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Boat ID Boat Name Designer Boat Type Class/Size Magazine Year/Month Page
4092Guide MeFerris, PeterFishing, lugger40 ft 1911Maritime Life and Traditions3424
4087BoleroSparkman & StephensYacht, yawl74 ft LOA 1950Maritime Life and Traditions3156
4088Huntington Dancing ClassLord, FrederickYacht, sloop15 ft 1911Maritime Life and Traditions3157
4089Victory ClassGardner, WilliamYacht, sloop32 ft LOA 1919Maritime Life and Traditions3158
4091PollyCrouch/Merrill/NevinsYacht, sloop51 ft LOA 1939Maritime Life and Traditions3160
4090Fishers Island One ClassMower, C DYacht, sloop24 ft LOA 1923Maritime Life and Traditions3159
4086Bessie EllenW S KellyKetch77 ft 1904 restored 2001Maritime Life and Traditions2930
4085WesternmanIrens, NigelPilot Cutter41 ft LOAMaritime Life and Traditions2832
4084Merlin, Camden KnockaboutCrowninshield, B BYacht, sloop28 ft LOA 1915Maritime Life and Traditions2410
4083AmericaSteers, GeorgeSchooner101 ft LOA 1851Maritime Life and Traditions2230
4024MarietteHerreshoffSchooner109 ft 1916 restoredMaritime Life and Traditions2142
14875Kalessin of Orwell, Westerly Storm 33Dubois, EdYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly2010/1280
14876Bavaria 40Farr, BruceYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting Monthly2010/1284
6092JPK 1010Valer, JacquesYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World2010/1248
6093Saffier 23Hennevanger, DeanYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World2010/1250
6094Roxy 6Corby, JohnYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World2010/1292
6091First 30Kouyoumdjian, JuanYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World2010/1246
6103Magnolia, Yarmouth one-designLongmore, HenryDinghy, sailing21 ft LOA 1910Classic Boat2010/1244
6101Winnie Marie, West Solent one-designMay, H GYacht, sloop35 ft LOA 1924Classic Boat2010/1216
6102Mermaid, Mersey Mylne classMylne, AlfredYacht, sloop25 ft LOA 1934Classic Boat2010/1238
14987Oysterman 16Gartside, PaulDinghy, sailing16 ft LODPractical Boat Owner2010/1240
14986Dehler 29Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop29 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2010/1232
12940Somes Sound 12 1/2HerreshoffDinghy, sailing16 ftWooden Boat2010/1148
12941Seaclipper 20Brown & MarplesDinghy, sailing20 ftWooden Boat2010/1199
6083Ocean Cloud, Beneteau Oceanis 351Berret, JeanYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly2010/1178
6082Azuree 40Ceccaelli, GiovanniYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World2010/1150
6081GlengourMcBryde W GYacht, ketch39 ft LOA 1934Classic Boat2010/1116
14985Hawk 20 CruiserHawkins, ChrisYacht, sloop20 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2010/1136
6072Alexina, X-412Jeppesen, NielsYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly2010/1078
6073Winner 12.20van Tongeren & van de StadtYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting Monthly2010/1084
6076Dehler 32 RSVrolijk, JudelYacht, sloop9.8 m LOAYachts and Yachting2010/1050
6059Gunfleet 395Castro, TonyYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World2010/1038
6061Evolution, Elan 444Humphreys Yacht DesignYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2010/1048
6060Bavaria 45Farr Yacht DesignYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World2010/1044
6097Lammouche, Soraya 46SanlorenzoYacht, motor44 m LOABoat International2010/10158
6096ExumaBriand, PhilippeYacht, motor49.5 m LOABoat International2010/10142
6098Sky, Heesen 50Heesen Yachts - Van Oossanen Assoc.Yacht, motor50.5 m LOABoat International2010/10170
6095Lady ChristineDe Voot Naval ArchitectsYacht, motor68 m LOABoat International2010/10126
6100My IssueMulder, FrankYacht, motor34.7 m LOABoat International2010/10192
6099Meya MeyaFry, EdYacht, motor35 m LOABoat International2010/10182
14984Cornish Crabber 26Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2010/1050
6080SpartanHerreshoffYacht, sloop72 ft LOAClassic Boat2010/1036
6070Jocalia, Hallnerg-Rassy 36Frers, GermanYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2010/0992
6063BJ17Irens, NigelDinghy, sailing17 ftWatercraft2010/0926
6071Sirius 35DSvon Ahlen, Marc-OliverYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly2010/0998
6064Bayraider 17Swallow BoatsDinghy, sailing17 ft LOAWatercraft2010/0951
12936First LightSmith, MathewMotor26 ftWooden Boat2010/0956
6062Roxane of RestronquetIrens, NigelYacht, sloop30 ft LOAWatercraft2010/0920
12939Fitzgerald 58Fitzgerald Marine ArchitectureYacht, sloop58 ft LOAWooden Boat2010/09101
12938NellieHerreshoffYacht, sloop35 ft LWLWooden Boat2010/0990
12937Russcraft 7Payne, DavidDinghy, sailing23 ftWooden Boat2010/0976
6065AWOLWelsford, JohnDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAWatercraft2010/0960
6055Elan 350Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World2010/0962
6056GladysAldous Bros.Leigh Bawley36 ft 1904Classic Boat2010/0916
14951BayCruiserSwallow Boats LtdYacht, ketch20 ftPractical Boat Owner2010/0939
6052C-Yacht 10.50Maas, FransYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly2010/0882
6051Four Top, Dufour 36Mortain & MavrikiosYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly2010/0878
6053Xc 50X-Yachts DesignYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World2010/0842
6054EileanFife, WilliamYacht, ketch72 ft 1936Yachting World2010/0874
15097Dufour 34eFelci & RoseoYacht, sloop34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2010/0838
6014CaplinAnderson's BoatyardYacht, yawl32 ftClassic Boat2010/0842
12935PilgrimWelsford, JohnDinghy, sailing16 ftWooden Boat2010/0791
12934Rescue MinorAtkin, WilliamMotor19 ft 1942Wooden Boat2010/0758
6078Freda, Golant GafferDongray, RogerYacht, yawl25 ft LOAWatercraft2010/0711
6079Centreboard CutterGartside, PaulYacht, sloop18 ft LOAWatercraft2010/0733
6068Jeanneau, Sun Shine 36Castro, TonyYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly2010/0794
6069Dragonfly 28 SportQuorning, JensMultihull29 ft LOAYachting Monthly2010/07102
6075K1Handley, PaulDinghy, sailing4.57 m LOAYachts and Yachting2010/0750
6074Murtic 52Carkeek, BotinYacht, sloop53 ft LOAYachting World2010/0742
14866ShillingSwift, PhilYacht, sloop17 ftPractical Boat Owner2010/0736
15096Arcona 340Qviberg, StefanYacht, sloop34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2010/0742
15095Cobra 850Feltham, DavidYacht, sloop28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2010/0738
5700Guiding LightMay, H JYacht, sloop37 ft LOA, 1936, restoredClassic Boat2010/0726
5699RowdyHerreshoff, NatYacht, sloop59 ft LOA, 1915, restoredClassic Boat2010/0716
14874Najad 410Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting Monthly2010/06/0784
14873Sea Fever, Bavaria 36J & JYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly2010/06/0778
5709Swedestar 370Sodergren, HakanYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2010/0685
5708Sigma 33Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop33 ft LOA,Yachting Monthly2010/0678
5705Breehorn 48Voogd, SimonisYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World2010/0642
5706Rustler 58Jones, StephenYacht, sloop58 ftYachting World2010/0643
5704Hallberg-Rassy 64Frers, GermanYacht, sloop64 ftYachting World2010/0640
5707Salona 44J&J DesignYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World2010/0644
5713RS 100Paul Handley & Vitali DesignDinghy, sailing4.3 m LOAYachts and Yachting2010/0636
5714Elan 310Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop9.25 m LOAYachts and Yachting2010/0652
15094Hunter 20 Sport LFThomas, DavidYacht, sloop20 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2010/0642
5698EileanWilliam FifeYacht, ketch72 ft LOA, 1936, restoredClassic Boat2010/0616
14946RS 100Handley, PaulDinghy, sailing4.3 mDinghy Sailing2010/0637
12932WaveBenjamin, NatYacht, sloop29 ft LOAWooden Boat2010/0568
12933Spartan IIGartside, PaulDinghy, sailing19 ft LOAWooden Boat2010/0593
12931Silent MaidSweisguth, FrancisYacht, sloop33 ft 1924Wooden Boat2010/0546
6067Torridge Lass, Legend 39Henderson, GlennYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly2010/0588
6066Ovni 365Lombard, MarcYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly2010/0583
5703HanumanDykystra & PartnersYacht, sloop138 ft LOA J class, Endeavour IIYachting World2010/0572
5711InvictusEverest, CliveCatamaran7.62 m LOAYachts and Yachting2010/0542
5710ScorpionDorling, TaprellDinghy, sailing14 ft LOAYachts and Yachting2010/0536
5712J/95Johnstone, RodYacht, sloop9.5 m LOAYachts and Yachting2010/0550
5702X-Treme 25Lutra Yacht DesignYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World2010/0548
5701J/95Johnstone, RodYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World2010/0542
5696DebutanteRye, TheoYacht, sloop5.5 mClassic Boat2010/0524
6077Molly, Cornish Crabber 17Dongray, RogerDinghy, sailing17 ft LOADinghy Sailing2010/0556
14865Dragonfly, Trapper 500Cuthbertson & CassianYacht, sloop27 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2010/0528
5697FidelisSpeight, VicYacht, sloop61 ft LOAClassic Boat2010/0530
15134Dragonfly 28Quorning, Borge & JensTrimaran9.05 mYachts and Yachting2010/0444
7326Southerly 49Humphreys Yacht DesignYacht. Sloop50 ft LOAYachting World2010/0464
5695Vrouwe RomeinDe Rivier SchiedamYacht, motor40 ft LOA, 1931, restoredClassic Boat2010/0442
14983Sunsail 384Morrelli & MelvinCatamaran38 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2010/0436
5694Whisper classEllard, DerekYacht, gaff20 ft LOAClassic Boat2010/0434
15132Cape HenryDudley Dix Yacht DesignYacht, sloop21 ftWatercraft2010/03/0417
12930K-60Kotzebue, Paul RYacht, sloop60 ft LOAWooden Boat2010/0382
12929PegasusBurnett, EdPilot cutter72 ftWooden Boat2010/0352
14871Starlight 39Jones, StephenYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly2010/0390
14872Hallberg-Rassy 310Frers, GermanYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly2010/0396
4830HR 372Frers, GermanYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World2010/0353
4836YW DayboatO'Brien Kennedy, GDinghy, sailing4.3 m LOA 1949Yachts and Yachting2010/0334
4828MCM86, Chillout 38Xavi Cardell Yacht DesignYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World2010/0346
4831Outremer 49Barreau, Neumann & DarnetCatamaran49 ft LOAYachting World2010/0354
4833BlissDubois Naval ArchitectsYacht, sloop121 ft LOAYachting World2010/0368
4832Seascape 18Samuel & ManuardDinghy, sailing18 ft LOAYachting World2010/0355
4829Dufour 405Felci & RoseoYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World2010/0352
4834Ocean PearlNobles of FraserburghFishing, lugger41 ft LOD 1933 restoredClassic Boat2010/0318
4835AlineMyline, AlfredYacht, sloop42 ft LOA 1909 restoredClassic Boat2010/0328
15135Wild CatFischer, MartinCatamaran5.51 mDinghy Sailing2010/0320
14864Ovni 395Briand, PhilippeYacht, sloop40 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2010/0334
14870Bavaria 32Farr Yacht DesignYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly2010/0280
14869Contessa 32Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2010/0276
15140Hobbie iCatHobieCatamaran5.29 mYachts and Yachting2010/0232
4598Albatrosvan de Stadt DesignYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World2010/0242
15141Sensei 9mFelci Yacht DesignYacht, sloop9.1 mYachts and Yachting2010/0258
15143Scoot Ack 55Nelson Marek Yacht DesignYacht, sloop16.67 mYachts and Yachting2010/0258
15144Chill Out 38Cardeli, XaviYacht, sloop10.66 mYachts and Yachting2010/0259
15142Seascape 18Manuard, SamualDinghy, sailing5.55 mYachts and Yachting2010/0258
4599Elan 310Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World2010/0246
4826AmaryllisJM Soper & SonYacht, sloop34 ft LOA 1937 restoredClassic Boat2010/0260
14982Delphia 33.2Skrzat, AndrezYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2010/0234
4825ConcordBelchambers, SydneyYacht, yawl36 ft LOA 1937 restoredClassic Boat2010/0216
12927BequiaStephens, Waring & WhiteYacht, yawl91 ft LOAWooden Boat2010/0173
12928FameCrowninshield, B BSchooner41 ft LOAWooden Boat2010/01136
16411Matt NewlandYawl dayboat20 ft / Bay Cruiser 20Watercraft2010/0111
