervey, R C JMotor43 ftYachting World1930/03215
6589PullisR C J Hervey & Co.Motor, sailer43 ftMotorboat and Yachting1930/03216
30PumaCumming, ColinDinghy, sailing13 ft LOAWatercraft2007/0952
9716PumaLord, G GYacht, sloop18 ft LOA - see also YM 1953/05 p 266Yachting World1953/05214
9717PumaLord, G G Dinghy, sailing18 ft LOAYachting Monthly1953/05266
2114PunchStollery, RogerDinghy, sailing11 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1995/1267
9718PunkDinghy, sailing9 ftYachting Monthly1931/10409
9719PuppeteerBoyd, ChrisYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting World1978/11133
14745PuppeteerBoyd, ChrisYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting World1978/11133
4233Puppeteer 33C & S Boyd (Yachts)Yacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1983/04118
9721PuritanYacht, cutter28 m LOA - America CupClassic Boat1991/1256
9720PuritanBurgess, W StarlingFishing143 ft - Banks schoonerYachting Monthly1930/0565
6048Pursuit 34Gannaway, DaveMotor34 ftMotorboat and Yachting1979/1192
2801PXDinghy, sailing15 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1991/0818
2382PygmalionFalconMotor22 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2001/1084
15754PymClark, RobertYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1958/07690
9722PymClark, RobertYacht, sloop37 ft LOAThe Yachtsman1958/0940
9723PyrecanthaWelford, C R BYacht, cutter34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1945/1296
9724PyrrhaBrooke MarineYacht, motor36 ft LOAThe Yachtsman1965/1240