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Boat ID Boat Name Designer Boat Type Class/Size Magazine Year/Month Page
4092Guide MeFerris, PeterFishing, lugger40 ft 1911Maritime Life and Traditions3424
4090Fishers Island One ClassMower, C DYacht, sloop24 ft LOA 1923Maritime Life and Traditions3159
4087BoleroSparkman & StephensYacht, yawl74 ft LOA 1950Maritime Life and Traditions3156
4088Huntington Dancing ClassLord, FrederickYacht, sloop15 ft 1911Maritime Life and Traditions3157
4089Victory ClassGardner, WilliamYacht, sloop32 ft LOA 1919Maritime Life and Traditions3158
4091PollyCrouch/Merrill/NevinsYacht, sloop51 ft LOA 1939Maritime Life and Traditions3160
4086Bessie EllenW S KellyKetch77 ft 1904 restored 2001Maritime Life and Traditions2930
4085WesternmanIrens, NigelPilot Cutter41 ft LOAMaritime Life and Traditions2832
4084Merlin, Camden KnockaboutCrowninshield, B BYacht, sloop28 ft LOA 1915Maritime Life and Traditions2410
4083AmericaSteers, GeorgeSchooner101 ft LOA 1851Maritime Life and Traditions2230
4024MarietteHerreshoffSchooner109 ft 1916 restoredMaritime Life and Traditions2142
7285Elan 310Humphreys Yacht DesignYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/1292
7284Ecume de MerFinot, Jean-MarieYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/1286
4155Airis, GP42Carkeek, BotinYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachts and Yachting2009/1280
7323AvailableTripp, BillYacht, sloop64 ft LOAYachting World2009/1238
7325Contest 62CSGeorg Nissen Yacht DesignYacht, sloop62 ft LOAYachting World2009/1252
7324Emma, Swan 60Frers Naval Architecture & EngineeringYacht, sloop62 ft LOAYachting World2009/1246
4153Hobie WildcatFischer, MartinCatamaran5.51 m LOAYachts and Yachting2009/1233
4154X-treme 25Lutra Design GroupYacht, sloop7.83 m LOAYachts and Yachting2009/1241
4152CirrusBroome, MikeDinghy, sailing20 ft LOAClassic Boat2009/1252
7283Pixie, Sadler 32Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/1186
4121Hunter SonataThomas, DavidYacht, sloop6.9 m LOA c. 1979Yachts and Yachting2009/1144
4120Vampire M20Marstrom, GoranCatamaran6.1 m LOAYachts and Yachting2009/1134
4140X-65Jeppesen, NielsYacht, sloop66 ft LOAYachting World2009/1142
4162Golden FleeceSparkman & StephensYacht, sloop41 ft LOAClassic Boat2009/1132
4602Chebacco 20Bolger, PhilDinghy, sailing20 ft LOAWatercraft2009/1118
4601CirrusBroome, MikeDinghy, sailing20 ft LOAWatercraft2009/1112
12925StavangerArcher, ColinYacht, ketch47 ftWooden Boat2009/1152
12926ICW 48Newick, DickYacht, ketch48 ftWooden Boat2009/1191
7282Island Packet EsteroJohnson, BobYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/1180
4101F18Hobie Cat CentreCatamaran5.48 m LOAYachts and Yachting2009/1036
4100Graduate, RoosterWyche, DickDinghy, sailing3.82 m LOA 1952Yachts and Yachting2009/1031
7322Dragonfly 28Quorning, JensTrimaran29 ft LOAYachting World2009/1054
4104Halmatic 30Sharp, JohnYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/1096
4103J97Johnstone, AlYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/1090
4102A31ArchambaultYacht, sloop9.55 m LOAYachts and Yachting2009/1047
4123Kid IISmith, GilYacht, sloop37 ft LODClassic Boat2009/1017
5693RM 880Lombard, MarcYacht, sloop29 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2009/1042
4125SoutacheWall, Raymond, Camper & NicholsonYacht, ketch64 ft LOA 1972Classic Boat2009/1032
4126Lop To, Jollenkreuzervon Hacht, WillhelmYacht, sloop28 ft LOA 35 sq mClassic Boat2009/1038
4124Evelyn, Falmouth Working BoatHitchens, FrankYacht, sloop28 ft LOS 1898Classic Boat2009/1022
4127Kid IISmith, GilYacht, sloop37 ft LODClassic Boat2009/1017
4119Oyster Catcher, Trapper 500C&CYacht, sloop28 ft LOA 1972Yachting Monthly2009/09106
4118Fan Class 32Broquaire, GuyYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0998
4098Devoti D-OneMorrison,PhilDinghy, sailing4.23 m LOAYachts and Yachting2009/0931
4099J/97Johnstone, AlYacht, sloop9.65 m LOAYachts and Yachting2009/0947
4097Rustler 44Jones, StephenYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World2009/0976
4096Oyster 54Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop53 ft LOAYachting World2009/0968
4122StellaHolman, KimYacht, sloop26 ft LOAClassic Boat2009/0916
4600Dilys CatboatFisher, PaulDinghy, sailing26 ft LOAWatercraft2009/0956
12924SiriHylanCanoe, yawl18 ftWooden Boat2009/0996
4095ArgyllSparkman & StevensYacht, yawl57 ft LOA 1946Classic Boat2009/0834
7280Regina 40Beyer, CarlYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0886
7281WaterwytchSadler, DavidYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0892
4070Bavaria 55 CruiserFarr Yacht DesignYacht, sloop55 ft LOAYachting World2009/0858
4093IseultBurnett, SydneyYacht, yawl41 ft LOA 1909Classic Boat2009/0818
4094Amelia RosePowell, LukePilot cutter44 ft LOAClassic Boat2009/0824
5715Oyster 406Homan & PyeYacht, sloop41 ft LOASailing Today2009/0858
5692Galway HookerYacht, gaff28 - 35 ftPractical Boat Owner2009/0860
5691J/97J Boats (USA)Yacht, sloop32 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2009/0838
5690Dragonfly 28Quorning, JensTrimaran29 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2009/0834
5716Finngulf 43Farr Yacht DesignYacht, sloop43 ft LOASailing Today2009/0864
4033BaracudaHolland, RonYacht, ketch164 ft LOAYachting World2009/074
4069Regina 40Beyer, CarlYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World2009/0748
4054ShadowLoday & WhiteCatamaran4.80 mYachts and Yachting2009/0734
4052Musto SkiffHarpprecht & Ovington BoatsDinghy, sailing4.55 mYachts and Yachting2009/0734
4053RS700Peters & SouthonDinghy, sailing4.68 mYachts and Yachting2009/0734
4055Santa Cruz 37Kernan, TimYacht, sloop11.28 m LOAYachts and Yachting2009/0748
4050Oceanis 31Groupe FinotYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0784
4051Indigo, Swedish Yachts 390Ostmann, JensYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0790
4072Dainty, SunbeamWestmacott, AlfredYacht, sloop27 ft LOA 1923Watercraft2009/0743
4068Kestrel 106Holland, RonYacht, ketch76 ft LOAYachting World2009/0736
4076Whimbrel, belfast Lough OneWilliam Fife IIIYacht, sloop37 ft LOA 1897Classic Boat2009/0764
12923AvantiSparkman & StephensYacht, sloop56 ft LOAWooden Boat2009/0795
12921Sharp-End 900Munroe, RalphSharpie30 ft LOAWooden Boat2009/0760
12922ElfLawleyYacht, sloop35 ft LOA 1888 reconstructionWooden Boat2009/0780
4073Pen-HirVivier, FrancoisYacht, sloop25 ft LOAWatercraft2009/0756
4071Eckythump, Devon ScaffieHonnor MarineDinghy, sailing15 ft LOAWatercraft2009/0717
4049Rustler 44DSJones, StephenYacht, sloop44 ft LOASailing Today2009/0766
4048Kerenza, Parker 325Parker, WilliamYacht, sloop34 ft LOASailing Today2009/0760
4075SiraAnker, JohanYacht, sloop48 ft LOA 1938Classic Boat2009/0716
4028Pilot ClassicHoek, AndreYacht, sloop85 ft LOAYachting World2009/0640
4030Baltic 45Pugh, ReichelYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2009/0643
4029Carkeek, BotinGrand Soleil 46Yacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World2009/0642
4031Moody 45 ClassicDixon Yacht DesignYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World2009/0644
4027Driac IIGraham, Sidney MYacht, sloop32 ft LOA 1932 restoredClassic Boat2009/0658
4035Farr Out, Finngulf 43Farr Yacht DesignYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0673
4036Blavit, Maestro 40RStill, EivindYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0674
4037Hunter Legend 340Luhrs, WarrenYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0678
4034Ardea, Finngulf 41Strahlmann, Karl-JohanYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0672
4032Green Cruiser 50Tagliapietra & Pozzo & De LuccaYacht, sloop50 ftYachting World2009/0652
4026Vancouver 27Harris, RobertYacht, sloop27 ft LOAClassic Boat2009/0632
4047Moody 41 ClassicDixon, BillYacht, sloop42 ft LOASailing Today2009/0672
4046Jemima, Ovni 385Briand, PhillipeYacht, sloop42 ft LOASailing Today2009/0666
4039ElectraIrens, NigelMotor24 ftWatercraft2009/0617
4040MollyGraham, PeterDinghy, sailing14 ftWatercraft2009/0634
4041BayCruiser 20Wolstenholme, AndrewYacht, Yawl20 ft LOAWatercraft2009/0648
4025ElfGeorge Lawley & SonsYacht, sloop35 ft LOA 1888 restoredClassic Boat2009/0624
4074KittiwakeWilkinson, RogerDinghy, sailing21 ft LOADinghy Sailing2009/0658
3914B42, BrentaBrentaYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World2009/0544
3913Wolfhound, Opus 1Dixon & KintscherSchooner68 ft LOAYachting World2009/0540
3918HanumanDykstra & PartnersYacht, sloop138 ft LOA J classYachting World2009/05110
3917Liara, PY-100Dixon Yacht DesignYacht, sloop98 ft LOAYachting World2009/0574
7279JenaviveAlbin VegaYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0578
7278Beneteau Oceanis 34Finot-ConqYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0574
3915AlisaraHumpheys, RobYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World2009/0550
3916Marmalade of Manchestervan Dam, Robert WYacht, sloop70 ft LOAYachting World2009/0554
4022DriacNicholson, CharlesYacht, sloop40 ft LOA 1930Classic Boat2009/0556
12919Maggie BIrens, NigelSchooner62 ftWooden Boat2009/0562
12920Sally HydeAtkin, William & JohnMotor22 ftWooden Boat2009/0571
4044Dorothy-Lee, Halberg-Rassy 352Rassy & EnderleinYacht, sloop35 ft LOASailing Today2009/0568
4045Mahe 36Flahault & Joubert & NiveltCatamaran36 ft LOASailing Today2009/0574
4038SerenaMotor18 ft steam launchWatercraft2009/0514
4021Cecille, Swan 36Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop36 ft LOA 1966Classic Boat2009/0526
3901Hallberg-Rassy 372Frers, GermanYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0474
3903Melges 20Pugh, ReichelYacht, sloop6.096 m LOAYachts and Yachting2009/0448
3902Shockwave F18Loday, YvesCatamaran5.52 m LOA 2008Yachts and Yachting2009/0438
3919RS Q'BARSDinghy, sailing3.53 mDinghy Sailing2009/0440
3912Hannah MariaOttosson, PeterYacht, sloop43 ft LOAClassic Boat2009/0434
3920PicoLaserperformanceDinghy, sailing3.5 mDinghy Sailing2009/0440
3911AlertStirling, WillYacht, lugger37 ft LOAClassic Boat2009/0420
4043Beneteau Oceanis 31Finot-ConqYacht, sloop32 ft LoaSailing Today2009/0456
4042Vantage, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 43Andrieu, DanielYacht, sloop42 ft LOASailing Today2009/0450
3910Lady ConstanceLancaster Jones, GlynMotor26 ft LOA Steam YachtClassic Boat2009/0346
3908HeroinaFrers, GermanYacht, sloop74 ft LOAClassic Boat2009/0318
3898Sig 45Peteghem & PrevostYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2009/0342
3899Wysiwyg, Z60Bosgraaf & van OossanenYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World2009/0358
3887Southerly 38Jones, StephenYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0370
3888MinnaJ&J Design, Bavaria 32Yacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0380
3909Sweet DreamsDixon, BillYacht, sloop44 ft LOAClassic Boat2009/0326
3904Devon Yawl,Morgan GilesDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAWatercraft2009/0322
12917fPocketShipNewick, DickDinghy, sailing15 ftWooden Boat2009/0376
3907Jolly BoatCnoops, WinDinghy, sailing14 ft LOAWatercraft2009/0343
3892Southerly 38Jones, StephenYacht, sloop39 ft LOASailing Today2009/0358
3891Encore, Starlight 39Jones, StephenYacht, sloop40 ft LOA 1998Sailing Today2009/0352
3906Secret, ScruffieEllard, DerekYacht, cutter27 ft LOAWatercraft2009/0340
3905Surprise, SandpiperLaurent GilesYacht, yawl28 ft LOAWatercraft2009/0326
1291836' Gaff SchoonerGartside, Paul.Schooner36 ftWooden Boat2009/0391
3881Moody 41 ClassicDixon Yacht DesignYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0266
3882Wild Otter, Vancouver 32Harris, RobertYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0270
3897SizzlerCastro, TonyYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World2009/0256
3895Rebel OneHancock, RobinDinghy, sailing23 ft LOAClassic Boat2009/0220
5689BayRaiderSwallow Boats LtdDinghy, sailing20 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2009/0244
3889Captiva, Centurion 32Holman & PyeYacht, sloop32 ft LOA 1973Sailing Today2009/0266
3890Arcona 430Quiberg, StefanYacht, sloop43 ft LOASailing Today2009/0272
3857Shipman 80J&J DesignYacht, sloop23.98 m LOAYachting World2009/0182
3854Tofinou 8.0Bomerang, Joubert NiveltDinghy, sailing8.0 m LOAYachting World2009/0176
3853Rustler 24Boyd, DavidDinghy, sailing24 ft LOAYachting World2009/0174
3851Finngulf 43FarrYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World2009/0162
7276Arcona 430Qviberg, StefanYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0168
7277Broadblue 38Prout CatamaransCatamaran38 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0176
3856Wally NanoHoek, AndreDinghy, sailingYachting World2009/0180
3852Arcona 430Qviberg, StefanYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World2009/0168
3865Bavaria 31Yacht, sloop32 ft LOASailing Today2009/0176
12916Cap'n FrankBeebe, Robert PSharpie34 ft LOAWooden Boat2009/0187
3864Duet, Santander 30Tripp, BillYacht, sloop30 ft LOASailing Today2009/0170
3894Bay RaiderSwallow BoatsDinghy, sailing20 ft LOAClassic Boat2009/0140
3893Alerion Express 28Dent, CliveYacht, sloop28 ft LOAClassic Boat2009/0114
3855Enigma 34Mills, MarkDinghy, sailingYachting World2009/0178
3844Bordeaux 60Briand, PhillipeYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World2008/1264
3840Topaz 16 CXLoday & WhiteCatamaran4.72 m LOAYachts and Yachting2008/1242
3841Melges 32Pugh, ReichelYacht, sloop9.7 m LOAYachts and Yachting2008/1250
3839Brise, Horizon 232JThomas, DavidYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting Monthly2008/1284
3838Morris M36Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly2008/1276
3837Alerion Express 28Dent & SchumacherYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting Monthly2008/1276
3845Banque Populaire VPeteghem & PrevostTrimaran131 ftYachting World2008/1280
3842RS600FFEverest & PetersDinghy, sailing5.04 m LOAYachts and Yachting2008/1232
4117Voyager 10Newton, Darren & Voyager CatamatansCatamaran33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2008/1232
3835Tiki One, Feeling 1040Harle, PhillipeYacht, sloop34 ft LOA 1980sSailing Today2008/1260
3836Nautiner 30Ginter, Robert & InterG-EugeniuszYacht, sloop30 ft LOASailing Today2008/1266
3830IslayCamper & NicholsonMotor38 ft LOA 1922 restoredClassic Boat2008/1250
3829CatastropheRudd, ArthurDinghy, sailing20 ft LOA 1948Classic Boat2008/1244
3843Lionessa, Swan 66German FrersYacht, sloop66 ft LOAYachting World2008/1258
3827Nauticat 351Gustafsson, KajYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly2008/1172
3826Degero 36DSSodergren, HakanYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly2008/1172
3828Nazgul, Spirit 76Mcmillan/NewmanYacht, sloop76 ft LOAYachting World2008/1152
3825BugRichards, JoeDinghy, sailing2.6 m LOAYachts and Yachting2008/1144
3834FyneStagnol, HubertYacht, sloop43 ft LOA replicaClassic Boat2008/1130
3833MysteryRees, ChrisCornish Lugger38 ft LOA replicaClassic Boat2008/1126
4116West Wight Potters 15 & 19Smith, Stanley & Stewart, HerbDinghy, sailing14 & 19 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2008/1136
3896IslayCamper & NicholsonMotor38 ftWatercraft2008/1126
3824Najad 355Judel/Vrolijk, Rhoades Young & Najad DesignYacht, sloop36 ft LOASailing Today2008/1158
3823Candida, Sigma 41Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop42 ft LOA 1981Sailing Today2008/1152
3862SaudadeTripp DesignYacht, sloop45.2 m LOAYachting World2008/1028
3817Laser RadialKirby, BruceDinghy, sailing4.23 m LOA 1971Yachts and Yachting2008/1084
3858BristolianBriand, PhilippeYacht, sloop36.7 m LOAYachting World2008/106
3859SaluteHolland, RonYacht, sloop56 m LOAYachting World2008/1012
3816Elan 380Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop11.34 m LOAYachts and Yachting2008/10100
3818Byte CIIBruce, IanDinghy, sailing3.65 m LOA 1990Yachts and Yachting2008/1084
3860P2Briand Yacht DesignYacht, sloop38 m LOAYachting World2008/1018
3809Solaris One48Tripp, BillYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World2008/1060
3820Rooster StreakerHolt, JackDinghy, sailing3.88 m LOAYachts and Yachting2008/1084
4115Hunter LinkThomas, DavidYacht, sloop30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2008/1036
3832AsgardArcher, ColinYacht, ketch51 ft LOA 1905 restoredClassic Boat2008/1046
3831Ayrshire LassFife, WilliamYacht, sloop25 ft LOA 1887 restoredClassic Boat2008/1016
3863SpeedboatKouyoumdjian, JuanYacht, sloop30 m LOAYachting World2008/1032
3861Wally NanoHoek Design & WallyYacht, sloop11.3 m LOAYachting World2008/1024
3819EuropeRoland, AloisDinghy, sailing3.35 m LOA 1960Yachts and Yachting2008/1084
3810Wauquiez 55 PSBerret & Racoupeau Yacht DesignYacht, sloop58 ft LOAYachting World2008/1066
3783Xc 45Jeppesen, NielsYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World2008/0962
3784Southerly 32Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World2008/0970
3785Salute, Perini 56mHolland & Perini NaviYacht, sloop184 ft LOAYachting World2008/09102
3786P2, Perini 38mBriand, PhilippeYacht, sloop125 ft LOAYachting World2008/09105
3793Bavaria 34J & JYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly2008/0982
3794BorborygmaeYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly2008/0988
3787Oystercatcher XXVIHumphreys, TomYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World2008/09142
3822Far BarcelonaSchooner108 ft LOA restored 1988 built 1874Classic Boat2008/0950
3790Celtic Maid, Westerly TempestDubois, EdYacht, sloop31 ft LOASailing Today2008/0982
3791Southerly 32Jones, Stephen/Northshore DesignYacht, sloop33 ft LOASailing Today2008/0988
4114Bavaria 38J & JYacht, sloop37 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2008/0934
3796Penobscot 17Arch Davis DesignsDinghy, sailing17 ft LOAWatercraft2008/0956
3795Lily, Orkney YoleRichardson, IanYacht, yole18 ft LOAWatercraft2008/0917
3821GraylingClyne, J FYacht, cutter37 ft LOA 1900Classic Boat2008/0928
3773Polly AgathaCockwell, DavePilot Cutter45 ft LOAYachting World2008/0850
3789Weta 4.4Kitchen, Roger & ChrisTrimaran4.4 m LOAYachts and Yachting2008/0833
3777Swan 90FrersYacht, sloop90 ft LOAYachting World2008/0890
3781Addiction, Jeanneau Sun Fast 3200Andrieu Yacht DesignYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly2008/0878
3780DeliverRance Six, Dehler 34RSSimonis-VoogdYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly2008/0878
3782Fandango, Island Packet 420Johnston, BobYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting Monthly2008/0892
3776Elan 450Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2008/0863
3792Topaz 14Loday-WhiteCatamaran4.25 m LOA 2007Yachts and Yachting2008/0849
3772Syrinx ,Gib'Sea 77Meyran Jean-ClaudeYacht, sloop25 ft LOASailing Today2008/0864
3771Elan Impression 434Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop44 ft LOASailing Today2008/0870
4112Oceanis 37Finot/ConqYacht, sloop36 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2008/0834
4113Oyster Heritage 37Holman & PyeYacht, sloop37 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2008/0840
3775Beneteau First 45Briand, PhilippeYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World2008/0858
3774Tourer 1650Elliot, GregYacht, sloop54 ft LOAYachting World2008/0856
12914Storm BayCoverdale, PercyYacht, sloop54 ft LOA 1926Wooden Boat2008/0784
12912Buzzards Bay 30HerreshoffYacht, sloop47 ft LOAWooden Boat2008/0764
12915Spoon Drift 40Stimson, David & NathanielYacht, ketch41 ft LOAWooden Boat2008/0799
12913AlcyoneProthero, FrankSchooner65 ftWooden Boat2008/0780
3645Hanse 320Judel & Vrolijk & Design UnlimitedYacht, sloop32 ft LOASailing Today2008/0774
3671YamatoFisher, PaulDinghy, sailing24 ft LOA JapaneseWatercraft2008/0731
4111Cromarty 36Wyatt/FreemanYacht, ketch36 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2008/0742
3672RoxaneNigel Irens DesignYacht, sloop29 ft LOAWatercraft2008/0740
3879Scangaard 21Abeking & RasmussenDinghy, sailing21 ft LOAClassic Boat2008/0738
3877PinucciaBaglietto, Vincenzo VittorioYacht, sloop48 ft LOA 1937 restoredClassic Boat2008/0714
3878Lively LadyShepherd, FredYacht, ketch36 ft LOA 1948Classic Boat2008/0724
3880Orange Box, FourareenSmith, JimDinghy, sailing18 ft LOAClassic Boat2008/0750
3652Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 50DSBriand & GarroniYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World2008/0760
3788X-34Yacht, sloop10.36 m LOAYachts and Yachting2008/0737
3659Indigo, Swedon Yachts 390Ostmann, JensYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly2008/0790
3658Oceanis 31Groupe FinotYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2008/0784
3815Meteor Pogo 1Chantier Naval StructuresYacht, sloop6.5 m LOAYachts and Yachting2008/0637
3673Q'baHandley, PaulDinghy, sailing3.53 m LOAYachts and Yachting2008/0629
3651Apple Crumble, Moody 45Dixon Yacht DesignYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2008/0662
3670RosemaryWilliam FifeYacht, sloop39 ft LOAClassic Boat2008/0632
4110Lizzie B, Elizabethan 23Webster, PeterYacht, sloop23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2008/0634
4109Comet 33Lupoli, SergioYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2008/0630
4821Arcona 460Quiberg, StefanYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World2008/0556
3644Bahia, LaserRichards, JoDinghy, sailing4.6 m 2007Yachts and Yachting2008/0533
3643Astus 14.1Valet, StephanMultihull4.18 m 2007Yachts and Yachting2008/0537
4823EileanFife, Robert BaldertonYacht, sloop84 ft LOA 1937 restorationYachting World2008/0576
4822Brenta B60Brenta, LucaYacht, sloop61 ft LOAYachting World2008/0562
4824Jeanneau Sun Fast 3200Andrieu, DanielYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World2008/05124
3642SwallowThorneycroft, TomDinghy, sailing7.77 m 1946Yachts and Yachting2008/0537
4108Elizabeth, Nicholson 35Camper & NicholsonsYacht, sloop35 ft LOA 1973 - 90Practical Boat Owner2008/0536
3805Silvarne, Varne 27Stuart, DuncanYacht, sloop28 ft LOA 1977Sailing Today2008/0574
3680Absolute 52Absolute 2007Motor53 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2008/0556
3679Prinz 54Quartostyle 2007Motor56 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2008/0556
3654Trouper 12Swallow Boats LtdDinghy, sailing12 ft LOAWatercraft2008/0515
3653New CormorantDongray, RogerDinghy, sailing12 ft LOAWatercraft2008/0511
3681Elling E4Elling & Mulder & Freivokh 2006Motor49 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2008/0590
4107Moody 45DSDixon, BillYacht, sloop45 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2008/0532
3806Beneteau Oceanis 37Finor Conq Group/Nauta DesignYacht, sloop38 ft LOASailing Today2008/0578
3811Ovni 435Briand, PhillipeYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting Monthly2008/0484
3650EndeavourNicholson, Charles E & Gerard DykstraYacht, sloop138 ft LOA J Class restoration 1937Yachting World2008/0474
3648Deliverance Six, Dehler 34RSSimonis Voogd DesignYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World2008/0454
3649X-34Jeppesen, Neils & X-YachtsYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World2008/0459
3641CadetHolt, JackDinghy, sailing3.22 m 1947Yachts and Yachting2008/0443
3669SophieFalmouth Quay Punt32 ft LOA 1892 restoredClassic Boat2008/0416
3668ThelmaLogan, ArchYacht, cutter1897Classic Boat2008/044
4105Legend 25Hunter MarineYacht, sloop25 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2008/0436
4106Sun Odyssey 40.3Andrieu, Daniel/JeanneauYacht, sloop39 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2008/0440
3677Ferretti 510Ferretti, 2006Motor53 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2008/0488
3678Mochi Dolphin 54Ferretti & Victory DesignMotor55 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2008/0462
3667ZafirahGraham, SidneyDinghy, sailing21 ft LOAClassic Boat2008/0416
4820AtlanticPeterson,DougSchooner227 ft LOAYachting World2008/0386
3640YnglingLinge, JanDinghy, sailing6.35 m LOAYachts and Yachting2008/0335
3655Celeste, JumboNanceFishing21 ft LOAClassic Boat2008/0314
3656Lucent, Ludham lightHunterYacht29 ft LOAClassic Boat2008/0322
3371Hanse 350Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2008/0334
3676Sealine SC3SSealine, 2007Motor36 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2008/0386
3372Galion 22Hannay, IanYacht, sloop22 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2008/0338
3675Azimut 58Righini & GaleazziMotor59 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2008/0356
3665HayseedHillyard, DavidYacht, sloop32 ft LOAClassic Boat2008/0214
3666MavrodaphineHillyard, DavidYacht, sloop27 ft LOAClassic Boat2008/0214
3814Wind Whisper, Mirror Mk3Morrison & HoltDinghy, sailing3.3 m LOA 1963/2007Yachts and Yachting2008/0251
2593Catana 50Barreau, ChristopheCatamaran53 ft LOAYachting World2008/0260
2594Broadblue 415Davidsen, StuartCaramaran42 ft LOAYachting World2008/0264
3657Arcona 460Qviberg, StefanYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting Monthly2008/0284
4082Navetta 26, Custom LineCRN EngineeringMotor86 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2008/02108
3370PreludeProctor, IanYacht, sloop19 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2008/0240
4080C46, SessaSessa MarineMotor49 ft LOA 2006Motorboat and Yachting2008/0278
4081Prestige 50S, JeanneauGaroni Design & JeanneauMotor50 ft LOA 2006Motorboat and Yachting2008/0282
4077Portofino 47, SunseekerShead, Don & SunseekerMotor49 ft LOA 2006Motorboat and Yachting2008/0266
4078Absolute 47AbsoluteMotor48 ft LOA 2006Motorboat and Yachting2008/0270
3369Island Packet SP CruiserJohnson, BobYacht, sloop41 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2008/0231
4079Targa 47, FairlineOlesinskiMbY, Bernard & FairlineMotor49 ft LOA 2004Motorboat and Yachting2008/0274
3662BoadiceaJames WilliamsonYacht, smack30 ft LOA 1808Classic Boat2008/0116
3664PhialleHoman, KimYacht, sloop27 ft LOA 1955 restoredClassic Boat2008/0162
3663Deben LuggerSheldrake, JohnYacht, lugger18 ft LOAClassic Boat2008/0142
3778ContenderMiller, BenDinghy, sailingDinghy Sailing2008/0152
3646Roulette v2,Oyster 655Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop68 ft LOAYachting World2008/0168
2657RMW 257Carabelli, HoracioYacht, sloop7.8 m LOAYachts and Yachting2008/0137
3647MD35Mills, MarkYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World2008/0179
2609Chris-Craft Corsair 33Chris-CraftMotor35 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2008/0184
3368Rustler 36Holman & PyeYacht, sloop35 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2008/0142
2608Fjord 40 OpenAllseas DesignMotor39 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2008/0164
3367Nautiner 30Ginter, Eugeniusz & RobertYacht, sloop30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2008/0137
2558SticklebackOughtred, IainCanoe12 ft LOAWatercraft2008/0154
2557AlifeLambrechtsen, ArendDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAWatercraft2008/0124
2556JumboPaynter, WilliamCornish Lugger21 ft LOAWatercraft2008/0115
2611Sessa Oyster 34/35Sessa MarineMotor34 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2008/01148
2610Sessa Key Largo 36Sessa MarineMotor41 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2008/01108
2559Enez 7.70Garry, Jean-FrancoisYacht, sloop25 ft LOAWatercraft2008/0156
2615Swan 47 NYYC 48Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/1286
2613Finngulf 33Strahlmann, Karl-JohanYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/1276
2614Mahe 36Nivelt / FlahaultYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/1280
2627Merlin RocketHolt, IanDinghy, sailing4.27 m LOAYachts and Yachting2007/1229
2450Passport Vista 515Robert H Perry Yacht DesignYacht, sloop52 ft LOAYachting World2007/1252
2451Tayana 58Pieter, BeeldsnijderYacht, sloop55 ft LOAYachting World2007/1257
2612MariaHarris Bros.Yacht, smack47 ft LOAClassic Boat2007/1216
2452Fleming 65Fleming, TonyMotor71 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/1257
2453Trader 64Castro, TonyMotor65 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/1265
3366Hunter 20 SportThomas, DavidYacht, sloop20 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2007/1240
3803Neverlookback, Sweden Yachts 41Norin/OstmannYacht, sloop41 ft LOA 1980Sailing Today2007/1268
3804Delphia 33Skrzat, AndrerzejYacht, sloop33 ft LOASailing Today2007/1274
2626Comet 41SVallicelli, StudioYacht, sloop12.46 m LOAYachts and Yachting2007/1125
3660North Beach 24Cobelens, FransYacht, sloop29 ft LOAClassic Boat2007/1114
3661SunstoneSparkman & StephensYacht, sloop39 ft LOA 1965Classic Boat2007/1128
3801Phantom of Cramond, Moody 27Dixon, BillYacht, sloop28 ft LOA 1981Sailing Today2007/1152
2445SwallowWolstenholme, AndrewYacht, sloop26 ft LOA Barton ClassicWatercraft2007/1115
3365Jeanneu 36iLombard, MarcYacht, sloop36 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2007/1138
2446FulmarOughtred, IainDinghy, sailing17 ft LOAWatercraft2007/1119
2447Humber Barge YachtSharples, TonyYacht, barge23 ft LOAWatercraft2007/1130
3802Ovni 365Lombard, MarcYacht, sloop39 ft LOASailing Today2007/1158
2542VagabondHope, LintonDinghy, sailingThames A RaterClassic Boat2007/1034
3674RS600FFJenkins, LintonDinghy, foilDinghy Sailing2007/1018
2084Elan 410Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World2007/1070
2085Elan 514Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop53 ft LOAYachting World2007/1073
2271TouririNorthshoreYacht, sloop36 ft LOA Southerly 105Yachting Monthly2007/1086
1858AmeliaBurnett, EdSchooner59 ft LOAClassic Boat2007/1022
2270North Beach 24Cobelens, FransYacht, sloop28 ft LOAClassic Boat2007/1014
2889Pauillac, Trident Voyager 30Primrose, AngusYacht, sloop31 ft LOASailing Today2007/1074
2890Broadblue 385Yacht, sloop39 ft LOASailing Today2007/1080
3110J/124Johnston, RodYacht, sloop41 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2007/1040
2554Fairline Targa 44Olesinski & Fairline, 2006Motor45 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/1078
2555Sunseeker Superhawk 43Sunseeker & Don Shead, 2006Motor44 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/1094
2346Najad 570Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop57 ft LOAYachting World2007/0968
2345Najad 355Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World2007/0964
2273OKOlsen, KnudDinghy, sailing4 m LOA 1957Yachts and Yachting2007/0937
2591Flying 15Fox, UffaDinghy, sailing6.1 m LOA 1947Dinghy Sailing2007/0943
28BloodhoundCamper & NicholsonYacht, yawl63 ft LOAClassic Boat2007/0916
2347InboxPerry, Robert HYacht, sloop39 ft LOA Far Harbour 39Yachting World2007/0971
2348Perini 38MPeriniYacht, sloop125 ft LOA SuperyachtYachting World2007/09102
2625Delphia 24Skrzat, AndrzejYacht, sloop7.3 m LOAYachts and Yachting2007/0943
2247Bolero 25Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop7.8 m LOA 1979Yachts and Yachting2007/0933
2274SoloHolt, JackDinghy, sailing3 78 m LOA 1956Yachts and Yachting2007/0935
2272LaserKirby, BruceDinghy, sailing4.23 m LOA 1971Yachts and Yachting2007/0934
2269Discovery 55Holland, RonYacht, sloop55 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/0970
403Rodman Muse 74Peters OpalMotor76 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0932
2592RS K6Handley, PaulDinghy, sailing5.8 m LOA 2002Dinghy Sailing2007/0943
29ShillingSwift, PhilDinghy, sailing17 ft LOAWatercraft2007/0925
30PumaCumming, ColinDinghy, sailing13 ft LOAWatercraft2007/0952
406Elan Power 48Elan PowerMotor48 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0936
405Azimut 58Peters OpalMotor59 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0935
404Numarine 54NumarineMotor54 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0935
407Marquis 42 FCMarquis YachtsMotor41 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0936
409Galeon 530Castro, TonyMotor53 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/09114
402Trader 70Tarquin Boat Co.Motor71 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0931
3109Lagoon 420Van Petegham & Lauriot PrevostYacht, sloop41 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2007/0937
401Boston Whaler Outrage 320Boston WhalerMotor32 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0926
12911CzarinaMcGowan & GoodwinYacht, ketch27 ft LOAWooden Boat2007/0996
12910Sloan 12 1./2 CatboatStimson, DavidDinghy, sailing13 ft LOAWooden Boat2007/0966
12909Norwegian OselverOughtred, IainDinghy, sailing16 - 24 ftWooden Boat2007/0946
408Cranchi 43 MediterraneeCranchi, AldoMotor45 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0974
27Eleanor MaryBurnett, EdPilot Cutter51 ft LOAClassic Boat2007/0848
26SensaReimers, KnutDinghy, sailing5 m classClassic Boat2007/0816
2268Comet TrioMorrison, PhilDinghy, sailing4.6 m LOA 1995Yachts and Yachting2007/0832
31Topaz XenonHowlett, IanDinghy, sailing4.5 m LOA 2005Yachts and Yachting2007/0832
32RS VisionMorrison, PhilDinghy, sailing4.6 m LOA 2003Yachts and Yachting2007/0832
2624Artemis 20Simon Rogers & Vizual MarineDinghy, sailing6 m LOAYachts and Yachting2007/0831
2344Sweden Yachts 54Norlin, PeterYacht, sloop55 ft LOAYachting World2007/0860
2343ICAP LeopardFarrYacht, sloop100 ft LOAYachting World2007/0854
2354Penny LaneHolman & PyeYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/0892
2353RM 1050Lombard, MarcYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/0878
4067RippleTrevorrow, HenryFishing, lugger44 ft 1896Fishing Boats2007/086
2362Westline W34WestlineMotor33 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0823
2366Bavaria 37Motor39 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0826
3108Elan 410Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop40 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2007/08138
2361Absolute 47Ocean NauticMotor48 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0823
2360Sea Ray 375 Sedan BridgeSea RayMotor38 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0818
2357Pearl 60Pearl MotoryachtsMotor58 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0825
2363Rizzardi Incredible 55RizzardiMotor60 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0824
2368Speedcraft 34Custom Powerboat Co.Motor34 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0827
400Skagen 50J&J DesignMotor54 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0890
2364De Boarnstream 60 Pilot HouseMotor59 t LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0824
2365Sealine SC35Peters OpalMotor36 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0826
2367Monte Carlo 32 & 37HTBeneteauMotor33 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0827
2588470Cornu, AndreDinghy, sailing4.7 m LOADinghy Sailing2007/0732
2338Brenta B30Brenta, LucaYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World2007/0757
2339Brenta B38Brenta, LucaYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World2007/0754
3813Nacra 500 SportNacraCatamaran5 m LOAYachts and Yachting2007/0743
3812Hobie 15 ClubHobieCatamaran4.95 m LOAYachts and Yachting2007/0743
2266Legend 27XHenderson, GlenYacht, sloop8.33 m LOAYachts and Yachting2007/0743
2448Allures 44Berret Racoupeau/DarnetYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/0782
2449CwacBuchanan, AlanYacht, yawl32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/0788
2590FireballMilne, PeterDinghy, sailing4.93 m LOADinghy Sailing2007/0732
2083KateMylne, AlfredYacht, sloop12 m LOA 1909Classic Boat2007/0716
2589HornetHolt, JackDinghy, sailing4.88 m LOADinghy Sailing2007/0732
2359Pershing 72Ventura UKMotor73 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0728
2355Targa 44Fairline BoatsMotor45 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0723
2358Menoquin MY145EPS MarineMotor46 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0726
3106Inexus 27Inexus YachtsYacht, sloop27 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2007/0786
2356Sessa C46Sessa MarineMotor49 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0758
3105MacGregor 26MMacGregor YachtsYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2007/0784
3107Tide 28Tide MarineYacht, sloop28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2007/0788
3104Jazz, Etap 28iHarle & MortainYacht, sloop28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2007/0760
2623Bimare A-classPetrucci, MichelangeloCatamaran5.49 m LOAYachts and Yachting2007/0637
2341Beneteau First 40.7Farr Yacht DesignYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World2007/0667
2342Legally BrunetteJeppesen. NeilsYacht, sloop41 ft LOA X-41Yachting World2007/0664
2352Maxi 1100Petterson, PelleYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/0690
2351StrataLombard, Marc & JeanneauYacht, sloop35 ft LOA Sun Odessey 36iYachting Monthly2007/0684
2340KateMylne, AlfredYacht. Sloop18 m LOAYachting World2007/0660
2265SquibLee, Oliver JDinghy, sailing5.78 m LOAYachts and Yachting2007/0641
3103Arcona 370Qviberg, StefanYacht, sloop36 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2007/0676
2042Sunseeker 37MDon Shead & SunseekerMotor121 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/06108
2040Nordhavn 43Leishman, JeffMotor43 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0656
2041Rodman Muse 54Fulvio de Simoni & RodmanMotor56 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0690
2082Crabber 30Dongray, RogerPilot cutter30 ft LOAClassic Boat2007/0616
2044Oceanis 43Racoupeau, BerretYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/0568
1904Durabo 100Erdevicki, IvanYacht, sloop100 ft LOAYachting World2007/0552
2264LarkJackson, MikeDinghy, sailing4.45 m LOA 1966Yachts and Yachting2007/0541
2081Rustler 24Boyd, DavidDinghy, sailing24 ft LOAClassic Boat2007/0524
245Monte Carlo 37Andreani & BeneteauMotor37 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0520
246Azimut 47Righini & GaleazziMotor47 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0564
3102Beneteau Oceanis 40Racoupeau, BerretYacht, sloop39 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2007/05104
247Sabre 38 Hardtop ExpressSabreMotor43 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0584
243Atlantis 50Ausonio & Falleta & AtlantisMotor50 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0492
2079SephinaHolman & PyeYacht, ketch35 ft LOA Super Sovereign 1972Classic Boat2007/0424
2080Frenesi of ClynderMcGruer, JamesYacht, yawl44 ft LOA 1960Classic Boat2007/0434
2263Elan 340Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop9.99 m LOAYachts and Yachting2007/0451
1864Pink GinJudel & VrolijkYacht, sloop152 ft LOAYachting World2007/0494
1863DragonflyQuorningYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World2007/0457
1862J/122Yacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World2007/0452
1868Sunbeam 34Nissen, GeorgeYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/0472
2539Gazelle 43HuntonMotor43 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2007/04106
3101Finngulf 46 & 41Strahlamn, Karl-JohanYacht, sloop46 & 41 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2007/0492
24242 NovaNimbusMotor41 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0458
2540Nimbus 370/380Nimbus BoatsMotor38 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2007/04114
2537Beneteau MonteCarlo 37BeneteauMotor37 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2007/0434
2536Boarncruiser AK40BoarnstreamMotor41 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2007/0428
2535Karnic 2265KarnicMotor24 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2007/0426
244Flyer 12BeneteauMotor41 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/04131
2887Excalibur, Colvic Countess 33Anderson, IanYacht, sloop33 ft LOASailing Today2007/0474
2888Cheeky Monkey, Tide 28Harley, NigelYacht, sloop28 ft LOASailing Today2007/0480
2538Menorquin MY120MenorquinMotor41 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2007/0444
3636AlluresAllures Design TeamCatamaran30.5 m LOABoat International2007/0396
4066KeewaydinGeo. & Thos. Smith, RyeFishing, trawler1913Fishing Boats2007/0313
3639SensationSensationMotor50 m LOABoat International2007/03122
3638FleurtjeClark, RobertSchooner56.99 m LOABoat International2007/03114
414KanjedzaYachting WorldYacht, sloop23 ft LOAClassic Boat2007/0328
3637The SnapperDon Shead/SunseekersMotor36.89 m LOABoat International2007/03102
3100Sepia 4 Degero 31DSvon Ahlen, Marc-OliverYacht, sloop31 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2007/03120
2444LimpetDongray, RogerDinghy, sailing10 ft LOAWatercraft2007/0356
240Sealine SC38SealineMotor39 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0360
3099Lavezzi 40Flahault & Joubert/NiveltCatamaran39 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2007/03116
2885Old Possum, Nauticat 33 MkIIAarnipaloYacht, sloop34 ft LOASailing Today2007/0370
241Ferreti 630Zuccon/FerretiMotor66 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0386
2443Maid of EndorAtkin, JohnYacht, sloop20 ft LOAWatercraft2007/0315
415Enavigo 33Gondola, TonyYacht, sloop42 ft LOAClassic Boat2007/0342
2886Harmony 38Mortain & MavrikiosYacht, sloop38 ft LOASailing Today2007/0376
1867Nordship 40DSBuckwald/BorghegnYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/0366
2088Flying 15Fox, UffaDinghy, sailing6.1 m LOA 1947Yachts and Yachting2007/0339
2089Rogers 46Rogers, SimonYacht, sloop14.02 m LOAYachts and Yachting2007/0349
285Dehler 44Simonis & VoogdYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2007/0358
416YiltRYYCDinghy, sailing25 ft LOA Yorkshire 1 designClassic Boat2007/0348
1865Harmony 34Mortain & MavrikiosYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/0276
1866Cornish ShrimperDongray, RogerYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/0285
1860Sun OdysseyLombard, MarcYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World2007/0257
1840Salona 37Yacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World2007/0254
1861EsenseWallyYacht, sloop143 ft LOAYachting World2007/0260
1839Elan 340Humphries, RobYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World2007/0253
1838Dufour 325DufourYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World2007/0252
2087Topcat K3Enzmann, KlausCatamaran4.92 m LOAYachts and Yachting2007/0225
1841Grand Soleil 40Botin & CarkeekYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World2007/0255
1859Beneteau Oceanis ClipperBerret & RacoupeauYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World2007/0256
413ThembiBurnett, EdYacht, sloop35 ft LOAClassic Boat2007/0214
3098Legend 27XHenderson, GlenYacht, sloop27 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2007/0294
1869Aicon 62AiconMotor66 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0272
235Preditor 62Sunseeker & Don SheadMotor64 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0276
237V65Princess Bernard OlesinskiMotor67 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0284
239Azimut 85Righini & GaleazziMotor88 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/02116
236Targa 62Fairline & Bernard OlesinskiMotor62 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0281
3097Salona 37J & JYacht, sloop37 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2007/0290
238Azimut 62SStephano Righini & Carlo GaleaxxiMotor90 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0288
288Etap 285BentoneYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/0166
1903Gunboat 48Melvin & MorelliCatamaran48 ft LOAYachting World2007/0182
1900Beneteau First 50Briand, PhillipeYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World2007/0164
1902Maltese FalconPerini & PerkinsYacht, clipper288 ft LOAYachting World2007/0170
1901Dufour 525 Grand'LargeFelci & Roseo & DufourYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World2007/0165
286X-35Jeppesen, NielsYacht, sloop10.61 m LOAYachts and Yachting2007/0145
287Pronavia 38Stimson, ChristianYacht, sloop11.58 m LOAYachts and Yachting2007/0129
4157Angel of Joyvan Oossanen, PeterMotor33.2 m LOABoat International2007/0182
411TreenlaurCamper & NicholsonYacht, sloop30 ft LOAClassic Boat2007/0146
410NadaWilliam FifeYacht, sloop6 m LOA 1930 ResoredClassic Boat2007/0116
4159Metsuyan VIGinton, JaronMotor36 2 m LOABoat International2007/01104
4156Velvet 100, TecnomarTecnomarMotor30 m LOABoat International2007/0174
4160AristarchosFrers, GermanYacht, sloop40 m LOABoat International2007/01114
4161Triple SevenNobiskrug & SDCMotor67.7 m LOABoat International2007/01124
4158MystereBill Tripp DesignYacht, sloop43.2 m LOABoat International2007/0192
412FireflyFox, UffaDinghy, sailing12 ft LOAClassic Boat2007/0153
2884Silver Fox, Scanyacht 290LM YachtsYacht, sloop29 ft LOASailing Today2007/0192
2883Otter of Hayling, Moody 376Dixon, BillYacht, sloop38 ft LOASailing Today2007/0184
3096Beneteau First 34.7Farr, BruceYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2007/01100
564Pearl 50Dixon & MarshallMotor49 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/01128
2442HaikuOughtred, IainYacht, ketch30 ft LOAWatercraft2007/0126
1899EFES 56Dijkstra, GerardYacht, sloop65 ft LOAYachting World2006/1280
1897Grand Soleil 43Botin & CarkeekYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World2006/1252
1896Delher 44Simonis & VoogdYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2006/1250
2622Sprint 750Corsair MarineTrimaran5.5 m LOA 2005Yachts and Yachting2006/1231
2086Archambault 35Nivelt, JoubertYacht, sloop10 59 m LOA 2005Yachts and Yachting2006/1231
1898Maxi 1300Petterson & MaxiYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World2006/1253
513TumlareReimers, KnudYacht, sloop27 ft LOA 1935Classic Boat2006/1248
2617Laser 4000Dinghy, sailing4.6 m LOA 1995Dinghy Sailing2006/1250
2616ISOHowlett & CaigDinghy, sailing4.7 m LOA 1992Dinghy Sailing2006/1250
514Spirit of BermudaLangan, BillSchooner85 ft LOAClassic Boat2006/1236
3089PT-15Bieker, PaulDinghy, sailing15 ft LOAWooden Boat2006/1270
3090SchoonerBolger, Philip CSharpie schooner24 ft LOAWooden Boat2006/1297
2881Silent Running, Anderson 22Lee, Oliver JYacht, sloop22 ft LOASailing Today2006/1274
2882Gemini 105Smith, TonyCatamaran34 ft LOASailing Today2006/1282
2530Highlander 35Fountaine PajotMotor34 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/1228
2531Sealine F34SealineMotor36 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/1228
2532Nordhavn 40NordhavnMotor40 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/1234
2533Calm VoyagerFairlineMotor41 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/1246
2534Birchwood 380Birchwood BoatsMotor38 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/12102
3095Nauticat 385Gustaffson, Kaj & PatrikYacht, sloop38 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2006/12114
2621J/124J-BoatsYacht, sloop12.4 m LOAYachts and Yachting2006/1133
2620OspreyMorrison & ProctorDinghy, sailing5.35 m LOA 1953Yachts and Yachting2006/1127
446RomolaNicholson, CharlesYacht, motor85 ft LOA 1903Classic Boat2006/1154
444TomahawkSparkman & StephensYacht, yawl48 ft LOA restorationClassic Boat2006/1130
445Cutlass 27Hill, Alan FYacht,yawl27 ft LOAClassic Boat2006/1136
2529Princess 32Senior MarineMotor32 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/1194
2528Nord West 420Nord WestMotor43 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/1128
2527Sundancer 325Sea RayMotor31 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/1124
305Privateer 52Privateer YachtsMotor51 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/1150
309Superhawk 43SunseekerMotor44 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/1154
265Princess 58PrincessMotor59 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/1138
308Phantom 48FailineMotor50 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/1154
304Boarncruiser 40ACMotor41 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/1149
267Azimut 43SMotor44 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/1142
266Nimbus 42 NovaMotor41 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/1140
307Van Der Valk 1750Motor57 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/1153
3094RM 1200Lombard, MarcYacht, sloop39 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2006/1157
306Nord West 420Motor44 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/1151
302Pershing 56VenturaMotor59 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/1146
310Pearl 50Pearl Motor yachtsMotor49 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/1155
301Broom 365Broom BoatsMotor37 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/1145
2880Hanse 400Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop40 ft LOASailing Today2006/1178
2879Tawahi, Westerly DiscusLaurent GilesYacht, sloop33 ft LOASailing Today2006/1170
303Menorquin MY160Motor52 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/1147
264Predator 62Sunseeker 62Motor64 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/1136
214Regina 35Regina af VindoYacht, sloop10.8 m LOAYachting Monthly2006/1068
2619Contessa 32Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop9.75 m LOA 1970Yachts and Yachting2006/1025
263Pogo 40Groupe FinotYacht, sloop40 ft LOA +supplement -Supersail WorldYachting World2006/1068
233Lively LadyShepherd, FredYacht, yawl36 ft LOA 1948 Sir Alec RoseClassic Boat2006/1018
234KatrinaHarbottell, LaurieYacht, sloop24 ft LOA Finesse 24Classic Boat2006/1028
251PentireHamer, RichardYacht, sloop26 ft LOA ODClassic Boat2006/1058
223Absolute 41Absolute 2005Motor41 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/1072
3093Barvaria 37J & JYacht, sloop37 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2006/10118
2526Sea Ray 230 OVSea Ray (1995)Motor23 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/1098
2525Sealine S29SealineMotor30 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/1034
2524Bavaria 29SBavariaMotor30 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/1034
2523Sessa C30SessaMotpr31 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/1034
2522Doral PrestanciaDoralMotor32 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/1034
2521Rhea 850RheaMotor31 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/1026
224Aicon 56Aicon 2002Motor57 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/10165
3088PirateGeary, TedYacht, sloopWooden Boat2006/1038
2871Ellen Grace, Barbican 35Holman & PyeYacht, sloop34 ft LOASailing Today2006/1086
2872Huzar 30Skorski / JusisYacht, sloop30 ft LOASailing Today2006/1092
191Dufour 325Felci, UmbertoYacht, sloop9.28 m LOAYachting Monthly2006/0966
186Sizzler 60Castro, TonyYacht, sloop18.25 m LOAYachting World2006/0961
187FinngulfStrahlmann Karl-JohanYacht, sloop37, 41, 46 rangeYachting World2006/0966
185ClubSwan 42Frers, GermanYacht, sloopYachting World2006/0958
2618AlbacoreFox, UffaDinghy, sailing4.59 m LOA 1954Yachts and Yachting2006/0931
188DegeroYacht, sloop28MS, 331, 36 rangeYachting World2006/0968
232RaineachOughtred, IanDingy, sailing15 ft LOA Norwegian faeringClassic Boat2006/0966
231LulworthWhite, HerbertYacht, sloop152 ft LOA ex Terpsichore 1920Classic Boat2006/0928
230SulaliSadler, DavidYacht, sloop26 ft LOA Contessa 26Classic Boat2006/0916
2519Broom 365BroomMotor37 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/0934
2518Flipper 605/705FlipperMotor20 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/0928
3092Delphia 37Skrzat, AndrezYacht, sloop35 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2006/09124
2877Thursday's Child, Hurley 30Anderson, IanYacht, sloop30 ft LOASailing Today2006/0984
2878Dufour 365GLFelci, Umberto / Roseo, PatrickYacht, sloop35 ft LOASailing Today2006/0992
2520Senator 260SealineMotor28 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/09134
1895Najad 440CCJudel/VrolijkYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2006/0861
1894Contest 45Nissen, GeorgYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2006/0858
1893Maggie BIrens, NigelSchooner62 ft LOA FusionYachting World2006/0850
229Tai-Mo-ShanRouse, H SYacht, ketch54 ft LOA Built 1933Classic Boat2006/0817
228OwendoGilesYacht, sloop25 ft LOA Vertue classClassic Boat2006/0834
227Lion 22Butler, JohnYacht, cutter22 ft LOAClassic Boat2006/0858
2516Bavaria 32 Sport HTBavaria BoatsMotor33 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/0830
2875Queen Bee, Super Sovereign 35Holman & PyeYacht, sloop35 ft LOASailing Today2006/0872
2515Dorado 22SessaMotor21 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/0828
2514Princess 54Princess YachtsMotor54 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/0824
2517KaamosBellaMotor23 ft LOA 703Motorboat Monthly2006/0836
3091Dufour 325Felci & RoseoYacht, sloop30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2006/08124
2876Delphia 40Skrzat, AndrzejYacht, sloop39 ft LOASailing Today2006/0880
213MarmaladeBorge and Jens QuorningTrimaran8 m LOA DragonflyYachting Monthly2006/0772
212Nauticat 385Gustaffson, KaiYacht, sloop11.65 m LOAYachting Monthly2006/0768
110Tahiti WayfarerWharram, JCat.21 ft LOAClassic Boat2006/0739
108MistStrange, AlbertYawl26 ft LOAClassic Boat2006/079
111- ex German yacht seized as prize-Sloop41 ft LOAClassic Boat2006/0722
109Stella ClassHolman, C RSloop25 ft LOAClassic Boat2006/0720
2870Arvika, Comfortina 42Comfortina YachtsYacht, sloop42 ft LOASailing Today2006/0784
2869Morning Star, Sadler Srarlight 45Jones, StephenYacht, sloop36 ft LOASailing Today2006/0778
221Windy 52 XanthosJohnsen, Hans JorgenMotor52 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/0756
222Galeon 440Castro, TonyMotor45 ft LOA 2005Motorboat and Yachting2006/0780
2513Seaward 23/25Mussel, ArthurTT Boat DesignsMotor23/25 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/0798
2512Maxum 2600 SEMaxumMotor27 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/0736
2511Sealine 250SealineMotor50 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/0724
209RS500Morrison, PhilDinghy, sailing4.34 m LOAYachts and Yachting2006/0635
1892EtchellsEtshells, SkipDinghy, sailing30 ft LOA 1965Yachting World2006/0670
1891DragonAnker, JohanDinghy, sailing29 ft LOA 1929Yachting World2006/0668
1890Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42DSLombard, MarkYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World2006/0654
1889Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 39iLombard, MarkYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World2006/0652
9196National 18Fox, UffaDinghy, sailing18 ft - National 18 classClassic Boat2006/0693
3087Bay Pilot 18Davis, ArchMotor18 ft LOAWooden Boat2006/06104
2350Salona 40Wittey Marine LtdYacht, sloop39 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2006/06138
225Princess V65Olesinski, BernardMotor67 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/0658
226Cumberland 44Flahault, O & Joubert-NiveltMotor Cat44 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/0690
219Fairline Targa 38Bernard OlesinskiMotor40 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/0619
220Fjord 39Banfield, PatrickMotor39 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/0625
7811Girl MarionGlass, T MunroYacht, ketch33 ft LOA - based on design of the fishing boat GClassic Boat2006/0556
9614Pilot CutterSparkman & StephensYacht, cutter32 ft LOA - possible pattern for Inward Bound (3Classic Boat2006/0522
7815Girl Pat 30Morris & BurnardYacht, ketch30 ft LOAClassic Boat2006/0557
10574SundownerWelsford, JohnYacht, cutter21 ftClassic Boat2006/0560
2349Magnum 21Louvet, Noel & Saillard, GuyCatamaran21 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2006/05136
2874Finngulf 33Strahlmann, Karl-JohanYacht, sloop33 ft LOASailing Today2006/0582
2509Scirocco 33WindyMotor33 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/0538
2510Fairline Targa 34Olesinski, :BernardMotor36 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/05110
2506Noblesse 760NordkappMotor25 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/0527
2873Omega, Hurley 24/70Anderson, IanYacht, sloop18 ft LOASailing Today2006/0574
2507Sabreline 42HTSabrelineMotor47 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/0528
2508Merry Fisher 655JeanneauMotor22 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/0534
2045UFO 31Holman & PyeYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly2006/0476
9926Royal Corinthian O DSmith, H CYacht, sloop22 ft LOA - Royal Corinthian O D classClassic Boat2006/0473
8549Le CourerYacht - 3 masted French luggerClassic Boat2006/0442
13456Sweisguth, FrancisYacht, sloop22 ft LOA - International Star classClassic Boat2006/0438
9418OmegaButler, T HarrisonYacht, sloop26 ft LOAClassic Boat2006/0429
9285NIS 18Kirby, BruceYacht, ketch18 ft - Norwalk Islands sharpieClassic Boat2006/0423
8794MariaYacht25 ft LOA - Norfolk Broads lateener - built 182Classic Boat2006/0442
2504Finnmaster 31ocFinnmasterMotor31 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/0438
3086RiffGarside, PaulDinghy, sailing12 ft LOAWooden Boat2006/0433
2505Regal 6.8 VenturaRegalMotor23 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/0496
3799Nora, Sarum 28Tucker, RobertYacht, sloop28 ft LOA 1970Sailing Today2006/0478
3800Legend 41Henderson, GlenYacht, sloop40 ft LOASailing Today2006/0486
1886Shipman 63J&J DesignYacht, sloop63 ft LOAYachting World2006/0366
1887Westerly GK35Dubois, EdYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World2006/0372
1888Parsifal IIIHolland/NaviYacht, ketch177 ft LOAYachting World2006/0389
1885Southerly 46RSKer, JasonYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World2006/0350
11194WandererProctor, IanDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAClassic Boat2006/0381
4065VigilanceBrixhamFishing, trawler78 ft 1926Fishing Boats2006/0326
14748ScootBush, FabianPunt, sailing20 ft - NorfolkClassic Boat2006/0354
14768WandererProctor, IanDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAClassic Boat2006/0381
10083ScootBush, FabianPunt, sailing20 ft - NorfolkClassic Boat2006/0354
1656Design No 125Burnett, EdYacht, schooner58 ft LOA Classic Boat2006/0341
8719Maggie BIrens, NigelYacht, schooner63 ft LOA Classic Boat2006/0339
8958Meteor IIISmith, A C & BarbeyYacht, schooner161 ft LOAClassic Boat2006/0349
4064Water-LilyWalter ReekieFishing,48 ft 1937Fishing Boats2006/0324
2503Falcon 23Wolstenholme, AndrewMotor24 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/0394
2501Princess 42PrincessMotor44 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/0334
2868Southerly 35RSHumphreys, RobYacht, sloop36 ft LOASailing Today2006/0378
2502Sealine 42/5SealineMotor45 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/0338
2500Phantom 40FairlineMotor41 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/0329
2867Black Prince, Trapper 500C&C Yacht, DesignYacht, sloop28 ft LOASailing Today2006/0368
262470Cornu, AndreDinghy, sailing4.7 m LOA 1963 designYachts and Yachting2006/0239
1884Oyster 46/72Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop47/75 ft LOAYachting World2006/0252
11336Windian 18Windingstad, SigbjornCanoe, sailing18 ftClassic Boat2006/0254
10861TiradeMoreton, PatrickDinghy, sailing16 ftClassic Boat2006/0256
8463KylixGriffiths, MauriceYacht, cutter27 ft LOAClassic Boat2006/0283
9267NieblaSpooner, PaulYacht, cutter59 ft LOAClassic Boat2006/0226
7468FairehopeZimmer, NelsonYacht, sloop21 ft - AmericaClassic Boat2006/0240
3132Double 30Bury, PaulYacht, sloop30 ft LOAClassic Boat2006/0257
2337Sun OdysseyLombard, MarcYacht, sloop34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2006/0299
3085LinnetGarden, WilliamMotor42 ft LOAWooden Boat2006/0291
261CapricornFischer, MartinCatamaran1.01 m LOAYachts and Yachting2006/0129
260First 21.7BeneteauYacht, sloop6.4 m LOAYachts and Yachting2006/0135
1882NieblaSpooner, PaulYacht, sloop59 ft LOAYachting World2006/0168
1883Hanse 370/400/461Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop38/40/47 ft LOAYachting World2006/0176
8957MeteorWatson,G L & CoYacht, cutter115 ft LOA - ex ThistleClassic Boat2006/0146