14868Arcona 340Qviberg, StefanYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly2010/01100
14867Feeling 306Vaton & RoseoYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly2010/0194
15092Bavaria Cruiser 32Farr, BruceYacht, sloop32 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2010/0134
15093Fan Class 32Tabuleau & RougierYacht, sloop32 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2010/0139
4827ElenaHerreshoff, NathanielSchooner135 ft LOA 1911Classic Boat2010/0132
7285Elan 310Humphreys Yacht DesignYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/1292
7284Ecume de MerFinot, Jean-MarieYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/1286
7323AvailableTripp, BillYacht, sloop64 ft LOAYachting World2009/1238
7324Emma, Swan 60Frers Naval Architecture & EngineeringYacht, sloop62 ft LOAYachting World2009/1246
4155Airis, GP42Carkeek, BotinYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachts and Yachting2009/1280
4154X-treme 25Lutra Design GroupYacht, sloop7.83 m LOAYachts and Yachting2009/1241
4153Hobie WildcatFischer, MartinCatamaran5.51 m LOAYachts and Yachting2009/1233
7325Contest 62CSGeorg Nissen Yacht DesignYacht, sloop62 ft LOAYachting World2009/1252
15106Elan 310Humphreys, RobYacht,sloop30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2009/1228
4152CirrusBroome, MikeDinghy, sailing20 ft LOAClassic Boat2009/1252
7283Pixie, Sadler 32Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/1186
12925StavangerArcher, ColinYacht, ketch47 ftWooden Boat2009/1152
12926ICW 48Newick, DickYacht, ketch48 ftWooden Boat2009/1191
4601CirrusBroome, MikeDinghy, sailing20 ft LOAWatercraft2009/1112
4602Chebacco 20Bolger, PhilDinghy, sailing20 ft LOAWatercraft2009/1118
7282Island Packet EsteroJohnson, BobYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/1180
4121Hunter SonataThomas, DavidYacht, sloop6.9 m LOA c. 1979Yachts and Yachting2009/1144
4120Vampire M20Marstrom, GoranCatamaran6.1 m LOAYachts and Yachting2009/1134
4140X-65Jeppesen, NielsYacht, sloop66 ft LOAYachting World2009/1142
15546HortenseJoubert Nivelt GoeffersMotor, sailer28 mBoat International2009/11144
15543Heaven 80Heaven GommoniMotor30 ftBoat International2009/1170
15545KatyaDelta Design GroupYacht, motor46 mBoat International2009/11120
15544Predator 130SunseekerYacht, motor39 fmBoat International2009/1196
15105Island Packet EsteroJohnson, BobYacht, sloop38 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2009/1128
4162Golden FleeceSparkman & StephensYacht, sloop41 ft LOAClassic Boat2009/1132
4103J97Johnstone, AlYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/1090
4104Halmatic 30Sharp, JohnYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/1096
4101F18Hobie Cat CentreCatamaran5.48 m LOAYachts and Yachting2009/1036
4100Graduate, RoosterWyche, DickDinghy, sailing3.82 m LOA 1952Yachts and Yachting2009/1031
4102A31ArchambaultYacht, sloop9.55 m LOAYachts and Yachting2009/1047
7322Dragonfly 28Quorning, JensTrimaran29 ft LOAYachting World2009/1054
5693RM 880Lombard, MarcYacht, sloop29 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2009/1042
4127Kid IISmith, GilYacht, sloop37 ft LODClassic Boat2009/1017
4126Lop To, Jollenkreuzervon Hacht, WillhelmYacht, sloop28 ft LOA 35 sq mClassic Boat2009/1038
4125SoutacheWall, Raymond, Camper & NicholsonYacht, ketch64 ft LOA 1972Classic Boat2009/1032
4124Evelyn, Falmouth Working BoatHitchens, FrankYacht, sloop28 ft LOS 1898Classic Boat2009/1022
4123Kid IISmith, GilYacht, sloop37 ft LODClassic Boat2009/1017
12924SiriHylanCanoe, yawl18 ftWooden Boat2009/0996
4600Dilys CatboatFisher, PaulDinghy, sailing26 ft LOAWatercraft2009/0956
4118Fan Class 32Broquaire, GuyYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0998
4119Oyster Catcher, Trapper 500C&CYacht, sloop28 ft LOA 1972Yachting Monthly2009/09106
4098Devoti D-OneMorrison,PhilDinghy, sailing4.23 m LOAYachts and Yachting2009/0931
4099J/97Johnstone, AlYacht, sloop9.65 m LOAYachts and Yachting2009/0947
4096Oyster 54Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop53 ft LOAYachting World2009/0968
4097Rustler 44Jones, StephenYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World2009/0976
4122StellaHolman, KimYacht, sloop26 ft LOAClassic Boat2009/0916
7281WaterwytchSadler, DavidYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0892
7280Regina 40Beyer, CarlYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0886
4070Bavaria 55 CruiserFarr Yacht DesignYacht, sloop55 ft LOAYachting World2009/0858
5692Galway HookerYacht, gaff28 - 35 ftPractical Boat Owner2009/0860
5716Finngulf 43Farr Yacht DesignYacht, sloop43 ft LOASailing Today2009/0864
5715Oyster 406Homan & PyeYacht, sloop41 ft LOASailing Today2009/0858
5691J/97J Boats (USA)Yacht, sloop32 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2009/0838
15104Moody 41 ClassicDixon, BillYacht, sloop41 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2009/0831
4095ArgyllSparkman & StevensYacht, yawl57 ft LOA 1946Classic Boat2009/0834
4093IseultBurnett, SydneyYacht, yawl41 ft LOA 1909Classic Boat2009/0818
5690Dragonfly 28Quorning, JensTrimaran29 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2009/0834
4094Amelia RosePowell, LukePilot cutter44 ft LOAClassic Boat2009/0824
4071Eckythump, Devon ScaffieHonnor MarineDinghy, sailing15 ft LOAWatercraft2009/0717
4073Pen-HirVivier, FrancoisYacht, sloop25 ft LOAWatercraft2009/0756
4072Dainty, SunbeamWestmacott, AlfredYacht, sloop27 ft LOA 1923Watercraft2009/0743
12922ElfLawleyYacht, sloop35 ft LOA 1888 reconstructionWooden Boat2009/0780
12921Sharp-End 900Munroe, RalphSharpie30 ft LOAWooden Boat2009/0760
12923AvantiSparkman & StephensYacht, sloop56 ft LOAWooden Boat2009/0795
4051Indigo, Swedish Yachts 390Ostmann, JensYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0790
4050Oceanis 31Groupe FinotYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0784
4033BaracudaHolland, RonYacht, ketch164 ft LOAYachting World2009/074
4069Regina 40Beyer, CarlYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World2009/0748
4068Kestrel 106Holland, RonYacht, ketch76 ft LOAYachting World2009/0736
4052Musto SkiffHarpprecht & Ovington BoatsDinghy, sailing4.55 mYachts and Yachting2009/0734
4055Santa Cruz 37Kernan, TimYacht, sloop11.28 m LOAYachts and Yachting2009/0748
4053RS700Peters & SouthonDinghy, sailing4.68 mYachts and Yachting2009/0734
4054ShadowLoday & WhiteCatamaran4.80 mYachts and Yachting2009/0734
4048Kerenza, Parker 325Parker, WilliamYacht, sloop34 ft LOASailing Today2009/0760
15103Drascombe DrifterFisher, PaulYacht, yawl22 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2009/0736
4075SiraAnker, JohanYacht, sloop48 ft LOA 1938Classic Boat2009/0716
4076Whimbrel, belfast Lough OneWilliam Fife IIIYacht, sloop37 ft LOA 1897Classic Boat2009/0764
4049Rustler 44DSJones, StephenYacht, sloop44 ft LOASailing Today2009/0766
4036Blavit, Maestro 40RStill, EivindYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0674
4041BayCruiser 20Wolstenholme, AndrewYacht, Yawl20 ft LOAWatercraft2009/0648
4040MollyGraham, PeterDinghy, sailing14 ftWatercraft2009/0634
4039ElectraIrens, NigelMotor24 ftWatercraft2009/0617
4034Ardea, Finngulf 41Strahlmann, Karl-JohanYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0672
4037Hunter Legend 340Luhrs, WarrenYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0678
4035Farr Out, Finngulf 43Farr Yacht DesignYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0673
4030Baltic 45Pugh, ReichelYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2009/0643
4029Carkeek, BotinGrand Soleil 46Yacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World2009/0642
4032Green Cruiser 50Tagliapietra & Pozzo & De LuccaYacht, sloop50 ftYachting World2009/0652
4028Pilot ClassicHoek, AndreYacht, sloop85 ft LOAYachting World2009/0640
4031Moody 45 ClassicDixon Yacht DesignYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World2009/0644
4047Moody 41 ClassicDixon, BillYacht, sloop42 ft LOASailing Today2009/0672
4026Vancouver 27Harris, RobertYacht, sloop27 ft LOAClassic Boat2009/0632
4025ElfGeorge Lawley & SonsYacht, sloop35 ft LOA 1888 restoredClassic Boat2009/0624
15102Legend 27 EdgeLuhrs MarineYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2009/0636
4027Driac IIGraham, Sidney MYacht, sloop32 ft LOA 1932 restoredClassic Boat2009/0658
4046Jemima, Ovni 385Briand, PhillipeYacht, sloop42 ft LOASailing Today2009/0666
4074KittiwakeWilkinson, RogerDinghy, sailing21 ft LOADinghy Sailing2009/0658
12920Sally HydeAtkin, William & JohnMotor22 ftWooden Boat2009/0571
4038SerenaMotor18 ft steam launchWatercraft2009/0514
12919Maggie BIrens, NigelSchooner62 ftWooden Boat2009/0562
14956Albin VegaBrohall, PerYacht, sloop27 ftYachting Monthly2009/0578
14955Oceanis 34, BeneteauFinot-ConqYacht, sloop34 ftYachting Monthly2009/0574
7279JenaviveAlbin VegaYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0578
7278Beneteau Oceanis 34Finot-ConqYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0574
3913Wolfhound, Opus 1Dixon & KintscherSchooner68 ft LOAYachting World2009/0540
3914B42, BrentaBrentaYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World2009/0544
3915AlisaraHumpheys, RobYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World2009/0550
3918HanumanDykstra & PartnersYacht, sloop138 ft LOA J classYachting World2009/05110
3917Liara, PY-100Dixon Yacht DesignYacht, sloop98 ft LOAYachting World2009/0574
3916Marmalade of Manchestervan Dam, Robert WYacht, sloop70 ft LOAYachting World2009/0554
4022DriacNicholson, CharlesYacht, sloop40 ft LOA 1930Classic Boat2009/0556
4021Cecille, Swan 36Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop36 ft LOA 1966Classic Boat2009/0526
15100Haber 800C4Brylski & KonkolYacht, sloop32 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2009/0528
4045Mahe 36Flahault & Joubert & NiveltCatamaran36 ft LOASailing Today2009/0574
4044Dorothy-Lee, Halberg-Rassy 352Rassy & EnderleinYacht, sloop35 ft LOASailing Today2009/0568
3901Hallberg-Rassy 372Frers, GermanYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0474
3902Shockwave F18Loday, YvesCatamaran5.52 m LOA 2008Yachts and Yachting2009/0438
3903Melges 20Pugh, ReichelYacht, sloop6.096 m LOAYachts and Yachting2009/0448
3912Hannah MariaOttosson, PeterYacht, sloop43 ft LOAClassic Boat2009/0434
3911AlertStirling, WillYacht, lugger37 ft LOAClassic Boat2009/0420
4042Vantage, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 43Andrieu, DanielYacht, sloop42 ft LOASailing Today2009/0450
3919RS Q'BARSDinghy, sailing3.53 mDinghy Sailing2009/0440
3920PicoLaserperformanceDinghy, sailing3.5 mDinghy Sailing2009/0440
15099Sirius 32Streuer, HerbertYacht, sloop32 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2009/0446
4043Beneteau Oceanis 31Finot-ConqYacht, sloop32 ft LoaSailing Today2009/0456
3904Devon Yawl,Morgan GilesDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAWatercraft2009/0322
3906Secret, ScruffieEllard, DerekYacht, cutter27 ft LOAWatercraft2009/0340
3905Surprise, SandpiperLaurent GilesYacht, yawl28 ft LOAWatercraft2009/0326
3907Jolly BoatCnoops, WinDinghy, sailing14 ft LOAWatercraft2009/0343
12917fPocketShipNewick, DickDinghy, sailing15 ftWooden Boat2009/0376
1291836' Gaff SchoonerGartside, Paul.Schooner36 ftWooden Boat2009/0391
3887Southerly 38Jones, StephenYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0370
3888MinnaJ&J Design, Bavaria 32Yacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0380
3898Sig 45Peteghem & PrevostYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2009/0342
3899Wysiwyg, Z60Bosgraaf & van OossanenYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World2009/0358
15098Huzar 21E M YachtsYacht, sloop20 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2009/0330
3892Southerly 38Jones, StephenYacht, sloop39 ft LOASailing Today2009/0358
3910Lady ConstanceLancaster Jones, GlynMotor26 ft LOA Steam YachtClassic Boat2009/0346
3909Sweet DreamsDixon, BillYacht, sloop44 ft LOAClassic Boat2009/0326
3908HeroinaFrers, GermanYacht, sloop74 ft LOAClassic Boat2009/0318
3891Encore, Starlight 39Jones, StephenYacht, sloop40 ft LOA 1998Sailing Today2009/0352
3881Moody 41 ClassicDixon Yacht DesignYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0266
3882Wild Otter, Vancouver 32Harris, RobertYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0270
3897SizzlerCastro, TonyYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World2009/0256
3890Arcona 430Quiberg, StefanYacht, sloop43 ft LOASailing Today2009/0272
3895Rebel OneHancock, RobinDinghy, sailing23 ft LOAClassic Boat2009/0220
3889Captiva, Centurion 32Holman & PyeYacht, sloop32 ft LOA 1973Sailing Today2009/0266
5689BayRaiderSwallow Boats LtdDinghy, sailing20 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2009/0244
12916Cap'n FrankBeebe, Robert PSharpie34 ft LOAWooden Boat2009/0187
7276Arcona 430Qviberg, StefanYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0168
7277Broadblue 38Prout CatamaransCatamaran38 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0176
3855Enigma 34Mills, MarkDinghy, sailingYachting World2009/0178
3857Shipman 80J&J DesignYacht, sloop23.98 m LOAYachting World2009/0182
3856Wally NanoHoek, AndreDinghy, sailingYachting World2009/0180
3852Arcona 430Qviberg, StefanYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World2009/0168
3851Finngulf 43FarrYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World2009/0162
3853Rustler 24Boyd, DavidDinghy, sailing24 ft LOAYachting World2009/0174
3854Tofinou 8.0Bomerang, Joubert NiveltDinghy, sailing8.0 m LOAYachting World2009/0176
3893Alerion Express 28Dent, CliveYacht, sloop28 ft LOAClassic Boat2009/0114
3864Duet, Santander 30Tripp, BillYacht, sloop30 ft LOASailing Today2009/0170
3865Bavaria 31Yacht, sloop32 ft LOASailing Today2009/0176
3894Bay RaiderSwallow BoatsDinghy, sailing20 ft LOAClassic Boat2009/0140
15101Fred Jr. Trapper 300Kirby, BruceYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2009.0532
3837Alerion Express 28Dent & SchumacherYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting Monthly2008/1276
3839Brise, Horizon 232JThomas, DavidYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting Monthly2008/1284
3838Morris M36Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly2008/1276
3840Topaz 16 CXLoday & WhiteCatamaran4.72 m LOAYachts and Yachting2008/1242
3845Banque Populaire VPeteghem & PrevostTrimaran131 ftYachting World2008/1280
3843Lionessa, Swan 66German FrersYacht, sloop66 ft LOAYachting World2008/1258
3844Bordeaux 60Briand, PhillipeYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World2008/1264
3842RS600FFEverest & PetersDinghy, sailing5.04 m LOAYachts and Yachting2008/1232
3841Melges 32Pugh, ReichelYacht, sloop9.7 m LOAYachts and Yachting2008/1250
3835Tiki One, Feeling 1040Harle, PhillipeYacht, sloop34 ft LOA 1980sSailing Today2008/1260
3836Nautiner 30Ginter, Robert & InterG-EugeniuszYacht, sloop30 ft LOASailing Today2008/1266
4117Voyager 10Newton, Darren & Voyager CatamatansCatamaran33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2008/1232
3830IslayCamper & NicholsonMotor38 ft LOA 1922 restoredClassic Boat2008/1250
3829CatastropheRudd, ArthurDinghy, sailing20 ft LOA 1948Classic Boat2008/1244
3896IslayCamper & NicholsonMotor38 ftWatercraft2008/1126
3826Degero 36DSSodergren, HakanYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly2008/1172
3827Nauticat 351Gustafsson, KajYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly2008/1172
3825BugRichards, JoeDinghy, sailing2.6 m LOAYachts and Yachting2008/1144
3828Nazgul, Spirit 76Mcmillan/NewmanYacht, sloop76 ft LOAYachting World2008/1152
4116West Wight Potters 15 & 19Smith, Stanley & Stewart, HerbDinghy, sailing14 & 19 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2008/1136
3824Najad 355Judel/Vrolijk, Rhoades Young & Najad DesignYacht, sloop36 ft LOASailing Today2008/1158
3823Candida, Sigma 41Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop42 ft LOA 1981Sailing Today2008/1152
3833MysteryRees, ChrisCornish Lugger38 ft LOA replicaClassic Boat2008/1126
3834FyneStagnol, HubertYacht, sloop43 ft LOA replicaClassic Boat2008/1130
3810Wauquiez 55 PSBerret & Racoupeau Yacht DesignYacht, sloop58 ft LOAYachting World2008/1066
3858BristolianBriand, PhilippeYacht, sloop36.7 m LOAYachting World2008/106
3820Rooster StreakerHolt, JackDinghy, sailing3.88 m LOAYachts and Yachting2008/1084
3819EuropeRoland, AloisDinghy, sailing3.35 m LOA 1960Yachts and Yachting2008/1084
3818Byte CIIBruce, IanDinghy, sailing3.65 m LOA 1990Yachts and Yachting2008/1084
3816Elan 380Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop11.34 m LOAYachts and Yachting2008/10100
3809Solaris One48Tripp, BillYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World2008/1060
3859SaluteHolland, RonYacht, sloop56 m LOAYachting World2008/1012
3817Laser RadialKirby, BruceDinghy, sailing4.23 m LOA 1971Yachts and Yachting2008/1084
3862SaudadeTripp DesignYacht, sloop45.2 m LOAYachting World2008/1028
3860P2Briand Yacht DesignYacht, sloop38 m LOAYachting World2008/1018
3861Wally NanoHoek Design & WallyYacht, sloop11.3 m LOAYachting World2008/1024
3863SpeedboatKouyoumdjian, JuanYacht, sloop30 m LOAYachting World2008/1032
3832AsgardArcher, ColinYacht, ketch51 ft LOA 1905 restoredClassic Boat2008/1046
3831Ayrshire LassFife, WilliamYacht, sloop25 ft LOA 1887 restoredClassic Boat2008/1016
4115Hunter LinkThomas, DavidYacht, sloop30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2008/1036
3793Bavaria 34J & JYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly2008/0982
3796Penobscot 17Arch Davis DesignsDinghy, sailing17 ft LOAWatercraft2008/0956
3795Lily, Orkney YoleRichardson, IanYacht, yole18 ft LOAWatercraft2008/0917
3794BorborygmaeYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly2008/0988
3783Xc 45Jeppesen, NielsYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World2008/0962
3784Southerly 32Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World2008/0970
3787Oystercatcher XXVIHumphreys, TomYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World2008/09142
3786P2, Perini 38mBriand, PhilippeYacht, sloop125 ft LOAYachting World2008/09105
3785Salute, Perini 56mHolland & Perini NaviYacht, sloop184 ft LOAYachting World2008/09102
3822Far BarcelonaSchooner108 ft LOA restored 1988 built 1874Classic Boat2008/0950
3791Southerly 32Jones, Stephen/Northshore DesignYacht, sloop33 ft LOASailing Today2008/0988
3821GraylingClyne, J FYacht, cutter37 ft LOA 1900Classic Boat2008/0928
3790Celtic Maid, Westerly TempestDubois, EdYacht, sloop31 ft LOASailing Today2008/0982
4114Bavaria 38J & JYacht, sloop37 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2008/0934
3782Fandango, Island Packet 420Johnston, BobYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting Monthly2008/0892
3781Addiction, Jeanneau Sun Fast 3200Andrieu Yacht DesignYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly2008/0878
3780DeliverRance Six, Dehler 34RSSimonis-VoogdYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly2008/0878
3775Beneteau First 45Briand, PhilippeYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World2008/0858
3776Elan 450Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2008/0863
3773Polly AgathaCockwell, DavePilot Cutter45 ft LOAYachting World2008/0850
3792Topaz 14Loday-WhiteCatamaran4.25 m LOA 2007Yachts and Yachting2008/0849
3789Weta 4.4Kitchen, Roger & ChrisTrimaran4.4 m LOAYachts and Yachting2008/0833
3774Tourer 1650Elliot, GregYacht, sloop54 ft LOAYachting World2008/0856
3777Swan 90FrersYacht, sloop90 ft LOAYachting World2008/0890
4113Oyster Heritage 37Holman & PyeYacht, sloop37 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2008/0840
3771Elan Impression 434Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop44 ft LOASailing Today2008/0870
3772Syrinx ,Gib'Sea 77Meyran Jean-ClaudeYacht, sloop25 ft LOASailing Today2008/0864
4112Oceanis 37Finot/ConqYacht, sloop36 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2008/0834
3672RoxaneNigel Irens DesignYacht, sloop29 ft LOAWatercraft2008/0740
12915Spoon Drift 40Stimson, David & NathanielYacht, ketch41 ft LOAWooden Boat2008/0799
12912Buzzards Bay 30HerreshoffYacht, sloop47 ft LOAWooden Boat2008/0764
12913AlcyoneProthero, FrankSchooner65 ftWooden Boat2008/0780
12914Storm BayCoverdale, PercyYacht, sloop54 ft LOA 1926Wooden Boat2008/0784
3671YamatoFisher, PaulDinghy, sailing24 ft LOA JapaneseWatercraft2008/0731
3659Indigo, Swedon Yachts 390Ostmann, JensYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly2008/0790
3658Oceanis 31Groupe FinotYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2008/0784
3788X-34Yacht, sloop10.36 m LOAYachts and Yachting2008/0737
3652Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 50DSBriand & GarroniYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World2008/0760
3878Lively LadyShepherd, FredYacht, ketch36 ft LOA 1948Classic Boat2008/0724
3877PinucciaBaglietto, Vincenzo VittorioYacht, sloop48 ft LOA 1937 restoredClassic Boat2008/0714
3880Orange Box, FourareenSmith, JimDinghy, sailing18 ft LOAClassic Boat2008/0750
4111Cromarty 36Wyatt/FreemanYacht, ketch36 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2008/0742
3879Scangaard 21Abeking & RasmussenDinghy, sailing21 ft LOAClassic Boat2008/0738
3645Hanse 320Judel & Vrolijk & Design UnlimitedYacht, sloop32 ft LOASailing Today2008/0774
3815Meteor Pogo 1Chantier Naval StructuresYacht, sloop6.5 m LOAYachts and Yachting2008/0637
3673Q'baHandley, PaulDinghy, sailing3.53 m LOAYachts and Yachting2008/0629
3651Apple Crumble, Moody 45Dixon Yacht DesignYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2008/0662
4109Comet 33Lupoli, SergioYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2008/0630
4110Lizzie B, Elizabethan 23Webster, PeterYacht, sloop23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2008/0634
3670RosemaryWilliam FifeYacht, sloop39 ft LOAClassic Boat2008/0632
3653New CormorantDongray, RogerDinghy, sailing12 ft LOAWatercraft2008/0511
3654Trouper 12Swallow Boats LtdDinghy, sailing12 ft LOAWatercraft2008/0515
4824Jeanneau Sun Fast 3200Andrieu, DanielYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World2008/05124
3643Astus 14.1Valet, StephanMultihull4.18 m 2007Yachts and Yachting2008/0537
3642SwallowThorneycroft, TomDinghy, sailing7.77 m 1946Yachts and Yachting2008/0537
3644Bahia, LaserRichards, JoDinghy, sailing4.6 m 2007Yachts and Yachting2008/0533
4822Brenta B60Brenta, LucaYacht, sloop61 ft LOAYachting World2008/0562
4823EileanFife, Robert BaldertonYacht, sloop84 ft LOA 1937 restorationYachting World2008/0576
4821Arcona 460Quiberg, StefanYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World2008/0556
3680Absolute 52Absolute 2007Motor53 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2008/0556
3679Prinz 54Quartostyle 2007Motor56 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2008/0556
4108Elizabeth, Nicholson 35Camper & NicholsonsYacht, sloop35 ft LOA 1973 - 90Practical Boat Owner2008/0536
3805Silvarne, Varne 27Stuart, DuncanYacht, sloop28 ft LOA 1977Sailing Today2008/0574
3806Beneteau Oceanis 37Finor Conq Group/Nauta DesignYacht, sloop38 ft LOASailing Today2008/0578
3681Elling E4Elling & Mulder & Freivokh 2006Motor49 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2008/0590
4107Moody 45DSDixon, BillYacht, sloop45 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2008/0532
3811Ovni 435Briand, PhillipeYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting Monthly2008/0484
3641CadetHolt, JackDinghy, sailing3.22 m 1947Yachts and Yachting2008/0443
3650EndeavourNicholson, Charles E & Gerard DykstraYacht, sloop138 ft LOA J Class restoration 1937Yachting World2008/0474
3649X-34Jeppesen, Neils & X-YachtsYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World2008/0459
3648Deliverance Six, Dehler 34RSSimonis Voogd DesignYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World2008/0454
3667ZafirahGraham, SidneyDinghy, sailing21 ft LOAClassic Boat2008/0416
4105Legend 25Hunter MarineYacht, sloop25 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2008/0436
4106Sun Odyssey 40.3Andrieu, Daniel/JeanneauYacht, sloop39 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2008/0440
3669SophieFalmouth Quay Punt32 ft LOA 1892 restoredClassic Boat2008/0416
3668ThelmaLogan, ArchYacht, cutter1897Classic Boat2008/044
3677Ferretti 510Ferretti, 2006Motor53 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2008/0488