1495CraicNewland, MattYacht,yawl21 ft LOA Classic Boat2006/0162
9560PerentiePayne, DavidYacht, sloop23 ft LOAClassic Boat2006/0160
907BenigeutVivier, FrancoisDinghy, sailing19 ft LOAClassic Boat2006/01 63
10403Sparkle Irving, Alex & Schwartz, NormanYacht, sloop40 ft LOA - developed from New Brunswick whaleboaClassic Boat2006/0128
13749Woods, HerbertDinghy, sailing14 ft - Norfolk 14 ft O D classClassic Boat2006/0142
2866Zeeforel, Pioner 9Van de Stadt DesignYacht, sloop30 ft LOASailing Today2006/0184
3808Calm Voyager, Broom 39KLBroomMotor40 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/0168
3807Jeanneau Prestige 42Michael Peters Yacht Design/Garroni DesignMotor44 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/0162
216Seacart 30Lombard, MarcTrimaran9 m LOAYachts and Yachting2005/1223
259Malbec 240Mastracchio, PabloYacht, sloop7.50 m LOAYachts and Yachting2005/1229
211Wauquiez 47PSBerret & RacoupeauYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World2005/1261
210ETAP 46DSVon Ahlen Yacht DesignYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World2005/1258
10982TummlerHarms, AdolfYacht, sloop23 ft - belonged to Albert EinsteinClassic Boat2005/1241
14764TummlerHarms, AdolfYacht, sloop23 ft - belonged to Albert EinsteinClassic Boat2005/1241
2498Nordhavn 47Nordhavn Europe LtdMotor51 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2005/1224
2739Yira II, Hillyard 6-tonHillyard, DavidYacht, sloop27 ft LOASailing Today2005/1270
3083Cape Henry 21Dix, DudleyYacht, cutter21 ft LOAWooden Boat2005/1289
3082CoquinaHerreshoff N GDinghy, sailing17 ft LOAWooden Boat2005/1276
2499Monterey 290CRMontereyMotor32 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2005/1229
2497Chapparrai 256SSiChapperraiMotor26 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2005/1221
2865Ovni 345Joubert & NiveltYacht, sloop38 ft LOASailing Today2005/1278
3344Etap 46Ahlen, Mark Oliver VonYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting Monthly2005/1176
1060Broadblue 385Catamaran38 ft LOAYachting Monthly2005/1173
215Sprint 15March, RodneyCatamaran4.54 m LOA 1978 DesignYachts and Yachting2005/1125
208Sigma 33Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop9.88 m LOA 1978 designYachts and Yachting2005/1129
10774ThailaHarris BrosYacht, cutter38 ft LOAClassic Boat2005/1144
2738Rumcase, Hunter MedinaThomas, DavidYacht, sloop20 ft LOASailing Today2005/1172
2737Delphia 29Skrzat, AndrzejYacht, sloop28 ft LOASailing Today2005/1168
218PassagemakerHarris, John CDinghy, sailing12 ft LOAWatercraft2005/1154
217Lake CruiserWolstenholme, AndrewMotor7.16 m LOAWatercraft2005/1152
258Volvo Extreme 40Loday, YvesCatamaran12.192 m LOAYachts and Yachting2005/1031
207Radio LaserKirby, BruceYacht, model1.05 m LOAYachts and Yachting2005/1033
1881Gypsy Moth IVIllingworth & PrimroseYacht, ketch54 ft LOA Francis ChichesterYachting World2005/1068
776AukOughtred, IainDinghy7 ft - also modified 8 ft versionClassic Boat2005/1067
3084Sharpie KetchChapelle, Howard IYacht, ketch24 ft LOAWooden Boat2005/1097
4166Island Packet 370 Johnson/ IP DesignYacht, sloop38 ft LOASailing Today2005/1082
4165Nodrdship 28Elvstrom/KjaerulffYacht, sloop29 ft LOA, 1980'sSailing Today2005/1074
334365 Grand LargeFelci, Umberto & Roseo, PatrickYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World2005/0974
206EnterpriseHolt, JackDinghy, sailing4.4 m LOA 1956 designYachts and Yachting2005/0931
8226J 65Johnstone, Rodney SYacht, sloop65 ft LOAYachting World2005/0968
351455 Grand LargeFelci, Umberto & Roseo, PatrickYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2005/0975
257Hurricane 5.9XWhite, RegCatamaran5.9 m LOA 1987 designYachts and Yachting2005/0929
913BeroeWatson, G L & Co LtdYacht, cutter35 ft LODClassic Boat2005/0942
9542Peggy BawnWatson, G L & Co LtdYacht, cutter41 ft LOAClassic Boat2005/0936
8711MadgeWatson, G L & Co LtdYacht, cutter38 ft LOA - see also CB 1991/04 p 37, CB 1992/10 Classic Boat2005/0950
12136Fisher, PaulYacht, sloop18 ft LOA - Bungay Broads dayboatClassic Boat2005/0970
2735Aberlady, Beneteau First 325Berret, JeanYacht, sloop33 ft LOASailing Today2005/0990
11355WinsomeSwallowboats LtdDinghy17 ft LOA - peddle propulsionWatercraft2005/0940
2736Sadler 290Jones, StephenYacht, sloop29 ft LOASailing Today2005/09102
7571Finngulf 37Strahlmann, Karl-JohanYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly2005/0870
256J/100Johnstone, RodYacht, sloop10 m LOAYachts and Yachting2005/0829
205Topaz ZenonHowlett, IanDinghy, sailing4.5 m LOAYachts and Yachting2005/0831
3081Cotton Blossom IIAnker, JohanYacht, sloop49 ft LOAWooden Boat2005/0856
2332Najad 332Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2005/0877
204Corby 29Corby, JohnCatamaran8.8 m LOAYachts and Yachting2005/0735
203Laser VagoRichards, JoDinghy, sailing4.20 m LOA 2004 designYachts and Yachting2005/0737
7980Harmony 42Poncin YachtsYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World2005/0757
905Beneteau Cyclades 43Yacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World2005/0754
255Martin 16Dinghy, sailing4.9 m LOAYachts and Yachting2005/0735
9863Rival IIRoue, W JYacht, schooner49 ft LOAClassic Boat2005/0742
11086VentureRoue, W JYacht, schooner143 ft LOA - T S for Canadian NavyClassic Boat2005/0743
8863Maud IIRoue, W JYacht, ketch37 ft LOAClassic Boat2005/0745
4063Yarmouth SeamanHusbands Yacht Yard, SouthamptonFishing,65 ft 1943Fishing Boats2005/077
9519PathfinderWelsford, JohnDinghy, sailing17 ft LOAWatercraft2005/0753
4163Cornsilk, Moody S31Dixon, BillYacht, sloop32 ft LOA, 1994Sailing Today2005/0770
4164Catalina 320Douglas, GerryYacht, sloop34 ft LOASailing Today2005/0780
202FireflyFox, UffaDinghy, sailing3.65 m LOA 1946 designYachts and Yachting2005/0641
201SL16Loday, YvesCatamaran4.8 m LOA 2003 designYachts and Yachting2005/0643
10593SupercruiserBotin, Marcelino & Carkeek, SuanYacht, sloop90 ft LOAYachting World2005/0643
10557Sun Odyssey 49Briand, PhilippeYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World2005/0653
9075Moody 49Dixon, BillYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World2005/0650
8289JFA 82Barracuda Yacht DesignYacht, sloop82 ftYachting World2005/0646
7479Fairy O DHope, LintonYacht, sloop22 ft LOAClassic Boat2005/0677
11615Blandford, PercyYacht, sloop17 ftClassic Boat2005/0629
11049VanadisAgerskov, KaiSchooner67 ft - built 1868Classic Boat2005/0639
3079MarthaCrowninshield, B BSchooner66 ft LOAWooden Boat2005/0662
2733Ayesha, Jaguar 25Butler, FrankYacht, sloop26 ft LOASailing Today2005/0670
2734Sunbeam 39J&J DesignYacht, sloop40 ft LOASailing Today2005/0680
3080Redwing 26Stambaugh, KarlMotor26 ft LOAWooden Boat2005/06106
9856Rival 32Brett, PeterYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly2005/0537
11141Vismara 34Vismara Yacht DesignYacht, sloop34 ft Yachting World2005/0548
200StreakerHolt, JackDinghy, sailing3.75 m LOA 1975 designYachts and Yachting2005/0537
8670LS Noon 55Gonciarz, LeszekYacht, sloop55 ft LOAYachting World2005/0546
199First Class 7.5Finot, GroupeYacht, sloop7.49 m LOAYachts and Yachting2005/0539
9385Oceanis 523Group FinotYacht, sloop53 ft LOAYachting World2005/0552
9890Rogers Classic 60Rogers, SimonYacht, cutter60 ft LOAClassic Boat2005/0563
2731Sable, Rustler 31Holman & PyeYacht, sloop31 ft LOASailing Today2005/0570
2331Hurley 20Anderson, IanYacht, sloop20 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2005/05112
3142Drascombe DrifterSelway Fisher DesignYacht, yawl22 ft LOD C BWatercraft2005/0557
2732Feeling 39Briand, PhillippeYacht, sloop38 ft LOASailing Today2005/0580
11030VadcarLePlat, EdmontDinghy, sailing11 ft LOA - built 1892 - French designWatercraft2005/0514
1451Corby 29Corby, JohnYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World2005/0475
11389X 40Jeppersen, NielsYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World2005/0483
11388X 37Jeppersen, NielsYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World2005/0483
10353Sodergren 40Sodergren, HakanYacht, sloop40 ft LOA - Swedish designYachting World2005/0475
10900TP 52Rogers, SimonYacht, sloop15m LOA - Volvo Open 70 classYachting World2005/0473
198Hobie 16 spiAlter, HobieCatamaran5.25 m LOA 1971 designYachts and Yachting2005/0439
11391X 50Jeppersen, NielsYacht, sloop50 ft LOA - also X 55 and X 70 designsYachting World2005/0484
10318SKS 25Rogers, SimonYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World2005/0473
8229J/35 RacingJohnstone, Rodney SYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World2005/0489
1056BrittanyLaurent GilesYacht sloop33 ft LOA - Brittany classClassic Boat2005/0469
9758RaiderCastle, MartinYacht, sloop16 ftClassic Boat2005/0453
9939Rummy IIIHyland LtdYacht, motor42 ft LOAClassic Boat2005/0449
2725Salsa, Moody 36Dixon, BillYacht, sloop37 ft LOASailing Today2005/0468
2726Maxi 1050Pettersen, PelleYacht, sloop35 ft LOASailing Today2005/0480
3078Double30Bury, PaulYacht, sloop30 ft LOAWooden Boat2005/0492
3077Caledonian YawlOughtred, IainDinghy, sailing20 ft LOAWooden Boat2005/0430
10969Truly Classic 78Hoek, AndreYacht, cutter65 ft LOAYachting World2005/03116
196Zoom 8Segerkrantz, HenrikDinghy, sailing2.65 m LOA 1991 designYachts and Yachting2005/0329
197FinnSarby, RichardDinghy, sailing4.5 m LOA 1949 designYachts and Yachting2005/0327
8824Marten 49Pugh, Reichel Yacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World2005/0365
7514Farr 525Farr Yacht DesignYacht, sloop52 ft LOA Yachting World2005/0365
4062King-BirdWalter ReekieFishing1933Fishing Boats2005/037
8170International One DesignShields, CorneliusYacht, sloop33 ft LOAClassic Boat2005/0379
1483Cotton Blossom IIAnker, JohanYacht, sloop31 ft LWL - Q classClassic Boat2005/0322
989Boadicea IIFoppiano, FransecoYacht, sloop30 ft LOAClassic Boat2005/0356
7857Golden VirginiaSelway Fisher DesignYacht, steam25 ft LOAWatercraft2005/0355
12197Gartside, PaulYacht, steam - 3 designsWatercraft2005/0357
2728Parfait, Dufour 385Felci, UmbertoYacht, sloop39 ft LOASailing Today2005/0378
2727Holly, Leisure 17Howard, ArthurYacht, sloop17 ft LOASailing Today2005/0366
11332WindflowerWolstenholme, AYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World2005/0256
194Bavaria Match 42Yacht, sloop12.46 m LOAYachts and Yachting2005/0233
195Backman 21Backman, HansDinghy, sailing6.6 m LOAYachts and Yachting2005/0247
7926Gunboat 62Morelli & MelvinCatamaran62 ft LOAYachting World2005/0272
11180Wally 80Farr, BruceYacht, sloop78 ft LOAYachting World2005/02112
710Arcona 460Qviberg, StefanYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World2005/0262
10062ScaffieFishing30 to 60 ftClassic Boat2005/0231
11043Valkyrie IIWatson, G L & Co LtdYacht, cutter - J classClassic Boat2005/0216
3076GypsyCrowninshield, B BYacht, sloop22 ft LOAWooden Boat2005/0288
2729Picaro, Vancouver 34 ClassicHarris, RobertYacht, sloop34 ft LOASailing Today2005/0280
2730Beneteau Oceanis 373Berret- RacoupeauYacht, sloop37 ft LOASailing Today2005/0290
10392Southerly 35RSHumphreys, RobYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly2005/0132
1880Oyster 82Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop82 ft LOAYachting World2005/01110
192Dufour 34Felci, UmbertoYacht, sloop10.6 m LOAYachts and Yachting2005/0143
193PhantomWright & TaylorDinghy, sailing4.42 m LOA 1971 designYachts and Yachting2005/0137
1879Clipper 68Dubois, EdYacht, sloop68 ft LOAYachting World2005/0194
1876Comet 51SVallicelli, StudioYacht, sloop51 ft LOAYachting World2005/0169
1878Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 49Briand, PhilippeYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World2005/0173
1877Grand SoleilVrolijk, JudelYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World2005/0171
3147DreamtimeSmith, AllanYacht, sloop30 ft LOAClassic Boat2005/0176
9326North Quay 19North Quay Marine Yacht, sloop19 ft LODClassic Boat2005/0140
9198National RedwingFox, UffaDinghy, sailing14 ftClassic Boat2005/0191
7466Fair WindPerryman, JohnYacht, cutter36 ft LOA C BClassic Boat2005/0172
8383KatyPeterson, Murray GYacht, schooner28 ft LOA - modified SusanClassic Boat2005/0110
12424Inderwick, JohnYacht, yawl37 ft LOAClassic Boat2005/0175
13301Seibert, Edward JYacht, cutterClassic Boat2005/0174
848BarloventoGruber, HenryYacht, schooner64 ftClassic Boat2005/0133
10311Skerrieskiff 150Oughtred, IainYacht, sloop14 ft LOA - alos 17 ft designWatercraft2005/0137
11171WabiMontaubin, GillesDinghy, sailing16 ft LODWatercraft2005/0128
2724Southerly 115 MkIVHumphreys, RobYacht, sloop37 ft LOASailing Today2005/01112
7638Floridays SharpieFitzgerald, MarkYacht, schooner19 ft LOD - cat rigWatercraft2005/0155
2723Carousel of Kent, TwisterHolman, KimYacht, sloop28 ft LOASailing Today2005/01102
12445Jones, DavidViking Longboat22 ft LOA - design of replica - see also WC 2005Watercraft2005/0135
1616Degero 33iDSHans GroupYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/1234
183LaserKirby, BruceDinghy, sailing4.23 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/1231
184Byte CIIBruce, IanDinghy, sailing3.65 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/1237
9173Najad 380Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World2004/1267
758AthenaDijkstra, Gerald & PartnersYacht, schooner295 ft LOAYachting World2004/1298
10967Troy O DWatty, ArchieYacht, sloop22 ft LOA - Troy classClassic Boat2004/1252
10868Tofinou 9.5Joubert, M & Nivelt, BYacht, sloop31 ft LOAClassic Boat2004/1240
11399Y M SeniorGibbs, KennethYacht, sloop16 ft LOAClassic Boat2004/1279
2722Gralyn, HR Ramsus/ Nab 35Enderlein, OlleYacht, sloop35 ft LOASailing Today2004/1268
2721Cento, Legend 36Henderson, GlennYacht, sloop36 ft LOASailing Today2004/1256
3075MystKurylko, DonDinghy, sailing18 ft LOAWooden Boat2004/1288
2491Azzura 17RanieriMotor16 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/1222
2490Mustang 2800SCMustang CruisersMotor30 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/1220
2330Kent 31Cory, SimonMotor31 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2004/12102
2496The MaestroSheridan MarineMotor26 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/1288
2493Finnmaster 7600FinnmasterMotor25 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/1266
2492Riviera 37RivieraMotor43 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/1236
2329Southerly 35RSHumphreys, RobYacht, sloop36 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2004/1296
2495Princess 415Olesinski, BernardMotor43 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/1287
2494Fairline 36 SedanOlesinski, BernardMotor41 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/1286
9958Sabre 386Taylor, JimYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/1138
182Club 1720Key Yachting LtdYacht, sloop8 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/1125
1373CometSparkman & StephensYacht, yawl52 ft LOA - now CometaClassic Boat2004/1138
1586Dark Harbour 20Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop30 ft LOAClassic Boat2004/1175
10507StormySparkman & StephensYacht, sloop36 ft LOA Morris 36 classClassic Boat2004/1132
8814MariquitaFife, William IIIYacht, cutter95 ft LODClassic Boat2004/1149
9183NancyStephens, OlinYacht, sloop36 ft LOA - 6 m classClassic Boat2004/1126
8169International FinnFinnish Yachting AssociationDinghy, sailing14 ftClassic Boat2004/1181
2489Calm VoyageBroomMotor39KLMotorboat Monthly2004/1198
2486Aquador 28CBella BoatsMotor29 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/1152
9445OrientWolstenholme, AYacht, steam38 ft LOAWatercraft2004/1159
2720North Beach 24Cobelens, FransYacht, sloop29 ft LOASailing Today2004/1172
2719Cleopatra II, Everitt YCA 29Everitt, JulianYacht, sloop29 ft LOASailing Today2004/1162
2328Finngulf 33Strahlmann, Karl-JohanYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2004/1194
2487Karnic 2660KarnicMotor29 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/1178
2488Waving GirlAqua-StarMotor33 ft LOA Oceanranger 33Motorboat Monthly2004/1188
10618SwallowWolstenholme, ADinghy, sailing14 ft - see also WC 1999/09 p53, WC 2005/03 p 17Watercraft2004/1124
9655Poncin 38J & J DesignsYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/1042
172Orion SRDGiles, MarkDinghy, sailing4.66 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/1033
7885Grand Soleil 45Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2004/1069
9994Salona 45J & J DesignsYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World2004/1068
906Beneteau First 44.7Farr, BruceYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World2004/1068
1376Comet 45Studio VallicelliYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2004/1069
181OrionGiles, MarkDinghy, sailing4.66 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/1033
180SoloHolt, JackDinghy, sailing3.78 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/1029
2586Topaz OmegaDinghy, sailing4.64 m LOADinghy Sailing2004/1050
10202Shamrock IIINicholsonYacht, cutter - J classClassic Boat2004/1059
2587RS VisionDinghy, sailing4.55 m LOADinghy Sailing2004/1050
766Atlantic Challenge GigKilling, SteveRowing40 ftClassic Boat2004/1033
9323Norske 35Perryman, JohnYacht, cutter35 ft LOAClassic Boat2004/1079
8667LottieHillyard, DavidYacht, sloop25 ft - belonged to Arthur RansomeClassic Boat2004/1051
8127I J 24Jefferies, IvanYacht, sloop24 ftClassic Boat2004/1018
2718Artemis, Westerly MerlinDubois, EdYacht, sloop29 ft LOASailing Today2004/1082
2481800 FlybridgeRodmanMotor29 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/1028
2483Marco 810 OCSuccesMotor27 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/1060
3073PleioneTaylor, JimYacht, sloop48 ft LOAWooden Boat2004/1060
3074Bona FideSibbick, CharlesYacht, sloop45 ft LOAWooden Boat2004/1068
2482Merry Fisher 925JeanneauMotor32 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/1028
2484Viking SpiritWindy BoatsMotor29 ft LOA 9000Motorboat Monthly2004/1084
2485Norwegian BlueNidelvMotor26 classicMotorboat Monthly2004/1098
2480Striper 2601 Walk AroundSeaswirl BoatsMotor26 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/1018
9388Oceanis Clipper 373Berret & RacopeauYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/0953
9386Oceanis ClipperYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/0954
14740Oceanis Clipper 373Berret & RacopeauYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/0953
1293ChristoffelDijkstra Yacht Design & PartnersYacht, cutter106 ft LOAYachting World2004/09154
10949Trintella 55CHolland, RonYacht, sloop54 ft LOAYachting World2004/0966
8997Mirabella VHolland, Ron DesignYacht, cutter246 ft LOAYachting World2004/0988
179White Formula 20de Vries, JohnCatamaran6.085 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0933
178Elan 37Humphreys, RorYacht, sloop11.16 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0975
8180IolanteWebb, DanYacht, sloop - 2 1/2 ton - Blackwater sloopClassic Boat2004/0950
951Blackwater SloopWebb, DanYacht, sloop20 ft - see also YW 1936/07Classic Boat2004/0946
13006Nicholson, CYacht, sloop33 ft LOA - 5.5 m classClassic Boat2004/0987
697Aquila 27Wolstenholme, AYacht, motor27 ft LOAClassic Boat2004/0962
2717Sonsy Lass, Oceanis 351Berret, JeanYacht, sloop34 ft LOASailing Today2004/0988
2327Salona 45J&JYacht, sloop44 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2004/09112
2716Larissa, Bavaria 36J&J DesignYacht, sloop37 ft LOASailing Today2004/0982
10206Shanghai JunkSelway Fisher DesignYacht, sloop25 ft LOD - see also WC 2005/01 p 38Watercraft2004/0959
7972Harbor CruiserRantilla Rowing SystemsRowing18 ftWatercraft2004/0962
8552Le SeilLelievre, FrancoisDinghy, sailing17 ft LOA - French designWatercraft2004/0934
7455ExplorerMitchell, MuktiDinghy, sailing15 ft - retracting keelWatercraft2004/0963
2326SednaThomas, DavidYacht, sloop25 ft LOA Hunter Channel 27Practical Boat Owner2004/09106
8568Legend 33Henderson, GlenYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/0842
14727Legend 33Henderson, GlenYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/0842
10829TiaraDubois Naval ArchitectsYacht, cutter178 ft LOAYachting World2004/0887
872Bavaria 42 MatchJ & J DesignsYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World2004/0857
9377Oceanis 323Groupe FinotYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World2004/0859
12360Hoek, AndreYacht, schooner125 ft LOAYachting World2004/08126
9382Oceanis 373Yacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World2004/0859
177Topaz OmegaWhite & HowlettDinghy, sailing4.7 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0865
254Bavaria Match 35J&JYacht, sloop10.79 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0835
3635Mirabella VRon Holland DesignYacht, sloop75.2 m LOABoat International2004/0888
7578FinvolaFifeYacht, sloop37 ft LOAClassic Boat2004/0835
3633JoNatucci, StefanoMotor49.95 m LOABoat International2004/0870
4061White HeatherNeakle & Waterson, PeelFishing, lugger1904Fishing Boats2004/0861
3632Riva Opera 85Riva Design OfficeMotor26.02 m LOABoat International2004/0864
3634UtopiaDe Voogt Naval ArchitectsMotor71.6 m LOABoat International2004/0878
8119HyacinthHoward, JohnBarge, sailing82 ft - built 1889Classic Boat2004/0853
8599LightningSparkman & StephensDinghy, sailing19 ftClassic Boat2004/0878
7681FrancesHoward, JohnBarge, sailing48 ft - built 1909Classic Boat2004/0854
2477450 StatesmanSealineMotor46 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/0877
2476Birchwood 33Caddick, GrahamMotor34 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/0876
2475Landau 29 ContinentalLandauMotor29 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/0854
2474Talisman 49Murray Cormack & AssociatesMotor53 ft LOA SeawardMotorboat Monthly2004/0826
2325Cigale 14Groupe FinotYacht, sloop46 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2004/08112
2715Shirley PII, Hurley 22Anderson, IanYacht, sloop22 ft LOASailing Today2004/0860
2478SilvergirlPrincessMotor28 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/0878
2479AventureraHardy MarineMotorMariner 26Motorboat Monthly2004/0892
3186Dufour 385Felci, Umberto Yacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/0738
3244Elan 434Humphreys, BobYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World2004/0760
3243Elan 37Humphreys, BobYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World2004/0759
10787The LightningSparkman & StephensYacht, sloop19 ft LOAYachting World2004/0783
175Beneteau First 44.7FarrYacht, sloop13.37 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0735
996BoleroSparkman & StephensYacht, yawl73 ft LOAYachting World2004/0783
8171IntrepidSparkman & StephensYacht, sloop64 ft LOA - 12 m class - see also CB 2001/08 p 5Yachting World2004/0784
1659DesparadoSparkman & StephensYacht, ketch65 ft LOA - Swan 65 classYachting World2004/0787
171RS EliteRS RacingYacht, sloop7.3 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0729
176Manta EquationGorton, IanDinghy, sailing4.75 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0743
8339JoyantHerreshoff Yacht, sloop58 ft LOA - P classClassic Boat2004/0728
258429erBethwaite, JulianDinghy, sailing4.45 m LOADinghy Sailing2004/0731
2585Laser 3000Bethwaite & ClarkDinghy, sailing4.4 m LOADinghy Sailing2004/0731
1458Cork Harbour O DFife, William IIIYacht, cutter29 ft LOAClassic Boat2004/0779
8157IndependenceCrowinshield, Bowdoin BYacht, cutter140 ft LOAClassic Boat2004/0753
3207E H 32Kok, JanusBotter44 ft LOA - built 1918 - presented to Queen of HClassic Boat2004/0737
1636Delaware DuckerDillion, DavePunt15 ft - American designWatercraft2004/0751
1441CootWolstenholme, ADinghy, sailing9 ft - see also WC 1997/03 p 49 , CB 1998/05 p 41Watercraft2004/0735
13256Robertson, J RCanoe15 ft - American designWatercraft2004/0750
10609SusieFishing13 ft - Woods Hole SpritsailWatercraft2004/0754
10238SherpaWelsford, JohnDinghy, sailing9 ftWatercraft2004/0757
11983Culler, R DDinghy, sailing13 ft - American designWatercraft2004/0750
9554PenguinWelsford, JohnYacht, sloop21 ft LOD C BWatercraft2004/0756
2323Westerly SeahawkDubois, EdYacht, sloop34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2004/0786
2713Luxon, Nova 27Westall, JohnYacht, sloop27 ft LOASailing Today2004/0766
2472Swift Trawler 42BeneteauMotor45 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/0758
2324Ro 265Toledo, InigoYacht, sloop25 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2004/07114
2469Endeavour 26RanieriMotor26 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/0718
2470Sealine S23SealineMotor25 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/0726
2473DinkySea RayMotor24 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/0798
2714Cambo, Mystery 35Jones, StephenYacht, sloop35 ft LOASailing Today2004/0776
2471Bavaria 25Bavaria Motor BoatsMotor26 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/0726
14725Island Packet 370Johnson, Bob & I P DesignYacht, cutter37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/0638
8204Island Packet 370Johnson, Bob & I P DesignYacht, cutter37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/0638
9376Oceanis 321Groupe FinotYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/0651
173Dufour 40Felci, UmbertoYacht, sloop12.3 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0637
174Nacra 580Nacra DesignCatamaran5.80 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0639
13273Ryder-Turner, DavidYacht, sloop34 ftClassic Boat2004/0668
13134Perryman, JohnYacht, sloop34 ftClassic Boat2004/0667
8467L C MWarship48 ft and 50 ft designsClassic Boat2004/0654
8466L C AThornycroftWarship41 ftClassic Boat2004/0655
8865MaunaStoba, WilliamYacht, motor92 ft LOAClassic Boat2004/0642
679Anne-Lise IIGrenier, Jean-LouisYacht, yawl - modified Drascombe LuggerClassic Boat2004/0632
2335Oceanis 323Group FinotYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2004/06124
2712Crooked Dougall, Moody 336Dixon, BillYacht, sloop34 ft LOASailing Today2004/0672
3072CelesteBenjamin, NatYacht, sloop28 ft LOAWooden Boat2004/0686
2336Oceanis 373Berret-Racoupeau DesignYacht, sloop37 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2004/06128
2467SartraFairey MarineMotor31 ft LOA Huntsman 31Motorboat Monthly2004/0688
2464Key Largo 20SessaMotor20 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/0619
2465Elan Power 35Castro, TonyMotor37 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/0626
2466Viki 26Motor27 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/0666
2468Objet d'ArtFairlineMotor23 ft LOA SprintMotorboat Monthly2004/06104
10556Sun Odyssey 43Andrieu, DanielYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/0538
1621Dehler 34 Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World2004/0565
8486Labrador 44Birch, Mike & Desgagnes, RejeanYacht, cutter44 ft LOAYachting World2004/0550
8069Honey Pot IIFrers, GermanYacht, sloop47 ft LOA - Swan 46 classYachting World2004/0566
9463Owen Clarke 65Clarke, Owen Yacht, DesignYacht, cutter64 ft LOAYachting World2004/0563
8172InvaderChesebrough, Albert StantonYacht, schooner162 ft LOA - see also CB 2004/05 p 15 - built 19Yachting World2004/05127
8452KOD 33Kouyoumdjian, JuanYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World2004/05112
10356SojanaFarr Yacht DesignYacht114 ft LOAYachting World2004/0587
169SplashWester & de RidderDinghy, sailing3.55 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0551
170RS VisionMorrison, PhilDinghy, sailing4.55 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0541
1080BryonyFranken, JimYacht, cutter45 ft LOAClassic Boat2004/0524
2334ArpegeDufour, MichelYacht, sloop30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2004/05128
2709Galloper, Halcyon 27Buchanan, AlanYacht, sloop27 ft LOASailing Today2004/0574
2710Flying Fish, Dehler 34Dehler & Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop34 ft LOASailing Today2004/0584
2333Eclipse 99Woods, RichardYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2004/05122
10500Storm 17Newland, Matt & NickYacht, ketch16 ft LOAWatercraft2004/0557
9771RandoMontaubin, GillesYacht, ketch23 ft LOA C BWatercraft2004/0558
8565Legend 41Hunter Marine CorpYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/0440
9204Nauticat 331Aarnipalo, WilhoYacht, yawl33 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/04125
10539Sun Fast 35Lombard, Marc & JeanneauYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World2004/04119
10863Titan 1020Stadt, Kees van deYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World2004/04103
13687Well, VanYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting World2004/04104
898Beluga 46Stadt, Kees van deYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World2004/04102
168GP14Holt, JackDinghy, sailing2.27 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0433
167J/133Johnstone, Al & RodYacht, sloop13.11 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0441
702AramintaHerreshoff, L FrancisYacht, yawl33 ft LOAClassic Boat2004/0418
1188CasquetRobb, Arthur CYacht, yawl36 ft LOAClassic Boat2004/0430
3133DoubletRobb, Arthur CYacht, sloop33 ft LOA - Daring classClassic Boat2004/0425
8944MerronRobb, Arthur CDinghy, sailing10 ftClassic Boat2004/0429
2581GraduateWyche, DickDinghy, sailing3.82 m LOADinghy Sailing2004/0426
13253Robb, Arthur CYacht, sloop26 ft LWL - Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron compClassic Boat2004/0429
11020UomieRobb, Arthur CYacht, sloop38 ft LOAClassic Boat2004/0433
2583TasarBethwaite, FrankDinghy, sailing4.52 m LOADinghy Sailing2004/0426
2582EnterpriseHolt, JackDinghy, sailing4.04 m LOADinghy Sailing2004/0426
9872Rob RoyRobb, Arthur CYacht, sloop56 ft LOAClassic Boat2004/0432
2711Samphire of Dart, Tradewind 35Rock, JohnYacht, sloop35 ft LOASailing Today2004/0486
3071Gartside, PaulDinghy, sailing12 ft LOAWooden Boat2004/0482
2322Red Fox 200TThomas, DavidYacht, sloop20 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2004/04124
8152Impossible DreamBailey, NicCatamaran59 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/03102
14703Centurion 40SBerret & RacopeauYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/0342
1229Centurion 40SBerret & RacopeauYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/0342
166Lymington PramBran, Claridge & SandersDinghy, sailing4.42 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0331
8388Kay Cottee 56Jutson Yacht DesignYacht, cutter56 ft LOAYachting World2004/03101
165Hobie TwixxyHobie Cat EuropeCatamaran4.38 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0343
3360EvaFife, William IIIYacht, cutter57 ft LOAClassic Boat2004/0332
8980MinahoustVivier, FrancisDinghy, sailing4m LOAWatercraft2004/0322
2460Maxum 2400 SC3MaxumMotor26 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/0323
2461Ombrine 1001BeneteauMotor34 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/0324
3260Elgol 2Huber, WolfDinghy, sailing10 ftWatercraft2004/0342
11432Youkon-LiliVivier, FrancisYacht5m LOA C BWatercraft2004/0321
11361WispLiquid Fuel Engineering CoYacht, steam30 ft - built 1908Watercraft2004/0329
2462Prestige 32JeanneauMotor32 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/0354
2708Dufour 34Felci, UmbertoYacht, sloop35 ft LOASailing Today2004/0382
2707Rime and Reason, Westerly GK29Pocock, MichaelYacht, sloop29 ft LOASailing Today2004/0372
10355Soir du 10 MaiVivier, FrancisYacht, cutter33 ft LOAWatercraft2004/0318
2463Ryds 23 WALindblom, JohnMotor24 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/0378
2321Degero 331DSGroop, HansYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2004/03116
11218WaywardGartside, PaulYacht, motor24 ft LOAWatercraft2004/0358
7955Hallberg Rassy 37 Frers, GermanYacht, sloop37 ft LOA - see also YW 2004/03 p 104, YW 2004/12Yachting Monthly2004/0290
164Mirror RaceHolt & BucknallDinghy, sailing3.3 m LOA 1962 upgradeYachts and Yachting2004/0229
163Stealth F18HTPierce, JohnCatamaran5.5 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0231
9435Open 40Groupe FinotYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World2004/02120
9367Ocean Star 51.2Ocean YachtsYacht, sloop51 ft LOA - see also YW 2005/05 p 55Yachting World2004/02112
11142Vismara 50Vismara Design StudioYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World2004/02110
1693DK 46Mills, MarkYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World2004/02120
11290WhisperHood, Ted & Fontaine Design GroupYacht, cutter116 ft LOAYachting World2004/02138
9025Miss Great Britain IIIScott-Paine, HubertMotor24 ft - power boatClassic Boat2004/0244
8695M G B 81VosperWarship71 ftClassic Boat2004/0239
8217Ivy GreenBurnett, EdYacht, cutter34 ft - Ivy classClassic Boat2004/0218
13290Scott-Paine, HubertWarship63 ft - anti-submarineClassic Boat2004/0246
13291Scott-Paine, HubertWarship77 ft - P T boat - U S AClassic Boat2004/0246
842BarduYacht, sloop - Guantlet 8 tonClassic Boat2004/0222
2458NolettaFairlineMotor34 ft LOA Corniche 31Motorboat Monthly2004/0236
2706Adelaid II, Sunrise 34Fauroux, JacquesYacht, sloop35 ft LOASailing Today2004/0268
3070Arundel 27Dalzell, SteveMotor28 ft LOAWooden Boat2004/0286
2457NimbariNimbusMotor27 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/0232
2320Sadler 290Jones, StephenYacht, sloop29 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2004/02116
2456Meadstone MaidCruisers InternationalMotor22 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/0230
2459Princess of DeniaEurocrownMotor42 ft LOA 420 CRMotorboat Monthly2004/0272
160DK 46Mills DesignYacht, sloop14.1 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0133
161Devon YawlMorrison, PhilYacht, yawl4.87 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0133
11179Wally 60Wally YachtsYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World2004/01128
8692M 49Pugh, Reichel Yacht DesignYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World2004/01117
162GalaxyGiles, MarkDinghy, sailing4.88 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0135
9613Pilot CutterCornish CrabbersYacht, cutter35 ft and 39 ft designsClassic Boat2004/0124
2579SupernovaGiles, MarkDinghy, sailing4.3 m LOADinghy Sailing2004/0162
2580SoloHolt, JackDinghy, sailing3.79 m LOADinghy Sailing2004/0162
2578PhantomWright / TaylorDinghy, sailing4.42 m LOADinghy Sailing2004/0162
9231NereiaHerreshoff, L FrancisYacht, ketch36 ftClassic Boat2004/0158
1471CoronetPoillon, C & RSchooner133 ft - built 1885Classic Boat2004/01 10
2455Aquador 23HT, VicoxSea VenturesMotorMotorboat Monthly2004/01106
2454Trader 535 SignatureTarquin Yacht Co.Motor54 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/0186
1138Cape Henry 21Dudley Dix Yacht DesignYacht, sloop20 ft LOD - see also WC 2004/11 p 48, WC 2005/03Watercraft2004/0159
9091MoonshadowWolstenholme, AYacht, sloop31 ft LOA - Norfolk BroadsWatercraft2004/0118
3069Salty HeavenFloyd, MikeyDinghy, sailing17 ft LOAWooden Boat2004/0167
2705Jaguar 27Butler / FinchYacht, sloop27 ft LOASailing Today2004/0184
2319Hanse 371Judel/VrolijkYacht, sloop37 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2004/01132
11178WalkaboutWelsford, JohnYacht, sloop16 ft LOAWatercraft2004/0157
1059Broadblue 42BroadblueCatamaran42 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/1272
10241Shipman 50J & J DesignsYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World2003/12103
158Lymington ScowClaridge, JohnDinghy, sailing3.44 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/1231
159Dragonfly 920 ExtremeQuorning BoatsTrimaran11.1 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/1241
7525FedalahNicholson, CYacht, sloop35 ft LWLClassic Boat2003/1252
9304Nordic FolkboatSunden, TordYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - see also CB 2003/12 p 77, CB 2006/06 Classic Boat2003/1228
13005Nicholson, CYacht, sloop - proposal for RORC rule designClassic Boat2003/1250
3798Pontios, Beneteau First 32Berret, JeanYacht, sloop32 ft LOASailing Today2003/1272
3797Rumaje, Gib'Sea 37J & JYacht, sloop36 ft LOASailing Today2003/1260
2318Gemini 105McSmith, TonyCatamaran34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2003/12116
7529Feeling 36Joubert, MichelYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/1172
10558Sun Odyssey 54 DSYacht, sloop54 ft LOAYachting World2003/11105
904Beneteau 57Farr, BruceYacht, sloop57 ft LOAYachting World2003/11105
252Nacra BlastComyn, AlainCatamaran4.80 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/1125
253Bavaria Match 38Peterson, DougYacht, sloop11.36 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/1129
8227J J 84Mortain & MavrikiosYacht, cutter84 ft LOAYachting World2003/11114
7886Grand Soleil 56Botin & CarkeekYacht, sloop55 ft LOAYachting World2003/11105
3631DelphineTiffany, New YorkMotor78.6 m LOA 1921Boat International2003/11130
3627AlexasVripack Yachting InternationalMotor28.84 m LOABoat International2003/1158
3628Sea WishD'Amato, FratelliMotor36.12 m LOABoat International2003/1180
3306English Channel CutterHess, LyleYacht, cutter40 ft LODClassic Boat2003/1160
3629Maria CattivaBruce King Yacht DesignYacht, sloop39.92 m LOABoat International2003/1192
2577Manta EquationGorton, IanDinghy, sailing4.75 m LOADinghy Sailing2003/118
3630Perfect PrescriptionOceanfastMotor54 m LOABoat International2003/11106
2441Boston Whaler 255 ConquestBoston WhalerMotor27 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/1166
8422King AlfredIrens, Nigel & Burnett, EdYacht17 ft - see also CB 2001/05 p 62Watercraft2003/1132
9730Queen MabBolger, Philip C Dinghy, sailing7 ft Watercraft2003/1153
736ArsinoeGartside, PaulYacht, sloop21 ft LODWatercraft2003/1137
3068Baby BadgerBenford, JayYacht, junk32 ft LOAWooden Boat2003/1188
2704Trapper 700Anstey, Paul & C&C YachtsYacht, sloop35 ft LOASailing Today2003/1156
2439Princess 42FairlineMotor44 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/1112
2317Feeling 30Vaton, Gilles/Roseo, PatrickYacht, sloop29 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2003/11108
2440Jeanneau Prestige 34 Sport-TopJeanneauMotor35 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/1142
3900Beneteau First 27.7Finot, GroupeYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/1082
156Comet VersaSimmons, AndyDinghy, sailing3.96 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/1035
1432Contest 50Nissen, GeorgeYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World2003/10109
826Baltic 66Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop56 ft LOAYachting World2003/10100
14696Baltic 66Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop56 ft LOAYachting World2003/10100
8206Island Packet 485Johnson, BobYacht, cutter51 ft LOAYachting World2003/10107
157FireballMilne, PeterDinghy, sailing4.93 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/1037
10312SkerryHarris, John CDinghy, sailing15 ftClassic Boat2003/1059
2576TornadoMarsh, RodneyDinghy, sailing6.1 m LOADinghy Sailing2003/1032
10340SnipeCrosby, WilliamDinghy, sailing15 ft - International Snipe classClassic Boat2003/1078
7782GhostMcMillan, Sean & Newman, MickYacht, sloop71 ft LOA - Spirit 70 classClassic Boat2003/1038
8626Little GullWarner, Winthrop Yacht, sloop20 ft LOAClassic Boat2003/1020
2432Eurocrown 196 CCREurocrownMotor20 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/1025
2316Southerly 135Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop46 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2003/1072
2434Maxum 2100 SCMaxumMotor21 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/1027
2435Monterey 218 LSCMontereyMotor22 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/1028
2430Bayliner 212BaylinerMotor21 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/1023
2433Jeanneau Cap Camarat 625 WAJeanneauMotor20 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/1026
2431Crownline 215 CCRCrownlineMotor21 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/1024
2438Fairline Phantom 40Olesinski, BernardMotor41 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/1054
2429Azura 650 CabinAzuraMotor21 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/1022
2703Exuma, Oceanis Clipper 331Group FinotYacht, sloop34 ft LOASailing Today2003/1074
2437White Shark 206White SharkMotor20 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/1030
2702Venthesikymi, Vindo 32Andersson, CarlYacht, sloop29 ft LOASailing Today2003/1064
2436Regal 2250 LSCRegalMotor22 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/1029
9308Nordship 43DSBuchwald & BorghenYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0994
870Bavaria 38 MatchPeterson, DougYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/09102
1231Centurion 45Berret & RacopeauYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2003/09117
3188Dufour 44Felci, Umberto & Roseo, PatrickYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World2003/09116
7714FreyaDixon Yacht DesignYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World2003/09108
8691M - ClassWatson, G L & Co LtdYacht, cutter24 m LOAYachting World2003/09132
155Dragoon XtremeHobie CatCatamaran3.91 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/0932
11386X 143Jeppesen, NielsYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World2003/09117
9656Poncin 44J & J DesignsYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World2003/09116
888Beer LuggerMorrison, Phil & Adkin, JustinFishing17 ft - modifiedClassic Boat2003/0963
8012HelenaRampartYacht, motor20 ftClassic Boat2003/0960
8523LamiaRampartYacht, motor30 ft - Rampart 30 classClassic Boat2003/0960
9567PesaOertz, MaxYacht, cutter64 ft LOA - 10 m classClassic Boat2003/0950
9657Ponda RitaRampartYacht, motor48 ft - Rampart 48 classClassic Boat2003/0961
8688LysidRampartYacht, motor32 ft - Rampart 32 classClassic Boat2003/0961
1435Conway & Menai Strait O DFife, WilliamYacht, sloop24 ft LOAClassic Boat2003/0987
2574HeronHolt, JackDinghy, sailing3.43 m LOADinghy Sailing2003/0922
2573MirrorHolt, JackDinghy, sailing3.325 m LOADinghy Sailing2003/0922
2575CadetHolt, JackDinghy, sailing3.22 m LOADinghy Sailing2003/0922
2701Etap 37SMortain & MavrikiosYacht, sloop37 ft LOASailing Today2003/0982
10041SaraPowell, RichardCanoe, sailing15 ftWatercraft2003/0953
2315Bavaria 38J&J & Peterson, DougYacht, sloop37 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2003/09118
3067MinimalistCook Yacht DesignYacht, ketch59 ft LOAWooden Boat2003/0990
2700Sportina 730Yacht, sloop24 ft LOASailing Today2003/0976
10644Sweden Yachts 42Ostmann & NorlinYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0893
3168Dufour 34Feci, U & Roseo, PYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0897
10461Standfast 64Maas, FransYacht, cutter64 ft LOAYachting World2003/0893
10665SYLFrers, GermanYacht, cutter143 ft LOAYachting World2003/08122
11366Wizard 1250Elliott, GregYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World2003/08110
152Sinergia 40Botin & CarkeekYacht, sloop12.1 m LOA 2000 designYachts and Yachting2003/0825
154Beneteau First 27.7FinotYacht, sloop8.85 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/0859
11367Wizard 1550Elliott, GregYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World2003/08110
153Topper MagnoHowlett & WhiteDinghy, sailing3.94 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/0831
7558Figaro 2Lombard, MarcYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World2003/08102
8350June AmeliaSilver, James & SonsYacht, motor30 ft LOA - Silverette No1Classic Boat2003/0827
4060Easter MornWalter Reekie, AnstrutherFishing, drifter42 ft 1935Fishing Boats2003/0817
3625Lady BarbarettaCPACatamaran32 m LOABoat International2003/0874
10662Swordsman 40Burnard, AlanYacht, motor40 ft LOA - FaireyClassic Boat2003/0832
2570Topper BuzzHowlett, IanDinghy, sailing4.2 m LOADinghy Sailing2003/0832
2569Topper ISOHowlett, IanDinghy, sailing4.74 m LOADinghy Sailing2003/0832
4059Our JohnGilbert & Pascoe, PorthlevenFishing, lugger44 ft 1926Fishing Boats2003/085
3623ConstanceVan Dam, RobertYacht, ketch29.6 m LOABoat International2003/0844
2572Topper SpiceHowlett, IanDinghy, sailing4.25 m LOADinghy Sailing2003/0832
3624AlyeskaGreg Marshall N AMotor19 m LOABoat International2003/0850
3626MagnificaCRN AnconaMotor43 m LOABoat International2003/0882
3622Fleming 75Fleming YachtsMotor24.6 m LOABoat International2003/0838
2571Topper BossHowlett, IanDinghy, sailing4.9 m LOADinghy Sailing2003/0832
2699Clarabella, Nicholson 35Camper & NicholsonYacht, sloop35 ft LOASailing Today2003/0856
2313Odin 820Odin YachtenYacht, sloop27 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2003/08102
2314Hunter Delta 25Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop25 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2003/08118
9154Mystery 35Jones, StephenYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0799
8968Midget 31Kloet BrothersYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/07101
151Swan 45Frers, GermanYacht, sloop13.83 m LOA 2001 designYachts and Yachting2003/0733
8924Mercuri 45Jones, StephenYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2003/0792
8103Hunter Mystery 35Jones, StephenYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World2003/07104
997BolsKay, GordonYacht, sloop93 ft LOAYachting World2003/07120
1129CamillaWebber, ThomasCatboat27 ft -built 1876Classic Boat2003/0729
8114Hussar IIWebber, ThomasYacht, sloop68 ft - 51 ft classClassic Boat2003/0731
10408SpartinaKerrison, ChristopherDinghy, sailing16 ftClassic Boat2003/0726
10598SurpriseWebber, ThomasYacht, sloop52 ft LOAClassic Boat2003/0732
3140DragoonWebber, ThomasYacht, sloop45 ft - 34 RaterClassic Boat2003/0731
9755RafaelYacht, yawl46 ft - lateen rig - SpainClassic Boat2003/0743
2697Canboira, Hunter Ranger 265Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop28 ft LOASailing Today2003/0766
2698Europa RO330Toledo, Inego / Barracuda Yacht DesignsYacht, sloop32 ft LOASailing Today2003/0776
3066NahlahMcGowan, LaurieDinghy, sailing19 ft LOA Cat yawlWooden Boat2003/0793
1278Child of the SeaWharram, James & Boon, HannekeCatamaran37 ft LOAWatercraft2003/0759
2312Hunter Mystery 35Jones, StephenYacht, sloop35 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2003/07102
886BedazzledNewton, DarrenCatamaran32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0667
3355Europa R0330BarracudaYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0691
1137Cape Cutter 19Dix, DudleyYacht, cutter19 ft LOA - see also CB 2003/09 p 22Yachting Monthly2003/0693
150IMX 45Yacht, sloop13.76 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/0637
11310Wild HoneyGreenwood, SimonYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World2003/0696
145Harley C-33Corby, JohnYacht, sloop10.06 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/0649
3183Dufour 34Felci, Umberto & Roseo, PatrickYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World2003/06107
146370Jones, StephenDinghy, sailing3.8 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/0645
149Hobie TigerHobie CatsCatamaran5.51 m LOA 1995 designYachts and Yachting2003/0637
7715FreyaDixon, Bill DesignYacht, sloopYachting World2003/0696
9368Ocean Star 56.1Tsiamas, IannisYacht, cutter54 ft LOAYachting World2003/06103
790Aventura Fontaine, TedYacht, motor115 ft LOAYachting World2003/06123
7728FyneFife, WilliamYacht, cutter59 ft LOAClassic Boat2003/0655
11492Alden, John Yacht, cutter - J classClassic Boat2003/0673
2428Chris-Craft 25 CorsairChris-CraftMotor25 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/0658
2427Rodman 30Rodman PolyshipsMotor31 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/0640
2426ACM Mystic 39ACM GroupMotor39 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/0622
2695Hippocampus, She 36Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop36 ft LOASailing Today2003/0670
2696Bavaria 38J&J DesignYacht, sloop40 ft LOASailing Today2003/0680
2043Feeling 44Mortain/MavrikiosYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0586
148Seaquest 36Reichel-PughYacht, sloop11.0 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/0541
7901GreenflyNicholsonYacht, cutter36 ft LOA - Nicholson 36 classClassic Boat2003/0515
12410Hunter, Alastair G LYacht, cutter14 ft LODClassic Boat2003/0566
10895Toucan TooThornycroftYacht, sloop25 ft - Swallow classClassic Boat2003/0561
1593Dauntless 20Patten, RegYacht, sloop20 ft LOAClassic Boat2003/0591
10087ScoterThornycroftYacht, motor35 ftClassic Boat2003/0558
9027Miss SimpletteBembigher, DanielYacht, sloop22 ft LOAWatercraft2003/0553
2693Elan 31Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop31 ft LOASailing Today2003/0558
8234Jack TarGlen-L Marine DesignsYacht, motor31 ft LOAWatercraft2003/0529
3065Surprise IIGartside, PaulYacht, cutter22 ft LOAWooden Boat2003/0596
7843Golden BaySelway Fisher DesignYacht, steam23 ft LOAWatercraft2003/0561
2694Incamoon, Tomahawk 25MarconYacht, sloop25 ft LOASailing Today2003/0580
2310Ro 330Toledo, InigoYacht, sloop32 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2003/0584
2311Sou-Wester SamMacGregor, RogerYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2003/0572
10098Sea Bird 86Bolger, Philip C Yacht, sloop23 ft LOAWatercraft2003/0560
10842TihilouBembigher, DanielYacht18 ft - lateen rig - see also CB 2000/12 p 90Watercraft2003/0558
10828Ti ShpountzBombigher, DanielYacht, schooner36 ft - see also CB 1987/03 p 48Watercraft2003/0555
2423Jeanneau Prestige 46Vittorio Garroni & Musio SaleMotor47 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/0514
2424Regal 2250 LSCRegal MarineMotor22 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/0534
2425Ranieri EndeavourRanieri Cantieri NauticaMotor26 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/0572
1689Dixie BelleBembigher, DanielYacht, ketch41 ft LOAWatercraft2003/0557
9373Oceanis Clipper 423Group FinotYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0490
3240Elan 31Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0493
719ArgyllSparkman & StephensYacht, yawl57 ft LOAYachting World2003/04102
147KestrelMorrison, PhilDinghy, sailing4.81 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/0449
874Bavaria 49J & J DesignsYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World2003/04115
3619ArtemisVaton, GillesYacht, sloop20 m LOABoat International2003/0470
3618Mare-NVripack Naval ArchitectsMotor19.3 m LOABoat International2003/0464
3621Wedge TooDe Voogt Naval ArchitectsMotor65 m LOABoat International2003/0488
8380Kathleen & MaySchooner98 ftClassic Boat2003/0439
3620SarhaJohn Winterbotham & PartnersMotor40 m LOABoat International2003/0476
7933GyriniusThornycroftMotor25 ftClassic Boat2003/0445
3282ElsieNewland, NatYacht, ketch30 ft LOAClassic Boat2003/0449
1336CMBThornycroftWarship40 ft and 50 ft designs - see also CB 2003/05 p 5Classic Boat2003/0446
8661LoreenYacht, sloop24 ft LOA - Carrick 25 classClassic Boat2003/0419
2421Capriole 1080 OffshoreWolstenholme, AndrewMotor36 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/0450
2692Sun Odyssey 35Lombard, MarcYacht, sloop35 ft LOASailing Today2003/04102
2691Delta, Freedom 33Hoyt, GaryYacht, ketch33 ft LOASailing Today2003/0486
2422Azura 650 WAKeltMotor21 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/0478
2309VascoThomas, DavidYacht, ketch23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2003/04120
2308Bavaria 49J&JYacht, sloop49 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2003/0484
2420Hollandia GoldbankJachtbouw 2000Motor41 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/0414
7458Eygthene 24Holland, RonYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0395
791Aventura 28GO CatamaranCatamaran27 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0393
1374Comet 38Group FinotYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0390
7875GraciaX Yachts A/SYacht, cutter60 ft LOA - X 612 Mk II classYachting World2003/0387
143Topaz Race XHowlett & WhiteDinghy, sailing3.86 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/0354
1400ConstanterFrers, GermanYacht, sloop62 ft LOA - Swann 62 RS classYachting World2003/0379
144DragonAnker, JohanYacht, sloop8.7 m LOA 1929Yachts and Yachting2003/0356
10424Spirit 150Spirit Yachts LtdYacht, cutter150 ft LOAYachting World2003/03119
9099Morning CalmHolland, RonYacht, cutter65 ft LOA - Trintella 65 classYachting World2003/0385
9469Oyster 100Humphreys, RobYacht, cutter101 ft LOAYachting World2003/03123
8158IndependenceDixon, BillYacht, cutter63 ft LOA - Moody 64 classYachting World2003/0381
8590LiaraDixon Yacht DesignYacht, sloop65 ft LOA - Dixon 65 classYachting World2003/0383
9276NinaWilson, TimYacht, schooner30 ft LOAClassic Boat2003/0356
9961SadieHerreshoffYacht, sloop27 ftClassic Boat2003/0344
11364WitchSaundersonYacht, cutter38 ftClassic Boat2003/0358
8528LandfallKempYacht, ketchClassic Boat2003/0359
3615My SpaceCantieri NavaliMotor33.45 m LOABoat International2003/0364
10803ThelmaLoganYacht, cutter59 ft LOA - built 1898Classic Boat2003/0323
3613Pershing 76Pershing SpAMotor23.7 mBoat International2003/0354
4058Our LizzieOlivers, PorthlevenFishing,40.2 ft 1919Fishing Boats2003/036
3616MoonbeamWilliam Fife & SonYacht, sloop32.1 m LOA 1914 restoredBoat International2003/0372
3617HelovalCMNMotor42.6 m LOABoat International2003/0380
3614ElsieHerreshoff, L FrancisYacht, ketch17.37 mBoat International2003/0360
2689Jaguar 215Mullins, John & Jaguar YachtsYacht, sloop21 ft LOASailing Today2003/0348
2690Pelagic, Leisure 29Pryor, FrankYacht, sloop29 ft LOASailing Today2003/0372
2307Foxhound 24Fox, UffaYacht, sloop24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2003/0374
10703Tammie NorrieOughtred, IainDinghy, sailing13 ft LOAWatercraft2003/0318
738Artic TernSandison, DuncanDinghy, sailing20 ft LOA Watercraft2003/0315
2418Sheeline 1050 Aft CabinBennett, JohnMotor35 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/0316
2419Four Winds 205 SundownerFour Winds BoatsMotor23 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/0386
7937HaikuOughtred, IainYacht, yawl30 ft LOAWatercraft2003/0355
11223WeekenderStevenson, PeterYacht, sloop16 ft LODWatercraft2003/0357
8567Legend 426 DSHenderson, GlenYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0288
10554Sun Odyssey 35Lombard, MarcYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0286
506Alfa RomeoPugh, Reichel Yacht DesignYacht, sloop90 ft LOAYachting World2003/02134
1202Catana 522Barreau, ChristopheCatamaran51 ft LOAYachting World2003/02123
142Topper BlazeHowlett, IanDinghy, sailing4.2 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/0252
141Magnum 21VirusboatsTrimaran6.30 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/0247
3283ElsieSteele, JohnYacht, ketch57 ft LOA C BYachting World2003/0290
11479Abernathy, RobertTug16 ftClassic Boat2003/0258
9038MoanaLoganYacht, cutter - New ZealandClassic Boat2003/0231
8281Jessie LoganLogan, RobertYacht, cutter28 ft LOD - New ZealandClassic Boat2003/0224
11118VictoryCockburn, E C & Westmacott, AlfredYacht, sloop20 ft LOA - Victory classClassic Boat2003/0281
12758Melo, SergioYacht, motor20 ft approxClassic Boat2003/0260
9762RainbowLogan Yacht, cutter60 ft approx - New ZealandClassic Boat2003/0230
2567RS200Morrison, PhilDinghy, sailing4.0 m LOADinghy Sailing2003/0260
2568Comet RaceMorrison, PhilDinghy, sailing4.27 m LOADinghy Sailing2003/0260
2566Laser 2000Morrison, PhilDinghy, sailing4.4 m LOADinghy Sailing2003/0260
2688Celena III, Vavcouver 28Harris, RobertYacht, sloop28 ft LOASailing Today2003/0270
2415Astondoa AS46Astilleros Astondoa SAMotor46 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/0212
2417Bavaria 29 SportBavaria Motor BoatsMotor30 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/0266
2306ScheherazadeParker, FredYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2003/0274
2416Haber 660MVal Wyatt MarineMotor22 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/0236
7966Hanse 411Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0182
9930RoyalistDongray, RogerYacht, sloop29 ft LOA - Cornish Crabber classYachting Monthly2003/0146
3171Dufour 40Feci, U & Roseo, PYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0181
709Arcona 400Qviberg, StefanYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World2003/01128
3179Dufour 30 Felci, Umberto & Roseo, PatrickYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World2003/01129
8996Mirabella VHolland, RonYacht246 ft LOAYachting World2003/01144
140FevaHandley, PaulDinghy, sailing3.64 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/0121
139Elan 31Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop9.2 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/0123
10297SirisHolm, ToreYacht, sloop47 ft LOA - 8 m classClassic Boat2003/0133
8313Jolly BoatGiles, MorganYacht, sloop18 ft - West of England 18 ft classClassic Boat2003/0136
8143IllderimHolm, ToreYacht, sloop46 ft LOA - 8 m classClassic Boat2003/0135
7540Fern Mary IIIGiles, MorganYacht, ketch40 ft LOAClassic Boat2003/0141
8059Hispania VIGiles, MorganYacht, cutter46 ft LOAClassic Boat2003/0138
9747QuixieGiles, MorganYacht, sloop35 ft LOA - 6 m classClassic Boat2003/0139
13564Tuckett, AidanFishing19 ftClassic Boat2003/0157
1090Butcher BoyGoularte, M & Madruga, MYacht, sloop29 ft - built 1902 - AmericaClassic Boat2003/0128
2565LarkJackson, MikeDinghy, sailing13 ft LOADinghy Sailing2003/0150
9194National 12Fox, UffaDinghy, sailing12 ft Classic Boat2003/0194
10181SeniorGibbs, Kenneth MYacht, sloop16 ft - sponsored by Y MWatercraft2003/0157
2305SpellboundLee, OliverYacht, sloop24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2003/01128
2413Broom 450 OSBennett, JohnMotor45 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/0120
2414SB 770Sarins BatarMotor25 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/0188
10213SharpyMunnion, DerekDinghy, sailing15 ftWatercraft2003/0132
3064Babson Island 35Stephens, Robert WYacht, sloop35 ft LOAWooden Boat2003/0179
2687Gallant Rival, Rival 34Brett, PeterYacht, sloop34 ft LOASailing Today2003/0184
2686Hanse 341Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop34 ft LOASailing Today2003/0162
12080Drebbel, CorneliusSubmarine11 ft - copy of 1621 designWatercraft2003/0113
3057Trailer Sailer 24Stambaugh, KarlYacht, yawl24 ft LOAWooden Boat2002/9898
8512Lagoon 410 S2Peteghem & PrevostCatamaran40 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/1282
868Bavaria 38J & J DesignsYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/1278
138Nacra 18Comyn, AlainMultihull5.52 m LOAYachts and Yachting2002/1295
10566Sunbeam 44J & J DesignsYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World2002/12112
14756Sunbeam 44J & J DesignsYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World2002/12112
7884Grand Soleil 44 Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World2002/12108
2564RS300Everest, CliveDinghy, sailing4.24 m LOADinghy Sailing2002/1261
12789Morgan GilesDinghy, sailing12 ft - Royal North of Ireland Y C classClassic Boat2002/1243
2562370Jones, StevenDinghy, sailing3.8 m LOADinghy Sailing2002/1232
1346Cocky lionMorgan GilesDinghy, sailing14 ft - West of England Conference classClassic Boat2002/1239
2563BlazeHowlett, IanDinghy, sailing4.4 m LOADinghy Sailing2002/1261
756Atalanta 26Vines, AlanYacht, sloop26 ft LOAClassic Boat2002/1279
1311ClaireMorgan GilesYacht, cutter - 6 m classClassic Boat2002/1241
10502Storm PetrelNewland, NickDinghy, sailing14 ftClassic Boat2002/1236
2410Sea Ranger 448Dixon, BillMotor48 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/1212
2412Jeanneau Cap Camarat 755WAJeanneauMotor25 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/1262
2411Harley 25FSHarley Racing YachtsMotor25 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/1244
2303Parker 235HSParker Lift Keel YachtsYacht, sloop23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2002/1254
2304Cobra 700Feltham, DavidYacht, sloop23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2002/1272
4151Hermes, Maxi 95Pettersen, PelleYacht, sloop31 ft LOASailing Today2002/1256
9206Nauticat 37Gustafsson, K & PYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/1184
8870Maxi 1000Pettersen, PelleYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/1187
1324Clipper 68 Dubois, EdYacht, cutter68 ft LOAYachting World2002/1124
137Topper TazWhite, RobDinghy, sailing2.95 m LOAYachts and Yachting2002/1129
1688Distancia 60Becker, ReinhardYacht, cutter60 ft LOA Yachting World2002/11104
9036Mo Harden & PengellyDinghy, sailing14 ft - Teign - 1892Classic Boat2002/1157
8213IsobarWhite, Eric & Hill, AlanYacht, sloop27 ft - Cutlass 27 classClassic Boat2002/1167
9843RigmorSchroder, J PYacht, cutter52 ft C B - Denmark - built c 1850Classic Boat2002/1137
12018Dallimore, NormanYacht, sloop20 ft LOA - Royal Burnham Y C O D classClassic Boat2002/1122
1209CavalierMudie, ColinBrig30 ft LOAClassic Boat2002/1169
2561GP14Holt, JackDinghy, sailing4.27 m LOADinghy Sailing2002/1164
3062JoyantHerreshoff, N GYacht, sloop58 ft LOA 1913Wooden Boat2002/1152
1249ChamplainBolger, Philip C Yacht, motor22 ft LOAWatercraft2002/1155
10922Tread LightlyWelsford, JohnDinghy, sailing13 ft - lug rigged yawlWatercraft2002/1157
2302Nordship 38DSCBuchwald, LarsYacht, sloop38 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2002/1154
2408Astinor 1000LXEmbarcaciones AstinorMotor33 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/1154
3063MbuliHarris, JohnDinghy, sailing20 ft Proa beach cruiserWooden Boat2002/1186
2409Wellcraft 2400 MartiniqueWellcraftMotor25 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/1176
1037BrendenKortenoever, ArthurCatboat20 ft LOA Watercraft2002/1114
2685Fine, Beneteau First 305BeneteauYacht, sloop32 ft LOASailing Today2002/1156
8757Malo 41Angermark, LeifYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/10100
3138Dragonfly 1200Quorning, JensTrimaran39 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/10102
9436Open 60Owen, Merfyn & Clarke, AllenYacht, sloop65 ft LOAYachting World2002/10131
13659erBethwaite DesignsDinghy, sailing4.80 m LOAYachts and Yachting2002/1017
7572Finngulf 41Strahlmann Yacht DesignYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World2002/10138
7784Gib Sea 41J & J DesignsYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World2002/10134
13556Tripp, BillYacht, ketch76 ft LOAYachting World2002/10159
10301SiroccoReimers, KnudYacht, yawl35 ft LWLClassic Boat2002/1059
9660PoppyBush, FabianCanoe, sailing21 ft - Blackwater classClassic Boat2002/1047
8329Joshua MatthewLaurent GilesYacht, cutter20 ft LODClassic Boat2002/1066
11231West Wight ScowSmith, Theo OsbourneDinghy, sailing11 ftClassic Boat2002/1088
13216Reimers, KnudYacht40 ftClassic Boat2002/1059
1392CondorReimers, KnudYacht, cutter33 ftClassic Boat2002/1058
8457KSSS 1941Reimers, KnudYacht, sloop23 ft LOAClassic Boat2002/1056
2301Hurley 24/70Anderson, IanYacht, sloop24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2002/1064
2407Waterline 30Viking MouldingsMotor30 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/1046
4150Souwester Sam, MacGregor 26XMacGregor Yacht Corp.Yacht, sloop26 ft LOASailing Today2002/1070
3342Etap 37Mortain & MavrikiosYacht, sloop36 ft LOA - see also YW 2002/04 p 100Yachting Monthly2002/09104
135Comet RaceMorrison, PhilDinghy, sailing4.27 m LOAYachts and Yachting2002/0915
8797Marian MaidReimers, KnudYacht, yawl40 ft LOA - 8 m classClassic Boat2002/0924
491AlbionWherry58 ft - Norfolk Broads - built 1898Classic Boat2002/0954
8595Liberty 25Freivokh, KenMotor23 ftClassic Boat2002/0958
8293Jinny the QueenReimers, KnudYacht, sloop27 ft - Tumlaren classClassic Boat2002/0962
9052MonoluluNilsson, HolmYacht, sloop37 ft LOAClassic Boat2002/0944
9917Roulette IIIReimers, KnudYacht, sloop31 ft LOAClassic Boat2002/0965
3061Top HatHylan, D NMotor26 ft LOAWooden Boat2002/0986
3060RebeccaBenjamin, NatSchooner60 ft LOAWooden Boat2002/0970
9811RegvbivmNorthop, MartinCanoe17 ftWatercraft2002/0956
10455St ValeryBolger, Philip C Lugger24 ft LOAWatercraft2002/0936
4146Maggie May, Etap 32SEtap YachtingYacht, sloop32 ft LOASailing Today2002/0956
4149Bella Sophia, Golden Hind 31Griffiths, MauriceYacht, sloop32 ft LOA 1965Sailing Today2002/0978
4147Westerly FulmarDubois, EdYacht, sloop32 ft LOA 1990Sailing Today2002/0974
1173CarrickFisher, PaulCanoe,sailing15 ft - sloop rigWatercraft2002/0953
9090MoonshadowWolstenholme, AYacht, sloop31 ft LOA - Norfolk BroadsWatercraft2002/0951
8605LillieFisher, PaulCanoe, sailing15 ft - yawl rigWatercraft2002/0952
2406Azimut 55Righini, StefanoMotor57 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0966
9209NautilusBaden-Powell, WCanoe14 ft Watercraft2002/0940
2405Windy 34 KhamsinJohnsen, HansMotor28 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0928
11215Wauquiez Pilot Saloon 40Berret & RacopeauYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/0893
11306Wight 30Roy, C S JYacht, yawl30 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/0894
131Laser SB3The Laser CentreDinghy, sailing6.1 m LOAYachts and Yachting2002/0825
132Shearwater CatProut, Roland & FrancisCatamaran17 ft LOA 1956Yachts and Yachting2002/0855
134JS 9000Swarbrick, JohnYacht, sloop9.125 m LOAYachts and Yachting2002/0878
133TornadoMarch, RodneyCatamaran6.09 m LOA RebuildYachts and Yachting2002/0834
9150MyrtleYacht, sloop18 ft - Falmouth 18 ft Restricted classClassic Boat2002/0825
10972TrumphEstlander, GustafYacht, sloop - 75 sq m classClassic Boat2002/0869
10288SingoallaEstlander, GustafYacht, sloop78 ftClassic Boat2002/0867
496AldebranEstlander, GustafYacht, sloopClassic Boat2002/0868
10834TidbitHolt, JackDinghy6 ftClassic Boat2002/0870
2404Antares 13.80BeneteauMotor46 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0866
4148Roviana, Hallberg Rassy 29Enderlein & RassyYacht, sloop29 ft LOA 1972Sailing Today2002/0866
2402Stevens 1180Scheepswerf De StevenMotor39 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0822
2403White Shark 285KeltMotor29 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0856
2300Ovni 345Joubert & NiveltYacht, sloop36 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2002/0848
9066Moody 37Dixon, BillYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/0798
10551Sun Odyssey 32 Briand, PhilippeYacht, sloop31 ft LOA JeanneauYachting Monthly2002/0795
1494Cr 46Jones, StephenYacht, cutter46 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/0715
9387Oceanis Clipper 42CCBeneteauYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/0797
130ShadowLoday & WhiteCatamaran4.80 m LOAYachts and Yachting2002/0717
8673Lucky MoppieHunt, C RaymondMotor31 ftClassic Boat2002/0761
12408Hunt, C RaymondYacht, sloop44 ft LOA - 510 classClassic Boat2002/0760
9832Revenoc JrHunt, C RaymondCanoe, sailing - 110 classClassic Boat2002/0759
467AgnesPowell, LukeYacht, cutter46 ft LOA - Pilot typeClassic Boat2002/0763
7983HarrierWolstenholme, AMotor31 ftClassic Boat2002/0753
9584Philante VHunt, C RaymondYacht, motor75 ftClassic Boat2002/0761
4056IntegrityChambers & Colby, LowestoftFishing, drifter60 ft 1895Fishing Boats2002/075
4057Blue LinnetJ&G Forbes, FraserburghFishing, drifter61.3 ft 1938Fishing Boats2002/078
8267Jeanie IIOughtred, IainYacht, yawl 19 ft LOA - Ness yawlWatercraft2002/0749
10529Summer EaseBolger, Philip C Yacht, yawl23 ft LOD C BWatercraft2002/0753
2299Racing DemonCharles & Peter NicholsonYacht, sloop32 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2002/07108
2400Island Gypsy 39 EuroSedanHalvorsenMotor43 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0722
441Azimut 62AzimutMotor65 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2002/0768
440680 Sun SportSea Ray 2001Motor70 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2002/0742
43936 SedanSabrelineMotor41 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2002/0740
2401Regal 2665Regal Marine IndustriesMotor26 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0776
3059Heart of Gold IIAbbema, Mark VanMotor39 ft LOAWooden Boat2002/0786
13142Pierce, RichardYacht, sloop23 ft LOA - Scottish Island classWatercraft2002/0720
438Cantieri di Sarnico 65Nuvolari & LenardMotor65 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2002/0723
9461Ovni 385Briand, PhilippeYacht, cutter39 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/0698
129FunboatLaser CentreCatamaran3.90 m LOAYachts and Yachting2002/0611
11021UraniaMeer, Olivier F vanYacht, ketch76 ft - training ship - Dutch navyClassic Boat2002/0610
7677FoxhoundBurnett, EdYacht, cutter30 ft LOAClassic Boat2002/0633
2398Cruiser 3470 ExpressCruisers YachtsMotor37 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0666
2399Alpha Craft Highliner 44Moxham, JohnMotor44 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0684
2397Sealine S23Sealine InternationalMotor25 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0622
2298Legend 326Hunter MarineYacht, sloop31 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2002/0694
7794Gib'Sea 37 J & J DesignsYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/05100
866Bavaria 36J & J DesignsYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/0597
919Beulakermeer CruiserTingen,. HYacht, sloop24 ft - HollandClassic Boat2002/0524
9986SalaroyFishing30 ft approx - NorwayClassic Boat2002/0539
11826Castle, MartinMotor18 ftClassic Boat2002/05101
2396Bayliner 2455 Ciera SunbridgeBaylinerMotor24 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0576
3058Ryder-Turner, DavidYacht, yawl89 ft LOAWooden Boat2002/05104
2684J's Delight, Contessa 32Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop32 ft LOA 1986Sailing Today2002/0572
2395Hardy Commodore 42Wolstenholme, AndrewMotor46 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0520
2295CherubinoSadler, DavidYacht, sloop35 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2002/05116
2296Moody 336Dixon, BillYacht, sloop34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2002/05122
2297Victoria 34Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2002/05122
1650Design 251Wolstenholme, AYacht, sloop21 ft LOAWatercraft2002/0551
13457Swift, PaulYacht, cutter15 ft C BWatercraft2002/0558
9508PaperweightRowing18 ft - Cornish FlashboatWatercraft2002/0553
8307JokerGartside, Paul & Wolstenholme, ARowing15 ft - see also WC 2002/07 p 31Watercraft2002/0552
11941Covey Island BoatworksYacht, schooner68 ft LOA - Canadian designWatercraft2002/0559
12196Gartside, PaulYacht16 ft - double-ended skiffWatercraft2002/0555
12135Fisher, PaulCoble25 ftWatercraft2002/0529
1180Carter 33Carter, DickYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/04101
708Arcona 40DSQviberg, StefanYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/0498
1493CR 400DSCR YachtsYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/0498
128RS700Peters & SouthonDinghy, sailing4.68 m LOAYachts and Yachting2002/0433
8222J 109Johnstone, RodYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World2002/04107
8304John GilpinHerreshoff, NattCatamaran31 ft LOAYachting World2002/0466
10093SCUDHerreshoff, NattYacht, cutter48 ft LOA - BH 31 classYachting World2002/0462
903Beneteau 36.7Farr InternationalYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World2002/04107
10528Summer CloudMclaren, ZYacht, cutter39 ft LOA - West IndiesClassic Boat2002/0427
8941MermaidMclaren, ZYacht, cutter44 ftClassic Boat2002/0427
9312Norfolk PuntPunt16 to 22 ft - sailing versionClassic Boat2002/0486
9176NakomisAtkin, WilliamYacht, schooner27 ft LOAClassic Boat2002/0448
10616SwallowDavies, HenryDinghy, sailing12 ftClassic Boat2002/0435
2393Failine Targa 52OlesinskiMotor53 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0422
2394Salpa Laver 31.5Nautica SalpaMotor31 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0470
2294Oceanis 351Berret, JeanYacht, sloop34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2002/04122
8562Legend 356Luhrs MarineYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/0390
1384Compromis 11.30 DSMaas, FransYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/0389
7883Grand Soleil 40Paperini, Massimo & Duck DesignYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World2002/0399
126J-109Yacht, sloop10.75 m LOAYachts and Yachting2002/0341
127Ker 11.3Ker, JasonYacht, sloop11.44 m LOAYachts and Yachting2002/0339
14717Grand Soleil 40Paperini, Massimo & Duck DesignYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World2002/0399
9429One 35Frers, GermanYacht, sloop135 ft LOAYachting World2002/03104
9568PetWanhill, T Yacht, cutter33 ftClassic Boat2002/0350
1548CygnetWanhill, T Yacht, cutter61 ftClassic Boat2002/0352
7447EventideGriffiths, MauriceYacht, cutter24 ft LOAClassic Boat2002/0386
1572DaisyRose, DavidYacht, cutter20 ft LOA - Sole Bay gaffer classClassic Boat2002/0320
9327North Quay 30Spears, TedYacht, cutter30 ft LOA C B - see also WC 2002/07 p 16, CB 20Watercraft2002/0346
11064VanessaPappila, JuhaniYacht, sloop19 ft LOA C B - Finnish designWatercraft2002/0321
693AppleDunderdale, TomDinghy, sailing15 ft LOA - yawl rigWatercraft2002/0339
939Bitter SweetDias, TonyYacht, cutter22 ft LOA C BWatercraft2002/0315
992BobcatPayson, H DDinghy, sailing12 ft LOA - cat rigWatercraft2002/0342
2391Nimbus 3000, 3003, 31 UltimaNimbusMotor29 - 31 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0360
2293Southerly 110Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop36 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2002/03120
2392HarrierNative Yacht Co.Motor31 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0384
2390Rodman 800Rodman PolyshipsMotor28 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0328
9153Mystery 34Jones, StephenYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/0219
10906Tradewind 44Butler, JohnYacht, cutter44 ft LOA - see also YW 2002/02 p 112Yachting Monthly2002/0219
1624Dehler 36 Dehler YachtsYacht, sloop35 ft LOA - see also YW 2002/04 p 107Yachting Monthly2002/0297
8124Hylas 54Frers, GermanYacht, sloop54 ft LOAYachting World2002/02119
11181Wally 88Frers, GermanYacht, sloop88 ft LOAYachting World2002/02136
14723Hylas 54Frers, GermanYacht, sloop54 ft LOAYachting World2002/02119
125RSK6LDC Racing SailboatsDinghy, sailing5.8 m LOAYachts and Yachting2002/0291
8168International 14Dinghy, sailing14 ftClassic Boat2002/0288
8444Kittiwake 20Wilkinson, RYacht, yawl21 ft LOAClassic Boat2002/0226
14090Fishing32 ft LOA - Moray Firth yawl -c 1900Classic Boat2002/0277
14819Rodman 41 CruceroRodman Polyships SAMotor45 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2002/0252
2246SCODNicholson, C AYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2002/0275
2245Trapper 500C&CYacht, sloop28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2002/0274
14820Sanlorenzo 88Sanlorenzo 2000Motor88 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2002/02112
2388Galeon Galia 777PPHU GaleonMotor26 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0260
2387Lochin 333D DominoLochin MarineMotor33 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0242
2389Lema Gold II Duna 290LemaMotor25 ft & 30 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0284
873Bavaria 44J & J DesignsYacht, sloop44 ft LOA - see also YW 2002/01 p 134Yachting Monthly2002/01101
122Beneteau 36.7Farr, BruceYacht, sloop10.98 m LOAYachts and Yachting2002/0129
124FirebirdRichardson, RobinYacht, sloop33 ft LOA 1996 BroadsYachts and Yachting2002/0159
123ButtercupYacht, sloop35 ft LOA 1886 BroadsYachts and Yachting2002/0159
10633Swan 45Frers, GermanYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2002/01130
11165W 46Stephens, RobertYacht, sloop46 ft LOAClassic Boat2002/01112
12232Greavette, TomMotor30 ftClassic Boat2002/0154
8421KingBathurstYacht, steam71 ft LOD - built 1905Classic Boat2002/0111
3125Doris of MylorHeard, MartinYacht, cutter27 ft approx - Falmouth work boat typeClassic Boat2002/0135
2383Seaward 35Seaward MarineMotor37 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0128
8600LiliMontaubin, GillesYacht, ketch19 ft LOD - cat rigWatercraft2002/0135
2384UsutuMoody, GrahameMotor43 ft LOA Moody Lancer 1969Motorboat Monthly2002/0144
2385Fletcher Malibu 19Fletcher InternationalMotor18 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0174
2386Atlantic 50Bennett, JohnMotor49 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0120
7476Fairline Phantom 50Olesinki & FairlineYacht, motor51 ftMotorboat and Yachting2002/0157
818Baia Aqva 54BaiaYacht, motor55 ft Motorboat and Yachting2002/0123
10224Shearwater White, JoelRowing16 ft LOA - cat rig availableWatercraft2002/0142
3056Alca iBuehler, GeorgeSchooner63 ft LOAWooden Boat2002/0186
2682Bavaria 32Yacht, sloop34 ft LOASailing Today2002/0180
2683ArpegeDufour, MichelYacht, sloop30 ft LOASailing Today2002/0184
8053Hinckley T29King, BruceMotor29 ftMotorboat and Yachting2002/0124
9078Moody Eclipse 33Dixon, BillYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/12100
10733Tartan 3700Jackett, TimYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/1297
1201Catana 401Crowther, LockCatamaran41 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/1298
9686ProactiveZabukovec, RobertCatamaran49 ft LOAYachting World2001/1286
121RS VareoWadham, MartinDinghy, sailing4.25 m LOAYachts and Yachting2001/1211
11646Brandse, JYacht, schooner50 ft LOAYachting World2001/1287
934Bipolar DisorderWall, PeterCatamaran49 ft LOAYachting World2001/1287
1687Discovery 55Holland, RonYacht, sloop54 ft LOAYachting World2001/12111
1449Corals LieWall, RaymondYacht, cutter49 ft LOAYachting World2001/1285
3611Christina OCostas CarabelasMotor325 ft LOABoat International2001/1276
3606X-Yachts 73X-YachtsYacht, sloop74 ft LOABoat International2001/1246
3605TomtitFrers, GermanYacht, sloop56 ft LOABoat International2001/1238
3607CharybdisGuy Couach YachtsMotor93 ft LOABoat International2001/1252
3612Victoria of StrathearnLangan Design AssociatesYacht, ketch130 ft LOABoat International2001/1290
3610Hylas 54Frers, GermanYacht, sloop54 ft LOABoat International2001/1270
3609Dalla Pieta 48 AltairDelta Lab Yacht DesignMotor50 ft LOABoat International2001/1264
3608GallantHerreshoff, NathanielYacht, sloop84 ft LOA 1926 restoredBoat International2001/1258
8614LindaWildYacht, motor45 ftClassic Boat2001/1231
10212Sharpie 12 sq mKroger, GebruderDinghy, sailing19 ft LOA C B - see also CB 2004/03 p 26Classic Boat2001/1291
2244Westerly Storm 33Dubois, EdYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2001/12118
4144Catalina 34Butler, FrankYacht, sloop35 ft LOA 1986Sailing Today2001/1234
7888Grand Soliel 43J & J DesignsYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/11102
455Adventure-ShipMudie, ColinJunk131 ft LOA - T SYachting World2001/1130
11392X 73Jeppesen, NielsYacht, sloop73 ft LOAYachting World2001/11123
10296SirenaFrers, GermanYacht, sloop80 ft LOAYachting World2001/11135
120Crusader Sports TriMorrison, PhilTrimaran6.10 m LOAYachts and Yachting2001/1178
11440Z 4-tonnerButler, T HarrisonYacht, sloop29 ft LOAClassic Boat2001/1192
9419OmegaSieradzki, JuliuszYacht, sloop42 ft LOA - Omega class - PolandClassic Boat2001/1158
7553FidelityFishing80 ft - zulu typeClassic Boat2001/1153
8198IsaloLaws, G UCanoe, sailing18 ftClassic Boat2001/1141
8345JuliaSeers, GeorgeYacht, schooner - AmericaClassic Boat2001/1160
10724TarifaLaws, G UYacht, sloop24 ft LOAClassic Boat2001/1122
10582Sunny SouthSeers, GeorgeSchooner - AmericaClassic Boat2001/1160
1445Coquina IIHerreshoff, NattYacht, yawl16 ft - replica of Riviera built 1874Watercraft2001/1128
8212Islay SkiffFisher, PaulYacht16 ft LOA C BWatercraft2001/1134
646Amherst GalleyBolger, Philip C Yacht, schooner26 ft LODWatercraft2001/1153
8820MarletSelway Fisher DesignYacht, yawl30 ft LOD C BWatercraft2001/1155
3340Etap 32s Mortain & MavrikiosYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/10103
10548Sun Odyssey 26 Briand, PhilippeYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/10105
11184Walstead 46Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World2001/10136
12100Elliott, GregYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World2001/10137
9868Ro 220Toledo, InigoYacht, sloopYachting World2001/10140
8507Lady NancyBonnesen, A WYacht, cutter39 ft LOAClassic Boat2001/1037
10530Summer RoseFishing25 ft LOA - HebridesClassic Boat2001/1058
2381Sea Ray 280 SundancerSea Ray Boats Inc.Motor29 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2001/1064
2243Macwester 26Roy, C S JYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2001/10116
2379Fairline Phantom 50Olesinski. BernardMotor50 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2001/1024
2380SapphireMotor32 ft LOA Broom 9/70Motorboat Monthly2001/1044
2382PygmalionFalconMotor22 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2001/1084
10942Trintella 29Stadt, E G van deYacht, sloop29 ft LOA - see also YW 1969/10 p 455Yachting Monthly2001/09106
9307Nordship 35 DSBuchwald, LarsYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/09100
10068Scanyacht 290Yacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/09103
449AdeleHoek, AndreYacht, ketch179 ft LOA - see also YW 2005/09 p 100Yachting World2001/09140
9808Reesle IIHoek, AndreYacht, schooner195 ft LOAYachting World2001/09141
1294ChristoffelDijkstra, Gerald & PartnersYacht, cutter106 ft LOAYachting World2001/09136
9929Royal Harwich O DClark & SynottYacht, sloop20 ft LOA - Royal Harwich O D classClassic Boat2001/0938
2242Cape Cutter 19Dix, DudleyYacht, sloop19 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2001/09120
9681Princess V65Olesinki, BernardYacht, motor66 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2001/0961
7522FB 80 RecordBuzzi, FabioYacht, motor78 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2001/09125
11278WhalerWelsford, JohnYacht, yawl19 ft LOA C B - New Zealand designWatercraft2001/0953
3055Atlantic 42Siewert, GregMotor42 ft LOAWooden Boat2001/0987
3054Don Quixote Del MarPeterson, Murray GSchooner57 ft LOAWooden Boat2001/0950
8966MicroBolger, Philip C Yacht, yawl15 ft LOA - cat rigWatercraft2001/0935
11372WorkstarWolstenholme, ADinghy - 3 designsWatercraft2001/0951
11282Whilly BoatOughtred, IainDinghy14 ft - lug or sloop rig - see also WC 2001/09 Watercraft2001/0945
7965Hanse 311Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/0890
9580Pheonix 77Humphreys, Rob & Freivokh, KenYacht, cutter77 ft LOAYachting World2001/08167
10540Sun Fast 37Faroux, JacquesYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World2001/08175
119SpitfireLoday & WhiteCatamaran5 m LOAYachts and Yachting2001/0827
8807MarileeHerreshoff, NatYacht, cutter59 ft LOA - New York 40 classClassic Boat2001/0835
3214East AnglianBuchanan, AlanYacht, sloop27 ft LOA - East Anglian Restricted classClassic Boat2001/0893
9190NargieMylne, AlfredYacht, cutter - 12 m classClassic Boat2001/0852
11131VimStephens, OlinYacht, cutter - 12 m classClassic Boat2001/0852
4145Moody 33Primrose, AngusYacht, sloop33 ft LOA 1972Sailing Today2001/0858
9646Polar BoundDavidson, DennisYacht, motor48 ft LOA - Polar exploration vessel - see also Motorboat and Yachting2001/0846
8617Linssen DS 45Linssen, PeterYacht, motor45 ft Motorboat and Yachting2001/0824
2241North Beach 24Cobelens, FransYacht, sloop24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2001/08114
2377Sealine S48Sealine InternationalMotor49 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2001/0830
2378Rio 700Rio BoatsMotor24 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2001/0876
7596First 36.7Farr, BruceYacht, sloopBeneteauYachting Monthly2001/0717
9174Najad 400Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop40 ft LOA - see also YM 2001/10 p 96, YW 2001/10 Yachting Monthly2001/0717
118Hobie FX OneColby & BoothCatamaran5.25 m LOAYachts and Yachting2001/0733
1431Contest 44csNissen, GeorgeYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World2001/07100
11311Wild HorsesWhite, JoelYacht, cutter76 ft LOA - W classYachting World2001/07122
3601Storebro Grand Series No 1Frers, GermanMotor62 ft LOABoat International2001/0760
3604AnatoliaKalaycioglu, TanjuMotor156 ft LOABoat International2001/0798
3603SkipperHoek DesignYacht, sloop100 ft LOABoat International2001/0788
3602Maxi Dolphin 65Brenta & CoYacht, sloop65 ft LOABoat International2001/0766
3600Oyster 62Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop63 ft LOABoat International2001/0752
7938Hakuma MatataWarrington Smyth, RYacht, sloop31 ft - formerly BountyClassic Boat2001/0747
3053JessieGartside, PaulDinghy, sailing15 ft LOAWooden Boat2001/0786
1574DakotaGartside, PaulYacht, ketch45 ft LOD Watercraft2001/0755
9452OspreyNewland, NickDinghy, sailing15 ft LOA - see also CB 2002/12 p 37Watercraft2001/0753
9485Pa StrandenBruun, OeerDinghy, sailing15 ft - Danish designWatercraft2001/0718
2681Saraband, Westerly PagentLaurent GilesYacht, sloop23 ft LOASailing Today2001/0760
2680Europa 680/730Saint Cast MarineYacht, sloop7.05/7.3 m LOASailing Today2001/0742
2240Dawn TreaderDubois/HawkinsYacht, sloop26 ft LOA Westerly GriffonPractical Boat Owner2001/07104
14089Skuldelev54 ft - replica of Viking trading vesselWatercraft2001/0720
3245Elan 45Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/0697
1323Clipper 393Berret & RacopeauYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/0695
8111Hurley 24/70Anderson, IanYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/0699
117MRXO'Neill, GeoffDinghy, sailing4.27 m LOAYachts and Yachting2001/0643
8398Ker 11.3mKer, JasonYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2001/0696
1175Carrie D KnowlesBurgess, ArthurSchooner - AmericaClassic Boat2001/0655
908Benjamin F PhillipsBinney, ArthurSchooner - AmericaClassic Boat2001/0655
9618PinkyFishing - Essex schooner - America - 1840Classic Boat2001/0653
3153Droleen IILaurent GilesYacht, sloop33 ft LOA - Brittany classClassic Boat2001/0629
1176Carrie E PhillipsBurgess, ArthurSchooner - AmericaClassic Boat2001/0655
1067Brown BoatHope, LYacht, sloop24 ft LOA - Norfolk Broads O D class - see also Classic Boat2001/0645
1264ChebaccoBurnham, HaroldFishing36 ft - Essex schooner - America - 1804Classic Boat2001/0653
14088Fishing - Portugese Grand Banks doryClassic Boat2001/069
12513Laurent GilesYacht33 ftClassic Boat2001/0639
11196Wanderer IILaurent GilesYacht, cutter24 ft LOAClassic Boat2001/0637
10691TalesinHess, LyleYacht, cutter29 ft LODClassic Boat2001/0668
7874Grace DarlingFishing - Essex schooner - America - 1849Classic Boat2001/0653
8696M T B 102VosperWarship60 ft LODClassic Boat2001/0661
7635Flica IILaurent GilesYacht, sloop - 12 m classClassic Boat2001/0638
10187SeraffynHess, LyleYacht, cutter24 ft LOD Classic Boat2001/0668
11039Vale of YorkLaurent, gilesYacht, sloop36 ftClassic Boat2001/0640
2239Catalac 12mWinterbotham, JohnCatamaran41 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2001/06136
8558Legend 290Luhrs MarineYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/0596
8005Heavenly Twins Mk IIIPatterson, PatCatamaran26 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/05105
9202Nauticat 321NauticatYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/05101
8223J 145Johnstone, RodYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World2001/05109
13431Stimson, ChristianYacht, sloop41 ft LOA - IR 2000 classYachting World2001/05100
8897Med 46Barracuda Yacht DesignYacht, sloop46 ft LOAClassic Boat2001/05110
14087Excise cutter75 ft approx - c1880Classic Boat2001/0549
2238Cobra 1050Feltham, DavidYacht, sloop34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2001/05130
8501Lady HeronWolstenholme, AMotor25 ft LOAWatercraft2001/0518
3254ElfOughtred, IainFaering15 ft LOAWatercraft2001/0543
10346Snow BuntingSelway Fisher DesignYacht, steam25 ft LOA - see also CB 1997/07 p 61Watercraft2001/0545
311Pershing 37PershingMotor39 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2001/0548
7902GremsaWilson, LenOrkney Yole18 ft LOA Watercraft2001/0521
3052Means of GracePaine, ChuckYacht, sloop44 ft LOAWooden Boat2001/0598
2375Fairline Phantom 43Olesinski, BernardMotor44 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2001/0524
9572Petite BriseSelway Fisher DesignDinghy, sailing16 ft LOD - yawl rigWatercraft2001/0539
2376Chaparral Signature 260ChaparralMotor26 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2001/0566
8872Maxi 1100Petterson, PelleYacht, sloop36 ft LOA - see also YW 2000/01 p 129Yachting Monthly2001/0493
7513Farr 40Farr, BruceYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World2001/04 121
759Athena Huisman, WolterYacht, schooner292 ft LOAYachting World2001/04126
1009Borkumriff IVDijkstra, GerryYacht, schooner164 ft LOAYachting World2001/04127
116Comet ZeroComet DinghiesDinghy, sailing3.45 m LOAYachts and Yachting2001/0447
8511LadybirdPenman, W G SYacht, sloop29 ft LOAClassic Boat2001/0445
1365ColumbineAllen, JYacht, yawl81 ft - built 1890Classic Boat2001/049
1529CuckooFishing17 ft - Gorran Haven crabber - built 1881Classic Boat2001/0422
10836TidewayWalker, L H & CoDinghy, sailing12 ftClassic Boat2001/0485
7456Express Cruiser 48SE RI GIYacht, motor49 ft - ItalyClassic Boat2001/04106
819Baia Zero 43BaiaYacht, motor43 ft Motorboat and Yachting2001/0449
2372Maxum 3500 SCRMaxum MarineMotor35 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2001/0434
2373AmariaBennett, JohnMotor33 ft LOA Princess 33Motorboat Monthly2001/0444
2374Ocqueteau 760OcqueteauMotor25 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2001/0478
2237DayboatO'Brien Kennedy, GDinghy, sailing14 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2001/04132
7797Gib'Sea 43Yacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/03103
7686Franchuni 37LFranchiniYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/0398
7973HarclaRoberts, BruceYacht, cutter28 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/0350
9869RoannaIrens, NigelYacht, yawl37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/03101
7512Farr 395Farr, BruceYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World2001/03113
115Musto Performance SkiffHarpprecht, JoachimDinghy, sailing4.55 m LOAYachts and Yachting2001/0335
10129SeabirdYacht, cutter27 ft LOA - based on Fife Seagull designClassic Boat2001/0322
10994TwylightYacht, yawl - Falmouth Quay puntClassic Boat2001/0360
11067Vanity VFife, William IIIYacht, sloop70 ft LOAClassic Boat2001/0340
13639Warrington Smyth, RMotor28 ftClassic Boat2001/0350
1290ChristianaArcher, ColinLifeboat45 ft LOD - sailing cutter - NorwayClassic Boat2001/0332
899Bembridge Red WingNicholson, C EYacht, sloop27 ft LOAClassic Boat2001/0391
2371Sealine 328 SovereignMurrant, TomMotor34 ft LOA 1989Motorboat Monthly2001/0388
2370Mariah Z308 MCCMariah BoatsMotor31 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2001/0366
3189Dufour ACM ExcellenceACMYacht, motor38 ftMotorboat and Yachting2001/0353
2236Trapper 28Cuthbertson & CassianYacht, sloop28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2001/03110
12336Hesp, JohnDinghy, sailing19 ft LOA C B - ketch rigWatercraft2001/0342
707ArchimedesBuehler, GeorgeYacht, schooner43 ft LODWatercraft2001/0326
2235PsycheBurnett, EdYacht, yawl38 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2001/034
3051Catbird 24Stambaugh, KarlYacht, ketch24 ft LOAWooden Boat2001/03102
3050AllegriaTucker, TomYacht, ketch40 ft LOAWooden Boat2001/0358
2678Hanse 311Judel / Vrollijk EngineeringYacht, sloop31 ft LOASailing Today2001/0344
2679Forethought, Westerly GK24Giles & HawkinsYacht, sloop24 ft LOA 1974Sailing Today2001/0352
3139Dragonfly 920QuorningTrimaran30 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/0295
9357Ocean 40J & J DesignsYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/0292
13414Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop52 ft LOAYachting World2001/02113
13415Sparkman & StephensYacht, yawl57 ft LOAYachting World2001/02113
114Laser StratosThe Laser CentreDinghy, sailing4.94 m LOAYachts and Yachting2001/0225
11467ZwerverSparkman & StephensYacht, sloop56 ft LOAYachting World2001/02113
9675Pride of PortThomas, WYacht, cutter26 ft - Falmouth Quay puntClassic Boat2001/0230
9108MosquitoYacht, cutter - 50 ton - first British iron shipClassic Boat2001/0266
10780The Blue PeterMylne, AlfredYacht, sloop64 ft LOAClassic Boat2001/0236
10382South Coast O D Nicholson, C AYacht, sloop22 ft LWL - see also CB 2004/01 p 70Classic Boat2001/0291
14086Fishing27 ft approx - Hastings beach boatClassic Boat2001/0257
3048Kirawan ReduxRhodes, PhilYacht, sloop53 ft LOAWooden Boat2001/0270
3049K-16Northwest Marine DesignDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAWooden Boat2001/0287
2234Jaquar 25Butler, FrankYacht, sloop25 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2001/0260
1642Delphis TenBennet, NigelYacht, motor33 ft Motorboat and Yachting2001/0259
2676Red Fox VisionThomas, DavidYacht, sloop23 ft LOASailing Today2001/0236
2677Beneteau First 35Berret, JeanYacht, sloop35 ft LOASailing Today2001/0246
7527Feeling 32Joubert, Nivelt & Roseo, PYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/0196
12069Dijksktra, GerardYacht, schooner152 ft LOAYachting World2001/01143
3250EleonoraHerreshoff, NattYacht, schooner - near replica of Westward - see also CB 2003/0Yachting World2001/01 140
9816Reliance Herreshoff, NattYacht, cutter200 ft LOA - America Cup classYachting World2001/01138
469AileenPeters, FrankDinghy, sailing16 ft - St Mawes O D classClassic Boat2001/0134
12427Irens, NigelYacht, ketch17 ft LOA - lugger rig - King Alfred class - sWatercraft2001/0156
2674Jeanneau Sun 2000Petit, OlivierYacht, sloop22 ft LOASailing Today2001/0166
2291Rodman 1250Rodman PolyshipsMotor41 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2001/0146
2675Free Trader, Jeanneau Sun Fizz 40Briand, PhillipeYacht, sloop40 ft LOASailing Today2001/0174
2233CalipsoSparkman & StephensYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2001/0156
2369Bavaria 270 SportBavaria YachtbauMotor28 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2001/01100
800Azimut 68 PlusBannerberg, JonYacht, motor70 ftMotorboat and Yachting2001/0151
10851Time and TideYacht, ketch19 ft LOA - cat rigWatercraft2001/0131
2292Falcon 275Wostenholme, AndrewMotor28 ft LOA 1996Motorboat Monthly2001/0160
9684Privilege 37JeantotCatamaran36 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/1290
11268Westerly Typhoon 37Dubois, EdYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/1294
1386Compromis C-34Maas, FransYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/1288
9430One 40Lonngren, GuyYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World2000/12113
9544PelagicCastro, TonyYacht, cutter74 ft LOAYachting World2000/1267
113TopazTopper InternationalDinghy, sailing5.2 - 8.3 m LOAYachts and Yachting2000/1257
3597Sunseeker 105Don Shead DesignMotor105 ft LOABoat International2000/1260
1341Cock-a-WhoopPayne, AlfredYacht, sloop27 ft LOA - lug rigClassic Boat2000/1242
3596RosalindStow, H TYacht, ketch118 ft LOA 1904 restoredBoat International2000/1244
13124Payne, AlfredYacht, cutter32 ftClassic Boat2000/1246
3595Navetta 27Ferretti EngineeringMotor90 ft LOABoat International2000/1238
3599NvmptiaStudio ScanuMotor202 ft LOABoat International2000/1276
8300JoelleClark, RobertYacht, cutter24 ft LOA - YW 5 tonnerClassic Boat2000/1288
11630Bombigher, DanielPointu21 ft C BClassic Boat2000/1289
12313Heal, GYacht, cutter38 ftClassic Boat2000/1245
3598My WayBenettiMotor115 ft LOABoat International2000/1268
2673Liz, Elizabethan 30Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop30 ft LOA 1968Sailing Today2000/1274
2671Chillout, Island Packet 320Yacht, sloop33 ft LOASailing Today2000/1234
2232Warrior 35Primrose & IllingworthYacht, sloop35 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2000/1270
2672Phebe, Sadler 29Sadler, MartinYacht, sloop28 ft LOASailing Today2000/1244
9062Moody 336Dixon, BillYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/1196
10555Sun Odyssey 37Fauroux, JacquesYacht, sloop37 ft LOA - see also YW 2000/06 p 116Yachting Monthly2000/1192
10757TenaciousCastro, Tony LtdBarque65 m - Jubilee Sailing TrustYachting World2000/1171
8430Kingfisher IIIRugglesYacht, sloop21 ft LOA C BClassic Boat2000/11110
12016Dallimore, NormanYacht, sloop25 ft LOAClassic Boat2000/1127
10125Sea ViewDinghy, sailing12 ft - Sea View S C O D classClassic Boat2000/1159
10092ScudDallimore, NormanYacht, sloop22 ftClassic Boat2000/1129
8721MagnoliaFife, WilliamYacht, cutter51 ft LOAClassic Boat2000/1150
12017Dallimore, NormanYacht, sloop22 ft - 6 m classClassic Boat2000/1128
2669Cumulus, Colvic Watson 34GL Watson & CoYacht, ketch35 ft LOASailing Today2000/1146
2668Sea WychedSadler, John VYacht, sloop19 ft LOASailing Today2000/1140
2670Yarmouth 23Freeman, DavidYacht, sloop23 ft LOASailing Today2000/1160
8280JessieGartside, PaulYacht, sloop25 ft LOA C B - Tomales Bay O D classWatercraft2000/1147
2230Hanse 292/301Carl Beyer/Yachtzentrum GreifswaldYacht, sloop30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2000/1168
13736Wolstenholme, AMotor15 ft LODWatercraft2000/1145
3046Hylan, DougDinghy, skiff15 ft LOAWooden Boat2000/1174
2231Stag 28Milne, PeterYacht, sloop28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2000/11106
3047DevaHerreshoff, L FYacht, sloop37 ft LOAWooden Boat2000/1188
8116Hustler 30Pye, DonYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/10100
7882Grand Soleil 34.1Vismara, AlessandroYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/1094
8065HOD 35Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/1094
10305SJ 320Jones, StephenYacht, sloop31 ft LOA - Seaquest classYachting Monthly2000/1094
9175Najad 460Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2000/10119
11753Burnett, EdYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World2000/10112
804B T Challenge 72Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop72 ft LOAYachting World2000/1082
13163Primrose, AngusDinghy, sailing14 ftClassic Boat2000/1038
511Alice IIIRogers, SimonYacht, yawl38 ft LOAClassic Boat2000/1021
1613DebutanteTucker, RobertYacht, sloop21 ft LOAClassic Boat2000/1091
12998Nelson & Marek Yacht DesignYacht, sloop36 ftClassic Boat2000/1010
10051SardonyxParker, FredYacht, sloop40 ftClassic Boat2000/1060
1221CelandineParker, WilliamYacht, sloop22 ft LOA - Waveney O D classClassic Boat2000/1050
8536LarryNicholsonYacht, cutter38 ft - built 1907Classic Boat2000/1029
2667Swiftsure, Etap 24iYacht, sloop26 ft LOASailing Today2000/1072
2229Catalina 34Butler, FrankYacht, sloop35 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2000/10120
2666Macwester Rowan 22Roy, CSJYacht, sloop22 ft LOA 1969Sailing Today2000/1054
2228Husky 24Burnard, C WYacht, sloop24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2000/1090
9168Najad 373Najad, Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/09106
7952Hallberg Rassy 34Frers, GermanYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/09108
10487StellaHolman, C RYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - Stella O D classClassic Boat2000/0989
11322Williams 30Hornsby, John & MattMotor30 ft LOAClassic Boat2000/0942
635Amarylis IILaurent Giles, JackYacht, yawl43 ft LODClassic Boat2000/0987
2607Broom 10/70 SceptreBennett, JohnMotor35 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2000/09146
8607LilyBolger, Philip C Motor15 ft LOAWatercraft2000/0922
9620Pinky KetchSelway Fisher DesignYacht, ketch35 ftWatercraft2000/0956
1610Deben 5 tonnerWhisstock, GeorgeYacht, cutter23 ft LOAWatercraft2000/0947
2227Super Seal 26Holland, RonYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2000/09136
2606Baia Azzurra 63Baia 1999Motor63 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2000/0982
2605AphrosBennett, JohnMotor43 ft LOA Broom 415OSMotorboat and Yachting2000/0956
3044TautogDias, AntonioMotor25 ft LOAWooden Boat2000/0977
3045SpiritSparkman & StephensYacht, sloop34 ft LOAWooden Boat2000/0982
9389Oceanis Clipper341Group FinotYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/0888
7592FireflyPaine, ChuckYacht, sloop60 ft LOA approx.Yachting World2000/08102
7769Georgia Johnson, GladeYacht, cutter159 ft LOAYachting World2000/08127
9959SabrinaButler, T HarrisonYacht, cutter26 ft LOA - Yonne classClassic Boat2000/0834
13712Williams, GubbyYacht, sloop22 ft approx - Heir Island classClassic Boat2000/0889
8238JacquelineRobertson, A V TDinghy, sailing12 ft - Hill Head S C classClassic Boat2000/0891
12547Lawley & CoDinghy12 ftClassic Boat2000/0872
11173WaioneLoganYacht, cutter41 ft LOAClassic Boat2000/0867
2226Etap 24iMarc-Oliver von AhlenYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2000/08134
2663Gib'Sea 33DufourYacht, sloop33 ft LOASailing Today2000/0840
2664Corsair F-28Farrier Marine IncTrimaran28 ft LOASailing Today2000/0852
2665Contessa 32Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop32 ft LOASailing Today2000/0860
2225Sailfish 18Leo da Costa/Maxime MarineYacht, sloop19 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2000/0858
2604Fairline Targa 40Olesinski & FairlineMotor42 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2000/0840
2290Princess 41/412/414Bennett, JohnMotor41 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2000/0866
2289Bayliner 2352 TrophyBayliner Marine Corp.Motor25 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2000/0862
2288Pearl 41Bennett, JohnMotor42 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2000/0826
8097Hunter Channel 31Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/0786
3178Dufour 29Dufour, MichelYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/0788
8581Leopard 2000Slade, MikeYacht, sloop90 ft LOAYachting World2000/07105
8129I R MMills, MikeYacht, sloopRORC classYachting World2000/0781
8128I M X 40Jeppesen, NielsYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World2000/07113
112Laser VortexRichards, JoCatamaran4.2 m LOAYachts and Yachting2000/0711
12994Mylne, AlfredYacht, sloop24 ft LOA - Mersey Mylne O D classClassic Boat2000/0791
2223HillyardYacht, sloop18 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2000/0766
3043Gartside, PaulYacht, sloop21 ft LOAWooden Boat2000/0746
2224Westerly Centaur KetchGiles, LaurentYacht, ketch28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2000/07128
2602Mainship 460Mainship 1998Motor48 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2000/0740
11037Vaka MotuWharram, James & Boon, HannekeCatamaran65 ft LOA - Islander 65 classWatercraft2000/0747
2603Sessa Oyster 38Style ProjectMotor40 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2000/07116
9796Red Fox VisionThomas, DavidYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/0651
7791Gib'Sea 33 J & J DesignsYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/0686
11412Yarmouth 23Wyatt & FreemanYacht, cutter23 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/0650
11265Westerly TempestDubois, EdYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/0688
447AdelaDijkstra, GerryYacht, schooner140 ft LOAYachting World2000/06134
11255Westerly Ocean 37Dubois, EdYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World2000/06117
10754TempestSparkman & StephensYacht, ketch80 ft LOAYachting World2000/06129
9518PashaFrank, WilliamYacht, cutter55 ft LOAClassic Boat2000/0628
2221Contessa 26Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2000/0676
2222Red Fox VisionThomas, DavidYacht, sloop23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2000/06128
2600Donzi 26ZXDonzi Marine 1998Motor26 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2000/0668
2599Sealine F37Sealine InternationalMotor39 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2000/0650
2661Sailfish 18da Costa, LeoYacht, sloop19 ft LOASailing Today2000/0664
2601GeordieCarverMotor39 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2000/06122
2662Westerly KonsortLaurent GilesYacht, sloop29 ft LOASailing Today2000/0668
2660Sportina 760SportinaYacht, sloop26 ft LOA PolandSailing Today2000/0658
8594Liberty 23Thomas, DavidYacht, ketch22 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/0572
9356Ocean 37Dubois, EdYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/0570
684Antartic ExplorerBouvet, Luc & Petit, OlivierYacht, ketch120 ft LOAYachting World2000/0569
8497Lady BirdWoods, HerbertYacht, sloop32 ft LOA - Norfolk BroadsClassic Boat2000/0542
1388ConcordiaHunt, RayYacht, yawl39 ft LOA - see also CB 2004/03 p 77Classic Boat2000/0534
2219NimrodProctor, IanDinghy, sailing18 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2000/0574
2220Hunter Channel 31Thomas IanYacht, sloop31 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2000/0515
2597ProspectorFairlineMotor37 ft LOA 1981Motorboat and Yachting2000/05104
4143Liz of Lymington Elizabethan 29Holman, fKimYacht, sloop29 ft LOASailing Today2000/0566
2598Nelson 40/42Thornycroft, PeterMotor41 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2000/05136
1083BuckDias, TonyYacht, yawl21 ft LOA C BWatercraft2000/0557
9898Romilly SPVIrens, NigelYacht, yawl22 ft LOAWatercraft2000/0555
3042Penobscot 17Davis, ArchDinghy, sailing17 ft LOAWooden Boat2000/0592
1197Catalina 310Catalina DesignYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/0498
9028Miss WinifredYacht, sloop23 ft LOA - replica of Herreshoff designClassic Boat2000/0422
13028Oertz, MaxDinghy10 ftClassic Boat2000/0435
11191Wander BirdJung, GustavPilot 78 ft LWL - North SeaClassic Boat2000/0451
13030Oertz, MaxYacht, iceClassic Boat2000/0436
13032Oertz, MaxYacht, sloop27 ft LOA C BClassic Boat2000/0433
8959Meteor VOertz, MaxYacht, schoonerClassic Boat2000/0438
13029Oertz, MaxPilot 27 ft LOA - TravemundeClassic Boat2000/0434
13031Oertz, MaxYacht, ketch71 ft LOAClassic Boat2000/0439
2596Dale Nelson 38Mursell, ArthurMotor41 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2000/0460
2217SeadogFreeman, RegYacht, ketch30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2000/0466
2218Oystercatcher 20Varley, JuddYacht, sloop20 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2000/04132
14085Fishing27 ft LOA - Clovelly herringClassic Boat2000/0346
1093ButterflyKemp, DixonYacht, cutter48 ft LWLClassic Boat2000/0330
7589FirecrestKemp, DixonYacht, cutter39 ft LOAClassic Boat2000/0328
7530Feeling 36Kemp, DixonYacht, cutter40 ft LWLClassic Boat2000/0331
2595Beneteau Ombrine 900Starck, PhillppeMotor31 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2000/0346
2658Drascombe LuggerWatkinson, JohnYacht, lugger19 ft LOA 1960Sailing Today2000/0351
2659Albin VegaBrohall, PerYacht, sloop27 ft LOASailing Today2000/0354
9573Petite MarisSelway Fisher DesignYacht, cutter19 ft LOAWatercraft2000/0355
1401ConsutaSaunders, SamYacht, steam50 ft LOA - see also WC 2003/07 p 26, CB 2002/08 Watercraft2000/0344
2215West Wight PotterSmith, StanleyDinghy, sailing14 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2000/0350
3041Reiff Runner 24Rieff, BrionMotor24 ft LOAWooden Boat2000/0398
2216Mirage 26Walsh Wakefield LtdYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2000/03134
1628Dehler 39 Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/0286
10498Stir VenVivier, FrancoisYacht, sloop22 ft C BClassic Boat2000/02112
1653Design 614Alden, John GYacht, schooner72 ft LOAClassic Boat2000/0234
7695FreedomAlden, John GYacht, schooner88 ft LOAClassic Boat2000/0232
11170WaarschipsStadt, Kees van deYacht, sloopClassic Boat2000/0261
11502Alden, John GDinghy, sailing11 ftClassic Boat2000/0228
7524Feather pramOughtred, IainDinghy6 ftClassic Boat2000/0253
9664Port Isaac LuggerCastle, MartinFishing16 ft - see also CB 2000/04 p 71Classic Boat2000/02108
8073HopeAlden, John GYacht, cutter50 ft LOAClassic Boat2000/0230
8766MandooAlden, John GYacht, yawl71 ft LOAClassic Boat2000/0233
8748Malabar XAlden, John GYacht, schooner58 ft - see also CB 2004/03 p 42Classic Boat2000/0231
2214Plymouth Pilot 24K R Skentlelberry & SonsMotor24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2000/02116
2213Varne 27/850Stewart, DuncanYacht, sloop28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2000/0252
2656Elizabethan 30Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop30 ft LOA 1968Sailing Today2000/0250
10476Starlight 45Jones, StephenYacht, sloop46 ft LOA - see also YM 2001/01 p 90Yachting Monthly2000/01121
9081Moody Excel 34Dixon, BillYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/01110
11227WenderHolmes, G FYacht, cutter29 ft LOAYachting World2000/01129
8940MermaidMcBride, IanYacht, sloop22 ft LOAClassic Boat2000/0169
3200Dutch EelLauwers, DirkYacht, cutter22 ft LOAClassic Boat2000/0175
1611Deben CherubEverson, Alfred AYacht, sloop21 ft - see also CB 2003/07 p 77Classic Boat2000/0154
653AmyClark, RobertYacht, ketch35 ft LOA - Y M competition 1908Classic Boat2000/0135
11882Clark, RobertYacht, sloop32 ft LOAClassic Boat2000/0137
11880Clark, RobertCanoe, sailing16 ft LOAClassic Boat2000/0133
8650Lona IIClark, RobertYacht, cutter32 ft LOAClassic Boat2000/0125
8331JouetBackman, TorolfYacht, sloop22 ft LOAClassic Boat2000/0172
8978MillyWestmacott, AlfredYacht, sloop - Sunbeam classClassic Boat2000/0148
11881Clark, RobertYacht, sloop20 ft LOA -Royal Corinthian Y C O D class -1908Classic Boat2000/0136
11321William D JochunsBolger, Philip C Yacht, schooner25 ft C BWatercraft2000/0122
3040ElfOughtred, IainCanoe, sailing15 ft LOAWooden Boat2000/0190
7268Goldfish 32 SportcruiserSollieMotor33 ftMotorboat Monthly2000/0198
7269Sunseeker Rapallo 36Shead, DonMotor36 ft 1985Motorboat Monthly2000/01106
7270Sturier Trawler 480ACVolhardingYacht, motor48 ftMotorboat Monthly2000/01112
8716MagalenaPfannenschmidt, ErnieCatboat20 ft LOD - Canadian designWatercraft2000/0159
2655Hunter Liberty & MinstrelThomas, DavidYacht, sloop22 ft LOASailing Today2000/0172
9575PetrelBolger, Philip C Yacht, yawl20 ft approxWatercraft2000/0119
11624Bolger, Philip C Dory15 ftWatercraft2000/0120
11625Bolger, Philip C Yacht, schooner31 ftWatercraft2000/0123
2654Sun Odyssey 37Jeanneau NeewcoYacht, sloop37 ft LOASailing Today2000/0148
2212Yarmouth 23Wyatt & FreemanYacht, sloop23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2000/01112
8332Jouet 1040Mareschal, YvesYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1999/12118
7967Hanse 331Sodergren, HakanYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1999/1278
106Westerly 33Dubois, EdYacht, sloop10.15 m LOAYachts and Yachting1999/127
107StealthPierce, JohnDinghy, sailing5.05 m LOAYachts and Yachting1999/129
14084Fishing65 ft - Colne smackClassic Boat1999/120
10047SarahMoran, JoYacht, cutter20 ft LOA Classic Boat1999/1224
2210TomahawkHill, AlanYacht, sloop25 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/1252
2211Island Packet 350Johnson, BobYacht, sloop35 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/1276
3169Dufour 36 CCMortain & MavrikiosYacht, sloop36 ft LOA - see also YM 2003/06 p95Yachting Monthly1999/1183
1662Deux FreresTramassetYacht, sloop45 ft LOA - built 1892Classic Boat1999/1162
11211WatermaidenButler, T HarrisonYacht, ketch30 ft LOAClassic Boat1999/1124
8393KelpieBright, ARowing15 ftWatercraft1999/1146
2209Sporting 680Skrzat, AndrzejYacht, sloop22 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/11100
2208First 285Finot, Jean-MarieYacht, sloop28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/1152
827Baltic LuggerSelway Fisher DesignYacht, yawl17 ft LODWatercraft1999/1157
2653Leisure 23Pryor, FrankYacht, sloop23 ft LOASailing Today1999/1148
3039Ryder-Turner, DavidCanoe, yawl25 ft LOAWooden Boat1999/1198
8203Island Packet 350Johnson, BobYacht, cutter36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1999/10102
11900Cockshott, GeorgeDinghy, sailing12 ft - Italian classClassic Boat1999/1060
8046HighlanderFisher, PaulDinghy, sailing16 ftClassic Boat1999/1067
8067HolmsbuOwles, John & MaxDinghy, sailing12 ftClassic Boat1999/1032
8026HergaCoopersPilot41 ft LOAClassic Boat1999/1091
991Bob Kat IIStephens, OlinYacht, sloop - 6 m classClassic Boat1999/1013
2650Catalina 22Butler & DouglasYacht, sloop21 ft LOASailing Today1999/1046
2206Vera JaneClark, RobertYacht, sloop24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/1060
2207Feeling 356Vaton & RoseoYacht, sloop35 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/10110
2652Moody 31Yacht, sloop31 ft LOASailing Today1999/1056
2649Red Fox 200EThomas, DavidYacht, sloop20 ft LOASailing Today1999/1043
2651First 211Group FinotYacht, sloop21 ft LOASailing Today1999/1048
2648Etap 21iMortain & MavrikiosYacht, sloop21 ft LOASailing Today1999/1040
8640Lizzie MayPowell, LukeYacht, cutter42 ft LOA - Pilot type - see also CB 2001/11 p39Yachting Monthly1999/0942
12405Howlett, IanYacht, sloop - 6 m classClassic Boat1999/0935
8049Hilbre O DBuchanan, AlanYacht, sloop19 ft LOA C BClassic Boat1999/09105
14083Fishing17 ft Snipa - Sweden/ DenmarkClassic Boat1999/0960
955BlixtenFishing36 ft approx - replica of Swedish SpidsgatterClassic Boat1999/0954
7632FleuretteBorricksYacht, motor33 ft LOAClassic Boat1999/0974
8030HeroRitchie, MichaelYacht, sloop16 ft C B - Herreshoff typeClassic Boat1999/0978
2646Legend 290Hunter Marine Corp.Yacht, sloop29 ft LOASailing Today1999/0942
2205JoelleClark, RobertYacht, sloop24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/0960
3038Belford GrayMorse, Wibur AYacht, sloop29 ft LOAWooden Boat1999/0998
782AustralSmaalders, MarkYacht, cutter29 ftWatercraft1999/0935
2647Achilles 24Lee, Oliver JYacht, sloop24 ft LOASailing Today1999/09116
860Bavaria 31J & J DesignsYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly1999/0884
1051D 35One-Design LLCYacht, sloop10.7 m LOAYachts and Yachting1999/0863
1488CourlisHolm, TorYacht, sloop38 ft approx - 6 m classClassic Boat1999/0838
10599SurpriseDinghy, sailing22 ft LOA - converted National 18 classClassic Boat1999/0874
14082Fishing30 ft - Viet NamClassic Boat1999/0858
13462TatchellYacht, sloop34 ft approx - 6 m classClassic Boat1999/0835
2203Norfolk SmugglerWolstenholme, AndrewYacht, sloop7.69 m LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/0883
2202Medina 20Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop20 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/0850
4142Belladonna Daz CatNewton, DarrenCatamaran32 ft LOASailing Today1999/0840
4141Clovelly Girl, Westerly CentaurLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop26 ft LOASailing Today1999/0830
2204Legend 240Hunter MarineYacht, sloop24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/0886
7763Gemini 105MSmith, TonyCatamaran33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1999/0786
10429erBethwaite, JulianDinghy, sailing4.45 m LOAYachts and Yachting1999/0721
10281SilverstreakShepherd, FredYacht, ketch44 ft LOAClassic Boat1999/0744
13332Shepherd, FredMotor18 ft -yacht launchClassic Boat1999/0740
13333Shepherd, FredYacht, cutter32 ft - Bawley typeClassic Boat1999/0741
14081Dinghy, sailing4.5 m LWL - New Zealand designed FinnClassic Boat1999/0755
14080Dinghy, sailing4.5 m LWL - British designed FinnClassic Boat1999/0754
510AlicePlatten, DavidDinghy, sailing10 ftClassic Boat1999/0770
1063Brooke IShepherd, FredYacht, motor40 ftClassic Boat1999/0738
2201Hunter 490Lee, OliverDinghy, sailing15 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/0790
2200Elan 295Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/0751
655AmyWelsford, JohnYacht, yawl14 ft - New Zealand deisgnWatercraft1999/0732
12195Gartside, PaulYacht, cutter30 ft LODWatercraft1999/0737
7989Haven 12 1/2White, JoelYacht, sloop16 ft LOD - based on Herreshoff design - see alsWatercraft1999/0741
3037SkylarkGartside, PaulDinghy, sailing14 ft LOAWooden Boat1999/0790
14079Lifeboat30 ft - restoration - N S W AustraliaClassic Boat1999/0670
893BelkovPrice, MickYacht, motor34 ftClassic Boat1999/0644
2645Hunter Channel 27HunterYacht, sloop27 ft LOASailing Today1999/0630
2199Moody 33Primrose, AngusYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/0652
2197Jaguar 21Mullins, JohnYacht, sloop21 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/0642
2198GypsyWoods, RichardYacht, sloop28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/0646
3241Elan 333Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1999/0561
1253Channel 27Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting Monthly1999/0590
1091ButtercupClark, RobertYacht, sloop25 ft LOAClassic Boat1999/0535
901BenbowClark, RobertYacht, cutter71 ft LOAClassic Boat1999/0538
10788The LionRobb, Arthur CYacht, sloop35 ft LOAClassic Boat1999/0591
12310Hazel, JimDinghy10 ft - two partClassic Boat1999/0573
8311JolietteClark, RobertYacht, cutter38 ft LOAClassic Boat1999/0538
7831GleamClark, RobertYacht, sloop17 ft LOAClassic Boat1999/0537
3317ErivaleClark, RobertYacht, sloop54 ft LOAClassic Boat1999/0537
2196Landau 20Thomas, DavidMotor20 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/05103
2644Prout 38ProutCatamaran38 ft LOASailing Today1999/0532
9665Port LouisSelway Fisher DesignYacht, cutter20 ft LOD C BWatercraft1999/0553
9652PollyWolstenholme, AMotor13 ftWatercraft1999/0538
3035BagatelleHerreshoff, Nathanael GYacht, sloop25 ft LOA 1914Wooden Boat1999/0532
3036Eun Na MaraOughtred, IainYacht, yawl20 ft LOAWooden Boat1999/0594
1618Dehler 29Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly1999/0493
11433Young LarryCouture, RichardYacht, yawl44 ft Classic Boat1999/0432
12495Kroger BrosYacht, sloop19 ft LOA - 12 sq m classClassic Boat1999/0447
1074BrunnhildeYacht, schooner35 ft LOA - Tancook whaler typeClassic Boat1999/0426
2194Yellow DolphinRoy, CyrilYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/0456
2195Badnam LaunchThomas, DavidMotor26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/04144
8840Mary RansomeLaurent Giles, JackYacht, ketch28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1999/0380
1238ChabukaWolstenholme, AYacht, sloop23 ft LOAClassic Boat1999/0364
1685Dirk IIFife, WYacht, yawl60 ft LOAClassic Boat1999/0324
8136IdemCrane, Clinton HYacht, sloop32 ft LOD - Idem classClassic Boat1999/0336
9624Pintail IIRossiter, HughYacht, cutter27 ft LOAClassic Boat1999/0334
10468Star TwentyBates, W & SonYacht, motor20 ftClassic Boat1999/0352
2643Legend 260iHunter Marine Corp.Yacht, sloop26 ft LOASailing Today1999/0332
2193TalismanDixon, TonyYacht, sloop22 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/0338
9650PollyHesp, JohnYacht, sloop16 ft LOAWatercraft1999/0359
3034Sand DollarDavis ArchDinghy, sailing11 ft LOAWooden Boat1999/03106
7528Feeling 356DIVaton, GillesYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1999/02103
3167Dufour 31Dufour, MichelYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1999/02105
12325Herreshoff Yacht, sloop43 ft LOA - New York 30 ft classClassic Boat1999/0243
12324Herreshoff Yacht, cutter106 ft LOA - New York 70 ft classClassic Boat1999/0245
10758Tender DreamBombigher, DanielYacht, sloop26 ft LOAClassic Boat1999/0228
2642Starlight 35Jones & SherwellYacht, sloop36 ft LOASailing Today1999/0234
2192FivlaSandison, DuncanYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/02128
2191Merrywake IIHumphreys, RobYacht, sloop28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/0237
9076Moody 54Dixon, BillYacht, sloop54 ft LOA - see also YW 2000/08 p 111Yachting Monthly1999/0173
10387Southerly 110Humphreys, Rob Yacht, sloop36 ft LOA - see also YM 1999/09 p 108Yachting Monthly1999/0179
10538Sun Fast 26Briand, PhilippeYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1999/0178
9472Oyster 53Humphreys, RobYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1999/0173
8566Legend 420LegendYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1999/0177
9330North Wind 43Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting Monthly1999/0174
9167Najad 361Segerlind, ErikYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1999/01121
1837Sydney 40Murray Burns & DoveyYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1999/01141
1836Bowman 48CCPaine, ChuckYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World1999/01130