3678Mochi Dolphin 54Ferretti & Victory DesignMotor55 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2008/0462
3640YnglingLinge, JanDinghy, sailing6.35 m LOAYachts and Yachting2008/0335
4820AtlanticPeterson,DougSchooner227 ft LOAYachting World2008/0386
3371Hanse 350Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2008/0334
3656Lucent, Ludham lightHunterYacht29 ft LOAClassic Boat2008/0322
3655Celeste, JumboNanceFishing21 ft LOAClassic Boat2008/0314
3675Azimut 58Righini & GaleazziMotor59 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2008/0356
3372Galion 22Hannay, IanYacht, sloop22 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2008/0338
3676Sealine SC3SSealine, 2007Motor36 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2008/0386
3657Arcona 460Qviberg, StefanYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting Monthly2008/0284
2593Catana 50Barreau, ChristopheCatamaran53 ft LOAYachting World2008/0260
3814Wind Whisper, Mirror Mk3Morrison & HoltDinghy, sailing3.3 m LOA 1963/2007Yachts and Yachting2008/0251
2594Broadblue 415Davidsen, StuartCaramaran42 ft LOAYachting World2008/0264
4081Prestige 50S, JeanneauGaroni Design & JeanneauMotor50 ft LOA 2006Motorboat and Yachting2008/0282
3369Island Packet SP CruiserJohnson, BobYacht, sloop41 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2008/0231
3370PreludeProctor, IanYacht, sloop19 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2008/0240
4079Targa 47, FairlineOlesinskiMbY, Bernard & FairlineMotor49 ft LOA 2004Motorboat and Yachting2008/0274
4080C46, SessaSessa MarineMotor49 ft LOA 2006Motorboat and Yachting2008/0278
4082Navetta 26, Custom LineCRN EngineeringMotor86 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2008/02108
3666MavrodaphineHillyard, DavidYacht, sloop27 ft LOAClassic Boat2008/0214
4077Portofino 47, SunseekerShead, Don & SunseekerMotor49 ft LOA 2006Motorboat and Yachting2008/0266
3665HayseedHillyard, DavidYacht, sloop32 ft LOAClassic Boat2008/0214
4078Absolute 47AbsoluteMotor48 ft LOA 2006Motorboat and Yachting2008/0270
2559Enez 7.70Garry, Jean-FrancoisYacht, sloop25 ft LOAWatercraft2008/0156
2558SticklebackOughtred, IainCanoe12 ft LOAWatercraft2008/0154
2557AlifeLambrechtsen, ArendDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAWatercraft2008/0124
2556JumboPaynter, WilliamCornish Lugger21 ft LOAWatercraft2008/0115
2657RMW 257Carabelli, HoracioYacht, sloop7.8 m LOAYachts and Yachting2008/0137
3647MD35Mills, MarkYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World2008/0179
3646Roulette v2,Oyster 655Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop68 ft LOAYachting World2008/0168
3663Deben LuggerSheldrake, JohnYacht, lugger18 ft LOAClassic Boat2008/0142
3778ContenderMiller, BenDinghy, sailingDinghy Sailing2008/0152
3367Nautiner 30Ginter, Eugeniusz & RobertYacht, sloop30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2008/0137
3368Rustler 36Holman & PyeYacht, sloop35 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2008/0142
2608Fjord 40 OpenAllseas DesignMotor39 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2008/0164
2609Chris-Craft Corsair 33Chris-CraftMotor35 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2008/0184
2611Sessa Oyster 34/35Sessa MarineMotor34 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2008/01148
2610Sessa Key Largo 36Sessa MarineMotor41 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2008/01108
3662BoadiceaJames WilliamsonYacht, smack30 ft LOA 1808Classic Boat2008/0116
3664PhialleHoman, KimYacht, sloop27 ft LOA 1955 restoredClassic Boat2008/0162
2613Finngulf 33Strahlmann, Karl-JohanYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/1276
2615Swan 47 NYYC 48Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/1286
2614Mahe 36Nivelt / FlahaultYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/1280
2627Merlin RocketHolt, IanDinghy, sailing4.27 m LOAYachts and Yachting2007/1229
2450Passport Vista 515Robert H Perry Yacht DesignYacht, sloop52 ft LOAYachting World2007/1252
2451Tayana 58Pieter, BeeldsnijderYacht, sloop55 ft LOAYachting World2007/1257
3804Delphia 33Skrzat, AndrerzejYacht, sloop33 ft LOASailing Today2007/1274
3803Neverlookback, Sweden Yachts 41Norin/OstmannYacht, sloop41 ft LOA 1980Sailing Today2007/1268
2452Fleming 65Fleming, TonyMotor71 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/1257
2453Trader 64Castro, TonyMotor65 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/1265
3366Hunter 20 SportThomas, DavidYacht, sloop20 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2007/1240
2612MariaHarris Bros.Yacht, smack47 ft LOAClassic Boat2007/1216
2445SwallowWolstenholme, AndrewYacht, sloop26 ft LOA Barton ClassicWatercraft2007/1115
2446FulmarOughtred, IainDinghy, sailing17 ft LOAWatercraft2007/1119
2447Humber Barge YachtSharples, TonyYacht, barge23 ft LOAWatercraft2007/1130
2626Comet 41SVallicelli, StudioYacht, sloop12.46 m LOAYachts and Yachting2007/1125
3365Jeanneu 36iLombard, MarcYacht, sloop36 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2007/1138
3660North Beach 24Cobelens, FransYacht, sloop29 ft LOAClassic Boat2007/1114
3661SunstoneSparkman & StephensYacht, sloop39 ft LOA 1965Classic Boat2007/1128
3801Phantom of Cramond, Moody 27Dixon, BillYacht, sloop28 ft LOA 1981Sailing Today2007/1152
3802Ovni 365Lombard, MarcYacht, sloop39 ft LOASailing Today2007/1158
2271TouririNorthshoreYacht, sloop36 ft LOA Southerly 105Yachting Monthly2007/1086
2084Elan 410Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World2007/1070
2085Elan 514Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop53 ft LOAYachting World2007/1073
2554Fairline Targa 44Olesinski & Fairline, 2006Motor45 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/1078
2542VagabondHope, LintonDinghy, sailingThames A RaterClassic Boat2007/1034
1858AmeliaBurnett, EdSchooner59 ft LOAClassic Boat2007/1022
3674RS600FFJenkins, LintonDinghy, foilDinghy Sailing2007/1018
2270North Beach 24Cobelens, FransYacht, sloop28 ft LOAClassic Boat2007/1014
2890Broadblue 385Yacht, sloop39 ft LOASailing Today2007/1080
2889Pauillac, Trident Voyager 30Primrose, AngusYacht, sloop31 ft LOASailing Today2007/1074
2555Sunseeker Superhawk 43Sunseeker & Don Shead, 2006Motor44 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/1094
3110J/124Johnston, RodYacht, sloop41 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2007/1040
12910Sloan 12 1./2 CatboatStimson, DavidDinghy, sailing13 ft LOAWooden Boat2007/0966
30PumaCumming, ColinDinghy, sailing13 ft LOAWatercraft2007/0952
29ShillingSwift, PhilDinghy, sailing17 ft LOAWatercraft2007/0925
12909Norwegian OselverOughtred, IainDinghy, sailing16 - 24 ftWooden Boat2007/0946
12911CzarinaMcGowan & GoodwinYacht, ketch27 ft LOAWooden Boat2007/0996
2269Discovery 55Holland, RonYacht, sloop55 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/0970
2347InboxPerry, Robert HYacht, sloop39 ft LOA Far Harbour 39Yachting World2007/0971
2625Delphia 24Skrzat, AndrzejYacht, sloop7.3 m LOAYachts and Yachting2007/0943
2273OKOlsen, KnudDinghy, sailing4 m LOA 1957Yachts and Yachting2007/0937
2348Perini 38MPeriniYacht, sloop125 ft LOA SuperyachtYachting World2007/09102
2247Bolero 25Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop7.8 m LOA 1979Yachts and Yachting2007/0933
2345Najad 355Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World2007/0964
2274SoloHolt, JackDinghy, sailing3 78 m LOA 1956Yachts and Yachting2007/0935
2272LaserKirby, BruceDinghy, sailing4.23 m LOA 1971Yachts and Yachting2007/0934
2346Najad 570Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop57 ft LOAYachting World2007/0968
404Numarine 54NumarineMotor54 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0935
408Cranchi 43 MediterraneeCranchi, AldoMotor45 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0974
407Marquis 42 FCMarquis YachtsMotor41 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0936
406Elan Power 48Elan PowerMotor48 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0936
405Azimut 58Peters OpalMotor59 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0935
403Rodman Muse 74Peters OpalMotor76 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0932
409Galeon 530Castro, TonyMotor53 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/09114
28BloodhoundCamper & NicholsonYacht, yawl63 ft LOAClassic Boat2007/0916
3109Lagoon 420Van Petegham & Lauriot PrevostYacht, sloop41 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2007/0937
401Boston Whaler Outrage 320Boston WhalerMotor32 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0926
402Trader 70Tarquin Boat Co.Motor71 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0931
2591Flying 15Fox, UffaDinghy, sailing6.1 m LOA 1947Dinghy Sailing2007/0943
2592RS K6Handley, PaulDinghy, sailing5.8 m LOA 2002Dinghy Sailing2007/0943
2353RM 1050Lombard, MarcYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/0878
2354Penny LaneHolman & PyeYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/0892
32RS VisionMorrison, PhilDinghy, sailing4.6 m LOA 2003Yachts and Yachting2007/0832
31Topaz XenonHowlett, IanDinghy, sailing4.5 m LOA 2005Yachts and Yachting2007/0832
2344Sweden Yachts 54Norlin, PeterYacht, sloop55 ft LOAYachting World2007/0860
2343ICAP LeopardFarrYacht, sloop100 ft LOAYachting World2007/0854
2624Artemis 20Simon Rogers & Vizual MarineDinghy, sailing6 m LOAYachts and Yachting2007/0831
2268Comet TrioMorrison, PhilDinghy, sailing4.6 m LOA 1995Yachts and Yachting2007/0832
27Eleanor MaryBurnett, EdPilot Cutter51 ft LOAClassic Boat2007/0848
2363Rizzardi Incredible 55RizzardiMotor60 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0824
2364De Boarnstream 60 Pilot HouseMotor59 t LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0824
2365Sealine SC35Peters OpalMotor36 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0826
4067RippleTrevorrow, HenryFishing, lugger44 ft 1896Fishing Boats2007/086
2366Bavaria 37Motor39 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0826
26SensaReimers, KnutDinghy, sailing5 m classClassic Boat2007/0816
2368Speedcraft 34Custom Powerboat Co.Motor34 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0827
2357Pearl 60Pearl MotoryachtsMotor58 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0825
400Skagen 50J&J DesignMotor54 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0890
2367Monte Carlo 32 & 37HTBeneteauMotor33 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0827
2362Westline W34WestlineMotor33 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0823
2360Sea Ray 375 Sedan BridgeSea RayMotor38 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0818
2361Absolute 47Ocean NauticMotor48 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0823
3108Elan 410Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop40 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2007/08138
2448Allures 44Berret Racoupeau/DarnetYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/0782
2449CwacBuchanan, AlanYacht, yawl32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/0788
3812Hobie 15 ClubHobieCatamaran4.95 m LOAYachts and Yachting2007/0743
2339Brenta B38Brenta, LucaYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World2007/0754
2338Brenta B30Brenta, LucaYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World2007/0757
2266Legend 27XHenderson, GlenYacht, sloop8.33 m LOAYachts and Yachting2007/0743
3813Nacra 500 SportNacraCatamaran5 m LOAYachts and Yachting2007/0743
3104Jazz, Etap 28iHarle & MortainYacht, sloop28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2007/0760
3105MacGregor 26MMacGregor YachtsYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2007/0784
3107Tide 28Tide MarineYacht, sloop28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2007/0788
2589HornetHolt, JackDinghy, sailing4.88 m LOADinghy Sailing2007/0732
2588470Cornu, AndreDinghy, sailing4.7 m LOADinghy Sailing2007/0732
2590FireballMilne, PeterDinghy, sailing4.93 m LOADinghy Sailing2007/0732
2083KateMylne, AlfredYacht, sloop12 m LOA 1909Classic Boat2007/0716
2358Menoquin MY145EPS MarineMotor46 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0726
3106Inexus 27Inexus YachtsYacht, sloop27 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2007/0786
2359Pershing 72Ventura UKMotor73 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0728
2355Targa 44Fairline BoatsMotor45 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0723
2356Sessa C46Sessa MarineMotor49 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0758
2352Maxi 1100Petterson, PelleYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/0690
2351StrataLombard, Marc & JeanneauYacht, sloop35 ft LOA Sun Odessey 36iYachting Monthly2007/0684
2340KateMylne, AlfredYacht. Sloop18 m LOAYachting World2007/0660
2341Beneteau First 40.7Farr Yacht DesignYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World2007/0667
2623Bimare A-classPetrucci, MichelangeloCatamaran5.49 m LOAYachts and Yachting2007/0637
2265SquibLee, Oliver JDinghy, sailing5.78 m LOAYachts and Yachting2007/0641
2342Legally BrunetteJeppesen. NeilsYacht, sloop41 ft LOA X-41Yachting World2007/0664
2042Sunseeker 37MDon Shead & SunseekerMotor121 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/06108
3103Arcona 370Qviberg, StefanYacht, sloop36 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2007/0676
2040Nordhavn 43Leishman, JeffMotor43 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0656
2082Crabber 30Dongray, RogerPilot cutter30 ft LOAClassic Boat2007/0616
2041Rodman Muse 54Fulvio de Simoni & RodmanMotor56 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0690
2044Oceanis 43Racoupeau, BerretYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/0568
1904Durabo 100Erdevicki, IvanYacht, sloop100 ft LOAYachting World2007/0552
2264LarkJackson, MikeDinghy, sailing4.45 m LOA 1966Yachts and Yachting2007/0541
2081Rustler 24Boyd, DavidDinghy, sailing24 ft LOAClassic Boat2007/0524
246Azimut 47Righini & GaleazziMotor47 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0564
3102Beneteau Oceanis 40Racoupeau, BerretYacht, sloop39 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2007/05104
247Sabre 38 Hardtop ExpressSabreMotor43 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0584
245Monte Carlo 37Andreani & BeneteauMotor37 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0520
1868Sunbeam 34Nissen, GeorgeYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/0472
1862J/122Yacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World2007/0452
2263Elan 340Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop9.99 m LOAYachts and Yachting2007/0451
1864Pink GinJudel & VrolijkYacht, sloop152 ft LOAYachting World2007/0494
1863DragonflyQuorningYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World2007/0457
2536Boarncruiser AK40BoarnstreamMotor41 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2007/0428
2537Beneteau MonteCarlo 37BeneteauMotor37 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2007/0434
2079SephinaHolman & PyeYacht, ketch35 ft LOA Super Sovereign 1972Classic Boat2007/0424
3101Finngulf 46 & 41Strahlamn, Karl-JohanYacht, sloop46 & 41 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2007/0492
2535Karnic 2265KarnicMotor24 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2007/0426
2888Cheeky Monkey, Tide 28Harley, NigelYacht, sloop28 ft LOASailing Today2007/0480
2080Frenesi of ClynderMcGruer, JamesYacht, yawl44 ft LOA 1960Classic Boat2007/0434
2540Nimbus 370/380Nimbus BoatsMotor38 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2007/04114
2538Menorquin MY120MenorquinMotor41 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2007/0444
24242 NovaNimbusMotor41 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0458
244Flyer 12BeneteauMotor41 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/04131
243Atlantis 50Ausonio & Falleta & AtlantisMotor50 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0492
2887Excalibur, Colvic Countess 33Anderson, IanYacht, sloop33 ft LOASailing Today2007/0474
2539Gazelle 43HuntonMotor43 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2007/04106
2444LimpetDongray, RogerDinghy, sailing10 ft LOAWatercraft2007/0356
2443Maid of EndorAtkin, JohnYacht, sloop20 ft LOAWatercraft2007/0315
1867Nordship 40DSBuckwald/BorghegnYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/0366
2089Rogers 46Rogers, SimonYacht, sloop14.02 m LOAYachts and Yachting2007/0349
2088Flying 15Fox, UffaDinghy, sailing6.1 m LOA 1947Yachts and Yachting2007/0339
285Dehler 44Simonis & VoogdYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2007/0358
3636AlluresAllures Design TeamCatamaran30.5 m LOABoat International2007/0396
3637The SnapperDon Shead/SunseekersMotor36.89 m LOABoat International2007/03102
3638FleurtjeClark, RobertSchooner56.99 m LOABoat International2007/03114
3639SensationSensationMotor50 m LOABoat International2007/03122
414KanjedzaYachting WorldYacht, sloop23 ft LOAClassic Boat2007/0328
4066KeewaydinGeo. & Thos. Smith, RyeFishing, trawler1913Fishing Boats2007/0313
241Ferreti 630Zuccon/FerretiMotor66 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0386
2885Old Possum, Nauticat 33 MkIIAarnipaloYacht, sloop34 ft LOASailing Today2007/0370
2886Harmony 38Mortain & MavrikiosYacht, sloop38 ft LOASailing Today2007/0376
3099Lavezzi 40Flahault & Joubert/NiveltCatamaran39 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2007/03116
416YiltRYYCDinghy, sailing25 ft LOA Yorkshire 1 designClassic Boat2007/0348
3100Sepia 4 Degero 31DSvon Ahlen, Marc-OliverYacht, sloop31 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2007/03120
415Enavigo 33Gondola, TonyYacht, sloop42 ft LOAClassic Boat2007/0342
240Sealine SC38SealineMotor39 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0360
1866Cornish ShrimperDongray, RogerYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/0285
1865Harmony 34Mortain & MavrikiosYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/0276
1860Sun OdysseyLombard, MarcYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World2007/0257
1861EsenseWallyYacht, sloop143 ft LOAYachting World2007/0260
1838Dufour 325DufourYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World2007/0252
1839Elan 340Humphries, RobYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World2007/0253
1840Salona 37Yacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World2007/0254
1859Beneteau Oceanis ClipperBerret & RacoupeauYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World2007/0256
2087Topcat K3Enzmann, KlausCatamaran4.92 m LOAYachts and Yachting2007/0225
1841Grand Soleil 40Botin & CarkeekYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World2007/0255
413ThembiBurnett, EdYacht, sloop35 ft LOAClassic Boat2007/0214
3097Salona 37J & JYacht, sloop37 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2007/0290
235Preditor 62Sunseeker & Don SheadMotor64 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0276
3098Legend 27XHenderson, GlenYacht, sloop27 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2007/0294
239Azimut 85Righini & GaleazziMotor88 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/02116
237V65Princess Bernard OlesinskiMotor67 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0284
1869Aicon 62AiconMotor66 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0272
238Azimut 62SStephano Righini & Carlo GaleaxxiMotor90 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0288
236Targa 62Fairline & Bernard OlesinskiMotor62 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/0281
2442HaikuOughtred, IainYacht, ketch30 ft LOAWatercraft2007/0126
288Etap 285BentoneYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/0166
1901Dufour 525 Grand'LargeFelci & Roseo & DufourYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World2007/0165
1902Maltese FalconPerini & PerkinsYacht, clipper288 ft LOAYachting World2007/0170
1900Beneteau First 50Briand, PhillipeYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World2007/0164
286X-35Jeppesen, NielsYacht, sloop10.61 m LOAYachts and Yachting2007/0145
287Pronavia 38Stimson, ChristianYacht, sloop11.58 m LOAYachts and Yachting2007/0129
1903Gunboat 48Melvin & MorelliCatamaran48 ft LOAYachting World2007/0182
4161Triple SevenNobiskrug & SDCMotor67.7 m LOABoat International2007/01124
4160AristarchosFrers, GermanYacht, sloop40 m LOABoat International2007/01114
4159Metsuyan VIGinton, JaronMotor36 2 m LOABoat International2007/01104
4156Velvet 100, TecnomarTecnomarMotor30 m LOABoat International2007/0174
4157Angel of Joyvan Oossanen, PeterMotor33.2 m LOABoat International2007/0182
4158MystereBill Tripp DesignYacht, sloop43.2 m LOABoat International2007/0192
3096Beneteau First 34.7Farr, BruceYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2007/01100
2884Silver Fox, Scanyacht 290LM YachtsYacht, sloop29 ft LOASailing Today2007/0192
410NadaWilliam FifeYacht, sloop6 m LOA 1930 ResoredClassic Boat2007/0116
411TreenlaurCamper & NicholsonYacht, sloop30 ft LOAClassic Boat2007/0146
2883Otter of Hayling, Moody 376Dixon, BillYacht, sloop38 ft LOASailing Today2007/0184
564Pearl 50Dixon & MarshallMotor49 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2007/01128
412FireflyFox, UffaDinghy, sailing12 ft LOAClassic Boat2007/0153
3090SchoonerBolger, Philip CSharpie schooner24 ft LOAWooden Boat2006/1297
3089PT-15Bieker, PaulDinghy, sailing15 ft LOAWooden Boat2006/1270
2622Sprint 750Corsair MarineTrimaran5.5 m LOA 2005Yachts and Yachting2006/1231
1898Maxi 1300Petterson & MaxiYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World2006/1253
2086Archambault 35Nivelt, JoubertYacht, sloop10 59 m LOA 2005Yachts and Yachting2006/1231
1897Grand Soleil 43Botin & CarkeekYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World2006/1252
1899EFES 56Dijkstra, GerardYacht, sloop65 ft LOAYachting World2006/1280
1896Delher 44Simonis & VoogdYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2006/1250
2616ISOHowlett & CaigDinghy, sailing4.7 m LOA 1992Dinghy Sailing2006/1250
2881Silent Running, Anderson 22Lee, Oliver JYacht, sloop22 ft LOASailing Today2006/1274
2882Gemini 105Smith, TonyCatamaran34 ft LOASailing Today2006/1282
2533Calm VoyagerFairlineMotor41 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/1246
2532Nordhavn 40NordhavnMotor40 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/1234
2531Sealine F34SealineMotor36 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/1228
2617Laser 4000Dinghy, sailing4.6 m LOA 1995Dinghy Sailing2006/1250
2534Birchwood 380Birchwood BoatsMotor38 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/12102
3095Nauticat 385Gustaffson, Kaj & PatrikYacht, sloop38 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2006/12114
513TumlareReimers, KnudYacht, sloop27 ft LOA 1935Classic Boat2006/1248
514Spirit of BermudaLangan, BillSchooner85 ft LOAClassic Boat2006/1236
2530Highlander 35Fountaine PajotMotor34 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/1228
2621J/124J-BoatsYacht, sloop12.4 m LOAYachts and Yachting2006/1133
2620OspreyMorrison & ProctorDinghy, sailing5.35 m LOA 1953Yachts and Yachting2006/1127
2528Nord West 420Nord WestMotor43 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/1128
305Privateer 52Privateer YachtsMotor51 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/1150
302Pershing 56VenturaMotor59 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/1146
264Predator 62Sunseeker 62Motor64 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/1136
304Boarncruiser 40ACMotor41 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/1149
310Pearl 50Pearl Motor yachtsMotor49 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/1155
306Nord West 420Motor44 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/1151
309Superhawk 43SunseekerMotor44 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/1154
308Phantom 48FailineMotor50 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/1154
266Nimbus 42 NovaMotor41 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/1140
301Broom 365Broom BoatsMotor37 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/1145
303Menorquin MY160Motor52 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/1147
2529Princess 32Senior MarineMotor32 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/1194
445Cutlass 27Hill, Alan FYacht,yawl27 ft LOAClassic Boat2006/1136