1833TiketitanFrers, GermanYacht, sloop89 ft LOAYachting World1999/0190
1834Red MaxSimonis, AlexYacht, sloop63 ft LOAYachting World1999/01124
1835North Island 53Elliot, GregYacht, sloop53 ft LOAYachting World1999/01127
8639Lizzie MayLaurent, GilesYacht, yawl20 ftClassic Boat1999/0172
13429Stephens, OlinYacht, sloop21 ft - Sound Junior classClassic Boat1999/0144
13488Teale, JohnYacht22 ftClassic Boat1999/0188
10614Svenska IIDinwiddy, Tom NYacht, cutter31 ft LOAClassic Boat1999/0125
10731Tartan 27Stephens, OlinYacht, sloop27 ft Classic Boat1999/0148
8733Maid of KentHope, LintonYacht, cutter24 ft LOAClassic Boat1999/0116
12006Dalgleish, RosDinghy8 ftClassic Boat1999/0176
12062Dias, TonyYacht, schooner30 ft LOAWatercraft1999/0157
2190Samphire 23Cannell, DavidYacht, sloop23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/01106
3033Gartside, PaulMotorsailer38 ft LOAWooden Boat1999/0176
2641Red Fox 200Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop20 ft LOASailing Today1999/0194
9331Northeast 400Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/1284
8560Legend 310Mazza, RobYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/1280
8249James CairdYacht, yawl - used by ShackletonYachting Monthly1998/1268
1328CloudHess, LyleYacht, cutter40 ft LOA - see also CB 1994/06 p 47Yachting Monthly1998/1251
4817WallyBrenta, LucaYacht, sloop107 ft LOAYachting World1998/1252
4819Elan 333Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1998/12114
103OD 35Humphreys, RobYacht, sailing10.63 m LOAYachts and Yachting1998/1229
102Laser EPSLoday, YvesDinghy, sailing4.03 m LOAYachts and Yachting1998/1241
4818Najad 490Judel, Vrojlijk, SegerlindYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World1998/12106
9438OpreisningenFemboring44 ft - Viking longboatClassic Boat1998/1225
10693TalismanAlden JohnYacht, schooner43 ft LODClassic Boat1998/1234
3273EllideMosher, Charles DYacht, steam80 ft LOAClassic Boat1998/1250
3351Eun Na NaraOughtred, IainYacht, yawl19 ft C BClassic Boat1998/1215
2188Fairey FishermanFairey MarineYacht, sloop27 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/1240
2189Nimrod 34Hill, AlanYacht, sloop34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/12100
2640Nautitech 395DufourCatamaran39 ft LOASailing Today1998/1292
1179Carter 30Carter, DickYacht, sloop29 ft LOA - see also YW 1980/06 p 107Yachting Monthly1998/1181
3170Dufour 39CCMortain & MavrikiosYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/1176
9184Nancy BlackettHillyard, DavidYacht, cutter - owned by Arthur RansomeYachting Monthly1998/1128
101Sydney 40Murray, Burns & DovellYacht, sloop12.5 m LOA Admirals Cup contenderYachts and Yachting1998/1133
4816RebeccaFrers, GermanYacht, ketch139 ft LOAYachting World1998/1160
11825Castle, MartinYacht29 ft - MFV typeClassic Boat1998/1154
11899Cockshott, GeorgeDinghy, sailing12 ft - International 12 classClassic Boat1998/1113
13106Pasciuti, DavidYacht36 ftClassic Boat1998/1155
9517PartridgeWebb, J BeavorYacht, cutter72 ft LOAClassic Boat1998/1126
14078Punt12 ft apprx - TasmaniaClassic Boat1998/1146
12757Melo, SergioYacht37 ft C BClassic Boat1998/1155
10409SpatSchofield, FrankDinghy, sailing16 ft - Winkle Brig classWatercraft1998/1142
8904MehalahDuantless Boat CoDinghy, sailing12 ftWatercraft1998/1127
10036SapphireSelway Fisher DesignYacht, steam19 ft LODWatercraft1998/1153
2639Freedom 21Hoyt, GaryYacht, sloop22 ft LOASailing Today1998/1192
2187Trapper TS 240Dubois, EdYacht, sloop24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/1134
3032Rabbit 38Kaufman Design inc.Motor38 ft LOAWooden Boat1998/1192
12194Gartside, PaulYacht, cutter20 ft LODWatercraft1998/1155
9380Oceanis 36 C CBerret & RacopeauYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/1090
4814Sydney 40Murray, Burns & DovellYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1998/10146
100ClassicHowlett, IanDinghy, sailing4.47 m LOAYachts and Yachting1998/1045
99CruzHowlett, IanDinghy, sailing4.47 m LOAYachts and Yachting1998/1045
98Sport 14Howlett, IanDinghy, sailing4.58 m LOAYachts and Yachting1998/1045
4815Jeanneau, Sun Odyssey 42.2Dumas, Guy RibadeauYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1998/10150
9649PollyHenwood, ColinMotor13 ftClassic Boat1998/1032
9992Sally KatrinaBackman, TorolfYacht31 ft LOAClassic Boat1998/1048
11217Wave RamblerHazel, R JYacht26 ft LOA - see also CB 1998/11 p 52Classic Boat1998/1047
12423Hytonen, PasiYacht33 ft LOA - see also CB 1998/11 p 51Classic Boat1998/1046
11579Benford, Jay Yacht27 ft LOAClassic Boat1998/1052
8867MaxNorrin, TeddyYacht, yawl20 ft LOD Classic Boat1998/1056
2186Limbo 6.6Stewart, AndrewYacht, sloop22 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/1038
2638Feeling 356Yacht, sloop35 ft LOASailing Today1998/1090
9696Prout 38Feltham, DavidCatamaran38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/09114
10586Sun-Rise 35Fauroux, JacquesYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/09119
1436CookieWharram, JamesCatamaran21 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/0974
4813YW H42Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1998/0964
97Inter 20Morelli, GinoCatamaran6.12 m LOAYachts and Yachting1998/0927
96MX-RayMurnikov, VladDinghy, sailing13 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1998/097
4139LibertyPerini Navi spaYacht, ketch172 ft LOAYachting World1998/09116
14077Yacht, barge21 ft approxClassic Boat1998/0962
721ArielFifeYacht, cutterClassic Boat1998/0933
1695Dodo IVFifeYacht, yawlClassic Boat1998/0934
1697DogbodyCuller, R DYacht, schooner21 ft Watercraft1998/0950
2637Frances 34Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop34 ft LOASailing Today1998/09124
7905Grey SealDawson, C WYacht, sloop22 ft LOAWatercraft1998/0926
9247Newport PointCuller, R DYacht20 ft - cat rigWatercraft1998/0949
7907Grey SwanSelway Fisher DesignYacht, cutter16 ftWatercraft1998/0932
11280Wherry YawlCuller, R DYacht10 ft - cat rigWatercraft1998/0948
2185Lona IIPain Clark, JYacht, sloop38 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/0990
10549Sun Odyssey 29.2Fauroux, JacquesYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/0868
4811Contest 48CSZaal & NissenYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1998/08124
4812CNB64Farr, BruceYacht, aerorig64 ftYachting World1998/08130
481018.3 m sloopButler, JohnYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World1998/08120
4809Farr 65Farr, BruceYacht, sloop65 ft LOAYachting World1998/08118
4808Group 4, Open 60Finot & ConqYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World1998/0862
10526SultanaWarship50 ft LOD - armed schooner - America - See alsoClassic Boat1998/0844
13016Nicholson, C EYacht, sloop20 ft - Victory classClassic Boat1998/0852
2184TosherHeard, TerryYacht, ketch19 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/0898
2636Pippin 20Tucker, TonyYacht, sloop21 ft LOASailing Today1998/0890
2635Nauticat 331SiltalaYacht, ketch32 ft LOASailing Today1998/0880
2182Cobra 850Feltham, DavidYacht, sloop29 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/0838
2183Red Fox 200SThomas, DavidYacht, sloop20 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/0842
8225J 32Johnstone, RodYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/0778
640AmeliaYacht, sloop35 ft LOA - Rival 36 classYachting Monthly1998/0751
4806Swan 56Frers, GermanYacht, sloop56 ft LOAYachting World1998/07130
442Prima 38Jones, StephenYacht, sloop11.59 m LOAYachts and Yachting1998/0711
4805BT ChallengeHumphreys, RobYacht, sloop72 ft LOAYachting World1998/0788
4807Swan 57RSFrers, GermanYacht, sloop59 ft LOAYachting World1998/07132
48RS300Everest, CliveDinghy, sailing4.25 m LOAYachts and Yachting1998/0743
11913Comben, ArthurYacht, sloop16 ft C BClassic Boat1998/0749
11912Comben, ArthurMotor22 ftClassic Boat1998/0746
7871GraceComben, ArthurMotor - surf boat - West AfricaClassic Boat1998/0748
7647Flying BreezeComben, ArthurYacht, motor20 ft approxClassic Boat1998/0747
11914Comben, ArthurYacht, sloop25 ftClassic Boat1998/0750
8951Mersey CruiserComben, ArthurYacht, motor35 ftClassic Boat1998/0746
12193Gartside, PaulYacht, cutter22 ft LOD C BWatercraft1998/0753
9949Ruth D OsterGartside, PaulDinghy9 ft Watercraft1998/0751
501AlertBolger, Philip C Yacht, yawl33 ftWatercraft1998/0743
3350Eun MaraOughtred, IainYacht, yawl19 ft LOAWatercraft1998/0715
14853Power Game II, Super Moonraker 36DC MarineMotor36 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1998/0748
14854Windy, 43 TyphoonWindy BoatsMotor43 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1998/0766
14855Princess 435Olesinski, BernardMotor44 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1998/0784
2181Hardy 36Wolstenholme, AndrewMotor36 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/07130
2179MG335Castro, TonyYacht, sloop34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/0738
2180PippinTucker, TonyYacht, sloop19 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/0742
14852Saga 26HTSaga TradingMotor26 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1998/0734
10196Shady LadyTucker, RobertYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/0649
3242Elan 36Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/0692
47Beneteau 40.7Yacht, sloop11.99 m LOAYachts and Yachting1998/0621
4802Tanton 50Tanton Inc.Yacht, ketch50 ft LOAYachting World1998/06113
4804Beneteau 40.7Farr, BruceYacht, sloop40 ftYachting World1998/06122
4803Prima 38Jones & SherwillYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1998/06114
13733Wolstenholme, AMotor18 ft - electric launchClassic Boat1998/0640
9468Oyster Bailey, CharlesYacht, yawl31 ft LOAClassic Boat1998/0670
9363Ocean DuckFaloci, FlavioYacht, cutter24 ft LOAClassic Boat1998/0614
13732Wolstenholme, AMotor21 ft - regatta launchClassic Boat1998/0640
13731Wolstenholme, ACatboat16 ftClassic Boat1998/0638
13735Wolstenholme, AYacht, motor28 ft - electric/diesel propulsionClassic Boat1998/0642
13734Wolstenholme, AYacht, barge45 ft Classic Boat1998/0642
8504Lady LouRampart Boatbuilding WorksYacht, motor40 ftClassic Boat1998/0649
2177Westerly GK24Hawkins & GilesYacht, sloop24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/0646
2178Cornish Crabber 22Dongray, RogerYacht, sloop22 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/0698
2634Southerly 115Yacht, sloop37 ft LOASailing Today1998/0647
8468L M 28LM Glasfiber a sYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/0559
871Bavaria 38 OceanJ & J DesignsYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/0550
4800HyperionFrers, GermanYacht, sloop156 ft LOAYachting World1998/0576
4801Moody 46Dixon, BillYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World1998/05108
11736Buchanan, AlanDinghy, sailing14 ft - Blackwater classClassic Boat1998/0539
1065Broom Ocean 38Wolstenholme, AYacht, motor38 ftClassic Boat1998/0539
10472StarfieBuchanan, AlanYacht, sloop - Y M 3 TonnerClassic Boat1998/0538
7974Hardy 36Wolstenholme, AYacht, motor36 ftClassic Boat1998/0539
3030SallyStrange, AlbertCanoe, yawl25 ft LOAWooden Boat1998/0542
3031Delft 25Sponberg, EricYacht, sloop26 ft LOAWooden Boat1998/05102
2175Contessa 32Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop32 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/0546
2176Hunter SonataThomas, DavidYacht, sloop22 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/0552
3341Etap 34sHarle-MortainYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/0490
4796Mari-Cha IIIBriand, PhilippeYacht, ketch147 ft LOAYachting World1998/0466
4797KotickElliot, GregYacht, sloop51 ft LOAYachting World1998/0478
4798Premier DiscoveryDixon, BillYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1998/04112
4799Oyster 56Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop57 ft LOAYachting World1998/04122
46Laser 2000The Laser CentreDinghy, sailing4.44 m LOAYachts and Yachting1998/0449
12261Haggas, Lockwood EMotor24 ft - also 35 ft designClassic Boat1998/0442
8627Little JimLaversFishing22 ft approx - Beer luggerClassic Boat1998/0447
7906Grey SealOughtred, IainYacht, sloop22 ftClassic Boat1998/0428
12262Haggas, Lockwood EMotor60 ft - also 41 ft designClassic Boat1998/0444
12264Haggas, Lockwood EYacht, motor35 ftClassic Boat1998/0446
10680TaepingBuchanan, AlanYacht, sloop31 ftClassic Boat1998/0440
11735Buchanan, AlanYacht, sloop30 ftClassic Boat1998/0442
11640Boyd, DavidYacht, sloop21 ft - Loch Long O D classClassic Boat1998/0450
320 Fox, UffaLifeboat - airborne - Mk I 23 ft and MK II 30 ftClassic Boat1998/0453
9292NomadBurnett, EdYacht, cutter43 ft LOAClassic Boat1998/0423
12263Haggas, Lockwood EWarship - U S Coastguard chase boatClassic Boat1998/0445
2171Etap 21iMortain & MavrikiosYacht, sloop21 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/0444
2174Parkstone Bay 21Mitchell, LenMotor21 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/04134
2173Devon YawlDevon CraftDinghy, yawl16 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/04112
2172Laser 28Farr, BruceYacht, sloop28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/0450
7671Forgus 37Samuelsson, HugoYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/0387
1257Chantue of EmsworthYacht, sloop41 ft LOA - Sigma 41 classYachting Monthly1998/0357
4795Hunter Channel 323FThomas, DavidYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1998/03106
4794J/90Johnstone, RodYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1998/03102
4793Projection 920Thomas, StephenYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1998/03102
45J/90Hall SparsYacht, sloop30 ft LOA Carbon Rocket RangeYachts and Yachting1998/0317
7838GlorindaParker, FredYacht, motor34 ftClassic Boat1998/0341
8589LezardCaillebotte, GustaveYacht, sloop26 ft LOD - 30 sq m classClassic Boat1998/0325
7969Happy Go LuckyParker, FredYacht, sloop24 ft LWLClassic Boat1998/0340
10226ShebeenMarine View Boatbuildind CoYacht, cutter30 ftClassic Boat1998/0315
9870RoastbeefCaillebotte, GustaveYacht, sloopClassic Boat1998/0327
13612Walker, L H & CoDinghy, sailing12 ft - Tideway classClassic Boat1998/0358
1678Diesel DuckBuehler, GeorgeYacht, motor38 ftClassic Boat1998/0317
8298JoannteParker, FredYacht41 ft LOAClassic Boat1998/0339
2169Wanderer IIIGiles, LaurentYacht, sloop30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/0362
2167Arvor 18Dell QuayMotor18 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/0342
2168Var 15Hilton, MikeMotor15 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/0360
2166Golden Hind 31Grffiths, MauriceYacht, sloop32 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/0338
2170E-BoatEveritt, JulianYacht, sloop22 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/0372
3029Gartside CutterGartside, PaulYacht, cutter19 ft LOAWooden Boat1998/0398
12429Irens, Nigel & Burnett, EdYacht, cutter30 ft LOAWatercraft1998/0355
12189Gardner, JohnDory10 ft - developed from tender built by ChaissonWatercraft1998/0341
9788RebeccaBorge-BringsvaerdYacht, sloop20 ft LOA - B B II classWatercraft1998/0313
3253ElfOughtred, IainHardanger faering15 ft - Norway type - see also WC 2002/11 p 42Watercraft1998/0353
9903Rondo 33.3Mannerberg, JussiYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/02112
9046MollyhawkTripp, BillYacht, yawl37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/0243
9489Pacific Seacraft 40Crealock, BillYacht, cutter40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/02108
44Dragonfly 920Quorning BoatsTrimaran9.2 m LOAYachts and Yachting1998/02119
4138Westerly Ocean 33/43Dubois & HollandYacht, sloop33/43 ft LOAYachting World1998/02112
460AegreYacht, sloop20 ft - lug rigClassic Boat1998/0262
9494PamFishing52 ft - Boston smack - see also CB 1998/03 p 69Classic Boat1998/0267
11413Yarmouth O D Longmore, HenryYacht, sloop20 ft - Yarmouth O D classClassic Boat1998/0248
1285Chloe MayDalton, PercyYacht, cutter51 ft LOAClassic Boat1998/0226
1358Colin ArcherArcher, ColinYacht, yawlClassic Boat1998/0212
7451ExcellentForbes, J & GFishing82 ft - deep seaClassic Boat1998/0256
2165ScallowayOughtred, IainYacht, yawl20 ft LOA Caladonia YawlPractical Boat Owner1998/0287
2633Norfolk GypsyWolstenholme, AndrewYacht, sloop20 ft LOASailing Today1998/0288
2164Leisure 23Pryor, FrankYacht, sloop23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/0230
11234Westerlu Ocean 33Dubois, EdYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/0160
10323SlainteNewick, DickTrimaran46 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/0199
43Topper BlazeTopper InternationalDinghy, sailing4.2 m LOAYachts and Yachting1998/0113
4792TroubadourPocock, MichaelYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1998/0193
4791Bowman 42Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1998/0186
4790Victoria 38Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1998/0186
11339WindsongGriffiths, MauriceYacht, cutterClassic Boat1998/0147
14076Fishing50 ft approx - zuluClassic Boat1998/0167
11771Butler, JohnYacht, cutter82 ftClassic Boat1998/01102
9420OmegaYacht, sloop16 ftClassic Boat1998/0180
13051Oughtred, IainRowing15 ftClassic Boat1998/019
11269WestermanIrens, NigelYacht, cutter40 ft LOAClassic Boat1998/0134
2632Island Packet 37Yacht, sloop36 ft LOASailing Today1998/01110
7266Cranchi Zaffiro 34Cantiere Nautico Cranchi sriMotor36 ftMotorboat Monthly1998/0198
883BeaverSelway Fisher DesignCanoe15 ft Watercraft1998/0149
3028Perry, Robert HYacht, lobster31 ft LOAWooden Boat1998/01110
7267Sea Ray 240 SundancerSea Ray Boats Inc.Motor24 ftMotorboat Monthly1998/01110
7265MerdekaButlerYacht, motor69 ftMotorboat Monthly1998/0180
7264Sealine T51Murrant, TomYacht, motor51 ftMotorboat Monthly1998/0134
2163Orkney 580TTMursell, ArthurMotor19 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/01122
8889MayflyWolstenholme, AMotor16 ftWatercraft1998/0151
1292ChristineSelway Fisher DesignCanoe 13 ftWatercraft1998/0148
8179IolaireHarris BrosYacht, yawl48 ft LOA - see also CB 1998/05 p 26, CB 2005/11 Yachting Monthly1997/1298
3180Dufour 30 ClassicJ & J DesignsYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/1284
4789Sabre 402Taylor, JimYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1997/12100
4788Centurion 375Dubois, EdYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1997/12100
41VelshedaNicholson, CharlesYacht, sloopJ Class restoredYachts and Yachting1997/1229
42Dart 16Catamaran4.8 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/1295
40Mustang 30Harley, NigelYacht, sloop9.0 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/1211
13495Thorell, SvenCanoeClassic Boat1997/1251
11320William D JochemsBolger, Philip C Yacht, schooner25 ft LOA - AmericaClassic Boat1997/1263
11031VagThorell, SvenCanoeClassic Boat1997/1250
10357SolThorell, SvenCanoe, sailing17 ftClassic Boat1997/1246
648AmokuraShepherd, FredYacht, yawl555550 ft - see also CB 1999/07 p45Classic Boat1997/1276
9533Pearly QueenBowman, ChrisYacht, sloop24 ft LOA C B - AustraliaClassic Boat1997/1264
8909Melo 7000Melo, SergioYacht, cutter23 ft LOAClassic Boat1997/1262
7717FriskaThorell, SvenCanoe, sailingClassic Boat1997/1248
745AskewAskew, BruceYacht, cutter24 ft LOA C B - New ZealandClassic Boat1997/1265
11013UltraThorell, SvenCanoe, sailing17 ftClassic Boat1997/1249
2162Falmouth PilotWarrington-Smyth, RodneyYacht, sloop24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/1264
2160Memory 19Robinson, TonyYacht, sloop25 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/1234
2161Kelt 8.50Vaton, GillesYacht, sloop28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/1238
10144SeajayeClark, RobertYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/1145
10553Sun Odyssey 34.2Fauroux, JacquesYacht, sloop33 ft LOA JeanneauYachting Monthly1997/1194
3687BuzzHowlett/CaigDinghy, sailing4.20 m LOA 1994Yachts and Yachting1997/1141
3710IsoCaig/HowlettDinghy, sailing4.74 m LOA 1993Yachts and Yachting1997/1148
3702EnterpriseHolt, JackDinghy, sailing4.04 m LOA 1956Yachts and Yachting1997/1145
3698Dart 18March, RodneyCatamaran5.49 m LOA 1976Yachts and Yachting1997/1143
3722International MothDinghy, sailing3.355 m LOA 1939Yachts and Yachting1997/1149
3695ConceptAnglo Norwegian DesignDinghy, sailing3.02 m LOA 1995Yachts and Yachting1997/1143
3708420Maury, ChristianDinghy, sailing4.2 m LOA 1964Yachts and Yachting1997/1146
3764WandererProctor, IanDinghy, sailing4.27 m LOA 1978Yachts and Yachting1997/1166
3688ByteBruce, IanDinghy, sailing3.66 m LOA 1990Yachts and Yachting1997/1141
3749SanhopperLee, Oliver JDinghy, sailing5.79 m LOA 1972Yachts and Yachting1997/1157
3686BossHowlett/TurnerDinghy, sailing4.90 m LOA 1994Yachts and Yachting1997/1139
3685British MothCheverton, SidneyDinghy, sailing3.35 m LOA 1932Yachts and Yachting1997/1139
3770Swordfish 15Fox, UffaDinghy, sailing4.57 m LOA 1947Yachts and Yachting1997/1162
3769SwallowThorneycroft, TomDinghy, sailing7.79 m LOA 1947Yachts and Yachting1997/1162
3768SquibLee, OliverDinghy, sailing5.79 m LOA 1967Yachts and Yachting1997/1158
3761TopperProctor, IanDinghy, sailing3.40 m LOA 1976Yachts and Yachting1997/1165
3701Flying FifteenFox, UffaDinghy, sailing6.1 m LOA 1947Yachts and Yachting1997/1147
3726Laser 2Bethwaite, FrankDinghy, sailing4.39 m LOA 1980Yachts and Yachting1997/1151
3743OptimistMills, ClarkDinghy, sailing2.3 m LOA 1947Yachts and Yachting1997/1155
3724LaserKirby, BruceDinghy, sailing4.23 m LOA 1970Yachts and Yachting1997/1149
3767Splashde Ridder, JacDinghy, sailing3.55 m LOA 1990Yachts and Yachting1997/1158
3711Hurricane 5.9White, RegDinghy, sailing5.9 m LOA 1988Yachts and Yachting1997/1148
3706EtchellsEtchells, SkipYacht, sloop9.3 m LOA 1966Yachts and Yachting1997/1145
3705DragonAnker, JohanYacht, sloop8.89 m LOA 1929Yachts and Yachting1997/1145
3707GraduateWyche, DickDinghy, sailing3.82 m LOA 1952Yachts and Yachting1997/1146
3703GP FourteenHolt, JackDinghy, sailing4.27 m LOA 1950Yachts and Yachting1997/1147
370949erBethwaite, JulianDinghy, sailing4.99 m LOA 1995Yachts and Yachting1997/1147
3725Laser RadialKirby, BruceDinghy, sailing4.23 m LOA 1970Yachts and Yachting1997/1149
3696ContenderMiller, BobDinghy, sailing4.87 m LOA 1962Yachts and Yachting1997/1143
3719KestrelProctor, IanDinghy, sailing4.76 m LOA 1956Yachts and Yachting1997/1148
3727Laser 5000Morrison, PhilDinghy, sailing5 m LOA 1992Yachts and Yachting1997/1151
3720International CanoeCanoe, sailing5.18 m LOA 1946Yachts and Yachting1997/1149
3740PegasusFox, UffaDinghy, sailing4.42 m LOA 1958Yachts and Yachting1997/1154
3704505Westell, JohnDinghy, sailing5.05 m LOA 1954Yachts and Yachting1997/1147
3694Comet DuoSimmons, AndrewDinghy, sailing3.70 m LOA 1990Yachts and Yachting1997/1143
3739OKOlsen, KnudDinghy, sailing4.0 m LOA 1957Yachts and Yachting1997/1154
3738Norfolk PuntMorrison/JonesDinghy, sailing6.756 m LOA 1926-1996Yachts and Yachting1997/1154
3689CadetHolt, JackDinghy, sailing3.22 m LOA 1947Yachts and Yachting1997/1141
3736National TwelveDinghy, sailing3.66 m LOA 1936Yachts and Yachting1997/1153
3700Flying Dutchmanvan Essen UDinghy, sailing6.06 m LOA 1951Yachts and Yachting1997/1147
3734MirrorHolt & BucknellDinghy, sailing3.30 m LOA 1962Yachts and Yachting1997/1153
3745PacerHolt, JackDinghy, sailing3.82 m LOA 1965Yachts and Yachting1997/1155
3732Merlin RocketDinghy, sailing4.27 m LOA 1946Yachts and Yachting1997/1153
3712Hobie 405Benedict, ChrisDinghy, sailing4.05 m LOA 1992Yachts and Yachting1997/1148
3693CometSimmons, AndrewDinghy, sailing3.45 m LOA 1981Yachts and Yachting1997/1143
3692CherubSpencer, JohnDinghy, sailing3.7 m LOA 1951Yachts and Yachting1997/1141
3691Challenger AerorigMacAlpine Downie, RodTrimaran4.57 m LOA 1980Yachts and Yachting1997/1141
3748RS600Everest/PetersDinghy, sailing4.47 m LOA 1994Yachts and Yachting1997/1155
3737National 18Proctor & FoxDinghy, sailing5.49 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/1154
3699Dart HawkLoday, YvesCatamaran5.5 m LOA 1994Yachts and Yachting1997/1145
39Projection 920Thomas, StephenYacht, sloop9.20 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/119
3733MiracleHolt, JackDinghy, sailing3.89 m LOA 1973/4Yachts and Yachting1997/1153
3730MarauderMilne, PeterDinghy, sailing4.42 m LOA 1969Yachts and Yachting1997/1151
3765WayfarerProctor, IanDinghy, sailing4.82 m LOA 1957Yachts and Yachting1997/1166
3690CatapultMontgomery, JohnCatamaran5 m LOA 1990Yachts and Yachting1997/1141
3763UnicornMazotti, JohnCatamaran5.46 m LOA 1967Yachts and Yachting1997/1165
3762TornadoMarch, RodneyCatamaran6.10 m LOA 1967Yachts and Yachting1997/1165
3684BosunProctor, IanDinghy, sailing4.27 m LOA 1959Yachts and Yachting1997/1139
3683B14Bethwaite, JulianDinghy, sailing4.50 m LOA 1985Yachts and Yachting1997/1139
3682AlbacoreFox, UffaDinghy, sailing4.57 m LOA 1954Yachts and Yachting1997/1139
3731MercuryMiles/DurbinDinghy, sailing4.26 m LOA 1958Yachts and Yachting1997/1153
3729LightningGiles, MarkDinghy, sailing3.68 m LOA 1983Yachts and Yachting1997/1151
3741PhantomWright & TaylorDinghy, sailing4.42 m LOA 1973Yachts and Yachting1997/1154
3766WineglassKirby, TrevorDinghy, sailing4.575 m LOA 1958Yachts and Yachting1997/1166
3735Nacra 6.0Performance CatamaransCatamaran6.10 m LOA 1989Yachts and Yachting1997/1153
3747RS400Morrison, PhilDinghy, sailing4.52 m LOA 1993Yachts and Yachting1997/1155
3746RS200Morrison, PhilDinghy, sailing4 m LOA 1995Yachts and Yachting1997/1155
3750ScorpionDorling, TaprellDinghy, sailing4.25 m LOA 1960Yachts and Yachting1997/1157
3744OspreyProctor, IanDinghy, sailing5.33 m LOA 1953Yachts and Yachting1997/1155
3742RedwingFox, UffaDinghy, sailing4.27 m LOA 1937Yachts and Yachting1997/1154
3728LeaderPollard, GDinghy, sailing4.27 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/1151
3723LarkJackson, MikeDinghy, sailing4.065 m LOA 1967Yachts and Yachting1997/1149
3759TempestProctor, IanDinghy, sailing6.7 m LOA 1965Yachts and Yachting1997/1165
37572.4 MetreSodergren/Howlett/FranklinDinghy, sailing4.2 m LOA 1988Yachts and Yachting1997/1161
3718FireflyFox, UffaDinghy, sailing3.66 m LOA 1947Yachts and Yachting1997/1146
3717EuropeRoland, AlainDinghy, sailing3.35 m LOA 1961/2Yachts and Yachting1997/1146
3716FinnSarby, RickardDinghy, sailing4.5 m LOA 1949Yachts and Yachting1997/1146
3715470Cornu, AndreDinghy, sailing4.70 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/1146
3714GullProctor, IanDinghy, sailing3.35 m LOA 1956Yachts and Yachting1997/1147
3760TidewayWalker, L HDinghy, sailing3.77 m LOA 1958Yachts and Yachting1997/1165
3751ShearwaterProut, Richard & FrancisCatamaran5.05 m LOA 1956Yachts and Yachting1997/1157
3758TasarBethwaite, FrankDinghy, sailing4.52 m LOA 1976Yachts and Yachting1997/1165
3721International FourteenDinghy, sailing4.27 m LOA 1928Yachts and Yachting1997/1149
3756SupernovaGiles, MarkDinghy, sailing4.3 m LOA 1995Yachts and Yachting1997/1161
3755StreakerHolt, JackDinghy, sailing3.75 m LOA 1975Yachts and Yachting1997/1161
3697Dart 15March, RodneyCatamaran4.54 m LOA 1979Yachts and Yachting1997/1143
3754SoloHolt, JackDinghy, sailing3.78 m LOA 1956Yachts and Yachting1997/1157
3753SnipeCrosby, BillDinghy, sailing4.72 m LOA 1931Yachts and Yachting1997/1157
3752SignetProctor, IanDinghy, sailing4.70 m LOA 1961Yachts and Yachting1997/1157
3713HeronHolt, JackDinghy, sailing3.429 m LOA 1954Yachts and Yachting1997/1148
8939MermaidKearney, JohnDinghy, sailing17 ft - Dublin bayClassic Boat1997/1164
1005Bonne ChanceTorolfYacht, cutter25 ft LOAClassic Boat1997/1152
1330Cloud NineHazel, R JYacht, sloop23 ft LOAClassic Boat1997/1156
10294Sir Walter ScottDenny, William & BrosYacht, steam110 ft LOAClassic Boat1997/1148
10025SandySmaalder, MarkYacht, cutter23 ft LOAClassic Boat1997/1154
2158MariseHunter MarineYacht, sloop31 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/1134
2159CressidaThames MarineMotor26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/1138
8822Marsh HawkDias, TonyYacht, ketch17 ft LOAWatercraft1997/1153
12192Gartside, PaulYacht, cutter27 ft LODWatercraft1997/1155
2631Compromis 888Maas, FransYacht, sloop29 ft LOASailing Today1997/1190
10225Shearwater 45Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/1094
10287SincerityThomas, DavidYacht, sloop22 ft LOA - Hunter Sonata classYachting Monthly1997/10119
9169Najad 331Segerlind, ErikYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/1086
4787Venezia 42Lombard, MarcYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1997/10120
4786Jeantot Privilege 42Joubert & NiveltYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1997/10120
37SonarKirby, BruceYacht, sloop6.96 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/1011
38Corsair F-28RFarrier, IanTrimaran8.66 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/107
4785Prima One-Design 38Jones, StephenYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1997/10118
13272Ryder-Turner, DavidYacht, sloop31 ft LOAClassic Boat1997/1048
9789Rebecca KateCastle, MartinYacht, cutter14 ft LOA C B - see also CB 2004/05 p 34Classic Boat1997/1045
7263Mariah Z276MCCMariah BoatsMotor28 ftMotorboat Monthly1997/1068
2157Shetland 570Mudie, ColinMotor19 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/1053
7262Hardy 36WolstenholmeYacht, motor37 ftMotorboat Monthly1997/1042
2156Nauticat 33Gustaffson, KhaYacht, ketch33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/1039
2630Legend 340Hunter Marine Corp.Yacht, sloop34 ft LOASailing Today1997/1076
8633Little WingO'Brien, RaudYacht, cutter33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0971
11115Victoria 38Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/09101
36Independent BearCorby, JohnYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1997/096
4784Oyster 42Holman & PyeYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1997/09146
7489Falmouth Bass BoatWarrington Smyth, RYacht, ketch15 ftClassic Boat1997/0954
7490Falmouth Pilot 11 TonWarrington Smyth, RYacht, sloop32 ft LOAClassic Boat1997/0955
12134Fisher, PaulRowing20 ft - skiffClassic Boat1997/097
10046SaracenWarrington Smyth, NFishing18 ft LWL C B - see also CB 2002/05 p 102Classic Boat1997/0953
3231EelaOughtred, IainDinghy16 ft - lug rigClassic Boat1997/0947
10519Suffolk Beach PuntHalcrow, KevinDinghy, sailing16 ft LODClassic Boat1997/0942
11105Veryan RoseWarrington Smyth, BevilYacht, yawl18 ftClassic Boat1997/0949
7890GratitudeInnes, GeorgeFishing - scaffie - built 1896Classic Boat1997/0971
13458Swift, PhilYacht, yawl16 ft LOD C BWatercraft1997/0955
2629Jaguar 21Yacht, sloop21 ft LOASailing Today1997/0978
2154Westerly 31Giles, LaurentYacht, sloop31 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/09102
2155Mitchell 22Hill, AlanMotor22 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/09128
3026Penobscot 14Davis, ArchDinghy, sailing14 ft LOAWooden Boat1997/0988
9186Nancy's ChinaDevlin, SamYacht, sloop15 ft LOAWatercraft1997/0953
8753MallardWolstenholme, ADinghy, sailing12 ftWatercraft1997/0938
3027TomfooleryParker, ReuelYacht, schooner34 ft LOAWooden Boat1997/0994
7607First 33.7Berret & RacopeauYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0858
9948Rustler 42Jones, StephenYacht, sloop42 ft LOA - see also YM 1999/06 p 75Yachting Monthly1997/0867
10965TroubadourPocock, MikeYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0891
34Topper SpiceTopper InternationalDinghy, sailing4.25 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/0813
4783Einstein-CRommel, PeterYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1997/08110
35Laser PicoRichards, JoDinghy, sailing3.5 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/087
10452St MelorusDalton, PercyFishing28 ft - now Fal work boat RitaClassic Boat1997/0842
12459KelvinMotor - series of lauches using Berguis enginesClassic Boat1997/0854
10058Saturday CoveRossel, GregRowing13 ft - skiff- AmericaClassic Boat1997/0814
8025HeptarchyDalton, PercyYacht, yawl49 ft Classic Boat1997/0847
12027Dalton, PercyYacht, cutter23 ft - replica of Irish gleoiteogClassic Boat1997/0846
12025Dalton, PercyYacht, cutter38 ft - waterman's cutterClassic Boat1997/0844
12026Dalton, PercyYacht, cutter25 ftClassic Boat1997/0845
13632Ward, CharlieYacht, barge45 ft Classic Boat1997/0814
1001BonitaCrossfield, WilliamYacht, yawl 35 ft LOA - sail planClassic Boat1997/087
1325Clipper of ArgenteuilIbold, PeterYacht, sloop20 ft - also cat rigClassic Boat1997/0815
2150Sigma 292Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop29 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/0838
2151WagtailSalternsDinghy, sailing13 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/0841
2152Winkle BrigBergqvist, EricYacht, sloop20 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/0842
2153Brock 24Eyre, MartinYacht, yawl24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/0866
2149Dragonfly 920Trimaran30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/0836
3146DreamchaserMorgan Yacht CorpYacht, sloop34 ft LOA - Morgan 34 classYachting Monthly1997/0741
862Bavaria 32HJ & J DesignsYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0792
9203Nauticat 33Sittala, PYacht, yawl33 ft LOA - see also YW 1972/07 p 87Yachting Monthly1997/0777
7615Fisher 34 Wyatt & FreemanYacht, ketch34 ft LOA - see also YM 1998/07 p 83, CB 2006/04 Yachting Monthly1997/0779
7958Hallberg Rassy 94Yacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0777
8469L M 32Andersen, BengtYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0780
4135Ocean PhoenixHumphreys, RobYacht, sloop76 ft LOAYachting World1997/07102
4137BH 36Murray, IainYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1997/07109
4136Grand Soleil 37J&J DesignYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1997/07108
33RS200Morrison, PhilDinghy, sailing4.00 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/075
11373Worry WorryNicholson, C EYacht18 ft - 1 rater - lug rigClassic Boat1997/0714
9576PetrelFisher, PaulDinghy13 ftClassic Boat1997/0757
8693M A JamesWilliams, DavidSchooner89 ft LOA - built 1900Classic Boat1997/0752
8634LivelyFox, UffaDinghy, sailing16 ft - North Norfolk 16 classClassic Boat1997/0766
1279Chincoteague SkiffFisher, PaulCanoe, sailing16 ftClassic Boat1997/0757
1187Casco BayFisher, PaulCanoe, sailing16 ftClassic Boat1997/0756
947Black SwanFisher, PaulYacht, cutter22 ftClassic Boat1997/0760
1362CollinetteStockman & PickettYacht, cutter21 ft LWL C BClassic Boat1997/0730
8355JunoWolstenholme, ABarge, sailing45 ft LOD - see also WC 1999/03 p 25, WC 2000/09 Watercraft1997/0753
10451St Lawrence SkiffRowing16 ft - see also The Rudder 1889Watercraft1997/0739
14075Fishing17 ft - Dee draft boatWatercraft1997/0735
2147Kingfisher 20Nierop, R A GYacht, sloop21 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/0738
3024JenniferPhillips, TimYacht, sloop27 ft LOAWooden Boat1997/0744
3025LilyBolger, PhilMotor15 ft LOAWooden Boat1997/07108
2148Arabella RoseHathaway, BobYacht, yawl36 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/07119
9070Moody 40Dixon, Bill & Primrose, AngusYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0685
11076VegaBrohall, PerYacht, sloop27 ft LOA - Albin classYachting Monthly1997/0689
1698DogmaticYacht, yawl30 ft LOA - Seadog classYachting Monthly1997/0675
4779SapphireHoek, AndreYacht, sloop100 ft LOAYachting World1997/0666
4780Moody 40Dixon, BillYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1997/06108
4781Reflex 28Christian Stimson Yacht DesignYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1997/06112
4782Beneteau 25Farr, BruceYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1997/06112
8322JorrocksGriffiths, MauriceYacht, cutter36 ftClassic Boat1997/0627
11848Clapham, ThomasYacht60 ft approx - Nonpariel typeClassic Boat1997/0642
1172CarrickCurrie, TyroneCanoe15 ftClassic Boat1997/0631
8211Islay Camper & NicholsonYacht, motor38 ftClassic Boat1997/0660
2146Finisterre 23Mills, ClarkYacht, sloop24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/0646
2145Westerly 33Giles, LaurentYacnt, ketch33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/0643
8104Hunter Ranger 245Hunter YachtsYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0586
9471Oyster 42Pye, Don & OysterYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0578
424Concept 302Dinghy, sailing3.02 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/057
4777Shearwater 45Dix, DudleyYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World1997/05108
4778Bluewater 476Pedrick, DavidYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World1997/05110
11343WindstarRichards, Francis BrooksYacht, cutter54 ft LOAClassic Boat1997/0553
9192NatanisRichards, Francis BrooksYacht, cutter34 ft LOAClassic Boat1997/0550
11379WyndfallRichards, Francis BrooksYacht, cutter48 ft LOAClassic Boat1997/0551
11271Western SkiffIrens, NigelDinghy, sailing13 ftClassic Boat1997/0531
11345WindstormRichards, Francis BrooksYacht, cutter43 ft LOAClassic Boat1997/0552
12556Leather, JohnYacht, cutter33 ft LOAClassic Boat1997/057
1397ConstanceEyre, MartinYacht, yawl24 ft C B - Brock 24 classClassic Boat1997/0534
752AstrapeRichards, Francis BrooksYacht, cutter56 ft LOAClassic Boat1997/0554
12132Fife, WilliamYacht, cutter30 ft LOA - Cork Harbour O D classClassic Boat1997/0538
645AmethystHeffer, DavidYacht, cutter23 ft LWLWatercraft1997/0525
14821Sunseeker Predator 80Shead, DonMotor25 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1997/05114
3023GraylingRice, FrankMaine Sardine Carrier65 ft LOAWooden Boat1997/0599
2628Oceanquest 35ACDubois, EdYacht, sloop35 ft LOASailing Today1997/0596
8799Marie ClaudeHeard, MartinYacht, cutter61 ft LOAThe Boatman1997/058
987Blues TrioDavis, DennisDinghy, sailing7 ft - with twin sponsonsThe Boatman1997/0518
9732Queens ShallopBarge36 ft - built 1689Watercraft1997/0531
1265Chebacco 20Bolger, Philip C Yacht, yawl20 ftWatercraft1997/0519
1094ButtonBuehler, GeorgeYacht, cutter33 ft LWLWatercraft1997/0557
882Beaumaris 24Fisher, PaulYacht, cutter20 ft LWL - also yawl rigWatercraft1997/0559
2144Ombrine 550Beneteau, AndreMotor18 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/05127
2143Hunter 245Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/05139
1626Dehler 37 CruisingDehler YachtsYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0483
8006Heavenly Twins 36Patterson, PatCatamaran36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0478
9067Moody 376Moody YachtsYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0461
7532Feeling 1090Harle, PhillipeYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0458
10536Sun Dance 36Audrieu, DanielYacht, sloop35 ft LOA JeanneauYachting Monthly1997/0459
10431Spray of WightBishop, AndrewYacht, yawl57 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0495
10260Sigma 362Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0458
1481Cosair IIDubois, EdYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0462
4775Offshore 40MacFarlan, AndrewYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1997/0474
4776Beneteau First 33.7Berret & RacoupeauYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1997/04108
327 Paine, Chuck WYacht, cutter42 ftClassic Boat1997/0441
8570LeighPaine, Chuck WYacht, sloop30 ftClassic Boat1997/0439
7687Francis 26Paine, Chuck WYacht, sloop26 ftClassic Boat1997/0439
9887Rockport 30Paine, Chuck WYacht, cutter29 ft LOAClassic Boat1997/0444
13058Paine, Chuck WYacht, ketchClassic Boat1997/0440
12428Irens, Nigel & Burnett, EdYacht, cutter30 ft LOAClassic Boat1997/0445
13494Thomas, WYacht, cutter24 ft LOA - Fal Quay Punt typeClassic Boat1997/0446
361Able DowneastPaine, Chuck WYacht, motor44 ftClassic Boat1997/0443
9104Morris 44Paine, Chuck WYacht, cutter42 ftClassic Boat1997/0442
360Able CustomPaine, Chuck WYacht, motor34 ftClassic Boat1997/0443
2142Heavenly TwinsPatterson, PatCatamaran36 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/0446
7260Linssen Sturdy 320ACLinssen Yachts BVMotor33 ftMotorboat Monthly1997/0434
7261Windy 31 TornadoJohnsen, Hans JorgenMotor31 ftMotorboat Monthly1997/0466
2141Anderson 22Lee, OliverYacht, sloop22 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/0444
1200Catalina 380Catalina DesignYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0380
1601DaylightStadt, E G van deYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0359
423BH36Murray, IanYacht, sloop11 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/0315
422Laser 3000Laser CentreDinghy, sailing4.4 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/035
10542Sun Fast 42Briand, PhilippeYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1997/03116
1630Dehler 41CJudel & VrolijkYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1997/03116
10250ShovelerNatzio, ConradDinghy, sailing9 ftClassic Boat1997/0336
1652Design 496Bolger, Philip C Yacht - Birdwatcher classClassic Boat1997/0342
1651Design 430Bolger, Philip C Fishing28 ft LOAClassic Boat1997/0340
1654Design 617Bolger, Philip C Yacht, ketch30 ft C BClassic Boat1997/0341
10995TyleanaMacduff ShipyardsFishing75 ft LOA - deep sea typeClassic Boat1997/0359
2139Dufour 32 ClassicJ & JYacht, sloop32 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/0338
13050Oughtred, IainCanoe, sailing19 ft LOA - yawl rigWatercraft1997/0353
2140Cornish ClamDongray, RogerMotor19 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/03108
11330WindchimeLewis, JohnYacht, sloop16 ft LWLWatercraft1997/0325
3022Stephens, Robert WYacht22 ft LOAWooden Boat1997/0392
1041BrigadierDias, TonyYacht, ketch33 ft LOAWatercraft1997/0355
7793Gib'Sea 364Joubert, M & Nivelt, BYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0272
3177Dufour 2800Dufour, MichelYacht, sloop27 ft LOA - see also YW 1979/06 p 133, YW 1981/07Yachting Monthly1997/0277
815BadgerBenford, Jay Yacht, ketch34 ft LOA - junk rigYachting Monthly1997/0231
4773YW H42Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1997/0244
4774Gib'Sea 364Joubert & NiveltYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1997/0297
421Topper BreezeTopper InternationalDinghy, sailing6.00 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/025
701AramintaFreeman, RegYacht, cutter31 ft LOAClassic Boat1997/0244
10683Tai FengFreeman, RegYacht, ketch31 ft LOAClassic Boat1997/0243
12171Freeman, RegYacht, cutter34 ftClassic Boat1997/0242
11326Wind ElfBuchanan, AlanYacht, sloop25 ftClassic Boat1997/0238
12173Freeman, RegYacht, yawl36 ft C BClassic Boat1997/0240
12625May, H GYacht, sloop34 LOA - W classClassic Boat1997/0226
11012Ulidia IIBalfour, AlexanderYacht, sloop27 ftClassic Boat1997/0237
12466Kennedy, O'BrienYacht, sloop18 ft - Lymington Slipway 5 tonnerClassic Boat1997/0238
12094Dunphy, B LYacht, sloop19 ftClassic Boat1997/0237
12172Freeman, RegYacht, sloop18 ftClassic Boat1997/0240
687AntonHobbs, W LYacht, cutter - 5 tonnerClassic Boat1997/0236
10032SantianoYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - South Coast O D classClassic Boat1997/0255
7696FreedomTew, JohnYacht, cutter30 ftClassic Boat1997/0238
9527PaxGibbs, Kenneth MYacht, sloop18 ftClassic Boat1997/0239
7970Happy ReturnWarrington Smyth, NYacht, cutter34 ftClassic Boat1997/0239
8052Hillyard 2 1/2 tonHillyard, DavidYacht, sloopClassic Boat1997/0236
7258Marex 280 HolidayA/S MarexMotor30 ftMotorboat Monthly1997/0252
7259Flying Fox 508Outhill BoatbuildersMotor17 ftMotorboat Monthly1997/0284
7257Bayliner 3587Bayliner Marine Corp.Motor40 ftMotorboat Monthly1997/0234
2138Offshore 25Baker, RodMotor25 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/02102
2137Norwalk Islands Sharpie 23Kirby, BruceYacht, ketch23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/0232
2136Moody 34Dixon, BillYacht, sloop34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/0230
7533Feeling 326Harle, PhilippeYacht, sloop32 ft LOA - see also YM 2002/10 p105Yachting Monthly1997/0163
861Bavaria 320Bavaria YachtsYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0162
1619Dehler 31Tongeren, Cess vanYacht, sloop30 ft LOA - see also YM 1998/06 p 97Yachting Monthly1997/0163
869Bavaria 38 HolidayBavaria YachtsYacht, sloop38 ft LOA - see also YM 2004/12 p 48Yachting Monthly1997/0196
1496Crealock 34Crealock, BillYacht, cutter34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0192
8098Hunter Channel 32Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0165
11359Wish HoundPaine, ChuckYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/01119
4772Moody 36Dixon, BillYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1997/01140
4769Trintella 47Holland, RonYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World1997/01134
4770Northwind 50Penna, MarceloYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World1997/01134
4771Wauquiez 48Dubois Naval ArchitectsYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World1997/01134
420FireflyFox, UffaDinghy, sailingHistorical reviewYachts and Yachting1997/0157
9232NereidLaws, G UYacht, yawl29 ft LOAClassic Boat1997/0140
3144Drascombe SkiffHonnor Marine LtdDinghy, sailing14 ftClassic Boat1997/0154
13125Payne, ArthurYacht, cutter32 ft LOAClassic Boat1997/0140
11613Blake, W MaxwellYacht, cutter45 ftClassic Boat1997/0147
9145MyonaMcBryde, WilliamYacht, sloop27 ftClassic Boat1997/0143
8494Lady BelleMead, HarleyYacht, yawl - Quay Punt typeClassic Boat1997/0141
11614Blake, W MaxwellYacht, sloop22 ft LOA - Deben 4 tonnerClassic Boat1997/0144
9775Rani IIIClark, J PainYacht, sloop22 ft LOA - see also CB 2000/01 p 30Classic Boat1997/0142
2135Plymouth PilotSkentelbery, K RMotor24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/01121
3021Gray WolfMartin, RodgerYacht, sloop40 ft LOAWooden Boat1997/01100
3020Beach PeaHylan, DougDinghy, sailing13 ft LOAWooden Boat1997/0178
958Block Island CutterBuehler, GeorgeYacht, cutter31 ft LWLWatercraft1997/0149
10894TosherSelway Fisher DesignYacht, cutter17 ft LWL C BWatercraft1997/0151
1343CockleWolstenholme, ADinghy, sailing9 ft - see also WC 1997/03 p 49, CB 1998/05 p41Watercraft1997/0153
11206Warrior 38/40Primrose & DixonYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/1283
1363Collins 40Collins, WarwickYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/1281
3182Dufour 32 ClassicJ & J DesignsYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/1278
3286Elusive VirtueLaurent GilesYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - Vertue classYachting Monthly1996/1235
4768Jeanneau, Sun Odyssey 36.2Fauroux, JacquesYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1996/12100
419Dart HawkLoday, YvesCatamaran5.5 m LOAYachts and Yachting1996/127
4767Legend 376Hunter Marine Corp.Yacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1996/12100
8510Lady TrixMylne, AlfredYacht, sloop28 ft LOAClassic Boat1996/1226
10284SinaMudie, ColinYacht, yawl53 ft LOAClassic Boat1996/1240
12512Lymington LLaurent GilesYacht, sloop23 ft LOA - L classClassic Boat1996/1236
12993Mylne, AlfredYacht, sloop - Scottish Island classClassic Boat1996/1250
14823Haines 31 Coastal SedanWolstenholme, AndrewMotor31 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1996/1290
14822Sealine 37 FlamencoMurrant & TuckerMotor37 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1996/1248
2134Feeling 1040Harle, PhilippeYacht, sloop34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1996/1232
7256Haines 31Haines MarineMotor31 ftMotorboat Monthly1996/1290
7255Shakespeare 830Campbell, LorneMotor27 ftMotorboat Monthly1996/1262
7254Targa 33TCBotnia MarinMotor35 ftMotorboat Monthly1996/1226
8564Legend 376Mazza, RobYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/1168
11001TyphoonHolman & PyeYacht, sloop35 ft LOA - Rustler 36 classYachting Monthly1996/1138
95Laser 4000Laser CentreDinghy, sailing4.64 m LOAYachts and Yachting1996/1119
417Corel 45Farr, BruceYacht, sailing13.83 m LOAYachts and Yachting1996/115
418SupernovaGiles, MarkDinghy, sailing4.3 m LOAYachts and Yachting1996/117
8777Ma'oonaMylne, AlfredYacht, cutter62 ft LOA - 15 m classClassic Boat1996/1152
14074Fishing - Fifies - various designsClassic Boat1996/1167
1014BountyHerreshoff, L FrancisYacht, ketch37 ft LOAClassic Boat1996/1129
7252Dell Quay RangerHunt, RayMotor25 & 27 ftMotorboat Monthly1996/1134
7253Barbarina KAquafibreYacht, motor42 ft 1979Motorboat Monthly1996/1156
2133Parker 325ParkerYacht, sloop34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1996/1132
11058Vancouver 38 PilotNorthshore Yachts LtdYacht, cutter38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/10106
7611First 405Berret, JeanYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/1050
9336Northwind 405Primrose, AngusYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/1051
7796Gib'Sea 402Joubert, M Yacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/1050
9258Nicholson 39/40Wall, RaymondYacht, yawl39 ft LOA - see also YW 1977/08 p 108Yachting Monthly1996/1051
9071Moody 41Dixon, BillYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/1048
8548LazyjackDijkstra, GerryYacht, sloop62 ft LOA - aero rigYachting Monthly1996/1046
4766YW H35Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1996/10104
4765Elan 36Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1996/10104
94Beneteau 25Farr, BruceYacht, sloop7.50 m LOAYachts and Yachting1996/107
8133IdaMegevetMotor - built 1913Classic Boat1996/1070
667Andries JacobFishing47 ft - Zeeland HoogaarClassic Boat1996/1082
12033Davies, DennisDinghy, sailing11 ftClassic Boat1996/1020
8002HeatherBerthonYacht, cutter40 ft - Gauntlet classClassic Boat1996/1040
8703MacushlaThornycroft, PeterYacht, motor29 ftClassic Boat1996/1029
8921MemsahibMylne, AlfredYacht, sloop24 ft LOA - 19/24 classClassic Boat1996/1060
12340Hill, AlanYacht, cutter50 ft LOAClassic Boat1996/1020
2132Freedom 35Pedrick, DaveYacht, sloop35 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1996/1034
7249Birchwood Challenger 380Birchwood Marine Ltd.Motor38 ftMotorboat Monthly1996/1026
7251Orkney, Orkadian 20Mursell, ArthurMotor20 ftMotorboat Monthly1996/1080
7250Eilean Shona III, Elysian 27Appleyard & LincolnMotor27 ft 1972Motorboat Monthly1996/1058
2131Fulmar 32Dubois, EdYacht, sloop32 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1996/1032
9065Moody 36Dixon, BillYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/09112
10935Tricia IIRayner, DennisYacht, cutter20 ft LOA - Westcoaster class - see also CB1994/Yachting Monthly1996/0989
1410Contessa 32Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop32 ft LOA - see also YM 1994/08 p 35, YM 2000/07 Yachting Monthly1996/09119
9349erBethwaite, JulianSkiff4.99 m LOAYachts and Yachting1996/098
4764Clipper 60Pedrick, DavidYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World1996/0992
14072Fishing40 ft approx - Galway HookerClassic Boat1996/0972
14073Yacht, sloop - W Restricted classClassic Boat1996/0997
3261EliseFife, WilliamYacht, schooner63 ft LODClassic Boat1996/0930
11357Winter WrenDevlin, SamYacht, sloop22 ft The Boatman1996/0931
11128VikingenPettersson, Carl GustovYacht, motor26 ft - Norwegian designThe Boatman1996/0942
11307Wiking XPettersson, Carl GustovYacht, motor30 ft LOAThe Boatman1996/0946
7968Ha'pennySwift, PhilYacht, sloop16 ftThe Boatman1996/0960
13139Pettersson, Carl GustovYacht, motor - two designsThe Boatman1996/0944
2130Seaword 23Mursell, ArthurMotor23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1996/09126
9779RapsodyWeidtman, MaxYacht, motor28 ft LOAThe Boatman1996/0937
3019Annabelle TwoDias, AntonioYacht, sloop23 ft LOAWooden Boat1996/0992
2286Seamaster 30Welch, JohnMotor30 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1996/0972
2287Nimbus 31 CoupeNimbus BoatsMotor31 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1996/0998
2285Sunseeker 375Shead, DonMotor39 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1996/0958
3018Dorade, Manhattan Bay One-DesignStephens II, Olin JDinghy, sailing21 ft LOAWooden Boat1996/0964
9549Pen DuickFife, William IIIYacht, cutter49 ft LOD - see also CB 1992/12 p 8Yachting Monthly1996/0841
8007Heavenly Twins IimPatterson, PatCatamaran36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/0883
4762Dufour 35J&JYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1996/08100
4763Misdeanour, BavariaJ&JYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1996/08100
10313Skerry CruiserRyder-Turner, DavidYacht, sloop73 ft LOAClassic Boat1996/0818
13043Osborne, WilliamMotor30 ft - Metropolitan Police launchClassic Boat1996/0848
12443Johnson, C LowndesDinghy, sailing16 ft - Comet O D classClassic Boat1996/0858
13302Selway Fisher DesignYacht, yawl23 ft C BClassic Boat1996/0818
13436Stone, Robert NDinghy, sailing14 ft - Jewel classClassic Boat1996/088
7689Frank 49Yacht, motorClassic Boat1996/0818
2128Legend 26Yacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1996/0832
2129Seal 22Primrose, AngusYacht, sloop22 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1996/0836
13331Shepherd, FredYacht, cutter32 ft The Boatman1996/0831
11928Cooper, FredMotorThe Boatman1996/0839
11929Cooper, FredMotor30 ft - ? DesignerThe Boatman1996/0840
11210Water WagMiddleton, Thomas BDinghy, sailing13 ft - prototype of classThe Boatman1996/0853
10172Selina KingShepherd, FredYacht, cutter36 ft - vessel belonged to Arthur Ransome - see The Boatman1996/0832
8635Lively LadyShepherd, FredYacht, cutter36 ft - see also CB 2005/02 p 26The Boatman1996/0824
11147Vivette II Shepherd, FredYacht, ketchThe Boatman1996/0830
13147PORMotor16 ftThe Boatman1996/0841
2284Shetland 535Escomar BoatsMotor17 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1996/0854
2283Hollandia 1000SJachtbouw Hollandia bvMotor33 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1996/0826
1162CaribShepherd, FredYacht, yawl60 ft LOAThe Boatman1996/0831
10503StormalongKelly, BillYacht, cutter32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/0741
10561Sun Rise 34JeanneauYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/0747
11116Victoria 800Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/0777
9378Oceanis 350Briand, PhilippeYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/0746
7608First 345Berret, JeanYacht, sloop34 ft LOA - see also YM 1997/09 p 106Yachting Monthly1996/0748
9383Oceanis 381BeneteauYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/0775
4760Vancouver 39Taylor, TonyYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1996/07102
4761Yanneke TooDixon, BillSchooner115 ft LOAYachting World1996/07108
8039High CottonHerreshoff, NattYacht, sloop32 ft LOA - Buzzards Bay 25 classClassic Boat1996/0732
14071Rowing38 ft - Bantry Bay gigClassic Boat1996/0768
2281Fairline HolidayBennett, JohnMotor22 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1996/0760
2280Humber Sceptre 448Marsh, DavidMotor45 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1996/0734
3016White, JoelYacht, sloop62 ft LOAWooden Boat1996/07106
11151Vokrug svetaYacht, schooner77 ft LOA - RussiaThe Boatman1996/0780
11224WeekenderWatershedMotor19 ft LOA - Courier classThe Boatman1996/0743
14068Gold duster18 ft approx - HumberThe Boatman1996/0740
2282Beneteau Antares Serie 6BeneteauMotor20 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1996/0798
14070Hull duster18 ft approx - HumberThe Boatman1996/0741
1489Cove BoatWebster, PaulDinghy, sailing13 ftThe Boatman1996/0754
2127Sadler 32Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop32 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1996/0740
2126Dufour 35 ClassicDufourYacht, sloop34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1996/0736
9557PeregrinePeggYacht, sloop26 ft - renovated Norfolk Broads vesselThe Boatman1996/0758
14069Grimsby duster22 ft - HumberThe Boatman1996/0742
3017Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop30 ft LOA Falmouth CutterWooden Boat1996/0792
3237EilidhMylne, AlfredYacht, cutter58 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/0655
4755Challenge 2000Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop71 ft LOAYachting World1996/0642
4759Djinn Seng XJeppesen, NilsYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1996/06118
4758Prout 45Prout CatamaransCatamaran45 ft LOAYachting World1996/06112
4756YW H28Humphteys, RobYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1996/0690
92Gull SpiritProctor, IanDinghy, sailing11 ft LOA redesignYachts and Yachting1996/0635
4757NadiaDubois Naval ArchitectsYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World1996/06108
14067Fishing80 ft approx - steam drifterClassic Boat1996/0645
3152DrobiliaThompson, R TYacht16 ftClassic Boat1996/0667
11358Winter WrenTaylor, ProctorYacht, sloop20 ftClassic Boat1996/0666
11300White WingsAlden, John GYacht, sloop50 ft LOAClassic Boat1996/0630
12312Hazel, R JYacht, sloopClassic Boat1996/0667
12756Meijers, MarinusYacht, sloop20 ftClassic Boat1996/0667
10228SheepskinKeevil, StuartYacht, sloop20 ftClassic Boat1996/0666
7840GNUCobham, PeterCanoe, sailing20 ftClassic Boat1996/0666
7674Four SticksRose, DiggoryDinghy, sailing13 ftClassic Boat1996/0667
9310Norfolk CoasterPratt, VicMotor15 ftThe Boatman1996/0631
14066Brazzera34 ft - traditional vessel of AdriaticThe Boatman1996/0644
1280Chippendale CockleWolstenholme, ADinghy, sailing9 ftThe Boatman1996/0626
1281Chippendale DayboatFisher, PaulDinghy, sailing14 ftThe Boatman1996/0629
2277Windy 36 Grand MistralJohnsen, HansMotor36 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1996/0634
2278Four Winns 238 VistaFour WinnsMotor23 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1996/0648
2279Moonraker 36Tucker, RobertMotor41 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1996/0658
3015Stephens, Robert WDinghy, sailing17 ft LOAWooden Boat1996/06114
2124Beneteau 260 SpiritYacht, sloop25 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1996/0636
2125Westerly CentaurGiles, LaurentYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1996/0638
3014KnarrKristofersen, ErlingYacht, sloop31 ft LOAWooden Boat1996/0646
7603First 30BeneteauYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/0595
8687LyricaGosson, NevilleYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/0550
1620Dehler 33Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/0590
4741Contessa 32Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1996/05116
4740J/110Johnstone, RodYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1996/05122
1039Briand Classic 62Briand, Philippe Yacht, ketch61 ft LOAYachting World1996/0596
90ZephyrZephyr Aluminium ProductsDinghy, sailing9 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1996/057
91Mumm 30Farr, BruceYacht, sloop9.42 m LOAYachts and Yachting1996/055
12961Mudie, ColinRowing12 ft - ship's boat for MatthewClassic Boat1996/058
10527Summer AfternoonTanton IncYacht, schooner23 ftClassic Boat1996/0525
8382KattegatLeather, JohnYacht, cutter26 ft LOA - Colin Archer type - see also CB 1997The Boatman1996/0551
14851Princess 30DSOlesinski, BernardMotor30 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1996/0566
9440OptimomeCaillou, RemiDinghy, sailing9 ftThe Boatman1996/0559
10421SpinawayFishing30 ft approx - Shetland sixareenThe Boatman1996/0520
14849Birchwood 33Caddick, GrahameMotor33 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1996/0546
14850Renaissance 31Walton MarineMotor31 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1996/0558
14065Fishing - drawings of several East and South Coast typesThe Boatman1996/0539
2121Dehler 33Yacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1996/0542
2122Catalina 28 MkIIYacht, sloop28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1996/0544
2123Atalanta 26Fox, UffaYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1996/0546
14848Squadron 50Fairline Boats plcYacht, motor52 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1996/0534
10690TalesinHess, LyleYacht, cutter30 ft - see also CB 2000/03 p65Yachting Monthly1996/0439
760Athena 38Joubert, M & Nivelt, BCatamaran38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/0477
9063Moody 34Dixon, BillYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/0479