267Azimut 43SMotor44 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/1142
2527Sundancer 325Sea RayMotor31 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/1124
265Princess 58PrincessMotor59 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/1138
3094RM 1200Lombard, MarcYacht, sloop39 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2006/1157
446RomolaNicholson, CharlesYacht, motor85 ft LOA 1903Classic Boat2006/1154
444TomahawkSparkman & StephensYacht, yawl48 ft LOA restorationClassic Boat2006/1130
307Van Der Valk 1750Motor57 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/1153
2879Tawahi, Westerly DiscusLaurent GilesYacht, sloop33 ft LOASailing Today2006/1170
2880Hanse 400Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop40 ft LOASailing Today2006/1178
3088PirateGeary, TedYacht, sloopWooden Boat2006/1038
214Regina 35Regina af VindoYacht, sloop10.8 m LOAYachting Monthly2006/1068
2619Contessa 32Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop9.75 m LOA 1970Yachts and Yachting2006/1025
263Pogo 40Groupe FinotYacht, sloop40 ft LOA +supplement -Supersail WorldYachting World2006/1068
224Aicon 56Aicon 2002Motor57 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/10165
2871Ellen Grace, Barbican 35Holman & PyeYacht, sloop34 ft LOASailing Today2006/1086
2872Huzar 30Skorski / JusisYacht, sloop30 ft LOASailing Today2006/1092
233Lively LadyShepherd, FredYacht, yawl36 ft LOA 1948 Sir Alec RoseClassic Boat2006/1018
223Absolute 41Absolute 2005Motor41 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/1072
2525Sealine S29SealineMotor30 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/1034
2523Sessa C30SessaMotpr31 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/1034
3093Barvaria 37J & JYacht, sloop37 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2006/10118
234KatrinaHarbottell, LaurieYacht, sloop24 ft LOA Finesse 24Classic Boat2006/1028
251PentireHamer, RichardYacht, sloop26 ft LOA ODClassic Boat2006/1058
2526Sea Ray 230 OVSea Ray (1995)Motor23 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/1098
2521Rhea 850RheaMotor31 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/1026
2522Doral PrestanciaDoralMotor32 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/1034
2524Bavaria 29SBavariaMotor30 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/1034
191Dufour 325Felci, UmbertoYacht, sloop9.28 m LOAYachting Monthly2006/0966
2618AlbacoreFox, UffaDinghy, sailing4.59 m LOA 1954Yachts and Yachting2006/0931
185ClubSwan 42Frers, GermanYacht, sloopYachting World2006/0958
188DegeroYacht, sloop28MS, 331, 36 rangeYachting World2006/0968
186Sizzler 60Castro, TonyYacht, sloop18.25 m LOAYachting World2006/0961
187FinngulfStrahlmann Karl-JohanYacht, sloop37, 41, 46 rangeYachting World2006/0966
232RaineachOughtred, IanDingy, sailing15 ft LOA Norwegian faeringClassic Boat2006/0966
2877Thursday's Child, Hurley 30Anderson, IanYacht, sloop30 ft LOASailing Today2006/0984
2878Dufour 365GLFelci, Umberto / Roseo, PatrickYacht, sloop35 ft LOASailing Today2006/0992
230SulaliSadler, DavidYacht, sloop26 ft LOA Contessa 26Classic Boat2006/0916
231LulworthWhite, HerbertYacht, sloop152 ft LOA ex Terpsichore 1920Classic Boat2006/0928
3092Delphia 37Skrzat, AndrezYacht, sloop35 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2006/09124
2519Broom 365BroomMotor37 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/0934
2520Senator 260SealineMotor28 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/09134
2518Flipper 605/705FlipperMotor20 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/0928
1894Contest 45Nissen, GeorgYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2006/0858
1893Maggie BIrens, NigelSchooner62 ft LOA FusionYachting World2006/0850
1895Najad 440CCJudel/VrolijkYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2006/0861
227Lion 22Butler, JohnYacht, cutter22 ft LOAClassic Boat2006/0858
2875Queen Bee, Super Sovereign 35Holman & PyeYacht, sloop35 ft LOASailing Today2006/0872
229Tai-Mo-ShanRouse, H SYacht, ketch54 ft LOA Built 1933Classic Boat2006/0817
3091Dufour 325Felci & RoseoYacht, sloop30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2006/08124
2517KaamosBellaMotor23 ft LOA 703Motorboat Monthly2006/0836
2514Princess 54Princess YachtsMotor54 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/0824
2515Dorado 22SessaMotor21 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/0828
2516Bavaria 32 Sport HTBavaria BoatsMotor33 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/0830
2876Delphia 40Skrzat, AndrzejYacht, sloop39 ft LOASailing Today2006/0880
228OwendoGilesYacht, sloop25 ft LOA Vertue classClassic Boat2006/0834
212Nauticat 385Gustaffson, KaiYacht, sloop11.65 m LOAYachting Monthly2006/0768
213MarmaladeBorge and Jens QuorningTrimaran8 m LOA DragonflyYachting Monthly2006/0772
2869Morning Star, Sadler Srarlight 45Jones, StephenYacht, sloop36 ft LOASailing Today2006/0778
221Windy 52 XanthosJohnsen, Hans JorgenMotor52 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/0756
222Galeon 440Castro, TonyMotor45 ft LOA 2005Motorboat and Yachting2006/0780
2511Sealine 250SealineMotor50 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/0724
2870Arvika, Comfortina 42Comfortina YachtsYacht, sloop42 ft LOASailing Today2006/0784
2512Maxum 2600 SEMaxumMotor27 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/0736
109Stella ClassHolman, C RSloop25 ft LOAClassic Boat2006/0720
108MistStrange, AlbertYawl26 ft LOAClassic Boat2006/079
111- ex German yacht seized as prize-Sloop41 ft LOAClassic Boat2006/0722
110Tahiti WayfarerWharram, JCat.21 ft LOAClassic Boat2006/0739
2513Seaward 23/25Mussel, ArthurTT Boat DesignsMotor23/25 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/0798
3087Bay Pilot 18Davis, ArchMotor18 ft LOAWooden Boat2006/06104
209RS500Morrison, PhilDinghy, sailing4.34 m LOAYachts and Yachting2006/0635
1890Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42DSLombard, MarkYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World2006/0654
1892EtchellsEtshells, SkipDinghy, sailing30 ft LOA 1965Yachting World2006/0670
1891DragonAnker, JohanDinghy, sailing29 ft LOA 1929Yachting World2006/0668
1889Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 39iLombard, MarkYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World2006/0652
16312Horizon 82, Sweet SarahHorizon YachtsYacht, motor25.1 mBoat International2006/0684
16314Seagull 1Water Line Ltd, CroatiaYacht, motor54.16 mBoat International2006/0698
16310San Lorenzo 72Sanlorenzo Technical DepartmentYacht, motor22 mBoat International2006/0670
16311Sunreef 60Sunreef YachtsCatamaran18.28 mBoat International2006/0678
16313Dream, Hargrave 105Hargrave Custom YachtsYacht, motor32.21 mBoat International2006/0690
16315LulworthWhite, HerbertYacht, sloop46.3 m LOA restoration 1920Boat International2006/06108
226Cumberland 44Flahault, O & Joubert-NiveltMotor Cat44 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/0690
9196National 18Fox, UffaDinghy, sailing18 ft - National 18 classClassic Boat2006/0693
225Princess V65Olesinski, BernardMotor67 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/0658
2350Salona 40Wittey Marine LtdYacht, sloop39 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2006/06138
219Fairline Targa 38Bernard OlesinskiMotor40 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/0619
220Fjord 39Banfield, PatrickMotor39 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2006/0625
16014AvbilityCRN Technical Dept.Yacht, motor54.2 mBoat International2006/05120
16011Hamilton IIBriande, PhilippeYacht, sloop35.65 mBoat International2006/0590
16008Aicon 72 OpenAicon Yachts EngineeringYacht, motor23 mBoat International2006/0572
16009Speedo Surfrunner 95ItalcraftYacht, motor28.4 mBoat International2006/0578
16007Primatist G70Abbate, BrunoYacht, motor21.02 mBoat International2006/0566
16012HushPalmer Johnson YachtsYacht, motor37.5 mBoat International2006/05100
16010Maid Marion IINew York Launch & Engine Co.Yacht, motor33.22 m 1931 restorationBoat International2006/0584
16013CatwalkBolinger & DransfeldYacht, motor40 5 mBoat International2006/05110
2508Merry Fisher 655JeanneauMotor22 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/0534
7811Girl MarionGlass, T MunroYacht, ketch33 ft LOA - based on design of the fishing boat GClassic Boat2006/0556
9614Pilot CutterSparkman & StephensYacht, cutter32 ft LOA - possible pattern for Inward Bound (3Classic Boat2006/0522
7815Girl Pat 30Morris & BurnardYacht, ketch30 ft LOAClassic Boat2006/0557
10574SundownerWelsford, JohnYacht, cutter21 ftClassic Boat2006/0560
2873Omega, Hurley 24/70Anderson, IanYacht, sloop18 ft LOASailing Today2006/0574
2506Noblesse 760NordkappMotor25 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/0527
2509Scirocco 33WindyMotor33 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/0538
2510Fairline Targa 34Olesinski, :BernardMotor36 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/05110
2349Magnum 21Louvet, Noel & Saillard, GuyCatamaran21 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2006/05136
2874Finngulf 33Strahlmann, Karl-JohanYacht, sloop33 ft LOASailing Today2006/0582
2507Sabreline 42HTSabrelineMotor47 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/0528
3086RiffGarside, PaulDinghy, sailing12 ft LOAWooden Boat2006/0433
2045UFO 31Holman & PyeYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly2006/0476
3800Legend 41Henderson, GlenYacht, sloop40 ft LOASailing Today2006/0486
2505Regal 6.8 VenturaRegalMotor23 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/0496
2504Finnmaster 31ocFinnmasterMotor31 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/0438
9926Royal Corinthian O DSmith, H CYacht, sloop22 ft LOA - Royal Corinthian O D classClassic Boat2006/0473
8549Le CourerYacht - 3 masted French luggerClassic Boat2006/0442
13456Sweisguth, FrancisYacht, sloop22 ft LOA - International Star classClassic Boat2006/0438
9285NIS 18Kirby, BruceYacht, ketch18 ft - Norwalk Islands sharpieClassic Boat2006/0423
8794MariaYacht25 ft LOA - Norfolk Broads lateener - built 182Classic Boat2006/0442
3799Nora, Sarum 28Tucker, RobertYacht, sloop28 ft LOA 1970Sailing Today2006/0478
9418OmegaHarrison Butler, TYacht, sloop26 ft LOAClassic Boat2006/0429
1887Westerly GK35Dubois, EdYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World2006/0372
1888Parsifal IIIHolland/NaviYacht, ketch177 ft LOAYachting World2006/0389
1885Southerly 46RSKer, JasonYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World2006/0350
1886Shipman 63J&J DesignYacht, sloop63 ft LOAYachting World2006/0366
2500Phantom 40FairlineMotor41 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/0329
2503Falcon 23Wolstenholme, AndrewMotor24 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/0394
4065VigilanceBrixhamFishing, trawler78 ft 1926Fishing Boats2006/0326
4064Water-LilyWalter ReekieFishing,48 ft 1937Fishing Boats2006/0324
2501Princess 42PrincessMotor44 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/0334
2502Sealine 42/5SealineMotor45 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/0338
2867Black Prince, Trapper 500C&C Yacht, DesignYacht, sloop28 ft LOASailing Today2006/0368
1656Design No 125Burnett, EdYacht, schooner58 ft LOA Classic Boat2006/0341
14748ScootBush, FabianPunt, sailing20 ft - NorfolkClassic Boat2006/0354
14768WandererProctor, IanDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAClassic Boat2006/0381
10083ScootBush, FabianPunt, sailing20 ft - NorfolkClassic Boat2006/0354
11194WandererProctor, IanDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAClassic Boat2006/0381
8958Meteor IIISmith, A C & BarbeyYacht, schooner161 ft LOAClassic Boat2006/0349
8719Maggie BIrens, NigelYacht, schooner63 ft LOA Classic Boat2006/0339
2868Southerly 35RSHumphreys, RobYacht, sloop36 ft LOASailing Today2006/0378
3085LinnetGarden, WilliamMotor42 ft LOAWooden Boat2006/0291
262470Cornu, AndreDinghy, sailing4.7 m LOA 1963 designYachts and Yachting2006/0239
1884Oyster 46/72Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop47/75 ft LOAYachting World2006/0252
8463KylixGriffiths, MauriceYacht, cutter27 ft LOAClassic Boat2006/0283
9267NieblaSpooner, PaulYacht, cutter59 ft LOAClassic Boat2006/0226
7468FairehopeZimmer, NelsonYacht, sloop21 ft - AmericaClassic Boat2006/0240
11336Windian 18Windingstad, SigbjornCanoe, sailing18 ftClassic Boat2006/0254
10861TiradeMoreton, PatrickDinghy, sailing16 ftClassic Boat2006/0256
3132Double 30Bury, PaulYacht, sloop30 ft LOAClassic Boat2006/0257
2337Sun OdysseyLombard, MarcYacht, sloop34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2006/0299
261CapricornFischer, MartinCatamaran1.01 m LOAYachts and Yachting2006/0129
260First 21.7BeneteauYacht, sloop6.4 m LOAYachts and Yachting2006/0135
1882NieblaSpooner, PaulYacht, sloop59 ft LOAYachting World2006/0168
1883Hanse 370/400/461Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop38/40/47 ft LOAYachting World2006/0176
10403Sparkle Irving, Alex & Schwartz, NormanYacht, sloop40 ft LOA - developed from New Brunswick whaleboaClassic Boat2006/0128
8957MeteorWatson,G L & CoYacht, cutter115 ft LOA - ex ThistleClassic Boat2006/0146
9560PerentiePayne, DavidYacht, sloop23 ft LOAClassic Boat2006/0160
1495CraicNewland, MattYacht,yawl21 ft LOA Classic Boat2006/0162
907BenigeutVivier, FrancoisDinghy, sailing19 ft LOAClassic Boat2006/01 63
2866Zeeforel, Pioner 9Van de Stadt DesignYacht, sloop30 ft LOASailing Today2006/0184
3808Calm Voyager, Broom 39KLBroomMotor40 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/0168
13749Woods, HerbertDinghy, sailing14 ft - Norfolk 14 ft O D classClassic Boat2006/0142
3807Jeanneau Prestige 42Michael Peters Yacht Design/Garroni DesignMotor44 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2006/0162
3083Cape Henry 21Dix, DudleyYacht, cutter21 ft LOAWooden Boat2005/1289
3082CoquinaHerreshoff N GDinghy, sailing17 ft LOAWooden Boat2005/1276
216Seacart 30Lombard, MarcTrimaran9 m LOAYachts and Yachting2005/1223
259Malbec 240Mastracchio, PabloYacht, sloop7.50 m LOAYachts and Yachting2005/1229
211Wauquiez 47PSBerret & RacoupeauYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World2005/1261
210ETAP 46DSVon Ahlen Yacht DesignYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World2005/1258
10982TummlerHarms, AdolfYacht, sloop23 ft - belonged to Albert EinsteinClassic Boat2005/1241
14764TummlerHarms, AdolfYacht, sloop23 ft - belonged to Albert EinsteinClassic Boat2005/1241
2497Chapparrai 256SSiChapperraiMotor26 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2005/1221
2865Ovni 345Joubert & NiveltYacht, sloop38 ft LOASailing Today2005/1278
2498Nordhavn 47Nordhavn Europe LtdMotor51 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2005/1224
2739Yira II, Hillyard 6-tonHillyard, DavidYacht, sloop27 ft LOASailing Today2005/1270
2499Monterey 290CRMontereyMotor32 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2005/1229
217Lake CruiserWolstenholme, AndrewMotor7.16 m LOAWatercraft2005/1152
218PassagemakerHarris, John CDinghy, sailing12 ft LOAWatercraft2005/1154
1060Broadblue 385Catamaran38 ft LOAYachting Monthly2005/1173
3344Etap 46Ahlen, Mark Oliver VonYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting Monthly2005/1176
215Sprint 15March, RodneyCatamaran4.54 m LOA 1978 DesignYachts and Yachting2005/1125
208Sigma 33Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop9.88 m LOA 1978 designYachts and Yachting2005/1129
10774ThailaHarris BrosYacht, cutter38 ft LOAClassic Boat2005/1144
15005J/100Johnston, RodYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2005/11118
2737Delphia 29Skrzat, AndrzejYacht, sloop28 ft LOASailing Today2005/1168
2738Rumcase, Hunter MedinaThomas, DavidYacht, sloop20 ft LOASailing Today2005/1172
16068Penultimate, Kingfisher 30SRAG NeiropYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly2005/1072
3084Sharpie KetchChapelle, Howard IYacht, ketch24 ft LOAWooden Boat2005/1097
16067Beneteau, Cyclades 39.3Berret, RacoupeauYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly2005/1066
258Volvo Extreme 40Loday, YvesCatamaran12.192 m LOAYachts and Yachting2005/1031
207Radio LaserKirby, BruceYacht, model1.05 m LOAYachts and Yachting2005/1033
1881Gypsy Moth IVIllingworth & PrimroseYacht, ketch54 ft LOA Francis ChichesterYachting World2005/1068
776AukOughtred, IainDinghy7 ft - also modified 8 ft versionClassic Boat2005/1067
4165Nodrdship 28Elvstrom/KjaerulffYacht, sloop29 ft LOA, 1980'sSailing Today2005/1074
4166Island Packet 370 Johnson/ IP DesignYacht, sloop38 ft LOASailing Today2005/1082
16065Bavaria 30J & JYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly2005/0966
11355WinsomeSwallowboats LtdDinghy17 ft LOA - peddle propulsionWatercraft2005/0940
16066Legend 31Legend DesignYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly2005/0966
257Hurricane 5.9XWhite, RegCatamaran5.9 m LOA 1987 designYachts and Yachting2005/0929
206EnterpriseHolt, JackDinghy, sailing4.4 m LOA 1956 designYachts and Yachting2005/0931
334365 Grand LargeFelci, Umberto & Roseo, PatrickYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World2005/0974
8226J 65Johnstone, Rodney SYacht, sloop65 ft LOAYachting World2005/0968
351455 Grand LargeFelci, Umberto & Roseo, PatrickYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2005/0975
12136Fisher, PaulYacht, sloop18 ft LOA - Bungay Broads dayboatClassic Boat2005/0970
9542Peggy BawnWatson, G L & Co LtdYacht, cutter41 ft LOAClassic Boat2005/0936
8711MadgeWatson, G L & Co LtdYacht, cutter38 ft LOA - see also CB 1991/04 p 37, CB 1992/10 Classic Boat2005/0950
913BeroeWatson, G L & Co LtdYacht, cutter35 ft LODClassic Boat2005/0942
2736Sadler 290Jones, StephenYacht, sloop29 ft LOASailing Today2005/09102
2735Aberlady, Beneteau First 325Berret, JeanYacht, sloop33 ft LOASailing Today2005/0990
3081Cotton Blossom IIAnker, JohanYacht, sloop49 ft LOAWooden Boat2005/0856
7571Finngulf 37Strahlmann, Karl-JohanYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly2005/0870
205Topaz ZenonHowlett, IanDinghy, sailing4.5 m LOAYachts and Yachting2005/0831
256J/100Johnstone, RodYacht, sloop10 m LOAYachts and Yachting2005/0829
2332Najad 332Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2005/0877
9519PathfinderWelsford, JohnDinghy, sailing17 ft LOAWatercraft2005/0753
203Laser VagoRichards, JoDinghy, sailing4.20 m LOA 2004 designYachts and Yachting2005/0737
255Martin 16Dinghy, sailing4.9 m LOAYachts and Yachting2005/0735
204Corby 29Corby, JohnCatamaran8.8 m LOAYachts and Yachting2005/0735
7980Harmony 42Poncin YachtsYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World2005/0757
905Beneteau Cyclades 43Yacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World2005/0754
8863Maud IIRoue, W JYacht, ketch37 ft LOAClassic Boat2005/0745
11086VentureRoue, W JYacht, schooner143 ft LOA - T S for Canadian NavyClassic Boat2005/0743
9863Rival IIRoue, W JYacht, schooner49 ft LOAClassic Boat2005/0742
4063Yarmouth SeamanHusbands Yacht Yard, SouthamptonFishing,65 ft 1943Fishing Boats2005/077
4163Cornsilk, Moody S31Dixon, BillYacht, sloop32 ft LOA, 1994Sailing Today2005/0770
4164Catalina 320Douglas, GerryYacht, sloop34 ft LOASailing Today2005/0780
3079MarthaCrowninshield, B BSchooner66 ft LOAWooden Boat2005/0662
3080Redwing 26Stambaugh, KarlMotor26 ft LOAWooden Boat2005/06106
202FireflyFox, UffaDinghy, sailing3.65 m LOA 1946 designYachts and Yachting2005/0641
9075Moody 49Dixon, BillYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World2005/0650
10593SupercruiserBotin, Marcelino & Carkeek, SuanYacht, sloop90 ft LOAYachting World2005/0643
10557Sun Odyssey 49Briand, PhilippeYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World2005/0653
201SL16Loday, YvesCatamaran4.8 m LOA 2003 designYachts and Yachting2005/0643
8289JFA 82Barracuda Yacht DesignYacht, sloop82 ftYachting World2005/0646
7479Fairy O DHope, LintonYacht, sloop22 ft LOAClassic Boat2005/0677
11049VanadisAgerskov, KaiSchooner67 ft - built 1868Classic Boat2005/0639
11615Blandford, PercyYacht, sloop17 ftClassic Boat2005/0629
2734Sunbeam 39J&J DesignYacht, sloop40 ft LOASailing Today2005/0680
2733Ayesha, Jaguar 25Butler, FrankYacht, sloop26 ft LOASailing Today2005/0670
3142Drascombe DrifterSelway Fisher DesignYacht, yawl22 ft LOD C BWatercraft2005/0557
9856Rival 32Brett, PeterYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly2005/0537
9385Oceanis 523Group FinotYacht, sloop53 ft LOAYachting World2005/0552
199First Class 7.5Finot, GroupeYacht, sloop7.49 m LOAYachts and Yachting2005/0539
200StreakerHolt, JackDinghy, sailing3.75 m LOA 1975 designYachts and Yachting2005/0537
11141Vismara 34Vismara Yacht DesignYacht, sloop34 ft Yachting World2005/0548
8670LS Noon 55Gonciarz, LeszekYacht, sloop55 ft LOAYachting World2005/0546
9890Rogers Classic 60Rogers, SimonYacht, cutter60 ft LOAClassic Boat2005/0563
11030VadcarLePlat, EdmontDinghy, sailing11 ft LOA - built 1892 - French designWatercraft2005/0514
2331Hurley 20Anderson, IanYacht, sloop20 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2005/05112
2731Sable, Rustler 31Holman & PyeYacht, sloop31 ft LOASailing Today2005/0570
2732Feeling 39Briand, PhillippeYacht, sloop38 ft LOASailing Today2005/0580
3078Double30Bury, PaulYacht, sloop30 ft LOAWooden Boat2005/0492
16062ArpegeDufour, MichelYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly2005/0434
3077Caledonian YawlOughtred, IainDinghy, sailing20 ft LOAWooden Boat2005/0430
16064Comet 36Lupoli, SergioYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly2005/0498
16063St Brigid, Rival 32Brett, PeterYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2005/0436
16061Forerunner,TwisterHolman, KimYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting Monthly2005/0432
11389X 40Jeppersen, NielsYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World2005/0483
8229J/35 RacingJohnstone, Rodney SYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World2005/0489
10353Sodergren 40Sodergren, HakanYacht, sloop40 ft LOA - Swedish designYachting World2005/0475
10318SKS 25Rogers, SimonYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World2005/0473
11391X 50Jeppersen, NielsYacht, sloop50 ft LOA - also X 55 and X 70 designsYachting World2005/0484
198Hobie 16 spiAlter, HobieCatamaran5.25 m LOA 1971 designYachts and Yachting2005/0439
10900TP 52Rogers, SimonYacht, sloop15m LOA - Volvo Open 70 classYachting World2005/0473
1451Corby 29Corby, JohnYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World2005/0475
11388X 37Jeppersen, NielsYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World2005/0483
1056BrittanyLaurent GilesYacht sloop33 ft LOA - Brittany classClassic Boat2005/0469
9939Rummy IIIHyland LtdYacht, motor42 ft LOAClassic Boat2005/0449
9758RaiderCastle, MartinYacht, sloop16 ftClassic Boat2005/0453
2725Salsa, Moody 36Dixon, BillYacht, sloop37 ft LOASailing Today2005/0468
2726Maxi 1050Pettersen, PelleYacht, sloop35 ft LOASailing Today2005/0480
16060Catalina 42 Mk IICatalinaYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting Monthly2005/0384
10969Truly Classic 78Hoek, AndreYacht, cutter65 ft LOAYachting World2005/03116
8824Marten 49Pugh, Reichel Yacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World2005/0365
7514Farr 525Farr Yacht DesignYacht, sloop52 ft LOA Yachting World2005/0365
196Zoom 8Segerkrantz, HenrikDinghy, sailing2.65 m LOA 1991 designYachts and Yachting2005/0329
197FinnSarby, RichardDinghy, sailing4.5 m LOA 1949 designYachts and Yachting2005/0327
989Boadicea IIFoppiano, FransecoYacht, sloop30 ft LOAClassic Boat2005/0356
1483Cotton Blossom IIAnker, JohanYacht, sloop31 ft LWL - Q classClassic Boat2005/0322
8170International O DShields, CorneliusYacht, sloop33 ft LOAClassic Boat2005/0379
4062King-BirdWalter ReekieFishing1933Fishing Boats2005/037
12197Gartside, PaulYacht, steam - 3 designsWatercraft2005/0357
7857Golden VirginiaSelway Fisher DesignYacht, steam25 ft LOAWatercraft2005/0355
2728Parfait, Dufour 385Felci, UmbertoYacht, sloop39 ft LOASailing Today2005/0378
2727Holly, Leisure 17Howard, ArthurYacht, sloop17 ft LOASailing Today2005/0366
3076GypsyCrowninshield, B BYacht, sloop22 ft LOAWooden Boat2005/0288
16059Sun Magic 44Andrieu, DanielYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting Monthly2005/02102
16058Najad 380Judel VrolijkYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly2005/0288
194Bavaria Match 42Yacht, sloop12.46 m LOAYachts and Yachting2005/0233