863Bavaria 33J & J DesignsYacht, sloop33 ft LOA - see also YW 2005/07 p48Yachting Monthly1996/0475
4753ZannaDalzell, SteveYacht, yawl82 ft LOAYachting World1996/0476
4754Dehler 33Judel & VroljkYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1996/04114
89H22Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop6.70 m LOAYachts and Yachting1996/0419
14064Rowing - Cornish gigClassic Boat1996/0428
13271Ryder-Turner, DavidYacht, sloop20 ft - half rater typeClassic Boat1996/0467
13713Williamson, Peter & JanetYacht, sloop20 ftClassic Boat1996/0467
890Beg LannRobbe, J-P DoleYacht, sloop20 ft LOAClassic Boat1996/0468
8488LacustreCopponex, HenriYacht, sloop31 ft LOA - SwitzerlandClassic Boat1996/0438
8385KavatThomasson, BjornYacht, yawl20 ft approx C BClassic Boat1996/0468
11824Castle, MartinDinghy, sailing18 ft LOAClassic Boat1996/04 66
9753RadianceHerreshoff, L FrancisYacht, ketch72 ft Classic Boat1996/0461
3013AlegriaTucker, TomYacht, ketch39 ft LOAWooden Boat1996/04114
3012ZuluMaynard, George SherlockYacht, yawl34 ft LOAWooden Boat1996/0446
2119Victoria 800Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1996/0442
2120Sea WychSadler, JohnYacht, sloop19 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1996/0445
9897RomillyIrens, NigelYacht, yawl22 ft LOA - lug rir - see also CB 2003/11/p38Yachting Monthly1996/0374
10499StormGriffiths, MauriceYacht, cutter26 ft LOA 7 ton - see also CB 1987/03 p 22Yachting Monthly1996/0385
88Projection 762Thomas, StephenYacht, sloop7.62 m LOAYachts and Yachting1996/037
4752Moody S38Dixon, BillYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1996/03122
10893Tortuga 35Barnett, TimYacht, motor34 ft LOA - New ZealandClassic Boat1996/0355
8805MarietteHerreshoff, NattYacht, schooner138 ft LOAClassic Boat1996/0333
13061Pape, AlanYacht, cutter37 ft C BClassic Boat1996/0325
10044Sara JamesPowell, LukeYacht, cutter38 ft - Channel Pilot typeClassic Boat1996/0372
807Baby IBrookes, John WalterMotor25 ftClassic Boat1996/0343
1517CrusaderBrookes, John WalterHydroplane33 ftClassic Boat1996/0347
2117Etap 23iLYacht, sloop25 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1996/0338
7248Grand Banks 42Smith, KenYacht, motor43 ftMotorboat Monthly1996/0366
2118Sabre 27Hill, AlanYacht, sloop27 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1996/0341
7247Selqueen 24Ancas, SelcoMotor24 ftMotorboat Monthly1996/0343
8832Mary BryantYacht, schooner41 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/0243
4750Nodseil 55Dixon, BillYacht, sloop55 ft LOAYachting World1996/0290
4751Oceanis 40CCFinot & BriandYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1996/0294
11444ZannaDalzell, SteveYacht, yawl75 ft Classic Boat1996/0244
1508CristinaHolme, ToreYacht, sloop - 8 m classClassic Boat1996/0260
8140IfAas, BjarneYacht, sloop - 8 m classClassic Boat1996/0258
8877MaxieLogan BrosYacht, motor35 ft - New ZealandClassic Boat1996/0228
2116Trapper 500/501C & CYacht, sloop28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1996/0232
11828Catus, Jules DeYacht, sloop15 ft approx - Lac Leman - SwitzerlandThe Boatman1996/0236
10018SanderlingLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop22 ft LOAThe Boatman1996/0248
7537FelixWolstenholme, A & Moss, DavidCatboat16 ftThe Boatman1996/0244
9492PalaceMacDonald, IanYacht, sloop39 ft LOA - Norfolk BroadsThe Boatman1996/0223
2115Legend 280Yacht, sloop28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1996/0228
7246Seaward 29TT Boat DesignsMotor29 ftMotorboat Monthly1996/0254
14063Fishing5 m - Lac Leman canot - SwitzerlandThe Boatman1996/0237
9347NutshellGoodwin, MalcolmDinghy, sailing9 ftThe Boatman1996/0254
14062Fishing19 ft approx - Lac Leman - lanteen rig - SwitzThe Boatman1996/0230
7245Broom 36Wolstenholme, AndrewYacht, motor37 ftMotorboat Monthly1996/0224
10453St PatrickGalway Hooker40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/0150
1394Condor 37Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/0154
10563Sun Shine 38Castro, TonyYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/0156
10946Trintella 46AStadt, E G van deYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/01116
7610First 38Berret, JeanYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/0152
8961MG 38Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/0155
7786Gib'Sea 116Joubert, M & Nivelt, BYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/0152
8335Jouet 37Tortarolo, DanielYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/0154
10168Selection 37Joubert, M & Nivelt, BYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/0155
4749Mumm 30Farr, BruceYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1996/01138
86Mount Gay 30Rogers, SimonYacht, sloop9.64 m LOAYachts and Yachting1996/017
87Parker 325Parker Yachts & DinghiesYacht, sloop10.21 m LOAYachts and Yachting1996/017
4742FrejaHeyman, GabrielYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1996/0166
4743MergusEivola, PekkaYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1996/0168
47447 Seas 1300Haavind, PerYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1996/0170
4747Windexpress 48Bergstrom, LarsYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World1996/01116
4748Contest 37Zaal, DickYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1996/01134
4746Cape 38Berckemeyer, OswaldYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1996/0173
4745Eden 50Perry, RobertYacht, sloop51 ft LOAYachting World1996/0172
797AyeshaClarke-Lens, SteveFeluca30 ftClassic Boat1996/0175
13351Skira, DanielYacht, motor99 ft - AmericaClassic Boat1996/0125
11183Walnut Yawl 20Whisstock, GeorgeYacht, yawl20 ftClassic Boat1996/0125
12514Laurent Giles & HillyardYacht, cutter36 ft LODClassic Boat1996/0125
11135VingaLiljgrenYacht, cutter - 8 m classClassic Boat1996/0158
11478Abeking & RasmussenYacht, cutter - 8 mclassClassic Boat1996/0157
11182Walnut Yawl 17Whisstock, GeorgeYacht, yawl17 ft The Boatman1996/0184
9144MynonieHildred, Rosaline & Buehler, GeorgeYacht, schooner33 ft LBP - junk rig - CanadaThe Boatman1996/0170
8458KunaYacht, schooner73 ft LOA - converted motor fishing boat - PolanThe Boatman1996/0144
3008Grey SealOughtred, IainYacht, sloop22 ft LOAWooden Boat1996/0168
7243Sealine Bolero 28Sealine International Ltd.Motor29 ftMotorboat Monthly1996/0138
699Arabella RoseHathaway, BobYacht, yawl36 ft LOA - see also CB 1997/12 p 68The Boatman1996/0139
3007DecoySpalding, EliotMotor20 ft LOAWooden Boat1996/0198
7244fPremier Power 50DM Design Ltd.Yacht, motor49 ftMotorboat Monthly1996/01102
666AndreyaleJoubert, MichelYacht, motor32 ft LOAThe Boatman1996/0152
879BeatriceFishing50 ft - Essex smackThe Boatman1996/0127
8890MayflyYacht, ketch49 ft LOA Yachting Monthly1995/1292
9987Salcombe TraderTideway Boat ConstructionYacht, cutter26 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/1278
1427Contest 37Zaal, DickYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/1276
83Raider 18Hawkins, ChrisDinghy, sailing5.56 m LOAYachts and Yachting1995/1219
84Hunter 707Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1995/125
82Hobie TigerHobie catCatamaran5.51 m LOAYachts and Yachting1995/1213
85Comet TrioMorrison, PhilDinghy, sailing15 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1995/129
4133BoleroSparkman & StephensYacht, yawl74 ft LOAYachting World1995/1292
4134Farr 60Farr, BruceYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World1995/12102
355A RRasmussen, HenryYacht, yawl63 ft - seefahrtkreuzerClassic Boat1995/1246
8146ImajicaFishing44 ft - BrazilClassic Boat1995/1263
12222Goeller, Fred WCatboat25 ft approxClassic Boat1995/1258
2114PunchStollery, RogerDinghy, sailing11 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1995/1267
7239Johnson 65Bill Dixon Design OfficeYacht, motor65 ftMotorboat Monthly1995/1234
2113Najad 391Yacht, sloop40 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1995/1224
7240Sea Ray 215 ECSea Ray Boats Inc.Motor22 ftMotorboat Monthly1995/1248
7241Cranchi Atlantique 38Cantiere Nautico Cranchi sriMotor41 ftMotorboat Monthly1995/1268
7242Freeman 32John Freeman MarineYacht, motor32 ft 1972Motorboat Monthly1995/1278
11257Westerly Oceanquest 35Dubois, EdYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/11 64
7500FantasiaJeanneauYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/1168
8278Jenny WrenMead, HarleyYacht, cutter38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/1150
4738Heresy 45Morgan, JohnYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1995/1180
80BH 41Murray, IanYacht, sloop12.5 m LOAYachts and Yachting1995/115
81BuzzHowlett, Ian & Caig, JohnDinghy, sailing4.2 m LOA TopperYachts and Yachting1995/1113
4737CatalystHolland, RonYacht, ketch92 ft LOAYachting World1995/1166
4739Swan 48Frers, GermanYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World1995/1192
12309Hayward, F ScottDinghy, sailing20 ft - Seabird class - sailed in North Wales - Classic Boat1995/1140
1608DebenJones, J FrancisYacht, sloop22 ft - Kestrel classClassic Boat1995/1158
1340Coch-y-BondduCrossfieldsDinghy, sailing13 ft - Arthur Ransome's dinghyClassic Boat1995/118
11175WaitangiLogan, RobertYacht, cutter74 ft LOA - New ZealandClassic Boat1995/1171
448Adelaide of RoundwoodMackay, WYacht, cutter18 ftClassic Boat1995/1152
10156SeasharpChris CraftMotor28 ftClassic Boat1995/1126
9960Sacra FamiljaMgarr30 ft approx - MaltaClassic Boat1995/1166
14706Coch-y-BoudduCrossfieldsDinghy, sailing13 ft - Arthur Ransome's dinghyClassic Boat1995/118
7237Feeling Woosley Too, Fletcher Zingaro ExpressFletcher InternationalMotor26 ft 1978Motorboat Monthly1995/1134
2112RomillyIrens, NigelYacht, sloop22 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1995/1124
7238Royal Cruiser 34Storebro Bruks ABMotor34 ftMotorboat Monthly1995/1176
492AlchemyMaurice GriffithsYacht cutter33 ft LOAThe Boatman1995/1129
7497FannySelway Fisher DesignYacht, steam15 ft LOAThe Boatman1995/1169
1096Buzzard Bay 15Herreshoff, NattYacht, sloop24 ft LOAThe Boatman1995/1145
3006A1 Pilothouse sloopSprague, ScottYacht, sloop26 ft LOAWooden Boat1995/11104
3364Evasion 28BeneteauYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/1080
8200Island DrifterAnderson, IanYacht, sloop37 ft LOA - Countess classYachting Monthly1995/1058
7575Finnsailer 29Yacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/1081
10070Scanyacht 391Oloffson, Nils EricYacht, sloop38 ft LOA - see also YM 1994/07 p 71Yachting Monthly1995/1048
1369Colvic Watson 28.6Yacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/1078
716Argosy 39Steel-KitYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/1050
79Sigma 8Peterson, JakopinYacht, sloop8.00 m LOAYachts and Yachting1995/1019
4735Hunter 707Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1995/10106
4736Lit'l Blue, Baltic 47Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1995/10112
4734Truly ClassicHoek, AndrewYacht, sloop64 ft LOAYachting World1995/1080
3590KentraWilliam FifeYacht, ketch104 ft LOA 1923 restoredBoat International1995/1054
12585Logan, ArchDinghy, sailing18 ft - Restricted M class - New ZealandClassic Boat1995/1026
3593XasteriaPerini NaviYacht, ketch170 ft LOABoat International1995/1094
3591Truly Classic 64Hoek, AndreYacht, sloop64 ft LOABoat International1995/1072
8389KayakCanoe17 ftClassic Boat1995/1061
3592CV-9Delta MarineMotor131 ft LOABoat International1995/1086
3594KrishaSarin, JackMotor115 ft LOABoat International1995/10104
9274NimrodYacht, sloop18 ft - Shellduck classClassic Boat1995/1021
8760Manaia ILogan, ArchDinghy, sailing18 ft - Restricted M class - New ZealandClassic Boat1995/1028
8845MascotteCox, Thomas & SonPilot60 ft LOD - Bristol ChannelThe Boatman1995/1048
2275Storebro Royal Cruiser 355Wilkie, WinnfriedMotor35 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1995/1068
9834RhapsodyPeel, CharlesYacht, cutter18 ft C BThe Boatman1995/1067
2261Mariah Z275 DavantiMariah BoatsMotor27 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1995/1028
14824Azimut AZ 54Righini, StephanoMotor56 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1995/1070
2262Sealine 285 AmbassadorMurrant, TomMotor28 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1995/1048
10597SurpriseGartside, PaulYacht, cutter22 ftThe Boatman1995/1070
12191Gartside, PaulYacht, cutter20 ft LOD - based on Falmouth workboatThe Boatman1995/1072
9666Post BoatBailiff, BillYacht, cutter14 ft LOAThe Boatman1995/1065
2111Bavaria 33J & J DesignYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1995/1028
7866GoosanderLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, ketch25 ft LWL - Peter Duck classThe Boatman1995/1026
2276Princess 37SBennett, JohnMotor37 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1995/1086
11166W33 / DiscusLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/09113
8563Legend 36Mazza, RobYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/09110
78FlyerWhitehead, RolandDinghy, sailing14 ft LOA kit constructionYachts and Yachting1995/0939
8481La NeptuneBarge, sailing88 ft LOA - built 1904 - barque du LemanClassic Boat1995/0976
3294EnaHumphreys, RobYacht, sloop22 ftClassic Boat1995/0911
8397KentraFife, WillamYacht, ketch100 ft LOAClassic Boat1995/0940
976Blue SkiesGartside, PaulMotor20 ftThe Boatman1995/0968
9343Notre Dame de BequerelFishing43 ft LBP - Brittany Forban luggerThe Boatman1995/0951
10037Sapphire 27Whisstock, GeorgeYacht, sloop31 ft LOAThe Boatman1995/0936
10767TernaDinghy, sailing16 ft - Norwegian designThe Boatman1995/0965
3005Peregrine 18Brooks, JohnDinghy18 ft LOAWooden Boat1995/0998
3004OleyFarrington, DaveDinghy, skiff17ft LOAWooden Boat1995/0956
2256Shamrock 20O'SullivanMotor20 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1995/0990
2255Nord West 900Moxham, JohnMotor33 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1995/0970
2257Watershed CourierWatershedMotor19 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1995/0992
2258Orkney Day Angler 19+TT Boat DesignsMotor20 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1995/0994
2259Sunseeker Portofino 31/32Shead, DonMotor32 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1995/09108
2260Solar 32Clabburn, JohnMotor32 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1995/09124
2254Rico MarlinMoxham, JohnMotor30 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1995/0934
10620Swallowdale Isles, MurrayDory, sailing15 ft LOAThe Boatman1995/0981
1196Catalina 22Butler, Frank & Finch, RobertYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0859
10543Sun First 20JeanneauYacht, sloop20 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0862
1075BrychanAlan-Williams, DavidYacht, cutter42 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0875
8100Hunter Horizon 21Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0860
8556Legend 23.5Luhrs, WarrenYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0861
7599First 210Group FinotYacht, sloop20 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0858
9794Red Fox 200EThomas, David & Bewes, HeadleyYacht, sloop20 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0863
771720Castro, TonyYacht, sloop8.00 m LOAYachts and Yachting1995/0841
4731Fatso the BlaggerMcMillan, SeanYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting World1995/0886
4733Unna 24 & 20Nissen, GeorgYacht, sloop24 & 21 ft LOAYachting World1995/08108
4732Island Packet 40Johnson, BobYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1995/08102
11209Water WagDoyle, J EDinghy, sailing14 ft - new design - see also CB 1995/09 p 30Classic Boat1995/0872
12728McGruer, EwingYacht, sloop24 ft - Gareloch O D classClassic Boat1995/0842
1356ColibriYacht, sloop27 ft LWL - Puerto RicaClassic Boat1995/0836
7236Haines 29Haines Marine Ltd.Motor29 ftMotorboat Monthly1995/0860
7234Falcon 275Wolstenholme, AndrewMotor28 ftMotorboat Monthly1995/0834
7235Bonny Maid, Broom Ocean 29Wolstenholme, AndrewMotor29 ftMotorboat Monthly1995/0860
2110L'Avant FoxFox, UffaYacht, sloop18 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1995/0832
2109Laser UniFurlPerformance SailcraftDinghy, sailing17 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1995/0828
14061Fishing12 to 16 ft - Fleet trowThe Boatman1995/0846
14060Fishing38 ft - Lancashire nobbyThe Boatman1995/0822
10522SulaFisher, PaulYacht, yawl16 ft LOAThe Boatman1995/0865
11975Crossfield, JohnFishing35 ft - Lancashire nobby or prawnerThe Boatman1995/0822
10048Sarah Jane RlieyGarton, PaulYacht - replica Welsh trading smackThe Boatman1995/0819
9117MoyaCrossfield, WilliamYacht, cutter42 ft LOA - ex Morecombe Bay prawnerThe Boatman1995/0828
7842Golant GafferDongray, RogerYacht, cutter18 ft LOA - see also WC 1998/07 p 28, WC 2003/07 The Boatman1995/0852
3122DoratheaStoba, WilliamYacht, cutter26 ft LOAThe Boatman1995/0822
9757Ragna RReimers, Knud HYacht, sloop53 ft LOA - see also CB 2002/10 p 54Yachting Monthly1995/0732
3174Dufour 25/1800Yacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0734
10592Super Seal 26Holland, RonYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0735
10873Tomahawk 25Hill, AlanYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0738
10914Trapper 300Kirby, BruceYacht, sloop26 ft LOA -see also YW 1969/10 p 454, YW 1977/07 Yachting Monthly1995/0738
9697Prout 45Feltham, DavidCatamaran45 ft LOA - see also YM 1996/06 p 86Yachting Monthly1995/0789
7600First 25Yacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0734
7448Evolution 26Everitt, JustinYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0737
9103Morning's EndSparkman & StephensYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0749
9538Pegasus 800Harris, GoedonYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0735
8115Hustler 25.5Holman & PyeYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0738
9962Sadler 25Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop24 ft LOA - see also YW 1976/06 p 95Yachting Monthly1995/0736
988Bluewater 60Skilowitz, PaulYacht60 ft LOAYachting World1995/0786
9695ProspectorSelway Fisher DesignCanoe16 ftClassic Boat1995/077
11365Wivenhoe One DesignRadcliffe, WalterDinghy, sailing15 ftClassic Boat1995/0768
2967RoxaneNigel Irens DesignYacht, yawl30 ft LOAWooden Boat1995/0738
2108Red FoxThomas, DavidYacht, sloop20 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1995/0736
3010RoxaneNigel Irens DesignYacht, yawl30 ft LOAWooden Boat1995/0738
2968Rosa IIRosenblatt, Mandell & LesterYacht, ketch41 ft LOAWooden Boat1995/0764
2969Merry DreamBombigher, DanielYacht, schooner43 ft LOAWooden Boat1995/0796
3003Merry DreamBombigher, DanielYacht, schooner43 ft LOAWooden Boat1995/0796
3011Rosa IIRosenblatt, Mandell & LesterYacht, ketch41 ft LOAWooden Boat1995/0764
8546LauraLeather, JohnFishing39 ft - Colne oysterThe Boatman1995/0724
9706P'tit BonheurTutard, Jean-PierreYacht, barge23 ft LOAThe Boatman1995/0754
8442KittiwakeHolmes, George FCanoe, sailing18 ft - Humber yawl - see also CB 1991/10 p 46The Boatman1995/0721
2252Sunseeker 46 ManhattanShead, DonMotor46 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1995/0726
2253Maxum 2300CMaxum MarineMotor24 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1995/0756
8272Jeannie HendersonOughtred, IainYacht, yawl19 ft LOA - Ness yawlThe Boatman1995/0714
7924GulliverHohmann, RussellRowing16 ft - Canadian designThe Boatman1995/0784
1021Bowman 45Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0656
8663Lost Horizon IIOhlson, EinarYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0666
1683DindyButler, T HarrisonYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0664
472821-Metre Swing KeelerNissen, GeorgYacht, ketch72 ft LOAYachting World1995/0693
4730First 300 SpiritGroupe FinotYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1995/06114
4729Piano, Bowman 45Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1995/06108
3586Ultra 78 AzimutRighini, StefanoMotor78 ft LOABoat International1995/0694
3587Far WindFarr, BruceYacht, sloop72 ft LOABoat International1995/06100
3589Libra StarBenettiMotor131 ft LOABoat International1995/06114
9942RunagMylne, AlfredYacht, cutter43 ftClassic Boat1995/0631
10602Susan AnnWestmacott, AlfredYacht, sloop28 ft LOAClassic Boat1995/0649
3588Lady AnneFranchini, WalterMotor131 ft LOABoat International1995/06104
14058Fishing37 ft - Harwich bawleyThe Boatman1995/0636
14059Fishing - Essex smackThe Boatman1995/0636
2250Princess V39Olesinski, BernardMotor39 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1995/0634
9301NorahBarge40 ft - River Severn trowThe Boatman1995/0661
2107Summer Twins 28Patterson, PatCatamaran28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1995/0636
2251Skibsplast 700DSkibsplastMotor23 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1995/0672
10330SmugglerNorfolk BoatyardYacht, cutter30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0593
9774Ranger Woods DesignsCatamaran27 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0593
1631Dehler 41DSJudel & Vrolijy & Baltic YachtsYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0588
1255Chanson de LecqSadler, DavidYacht, sloop32 ft LOA - Contessa 32 classYachting Monthly1995/05101
4725ThaliaHolland, RonYacht, ketch160 ft LOAYachting World1995/0586
4726Beer Money, Trintella 51Avan de StadtYacht, sloop51 ft LOAYachting World1995/05104
76Ultra 30Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1995/0533
4727Sigma 8mJ&J Design & PetersonYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1995/05110
1487CourierTolfrey, StewartMotor18 ftClassic Boat1995/0538
641AmericaScarano, JohnYacht, schooner105 ft - replica of America Cup race - see also Classic Boat1995/055
9969Sae WylfingGifford, EdwinLongboat44 ft - replica of Viking longboatClassic Boat1995/0560
10738Tassie TooYacht, sloop25 ft LOA 21 ft class - AustraliaClassic Boat1995/0566
7494FamaireMulkennins, ColmYacht, cutter42 ft - Galway HookerClassic Boat1995/0547
2966Great Cove 21Day, ArnoMotor21 ft LOAWooden Boat1995/05109
927Billie JaneYacht, cutter17 ft - Breton smackThe Boatman1995/0529
7560Fin BoatBryan, HarryDinghy12 ft - peddle poweredThe Boatman1995/0550
3009Great Cove 21Day, ArnoMotor21 ft LOAWooden Boat1995/05109
845BarinthusOwle, JohnDory, sailing16 ftThe Boatman1995/0568
928Billie JaneThe Boatman1995/0529
13551Topazio, MarianoGozzo - various designsThe Boatman1995/0540
2106CatalacWinterbotham, JohnCatamaran36 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1995/0542
8395Kelt 29Baud, Gilles leYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0463
1602DayspringDubois, EdYacht, sloop26 ft LOA - Westerly Griffon classYachting Monthly1995/0477
11398Y M Offshore 38Yacht, cutter37 ft LOA - see also YM 1995/07 p 82Yachting Monthly1995/0452
10537Sun Dream 28JeanneauYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0464
8875Maxi 38Petterson, PelleYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/04102
9057Moody 28Dixon, Bill & Primrose, AngusYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0462
10257Sigma 292Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0463
4724Magic Dragon, Grand Soleil 50Peterson, DougYacht, sloop51 ft LOAYachting World1995/04110
75RS600LDC Racing SailboatsDinghy, sailing4.47 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1995/0441
4723Gib'Sea 414Humphreys, RobertYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1995/04104
472257ft HinckleySparkman & StephensYacht, yawl57 ft LOAYachting World1995/0488
9637Plan No 126Berthon, Edward LyonYacht, sloop34 ft LOA - W restricted classClassic Boat1995/0443
3585ZeusPedrick, DavidYacht, sloop150 ft LOABoat International1995/0498
1304Circus GirlNicholsonYacht, sloop22 ft LOA - Bembridge Redwing classClassic Boat1995/0460
10839TigerSmith, ChristopherFishing30 ft approx - oyster - built 1869 - AmericaClassic Boat1995/0433
8683Lymington ScowBerthon Boatbuilding CoDinghy, sailing - C BClassic Boat1995/0447
3584MargauxGrant, GaryMotor116 ft LOABoat International1995/0490
669AndromedaHolman, KimYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - Stella classThe Boatman1995/0431
10343SnippetHolmes, George FYacht, yawl28 ft LOAThe Boatman1995/0477
10342SnippetHolmes, George FYacht, yawl28 ft LOAThe Boatman1995/0477
8914MelusineLaurent GilesYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - Vertue classThe Boatman1995/0472
9424OnawayHolmes, George FYacht, yawl29 ft LOAThe Boatman1995/0478
668AndromedaHolman, KimYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - Stella classThe Boatman1995/0431
7233Targa 27Botnia MarinMotor28 ftMotorboat Monthly1995/0466
7232Otters Way, Fairline 36Olesinski, BernardMotor40 ftMotorboat Monthly1995/0442
2105Pilot 27Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop27 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1995/0442
7231Seaco 780Seaco Boats ASMotor26 ftMotorboat Monthly1995/0428
1675DibHolmes, George FYacht, sloop17 ft LOAThe Boatman1995/0478
1676DibHolmes, George FYacht, sloop17 ft LOAThe Boatman1995/0478
9425OnawayHolmes, George FYacht, yawl29 ft LOAThe Boatman1995/0478
7446EventideGriffiths, MauriceYacht, cutter28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0388
8754Malmac IIMoodyYacht, yawl44 ft LOA - Moody Grenadier classYachting Monthly1995/0367
4132Freebird 50Richardson & SmithCatamaran50 ft LOAYachting World1995/03102
14057Rowing25 ft - replica of vessel used by Lt. Broughton Classic Boat1995/0367
13259Rose, DiggoryDinghy, sailing10 ft - dipping lug rigClassic Boat1995/0373
14056Fishing20 ft approx - Yarmouth shrimperClassic Boat1995/0359
959BlodwenSchooner129 ton - sail planClassic Boat1995/0351
13487Teale, JohnDinghy, sailing21 ftClassic Boat1995/036
11401Y W DayboatKennedy, GeorgeDinghy, sailing14 ftClassic Boat1995/0346
7722FulmarFife, WilliamYacht, sloop39 ft LOA - 8 m classClassic Boat1995/0320
10798The Song ThrushCooper & CooperDinghy, sailing6 ftClassic Boat1995/0373
11963Craig, AlanDinghy, sailing10 ftClassic Boat1995/0372
12502Larsen, AudunDinghy, sailing13 ftClassic Boat1995/0371
12137Fishwick, SimonDinghy, sailing8 ftClassic Boat1995/0372
12389Hope, LintonYacht, sloop22 ft LOA C BClassic Boat1995/0310
9797Red GauntletMay, H GYacht, cutter37 ft LOA - Gauntlet classThe Boatman1995/0342
2103RM 800Yacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1995/0338
10307SkateHolmes, GeorgeDinghy, sailing10 ft - leeboardThe Boatman1995/0372
10623Swan Holmes, GeorgeCanoe, sailing15 ftThe Boatman1995/0370
2104Prout 45ProutCatamaran45 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1995/0342
2965Lincoln 28Paine, C WMotor28 ft LOAWooden Boat1995/03110
9846RippleHolmes, GeorgeCanoe, sailing20 ftThe Boatman1995/0373
8310Jolie MomeJanvier, FrancoisYacht15 ftThe Boatman1995/0365
7628FleetwingButler, T HarrisonYacht, cutter20 ft LOAThe Boatman1995/0338
9434OompahHolmes, GeorgeYacht, yawl20 ftThe Boatman1995/0374
3345EthelHolmes, GeorgeCanoe, sailing15 ft - see also CB1988/05 p 22, CB 1991/01 p 104The Boatman1995/0369
10252ShrimpHolmes, GeorgeDinghy, sailing12 ft - also PrawnThe Boatman1995/0371
3002Lincoln 28Paine, C WMotor28 ft LOAWooden Boat1995/03110
1045BrilligMeer, S M Van deYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0281
10216She 33Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0237
10552Sun Odyssey 32.1Briand, PhilippeYacht, sloop31 ft LOA - JeanneauYachting Monthly1995/0276
8910MelodyMauric, Andre Yacht, sloop33 ft LOA - JeanneauYachting Monthly1995/0239
7823GK 34Dubois, EdYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0237
9082Moody S38Dixon, BillYacht, sloop38 ft LOA - see also YM 1996/03 p 70Yachting Monthly1995/0278
11098Verl 33Jones, StephenYacht, sloop32 ft LOA - see also YW 1980/06 p 98Yachting Monthly1995/0236
1389ConcubineCarter, DickYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0240
4719Huisman 100Frers, GermanYacht, sloop105 ft LOAYachting World1995/0288
4721Justice of Turnchapel, Sweden Yachts 370Norlin & OstmannYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1995/02104
4720Melges 24Pugh, ReichelYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting World1995/02100
74Hunter 21Hunter Boats LtdYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1995/0211
1165CarinaHaywood, W ScottYacht, sloop23 ft - 3/4 RaterClassic Boat1995/027
1527CubCastle, MartinDinghy, sailing10 ftClassic Boat1995/0274
13536Thurston, JohnCatamaran8 ftClassic Boat1995/0274
14055Fishing26 ft - gillnetter - CanadaClassic Boat1995/0266
1299Chummy DinghyMcIlvenny, JohnDinghy, sailing7 ft - see also CB 1995/07 p 12Classic Boat1995/0272
787AvelNicholson, C EYacht, cutter59 ft LOA Classic Boat1995/0220
2249Princess 420Olesinski, BernardMotor43 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1995/0280
2102CorsaireHerbulot, Jean-JacquesYacht, sloop5.50 m LOAPractical Boat Owner1995/0287
2248Windy 31 SciroccoJohnsen, HansMotor31 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1995/0234
2100Sun Odyssey 37.1Fauroux, JYacht, sloop37 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1995/0228
2101KD18Cooper, RodDinghy, sailing19 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1995/0231
9374Oceanis 281Group FinotYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0189
10038Sapphire 30Woods DesignsTrimaran30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0191
839BarbicanBuchanan, Alan & Hayman, BernardYacht, cutter32 ft LOA - see also Bmn 1995/07 p 48, CB 1997/11Yachting Monthly1995/0180
4717Dehler 37CWSvan de StadtYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1995/01116
4718Sticky Fingers, Whitbread 30Rogers, SimonYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1995/01122
4716Rustler 41Holman & PyeYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1995/01102
73Hobie 21Wake, JohnCatamaran6.5 m LOAYachts and Yachting1995/015
4715RoxaneIrens, NigelYacht, yawl29 ft LOAYachting World1995/0190
4714FulmarFife, WilliamYacht, sloop47 ft LOA 1930Yachting World1995/0186
10376Sorcerer 20Maloney, BillMotor20 ftClassic Boat1995/0196
9591PhocenaDias, AntonioYacht, cutter25 ft LODThe Boatman1995/0183
14826Linssen 45 HTWilke, Winfried HMotor44 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1995/01146
737Arthur H daviesDias, AntonioYacht, cutter28 ft LODThe Boatman1995/0181
634AmarylisFisher, PaulYacht, steam30 ft The Boatman1995/0152
7230VertineHalmaticYacht, motor41 ft 1966 refurbishmentMotorboat Monthly1995/01104
7228Fairline Targa 36Olesinski, BernardMotor37 ftMotorboat Monthly1995/0188
7227Stevens 1060 AmbassadorScheepswerf De StevensMotor35 ftMotorboat Monthly1995/0166
2963BrilliantSparkman & StevensYacht, schooner62 ft LOAWooden Boat1995/0133
7226Capriole 27Wolstenholme, AndrewMotor27 ftMotorboat Monthly1995/0146
3000BrilliantSparkman & StevensYacht, schooner62 ft LOAWooden Boat1995/0133
7229Fairline Squadron 65Fairline BoatsYacht, motor67 ftMotorboat Monthly1995/0194
14825Nimbus 31 CoupeEliasson, RolfMotor31 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1995/0154
2964Buzzards Bay SlooopCuller, PeteDinghy, sailing19 ft LOAWooden Boat1995/0184
1596Davies 18Dias, AntonioYacht, cutter18 ft LODThe Boatman1995/0179
3001Buzzards Bay SlooopCuller, PeteDinghy, sailing19 ft LOAWooden Boat1995/0184
8758Malo 42Malo Yachts ABYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/1275
10239Sherpa BillStadt, E G van deYacht, sloop36 ft LOA - Excalibur 36 classYachting Monthly1994/1245
9924RoxaneIrens, NigelYacht, yawl29 ft LOA - see also Bmn 1993/06 p 81Yachting Monthly1994/1276
4713Sweden Yachts 70Norlin & OstmannYacht, sloop70 ft LOAYachting World1994/12106
4711Dehler 41DSJudel & VrolijkYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1994/1284
72RS400Morrison, PhilDinghy, sailing15 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1994/127
4710MarigoldYacht, sloop59 ft LOA 1890Yachting World1994/1260
4712Jeanneau One DesignAndrieu, DanielYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting World1994/12100
10504Stormie SeasBarclay, SamYacht, schooner48 ft - caique typeClassic Boat1994/1255
2099Skibsplast 600DSkibsrud, RoaldMotor21 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1994/1284
2098Legend 29.5Luhrs, WarrenYacht, sloop29 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1994/1228
7908Greyhound of YealmLaurent GilesYacht, yawl44 ft LOA - MoodyYachting Monthly1994/1135
7699Freedom 35Hoyt, GaryYacht, ketch34 ft LOA - see also YM 1997/08 p65Yachting Monthly1994/1184
10082SCODNicholson, CharlesYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - South Coast O D class - see also CBYachting Monthly1994/1129
10009Samphire 26Cannell, DavidYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/1132
1537Cutlass 27White, EYacht, sloop27 ft LOA - see also YW 1969/10 p 448, Ymn 1967Yachting Monthly1994/1131
4708Excel GrowlerAndrews, AlanYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1994/1186
4709Najad 520Beyer, CarlYacht, sloop53 ft LOAYachting World1994/11102
14052Dinghy, sailing - Olympic O Jolle classClassic Boat1994/1154
14054Janggolan30 ft approx - Indonesian cargo vesselClassic Boat1994/1160
13154Powell, RichardYacht, yawl14 ft - based on Laurent Giles Jolly BoatClassic Boat1994/1142
9901RonaEaston, WalterYacht, yawl25 ft The Boatman1994/1143
2999Summer KyleGerr, DaveMotor42 ft LOAWooden Boat1994/11103
2097Argyll 23Chisholm, Roderick GYacht, sloop23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1994/1157
2096Cornish CrabberDongray, RogerYacht, sloop24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1994/1152
2962Summer KyleGerr, DaveMotor42 ft LOAWooden Boat1994/11103
1284ChloeShort, William HDinghy, sailing16 ft - Pelican class - American designThe Boatman1994/1116
13730Wolstenholme, AMotor10 ftThe Boatman1994/1192
10135Seaford SkiffYacht14 ft - American designThe Boatman1994/1148
7832GleanerWherry57 ft - Norfolk BroadsThe Boatman1994/1160
14053Fishing38 ft LOA - Scottish scaffieThe Boatman1994/1126
10847Tiki 38 Wharram, JamesCatamaran38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/10105
1351Cohoe IVCamper & NicholsonYacht, sloop36 ft LOA - Nicholson 36 classYachting Monthly1994/1077
7956Hallberg Rassy 42FFrers, GermanYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/10 104
949BlackjackPocock, MikeYacht, cutter37 ft LOA - see also YW 1980/11 p 111Yachting Monthly1994/1035
10947Trintella 47Holland, RonYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/10105
71Tripp 26Performance SailboatsYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1994/105
4706Whitbread 30Castro, TonyYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1994/1092
4707Able Apogee 50Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop51 ft LOAYachting World1994/10112
14051Fishing27 ft approx - BawleyClassic Boat1994/1062
3583CapriceGilgenast, GerhardMotor123 ft LOABoat International1994/10122
3581Maxi OneFarr, BruceYacht, sloop64 ft LOABoat International1994/10114
3580Wally 105Brenta/Wally YachtsYacht, ketch105 ft LOABoat International1994/10104
13368Smith, NormanDinghy, sailing15 ftClassic Boat1994/1055
3582Concordia 46Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop47 ft LOABoat International1994/10118
10817Thornycroft BeeThornycroftYacht, steamClassic Boat1994/1013
11637Boyd, ClaudeRowing25 ft - surfboat - AustraliaClassic Boat1994/1021
11827Castro, TonyYacht, sloop24 ftClassic Boat1994/106
429Brock ThomasEyre, MartinDinghy, sailing14 ft LOAThe Boatman1994/1063
428BloodhoundRichardson, MichaelYacht, sloop70 ft LOA replicaThe Boatman1994/1035
8105Hunter Ranger 265Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/0970
11055Vancouver 34 PilotHarris, Robert BYacht, cutter34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/0973
11331WindflowerHillyard, DavidYacht, sloop18 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/0985
4703Blythe SpiritSpirit Yachts LtdYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1994/0980
4705Moody ManiaDixon, BillYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1994/09110
4704Farr 60Farr, BruceYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World1994/0996
8569Legru-HotchkissHope, LintonMotor39 ft Classic Boat1994/0963
3576Swan 60Frers, GermanYacht, sloop62 ft LOABoat International1994/0968
3577Aga JariHolland, RonYacht, sloop72 ft LOABoat International1994/0974
3579OceanaPhil Curran DesignMotor175 ft LOABoat International1994/0992
10377SorceressHope, LintonYacht, sloop - 1 raterClassic Boat1994/0962
3578Alfamarine 90Harrauer, FrancoMotor87 ft LOABoat International1994/0986
9157N 1bHope, LintonFlying BoatClassic Boat1994/0967
8543LatonaFife, William Yacht, yawl93 ft LWLClassic Boat1994/0912
3575ThendaraMylne, AlfredYacht, ketch128 ft LOA 1937 restoredBoat International1994/0944
2998Figure 115Parker, ReuelDinghy, skiff18 ft LOAWooden Boat1994/09123
2960Cambridge BoatChapelle, HowardDinghy, skiff17 ft LOAWooden Boat1994/09121
2959CurlewYacht, sloopFalmouth Quay PuntWooden Boat1994/0998
2961Figure 115Parker, ReuelDinghy, skiff18 ft LOAWooden Boat1994/09123
2997Cambridge BoatChapelle, HowardDinghy, skiff17 ft LOAWooden Boat1994/09121
2996CurlewYacht, sloopFalmouth Quay PuntWooden Boat1994/0998
427ZinniaPoirierDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAThe Boatman1994/0929
426LoctudySergent, FrancoisYacht, sloop17 ft LOAThe Boatman1994/0924
9207Nauticat 39Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/0878
3184Dufour 35Dufour, MichelYacht, sloop35 ft LOA - see also YM 1996/01 p 112Yachting Monthly1994/0835
10397Southern YeomanBuchanan, AlanYacht, sloop35 ft LOA - Yeoman Mk II class - see also CB 199Yachting Monthly1994/0891
9759Raider 35Maas, FransYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/0839
9171Najad 361Najad YachtsYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/0879
9978Sagitta 35Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop34 ft LOA - see also YW 1971/05 p 86Yachting Monthly1994/0838
4702ThendaraMylne DesignsYacht, ketch122 ft LOA 1937Yachting World1994/0884
8091HummingbirdCutts, EdYacht, sloop C BClassic Boat1994/0877
11460ZinniaDinghy, sailing16 ft - development of Mersey River racing dinghyClassic Boat1994/086
8381Kathleen GillettArcher, ColinYacht, ketch60 ftClassic Boat1994/0868
3124DorimeeBain, JohnYacht, motor56 ft - Silver Brown Owl classClassic Boat1994/0836
8472La BelougaLebrun, JacquesYacht, sloop21 ft LOA C BClassic Boat1994/0861
425MallardWolstenholme, AndrewDinghy, sailing12 ft LOAThe Boatman1994/0876
2095WizardWoods, Richard & LilianCatamaran22 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1994/0828
10320Sky CatcherHunter Marine & Luhrs, WarrenYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/0791
11248Westerly GK 29Laurent GilesYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/0772
1020Bowman 44Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/0771
4700Beneteau 42s7Farr & StarckYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1994/0798
4701Hunter Ranger 265Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting World1994/07104
4699Wally Yachts 105Brenta, LucaYacht, ketch105 ft LOAYachting World1994/0786
1510CrocusGarden, WilliamYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1994/07244
1319CleoneYacht, yawl36 ftClassic Boat1994/0768
1156CarawayBingham, BruceYacht, cutter24 ft LOA - Flicka 20 classClassic Boat1994/0746
11453ZestReimers, Knud HYacht, sloop27 ft LOA - Tumlare classClassic Boat1994/0758
7223Blue Crusader, Bertram 25Bertram & HuntMotor25 ftMotorboat Monthly1994/0744
13747Woods, Ernest LDinghy, sailing14 ft - National 14 classThe Boatman1994/0722
2093Ranger 265Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop27 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1994/0736
2094Tobago 35Joubert-NiveltCatamaran35 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1994/0740
2958PollywogGarden, WilliamMotor27 ft LOAWooden Boat1994/07109
13746Woods, Ernest LCanoe, sailingThe Boatman1994/0719
2995PollywogGarden, WilliamMotor27 ft LOAWooden Boat1994/07109
11190WandaOrsini, G CesareYacht, schooner41 ft LWL - lug rig - see also WC 1998/11 p 17The Boatman1994/0776
11415YashkaOrsini, G CesareYacht, schooner53 ft LWL - lug rigThe Boatman1994/0776
8489LaddieWoods, Ernest LYacht, sloop24 ft LWLThe Boatman1994/0721
7222Fairline 28 TargaOlesinski, BernardMotor29 ftMotorboat Monthly1994/0728
7225Grand Banks 36 EuropaGrand Banks Yachts Ltd.Motor37 ftMotorboat Monthly1994/0780
7224Prout Panther 61Prout CatamaransCatamaran61 ftMotorboat Monthly1994/0756
14050Yacht, cutter25 ft - replica of cutter from H M S VictoryThe Boatman1994/0749
10391Southerly 28Bennett, John Yacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/06106
10866Tobago 35Joubert, M & Nivelt, BCatamaran35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/06105
7852Golden LadyEnderlein, OlleYacht, sloop30 ft LOA - Halberg-Rassy Monsun classYachting Monthly1994/0653
4695Borkumriff IIILunstroo Custom DesignSchooner144 ft LOAYachting World1994/0684
4698Sunny Side Up, Impala 28Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1994/06118
4696141 ft sloopHoek Design Naval ArchitectsYacht, sloop141 ft LOAYachting World1994/0698
4697Shaka Zulu, Bavaria 44J&J DesignYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1994/06112
11338WindsbrautRasmussen, HenryYacht, cutter48 ft LOA 8m classClassic Boat1994/0664
12154Frank, BillYacht, sloop17 ftClassic Boat1994/068
9286No 177Hess, LyleYacht, cutter - Falmouth cutterClassic Boat1994/0646
8518Lalla IISilver, J & DYacht, motor32 ftClassic Boat1994/0634
14049Fishing22 ft - Norwegian vletClassic Boat1994/0612
9525PaulineVivier, FrancoisFishing31 ft LOA -lug rig - FranceClassic Boat1994/0685
8945Merry DreamBombigher, DanielYacht, schooner43 ft LODThe Boatman1994/0677
14048Fishing31 ft - Manx nobbyThe Boatman1994/0623
9659PooduckWhite, JoelYacht, sloop12 ft LOAThe Boatman1994/0665
9227NeptuneBarque27 m - lanteen rigThe Boatman1994/0658
14828sea Ray 400Sea Ray BoatsYacht, motor46 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1994/06116
7220Linssen 34HT RoyalWilke, WinnfriedMotor33 ftMotorboat Monthly1994/0642
2092Francis 26Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1994/0638
7221LiandaLochin MarineYacht, motor33 ft 1986 conversionMotorboat Monthly1994/0666
7219Sea Ray 290DASea Ray Boats Inc.Motor32 ftMotorboat Monthly1994/0628
14827Estedor, Birchwood 320 ChallengerAndrews, EdwardYacht, motor83 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1994/0640
1198Catalina 320Catalina YachtsYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/0599
1623Dehler 35 cwsStadt, E G van deYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/0596
10217She 36Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop35 ft LOA - see also YW 1981/01 p 97Yachting Monthly1994/05100
9670Powder MonkeyBuchanan, AlanYacht, sloop30 ft LOA - Yeoman classYachting Monthly1994/0549
4694Vancouver 34 Pilot HouseHarris, RobertYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1994/05160
4693Desperado, Swan 77Frers, GermanYacht, sloop77 ft LOAYachting World1994/05154
4692Route 66Bergstrom, LarsYacht, sloop68 ft LOAYachting World1994/05106
70Victoria 16Thomas, DavidDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1994/0529
1151CaraMylne, AlfredYacht, sloop20 ft LWL - Scottish Island classClassic Boat1994/0537
11380WynfallSmaalders, MarkYacht, cutter26 ft Classic Boat1994/0559
7214Princess 58Marine ProjectsMotor58 ftMotorboat Monthly1994/0528
950BlackwaterBush, FabianCanoe, sailing20 ft approxThe Boatman1994/0574
7215Chacewater 24Jannice, CharlieMotor28 ftMotorboat Monthly1994/0542
10958TriumphYacht, schooner Chesapeake Bay BugeyeThe Boatman1994/0544
7217Viking Slipstream 27VikingMotor27 ftMotorboat Monthly1994/0562
2994Bahama MamaStambaugh, KarlYacht, ketch30 ft LOAWooden Boat1994/05127
7216CockayneEaston, HughMotor32 ft 1962 conversionMotorboat Monthly1994/0554
2993Stealth DinghySparkman & StevensDinghy, sailing15 ft LOAWooden Boat1994/0597
2956Stealth DinghySparkman & StevensDinghy, sailing15 ft LOAWooden Boat1994/0597
11077Vega IIIversenYacht, sloop6 m LWLThe Boatman1994/0520
2957Bahama MamaStambaugh, KarlYacht, ketch30 ft LOAWooden Boat1994/05127
10612SvanOlsenYacht, sloop6 m LWLThe Boatman1994/0521
2091Oceanis 300Groupe FinotYacht, sloop30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1994/0542
7218Fairline Squadron 43Olsinski, BernardMotor43 ftMotorboat Monthly1994/0598
4689Gougeon 32Gougeon, MeadeCatamaran32 ft LOAYachting World1994/04108
4691Parker 325Parker, B & WYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1994/04116
4690X - 362Jeppesen, NielsYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1994/04110
895Bella MiaRivers, A FYacht, motor35 ft Classic Boat1994/049
10140SeahorseElwood Sailing Club (Melbourne)Canoe, sailing18 ftClassic Boat1994/0471
9523Paul HenrikJensen, HenrikYacht, cutter32 ft Classic Boat1994/0459
9405Oiseau de FeuNicholson, C EYacht, yawl35 ft LWL - originally cutter rigClassic Boat1994/0422
7212Coral BankPlater, JohnYacht, motor67 ft conversionMotorboat Monthly1994/0444
8372Kane and AbelFisher, PaulYacht, yawl16 ft C BThe Boatman1994/0474
7213Broom Ocean 34Wolstenholme, AndrewYacht, motor34 ftMotorboat Monthly1994/0472
7211Sealine 240 SportSealine International Ltd.Motor25 ftMotorboat Monthly1994/0428
2090ThomasYacht, barge41 ft LWLPractical Boat Owner1994/0477
2078Sunstar 32Catamaran32 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1994/0442
8450KnotStone, DonDinghy7 ft The Boatman1994/0445
9594PhoenixKelsall, DerekTrimaran26 ft LOA - Telstar classYachting Monthly1994/0395
9515Parker 325Parker & CastroYacht, sloop33 ft LOA C BYachting Monthly1994/0346
4686Swan 60Frers, GermanYacht, sloop62 ft LOAYachting World1994/03104
4688Oyster 26Holman & PyeYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1994/03112
4687Contest 58Zaal & PetersonYacht, sloop58 ft LOAYachting World1994/03106
8471La Belle AngeleFishing - chasse maree typeClassic Boat1994/0368
8984MinimMason, DavidYacht, sloop16 ft C BClassic Boat1994/0355
9782RauchiWhisstock, George Designs LtdYacht, cutter26 ft LOAClassic Boat1994/0350
9854Riva Aquarama SpecialCantieri RivaMotor28 ft LOAClassic Boat1994/0331
10660Swn y MorYacht, ketch46 ft LOA - conversion of R N L I Watson lifeboatClassic Boat1994/0362
2077Snowgoose 37Prout/FelthamCatamaran37 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1994/0336
2076Tern IIDinghy, sailing18 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1994/0339
1026Boy markYacht, cutter20 ft approxThe Boatman1994/0320
2955Sometime or NeverBolger, Philip CMotor21 ft LOAWooden Boat1994/03111
2992Sometime or NeverBolger, Philip CMotor21 ft LOAWooden Boat1994/03111
11608Blake, W MYacht, sloop22 ft LOA - Deben 4 tonnerThe Boatman1994/0375
12335Hesp, JohnYacht, cutter27 ft C BThe Boatman1994/0364
10215She 27Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop26 ft LOA - see also YW 1975/07 p80Yachting Monthly1994/0272
1385Compromis 39Maas, FransYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/0269
8850MatadorBrett, PeterYacht, sloop41 ft LOA - Rival 41 classYachting Monthly1994/0277
69Challenger IIIMacalpine-Downie, RodTrimaran15 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1994/0233
4685Jeanneau Sun Fast 36Briand, PhillipeYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1994/02104
4683Whitbread 30Rogers, SimonYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1994/0284
4684Hallberg-Rassy 53Frers, GermanYacht, sloop54 ft LOAYachting World1994/0298
4682Blue PapillonSijm, PieterYacht, sloop97 ft LOAYachting World1994/0266
7633FlexHedberg, JohnDinghy, sailing14 ftClassic Boat1994/0275
1485CountessLoynes, JPassenger - BristolClassic Boat1994/0267
13761Zanten, D vanYacht, sloop20 ft approx - Frisian scowClassic Boat1994/0277
9763RaindancerStevens, MurrayYacht, schooner75 ft LOA - Mahone BayClassic Boat1994/0237
11823Castle, MartinYacht, sloop15 ftClassic Boat1994/0276
11564Barr, RonaldDinghy, sailing7 ft - see also CB 1994/05 p 7Classic Boat1994/0276
2074Explorer IIChapple, Howard IYacht, ketch20 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1994/0236
2073Tradewind 25Rock, JohnYacht, sloop30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1994/0232
7210Bayliner 2655 Ciera SunbridgeBayliner Marine Corp.Motor28 ftMotorboat Monthly1994/0266
2075Falmouth Gypsy IIIYacht, sloop24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1994/0237
7209Princess 440Olesinski, BernardMotor45 ftMotorboat Monthly1994/0242
7208Dulas RangerGolesworthy, CareyMotor36 ft 1978Motorboat Monthly1994/0224
10151Seamaster 815Holman & PyeYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/01106
1429Contest 40SZaal, DickYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/01102
9877Robertson 35Brown, PeterYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/01105
67EnzaIrens, NigelCatamaran92 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1994/0114
68B14EBethwaite, JulianDinghy, sailing4.25 m LOAYachts and Yachting1994/0121
4681Sayula II, Swan 65Frers, GermanYacht, ketch65 ft LOAYachting World1994/01124
4680Oyster 485Homan & PyeYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World1994/01118
4679GenieThomas, DavidYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1994/01102
8938MermaidHawkeley, S A FYacht, sloop15 ft C B - junk rigClassic Boat1994/0139
14047Fishing - Clarenville schooner - Novia ScotiaClassic Boat1994/016
3199DuskHeard, DouglasDinghy, sailing14 ft - Irish Dinghy Racing Association 14 classClassic Boat1994/0182
7207Sunseeker 58 ManhattanShead, DonYacht, motor58 ftMotorboat Monthly1994/0184
8854MathewMudie, ColinCaravel84 ft LOA - replica of Cabot's vessel - see alsoThe Boatman1994/0193
814Bad MorHooker37 ft approx - IrelandThe Boatman1994/0153
2991Bestyet 25Scheel, HenryYacht, sloop25 ft LOAWooden Boat1994/0197
2954Bestyet 25Scheel, HenryYacht, sloop25 ft LOAWooden Boat1994/0197
1595Dave's BoatBuehler, GeorgeYacht, schooner82 ft - American designThe Boatman1994/0173
66Corsair F-24Farrier, IanTrimaran7.3 m LOAYachts and Yachting1993/1313
11445ZealRoberts-Goodson, BruceYacht, cutter38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1993/1243
4678Mumm 36Farr, BruceYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1993/12102
4677Scorpio 82Ibold, PeterYacht, ketch76 ft LOAYachting World1993/12100
10841TigrisMylne, AlfredYacht, cutter50 ft LOAClassic Boat1993/1228
10201Shamrock IIWatson, G L & Co LtdYacht, cutter108 ftClassic Boat1993/1254
1295Christ-RoiArgentinFishing33 ft - French crevettierClassic Boat1993/1258
8290JigsawHarrison, MichaelYacht, sloop14 ft - lug rig - see also CB 1994/12 p 6Classic Boat1993/126
10573Sunday-At-HomeFishing20 ft approx - Portland lerretClassic Boat1993/1231
14829Nimbus 37 TrawlerEliasson, RolfMotor37 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1993/1226
2072Oystercatcher 16Yacht, sloop16 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1993/1230
14830Riva 31 GitanoRivaMotor36 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1993/1290
2071Regatta 290Dubois, EdYacht, sloop29 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1993/1226
11314Wild RivalBrett, PeterYacht, sloop34 ft LOA - Rival 34 classYachting Monthly1993/1136
65Mumm 36Farr, BruceYacht, sloop10.92 m LOAYachts and Yachting1993/115
4676Pastiche, Beneteau Evasion 37Beneteau, AndreYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1993/11106
4675118-FooterHolland, RonYacht, ketch118 ft LOAYachting World1993/1198
683AnnieVivier, FrancoisFishing20 ft approx - replica of South Brittany canot a Classic Boat1993/1142
1694DobbinBickford, JimYacht, cutter28 ft LOA - Checkstone classClassic Boat1993/1160
9593Phoebus IIGodinet, AugusteYacht, cutter36 ft LOAClassic Boat1993/1129
8731Maid of EndorAtkin, JohnYacht, cutter20 ft LOAThe Boatman1993/1163
7206Virella, Sealion 42C H HittersMotor44 ftMotorboat Monthly1993/1152
14046Fishing14 ft - Maine PeapodThe Boatman1993/1148
2069Vancouver 34Harris, RobertYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1993/1128
13435Stone, RobbieDinghy, sailing18 ft - Brightlingsea O D classThe Boatman1993/1115
2070Kora 16Harris, PeterCanoe, sailing16 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1993/1132
9878Robertson IIMckay, W G & SonsYacht, schooner130 ft LOA - fishing type - Canada - see also BmThe Boatman1993/1111
10685TailleventPluet, NicholasFishing23 ft LOA - Breton luggerThe Boatman1993/1141
8077Horizon 21CCSHunter Boats LtdYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting Monthly1993/1062
10550Sun Odyssey 30Castro, TonyYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly1993/1060
4671Premier 66Dixon, BillYacht, sloop66 ft LOAYachting World1993/10120
4673Sunbeam 34Scholchi Yachtbau Ges mbhYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1993/10128
4674Chihili II, Nicholson 38Camper & NicholsonYacht, ketch38 ft LOAYachting World1993/10132
4672Copper Beach, Legend 40.5Hunter Yacht Corporation, Luhrs, WarrenYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1993/10122
16Hobie 15Hobie catCatamaran4.9 m LOAYachts and Yachting1993/1027
8788Margaret P HallCanoe, sailing30 ft approx - AmericaClassic Boat1993/1071
10317SkoalUtzon, AageYacht, sloop26 ft LOA - 30 sq m spidsgatter - DenmarkClassic Boat1993/1062
12554Laws, G UYacht, sloop30 ft LOA - East Coast O D classClassic Boat1993/1030
10192Seven SeasCrane, Clinton HYacht, sloop68 ft LOA - 12m classClassic Boat1993/1044
13666Watts, C JYacht, cutter20 tonClassic Boat1993/1080
14045Fishing28 ft -- Morecombe trawlerClassic Boat1993/1023
9578Petrel Mk IIFisher, PaulCatboat13 ftThe Boatman1993/1038
1049Bristol Channel 28Hess, Lyle CYacht, cutter28 ft LODThe Boatman1993/1047
7204Fairline 38 TargaOlesinski, BernardMotor40 ftMotorboat Monthly1993/1054
7203Nimbus 27Nimbus Boats ABMotor28 ftMotorboat Monthly1993/1042
7205Avon S4.25 & S5.45Avon InflatablesMotor14 & 18 ftMotorboat Monthly1993/1072
2068HirondelleHammond/TrotterYacht, sloop23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1993/1034
11323Willy WinshipAtkin, JohnDinghy, sailing13 ft - see also Bmn 1993/11 p 29The Boatman1993/1042
13049Oughtred, IainNess boat16 ftThe Boatman1993/1039
11410YaraBush, FabianYacht, yawl25 ft LOAThe Boatman1993/1030
14044Fishing26 ft - Loch Fyne skiffThe Boatman1993/1063
1569DafridaCarterYacht, sloop29 ft LOA - Carter 30 classYachting Monthly1993/0963
10388Southerly 115Carter, DickYacht, sloop36 ft LOA C B - see also YM2002/01 p 104Yachting Monthly1993/0970
4668KUU, Swan 40Frers, GermanYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1993/09114
4670Dash, Sadler 34Sadler, MartinYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1993/09126
4669Alpha of Devonport, Alpha 50Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World1993/09120
4667Zacaate Moanavan Maer, Olivier FSchooner144 ft LOAYachting World1993/0966
15J/80Yacht, sloop8.0 m LOAYachts and Yachting1993/0933
10744TealCraig, JonathanMotor19 ftClassic Boat1993/0978
1236CetewayoLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop47 ft LOAClassic Boat1993/0959
10020SandpiperClark, RobertYacht, sloop20 ft - Royal Harwich O D classClassic Boat1993/0942
9156N 1Fox, UffaDinghy, sailing12 ft - National 12 classClassic Boat1993/0926
14043Fishing45 ft C B - SkipjackClassic Boat1993/0936
2950Loose Moose IIBolger, Philip CYacht, sharpie38 ft LOAWooden Boat1993/0969
2952Rising GaleChapelle, Howard IYacht, sharpie28 ft LOAWooden Boat1993/0973
2986Presto, DuraKore KetchWalters, Craig VYacht, ketch49 ft LOAWooden Boat1993/09112
2990Rising GaleChapelle, Howard IYacht, sharpie28 ft LOAWooden Boat1993/0973
2949Norwalk Islands SharpieKirby, BruceYacht, ketch31 ft LOAWooden Boat1993/0967
2953Presto, DuraKore KetchWalters, Craig VYacht, ketch49 ft LOAWooden Boat1993/09112
2987Norwalk Islands SharpieKirby, BruceYacht, ketch31 ft LOAWooden Boat1993/0967
2988Loose Moose IIBolger, Philip CYacht, sharpie38 ft LOAWooden Boat1993/0969
2951SharpieChapelle, Howard IYacht, sharpie24 ft LOAWooden Boat1993/0971
2989SharpieChapelle, Howard IYacht, sharpie24 ft LOAWooden Boat1993/0971
859Bavaria 30Mohnhaupt, AlexYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1993/0858
7792Gib'Sea 334Yacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1993/0859
948Black Velvet III Rock, JohnYacht, cutter42 ft LOA - Tradewind 35 classYachting Monthly1993/0841
4666Compensation, Sun Odyssey 42.1Andrieu, DanielYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1993/08110
13BroomstickAlex SimonisYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1993/0836
14Laser 5000Morrison, PhilDinghy, sailing5.0 m LOAYachts and Yachting1993/0811
12Legend 19Hunter Marine corp.Yacht, sloop5.78 m LOAYachts and Yachting1993/085
4665JulietHolland & BeeldsnijderYacht, ketch143 ft LOAYachting World1993/0884
8277Jenny NormanRichardson, James BYacht, schooner48 ft - Bugeye - AmericaClassic Boat1993/0834
8817MariteYacht, schooner154 ft - 3mastedClassic Boat1993/0870
12124Field & CoYacht, sloop25 ft - Yorkshire O D classClassic Boat1993/0875
10523SulaSmith, AllanCanoe, sailing18 ftThe Boatman1993/0821
2067Starlight 35Jones, StephenYacht, sloop36 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1993/0828
8802Marie MichonWarrington Smyth, BevilYacht, cutter28 ft LOA - see also CB 1997/09 p 48The Boatman1993/0855
8769ManefredaWarrington Smyth, BevilYacht, ketch35 ft LOAThe Boatman1993/0858
9268NightBenford, Jay RDinghy, sailing11ftThe Boatman1993/0876
13748Woods, HerbertDinghy, sailing14 ft - Norfolk O D classThe Boatman1993/0831
9178NamelessYacht, sloop23 ft LOA - American design c 1880The Boatman1993/0886
10916Trapper 500Cuthbertson & CassianYacht, sloop27 ft LOA - see also YW 1975/07 p 82, YM 2001/01 Yachting Monthly1993/0790
11378Wrestler of LeighHolman, KimYacht, cutter31 ft LOA - Rustler 31 classYachting Monthly1993/0799
3339Etap 32iHarle, Mortain & MavrikiosYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1993/0786
4664ImagineKaufman Design IncYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World1993/0793
4663Cyrano de BergeracHumphreys, RobertYacht, ketch128 ft LOAYachting World1993/0786
10004Sama SajaPerahu Lambo20 ft approx - IndonesiaClassic Boat1993/0779
11201Wantoramata IIIPerahu Lambo20 ft approx - IndonesiaClassic Boat1993/0776
10860TiogaHerreshoff, L FrancisYacht, ketch57 ftClassic Boat1993/075
953Blithe SpiritHowlett, IanYacht, sloop40 ft LOA - 30sq m classClassic Boat1993/0763
8376Karya SamaPerahu Lambo20 ft approx - IndonesiaClassic Boat1993/0777
10167Sejarah IslamPerahu Lambo20 ft approx - IndonesiaClassic Boat1993/0778
9956SablineReimers, KnudYacht, sloop27 ft - Tumlare classClassic Boat1993/078
13745Woods, Ernest LYacht, sloop - Yare and Bure O D classClassic Boat1993/0743
2985XLNCAtkin, William & JohnDinghy, skiff19 ftWooden Boat1993/0799
2066MacGregor 26Yacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1993/0793
2984Victor SlocumAtkin, William & JohnDinghy, skiff15 ftWooden Boat1993/0797
2948XLNCAtkin, William & JohnDinghy, skiff19 ftWooden Boat1993/0799
2947Victor SlocumAtkin, William & JohnDinghy, skiff15 ftWooden Boat1993/0797
2065Sunbeam 34Miglitsch/SchoechiYacht, sloop34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1993/0736
7201Sunseeker 39 MartiniqueSunseekerMotor39 ftMotorboat Monthly1993/0740
7202Mares 50 Slim CatMares InternationalCatamaran50 ftMotorboat Monthly1993/0754
7200Maxum 2700SCRMaxumMotor29 ftMotorboat Monthly1993/0728
9379Oceanis 351Berret, JeanYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1993/0678
10903Tradewind 25Rock, JohnYacht, cutter25 ft LOA - see also YM 1993/12 p 77Yachting Monthly1993/0680
4662Modo, HR 352Hallberg RassyYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1993/06114
11SplashDinghy, sailing3.55 m LOAYachts and Yachting1993/064
4660Level 40 ClassCarroll MarineYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1993/06106
4661Westerly 490Dubois Naval ArchitectsYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World1993/06108
11272Westray 16Fisher, PaulDinghy, sailing16 ftClassic Boat1993/067
3572MoeccaJon Bannenberg LtdMotor148 ft LOABoat International1993/0690
3570Swan 40Frers, GermanYacht, sloop40 ft LOABoat International1993/0650
3571Hallowe'enWilliam Fife IIIYacht, ketch81 ft LOABoat International1993/0680
9432OnwardWhite, A JFishing24 ft - Itchen FerryClassic Boat1993/0620
7641FluteHolmes, GeorgeCanoe, yawl21 ftClassic Boat1993/0684
10980TuigaFife, William Yacht, cutter74 ft LOA - see also CB 1995/07 p 6Classic Boat1993/0647
651AmsterdamBenton, CharlesEast Indiaman140 ft - East IndiamanClassic Boat1993/0626
3574Marco PoloParker & RobsonMotor111 ft LOABoat International1993/06116
3573SwiftshipRobinson, GrantMotor155 ft LOABoat International1993/06108
10885Torbay MinnowRead, BruceDinghy, sailing16 ftClassic Boat1993/0655
7199Brister 35BristercraftMotor35 ftMotorboat Monthly1993/0688
359AberVivier, FrancoisDinghy, sailing14 ft LOA - see also Bmn 1993/04 p 35, WC 2004/03The Boatman1993/0675
12469Kerrigan, PaulRowing38 ft - Bantry Bay gigThe Boatman1993/0671
11527Ashton & KilnerFishing28 ft LOA - PooleThe Boatman1993/0649
12183French, Eric HFishing27 ft LOA - PooleThe Boatman1993/0651
8032HeronHolt, JackDinghy, sailing11 ftThe Boatman1993/0627
9133MurielLacco, MitchieFishing26 ft - Couta boat - AustraliaThe Boatman1993/0619
8604LilliasJohnson, RichardYacht, cutter28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1993/0587
11163Voyager 35Primrose, AngusYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1993/0566
10567Sunbeam M S 11Schochl YachtbauYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1993/0563
4659MacariaRaeburn, DavidYacht, yawl34 ft LOAYachting World1993/05118
4658Ross Systems, IMX 38Jeppesen, NeilsYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1993/05108
10Beneteau 210Group FinotYacht, sloop6.4 m LOAYachts and Yachting1993/058
3566Admiral BenbowTos, FrancoisMotor59 ft LOABoat International1993/0550
3160Dublin Bay 21Mylne, AlfredYacht, cutter32 ft LOAClassic Boat1993/0540
3567Contest 58Zaal/PetersonYacht, sloop58 ft LOABoat International1993/0562
11515Anderson, AndrewYacht21 ft - Onoway classClassic Boat1993/0524
3568MandalayBrieley, Paine & AssociatesYacht, ketch125 ft LOABoat International1993/0576
1141CaplinAnderson, AndrewYacht, yawl32 ft LOAClassic Boat1993/0527
358Aas TerneAas, BjarneMotorClassic Boat1993/0530
3569MoonrakerMulder, FrankMotor116 ft LOABoat International1993/0586
2063Jaguar 265Castro, TonyYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1993/0542
2064Hardy 27Mudie, ColinMotor27 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1993/0546
2983Tarbert YawlRaeburn, DavidYacht, yawl34 ft LOAWooden Boat1993/05113
2946Tarbert YawlRaeburn, DavidYacht, yawl34 ft LOAWooden Boat1993/05113
7944Halcyon 27Buchanan, AlanYacht, sloop27 ft LOA -see also YW 1969/10 p 320,450Yachting Monthly1993/0481
9970SaecwenBuchanan, AlanYacht, sloop34 ft LOA - Saxon classYachting Monthly1993/0444
1497Crealock 37Crealock, BillYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1993/0477
4657Minuet II, Fulmar 32Dubois, EdYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1993/04108
4654Spectrum 50Dubois Naval ArchitectsYacht, sloop51 ft LOAYachting World1993/0491
4655Etap 32iHarle, Mortain & MavrikosYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1993/0498
4656Solaris 48Peterson, DougYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1993/04100
9IMX-38Jeppesen, NielsYacht, sloop11.40 m LOAYachts and Yachting1993/0413
3565Fifty-OneChristensen Motor Yacht CorpMotor125 ft LOABoat International1993/0498
11888Clayton, HaroldYacht, cutterClassic Boat1993/0445
3564Arrayan IIVaton, GillesYacht, sloop113 ft LOABoat International1993/0488
3563Oyster 461Holman & PyeYacht, sloop46 ft LOABoat International1993/0470
11889Clayton, HaroldYacht, yawlClassic Boat1993/0445
837Bar GooseLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, ketch28 ft LOA - Peter Duck classClassic Boat1993/0458
2062Norfolk 43Roberts, BruceYacht, sloop43 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1993/0454
9941Run AshoreGreenfield, PeteYacht, cutter26 ft LOAThe Boatman1993/04 82
10648SweetpeaBolger, Philip C Rowing15 ft - American designThe Boatman1993/0455
8145IlurVivier, FrancoisDinghy, sailing14 ft - French design - see also CB 2005/11 p 5The Boatman1993/0435
1592DauntlessStrange, AlbertYacht, yawl18 ft - Thames Peter boatThe Boatman1993/0447
7887Grand Soliel 42Frers, GermanYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting Monthly1993/0362
11443Zane SprayRoberts-Goodson, BruceYacht, sloop36 ft LOA - Spray classYachting Monthly1993/0393
8Shamrock 9.5Breteche, GillesYacht, sloop9.5 m LOAYachts and Yachting1993/039
3559Najad 440Najadvarvet ABMotor44 ft LOABoat International1993/0360
3560Ferretti 48Ferretti Engineering/Fabio BuzziMotor50 ft LOABoat International1993/0364
10845Tiki 30Wharram, James & Boon, HannekeCatamaran30 ft LOAClassic Boat1993/0340
3562NaosHolland, RonYacht, sloop106 ft LOABoat International1993/0394
3561FalcoLurssenMotor152 ft LOABoat International1993/0386
963Blue BirdBalfour, RobinYacht, sloop25 ft - AustraliaClassic Boat1993/0370
2945DynamoGarden, WilliamMotor39 ft LOAWooden Boat1993/03113
2061FulmarDubois, EdYacht, sloop32 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1993/0373
2059Horizon 30Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1993/0336
2982DynamoGarden, WilliamMotor39 ft LOAWooden Boat1993/03113
2060Hawk 20Hawkins, ChrisYacht, sloop20 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1993/0340
9802Red ShoesCrealock, BillYacht, sloop34 ft LOA - Crealock classYachting Monthly1993/0235
10469Star Twins 34Patterson, PatCatamaran34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1993/0275
4652First Line, Beneteau 35s7Berret & StarckYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1993/0252
4651Alexandre, Swan 68Frers, GermanYacht, sloop68 ft LOAYachting World1993/0246
4653Jasmonne's Rival 41Brett, PeterYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1993/0256
7Dart 6000Richards, JoCatamaran5.95 m LOAYachts and Yachting1993/0215
10825ThunderbirdHacker, John Yacht, motor55 ft Classic Boat1993/0217
3556Craftsmans ArtDixon, BillYacht, sloop79ft LOABoat International1993/0264
3557ElsewhereBagliettoMotor127 ft LOABoat International1993/0282
3558LindezaSterling YachtsMotor142 ft LOABoat International1993/0294
3555Grand Soleil 52Frers, GermanYacht, sloop54 ft LOABoat International1993/0258
14042Feluca - rig drawingsClassic Boat1993/0276
8460KvernesPassenger75 ft - steam propulsion - NorwayClassic Boat1993/0241
9473Oystercatcher 16Gibson, BryanYacht, cutter16 ft LOAClassic Boat1993/0242
367AcornOughtred, IainRowing15 ftClassic Boat1993/0230
9674Pride of Baltimore IIGillmer, ThomasYacht, schooner170 ft LOAThe Boatman1993/0257
7198Hardy 27Mudie, ColinMotor27 ftMotorboat Monthly1993/0274
2058Common SenseSunden, TorDinghy, sailing25 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1993/0224
7196Sunseeker 52 CaribbeanShead, DonMotor52 ftMotorboat Monthly1993/0238
7197Ventura 8.3Regal Marine Industries Inc.Motor28 ftMotorboat Monthly1993/0254
12494KrogerYacht, sloop5m - 12sq m Sharpie classThe Boatman1993/0215
820BallardMagnusson, RolfYacht, sloop29 ft LOA - see also YW 1975/07 p 71Yachting Monthly1993/01100
1023Bowman 48Paine, C W Design IncYacht, cutter48 ft LOAYachting Monthly1993/0193
8456Kra Ibold, PeterYacht, yawl40 ft LOA - Endurance 40 classYachting Monthly1993/0189
8101Hunter Horizon 30Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1993/0197
4650Triptych, Victoria 34Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1993/0148
6ChallengeBeneteauYacht, sloop9.14 m LOAYachts and Yachting1993/018
4649Horizon 30 CCSThomas, DavidYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1993/0146
5Reflex 21Stimson, ChristianDinghy, sailing6.4 m LOAYachts and Yachting1993/0136
4648Rival Bownan 48Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1993/0140
8690LysistrataWatson, G L & Co LtdYacht, steam285 ft LWLClassic Boat1993/0148
974Blue JacketPayne, ArthurYacht, cutter20 ft LWL Classic Boat1993/0176
10664SybaritaWatson, G L & Co LtdYacht, yawl90 ft LWLClassic Boat1993/0149
8886MayflowerSkentelbery, KennethDinghy, sailing12 ftClassic Boat1993/0135
3554FantasyBroward MarineMotor105 ft LOABoat International1993/01114
3553Bowman 48Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop48 ft LOABoat International1993/0198
3552Mochi 57Caliari, PaoloMotor57 ft LOABoat International1993/0192
10723Tarbert YawlRaeburn, DavidYacht, yawl34 ft LOAClassic Boat1993/0196
437Swan 40Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop40 ft LOAThe Yachtsman1993/0162
7194Skilso 950 ArcticSkilsoMotor32 ftMotorboat Monthly1993/0176
436JupiterKroes, GaitYacht, sloop27 ft LOAThe Yachtsman1993/0135
2943AnnGregory, JoeYacht, ketch30 ft LODWooden Boat1993/0197
2981AnnGregory, JoeYacht, schooner30 ft LODWooden Boat1993/0198
2980AnnGregory, JoeYacht, ketch30 ft LODWooden Boat1993/0197
2944AnnGregory, JoeYacht, schooner30 ft LODWooden Boat1993/0198
7192Ocean BlueBirchwood MarineMotor42 ftMotorboat Monthly1993/0152
7195ZimmaMarine ProjectsMotor35 ftMotorboat Monthly1993/0190
435SatanitaSoper, JosephYacht, cutter132 ft LOAThe Yachtsman1993/0126
7193Surfrider Intercepter 28Moxham, JohnMotor28 ftMotorboat Monthly1993/0168
8557Legend 28Hunter Marine & Luhrs, WarrenYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1992/1282
9254Nicholson 32Nicholson, CharlesYacht, sloop32 ft LOA - see also YW 1967/07 p305Yachting Monthly1992/1285
8461KylieSadler, DavidYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - Contessa 26 classYachting Monthly1992/1257
10992Twister 28Holman, KimYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1992/1284
3Hawk 20Hawkins & ReidDinghy, sailing6.1 m LOAYachts and Yachting1992/125
4J/105Johnstone, RodYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1992/1211
4642BestyetScheel, HenryYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1992/1239
4645Maestro 38Still, ElvindYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1992/1262
4647Degero 970Groop, HansYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1992/1263
4646Jonmeri 40Nyman, JormaYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1992/1262
4643Maupiti, Amel, Super MaramuAmel & CarteauYacht, ketch52 ft LOAYachting World1992/1256
4644Scandi 52Rogeberg, UlfYacht, sloop52 ft LOAYachting World1992/1260
3551SavaronaBlohm & VossMotor408 ft LOABoat International1992/1278
3550Sainte-Anne VIJoubert & NiveltYacht, sloop69 ft LOABoat International1992/1266
12498LacioFishing20 ft approx - Australia coutaClassic Boat1992/1241
3549Trigger 63Ribadeau Dumas, GuyYacht, sloop62 ft LOABoat International1992/1256
14041Malar57 ft - Bangladesh riverboatClassic Boat1992/1218
8187IreneWatson, G L & Co LtdYacht, cutter75 ft LOA - see also CB 2006/01 p 48Classic Boat1992/1236
1002BonitaCrossfieldsYacht, ketch28 ft - replica smack - see also CB 1993/04 p 52Classic Boat1992/1259
7190Crown Fletcher 32Crown Fletcher BoatbuildersFishing34 ftMotorboat Monthly1992/1238
7191Formula 252 BowriderAronow, DonMotor25 ftMotorboat Monthly1992/1250
7542FerretPilot36 ft LOA - PlymouthThe Boatman1992/1271
12070Dillion, David W12 ft - Westport sharpieThe Boatman1992/1242
10141SeahorseOughtred, IainDinghy, sailing15 ft - see also CB 1990/01 p 56The Boatman1992/1245
9277NinaCaravel93 ft LOA - vessel used by ColumbusThe Boatman1992/1215
2057GriffonDubois, EdYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1992/1226
8205Island Packet 44 Johnson, BobYacht, cutter44 ft LOAYachting Monthly1992/1176
1Jaguar 265Castro, TonyYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1992/115
4641GratifiKation, Westerly GK29Laurent Giles & AssociatesYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1992/1160
4640Tartan 3500Jackett, TimYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1992/1158
4639Hinckley, Sou'wester 52, AnoreMcCurdy & RhodesYacht, sloop51 ft LOAYachting World1992/1154
463820ft catboatBenford, Jay RDinghy, sailing20 ft LOAYachting World1992/1141
2Hunter Horizon 30Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1992/1125
10813ThistleWatson, G L & Co LtdYacht, cutter115 ft LOAClassic Boat1992/1140
3548Mylin IVde Voogt, FritsMotor200 ft LOABoat International1992/1188
3547EspadaDubois, EdYacht, sloop108 ft LOABoat International1992/1178
3545Comar Clanship 58de Soccolich, Alfio RocchioMotor57 ft LOABoat International1992/1152
7934H 28Herreshoff, L FrancisYacht, ketch28 ft LOAClassic Boat1992/116
3546Hinckley Sou'wester 52McCurdy & RhodesYacht, sloop52 ft LOABoat International1992/1162
2979Nez Perce 13Swan, KenDinghy, skiff14 ftWooden Boat1992/1187
2054Tartan 3500Jackett, TimYacht, sloop35 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1992/1126
434Brown BoatsHope, LintonYacht, sloop24 ft LOA Broad One-DesignThe Yachtsman1992/1157
7189Sea Hound of DartDDH LefeberMotor30 ftMotorboat Monthly1992/1170
2055Red FoxThomas, DavidYacht, sloop20 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1992/1128
2978JebbAtkin, William & JohnDinghy, skiff12 ftWooden Boat1992/1185
2942DecoyWittholz, Charles WDinghy, skiff12 ft LOAWooden Boat1992/1186
2941Nez Perce 13Swan, KenDinghy, skiff14 ftWooden Boat1992/1187
2940JebbAtkin, William & JohnDinghy, skiff12 ftWooden Boat1992/1185
2056ArpegeDufour, MichelYacht, sloop29 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1992/1144
2977DecoyWittholz, Charles WDinghy, skiff12 ft LOAWooden Boat1992/1186
10732Tartan 350Jackett, TimYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1992/10101
1433Contest 58Peterson, D & Zaal, DYacht, sloop58 ft LOAYachting Monthly1992/10104
9629Pioneer 9Stadt, E G van deYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1992/10107
7957Hallberg Rassy 53Frers, GermanYacht, sloop53 ft LOAYachting Monthly1992/10104
7459F 24Farrier, IanTrimaran24 ft LOAYachting Monthly1992/10103
4636FF110, Fine Fleurde Ridder, JacYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1992/1060
4634Global ChallengerSmith & NobleSchooner60 ft LOAYachting World1992/1039
4635J/105Johnstone, RodYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1992/1056
4637Sun Odyssey 51Farr, BruceYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World1992/1062
8882MayWatson, G LYacht, cutter76 ft LOAClassic Boat1992/1050
13367Smith, MelbourneChalupa17 ft - replica of 16C ship's open boatClassic Boat1992/1039
3542MetoliusFrers, GermanYacht, sloop84 ft LOABoat International1992/1061
3543Swan 77Frers, GermanYacht, sloop77 ft LOABoat International1992/1078
3544ChamarShead, DonMotor186 ft LOABoat International1992/1088
2976Candle In The WindBenjamin, NatYacht, yawl30 ft LOAWooden Boat1992/10105
7186Sealine 230Sealine International LtdMotor25 ftMotorboat Monthly1992/1048
7185Sunseeker 38 MartiniqueShead, DonMotor38 ftMotorboat Monthly1992/1034
2939Candle In The WindBenjamin, NatYacht, yawl30 ft LOAWooden Boat1992/10105
7188Olwyn AliceWard, NormanMotor41 ftMotorboat Monthly1992/1060
7187Hardy Sea Wings 285Wolstenholme, AndrewMotor31 ftMotorboat Monthly1992/1056
10400Sovereign 40Anderson, IanYacht. Cutter40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1992/09107
11237Westerly 25Dubois, EdYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting Monthly1992/09111
14688Comet DuoSimmons, AndrewDinghy, sailing12 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1992/094
4632Damstra Precious Stone 40Behage, PietYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1992/0963
4629Hunter KeelboatThomas, DavidYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1992/0937
4633Hutting 45Koopmans, DickYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1992/0964
4630Sigma 400Humphreys & DixonYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1992/0952
4631Amadea of Wade, Swan 41Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1992/0956
3539Gib'sea Master 48Humphreys, RobertYacht, sloop48 ft LOABoat International1992/0954
3540Maxi 88Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop89 ft LOABoat International1992/0980
3541Lady DuveraDiana Yacht DesignMotor141 ft LOABoat International1992/0990
11746Burgoine, AlfredDinghy, sailing14 ft - Yare and Bure S C Restricted classClassic Boat1992/0950
3538Guy Couach 1602Couach, GuyMotor55 ft LOABoat International1992/0950
10985TweedledumChaisson, G LDory18 ftThe Boatman1992/0940
9219NellieHatcher, DanYacht, cutter31 ft - Itchen FerryThe Boatman1992/0966
12275Hammond, JesseDory17 ft - SwampscottThe Boatman1992/0939
9743QuiverFishing21 ft - built 1860 approxThe Boatman1992/0970
13552Tormentor Yacht StationFishing27 ft - SolentThe Boatman1992/0965
432SheevraFife, William IIIYacht, sloop46 ft LOA RestoredThe Yachtsman1992/0911
433MaitaDyevreYacht, sloop8 m LOAThe Yachtsman1992/0966
9795Red Fox RF200Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop20 ft LOAYachting Monthly1992/0893
9172Najad 370Karlsson, ThorwaldYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1992/0891
1224Celia MarySunden, TordYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - Folkboat classYachting Monthly1992/0887
10175Selway Fisher 21Selway Fisher DesignYacht, sloop21 ft LOA C B Yachting Monthly1992/0893
4628Eye of Ra, Moody 419Dixon, BillYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1992/0858
4627Joyce 12, Oceanis 400Groupe FinotYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1992/0854
4625Bougainvillea 60Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World1992/0835
4626Dehler 43cwsTongeren, Cees vanYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1992/0850
14686Sigma 400Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1992/087
14687Red Fox 200Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1992/0822
539AlphaLiver & WildingPilot - Bristol ChannelClassic Boat1992/0876
3534Neptunus 168Mulder, FrankMotor61 ft LOABoat International1992/0850
3537LibertyPerini NaviYacht, sloop153 ft LOABoat International1992/0888
3535Sovereign 40Anderson, IanYacht, sloop40 ft LOABoat International1992/0854
3536HakimLloyd's ShipsMotor130 ft LOABoat International1992/0880
7744Gauntlet 12 tonPaul, RodneyYacht, cutter36 ft LOA - see also CB 1999/06 p 93Classic Boat1992/0826
7745Gauntlet 8 TonMay, H GYacht, cutter30 ft LOAClassic Boat1992/0826
2052Orkadian 23Golesworthy, KareyMotor23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1992/0881
11879Clark, RobertYacht24 ft LOA - Y W 5 tonnerThe Boatman1992/0818
14710HekseriBuchanan Alan & PartnersYacht, ketch42 ft LODPractical Boat Owner1992/0867
2053First 265Groupe FinotYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1992/0830
11758Bush, FabianDinghy, sailing3mThe Boatman1992/0881
2051HekseriBuchanan & PartnersYacht, ketch42 ft LODPractical Boat Owner1992/0867
2050Sun Odyssey 31Andrieu, DanielYacht, sloop30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1992/0829
2049Channel 32Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop32 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1992/0829
9311Norfolk GypsyWolstenholme, AYacht, sloop20 ft - see also Bmn 1995/07 p 35, CB 1998/05 p 3Yachting Monthly1992/0758
11352Winkle BrigBerqvist, EYacht, sloop20 ft LOA - see also CB 1989/03 p 78Yachting Monthly1992/0758
3141Drascombe CoasterHonnor Marine LtdYacht, yawl21 ft LOAYachting Monthly1992/0758
1462Cornish Crabber 17Dongray, RogerYacht, sloop17 ft LOAYachting Monthly1992/07102
14685Jeanneau One-designYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1992/075
4624YamahaFarr, BruceYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World1992/0745
8420KimHoek DesignYacht, ketch69 ftClassic Boat1992/0765
9864RiverboatHillier, JonathanPassenger85 ftClassic Boat1992/0758
10676TadorneJoubert, PhilippeYacht, sloop26 ft LOAClassic Boat1992/0750
1480CorypheeLaws, GDinghy, sailing16 ft LOA - Whitebaiter classClassic Boat1992/0740
8484La RecouvranceHobartYacht, schooner150 ton - replica of IrisClassic Boat1992/0719
3530TaramberDubois, EdYacht, ketch123 ft LOABoat International1992/0746
3531Dalla Pieta 43Trezz/ ValsechiMotor43 ft LOABoat International1992/0754
3533Wauquiez 60Dubois, EdYacht, sloop60 ft LOABoat International1992/0764
451AdixHolgate, ArthurYacht, schooner174 ft LODClassic Boat1992/077
3532Sunseeker 52 CaribbeanShead, DonMotor52 ft LOABoat International1992/0758
2048Viking 26Motor26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1992/0789
2047TherapyNorthshore YachtsYacht, cutter25 ft LOA Fisher 25Practical Boat Owner1992/0766
2975Long MicroBolger, Philip CYacht, yawl20 ft LOAWooden Boat1992/0798
2046DragonflyQuorning, BorgeTrimaran26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1992/0730
2938Long MicroBolger, Philip CYacht, yawl20 ft LOAWooden Boat1992/0798
431TigrisMylne & Co.Yacht, sloop50 ft LOA Re commisionedThe Yachtsman1992/0754
2974MistStambaugh, KarlYacht, sloop22 ft LOAWooden Boat1992/0797
2937MistStambaugh, KarlYacht, sloop22 ft LOAWooden Boat1992/0797
430Conway One DesignFarrer, PeterDinghy, sailing20 ft LOAThe Yachtsman1992/0724
8874Maxi 34Pettersen, PelleYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1992/06102
734ArpegeDufour, MichelYacht, sloop29 ft LOA - see also YW 1967/07 p 303, YW 1968/02 Yachting Monthly1992/06106
1407Contessa 26Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - see also CB 1990/07 p 29Yachting Monthly1992/06107
4621Outstripper, Tripp 40Tripp DesignYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1992/0654
14684Hurricane 500Roake, RichardCatamaran5 m LOAYachts and Yachting1992/065
4620Northeast 37+Ellis, MarkYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1992/0647
4622Hylas 51Frers, GermanYacht, sloop51 ft LOAYachting World1992/0660
4623Hebe, Hunter HB 31Tongeren, Cees vanYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1992/0662
3529Grand Bleu IIBriand, PhillippeYacht, sloop75 ft LOABoat International1992/0680
3527Premier 45Dixon, BillYacht, sloop45 ft LOABoat International1992/0656
3528Euphorie 40Lombard, MarcCatamaran42 ft LOABoat International1992/0664
3526RosenkavalierCox & StevensMotor218 ft LOABoat International1992/0644
2035Etap 22iRidder, Jac deYacht, sloop22 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1992/0636
8058HirtaSlade & MorricePilot50 ft - ex Cornubia - Bristol Channel - see alsThe Boatman1992/0612
11041Valiant Fox, UffaCanoe20 ft - sailingThe Boatman1992/0657
718433 AvantaNimbus BoatsMotor33 ftMotorboat Monthly1992/0650
9633PiranPayne, ArrthurYacht, sloop18 ft lLOA - version of Itchen FerryThe Boatman1992/0645
789AvengerFox, UffaDinghy, sailing14 ft -- International 14 class - see also CB 200The Boatman1992/0655
2036Californie 440BeneteauMotor14 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1992/06100
9537PegasusGriffiths, MauriceYacht, cutter24 ft LOA - Eventide class - see also CB 1990/0Yachting Monthly1992/0581
9672Premier 45Dixon, BillYacht, cutter45 ft LOAYachting Monthly1992/05118
4617No 1208Alden, John GYacht, ketch87 ft LOAYachting World1992/0543
4619White Gold II, SHE 36Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1992/0562
4618Jeanneau, Lagoon 47Peteghem & PrevostCatamaran46 ft LOAYachting World1992/0560
3525Mirabella 40Farr, BruceYacht, sloop131 ft LOABoat International1992/0580
12404Howlett, IanYacht, sloop17 ft - Royal Windermere O D classClassic Boat1992/057
9820ResoluteBuehler, GeorgeYacht, schooner44 ft Classic Boat1992/0560
8490Ladies GigRobertsRowing24 ft LOAClassic Boat1992/0544
3524JoalmiAzimut & BenettiMotor148 ft LOABoat International1992/0572
3523Dehler 43CWSDehler & van de StadtYacht, sloop44 ft LOABoat International1992/0566
14040Fishing16 ft approx - Indonesian sapaClassic Boat1992/0580
2973RonaWatson, G LYacht, sloop51 ft LOA RestoredWooden Boat1992/0562
2034Romany 21Goudge, AndyMotor21 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1992/05106
2033Sadler 26Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1992/0538
2936RonaWatson, G LYacht, sloop51 ft LOA RestoredWooden Boat1992/0562
10385Southerly 101NorthshoreYacht, sloop32 ft LOA C BYachting Monthly1992/04108
4616Tradewind 33Rock, JohnYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1992/0454
4614Feeling 546Holland, RonYacht, sloop55 ft LOAYachting World1992/0448
4615Bavaria 350Bavaria Yachtbau GmbHYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1992/0452
450AdeleStorey, A CYacht, schooner150 ft LOA - formerly HearteaseClassic Boat1992/04 8
11287WhippetPritchard & PearceMotor13 ftClassic Boat1992/0461
3522El BravoNuovi Cantieri LiguriMotor208 ft LOABoat International1992/0476
3521Conny FeverRunte, AYacht, sloop110 ft LOABoat International1992/0468
1584DaphneThornycroftYacht, motor30 ftClassic Boat1992/046
3520Dale 51Dale & Laurent GilesMotor52 ft LOABoat International1992/0454
3519Malo 42Malo Yachts ABYacht, sloop43 ft LOABoat International1992/0450
2032Southerly 101Northshore YachtsYacht, sloop34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1992/0442
7651Flying Fish 43Yacht, cutter43 ft LOA Yachting Monthly proposalYachting Monthly1992/0345
7439Evasion 36Briand, CabinetYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1992/0358
4612Najad 440Karlsson, ThorwaldYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1992/0346
4613OOD 34Peterson, DougYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1992/0348
4611Sweden Yachts 390Norlin & OstmannYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1992/0342
8364Kala NagBraithwaite, AlfredYacht, sloop27 ft LOAClassic Boat1992/0338
8533L'ArcheLibert, PierreFishing12 ft - Normandy flobardClassic Boat1992/0363
10119Sea RoverBraithwaite, AlfredYacht, sloop16 ft C BClassic Boat1992/0340
9825RestlessBraithwaite, AlfredYacht, sloop25 ft LOA C BClassic Boat1992/0339
10610SuzalahTatlor, A JYacht, sloop32 ft LOAClassic Boat1992/0358
1491CowrieBuchanan, AlanYacht, ketch36 ft LOA - Colin Archer typeClassic Boat1992/0324
3517MaracundaCRNMotor164 ft LOABoat International1992/0382
3516PegasusBroward MarineMotor130 ft LOABoat International1992/0374
3518The Other WomanBold Craft & Laurent GilesYacht192 ft LOABoat International1992/0390
11645Braithwaite, AlfredYacht, sloop17 ft C BClassic Boat1992/0341
2934Gartside, PaulYacht, sloop24 ft LOAWooden Boat1992/03128
2972White, JoelYacht, sloop23 ft LOAWooden Boat1992/03130
2935White, JoelYacht, sloop23 ft LOAWooden Boat1992/03130
2971Gartside, PaulYacht, sloop24 ft LOAWooden Boat1992/03128
2030Sunway 25Harle/MortainYacht, sloop25 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1992/0336
2031Sport PackStimson, BarryMotor10 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1992/03110
3322Escale 39Feltham, D & Underwood, RCatamaran39 ft LOA ProutYachting Monthly1992/0283
10219She TooSparkman & StephensYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1992/0267
4608Jaguar 265Castro, TonyYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1992/0250
4609Snowgoose 37Prout, Francis & RolandCatamaran37 ft LOAYachting World1992/0252
4607Premier 45Dixon, BillYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1992/0246
4610Flawless, Swan 90Frers, GermanYacht, sloop90 ft LOAYachting World1992/0262
14683AlustromMicrotrimaran26 ft LOA RussianYachts and Yachting1992/0216
3513Hylas 51Frers, GermanYacht, sloop51 ft LOABoat International1992/0272
1296ChryesisParker, FredYacht41 ft LOA - won 1st prize in YM design competitiClassic Boat1992/0261
857BataviaVos, Willem185 ft LOA - replica of Dutch East India Company Classic Boat1992/0268
12755Meer, Olivier vanYacht, schooner120 ft LOAClassic Boat1992/0289
8631Little PalThomas, W EYacht, yawl21 ft - Fal Quay Punt - see also CB 2001/03 p 61Classic Boat1992/0238
3514Be MineLurssenMotor132 ft LOABoat International1992/0278
3515TransitionFexas, TomMotor75 ft LOABoat International1992/0286
2029PuckCardyn, StephanYacht, sloop23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1992/0250
9069Moody 38Dixon, BillYacht, sloop37 ft LOA - see also YM 2001/07 p 94, YW 2001/09 Yachting Monthly1992/01114
3304Endurance 47Ibold, PeterYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting Monthly1992/01117
4605J/39Johnstone, Rodney SYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1992/0160
14682OutstripperTripp, BillYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1992/0112
4606Rival 34Brett, PeterYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1992/0162
4604Moody 44Dixon, BillYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1992/0154
4603Apogee 65Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop65 ft LOAYachting World1992/0151
12511Laurent GilesYacht, schooner86 ft LODClassic Boat1992/01115
3298Endeavour IINicholson, Charles EYacht, cutter138 ft LOAClassic Boat1992/0150
1609Deben 4 TonnerWhisstock, ClaudeYacht, sloop22 ftClassic Boat1992/0126
9772RangerBurgess, Stirling & Stephens, OlinYacht, cutter135 ft LOA - J class - see also CB 2004/04 p 59Classic Boat1992/0152
11510Allanson BrosFishing75 ft - ketch rigged Irish Sea trawlerClassic Boat1992/0142
3512X-512Jeppesen, NeilsYacht, sloop51 ft LOABoat International1992/01134
3511Riva 29 GrandyachtCantiere RivaMotor93 ft LOABoat International1992/01108
2970Northern CrownNielson, K AageYacht, sloop35 ft LOAWooden Boat1992/01108
2933Northern CrownNielson, K AageYacht, sloop35 ft LOAWooden Boat1992/01108
7181Seacoral 536Bennett, JohnYacht, motor53 ftMotorboat Monthly1992/0144
7183Atlanta 32Atlanta BoatsMotor32 ftMotorboat Monthly1992/0166
7182Sealine 260Tucker, RobertMotor28 ftMotorboat Monthly1992/0156
8756Malo 38Malo Yachts ABYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/1255
7828Glass Sliper IIIDalzell, SteveYacht, yawl49 ft LOA - Slipper 48Yachting Monthly1991/1261
10262Sigma 400Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/1261
867Bavaria 370Mohnhaupt, AlexYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/1258
2804MG 27CHumphreys, RobYacht, sloop8.38 m LOAYachts and Yachting1991/1223
4595Worldwide Express, X-512Jeppersen, NeilsYacht, sloop51 ft LOAYachting World1991/1248
4594IMS 44Farr, BruceYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1991/1247
4596Swan 55Frers, GermanYacht, sloop55 ft LOAYachting World1991/1254
4597Lutine, Nicholson 55Camper & NicholsonYacht, sloop54 ft LOAYachting World1991/1258
11082VelsiaArcher, ColinYacht, cutter35 ft LOA - built 1890Classic Boat1991/1218
9721PuritanYacht, cutter28 m LOA - America CupClassic Boat1991/1256
9467Oyster Leather, JohnYacht, sloop18 ft - West Mersea BumkinClassic Boat1991/1263
3510PhilanteShead, DonMotor131 ft LOABoat International1991/1286
3508KatamarinoHargrave, JackMotor184 ft LOABoat International1991/1264
3509Dufour 54Harle/MortainYacht, sloop55 ft LOABoat International1991/1282
11340WindsprintBolger, Philip C Dory, sailing15 ftClassic Boat1991/1292
2026Crabber 17Dongray, RogerDinghy, sailing17 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1991/1224
2027Tepco TidewayGray, PaulDinghy, sailing12 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1991/1228
2028Fastfisher 21Red Ray Boats LtdMotor21 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1991/1273
9162NadaAtkin, WilliamYacht, ketch38 ft LOA - Ingrid 38 classYachting Monthly1991/1134
4593Frantasy, Frances 26Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1991/1154
4592Moondance, Catalina 37Douglas, JerryYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1991/1152
4591Hunter, Channel 32Thomas & DyerYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1991/1146
2803X-412Jeppesen, NielsYacht, sloop12.51 m LOAYachts and Yachting1991/115
4590Santa Cruz 70Lee, BillYacht, sloop70 ft LOAYachting World1991/1145
7452ExcelsiorFishing77 ft LOA - Lowestoft trawlerClassic Boat1991/118
10395Southern JungWalker, JerryYacht - junk rigClassic Boat1991/1168
3506Grand Soleil 45Frers, GermanYacht, sloop46 ft LOABoat International1991/1184
3507Windship 105Holland, RonYacht, sloop105 ft LOABoat International1991/1188
2025Day Angler 21Orkney BoatsMotor21 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1991/1175
14831Draco 3400 OpalJohnsen, Hans JMotor35 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1991/1128
14832CordeliaDickieYacht, motor70 ftMotorboat and Yachting1991/1178
2931Deadrise 19O'Brien, TracyMotor19 ft LOAWooden Boat1991/11101
2930Good Enough 15Sprague, ScottMotor15 ft LOAWooden Boat1991/11100
2932Console SkiffGlen-L Marine DesignMotor16 ft LOAWooden Boat1991/11104
2024Horizon 21Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop21 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1991/1126
10668SymphonyWoods DesignsCatamaran30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/1079
3255Elf 26Woods DesignsCatamaran26 ft LOA - see also YM 1992/08 p93Yachting Monthly1991/1075
10846Tiki 36Wharram, J & Boon, HCatamaran36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/1074
9974SagittaWoods DesignsCatamaran30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/1079
10085ScorpioWoods DesignsCatamaran30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/1079
9369Ocean TwinsPatterson, PatCatamaran37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/1073
8262Javelin 30Woods DesignsCatamaran30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/1079
8402KestralWhites, JohnYacht, cutter27 ft LODYachting Monthly1991/1051
7692Freebird 50Smith, Martyn & Modular MoldingsCatamaran50 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/1069
686Antigua 37 Joubert, M & Nivelt, BCatamaran37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/1067
4584Sigma 400Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1991/1041
4585Freedom 38Mull, GaryYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1991/1042
4586Hutting 47Koopmans, DickYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World1991/1048
4587Holland Jachtbouw 47Hoek DesignYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World1991/1049
4589Standfast 56Frers, GermanYacht, sloop56 ft LOAYachting World1991/1053
4588Cumulant 45van de StadtYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1991/1051
8855MathildeYacht, cutter73 ft LOA - Hardanger Jakt - built 1884Classic Boat1991/1024
9928Royal FlushBuchanan, AlanYacht, sloop27 ft LOA - East Anglian Restr'd classClassic Boat1991/1020
8674Luke 5 TonnerHobbs, BillYacht, cutterClassic Boat1991/1012
3504My Song, Nauta 70Farr, BruceYacht, sloop71 ft LOABoat International1991/1084
3505Shana IIGuido Perla & AssociatesMotor103 ft LOABoat International1991/10100
11122VikingHamilton, JohnCanoe, yawl19 ftClassic Boat1991/1046
2023John DoryOughtred, IainDinghy, sailing18 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1991/1030
10520SuhailiAtkin, WilliamYacht, ketch44 ft LOA - see also YM 1999/02 p 73, CB 1990/11 Yachting Monthly1991/0963
7506FaoileannMcMillan, SeanYacht, yawl35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/09137
9079Moody Eclipse 38Dixon, BillYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/09128
4583FolkboatSunden, TorYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1991/0962
4580Whisperde Tanton, Yves-MarieSchooner47 ft LOAYachting World1991/0953
2802PhotonKirk, Chris & MikeDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1991/0922
4582Island Packet 32Johnson, BobYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1991/0960
4581First 53f5Farr, BruceYacht, sloop52 ft LOAYachting World1991/0954
9853Riva AquaramaBarilani, GiorgioMotor28 ft LOAClassic Boat1991/0926
9199National SwallowThornycroft, TomDinghy, sailing25 ft LOA - Swallow class - see also CB 1997/08 Classic Boat1991/0912
14039Zeesboote36 ft approx - BalticClassic Boat1991/0916
11353Winkle Brig DayboatBerqvist, EricYacht, sloop20 ft C BClassic Boat1991/0967
3501Hallberg Rassy 42FFrers, GermanYacht, sloop42 ft LOABoat International1991/0946
3502Victoria of StrathearnSparkman & StephensYacht, ketch91 ft LOABoat International1991/0982
3503Carmac VIIde Voogt, FritsMotor150 ft LOABoat International1991/0990
889Beetle CatboatConcordia CoDinghy, sailing12 ft - American designClassic Boat1991/0936
14833Fairline 38 PhantomOlesinski, BernardYacht, motor42 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1991/0958
14834Tireur Fairey SwordsmanFairey MarineMotor33 ft LOA 1963Motorboat and Yachting1991/09110
14835Fletcher 23 & 210Fletcher InternationalMotor21 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1991/09136
1629Dehler 39 cwsStadt, E G van deYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/0878
4130Sun Odyssey 34Andrieux, DanielYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1991/0856
2801PXDinghy, sailing15 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1991/0818
4131Sun FizzBriand, PhilippeYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1991/0858
4128Katie GMartin, RodgerYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1991/0849
4129Centurion 59Dubois, EdYacht, sloop59 ft LOAYachting World1991/0850
11979Crossley, P CYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - Royal Windermere Y C 17 ft RestricteClassic Boat1991/0818
10236ShenandoahDouglas, BobYacht, schooner152 ft LOAClassic Boat1991/0813
9098MornaDickie, Peter SYacht, motor38 ftClassic Boat1991/0842
3498Rival BowmanPaine, ChuckYacht, sloop40 ft LOABoat International1991/0864
3499Danielle of HammLaurent GilesSchooner107 ft LOABoat International1991/0874
3497Mangusta 65Overmarine & RodriguezMotor66 ft LOABoat International1991/0840
3500MaysylphSparkman & StephensYacht, ketch123 ft LOABoat International1991/0882
2022Sea Wings 285Wolstenholme, AndrewMotor31 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1991/0879
2021Event 34Underwood/FelthamCatamaran34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1991/0829
10643Sweden Yachts 390Norlin, Peter & Ostermann, JensYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/0882
9513Parker 275Parker, G W & SonYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/0790
915BettineLaurent GilesYacht, cutter33 ft - Classic Boat SupplementYachting Monthly1991/077
10326Slipstream of CowleySparkman & StephensYacht, sloop33 ft LOA - Classic Boat SupplementYachting Monthly1991/0719
10029SantanaBuchanan, AlanYacht, sloop35 ft - Classic Boat Supplement Yachting Monthly1991/0715
7788Gib'Sea 262Group GraalYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/0786
9522PatsNewick, DickTrimaran51 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/0751
4579DreamBombigher, DanielSchooner70 ft LOAYachting World1991/0753
2800ByteBruce, IanDinghy, sailing12 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1991/076
9805RedwingNicholson, C EYacht, sloop22 ft LOAClassic Boat1991/0716
774AudreyBurgoine, AlfredYacht, sloop20 ft LOA - Thames 1/2 RaterClassic Boat1991/0742
9761RainbowLentsch, G de VriesYacht, cutter26 ft LOA - Rainbow class - NederlandsClassic Boat1991/0710
9806RedwingNicholson, CharlesYacht, sloop27 ft LOA - Bembridge Redwing classClassic Boat1991/0718
10315Skimming DishBurgoine, AlfredYacht, sloop24 ft LOA - Linear RaterClassic Boat1991/0743
10790The New OrleansTate, Don & AssociatesPassenger115 ft - sternwheeler - ThamesClassic Boat1991/07102
8972MignonetteBurgoine, AlfredYacht, sloop19 ft LOA - Half RaterClassic Boat1991/0742
7639FlotsamBurgoine, AlfredCanoe, sailing14 ftClassic Boat1991/0741
3494Sovereign 54Southwell, PhilYacht, sloop54 ft LOABoat International1991/0754
3495Freedom 38Mull, GaryYacht, sloop38 ft LOABoat International1991/0758
3496Current AffairMPSMotor103 ft LOABoat International1991/0782
11019UnivSaunders, MossesBarge 76 ft LOA - University College R CClassic Boat1991/0774
2018Bavaria 320 SportlineMohnhaupt, AxelYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1991/0730
14838Panorama 40Sadler InternationalMotor, sailer40 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1991/07102
14837Sea LassBain, JohnYacht, motor52 ft LOA, 1930Motorboat and Yachting1991/0766
2020Nelson 29TT Boat Designs LtdMotor29 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1991/0780
14836Cranchi ClipperAndreaniMotor24 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1991/0748
2019Jaquar 24Castro, TonyYacht, sloop24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1991/0734
14841Horizon 32Hunter Boats LtdMotor, sailer32 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1991/07110
14840Southerly 115Northshore YachtsMotor, sailer37 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1991/07108
14839Eclipse 38Marine ProjectsMotor, sailer39 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1991/07106
11054Vancouver 34Harris, Robert BYacht, cutter34 ft - see also CB 2005/05 p46Yachting Monthly1991/06111
11267Westerly TyphoonDubois, EdYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/06108
11244Westerly DiscusLaurent Giles LtdYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/0651
4577Bavaria 320Mohnhaupt, AxelYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1991/0668
4578Iroquois, Vahine IIMacalpine-Downie, RodCatamaran30 ft LOAYachting World1991/0670
4576Etap 35Harle, PhilippeYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1991/0662
3491Finngulf 391Sodergren, HakanYacht, sloop39 ft LOABoat International1991/0638
3492Princess 65Olesinski, BernardMotor69 ft LOABoat International1991/0668
3493LedaGilgenast, GerhardMotor97 ft LOABoat International1991/0692
11216WaveLeather, JohnYacht, yawl16 ftClassic Boat1991/0641
10833TID 164Tug70 ft LOA Classic Boat1991/0682
10271Silver GullThompson, MikYacht16 ft LOA C BClassic Boat1991/0668
858Bateau NantaisBarge, sailing - Loire regionClassic Boat1991/0632
8479La MontjeannaiseBeaudoin, FrancoisBarge, sailing - Loire regionClassic Boat1991/0629
2016Spring 25Castro, TonyYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1991/0639
2017Etap 35iHarle, PhilippeYacht, sloop35 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1991/0641
8099Hunter Channel 35Thomas, D & Dyer, DYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/05111
9700Providence 47Laurent Giles LtdYacht, cutter16 tonsYachting Monthly1991/05117
10541Sun Fast 39Fauroux, JacquesYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/05114
8328Josephine of HambleSparkman & StephensYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/0555
2798Red fox 290Farr, BruceYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1991/057
2799OOD 48Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1991/0551
4569Contest 43Zaal, DickYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1991/0556
4570Contessa 32Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1991/0562
4572Dragonfly 800 Mk IIIQuoming, BorgeMultihull26 ft LOAYachting World1991/0569
4574Prout Event 34Milne, PeterCatamaran34 ft LOAYachting World1991/0573
4575Fidji 39Joubert & NiveltCatamaran39 ft LOAYachting World1991/0574
4571Solaris Sunbeam 24Kelsall, DerekCatamaran24 ft LOAYachting World1991/0568
4573Twins 31Patterson, PatMultihull31 ft LOAYachting World1991/0571
12788Morgan GilesDinghy, sailing13 ftClassic Boat1991/0547
846Barka KAT 27Schmidt, HenrykFishing30 ft approxClassic Boat1991/0561
1531CurlewBurt, R SYacht, cutter28 ft - Fal Quay Punt - see also CB 1997/08 p 29Classic Boat1991/0528
13680Watty, ArchieYacht, sloop22 ft LOA - Troy classClassic Boat1991/0512
10959TriviaCamper & NicholsonYacht, sloop70 ft LOA - 12 m classClassic Boat1991/0518
13426Stalkartt, MarmadukeYacht74 ft LBP - 18C designClassic Boat1991/0550
3236Eileen SiochtPassengerClassic Boat1991/0582
3489Nordsee 55Dubbel, UweYacht, sloop55 ft LOABoat International1991/0582
3490Virginiande Voogt, FritsMotor204 ft LOABoat International1991/0594
2929AerielMcCurdy & RhodesYacht, sloop39 ft LOAWooden Boat1991/05108
2928Vortex, Swede 55Reimers, KnudYacht, sloop53 ft LOAWooden Boat1991/0584
2015Catalina 22Catalina Yachts, USAYacht, sloop22 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1991/0548
9967Sadler Starlight 35Jones, StephenYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/04110
4566Eclipse 38Dixon, BillYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1991/0446
4568Beaux Yeux, First 35Berret, JeanYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1991/0454
4567Legend 37.5Luhrs, WarrenYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1991/0452
1318ClassiqueDickiesYacht, motor110 ftClassic Boat1991/0419
12750Mead, HarleyYacht, yawl40 ft LOA - Quay Punt styleClassic Boat1991/0443
9988SallyMead, HarleyYacht, cutter18 ft LWL - Quay punt style - see also Ymn 1940/Classic Boat1991/0442
8818MarjorieMead, HarleyYacht, yawl37 ft LOAClassic Boat1991/0444
8239JadeLaws, G UYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - Sea View Mermaid classClassic Boat1991/0434
8483La PerlaBisquineClassic Boat1991/0474
13267Rowlands, W HYacht, sloop20 ft LOA - Conway Y C O D classClassic Boat1991/0426
3487Chateau BranaireFrers, GermanYacht, ketch87 ft LOABoat International1991/0490
3485Rhapsody 40Dahlstrom & Neubelt & CruseYacht, sloop39 ft LOABoat International1991/0444
3486Sweden 390Norlin/OstmannYacht, sloop39 ft LOABoat International1991/0447
3488Denita IIBagliettoMotor119 ft LOABoat International1991/0496
3484Dufour 54Harle/MortainYacht, sloop55 ft LOABoat International1991/0438
3483Oyster 68Holman & PyeYacht, sloop68 ft LOABoat International1991/0436
3482Jonsgert 2900sSijm, PeterYacht, sloop97 ft LOABoat International1991/0432
14842Princess 435Olesinski, BernardYacht, motor44 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1991/0446
2013Horizon 272 CCSHunter & David ThomasYacht, sloop28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1991/0448
2014Maritime 21Scott, JohnMotor21 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1991/04102
14843Flipper 717SSodergren & IsacsonMotor25 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1991/04122
9397Offshore 38Thomas, DavidYacht, cutter37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/0373
10246Shoal WatersStock, CharlesYacht, cutter16 ft LOA Falcon daysailerYachting Monthly1991/03101
10299Sirius 42Thomas, DavidYacht, cutter41 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/0372
4565Ran-Tan, Sadler 32Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1991/0356
4564Antigua 37Joubert & NiveltCatamaran37 ft LOAYachting World1991/0354
2797J/44 J/35Johnstone, RodYacht, sloop45 ft 35 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1991/0315
4563First 310Finot, GroupeYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1991/0348
12131Fife, WilliamYacht, sloop24 ft LOA - Fife O D classClassic Boat1991/0322
3479MysticFrers, GermanYacht, sloop60 ft LOABoat International1991/0388
788AvenHerveDinghy15 ft -lug rig - French designClassic Boat1991/0382
3481L'AquasitionGilgenast, GerhardMotor44 ft LOABoat International1991/03108
11457ZilverwiekHolm, ToreYacht, sloop48 ft LOA - International 8m classClassic Boat1991/0314
10075ScathanSimmons, W E Yacht, steamClassic Boat1991/0330
3478IndigoWormwood, PeterCatamaran65 ft LOABoat International1991/0382
3480AstraNicholson, Charles EYacht, sloop115 ft LOA 1928Boat International1991/03100
14845Highland Beauty, Rampart 48Rampart Boat Building Co.Yacht, motor49 ft LOA 1975Motorboat and Yachting1991/03112
2925ChameleonGreene, DannyDinghy, sailing10 ft LOAWooden Boat1991/03116
2926JPDMBDKaufman, MikeDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAWooden Boat1991/03116
2927LongspliceStrayer, Charles MDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAWooden Boat1991/03116
14844Sorebro Royal 340 AdriaticWilke, WinnfriedMotor38 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1991/0346
2012Mayland Kingfisher 20Motor20 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1991/0392
1308CirrusWolstenholme, AYacht, sloop33 ft LOA - Norfolk BroadsWatercraft1991/0344
2011Parker 21Holland & ParkerYacht, sloop21 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1991/0336
7702Freedom 45Mull, GaryYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/0291
10152Seamaster 925Holman & PyeYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/0241
4561SparkleCollins, WarickYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1991/0285
4558Hannah's Way, Scanmar 40Magnusson, RolfYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1991/0250
4562Rulor IIWest, JohnYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1991/0287
4559Vancouver 28Harris, RobertYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1991/0252
4557J-Hawk, J/44Magnusson, RolfYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1991/0246
4560Q2Pocock, MichaelYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1991/0284
3472HinckleyMcCurdy and RhodesYacht, sloop44 ft LOABoat International1991/0246
3297EndeavourBark109 ft LOA - replica of Cook's vessel - see alsoClassic Boat1991/0216
3475Alalunga 23mCiccaroMotor75 ft LOABoat International1991/0272
12440JennersYacht, motor26 ft - Norfolk BroadsClassic Boat1991/0246
11691BroomeYacht, motor - Admiral class - Norfolk BroadsClassic Boat1991/0244
8435Kingswear CastlePassenger113 ft LOAClassic Boat1991/0264
3476Azimut 90Motor90 ft LOABoat International1991/0286
11623Bolger, Philip C Yacht, yawl25 ft - Sharpie - American designClassic Boat1991/0275
3473Oyster 68Holman & PyeYacht, sloop68 ft LOABoat International1991/0252
11459ZinniaBurnett, EdYacht, cutter30 ft LOAClassic Boat1991/0224
3477CCYD 120Holland, RonYacht, sloop122 ft LOABoat International1991/02100
3474Super Asterion 55Andrew Winch DesignsMotor55 ft LOABoat International1991/0258
2010Tiki 36James Wharram DesignsCatamaran36 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1991/0228
2008Tamarisk 19Cannell, David MYacht, sloop19 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1991/0225
2009SeabreezePfannenschmidt, ErnieYacht, ketch24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1991/0227
4554Sigma 35Thomas & DixonYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1991/0156
4555Omega 36Holland, RonYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1991/0162
4556Contessa 26Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1991/0164
2795Dart StingMarch, RodneyCatamaran4.54 m LOAYachts and Yachting1991/0130
2796Hobie 17Catamaran5.18 m LOAYachts and Yachting1991/0119
3333EtainLaurent GilesYacht, cutter46 ft - see also CB 2005/06 p59Classic Boat1991/01100
1291ChristinaNicholson, CharlesYacht, sloop20 ft LOA - Victory O D classClassic Boat1991/0122
1511Cromarty 32Wyatt & Freeman DesignYacht, ketch36 ft LOAClassic Boat1991/0172
12260Hacker, John LMotor25 ft LOAClassic Boat1991/01 30
10766Tern IVWorth, ClaudeYacht, cutter62 ft LODClassic Boat1991/0116
3471Butterfly McQueenFanoe YachtvaerftSchooner130 ft LOABoat International1991/01132
3467Freedom 45Mull, GaryYacht, sloop45 ft LOABoat International1991/0196
3468Marksman 47Dixon, BillYacht, sloop47 ft LOABoat International1991/01100
3470GeedeeBannengerg, JonYacht, sloop101 ft LOABoat International1991/01124
3466Swan 55Frers, GermanYacht, sloop55 ft LOABoat International1991/0190
3469Sunseeker Renegrade 60Shead, DonMotor60 ft LOABoat International1991/01104
12061Dias, TonyYacht, yawl20 ft LOA - cat rigWatercraft1991/0159
2924Sting RayWilliams, FenwickMotor56 ft LOAWooden Boat1991/01104
9725QIIPocock, MichaelYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/1245
1430Contest 43Zaal, DickYacht, cutter42 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/1297
8080Horizon 272CCSThomas, DavidYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/1299
4553Sigma 33, FirestormThomas, DavidYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1990/1284
4550Westerly, Typhoon 37Dubois, EdYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1990/1240
4549CarrouselAlden, John GYacht, yawl58 ft LOAYachting World1990/1239
4551Aphrodite 51Boyer, CarlYacht, ketch53 ft LOAYachting World1990/1244
4552Rustler 31, WrestlerHolman & PyeYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1990/1246
10741TattersSibblick, CharlesYacht30 ftClassic Boat1990/1250
9319NormanSibblick, CharlesYacht36 ft - 5 RaterClassic Boat1990/1249
3462Contest 43Zaal, DickYacht, sloop43 ft LOABoat International1990/1260
3463Trintella 448SBehage, PietYacht, sloop45 ft LOABoat International1990/1264
3461Horizon 44Wilke/LindholmMotor44 ft LOABoat International1990/1244
3465Alpha Alpha IIIde Voogt, FritsMotor150 ft LOABoat International1990/1282
3464J-Hawk 44Johnstone, Rodney SYacht, sloop45 ft LOABoat International1990/1270
9510PapoosePayne, A EYacht34 ft - 2 1/2 rating classClassic Boat1990/1248
2007Great PelicanShort, William HDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/1226
2006Longshore 16Harris, PeterDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/1224
11119Victory 40Stadt, E G van deYacht, yawl40 ft LOA - see also YW 1973/04 p 88, YW 1975/12 Yachting Monthly1990/1163
1199Catalina 34CatalinaYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/1194
4547Sirius 42Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1990/1156
4546Moody 35Dixon, BillYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1990/1152
4548Southerly 115Bennett, JohnYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1990/1158
4545Holger DanskeGerr. DaveYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World1990/1151
8377KaskelotAnderson, RingBarque153 ftClassic Boat1990/1125
1576Dancing FeatherAtkin, WilliamYacht, motorClassic Boat1990/1161
3457Beneteau Oceanis 500Briand, PhilippeYacht, sloop50 ft LOABoat International1990/1154
8017Hell DiverAtkin, WilliamMotorClassic Boat1990/1160
3456Dehler 39 CWSDehler YachtsYacht, sloop40 ft LOABoat International1990/1151
3458AstralSparkman & StevensYacht, ketch115 ft LOABoat International1990/1182
10127Sea WitchAtkin, WilliamYacht, ketch35 ft LOA - Eric classClassic Boat1990/1166
3460Sahab IIIHarvey, Ray & GNTCMotor131 ft LOABoat International1990/1198
3459GeorgianaPeterson/Alan-WilliamsYacht, sloop92 ft LOABoat International1990/1190
2005Sealine 220Murrant, TomMotor23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/1178
2004Beneteau First 32s5Berret, JeanYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/1125
8426KingfisherLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, yawl16 ft LOA C B - see also CB 1989/11 p 99Yachting Monthly1990/10102
8751MaldivesJoubert, M & Nivelt, BCatamaran32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/10100
3270Elizabethan 31Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop30 ft LOA - see also YW 1972/07 p 78Yachting Monthly1990/1075
4543Baltic 52Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop53 ft LOAYachting World1990/1044
4544Nicholson 26, PampanoNicholson, CharlesYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting World1990/1046
4542Beneteau 45f5Farr, BruceYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World1990/1040
8529LanenaBurgoine, AlfredYacht, sloop19 ft - Thames sailing gigClassic Boat1990/1047
1635Deidre Louise IIIBates, W & SonYacht, motor33 ft LBP - Star Craft 33 classClassic Boat1990/1030
473AkaranaLogan, RobertYacht, cutter39 ft - New Zealand designClassic Boat1990/1089
12282Harden, AlfredYacht12 ft - Thames sailing gigClassic Boat1990/1046
9934RubyBurgoine, AlfredYacht, sloop18 ft - Thames sailing gigClassic Boat1990/1045
3455Swan 86Frers, GermanYacht, sloop86 ft LOABoat International1990/10106
3454Whisstocks 67Dalzell, SteveYacht, sloop67 ft LOABoat International1990/1082
3452Nordia 49van Dam, RobertYacht, sloop49 ft LOABoat International1990/1052
3453Ocean Lord 41Dubois, EdYacht, sloop41 ft LOABoat International1990/1058
2002Eclipse 33Dixon, BillYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/1026
2003Targa 30Olesinski, BernardMotor34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/1076
9446OriginalGreathead, HenryLifeboatFirst lifeboatYachting Monthly1990/09117
9088Moonfleet 36Laurent Giles LtdYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/09157
9422Omega 36Holland, RonYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/09160
11256Westerly Oceanmaster 48Dubois, EdYacht, cutter48 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/0981
4539Starlight 38, SadlerJones, StephenYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1990/0954
4540Najad 320Karlsson, ThorwaldYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1990/0958
4541Fisher 34, Finlandia of HambleWyatt, GordonYacht, ketch34 ft LOAYachting World1990/0960
2794Sigma 35Yacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1990/0942
2793Hunter HorizonThomas, DavidYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1990/0920
3447Moonfleet 36Laurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop36 ft LOABoat International1990/0940
3448Tarquin 535Tarquin MarineMotor56 ft LOABoat International1990/0946
3449Concept 80Koskenkyla, PekkaYacht, sloop79 ft LOABoat International1990/0960
3450Princesa Del MarDiana Yacht DesignMotor101 ft LOABoat International1990/0968
3451Brave GooseSchweers, FRMotor162 ft LOABoat International1990/0984
3446Mediterranee 40Cranchi & AndreaniMotor40 ft LOABoat International1990/0936
13012Nicholson, C AYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - South Coast O D classClassic Boat1990/0912
11061VandaMylne, AlfredYacht, sloop41 ft LOAClassic Boat1990/0918
11738Buehler, GeorgeYacht, motor55 ft Classic Boat1990/09111
8476La GattaOrsini, G CesareYacht, schooner37 ft LWLClassic Boat1990/09112
8977Millom CastleWhite, WilliamYacht, schooner81 ftClassic Boat1990/0955
9871Rob RoyMacGregorCanoe14 ftClassic Boat1990/0960
9080Moody Eclipse 43Dixon, BillYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/0876
1283Chiquita VMacAlpine-Downie, J RCatamaran30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/0867
4535Hallberg~Rassy 45Frers, GermanYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World1990/0848
4536Sun~Light 31Andrieu, DanielYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1990/0856
4537Moody 33Primrose, AngusYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1990/0858
4538Ultra 30Humphreys, RobDinghy, sailing30 ftYachting World1990/0870
2792CheetahShuttleworth, JohnCatamaran8 m LOAYachts and Yachting1990/0836
4534Paine 45Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1990/0843
1692Dixie-GirlBombigher, DanielYacht, sloop33 ft Classic Boat1990/0813
9680Princess GipsyBombigher, DanielYacht, schooner65 ftClassic Boat1990/0815
9456OssieFishing15 ft - Aldeburgh beach boatClassic Boat1990/0834
7443EvenlodeFife, William IIIYacht, sloop51 ft LOAClassic Boat1990/0846
878Beach YawlTeale, JohnYacht, yawl16 ft - Beach yawlClassic Boat1990/0833
1345CockleshellBarber, ArthurYacht, sloop21 ftClassic Boat1990/0882
957Block Island CowhornYacht, ketch22 ft - New England double-enderClassic Boat1990/0839
3443Caralina 42Catalina YachtsYacht, sloop42 ft LOABoat International1990/0842
3445AltairFife, William IIISchooner, gaff130 ft LOABoat International1990/0876
3444AztecaCRN AnconaMotor176 ft LOABoat International1990/0868
12130Fife, WilliamYacht, cutter25 ft - Dublin Bay S C A classClassic Boat1990/0873
2001Seawings 234Mudie, ColinMotor25 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/0890
2000Norfolk GypsyWolstenholme, AndrewYacht, sloop24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/0835
1999Sun-Liberty 34JeanneauYacht, sloop34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/0832
8900MedusaBay Class YachtsYacht, yawl38 ft LOA - see also CB 1997/05 p 28Yachting Monthly1990/0790
9381Oceanis 370Briand, PhilippeYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/0786
13269Roy, AlanYacht, sloop72 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/0790
4533Crealock 44Crealock, BillYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1990/0747
2789Dart TSXMarch, RodneyCatamaran5.94 m LOAYachts and Yachting1990/0716
2790QIIPocock, MichaelYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1990/0728
2791Wanderer MDProctor, IanDinghy, sailing14 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1990/0732
3442SidartaHaak ShipyardMotor125 ft LOABoat International1990/0766
8186IreneCarverYacht, ketch118 ftClassic Boat1990/0735
13606Wager, PiusMotor21 ft - based on American designClassic Boat1990/0723
3211Eagle IIMoxie, RalphYacht - Bahama dinghyClassic Boat1990/0718
3440Aphrodite 51Beyer, CarlYacht, ketch53 ft LOABoat International1990/0742
1301CicelyFife, William IIIYacht, schooner130 ft LOAClassic Boat1990/0752
3441GalileoSparkman & StevensYacht, sloop123 ft LOABoat International1990/0758
7471Fairey FishermanBurnard, C WYacht25 ftClassic Boat1990/0759
1997Mascot 910Mortensen, PalleYacht, sloop28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/0751
1998Tidemaster SennitTraditionalMotor27 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/07101
8201Island Packet 32Yacht, cutter32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/06118
7954Hallberg Rassy 36Frers, GermanYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/06114
765Atlantic 430Judel & Vrolijy & Baltic YachtsYacht, sloop41 ft LOA BavariaYachting Monthly1990/06118
4531Bavaria 320Mohnhaupt, AxelYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1990/0666
4530Eclipse 43Dixon, BillYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1990/0662
4532Sigma 33Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1990/0668
14681First Class EuropeGroup FinotYacht, sloop11.38 m LOAYachts and Yachting1990/0628
1150CaraFife, William IIIYacht55 ft Classic Boat1990/0654
3437Ocean Alexander 46Monk, EdwinMotor46 ft LOABoat International1990/0648
3438Hatteras 92Hargrave, JackMotor92 ft LOABoat International1990/0670
11299White SlaveFife, William IIIYacht60 ftClassic Boat1990/0654
10698Tamahin 40Laurent Giles & PartnersYacht, motor39 ft LOAClassic Boat1990/0646
10655SwiftYacht, steam35 ft Classic Boat1990/0670
14038LightshipClassic Boat1990/0659
3439Martha E Windship 91WindshipYacht, sloop91 ft LOABoat International1990/0678
3436Jeanneau Sun Odysssey 51Farr, BruceYacht, sloop50 ft LOABoat International1990/0642
1996Nimbus 29 CoupeMotor30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/06106
1995Devon YawlETS MouldingsDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/0664
11387X 342Jeppesen, NielsYacht,sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/05135
10990Twins 31Patterson, PatCatamaran31 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/05139
4529Il Moro Di VenezlaFrers, GermanYacht, sloop80 ft LOAYachting World1990/0594
4528Feeling 446Harle, PhilippeYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1990/0574
14680Laser 13Kirby, BruceDinghy, sailing13 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1990/0532
560EquipeLaurent, MarcDinghy, sailing13 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1990/0526
11374WraithFife, William IIYachtClassic Boat1990/0550
1641DelphisJones, J FrancisYacht49 ft - Inchcape classClassic Boat1990/0527
3434Scand 8600Jensen, AlfMotor30 ft LOABoat International1990/0590
10518SudyRowland, W HYacht, sloop20 ft - Menai Strait O D classClassic Boat1990/0516
3435Magnum 70Magnum MarineMotor70 ft LOABoat International1990/0594
3433WhitherVaton, GillesYacht, sloop100 ft LOABoat International1990/0568
3432FarabanaDisdale, TerenceMotor137 ft LOABoat International1990/0560
3430Santorini 40Mistral CraftMotor40 ft LOABoat International1990/0542
3431Happy Hours, Beneteau 45f5Farr, BruceYacht, sloop47 ft LOABoat International1990/0546
1992Nidelv 26Nilsen, EivenMotor26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/0594
1993Vancouver 36Taylor, TonyYacht, cutter36 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/05101
1994Winkle Brig DayboatBergvist, EricDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/05104
3343Etap 38iHarle & MortainYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/0488
938BitsHolman, C RYacht, sloop28 ft LOA - Twister classYachting Monthly1990/0467
1512Cromarty 36Wyatt & Freeman DesignYacht, ketch36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/0495
4523Dehler 36dbvan de StadtYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1990/0470
4526LongobardaFarr, BruceYacht, sloop80 ft LOAYachting World1990/0482
4525Etap 22, Narde Ridder, JacYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting World1990/0476
4524Gib'Sea 352Joubert & NiveltYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1990/0474
4527Wavetrain IIEveritt, JulianYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1990/0486
8926MercuryCrocker, SamYacht, cutter52 ft Classic Boat1990/0420
10776Thames skiffBurnham Yacht Building CoRowing20 ft - see also CB 1990/08 p 6, CB 1990/11 p 5Classic Boat1990/0433
11079VeliraCheverton, DavidYacht, sloop30 ft LOA - Cavalier 30 classClassic Boat1990/0478
3429GitanaPerini NaviYacht, sloop118 ft LOABoat International1990/0476
3427Sweden 50Norlin & OstmannYacht, sloop50 ft LOABoat International1990/0448
3428September Bluede Voogt, FritsMotor139 ft LOABoat International1990/0468
8315Jolly BoatLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, yawl23 ft - see also CB 1990/12 p 82Classic Boat1990/0457
1990Sadler 34Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop35 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/0459
1991Etap 28iHarle, PhilippeYacht, sloop28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/0461
3187Dufour 39Frers, GermanYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/03122
4520Vancouver 36Taylor, TonyYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1990/0360
4522Sadler 29, PrimoSadler, DavidYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1990/0368
4521Nauta 54Kaufman, ScottYacht, sloop55 ft LOAYachting World1990/0366
11048Van WijkBeeldnijer, PeterMotor21 ftClassic Boat1990/0370
3265Elizabeth BlighRowing23 ft - replica of Bligh's cutterClassic Boat1990/0323
1568DafneAnderson, AlbertYacht, sloop46 ft LOA - International 10m classClassic Boat1990/0333
1061BrockEyre, MartinDinghy, sailing11 ft LOAClassic Boat1990/0375
1443CoppeliaTew, JohnYacht, sloop30 ft LOA - Dancing Ledge classClassic Boat1990/0326
12749Mead, HarleyYacht, motor45 ft Classic Boat1990/0361
10128SeabirdBaggs, H G & Hayward, W SYacht, sloop20 ft - Half rater - see also CB 2003/04 p 77Classic Boat1990/0386
8866Mauna LoaCamper & NicholsonYacht, steam84 ft Classic Boat1990/0364
8884MayaMcGregor, PYacht, steam50 ft Classic Boat1990/0360
9189NapierEdge, S FMotor35 ftClassic Boat1990/0358
13743Woodnutt & CoYacht, ketch50 ft Classic Boat1990/0362
3426Powerline 390Bennett, JohnMotor40 ft LOABoat International1990/0374
3425Windship 80WindshipYacht, sloop79 ft LOABoat International1990/0366
3424BeaupreBannenberg, JonYacht, sloop121 ft LOABoat International1990/0350
1989St Mawes O.D,Peters, FrankDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/0374
1988Alouette VIHunter Boats LtdYacht, sloop23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/0371
7444Event 34Prout CatamaransCatamaran34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/02102
8202Island Packet 35Yacht, cutter35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/02109
8078Horizon 23Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/02107
4519Hunter, Sonata, PiccoloThomas, DavidYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1990/0274
4518Sun Way 21J&JYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting World1990/0272
4517Furia 44Joubert & NiveltYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1990/0266
8738MaidieChambers, F HYacht, sloop43 ft - Norfolk Broads - see also CB 2004/12 p Classic Boat1990/0230
3423Dynamique 80Joubert & NiveltYacht, sloop80 ft LOABoat International1990/0284
13048Oughtred, IainDinghy9 ftClassic Boat1990/0258
13184R N L IRowing16 ft - boarding boatClassic Boat1990/0268
633AmarylisDixon KempYacht, steam22 ftClassic Boat1990/0281
3421Trintella 1525Beeldsnijder, PieterMotor50 ft LOABoat International1990/0268
3422AllianceSchubert, JohnMotor126 ft LOABoat International1990/0274
11973CrosbyCatboat23 ft LOD Classic Boat1990/0237
8000Heard 28Heard, TerryYacht, cutter28 ft LOD - see also CB 2004/07 p 22Classic Boat1990/0290
1987Dockrell 27Anderson, IanYacht, sloop27 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/0293
1540Cuttyhunk 54Pape, AlanYacht, ketch54 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/01141
9968Sadler Starlight 38Jones, StephenYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/01136
4513Westerly, Oceanmaster 48Dubois, EdYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1990/01102
4514Hunter, Horizon 23Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1990/01108
4515Penmar, Westerly KonsortGiles, LaurentYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1990/01110
4516La AventuraDixon, BillYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1990/01140
559CatapultMontgomery, JohnDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1990/0127
3420Southern Cross IIBannenberg, JonMotor171 ft LOABoat International1990/0188
14037Fishing16 ft - Dannish SmakkeClassic Boat1990/0122
3417Birchwood TS49Andrews, TedMotor50 ft LOABoat International1990/0162
3418Feeling 446Harle, Mortain, TabarlyYacht, sloop45 ft LOABoat International1990/0168
3419Royal Eagle IICornelissenYacht, sloop100 ft LOABoat International1990/0174
1677DiddikaiHerreshoff, L FrancisYacht, ketchClassic Boat1990/0138
1657Design No 39Herreshoff, L FrancisYacht, sloop17 ft C BClassic Boat1990/0138
10832TiconderogaHerreshoff, L FrancisYacht, ketch72 ft LOAClassic Boat1990/0133
11103Vertue IILaurent Giles, JackYacht, sloop25 ft LOAClassic Boat1990/0188
9702PrudenceHerreshoff, L FrancisYacht, sloop22 ftClassic Boat1990/0138
9230NereiaHerreshoff, L FrancisYacht, ketch36 ftClassic Boat1990/0137
1663Devon YawlDamerell, JackYacht, yawl16 ftClassic Boat1990/0178
2923DakiniBolger, Philip CYacht, yawl35 ft LOAWooden Boat1990/0196
1986Pangolin IIHarris, MikeYacht, sloop45 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/0184
9396Offshore 35Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop35 ft LOA - sponsored by YMYachting Monthly1989/1265
9257Nicholson 38Nicholson, C E Yacht, cutter38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1989/12152
4511Ancasta 50Dubois, EdYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World1989/1266
558UltraHumphreys, RobYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1989/12100
4512Gib'Sea 312Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1989/1272
3414Starlight 38Jones, StephenYacht, sloop39 ft LOABoat International1989/1264
3415SensationHolland, RonYacht, sloop110 ft LOABoat International1989/1268
3416Lady FrancesDerecktorMotor105 ft LOABoat International1989/1278
1985Sonrisa Del GatoBrouns, Jean-PierreYacht, sloop37 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1989/1239
8873Maxi 33Pettersen, PelleYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1989/11108
4509Etap 38iHarle & MortainYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1989/1170
555Action 26Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1989/1120
556Leader 2 TurboSothcott, JeremyDinghy, sailing14 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1989/118
4510Winner 9.50van de Stadt, E GYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1989/1176
4508Still 380Still, EivindDinghy, sailing13 ft LOAYachting World1989/1165
557Moody 336Dixon, BillYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1989/1116
7723FunkliCreola, PeyterYacht, steam21 ft LOAClassic Boat1989/1164
9350NyriaCamper & NicholsonYacht, cutter98 ftClassic Boat1989/1146
3413St EvalPendennis ShipyardMotor105 ft LOA converted tugBoat International1989/1180
8982MinervaSaavedra, JoseYacht, sloop21 ft LOA - lateen rig - Canary IslandsClassic Boat1989/1175
636AmazonDinghy13 ft - Arthur Ransome vesselClassic Boat1989/1121
14036Warship26 ft - steam launch - RussiaClassic Boat1989/1144
13697White, J SWarship40 ft - picket boat - ItalyClassic Boat1989/1145
3409Tempest 60Endberg/BertonMotor60 ft LOABoat International1989/1143
3410Oceanmaster 48Dubois, EdYacht, sloop48 ft LOABoat International1989/1172
8878MayCrossfieldFishing32 ft LOA - Lancashire NobbyClassic Boat1989/1139
3412Bao BabC&N & ThornycroftMotor85 ft LOABoat International1989/1188
9752RacundraEggers, OttoYacht, ketch30 ft C B - Arthur Ransome vesselClassic Boat1989/1121
3408Swan 44Frers, GermanYacht, sloop44 ft LOABoat International1989/1136
13696White, J SCutter, steam32 ft - for Austro-Hungarian Royal YachtClassic Boat1989/1145
11898Cockshott, GeorgeDinghy, sailing12 ft - International 12 classClassic Boat1989/1128
10619SwallowDinghy13 ft - Arthur Ransome vesselClassic Boat1989/1121
3411Thunderhawk 43Shead, DonMotor43 ft LOABoat International1989/1176
2921CacklerDevlin, SamMotor, garvey14 ft LOAWooden Boat1989/1196
1984Flying Fox DeluxeMoulston, BobMotor17 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1989/1161
2922GarveyStephens, Robert WMotor, garvey19 ft LOAWooden Boat1989/1198
2920Wianno SeniorManly Crosby, HDinghy, sailing25 ft LOAWooden Boat1989/1158
7949Hallberg Rassy 29Rassy, C & Enderlin, OYacht, sloop29 ft LOA - see also YM 1996/11 p 81Yachting Monthly1989/10122
764Atlantic 36Zaal, DickYacht, cutter36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1989/10126
4507Hunter's ChildBergstrom & RitterYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World1989/1098
4505Gib'Sea 522Joubert & NiveltYacht, sloop52 ft LOAYachting World1989/1068
4506Island Packet 35Johnson, BobYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1989/1074
3407Scorpio 72Perry, RobertYacht, sloop72 ft LOABoat International1989/1086
3406Berthon 80Laurent GilesMotor80 ft LOABoat International1989/1078
8647LockerThames Valley Launch CoYacht, motor - electric propulsionClassic Boat1989/1035
8035Herring GullCamper & NicholsonYacht, motor50 ft Classic Boat1989/1022
13369Smith, Theo OsbourneDinghy, sailing11 ft - West Wight ScowClassic Boat1989/1061
1982Seawolf 26Feltham, DavidYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1989/1089
1983Aquaviva FrontierScagnelli & AngeliniMotor21 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1989/1095
1465Cornish YawlDongray, RogerYacht, yawl34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1989/09177
554Gib'Sea 313Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1989/0932
4504First 41s5Berrett & StarckYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1989/09118
14035Yacht, steam29 ftClassic Boat1989/0977
9539PeggottyCatboatClassic Boat1989/0985
10924TrekkaLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, yawl21 ftClassic Boat1989/0936
3405Nordia 39Van Dam. RobertYacht, sloop39 ft LOABoat International1989/0966
3404EndeavourNicholson, CharlesYacht, cutter130 ft LOA 1933 restoredBoat International1989/0952
10021SandpiperLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, yawlClassic Boat1989/0936
691Aphrodite 33Beyer, CarlYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1989/08104
4502Moody 336Dixon, BillYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1989/0866
4503Contest 35SZaal, DickYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1989/0872
4501Transpac ULDB 70Nelson & MarekYacht, sloop70 ft LOAYachting World1989/0858
3402Blue AttractionDiana Yacht DesignMotor110 ft LOABoat International1989/0866
3403MoongoddessBennettiMotor103 ft LOABoat International1989/0878
1980200 SC CuddyMaxumMotor20 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1989/0868
1981Tiki 26Wharram, JamesCatamaran26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1989/0875
1979Coastliner 14OrkneyMotor14 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1989/0867
1978Event 34Prout & Feltham & UnderwoodCatamaran34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1989/0862
1977F27Farrier, IanTrimaran27 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1989/0859
8034Heron IIShepherd, FredYacht, cutter46 ft LOA - see also CB 1999/07 p 43Yachting Monthly1989/0763
8559Legend 30Hunter Marine IncYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1989/0793
553EndeavourNicholson, Charles EYacht, sloopJ class restoredYachts and Yachting1989/077
552Old Mother GunHumphreys, RobYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1989/0736
4500Pen GwynTanton, Yves-MarieYacht, ketch37 ft LOAYachting World1989/0755
9729Queen GullBritish Power Boat CoMotor12 ft - ex target boatClassic Boat1989/0753
3401StefarenBannenberg, JonMotor177 ft LOABoat International1989/0776
8585Lesley DianeSkidmore, Anthony GYacht, cutter20 ft LODClassic Boat1989/0727
10200ShamrockBarge, sailing57 ft - Tamar - see also CB 1990/08 p 49Classic Boat1989/0734
13214Reiach, HerbertDinghy, sailing10 ft - West Mersea Y C O D classClassic Boat1989/0745
1444CoqueteSkidmore, Anthony GYacht, cutter20 ft LODClassic Boat1989/0727
3400Ivory LadyHargrave, J BMotor104 ft LOABoat International1989/0766
1423Contest 35sZaal, DickYacht, sloop34 ft LOA - see also YW 1981/10 p 107Yachting Monthly1989/06108
768Atlantica 375Rode, ChristianYacht, sloop37 ft LOA GranadaYachting Monthly1989/06114
8616Lindy IIButler, T HarrisonYacht, yawl30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1989/0699
551JunoCastro, TonyYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1989/0640
550AlarmFox, UffaDinghy, sailingFireflyYachts and Yachting1989/0638
4499Sun Charm 39Fauroux, JacquesYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1989/0682
4498Hallberg Rassy 29Rassy & EnderleinYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1989/0676
4496Design No 069Nelson & MarekYacht, sloop56 ft LOAYachting World1989/0664
4497Cat S 50Langevin, SylvestreCatamaran51 ft LOAYachting World1989/0665
8216IvyJohnson, GeorgeFishing22 ft LOA Ness yole - built 1904 - see also CB Classic Boat1989/0622
3398MystiqueBannenberg, JonMotor167 ft LOABoat International1989/0666
3399LuisamarBeeldsnijder, PieterMotor144 ft LOABoat International1989/0674
7180Falcon 27WolstenholmeMotor27 ftMotorboat Monthly1989/0650
7179TS34BirchwoodMotor34 ftMotorboat Monthly1989/0640
1976OrkadianCastro, TonyFishing21 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1989/0669
14846Revenger 31 St TropezCampbell, LorneMotor32 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1989/0650
14847Sealine 365 SportbridgeMurrant & TuckerYacht, motor40 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1989/0674
7606First 32s5Berret, Jean & Starck, PhilippeYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly1989/05130
1617Dehler 28Stadt, E G van deYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting Monthly1989/05134
4494Catalina 34Catalina YachtsYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1989/0572
4495Nonsuch 26Ellis, MarkYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1989/0578
549SkytrainCorby, JohnYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1989/0546
4493Baltic 52Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop53 ft LOAYachting World1989/0563
688AnzacClyde Puffer66 ft LBPClassic Boat1989/05 14
13710Williams, GYacht, cutter34 ft Classic Boat1989/0582
11214WaterwitchReimers, Knud Yacht, sloop - 30 sqm classClassic Boat1989/0555
12787Morgan GilesDinghy, sailing10 ft - also two other designsClassic Boat1989/0585
8901MedusaBrown, SimonYacht, yawl40 ft LOAClassic Boat1989/05106
3396Mediterranean 86Ladd & HoodYacht, sloop87 ft LOABoat International1989/0560
3395Azimut 76AzimutMotor76 ft LOABoat International1989/0556
3394Javelot 65Joubert/NiveltMotor63 ft LOABoat International1989/0552
3393Midnight Sagade Vries Lentsch W jnrMotor188 ft LOABoat International1989/0540
3397Stevens 59Sparkman & StephensMotor59 ft LOABoat International1989/0568
1975Navwind 24Groombridge, RogerYacht, sloop24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1989/0587
9001Mirage 270Yacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting Monthly1989/04105
1625Dehler 36cwsStadt, E G van deYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1989/04100
4490MGCS 36Castro, TonyYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1989/0474
4491News Inc 9.5Marek, NelsonYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1989/0461
4492First Class Europe, BeneteauFinot, GroupeYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1989/0462
3391Darnice IIIBennetti, FratelliMotor171 ft LOABoat International1989/0458
3392AquariusGielow, Henry JSchooner175 ft LOABoat International1989/0470
7178Force of HabitJohnson, PalmerMotor80 ftMotorboat Monthly1989/0478
1974Cornish YawlDongray, RogerYacht, yawl32 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1989/0450
1973Dart 15LaserCatamaran15 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1989/0448
11161Voyager 11.20Ribadeau-Dumas, GuyYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1989/03100
4489Gib'Sea 442Joubert & NiveltYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1989/0366
4487Crusader II, America's Cup ClassHolkom, DaveYacht, sloop76 ft LOAYachting World1989/0360
4488Hylas 44Frers, GermanYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1989/0364
14033Punt, gun17 ft approxClassic Boat1989/0355
8209IslanderPidgeon, HarryYacht, yawl35 ft LOAClassic Boat1989/0368
9462OwaissaComben, A HYacht, motor52 ft LOA - Hyland cruiserClassic Boat1989/0322
8894McMillan 10 TonnerMcMillan, Seanyacht, yawl44 ft LOAClassic Boat1989/0375
14034Rowing 32 ft - Cornish gigClassic Boat1989/0345
9998Saltran 36Pape, AlanYacht, cutter35 ft LOAClassic Boat1989/0383
11393X One DesignWetsmacott, AlfredYacht, sloop20 ft LOA - see also CB 1995/06 p 52, CB 2001/07 Classic Boat1989/0330
1972ScodNicholson, C AYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1989/0377
3337Etap 28iHarle, PhillipeYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1989/0293
7795Gib'Sea 372Joubert, M & Nivelt, BYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1989/0288
4485Voyage 12.50Ribadeau-Dumas, GuyYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1989/0268
4486Mustang 30Handley, PaulYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1989/0274
4484SaoirseDubois, EdYacht, ketch75 ft LOAYachting World1989/0258
3390MoonbeamFife, William jnrYacht, cutter104 ft LOA 1903 restoredBoat International1989/0258
3389DestinyDiana Yacht DesignMotor173 ft LOABoat International1989/0250
2560Blue FascinationJongert, StammYacht, sloop94 ft LOABoat International1989/0232
9061Moody 336Dixon, BillYacht, sloop33 ft LOA - see also YM 1989/09 p 172, YM 1992/05Yachting Monthly1989/01168
7634Flica 37Woods DesignsCatamaran37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1989/01164
4481Tayana 64Harris, Robert BYacht, sloop65 ft LOAYachting World1989/0199
548ScavengerProctor, IanDinghy, sailingWayfarerYachts and Yachting1989/0148
4482Dehler 38 CWSvan de StadtYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1989/01100
547The CardFarr, BruceYacht, ketch80 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1989/0137
4483Grand Soleil 52Frers, GermanYacht, sloop52 ft LOAYachting World1989/01106
8351Jung JungWalker, J RYacht9m LOD junk rig - see also CB 1989/05 p 105Classic Boat1989/0178
3248Eleanor MaryHill, AlanYacht, cutter32 ft LODClassic Boat1989/01110
1971Hunter 27Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop27 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1989/01152
2919FlashboatGartside, PaulCanoe, sailing15 ft LOAWooden Boat1989/0197
2916CurlewYacht, sloop39 ft LOA Falmouth Quay PuntWooden Boat1989/0136
2918Gartside, PaulDinghy, schooner15 ft LOAWooden Boat1989/0194
2917ReginaDinghy, coble32 ft LOA English CobleWooden Boat1989/0166
8561Legend 33.5Hunter Marine & Luhrs, WarrenYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1988/1294
840Barbican 35Holman & PyeYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1988/1298
545SevenFarrar, AustinDinghy, sailing7 m LOAYachts and Yachting1988/1255
4478Freedom 42Mull, GaryYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1988/12104
4479Didier Presles 42Presles, DidierYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1988/12105
4480Hunter 27 OODThomas, DavidYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1988/12106
546Hobie 21Catamaran21 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1988/12103
4477Baltic 40Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1988/1298
1970FirebirdSmith, MartynCatamaran26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1988/1265
11236Westerly 22Rayner, DenysYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting Monthly1988/1183
4475X~342Jeppesen, NielsYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1988/11125
4476Design No183Chance, BrittonYacht, sloop65 ft LOAYachting World1988/11128
4474Swan 36Frers, GermanYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1988/11116
593Beneteau 32s5Yacht, sloop9.68 m LOAYachts and Yachting1988/1126
594Beneteau 35s5Yacht, sloop10.60 m LOAYachts and Yachting1988/1126
9577Petrel 32Pape, AlanYacht, cutter31 ft LOAClassic Boat1988/1183
11450Zeina IIOughtred, IainPassenger30 ft LOA - ThamesClassic Boat1988/1150
10042Sara AnnFishing30 ft LOA - replica of Sixareen SpinawayClassic Boat1988/1131
14032Passenger30 ft LOA - steam launchClassic Boat1988/1147
3387StarlightBannenberg, JonYacht, sloop96 ft LOABoat International1988/1158
3388FortunaPalmer Johnston USAMotor100 ft LOABoat International1988/1166
1968G&L 28Dalton, PercyYacht, gaffer41 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1988/1155
1969Bucklers Hard 46Laurent Giles & PartnersYacht, ketch46 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1988/1159
10624Swan 36Frers, GermanYacht, sloop36 ft LOA - see also YM 1995/01 p 94 ? DesignerYachting Monthly1988/1085
10645Sweden Yachts 50Norlin, Peter & Ostermann, JensYacht, cutter50 ft LOAYachting Monthly1988/1081
4473Riviera 35Dubois & WesterlyYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1988/10108
4472Hunter Legend 35Luhrs, WarrenYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1988/10104
1966Westerly 22Rayner, D AYacht, sloop22 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1988/1038
1967Etap 30Ridder, Jac DYacht, sloop30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1988/1080
9266Nicholson 92Camper & NicholsonYacht, sloop92 ft LOAYachting Monthly1988/09124
11056Vancouver 36Harris, Robert BYacht, sloop36 ft LOA - see also YM 1989/12 p 148, CB 1990/04Yachting Monthly1988/09124
3271Elizabethan 33Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1988/09123
4470Moody Eclipse 33Dixon, BillYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1988/09124
4471Lightwave 395Schumacher, CarlYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1988/09133
4469Morris Yachts 32Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1988/09119
14031Motor25 ft - Slipper launchClassic Boat1988/0919
8844Mascot 910Gesten BoatsYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1988/0893
9375Oceanis 320Briand, PhilippeYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1988/0888
4468Sweden Yachts 50Norlin & OstmannYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World1988/08120
14679MG Spring 25Castro, TonyYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1988/0815
14678WavetrainEveritt, JulianYacht, sloop32 ft LOA Channel 29 classYachts and Yachting1988/0819
4466G&S 36Schlageter, GrahamYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1988/08106
4467First 35&5Berret, JeanYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1988/08114
1965Horizon 32Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop32 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1988/0855
7665FolkboatSunden, TordYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - see also YW 1969/10 p 449, YW 2004/09Yachting Monthly1988/0766
7963Hans Christian 33Ives, HarwoodYacht, cutter41 ft LOAYachting Monthly1988/07112
7663Foam IIPayne, AlfredYacht, sloop20 ft Itchen FerryYachting Monthly1988/0772
865Bavaria 340Mohnhaupt, AlexYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1988/07108
4465AprioriHumphreys, RobertYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1988/07109
749Asti VMorgan GilesYacht, sloop34 ft LOAClassic Boat1988/0733
7977HarlequinWolstenholme, AMotor20 ft LOAClassic Boat1988/0764
9466OxlipYacht, steam19 ft LOA - copy of OxbirdClassic Boat1988/0784
9535PebbleTeale, JohnYacht15 ft LOA C B - lug rigClassic Boat1988/0761
14030Humber Keel60 ftClassic Boat1988/0720
1673DianaTatchell, PercyDinghy, sailing12 ft Classic Boat1988/0768
10859Tiny MiteShuttlewood, FrankYacht, barge35 ft LOAClassic Boat1988/0751
1964Halberg Rassy 94Rassy/EnderleinYacht, sloop31 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1988/0787
4461SigneBruce King Yacht DesignYacht, ketch100 ft LOAYachting World1988/0698
4462PeregrineNelson & MarekYacht, sloop70 ft LOAYachting World1988/0699
4463Etap 28iHarle, PhilippeYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1988/06111
4464Sigma 38Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1988/06114
1963Spring 25Castro, TonyYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1988/0671
8092Humphreys 36Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1988/0596
1380Comfortina 32Albinsson, KennethYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly1988/0595
825Baltic 40Judel/Vrolijy/Baltic YachtsYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly1988/0596
4457Collected WisdomGlowacki, TomaszYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1988/0595
4459Tektron 50Shuttleworth, JohnCatamaran48 ft LOAYachting World1988/0598
4458Parker 31Castro, TonyYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1988/0596
4460Culverneer, 500Dixon, BillYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World1988/05106
1357Colin ArcherArcher, ColinYacht, yawl39 ft - Norwegian rescue boat - see also CB 1998Classic Boat1988/0558
7709FrejaYacht, cutter10m LOAClassic Boat1988/0575
7623Fjord IIIYacht, cutter - Colin Archer typeClassic Boat1988/0556
11538Atkin, WilliamYacht, cutter36 ft LOD - American designClassic Boat1988/0561
10319SkuaWilkins, MicYacht, cutter33 ft - ferro cement construction - Colin ArcherClassic Boat1988/0563
14029Wherry56 ft LOA - Norfolk BroadsClassic Boat1988/0514
665Andreas AaroArcher, ColinYacht, yawl39 ft - Norwegian rescue boatClassic Boat1988/0559
1962Petrel 32Pape, AlanYacht, sloop32 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1988/0573
7534Feeling 346Vaton, Gilles & Codro, EricYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1988/04112
11261Westerly Riviera 35Dubois, EdYacht, sloop34 ft LOA - see also YM1988/11 P 78, YM 1997/07 pYachting Monthly1988/04116
9810ReginaJudel/Vrolijy/Baltic YachtsYacht, sloop34 ft LOA GrenadaYachting Monthly1988/04118
10389Southerly 135Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop44 ft LOA - see also YM 1989/07 p 88, YM 2001/07 Yachting Monthly1988/04115
12436Jachtwerf van Rijnsoever bvLemsteraak32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1988/0476
592Sorebones IIIDavid Thomas DesignsYacht, ketch40 ft LWLYachts and Yachting1988/0416
14677ExtrovertBethwaite, JulianDinghy, sailing20 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1988/0456
4455Malo 33Olsson, BobYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1988/0494
4456PalmyraPaine, ChuckYacht, ketch50 ft LOAYachting World1988/04109
1959Tiki CoastalWharram DesignsCatamaran28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1988/0468
1960Strider ClubWoods DesignsCatamaran24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1988/0468
1958Fairey Marine AtalantaFox, UffaYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1988/0461
1961Seamaster 29Holman & PyeYacht, sloop29 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1988/04102
9298Nonsuch 26 Ellis, MarkYacht26 ft LOA - cat rigYachting Monthly1988/03100
4451Solution 47Lavranos, AngeloYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1988/0383
4454Freedom 39Holland, RonYacht, ketch39 ft LOAYachting World1988/0394
14676WeThompson, AdrianMultihull60 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1988/0319
4453Bavaria 30Mohnhaupt, AxelYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1988/0392
4452RomanceGarden, WilliamSchooner60 ft LOAYachting World1988/0385
11301WhitehallBostonDinghy, sailing14 ftClassic Boat1988/0356
936Birdham CutterLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, cutter42 ft LOAClassic Boat1988/0345
12555Leather, JohnYacht, sloop16 ftClassic Boat1988/0355
14027Rabelo17m LOA - Portugese Classic Boat1988/0382
14028Rowing32 ft - Cornish gigClassic Boat1988/0357
9996Saltern 24Laurent Giles & PartnersYacht, cutter29 ft LOAClassic Boat1988/0345
9241New BlossomLeather, JohnYacht, cutter19 ft - East Coast Gaff CutterClassic Boat1988/0344
12024Dalton, PercyYacht, cutter - West Country Gaff CutterClassic Boat1988/0343
10705Tandem 38Collins, WarwickYacht, sloop38 ft LOA - see also YM 1988/10 p 84Yachting Monthly1988/0297
1627Dehler 38Stadt, E G van deYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1988/0294
4449Mystic 60Frers, GermanYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World1988/02106
4448Three-Quarter TonnerCastro, TonyYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1988/0298
4447Steinlager 1Alan-Williams, DavidMultihull60 ft LOAYachting World1988/0297
4450Hunter 32Thomas & DyerYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1988/02112
1957Steadfast 30Yacht, sloop30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1988/0257
1044BrilliantStephens, OlinYacht, schooner61 ft LOA - see also YW 20-04/07 p 82, CB 1998/07Yachting Monthly1988/01164
8081Horizon 32Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1988/01152
7700Freedom 39Holland, RonYacht, ketch39 ft LOAYachting Monthly1988/01155
14675Tempest 31Dubois, EdYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1988/0139
4444Lightwave 48Lexcen, BenYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1988/01156
4446Sun-Dream 28Castro, TonyYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1988/01170
4445Oceanlord 41Dubois, EdYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1988/01164
1171CarolaScottsYacht, steam70 ftClassic Boat1988/01 23
3386Chistianne BPerini NaviYacht, ketch138 ft LOABoat International1988/0198
10306Skanner 24Hawes, MikeYacht, cutter23 ft LOAClassic Boat1988/01 43
14026Lemsteraak13m LOD - traditional DutchClassic Boat1988/0144
982Bluebird of ChelseaThornycroftYacht, motor51 ft Classic Boat1988/0114
8827Martha McGildaSunden, TordYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - Folkboat classClassic Boat1988/0199
9983Salamis 43Laurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/1297
4442Spring 25Castro, TonyYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1987/12104
4441Advantage 43Shuttleworth, JohnCatamaran44 ft LOAYachting World1987/1277
4443Oceanis 430Briand, PhilippeYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1987/12108
1956Laser 16Kirby, BruceDinghy, sailing17 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1987/1247
7585FirebirdSmith, MartynCatamaran26 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/1149
10531Summer TwinsPatterson, PatCatamaran25 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/1151
973Blue IIBeneteau Catamaran34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/1146
1195Catalac 10mCatalac CatamaransCatamaran33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/1153
4439X-99JeppesenYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1987/1182
4440Swan 43Holland, RonYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1987/11137
1954Oysterman 22Gartside, PaulYacht, sloop23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1987/1155
1955Catfisher 32Compton, TerryCatamaran32 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1987/1157
10755Tempest 31Dubois, EdYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/1072
3302Endurance 36Ibold, PeterYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/1076
10432Spring 25Castro, TonyYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - see also YM 1999/03 p 113Yachting Monthly1987/1075
11369WonderHatcher, DanYacht, cutter19 ft LOA _ Itchen ferry - see also Bmn 1996/07 Yachting Monthly1987/1047
4435Forgus 36Samuelsson, HugoYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1987/10106
4436Gatsby 39Backus, JamesYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1987/10119
4438FirebirdSmith, MartynCatamaran26 ft LOAYachting World1987/10122
4437Pelorus JackGlowacki, Tomasz MYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting World1987/10121
3384AcharneHolland/BannenburgYacht, sloop112 ft LOABoat International1987/1076
3385New Horizon Lde Voogt, FritsMotor60 m LOABoat International1987/1088
1953Navwind 24Groombridge, RogerYacht, sloop24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1987/1054
9514Parker 31Castro, TonyYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/09135
4431Maxi 909Petterson, PelleYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1987/09113
4434Credit AgricoleRibadeau Dumas, GuyYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World1987/09137
4432MG 335Castro, TonyYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1987/09130
4433Farr 65ft SharpieBruce, FarrYacht, sloop65 ft LOAYachting World1987/09136
8314Jolly BoatLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, yawl14 ft LOA Classic Boat1987/09110
10113Sea LassSilver, JamesYacht, motor52 ft - Brown Owl classClassic Boat1987/0914
741AsaliLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop33 ft LOA - Brittany classClassic Boat1987/0942
7498FantailBenford, Jay RYacht, motor34 ft - also 38 ft designClassic Boat1987/0955
1947Leisure 23SLPryor, FrankYacht, sloop23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1987/0971
1948Hitia 14Wharram DesignsCatamaran14 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1987/0973
1949WandererProctor, IanDinghy, sailing14 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1987/0975
1950Blue PeterProctor, IanDinghy, sailing8 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1987/0976
1951GullProctor, IanDinghy, sailing11 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1987/0976
1952First 42Frers, GermanYacht, sloop44 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1987/09117
9638PlanesailWalker, JohnTrimaran48 ft LOA - wing sailYachting Monthly1987/0891
10642Sweden Yachts 340Norlin, PeterYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/0888
4428Havkat 24Oudrup, LarsYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1987/0887
4429Sun Light 30Andrieu, DanielYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1987/0898
4430Gib'Sea 402Jouber & NiveltYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1987/0894
4427Transpac 70Nelson & MarekYacht, sloop68 ft LOAYachting World1987/0886
14674Laser 16Kirby, BruceDinghy, sailing17 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1987/0826
3381MarinaPerini NaviYacht, sloop25 m LOABoat International1987/0870
3380WhirlwindHolland, RonYacht, sloop31.4 m LOABoat International1987/0864
3382Aquel IIDubois, EdYacht, sloop37 2 m LOABoat International1987/0876
3383DiablessseFrancis, MartinYacht, sloop28.2 m LOABoat International1987/0882
864Bavaria 34Mohnhaupt, AlexYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/07107
1227Centurion 38 Dubois, EdYacht, sloop37 ft LOA - see also YM 1987/12 p 94Yachting Monthly1987/07108
8960MG 335Castro, TonyYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/07104
4422Moody 58Dixon, BillYacht, sloop58 ft LOAYachting World1987/0764
4425LoonPerry, Robert HYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1987/07104
4426Rodger Martin 50Martin, RodgerYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World1987/07105
4420C&N 476Camper & NicholsonYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World1987/0758
4421Oyster 53Holman & PyeYacht, sloop53 ft LOAYachting World1987/0761
4423North-Wind 47Penna, MarceloYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World1987/0767
4424Trintella 57Avan de Stadt, E GYacht, sloop57 ft LOAYachting World1987/0770
1946MG C27Humphreys, RobertYacht, sloop28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1987/0756
8093Humphreys 40Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/06116
10547Sun LightAndrieu, DanielYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/06112
4418Navwind 24Groombridge, RogerYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting World1987/06109
4417KaluluBates, Steve LYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World1987/06108
4416Mermaid 380Andersen, BentYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1987/06102
4419Feeling 286Vaton, GillesYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1987/06110
9701ProvidentSaunders & CoFishing70 ft LOA - Brixham trawler - see also CB 1991/0Classic Boat1987/0630
3374Caciquede Voogt, FritsMotor57 m LOABoat International1987/0664
3375Le SeabirdCouach, GuyMotor23 m LOABoat International1987/0670
3376Bengal ISterling YachtsMotor45 m LOABoat International1987/0676
3377Brave GooseDeane, AlanMotor42 m LOABoat International1987/0682
3378Victoria WonCouach, GuyMotor25 m LOABoat International1987/0688
3379StarliteBroward MarineMotor37 m LOABoat International1987/0694
10316SKOSparkman & StephensYacht, sloop33 ft LOAClassic Boat1987/0681
1945Gib 74Joubert, MichelMotor25 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1987/0659
9205Nauticat 35Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/0598
7787Gib'Sea 242GraalYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/0594
9390Oceans Tuma, AlexYacht, yawl48 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/0597
4413Voyager 40Dixon, BillYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1987/05106
4414Nonsuch 30Ellis, MarkYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1987/05112
4415AventuraDixon, BillYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1987/05114
1944Jeanneau Tonic 23Harle, PhillipeYacht, sloop24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1987/0555
9087MoonfleetLaurent GilesYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/04107
8943Mermaid 380Andersen, BengtYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/04104
9955SaariYacht, cutter32 ft LOD Yachting Monthly1987/0487
10261Sigma 38Thomas, David Yacht, sloop38 ft LOA - see also YM 1988/09 p 118Yachting Monthly1987/04108
7803Giles VFSLaurent GilesYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/04108
4409Nauticat 521Sparkman & StephensYacht, ketch56 ft LOAYachting World1987/04102
4412Parker 21Holland, RonYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting World1987/04110
4411Miss SimpletteBombigher, Daniel ZDinghy, sailing23 ft LOAYachting World1987/04109
4410Fisher One DesignEllis, MarkYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1987/04108
1943Salterns 24Laurent Giles LtdYacht, gaffer24 ft LODPractical Boat Owner1987/0457
1942Keyhaven YawlLaurent Giles LtdYacht, yawl33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1987/0454
8755Malo 36Olsson, BoYacht, sloop36 ft LOA - see also YM 1996/08 p 80Yachting Monthly1987/0387
4405Feeling 13.50Holland, RonYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1987/0374
4406Dehler 343van Tongeren & van de StadtYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1987/0380
4408Lightwave 395Schumacher, CarlYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1987/0383
4407OceanaTuma, AlexYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1987/0382
10251ShpountzBombigher, DanielYacht, schooner50 ft LODClassic Boat1987/0349
7475Fairey SwordsmanBurnard, AlanYacht, motor33 ftClassic Boat1987/0367
10282SimpletteBombigher, DanielYacht, sloop20 ft Classic Boat1987/0348
10579SunlightYacht, barge33 ft - Eastcountryman rangeClassic Boat1987/0360
13432Stone, DouglasFishing32 ft - Essex bawleyClassic Boat1987/0321
1939Westerly CentaurLaurent Giles & PtnrsYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1987/0336
1940Honey PotSkannerYacht, gaffer24 ft LODPractical Boat Owner1987/0379
1941Nonsuch 30Ellis, MarkYacht30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1987/0381
10546Sun LegendePeterson, DouglasYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/0280
10874TomThumbShannon, GrahameYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/0284
1019Bowman 40Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop39 ft LOA - see also YM 1988/05 p 90Yachting Monthly1987/0283
1364Columbia 25Laurent Giles Naval ArchitectsYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/0283
4404Moody 422Dixon, BillYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1987/02108
4402Passage 65Ibold, PeterMotor65 ft LOAYachting World1987/02105
4403First 235Groupe FinotYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1987/02106
9072Moody 422Dixon, BillYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/01162
11051Vancouver 28Harris, Robert BYacht, cutter28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/01165
10077ScherzoWeis-Fogh, KlausYacht, cutter42 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/01102
4400Freedom 33Hoyt & OakleyYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1987/01140
4398Bowman 40Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1987/01134
4397Tom Thumb 24Shannon, GrahameYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting World1987/01133
4395Oceanis 58, BeneteauRacoupeau, BerretYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World1987/0146
4396Jeanneau 57Briande, PhillipeYacht, sloop57 ft LOAYachting World1987/0146
4399Oyster 53Holman & PyeYacht, sloop53 ft LOAYachting World1987/01136
4401Greater Manchester ChallengeGiles, LaurentYacht, ketch76 ft LOAYachting World1987/01104
14673Storm 33WesterlyYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1987/0153
11435Yum-YumHolmes, GeorgeCanoe, yawl18 ftClassic Boat1987/0168
1571DaisyHolmes, GeorgeHumber yawl18 ftClassic Boat1987/0167
3373Fair LadyNicholson, C EMotor138 ft LOABoat International1987/0188
3288ElverRedmond, SteveCanoe, yawlClassic Boat1987/0179
1191CassyHolmes, GeorgeHumber yawl14 ft - see also CB 1991/10 p 44Classic Boat1987/0167
10929TrentHolmes, GeorgeHumber yawl25 ftClassic Boat1987/0167
8793Marguerite TRowlesPilot53 ft - CardiffClassic Boat1987/0121
10613SveaDallimore, NormanYacht, sloop36 ft LOAClassic Boat1987/0189
9299Nonsuch 30Ellis, MarkYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1986/1274
9384Oceanis 430Beneteau, AYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting Monthly1986/1278
4394Granada 340 ReginaJudel & VrolijkYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1986/12108
4392TC 1070Tolfsen, UlfYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1986/12103
14548Parker 21G W ParkerYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1986/12123
14547Hobie 17Edwards, PhilCatamaran17 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1986/12109
4391Pacific WaveGiorgetti & MagriniYacht, sloop72 ft LOAYachting World1986/12101
4393Oceanis 350Briand, PhilippeYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1986/12104
24Night CrossingSklarin, RoyMotor110 ft LOABoat International1986/1266
2552Night CrossingSklarin, RoyMotor110 ftBoat International1986/1266
2553Galaxy 43Ruggiero, VMotor43 mBoat International1986/1274
25GalaxyRuggiero, VMotor43 m LOABoat International1986/1274
835BansheeWoods, R & LCatamaran35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1986/1172
10877Tonic 23Harle, PhillipeYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting Monthly1986/1171
14546Lacoste 42S&SYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1986/1130
4389Tad Roberts 45TR Marine DesignYacht, ketch45 ft LOAYachting World1986/11103
4390Kelt 39Vaton & RoseoYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1986/11104
4388Minstrel 23Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1986/1198
23MustangNicholsonYacht, sloop58 ft LOABoat International1986/1174
2551AquelDubois, EdYacht, sloop122 ft LOABoat International1986/1178
22The HighlanderBannenberg, JonMotor46 m LOABoat International1986/1166
2550Mustang, Nicholson 58NicholsonYacht, sloop58 ftBoat International1986/1174
2549The HighlanderBannenberg, JonMotor46 mBoat International1986/1166
1937West Wight PotterStanley, SmithDinghy, sailing14 ft LOA GRPPractical Boat Owner1986/1187
1938Drifter 37Sharp/TetleyYacht, ketch37 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1986/1188
9512Parker 21Parker, G W & SonYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting Monthly1986/1066
4384Baltic 43Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1986/1080
4385SparkyMull, GaryYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1986/1081
4386Westerly Storm 33Dubois, EdYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1986/10104
4387StriderWoods, Richard & LillianCatamaran24 ft LOAYachting World1986/10108
1936Moody 28Dixon, BillYacht, sloop28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1986/1055
11264Westerly Storm 33Dubois, EdYacht, sloop33 ft LOA - see also YM 1986/10 p 62Yachting Monthly1986/09 119
1228Centurion 40Dubois, EdYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly1986/09119
4382MG C27Humphreys, RobertYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1986/09103
4383Victoria 34Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1986/09106
14544Crabber Mk IIDongray, RogerYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1986/09107
14543Rob Roy 23Brewer, TedYacht, yawl23 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1986/09106
14545Laser 28Farr, BruceYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1986/0933
4381Lightwave 48Schumacher, CarlYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1986/09102
2915BluegillRedmond, SteveDinghy, skiff16 ft LOAWooden Boat1986/0999
2914WhispRedmond, SteveDinghy, skiff16 ft LOAWooden Boat1986/0998
5905Nimbus 28DCOffshore PowerboatsMotor29 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1986/0976
5906Sabre Sands, Princess 415Olesinski, BernardMotor43 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1986/0992
9626PioneerDixon, BillYacht, sloop25 ft LOA NewbridgeYachting Monthly1986/0852
9737QuetzalcoatlWharram, JamesCatamaran63 ft LOAYachting Monthly1986/0859
4377Famous LadyGarland, Thomas AYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1986/08100
4380Tamara 30Dubois, EdYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1986/08117
4378UnfurledPedrick, DaveYacht, sloop71 ft LOAYachting World1986/08101
4379Oyster 406Holman & PyeYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1986/08112
1935Feeling 960Yacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1986/0855
7176Azimut 105Costaguta, UgoYacht, motor105 ftMotorboat and Yachting1986/0860
7177Donky 33Pedro BootMotor33 ftMotorboat and Yachting1986/0892
11114Victoria 34Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop36 ft LOA - see also CB 1988/05 p 91Yachting Monthly1986/0788
11245Westerly FalconDubois, EdYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1986/0791
4376BansheeWoods, Richard & LillianCatamaran35 ft LOAYachting World1986/07115
14541IndulgenceAndrieuYacht, sloop9.936 m LOAYachts and Yachting1986/0720
4375BarracudaCastro, TonyYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1986/07114
14542ShowdownHumphreys, RobYacht, sloop9.961 m LOAYachts and Yachting1986/0720
14672Decosol Car CareHumphreys, RobYacht, sloop9.939 m LOAYachts and Yachting1986/0720
2912HIRTAYacht, cutter50 ft LOA Bristol ChannelWooden Boat1986/0760
1933Regatta HT 2+2Mudie, ColinMotor19 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1986/0755
1934Carra 16Shuttleworth, JohnDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1986/0758
2913MyraSelmer-Larsen, Johan JnrYacht, punt16 ft LOAWooden Boat1986/07104
9688Prom OceanWynn-Thomas, AlanTrimaranFormula 40Yachting Monthly1986/06114
10915Trapper 42Vallicelli, AndraYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting Monthly1986/06106
9359Ocean 62 Southern Ocean ShipyardYacht, yawl62 ft LOAYachting Monthly1986/06112
7724Furia 32Joubert, M & Nivelt, BYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1986/06110
4374Nauticat 40Sparkman & StephensYacht, ketch39 ft LOAYachting World1986/06115
4372Three in OneTeale, JohnYacht/Motor38 ft LOAYachting World1986/0684
4373Gib'sea 96 MasterJoubert & NiveltYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1986/06105
1932Freedom 33Hoyt & OakleyYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1986/0657
1931PetrelPape, AlanYacht, sloop30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1986/0655
8396Kelt 39Vaton, GillesYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1986/0595
1375Comet 383Group FinotYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1986/05100
4369Duette 23Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1986/05112
4370Freedom 36Mull, Gary WYacht, ketch36 ft LOAYachting World1986/05115
4371Moody 58Dixon, BillYacht, sloop57 ft LOAYachting World1986/05117
4368Moody 28Dixon, BillYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1986/05105
1930Dehler 22van de StadtYacht, sloop22 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1986/0557
2908Rob RoyMacGregor, JohnCanoe14 ft LOAWooden Boat1986/05104
2911Sprague / SmithYacht, sloop39 ft LOAWooden Boat1986/05110
2909Centennial RepublicBishop, NathanielDinghy, sailing12 ft LOAWooden Boat1986/05105
2910The Beach CruiserHerreshoff, Francis LDinghy, sailing13 ft LOAWooden Boat1986/05105
1929Swale 22Mitchell, JohnYacht, sloop27 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1986/0560
7698Freedom 33Hoyt, GaryYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1986/04128
1426Contest 36SZaal, DickYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1986/04131
4366Beneteau First 405Berret, JeanYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1986/04116
4367Spanish Maiden Furia 37Joubert/NiveltYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1986/04122
4364Ancasta/Bowman 50Dubois, EdYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World1986/04114
4365Nicholson 83Peterson, DougYacht, sloop83 ft LOAYachting World1986/04115
14670Radius 4.8Radius, KeesDinghy, sailing4.8 m LOAYachts and Yachting1986/0460
14669JavelinMilne, PeterDinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1986/0446
14671Maiden Hong KongCastro, TonyYacht, sloop10.11 m LOAYachts and Yachting1986/0436
1928BlackfishOughtred, IainDory, sailingPractical Boat Owner1986/0489
1926Crabber 30 P.C.Dongray, RogerYacht, sloop39 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1986/0471
1927Laser FunBethwaite, FrankDinghy, sailing14 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1986/0473
4361Contest 48SZaal, DickYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1986/0396
4362MG 26Castro, TonyYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1986/03107
4363Bianca IIIElvstrom & Kjaerulff Yacht DesignYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1986/03109
1923Winkle BrigBergqvist, EricDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1986/0371
1924RainbowBolke, PeterDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1986/0373
1925Migrant 36van de StadtYacht, ketch36 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1986/0374
8973Migrant 36Stadt, E G van deYacht, yawl36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1986/0266
8539Laser 28Farr, BruceYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1986/0264
10945Trintella 44AStadt, E G van deYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting Monthly1986/0260
4359Najad 390Najadvarvet ABYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1986/0292
4360Beneteau CatamaranBeneteauCatamaran34 ft LOAYachting World1986/0298
4358InspirationHolland, RonYacht, sloop72 ft LOAYachting World1986/0280
1922Sou'westerDalton, PercyDinghy, sailing22 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1986/0271
9059Moody 31Dixon, BillYacht, sloop30 ft LOA - see also YM 1994/02 p 71, YM 1994/07 Yachting Monthly1986/01144
3166DuetteThomas, DavidYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting Monthly1986/01150
4357Maxi 999Petterson, PelleYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1986/01142
14540GullProctor, IanDinghy, sailing11 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1986/0127
4355Victoria 34Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1986/01135
4354Global ChallengerMartin, RodgerYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World1986/01133
14668Vertue IILaurent GilesYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1986/0134
4356Sovereign 400Humphreys, RobertYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1986/01136
14539Blue PeterProctor, IanDinghy, sailing8 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1986/0125
2901GleamGarden, WilliamYacht, schooner33 ft LOAWooden Boat1986/01114
2902Rain BirdGarden, WilliamYacht, schooner40 ft LOAWooden Boat1986/01115
2905Theo GGarden, WilliamYacht, schooner33 ft LOAWooden Boat1986/01118
2906Mrs JonesCuller, R DMotorWooden Boat1986/0180
2907AirForceCross, DickYacht, sloop46 ft LOAWooden Boat1986/0172
2900Ruben De ClouxNorthrup, BruceYacht, pungy55 ft LOAWooden Boat1986/01110
2903ToadstoolGarden, WilliamYacht, schooner29 ft LOAWooden Boat1986/01116
2904Union JackGarden, WilliamYacht, schooner49 ft LOAWooden Boat1986/01117
7564Finesse 28 Griffiths, MauriceYacht, cutter27 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/122288
10412Spectrum 42Shuttleworth, JohnCatamaran42 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/122282
4350Vaton 88Vaton, GillesYacht, sloop89 ft LOAYachting World1985/1278
4351Perry 62Perry, RobertYacht, sloop62 ft LOAYachting World1985/1280
4353Laser 28Farr, BruceYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1985/1293
14538Gib`Sea 26Yacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1985/12102
4352Warrior 38Primrose, AngusYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1985/1289
14537Gib`Sea 43Yacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1985/12100
7156Riva 60 CorsaroBarilani, GiorgioYacht, motor60 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/1268
7157GTXIIIAllround Boat Co.Motor27 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/12100
1921GirouetteE. de BoerYacht, sloop36 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1985/1283
9263Nicholson 476Camper & NicholsonYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/112120
3217Eastcountryman 27Winch, PaulYacht, cutter41 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/112124
4346Rucanor TristarDumas, Guy RibadeauYacht, sloop58 ft LOAYachting World1985/1194
4347Moore 30Mull, GaryYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1985/1195
14536Thames 'A' RaterKemp, DixonDinghy, sailing26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1985/1110
4348Dehler 372van de Stadt, E GYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1985/1197
4349Trintella 44Avan de Stadt, E GYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1985/11100
1920CarreraOlesinski, BernardMotor24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1985/1155
7155Sunseeker 33 San RemoShead DesignMotor33 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/1172
8487Lacoste 42Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/101975
1232Centurion 47Dubois, EdYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/101972
4345Gib'sea 26(76)Graal, GroupeYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting World1985/10114
4344Centurion 47Dubois, EdYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1985/10108
4343CT 56Perry, RobertYacht, ketch56 ft LOAYachting World1985/10106
4342DragutJones, StephenYacht, ketch63 ft LOAYachting World1985/10105
7153Pedro 1150SLPedro BoatsMotor38 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/1071
7154Talisman 50Murray Cormack AssociatesYacht, motor50 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/1076
1919Leisure 17Howard, ArthurDinghy, sailing17 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1985/1058
1918Van de Stadt 34van de StadtYacht, sloop34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1985/1057
1917Steadfast 24Tucker, RobertYacht, sloop23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1985/1055
10390Southerly 145Carter, Dick Yacht, yawl50 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/091773
10663SY 36Norlin, Peter & Ostermann, JensYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/091768
1114California 6.60Beneteau, AYacht, sloop20 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/091772
4341Moody 37Dixon, BillYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1985/09140
4338Concorde 100Holland, RonYacht, sloop108 ft LOAYachting World1985/0993
4339FighterLaurent Giles LtdYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1985/0994
4340Tahitan Bay 42Hundy & SpearsYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1985/09120
7151Sealine 19SealineMotor19 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/0984
7152Tremlett 46Tremlett, ChrisMotor46 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/09108
191610m CatalacLackCatamaran34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1985/0975
1915First 29Groupe FinotYacht, sloop30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1985/0973
1122Callisto 385Dixon, BillYacht, cutter38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/081559
1434Contrast 33Magnusson, RolfYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/081556
4337Southerly 145Carter & FreerYacht, sloop51 ft LOAYachting World1985/08108
4336Francis 109Francis, MartinYacht, sloop109 ft LOAYachting World1985/08107
14535PhoenixBerret/Fauroux/FinotYacht,sloopOne tonnerYachts and Yachting1985/0826
4335Belliure 50Ibold, Peter AYacht, ketch50 ft LOAYachting World1985/08100
1914Family FourMudieMotorPractical Boat Owner1985/0859
1913Gib'Sea 96Joubert & NiveltYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1985/0855
7953Hallberg Rassy 352Rassy, C & Enderlin,OYacht, sloop34 ft LOA - see also YM 1998/04 p 95Yachting Monthly1985/071358
1632Dehlya 22Stadt, E G van deYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/071352
4332Baltic 48DPPeterson, DougYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1985/0751
4334Quest 33CSProut Catamarans LtdCatamaran33 ft LOAYachting World1985/07103
4333LM Mermaid 315LM Glasfibre a/sYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1985/0796
2547Shirley BBannenberg, JonYacht, ketchBoat International1985/0786
20Shirley BBannenberg, JonYacht, ketchBoat International1985/0786
2548Trader 54Tarquin Boat Co.Motor54 ftBoat International1985/0792
21Tremlett 46Tremlett, ChrisMotor46 ft LOABoat International1985/0788
1912Skipper 17Milne, PeterDinghy, sailing17 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1985/0755
7150Simbal, Channel Islands 22Buchanan, AlanMotor23 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/0752
9335Northwind 36Dixon, BillYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/061196
7605First 325Berret, Jean Yacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/061192
4331Westerly StormDubois, EdYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1985/06105
7147Joda 7900JodaMotor26 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/0668
1910Delher 25van de StadtYacht, sloop25 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1985/0655
1911PixieWoods, RichardCatamaran14 ft LOA surf catPractical Boat Owner1985/0659
7149Santa ChristinaHarvey EastwoodMotor37 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/06106
7148Solent 35Bennett, JohnMotor35 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/0676
11262Westerly SeahawkDubois, EdYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/05984
8337Jouet 940MSMareschal, YvesYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/05987
9605Pick-upNewick, DickTrimaran32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/05990
14532Hunter HorizonThomas, DavidYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1985/0523
4328Whistler 48Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1985/0598
4327CS 44Castro, TonyYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1985/0597
14534JadeHumphreys, RobYacht, sloop14.08 m LOAYachts and Yachting1985/0524
4329Scanmar 33Magnusson, RolfYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1985/05108
4330Tamar, North-Wind 36Dixon, BillYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1985/05110
14533Freedom 21Hoyt, GaryYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1985/0524
7146Birchwood TS33Andrews, EMotor33 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/0576
5907RomaraCamper & NicholsonYacht, motor76 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/0568
5908Birchwood TS33Andrews, EMotor33 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/0576
1909Jaguer 23Mullins, JohnYacht, sloop23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1985/0563
7535Feeling 850Briand, Philippe Yacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/04776
12369Holman & PyeYacht, ketch46 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/04778
1408Contessa 27Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/04772
4324Blade RunnerPugh, ReichelYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1985/04100
4326Victoria 26Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1985/04104
4325Mirage 30Perry, RobertYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1985/04101
4323Trapper 36Fontana, Maletto & NavoneYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1985/0494
7144Mallard 18T J Clune MarineMotor20 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/0492
7145Trader 50Tarquin BoatsYacht, motor51 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/04100
1908StriderRichard Woods DesignCatamaran24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1985/0457
1907HarrierDixon, TonyYacht, sloop20 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1985/0455
7646Flying BoatLaurent Giles & Collins, WarwickYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/03552
10560Sun RiseFaroux, JacquesYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/03546
4320Contrast 33Magnusson, RolfYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1985/0390
4321Electric PelicanLawson, BarryYacht60 ft LOA 3 mastsYachting World1985/0394
4322Westerly Merlin 28Dubois, EdYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting World1985/0396
14531Yeoman XXVCastro, TonyYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1985/0338
14530Pocket BattleshipDubois/HumphreysYacht, sloop13.6 m LOAYachts and Yachting1985/0396
7143Tresfjord NovaAmble, EivindMotor31 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/0360
1906Macwester SeaforthYacht, ketch36 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1985/0349
1905Rob Roy 23Brewer, TedYacht, yawl23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1985/0347
2898TaleisinHessYacht, quay punt30 ft LOAWooden Boat1985/03116
2899SyrinxHessYacht, quay punt30 ft LOAWooden Boat1985/03116
2895SandbaggerRedmond, SteveYacht, sloop24 ft LOAWooden Boat1985/03112
2896SeraffynHessYacht, quay punt24 ft LOAWooden Boat1985/03116
2897RenagradeHessYacht, quay punt24 ft LOAWooden Boat1985/03116
9822RestivePocock, MichaelYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/02331
3176Dufour 28FarouxYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/02333
4317Etap 30de Ridder, JacYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1985/0294
14529Flying BoatLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1985/0224
4318Horizon 26Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1985/02105
4319OspreySparkman & StephensYacht, sloop96 ft LOAYachting World1985/02110
7141Neptunus 133Neptunus bvYacht, motor44 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/0260
7142Sunseeker 24 MexicoShead, DonMotor24 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/0276
1874ExplorerSilvester, ColinDinghy, sailing18 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1985/0258
1873EbbtidePape, AlanYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1985/0255
1875Scamper 26ProutCatamaran28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1985/0260
9850Riptide 31Griffiths, MauriceYacht, cutter30 ft LOA - see also CB1998/01 p 47Yachting Monthly1985/01119
11253Westerly MerlinDubois, EdYacht, sloop28 ft LOA - see also YM 1997/12 p 89Yachting Monthly1985/01117
10907Tradewind 46Rock, JohnYacht, ketch46 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/01120
4316Moonlight, Contessa 33Humphreys, RobertYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1985/01154
4315Jeanneau SelectionJoubert & NiveltYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1985/01151
431355ft Luxury lifting keelerCastro, TonyYacht, ketch55 ft LOAYachting World1985/01146
4314MustFrancis, MartinYacht, sloop93 ft LOAYachting World1985/01148
562Etap 23de Ridder, JackYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1985/0127
7140Neptunus 170Neptunus bvYacht, motor56 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/01144
7138Fairline 31 CornicheOlesinski, BernardMotor31 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/0176
7139Sealine 18Sealine International LtdMotor18 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/0190
1872Swift 800Silvester, ColinMotor26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1985/0190
1871Merlin 28Dubois, EdYacht, sloop27 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1985/0181
11205Warrior 38Primrose, AngusYacht, cutter38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1984/122306
3197DuoRiverdale & Lewis, JohnYacht, cutter45 ft LOA - twin keelYachting Monthly1984/122309
1230Centurion 42Dubois, EdYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting Monthly1984/122310
4309Westerly SeahawkDubois, EdYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1984/1283
4310Jouet 9.50Maraschal, YvesYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1984/1288
431144 ft cruiser-racerFarr. BruceYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1984/1292
4312Passport 37Perry, RobertYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1984/1293
7136Nimbus 3000Eliasson, RolfMotor29 ftMotorboat and Yachting1984/1224
7137Maritime 21Humphreys, ChrisFishing21 ftMotorboat and Yachting1984/1280
1857Nordic FolkboatSunden, TordYacht, sloop25 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1984/1257
1870Falcon18 SportWolstenholme, AndrewMotor18 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1984/1259
1856CB23Freeman & HickinbothamYacht, sloop29 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1984/1255
10384Southerly 100Carter, Dick & NorthshoreYacht, sloop32 ft LOA - lifting keelYachting Monthly1984/112187
824Baltic 38 DPPeterson, DougYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1984/112184
4307Gallart 44Presies, DidierYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1984/1196
14528First 29Group FinotYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1984/1141
4308Dehler 25van de Stadt, E GYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1984/11102
7134Nelson 35TT Boat DesignsMotor35 ftMotorboat and Yachting1984/1136
7135Windy 22 SportWindy BoatsMotor22 ftMotorboat and Yachting1984/1170
1853Sadler 34Sadler, MartinYacht, sloop35 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1984/1139
1854Petrel 30Pape, AlanYacht, sloop30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1984/1142
1855Foster 14Foster, RogerDinghy, sailing15 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1984/1144
9873Rob Roy 23Brewer, TedYacht, yawl22 ft LOAYachting Monthly1984/101965
7790Gib'Sea 32Joubert, M & Nivelt, BYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly1984/101963
4304Carter Offshore 39Holman & PyeYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1984/10100
4305Tradewind 35Rock, JohnYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1984/10104
4306Idylle 11.50Berret, JeanYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1984/10107
4303BalticJudel/VrolijkYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1984/1099
7133Swift 800Silvester, ColinMotor25 ftMotorboat and Yachting1984/1048
1851Blue PeterProctor, IanDinght, sailing8 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1984/1041
1850Skipper 14Milne, PeterDinghy, sailing14 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1984/1040
1849Challenger BravoSadler, MartinYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1984/1039
1852Easticks 28Hunt, NeilYacht, sloop29 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1984/1042
8079Horizon 26Thomas, David & Hunter BoatsYacht, sloop26 ft LOA - see also YM 1999/01 p 123Yachting Monthly1984/091794
1411Contessa 33Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1984/091791
822Baltic 35Judel/Vrolijy/Baltic YachtsYacht, sloop34 ft LOA - see also YM 1986/03 p 112Yachting Monthly1984/091793
14527Summer WineDubois/HumphreysYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1984/0955
4300MeridianPerry, Robert HYacht, sloop70 ft LOAYachting World1984/09124
4301ScamperProut BrothersYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1984/09132
4302Nicholson 58Pedrick, DavidYacht, sloop58 ft LOAYachting World1984/09135
7132Elysian 27Bounty BoatsMotor27 ftMotorboat and Yachting1984/09108
7131Tremlett 33Tremlett, ChrisMotor35 ftMotorboat and Yachting1984/09100
9122MRCBAnderson, IanYacht, sloop36 ft LOA C B Yachting Monthly1984/081557
10065ScamperProut, Francis & RolandCatamaran26 ft LOAYachting Monthly1984/081553
4299Nicholson 46Padrick, DavidYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World1984/08103
4296Moody 47Dixon, BillYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World1984/0897
4297Selestra 50Langevin & WhisstocksYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World1984/0894
4298SwarajDalzell, SteveYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1984/08102
7130Flipper 76Isaacson, SigurdMotor25 ftMotorboat and Yachting1984/0876
1847Tremlett Sea LaunchTremlett, ChrisMotor21 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1984/0848
1848Kelt 707Briand, PhilippeYacht, sloop23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1984/0850
1193Castro 55Castro, TonyYacht, yawl55 ft LOA - lifting keelYachting Monthly1984/071404
7602First 29Beneteau, AYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1984/071400
4295ApocalypseLerouge, EricYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1984/07101
4294Broads ULDBWolstenholme, AndrewYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1984/07100
1845Bosun's MateBlagg Boat Co.Motor10 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1984/0758
1846Gib'Sea 84Joubert & NiveltYacht, sloop28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1984/0760
1844Freedom 21Hoyt, GarryYacht, sloop22 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1984/0755
7612First Class 10Finot & FaurouxYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1984/061183
10067Scanmar 33Magnusson, RolfYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1984/061180
4292Golden Wave 48Chance, BrittonYacht, ketch48 ft LOAYachting World1984/06106
4290First Class 10, BeneteauFinot/FaurouxYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1984/0692
4291Vancouver 38Harris, RobertYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1984/0694
4293Ansa 47Mannerfelt, OckeYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World1984/06107
7128Pedro 95BekebredeMotor33 ftMotorboat and Yachting1984/0680
7127Prairie StarJack Powles Ltd.Motor1938 restorationMotorboat and Yachting1984/0672
7129Shetland HobbMudie, ColinMotor16 ftMotorboat and Yachting1984/06106
1842Nimbus 260Eliasson, RolfMotor27 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1984/0656
1843Nimbus 3000Eliasson, RolfMotor29 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1984/0658
9170Najad 343Norlin, PeterYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1984/05958
11390X 402Jeppesen, NielsYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly1984/05956
705Arcadia Castro, TonyYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1984/05952
3338Etap 30Ridder, Jac deYacht, sloop30 ft LOA - see also YM 1985/02 p 328, YM 1996/02Yachting Monthly1984/05955
4288Contessa 33Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1984/05100
4287Swift 18Sylvester, ColinYacht, sloop18 ft LOAYachting World1984/0597
4289Dehler 37Mvan de Stadt, E GYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1984/05101
4286Sadler 34Sadler, MartinYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1984/0590
7126Cox 27Cox Marine Ltd.Motor27 ftMotorboat and Yachting1984/0592
2545Birchwood TS33Andrews, TedMotor33 ftBoat International1984/05100
19Sunseeker San Remo 33Shead, DonMotor33 ft LOABoat International1984/05103
7125Princess 33Bennett, JohnMotor33 ftMotorboat and Yachting1984/0552
2546Sunseeker San Remo 33Shead, DonMotor33 ft LOABoat International1984/05103
18Birchwood TS33Andrews, TedMotor33 ft LOABoat International1984/05100
249Celtic LadyHawes, MichaelYacht, sloop19 ft LOA Skanner CruiserPractical Boat Owner1984/0547
250Tiki 21James Wharren DesignsCatamaran21 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1984/0552
9966Sadler 34Sadler, MartinYacht, sloop34 ft LOA - see also YM 1997/03 p 85Yachting Monthly1984/04728
9973Saga 40Pape, AlanYacht, cutter40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1984/04734
4283Najad 371Najad Varvet ABYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1984/0496
4284BonaventureGroombridge, RogerYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1984/04104
4285WaterbeetleOughtred, IainYacht, ketch33 ft LOAYachting World1984/04105
4282Oyster HeritageHolman & PyeYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1984/0490
7123Fjord 880Minde, Jensen & SchulteMotor29 ftMotorboat and Yachting1984/0486
2544Centurion 47Dubois, EdYacht, sloop47 ft LOABoat International1984/0492
7124Viking 26Viking MouldingsMotor26 ftMotorboat and Yachting1984/04102
17Centurion 47Dubois, EdYacht, sloop47 ft LOABoat International1984/0492
248Etap 23de Ridder, JacYacht, sloop24 t LOAPractical Boat Owner1984/0440
7798Gib'Sea 84Joubert, M & Nivelt, BYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting Monthly1984/03507
7719Frolic 18Legionmist LtdYacht, sloop18 ft LOAYachting Monthly1984/03512
9262Nicholson 46Pedrick, DavidYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting Monthly1984/03509
4278Moody 34Dixon, BillYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1984/0390
4281GumdropButterfield, NicholasYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1984/0399
4280JodyTough, Eric G WYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1984/0398
4279Sirena 38Sodergren, HarkenYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1984/0396
7121Hardy 18 NavigatorHardy Marine Ltd.Motor18 ftMotorboat and Yachting1984/0368
7122Birchwood 27Andrews, TedMotor27 ftMotorboat and Yachting1984/03100
1831Calliope 339Tucker, TonyYacht, sloop34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1984/0347
1832SupertaddyGiles, MarkDinghy, sailing9 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1984/0349
8139Idylle 8.80Beneteau, AYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1984/02354
11057Vancouver 38Harris, Robert BYacht, cutter38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1984/02355
4272Sigma 292Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1984/0290
4274Sun FastCastro, TonyYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1984/0299
4276Callisto 385Dixon, BillYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1984/02100
4273X-95Jeppesen, NielsYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1984/0296
4277Orion 50Mull, GaryYacht, ketch50 ft LOAYachting World1984/02100
4275Endurance 50Ibold, PeterYacht, ketch55 ft LOAYachting World1984/0299
7120Aqua-Star Oceanranger 38Aqua-StarMotor38 ftMotorboat and Yachting1984/0270
2543Sunseeker 34 XPSShead, DonMotor34 ftBoat International1984/0274
2541Ancasta Surprise 58Beeldsnijder, PieterYacht, sloop15.45 mBoat International1984/0244
7119Alphacraft 32 RapideAlphacraft Ltd.Motor32 ftMotorboat and Yachting1984/0249
1830Catboat 12Wolstenholme, AndrewDinghy, sailing12 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1984/0241
8027HeritageHolman & PyeYacht, sloop37 ft LOA - Oyster - see also YM 1984/06 p 1176Yachting Monthly1984/01121
1476Corsair 36Dubois, EdYacht, sloop35 ft LOA - see also YM 2003/07 p 103Yachting Monthly1984/01120
1643DeltaNorlin, Peter Yacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1984/01122
14667LDS SailorKremer, KlaasYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1984/0116
14666Alice's MirrorThompson, AdrianYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1984/0116
14525Corsair 36Dubois, EdYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1984/0128
4270Westerly CorsairDubois, EdYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1984/01146
603Eton Revenue CutterEllis, DavidDinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1984/0136
14526Griffon IIDubois, EdYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1984/0132
4271Albin Delta 31Norlin, PeterYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1984/01151
7118Cheyne 21Cheyne Motors LtdMotor21 ftMotorboat and Yachting1984/01146
7117Duver 23Island Plastics Marine Ltd.Motor23 ftMotorboat and Yachting1984/01149
7116Princess 45Olesinski, BernardMotor45 ftMotorboat and Yachting1984/01140
1828Shipmate SeniorHoward, NormanYacht, sloop16 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1984/0182
1829CormorantDongray, RogerDinghy, sailing12 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1984/0184
1827Seawolf 30Feltham, DavidYacht, sloop30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1984/0179
9064Moody 34Primrose, Angus LtdYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1983/122284
10600Surprise 58Beeldsnijder, P & Watson, CharlesYacht, cutter57 ft LOA - see also YW 1983/12 p 83Yachting Monthly1983/122286
10513StriderWoods, RichardCatamaran23 ft LOA - see also YM 1989/03 p 104Yachting Monthly1983/122288
4266Surprise 58Beeldsniejder, PieterYacht, sloop57 ft LOAYachting World1983/1280
14665CatapultMontgomery, JonCatamaran16 ft LOA InflatableYachts and Yachting1983/1218
4269J 22Johnstone, RodYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting World1983/1287
4268Zoom 919Mader, PYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1983/1285
786Avant GardeSciomachenYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World1983/1285
4267Avant GardeSciomachenYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World1983/1285
11464Zoom 919Mader, P Yacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1983/1285
7115Nimbus 2600Eliasson, RolfMotor26 ftMotorboat and Yachting1983/1278
711432 Scand AtlanticScand-boats A/SMotor32 ftMotorboat and Yachting1983/1260
1824Victoria 30Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1983/1239
1826NoontideGriffiths, MauriceYacht, sloop32 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1983/1244
1825CorsairDubois, EdYacht, sloop36 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1983/1243
8243Jaguar 23Mullins, JohnYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting Monthly1983/112135
8676LumberjackPocock, MichaelYacht, yawl44 ft LOA C B - see also YW 1982/12 p 95Yachting Monthly1983/112136
7759Gazelle 18Howard, ArthurYacht, sloop18 ft LOAYachting Monthly1983/112139
8384Kaufmann 47Kaufmann & LaddYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting Monthly1983/112133
4265First 38Berret, JeanYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1983/11100
4263Gem 57Giorgetti/MagriniYacht, sloop58 ft LOAYachting World1983/1189
4264Fast 40Adler, AlanYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1983/1191
4262Berthon 66Dubois, EdYacht, sloop66 ft LOAYachting World1983/1189
7113Picchiotti Tigress MkIIPicchiottiMotor45 ftMotorboat and Yachting1983/1144
2893Cat BoatCuller, PeteDinghy, sailing16 ft LOA V-BottomWooden Boat1983/11122
2894She PungyCuller, PeteYacht, clipper45 ft LOAWooden Boat1983/11123
1823TopcatFish, BrianCatamaran13 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1983/1150
7499FantasiaHarle, PhillipeYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting Monthly1983/101974
12609Maclear & Harris IncYacht, schooner142 ft LOAYachting Monthly1983/101976
14524Swift 18Silvester, ColinYacht, sloop18 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1983/1026
4259HB 31van de Stadt, E GYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1983/10102
426053ft c/b ketchPresles, DidierYacht, ketch53 ft LOAYachting World1983/10107
4261SaraBoretti, AnselmiYacht, ketch56 ft LOAYachting World1983/10107
4258Carter 35Carter, DickYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1983/1099
7111Kingfisher 223Port Gem MarineFishing23 ftMotorboat and Yachting1983/10121
7112Fairline 32 AntiguaBennett, JohnMotor32 ftMotorboat and Yachting1983/10130
1821Acorn SkiffOughtred, IainDinghy12 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1983/1039
1822Newbridge VenturerDixon, Newbridge BoatsYacht, sloop22 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1983/1042
10628Swan 391Holland, RonYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly1983/091756
1181Carter 35Carter, DickYacht, ketch34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1983/091760
7531Feeling 920Harle, PhillipeYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1983/091758
4253Marinervan de Stadt, E GYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1983/09144
4255S&S 82Sparkman & StephensYacht, ketch82 ft LOAYachting World1983/09145
4256C 38Norlin, PeterYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1983/09146
4257Selestra 48Dalzell, SteveYacht, ketch48 ft LOAYachting World1983/09148
9074Moody 45Dixon, BillYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1983/09144
4254Steel SloopGiles, LaurentYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1983/09145
10486Steel SloopLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1983/09145
10170Selestra 48Dalzell, SteveYacht, ketch48 ft LOAYachting World1983/09151
4252Moody 45Dixon, BillYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1983/09144
9954S & S 82Sparkman & StephensYacht82 ft LOAYachting World1983/09145
9282NirvanaPedrick, DaveYacht, sloopYachting World1983/0978
8812MarinerStadt, E G van deYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1983/09144
710912 metre CatalacLack, TomCatamaran41 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1983/0948
7110Glastron V-266Whitley, MelMotor26 ftMotorboat and Yachting1983/0984
1818Moody 27Dixon, BillYacht, sloop27 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1983/0971
1819Falmouth Bass BoatWarrington-Smyth, RDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1983/0974
1820Countess 33Anderson, IanYacht, ketch33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1983/0993
706Arcadia 48Brackenbury, MarkYacht, ketch48 ft LOAYachting Monthly1983/081552
1038Brett 56Brett, PeterYacht, cutter55 ft LOAYachting Monthly1983/081544
11263Westerly SealordDubois, EdYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1983/081550
7595First 24Group FinotYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting Monthly1983/081553
8360Justine IVCastro, TonyYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1983/0885
4251Kiwi 6mYoung, JYacht, sloop20 ft LOAYachting World1983/08102
4250Swan 46Frers, GermanYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World1983/0893
4249LocuraSoverel, MarkYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1983/0885
10637Swan 51Frers, GermanYacht, cutter51 ft LOAYachting World1983/0897
8648LocuraSoverel, MarkYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1983/0885
4248Justine IVCastro, TonyYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1983/0885
7107Birchwood 31Caddick & AndrewsMotor31 ftMotorboat and Yachting1983/0848
7108Windy 23FCLinge, JanMotor23 ftMotorboat and Yachting1983/0878
1817Norwegian GirlHawes, MichaelYacht, sloop19 ft LOA Skanner 19Practical Boat Owner1983/0847
8644LM 28LM Glasfibre A SYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1983/071388
10634Swan 46Frers, GermanYacht, sloop46 ft LOA - see also YW 983/08 p 96, YW 2005/02 pYachting Monthly1983/071386
11053Vancouver 32 PilotPheon Yachts LtdYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1983/071390
1622Dehler 34SStadt, E G van deYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1983/071385
9502PandaWelbourn, HughYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting Monthly1983/071367
4247LM 27LM glasfiber a/sYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting World1983/07105
4244JadeHumphreys, RobYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1983/0799
4245PandaWelbourn, HughYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1983/0799
4246Oyster 435Holman & PyeYacht, ketch43 ft LOAYachting World1983/07100
7106LM 28Glasfiber, L MMotor29 ftMotorboat and Yachting1983/0770
7105Walton 24Walton MarineMotor24 ftMotorboat and Yachting1983/0752
1816Aqua-Star 33Wilson, G SnrMotor33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1983/0750
1815Gazelle 18Howard, ArthurYacht, sloop18 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1983/0747
10913Trapper 30 Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1983/061178
10844Tiki 21Wharram, JamesCatamaran21 ft LOA - see also YM 1983/12 p 2287Yachting Monthly1983/061183
8578Leo-Cat 25Kelsall, DerekCatamaran25 ft LOAYachting Monthly1983/061183
7486Falcon 45Geffen, Barry vanYacht, yawl48 ft LOAYachting Monthly1983/061176
14523Estuary One designGiles, MorganDinghy, sailing18 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1983/0628
4243Etap 23de Ridder, JacYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting World1983/06109
4242Bucklers Hard 46Laurent Giles & PartnersYacht, ketch46 ft LOAYachting World1983/06100
7103Sealine 30Murrant, TomMotor30 ftMotorboat and Yachting1983/0692
7104Newhaven Sea Warrior 27Hill, AlanMotor28 ftMotorboat and Yachting1983/06102
1813Drascombe ScaffieWestell, JohnDinghy, sailing15 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1983/0647
1814SunbirdAtkinson & MitchellDinghy, sailing15 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1983/0650
9265Nicholson 58Pderick, D & Camper NicholsonYacht, cutter57 ft LOAYachting Monthly1983/05972
11091VenturerNewbridge Boats LtdYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting Monthly1983/05977
4240Kelt 9mBriand, PhilippeYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1983/05111
4241Westerly SealordDubois, EdYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1983/05124
4236VoladorFrers, GermanYacht, ketch81 ft LOAYachting World1983/0576
4237ShonaDubois, EdYacht, ketch67 ft LOAYachting World1983/0577
4238Castro 63Castro, TonyYacht, ketch63 ft LOAYachting World1983/0577
4239Holland 87Holland, RonYacht, ketch87 ft LOAYachting World1983/0579
7102Hunton Gazelle 27Hunton PowerboatsMotor27 ftMotorboat and Yachting1983/05116
7101Pipers Merlin, Broom 32Bennett, JohnMotor32 ftMotorboat and Yachting1983/0580
1811Traveller 20Howden, RogerMotor20 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1983/0555
1812First ClassFaroux & FinotYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1983/0559
11249Westerly Griffon IIDubois, EdYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting Monthly1983/04767
1525CT 38Warwick, AlanYacht, sloop37 ft LOA - see also YM 1983/10 p 1970Yachting Monthly1983/04762
9272Nimbus 42Kaufmann & LaddYacht, cutter41 ft LOAYachting Monthly1983/04765
4234Alpha 29Everitt, JulianYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1983/04117
4232Jeanneau, Sun ShineCastro, TonyYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1983/04109
4231Nicholson 32Nicholson, Peter & CharlesYacht, sloop33 ft LOA, 1962/3Yachting World1983/0458
4235Overseas 35Eliasson, RolfYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1983/04117
4233Puppeteer 33C & S Boyd (Yachts)Yacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1983/04118
7099Fjord 815 SSEAmble & FjordMotor27 ftMotorboat and Yachting1983/0484
7100Southerly 115Freer, ChrisYacht, sloop37 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1983/04100
1810CometSimmons, AndrewDinghy, sailing11 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1983/0461
1808ArcaCarter, DickYacht, sloop44 ft LOA SoutherlyPractical Boat Owner1983/0455
1809Seawolf 26Feltham, DavidYacht, sloop26 ft OAPractical Boat Owner1983/0459
1412Contessa 34Peterson, Doug & Williams, AlanYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1983/03546
3335Etap 23Ridder, Jac deYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting Monthly1983/03550
1098C 41Norlin, Peter & Ostermann, JensYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting Monthly1983/03544
10158Seastream 38Anderson, IanYacht, ketch43 ft LOAYachting Monthly1983/03548
7789Gib'Sea 31Gibert MarineYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly1983/03513
14522Super Seal 26Holland, RonYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1983/0368
14521ThirtyHowlett, IanYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1983/0397
4230Academy 76Madlener, FredYacht, sloop76 ft LOAYachting World1983/03101
7098TideracerHeyland MarineMotor16 ftMotorboat and Yachting1983/03122
7097Royal Cruiser 36 BalticWilke & LindblomMotor36 ftMotorboat and Yachting1983/03108
1807Tradewind 35Rock, JohnYacht, sloop35 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1983/0355
7668Fomula OneJones, StephenYacht, sloop22 ft LOA HunterYachting Monthly1983/02347
10562Sun Shine 36Castro, TonyYacht, sloop35 ft LOA - see also YM 2001/08 p 92Yachting Monthly1983/02345
364Achilles 840Butler, ChrisYacht, sloop27 ft LOA - see also YW 1981/07 p 68Yachting Monthly1983/02350
3216Eastcountryman 33Winch, PaulYacht, barge49 ft LOAYachting Monthly1983/02346
4229Nimbus 42Kaufmann & LaddYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1983/0296
4226J29Johnstone, RodneyYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1983/0290
4227Secret LovePeterson, DougYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1983/0293
4228PioneerMauric, AndreYacht, sloop82 ft LOAYachting World1983/0295
2267Ancasta Surprise 58Beeldsnijder PieterYacht, sloop15.45 m LOABoat International1983/0244
7095Fairline 36Olesinski, BernardMotor37 ftMotorboat and Yachting1983/0272
7096Invader 772Briscoe MarineMotor25 ftMotorboat and Yachting1983/0296
1806EastcountrymanWinch. PaulYacht, yawl40 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1983/0248
1804Gib'Sea 77Meyran, Jean-ClaudeYacht, sloop25 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1983/0243
1805Sadler 26Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1983/0246
821Baltic 42Peterson, DougYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting Monthly1983/01117
1644Delta 25 Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop25 ft LOA -see also YW 1981/01 p 181Yachting Monthly1983/01114
4223Hustler SJ35Jones, StephenYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1983/01164
4222Mari-Cha, Berthon 70Camper & Nicholson LtdYacht, sloop70 ft LOAYachting World1983/01144
4224Credit AgricoleRibadeau Dumas, Guy & EricYacht, sloop56 ft LOAYachting World1983/01165
14520WaverleyWylie, JohnDinghy, sailing18 ft LOA 1902Yachts and Yachting1983/0146
4225Moody 41Angus Primrose LtdYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1983/01166
7093Sunseeker 31 OffshoreShead, DonMotor31 ftMotorboat and Yachting1983/01104
7094Picton 180 Mardi GrasInnes, RayMotor18 ftMotorboat and Yachting1983/01164
2891KatherineKotzebue, Paul RDinghy, sailing21 ft LOAWooden Boat1983/01130
2892Sea BirdMacGregor, CharlesYacht, yawl26 ft LOAWooden Boat1983/01132
1801Moody 333Primrose & DixonYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1983/01103
1802LightfootJohnson, Robert KDinghy, sailing21 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1983/01106
1803CatapultMontgomery, JonCatamaran16 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1983/01109
7598First 456Frers, GermanYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting Monthly1982/122255
10069Scanyacht 36Dubois, EdYacht, sloop36 ft LOA - see also YM 1984/03 p 514Yachting Monthly1982/122255
9963Sadler 26Sadler Yachts LtdYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - see also YM 1996/09 p 117Yachting Monthly1982/122261
10905Tradewind 35Rock, JohnYacht, cutter35 ft LOA - see also YM 1998/01 p 65Yachting Monthly1982/122221
10948Trintella 53Stadt, E G van deYacht, sloop53 ft LOAYachting World1982/1299
4220Santa Maria, Trintella 53Van de Stadt,Yacht, sloop53 ft LOAYachting World1982/1296
4221H-323ArteknoYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1982/12101
4219LumberjackPocock, MichaelYacht, ketch45 ft LOAYachting World1982/1295
7092Mallard 42Thorneycroft & CluneYacht, motor42 ftMotorboat and Yachting1982/1276
7091Relcraft PearlReliance MarineMotor21 ftMotorboat and Yachting1982/1248
1800WBKremer, K TDinghy, sailing12 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1982/1253
1798DevastationThomas, DavidYacht, sloop25 ft LOA Hunter DeltaPractical Boat Owner1982/1247
1799McArthurPrice, HywellYacht, sloop35 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1982/1251
1378Comet IIIGroup FinotYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1982/112118
4216Voortrekker IILavranos & AssociatesYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World1982/1191
4218X-102Jeppersen, NeilsYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1982/1198
4215Scanyachts 36Dubois, EdwardYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1982/1190
4217C41Norlin & OstmannYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1982/1194
7090Birchwood 42 EmpressBennett & AndrewsMotor42 ftMotorboat and Yachting1982/1158
1797EbbtidePape, AlanYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1982/1161
8095Hunter 31Stadt, E G van deYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1982/101934
7597First 42Frers, GermanYacht, sloop42 ft LOA BeneteauYachting Monthly1982/101914
4210Snowgoose 37Prout CatamaransCatamaran37 ft LOAYachting World1982/1089
4213MagistriC&C Design GroupYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1982/1095
4214SangzindFarr, BruceYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1982/1096
4212TodahesaHolland, RonYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1982/1095
4211First 30EBerret, JeanYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1982/1092
7089Falcon 18Zodiac CruisersMotor18 ftMotorboat and Yachting1982/1064
7088RLM 27 SeychellesRLM Marine Ltd.Motor28 ftMotorboat and Yachting1982/1044
2039First 265Groupe FinotYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1982/1030
1794Sigma 33CThomas, DavidYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1982/1055
1795Cockleshell HeroWoods, Richard & LilianCatamaran29 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1982/1058
1796Blackfish DoryOughtred, IainDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1982/1060
9208Nauticat 52Sparkman & StephensYacht, yawl51 ft LOAYachting Monthly1982/091787
1467CoromandelTucker, RobertYacht20 ft - junk rigYachting Monthly1982/091742
4209Trintella 42Jachtwerf Anne WeverYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1982/09126
7087Cleopatra 38Petterson, PelleMotor38 ftMotorboat and Yachting1982/0992
1792Duver 23Mursell, ArthurMotor23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1982/0982
1793CoromandelTucker, RobertYacht, junk21 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1982/0984
1791Freedom 25Hoyt, GaryYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1982/0979
4205ScyllaLeigh Roy, AlanYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1982/0883
4204Sciomachen 43SciomachenYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1982/0883
4207CurlewRossiter H TYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1982/0886
4206Roller SkateHumphreys, RobertYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1982/0884
14519First 30EBerret, JeanYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1982/0842
4208DevaMartin Francis Yacht DesignYacht, ketch82 ft LOAYachting World1982/0892
7086Channel Fisher 32Buchanan, AlanMotor32 ftMotorboat and Yachting1982/0844
7085Pioneer 20Pioneer CraftMotor20 ftMotorboat and Yachting1982/0841
1789Freedom 35Hoyt, GarryYacht, sloop35 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1982/0855
1790Frolic 18Creasey, MartinYacht, sloop19 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1982/0859
2038Orkadian 23Golesworthy/Orkney BoatsMotor23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1982/0881
9421Omega 34Holland, RonYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1982/071387
9997Saltram 31Pape, AlanYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1982/071387
11113Victoria 30Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly1982/071359
4200Alice's MirrorThompson, AdrianYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1982/07101
4201Information Technology '82Irens & PridieTrimaran40 ft LOAYachting World1982/07101
4202Exmouth ChallengeMorrison, PhilTrimaran53 ft LOAYachting World1982/07102
4203Livery Dole IIIShuttleworth, JohnMultihull60 ft LOAYachting World1982/07102
7084Hatteras 48Hasrgrave, J BYacht, motor49 ftMotorboat and Yachting1982/0776
7083Westward 31Williams, JohnMotor31 ftMotorboat and Yachting1982/0750
2037DragonflyQuorning, BorgeTrimaran26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1982/0730
1416Contessa 38Alan-Williams, DavidYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1982/061206
4199Baltic 42 DPPeterson, DouglasYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1982/0696
4198Nantucket Island 33Cole, PeterYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1982/0687
4196Charles Heidsieck IIIVaton, GillesYacht, sloop67 ft LOAYachting World1982/0685
14518Colt Cars GBHolland, RonTrimaran60 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1982/0637
4197First ClassGroupe FinotYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1982/0686
7081Freeman 33 TobagoFreeman, JohnMotor33 ftMotorboat and Yachting1982/06100
7082Norman 24NormanMotor24 ftMotorboat and Yachting1982/06106
1787SheldrakeDinghy, sailing17 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1982/0641
1788Silhouette VTucker, RobertDinghy, sailing17 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1982/0643
9056Moody 27Dixon, Bill & Primrose, AngusYacht, sloop27 ft LOA - see also YW 1981/11 p 87, YM 1993/09 Yachting Monthly1982/05959
10544Sun Fizz 40Briand, PhilippeYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1982/05990
875Bay of IslandsGriffiths, MauriceYacht, yawl47 ft LOAYachting Monthly1982/05975
4195Gib Sea 126Joubert & NiveltYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1982/05120
4193Endurance 40Ibold, Peter AYacht, ketch40 ft LOAYachting World1982/05104
4192Pilot House 40Benford Jay RYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1982/05103
4191DancerSparkman & StephensYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1982/05103
4194Moody 27Primrose, AngusYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1982/05116
7079Regal Commodore 277 XLMarine Concepts Inc.Motor27 ftMotorboat and Yachting1982/0562
7080Nauticat 52Siltala Yachts OyYacht, sloop51 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1982/0588
1786Tui 16Holman & PyeYacht, sloop16 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1982/0543
8642LM 26LM Glasfibre ASYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting Monthly1982/04750
10656Swift 18JCA MarineYacht, sloop18 ft LOAYachting Monthly1982/04728
4189Colt Cars GBHolland & JamesYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World1982/04121
4190Bay of IslandsGriffiths, MauriceYacht, ketch48 ft LOAYachting World1982/04122
4188Panic 40Nickerson & TempleYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1982/04120
4187Soleil CapriconeRobert B Harris LtdYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1982/04120
4186Fulmar 32Dubois, EdYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1982/04116
7078Ocean Jay, Royal Cruiser 34 BalticWilkie & LindblomMotor34 ftMotorboat and Yachting1982/04124
7077Fletcher Vigo 180Fletcher International Sportsboats Ltd.Motor19 ftMotorboat and Yachting1982/04108
1785Swift 18Silvester, ColinYacht, sloop18 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1982/0447
4184FenixPeterson, PelleYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1982/0378
4182Eastcountryman 27Paul Winch (Yacht Builders) LtdYacht, ketch40 ft LOAYachting World1982/0375
4183NyamaValentijn. JohanYacht, sloop56 ft LOAYachting World1982/0377
4181Catboat 16Wolstenholme, Andrew NDinghy,.sailing16 ft LOAYachting World1982/0375
4185Native 38Newick, Richard CTrimaran38 ft LOAYachting World1982/0382
7076Parkstone Bay 28 Sea KingMitchell, LenMotor28 ftMotorboat and Yachting1982/03112
1784SeadogFreeman, RegYacht, sloop30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1982/0360
1783SundanceHolman & PyeYacht, sloop31 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1982/0355
3336Etap 26Stadt, E G van deYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting Monthly1982/02358
4176Rival 36Brett, PeterYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1982/0274
4177Naja 30S Langevin IFANYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1982/0278
4178Pocket-RocketshipMull, GaryYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting World1982/0282
4179Margaret RintoulFrers, GermanYacht, sloop51 ft LOAYachting World1982/0282
4180DurlindandaSciomachenYacht, ketch70 ft LOAYachting World1982/0283
7074Moonlight SeranadeCox & HaswellYacht, motor52 ftMotorboat and Yachting1982/0278
7075Fairline 29 MirageBennett, JohnMotor29 ftMotorboat and Yachting1982/0290
1782Leopard 32Tucker, RobertYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1982/0263
1781Tornado 22Dury, TimMotor22 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1982/0257
10594Supercruiser 56Pocock, MichaelYacht, cutter56 ft LOAYachting Monthly1982/01149
1546Cygne ChanteurHolland , RonYacht, sloopSwan 42Yachting Monthly1982/01169
4175Maxi trailer sailer 38Robert H Perry Yacht DesignersYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1982/01180
4173Oyster Marine 35Holman & PyeYacht, ketch35 ft LOAYachting World1982/01148
4174Ocean 80Peterson/WilliamsYacht, ketch80 ft LOAYachting World1982/01154
7072Tornado 22Martland MarineMotor23 ftMotorboat and Yachting1982/01175
7073Silver LynxAnderson, IanYacht, sloop33 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1982/01194
5909Carver 36Macneill, RobertMotor36 ftMotorboat and Yachting1982/01130
7071AmazonKemp, DixonYacht, motor120 ft ex steam, 1885Motorboat and Yachting1982/01148
5910AmazonDixon & KempYacht, steam120 ft, 1885Motorboat and Yachting1982/01148
5911Silver LynxAnderson, IanYacht, sloop33 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1982/01194
7070Carver 36Macneill, RobertMotor36 ftMotorboat and Yachting1982/01130
1780WandererProcter, IanDinghy, sailing14 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1982/01111
1778Minstrel 680Sharp, JohnYacht, sloop22 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1982/01103
1779FrantasyPaine, 'Chuck'Yacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1982/01105
1777Cornish ShrimperDongray, RogerYacht, sloop19 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1982/0197
7785Gib'Sea 105Joubert, M & Nivelt, BYacht, sloop35 ft LOA - see also YM 1982/11 p 2083Yachting Monthly1981/122359
10482SteadfastTucker, RobertYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting Monthly1981/122359
3185Dufour 3800Frers, GermanYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1981/122312
4170Weston Sea Boat 200Westell, JohnYacht, sloop20 ft LOAYachting World1981/12100
4171Supercruiser 56Pocock, MikeYacht, sloop57 ft LOAYachting World1981/12101
4172SoloSteve Callahan Movement VesselsYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting World1981/12100
7069Princess 38Bennett, JohnMotor38 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1981/1260
1776First 25Groupe FinotYacht, sloop25 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1981/1240
8990Minstrel 680Sharp, JohnYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting Monthly1981/112205
7910Grey-oneZaal, DickYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1981/1188
11148Vixen 34Hale, Thomas MayYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1981/1199
7067Abbatd 25 EliteAbbate, TulioMotor25 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1981/1162
7068Humber 35Askham, JohnMotor35 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1981/1180
1775Invader 22Yacht, sloop22 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1981/1158
1774Evolution 25Everitt, JulianYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1981/1156
10917Trapper 501C & C DesignYacht, sloop28 ft LOA - see also YW 1981/07 p 79Yachting Monthly1981/102036
10164Seawolf 26Fetham, David Yacht DesignsYacht, sloop26 ft LOA - see also YM 1995/07 p 37Yachting Monthly1981/102046
1414Contessa 37Anderson, IanYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1981/102046
7645FlyerFrers, GermanYacht, sloop70 ft LOAYachting World1981/1083
7964Hans Christian 38Christian, Hans Yachts IncYacht, cutter45 ft LOA - see also CB 1989/05 p 31Yachting World1981/10111
9158N Y Y C 36Cook, BillYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1981/10102
3256Elf-AquitaineLangevin, SilvestreCatamaran62 ft LOA Yachting World1981/10103
7066Freeman 27John Freeman (Marine) Ltd.Motor27 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1981/1084
1773Vindo 50SYacht, ketch35 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1981/1058
1772Sadler 29Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop29 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1981/1056
8593Liberty 22Thomas, DavidYacht, ketch22 ft LOA - see also YW 1981/02 p107Yachting Monthly1981/091846
1532CurlewRossiter, HughYacht, sloop32 ft LOA - see also YM 1982/06 p 1261, CB 1988/0Yachting Monthly1981/091838
7604First 32Berret, JeanYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1981/09145
8359Justine IIICastro, TonyYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1981/09133
10321Skye 51Kaufman & LaddYacht, ketch50 ft LOAYachting World1981/09137
9764RakauJones, StephenYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1981/09112
7064Sunseeker 28 PortofinoShead, DonMotor28 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1981/0964
7065LM 26Anderssen, BentMotor, sailer27 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1981/0994
1771Seamaster 815Holman & PyeYacht, sloop24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1981/0994
1770DuellistYacht, sloop32 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1981/0990
9213NavigatorTucker, RobertYacht, sloop19 ft LOAYachting Monthly1981/081622
10897TouchstoneHill, AlanYacht, cutter38 ft LOA - ferro construction - see also YM 19Yachting Monthly1981/081638
13268Roy, AlanYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1981/081644
3219Ebbtide 33Pape, AlanYacht, cutter33 ft LODYachting Monthly1981/081637
14517Hawke SurfcatHawke, P & LCatamaran13 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1981/0852
4169NadiaJones, StephenYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1981/08107
7063Birchwood 37Andrews, TedMotor37 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1981/0898
1768Mirage 2700Yacht, sloop25 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1981/0849
1769Hustler 25.5Holman & PyeYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1981/0851
11164Voyager 38Primrose, AngusYacht, ketch38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1981/071472
3192Dulcibella 33Laurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop33 ft LoaYachting Monthly1981/071472
8516Lake Garda RacerFarr, BruceYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1981/07115
9002Mirage 2700Thames MarineYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1981/0777
7697Freedom 30HoytYacht, ketch30 ft LOAYachting World1981/0773
7601First 28Groupe FinotYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1981/0775
10479Stars and StripesNelson, Bruce & Marek, BruceYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1981/07117
10124Sea SpriteLuders, BillYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting World1981/0789
11247Westerly G K 29Yacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1981/0780
3165Duetta 86Stadt, E G van de & PartnersYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1981/0771
7062DespatchTeale, JohnMotor, sailer25 ftMotorboat and Yachting1981/0782
1765QuasarProutCatamaran49 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1981/0760
1764TimpennyThorne, ColinYacht, sloop22 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1981/0755
1766Westwind 35Yacht, sloop35 ft LOA TaiwanPractical Boat Owner1981/0758
8125HypoPocock, MichaelYacht28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1981/061316
11370Wooden ShoeOughtred, IainYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly1981/061314
8066Holland 52Holland, RonYacht, ketch51 ft LOAYachting Monthly1981/061313
11407Yamaha 33Yamaha Design GroupYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1981/061302
3136DragonDubois, EdYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1981/06119
11199Wanderer VOrams, AlanYacht, cutter39 ft LOA - see also YW 1981/09 p 44Yachting World1981/0698
8414KialoaHolland, RonYacht, sloop80 ft LOAYachting World1981/0664
14516Sadler 29Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1981/0644
7061Zontina, Broom 35Bennett, JohnMotor35 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1981/06112
7060Espace 1000JeanneauMotor, sailerMotorboat and Yachting1981/0674
1762Quest 31ProutCatamaran31 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1981/0651
1763Ocean WindsPatterson, PatCatamaran33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1981/0652
9673PretorienHolman & PyeYacht, sloop35 ft LOA - see also YW 1981/01 p98Yachting Monthly1981/051036
4167ArcadiaFrers, German JnrYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1981/05103
14515FlyerFrers, German JnrYacht, sloop65 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1981/0573
4168Ceramco NZFarr, BruceYacht, sloop67 ft LOAYachting World1981/05105
7059Antigua 34Presles, DominiqueMotor, sailer34 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1981/05108
7058NazcaLevi, SonnyMotor55 ftMotorboat and Yachting1981/0576
1760North Sea SkiffCourt, BillDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1981/0575
1761StellaHolman, C RYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1981/0578
8998MiradorEveritt, JulianYacht, sloop20 ft LOAYachting Monthly1981/04851
1486Countess 32Anderson, IanYacht, ketch33 ft LOA Colvic - see also YM 1983/04 p 761Yachting Monthly1981/04882
14514MeteorWelbourn, Hugh BDinghy, sailing18 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1981/0488
8699Mac IStadt, E G van de & PartnersYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1981/0495
7903Grenadier 134Laurent Giles & PartnersYacht, yawl44 ft LOAYachting World1981/04106
7511Farr 38Farr, BruceYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1981/0467
11042Valiant 40Perry, Robert HYacht, cutter39 ft LOAYachting World1981/04110
10636Swan 51Frers, GermanYacht, cutter50 ft LOA - see also YW 1983/08 p 97Yachting World1981/04129
8042High RollerHolland, RonYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1981/0496
7057Tayana 41+2Beeldsnijder, PieterMotor45 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1981/04114
1759Heavenly TwinsPatterson, PatCatamaran26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1981/0460
1756TopperProcter, IanDinghy, sailing11 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1981/0457
17588 metre CatalacLack/WinterbottomCatamaran27 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1981/0459
1755LaserKirby, BruceDinghy, sailing14 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1981/0455
1757Sirroco 26ProutCatamaran26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1981/0458
7850Golden Hind 26Griffiths, MauriceYacht, cutter26 ft LOAYachting Monthly1981/03660
1415Contessa 38Alan- Williams, DavidYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1981/03629
9947Rustler 36Holman & PyeYacht, sloop35 ft LOA - see also YM 1987/09 p 130, YM 2000/08Yachting Monthly1981/03629
1463Cornish ShrimperDongray, RogerYacht, sloop19 ft LOA - see also YM 1979/08 p 132, Bmn 1996/0Yachting Monthly1981/03611
880Beatrix 43Sorensen-Viale, NielsYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1981/0348
7440Evasion 37Beneteau, AndreYacht, yawl37 ft LOAYachting World1981/03121
1428Contest 38SZaal, Dick Yacht DesignYacht, yawl37 ft LOAYachting World1981/03129
7056Uncas, Sancerre 33SLBondon, RayMotor33 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1981/03104
1753Golden Hind 26Griffiths, MauriceYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1981/0349
1752Sancerre 33Bonden, RayMotor33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1981/0347
1754Cruising CracksmanHenderson, MichaelCatamaran20 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1981/0351
7889GraniuleEndean, KennethDinghy, rowing6 ft - foldingYachting Monthly1981/02414
10570Sunbird 28Anderson, IanYacht, sloop28 ft - junk rigYachting Monthly1981/02413
10569Sunbird 22Costa, Leo daYacht, sloop22 ft LOA - junk rigYachting Monthly1981/02413
1110Cacin SanMull, GaryYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1981/02109
14513PoacherRichardson, WYacht, ketch21 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1981/0256
14512Brittany FerriesShuttleworth, JohnTrimaran66 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1981/0268
1241ChallengeSparkman & StephensYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1981/0298
7055Champions, Narvik 35Watson, G LMotor, sailer35 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1981/02108
1751Westerly GriffonDubois, EdYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1981/0247
8612Limbo 9.9Stewart, AndrewYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1981/01186
9858Rival 36Brett, PeterYacht, sloop35 ft LOA - see also YM 1982/01 p 143Yachting Monthly1981/01186
9979Sailer 29Holman & PyeYacht, sloop28 ft LOA SeamasterYachting Monthly1981/01148
3119DoradeStephens, OlinYacht, yawl52 ft LOA - see also YW 1936/11 p 479, YW 2004/07Yachting Monthly1981/01151
8242Jaguar 21Mullins, JohnYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting Monthly1981/01181
7609First 35Berret, JeanYacht, sloopYachting World1981/0196
823Baltic 37C & C DesignYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1981/0199
8591Liberator 35Dubois, EdYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1981/01101
10626Swan 371Holland , RonYacht, sloopYachting World1981/0192
7054Frincess 30DSOlesinski, BernardMotor30 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1981/01164
1749LibertyThomas, DavidYacht, ketch22 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1981/0195
1750BarbaryRayner, Walter FMotor, ketch33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1981/0199
10902TradewindRock, JohnYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1980/122732
11052Vancouver 32Harris, Robert BYacht, cutter32 ft LOA - see also YM 2000/04 p 100, CB 1988/09Yachting Monthly1980/12