7926Gunboat 62Morelli & MelvinCatamaran62 ft LOAYachting World2005/0272
195Backman 21Backman, HansDinghy, sailing6.6 m LOAYachts and Yachting2005/0247
710Arcona 460Qviberg, StefanYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World2005/0262
11180Wally 80Farr, BruceYacht, sloop78 ft LOAYachting World2005/02112
11332WindflowerWolstenholme, AYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World2005/0256
10062ScaffieFishing30 to 60 ftClassic Boat2005/0231
11043Valkyrie IIWatson, G L & Co LtdYacht, cutter - J classClassic Boat2005/0216
2730Beneteau Oceanis 373Berret- RacoupeauYacht, sloop37 ft LOASailing Today2005/0290
2729Picaro, Vancouver 34 ClassicHarris, RobertYacht, sloop34 ft LOASailing Today2005/0280
10392Southerly 35RSHumphreys, RobYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly2005/0132
1878Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 49Briand, PhilippeYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World2005/0173
192Dufour 34Felci, UmbertoYacht, sloop10.6 m LOAYachts and Yachting2005/0143
193PhantomWright & TaylorDinghy, sailing4.42 m LOA 1971 designYachts and Yachting2005/0137
1879Clipper 68Dubois, EdYacht, sloop68 ft LOAYachting World2005/0194
1877Grand SoleilVrolijk, JudelYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World2005/0171
1876Comet 51SVallicelli, StudioYacht, sloop51 ft LOAYachting World2005/0169
1880Oyster 82Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop82 ft LOAYachting World2005/01110
9198National RedwingFox, UffaDinghy, sailing14 ftClassic Boat2005/0191
848BarloventoGruber, HenryYacht, schooner64 ftClassic Boat2005/0133
8383KatyPeterson, Murray GYacht, schooner28 ft LOA - modified SusanClassic Boat2005/0110
12424Inderwick, JohnYacht, yawl37 ft LOAClassic Boat2005/0175
3147DreamtimeSmith, AllanYacht, sloop30 ft LOAClassic Boat2005/0176
7466Fair WindPerryman, JohnYacht, cutter36 ft LOA C BClassic Boat2005/0172
9326North Quay 19North Quay Marine Yacht, sloop19 ft LODClassic Boat2005/0140
13301Seibert, Edward JYacht, cutterClassic Boat2005/0174
11171WabiMontaubin, GillesDinghy, sailing16 ft LODWatercraft2005/0128
7638Floridays SharpieFitzgerald, MarkYacht, schooner19 ft LOD - cat rigWatercraft2005/0155
12445Jones, DavidViking Longboat22 ft LOA - design of replica - see also WC 2005Watercraft2005/0135
2724Southerly 115 MkIVHumphreys, RobYacht, sloop37 ft LOASailing Today2005/01112
2723Carousel of Kent, TwisterHolman, KimYacht, sloop28 ft LOASailing Today2005/01102
10311Skerrieskiff 150Oughtred, IainYacht, sloop14 ft LOA - alos 17 ft designWatercraft2005/0137
3075MystKurylko, DonDinghy, sailing18 ft LOAWooden Boat2004/1288
1616Degero 33iDSHans GroupYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/1234
758AthenaDijkstra, Gerald & PartnersYacht, schooner295 ft LOAYachting World2004/1298
184Byte CIIBruce, IanDinghy, sailing3.65 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/1237
183LaserKirby, BruceDinghy, sailing4.23 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/1231
9173Najad 380Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World2004/1267
11399Y M SeniorGibbs, KennethYacht, sloop16 ft LOAClassic Boat2004/1279
10868Tofinou 9.5Joubert, M & Nivelt, BYacht, sloop31 ft LOAClassic Boat2004/1240
10967Troy O DWatty, ArchieYacht, sloop22 ft LOA - Troy classClassic Boat2004/1252
2495Princess 415Olesinski, BernardMotor43 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/1287
2721Cento, Legend 36Henderson, GlennYacht, sloop36 ft LOASailing Today2004/1256
2329Southerly 35RSHumphreys, RobYacht, sloop36 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2004/1296
2330Kent 31Cory, SimonMotor31 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2004/12102
2496The MaestroSheridan MarineMotor26 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/1288
2490Mustang 2800SCMustang CruisersMotor30 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/1220
2491Azzura 17RanieriMotor16 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/1222
2492Riviera 37RivieraMotor43 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/1236
2493Finnmaster 7600FinnmasterMotor25 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/1266
2722Gralyn, HR Ramsus/ Nab 35Enderlein, OlleYacht, sloop35 ft LOASailing Today2004/1268
2494Fairline 36 SedanOlesinski, BernardMotor41 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/1286
9958Sabre 386Taylor, JimYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/1138
182Club 1720Key Yachting LtdYacht, sloop8 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/1125
8814MariquitaFife, William IIIYacht, cutter95 ft LODClassic Boat2004/1149
8169International FinnFinnish Yachting AssociationDinghy, sailing14 ftClassic Boat2004/1181
1373CometSparkman & StephensYacht, yawl52 ft LOA - now CometaClassic Boat2004/1138
9183NancyStephens, OlinYacht, sloop36 ft LOA - 6 m classClassic Boat2004/1126
1586Dark Harbour 20Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop30 ft LOAClassic Boat2004/1175
10507StormySparkman & StephensYacht, sloop36 ft LOA Morris 36 classClassic Boat2004/1132
2720North Beach 24Cobelens, FransYacht, sloop29 ft LOASailing Today2004/1172
10618SwallowWolstenholme, ADinghy, sailing14 ft - see also WC 1999/09 p53, WC 2005/03 p 17Watercraft2004/1124
2719Cleopatra II, Everitt YCA 29Everitt, JulianYacht, sloop29 ft LOASailing Today2004/1162
2328Finngulf 33Strahlmann, Karl-JohanYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2004/1194
9445OrientWolstenholme, AYacht, steam38 ft LOAWatercraft2004/1159
2489Calm VoyageBroomMotor39KLMotorboat Monthly2004/1198
2488Waving GirlAqua-StarMotor33 ft LOA Oceanranger 33Motorboat Monthly2004/1188
2487Karnic 2660KarnicMotor29 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/1178
2486Aquador 28CBella BoatsMotor29 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/1152
9655Poncin 38J & J DesignsYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/1042
3074Bona FideSibbick, CharlesYacht, sloop45 ft LOAWooden Boat2004/1068
3073PleioneTaylor, JimYacht, sloop48 ft LOAWooden Boat2004/1060
1376Comet 45Studio VallicelliYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2004/1069
181OrionGiles, MarkDinghy, sailing4.66 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/1033
180SoloHolt, JackDinghy, sailing3.78 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/1029
906Beneteau First 44.7Farr, BruceYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World2004/1068
9994Salona 45J & J DesignsYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World2004/1068
7885Grand Soleil 45Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2004/1069
172Orion SRDGiles, MarkDinghy, sailing4.66 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/1033
766Atlantic Challenge GigKilling, SteveRowing40 ftClassic Boat2004/1033
9323Norske 35Perryman, JohnYacht, cutter35 ft LOAClassic Boat2004/1079
8127I J 24Jefferies, IvanYacht, sloop24 ftClassic Boat2004/1018
10202Shamrock IIINicholsonYacht, cutter - J classClassic Boat2004/1059
8667LottieHillyard, DavidYacht, sloop25 ft - belonged to Arthur RansomeClassic Boat2004/1051
2481800 FlybridgeRodmanMotor29 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/1028
2484Viking SpiritWindy BoatsMotor29 ft LOA 9000Motorboat Monthly2004/1084
2482Merry Fisher 925JeanneauMotor32 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/1028
2480Striper 2601 Walk AroundSeaswirl BoatsMotor26 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/1018
2483Marco 810 OCSuccesMotor27 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/1060
2718Artemis, Westerly MerlinDubois, EdYacht, sloop29 ft LOASailing Today2004/1082
2586Topaz OmegaDinghy, sailing4.64 m LOADinghy Sailing2004/1050
2587RS VisionDinghy, sailing4.55 m LOADinghy Sailing2004/1050
2485Norwegian BlueNidelvMotor26 classicMotorboat Monthly2004/1098
9388Oceanis Clipper 373Berret & RacopeauYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/0953
9386Oceanis ClipperYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/0954
14740Oceanis Clipper 373Berret & RacopeauYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/0953
179White Formula 20de Vries, JohnCatamaran6.085 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0933
1293ChristoffelDijkstra Yacht Design & PartnersYacht, cutter106 ft LOAYachting World2004/09154
178Elan 37Humphreys, RorYacht, sloop11.16 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0975
8997Mirabella VHolland, Ron DesignYacht, cutter246 ft LOAYachting World2004/0988
10949Trintella 55CHolland, RonYacht, sloop54 ft LOAYachting World2004/0966
8180IolanteWebb, DanYacht, sloop - 2 1/2 ton - Blackwater sloopClassic Boat2004/0950
13006Nicholson, CYacht, sloop33 ft LOA - 5.5 m classClassic Boat2004/0987
951Blackwater SloopWebb, DanYacht, sloop20 ft - see also YW 1936/07Classic Boat2004/0946
697Aquila 27Wolstenholme, AYacht, motor27 ft LOAClassic Boat2004/0962
2327Salona 45J&JYacht, sloop44 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2004/09112
8552Le SeilLelievre, FrancoisDinghy, sailing17 ft LOA - French designWatercraft2004/0934
7455ExplorerMitchell, MuktiDinghy, sailing15 ft - retracting keelWatercraft2004/0963
2326SednaThomas, DavidYacht, sloop25 ft LOA Hunter Channel 27Practical Boat Owner2004/09106
7972Harbor CruiserRantilla Rowing SystemsRowing18 ftWatercraft2004/0962
2717Sonsy Lass, Oceanis 351Berret, JeanYacht, sloop34 ft LOASailing Today2004/0988
10206Shanghai JunkSelway Fisher DesignYacht, sloop25 ft LOD - see also WC 2005/01 p 38Watercraft2004/0959
2716Larissa, Bavaria 36J&J DesignYacht, sloop37 ft LOASailing Today2004/0982
8568Legend 33Henderson, GlenYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/0842
14727Legend 33Henderson, GlenYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/0842
12360Hoek, AndreYacht, schooner125 ft LOAYachting World2004/08126
177Topaz OmegaWhite & HowlettDinghy, sailing4.7 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0865
254Bavaria Match 35J&JYacht, sloop10.79 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0835
10829TiaraDubois Naval ArchitectsYacht, cutter178 ft LOAYachting World2004/0887
872Bavaria 42 MatchJ & J DesignsYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World2004/0857
9382Oceanis 373Yacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World2004/0859
9377Oceanis 323Groupe FinotYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World2004/0859
7681FrancesHoward, JohnBarge, sailing48 ft - built 1909Classic Boat2004/0854
7578FinvolaFifeYacht, sloop37 ft LOAClassic Boat2004/0835
3632Riva Opera 85Riva Design OfficeMotor26.02 m LOABoat International2004/0864
8599LightningSparkman & StephensDinghy, sailing19 ftClassic Boat2004/0878
3633JoNatucci, StefanoMotor49.95 m LOABoat International2004/0870
3635Mirabella VRon Holland DesignYacht, sloop75.2 m LOABoat International2004/0888
3634UtopiaDe Voogt Naval ArchitectsMotor71.6 m LOABoat International2004/0878
8119HyacinthHoward, JohnBarge, sailing82 ft - built 1889Classic Boat2004/0853
2325Cigale 14Groupe FinotYacht, sloop46 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2004/08112
2715Shirley PII, Hurley 22Anderson, IanYacht, sloop22 ft LOASailing Today2004/0860
4061White HeatherNeakle & Waterson, PeelFishing, lugger1904Fishing Boats2004/0861
2476Birchwood 33Caddick, GrahamMotor34 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/0876
2477450 StatesmanSealineMotor46 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/0877
2478SilvergirlPrincessMotor28 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/0878
2479AventureraHardy MarineMotorMariner 26Motorboat Monthly2004/0892
2475Landau 29 ContinentalLandauMotor29 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/0854
2474Talisman 49Murray Cormack & AssociatesMotor53 ft LOA SeawardMotorboat Monthly2004/0826
3186Dufour 385Felci, Umberto Yacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/0738
3243Elan 37Humphreys, BobYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World2004/0759
10787The LightningSparkman & StephensYacht, sloop19 ft LOAYachting World2004/0783
1659DesparadoSparkman & StephensYacht, ketch65 ft LOA - Swan 65 classYachting World2004/0787
176Manta EquationGorton, IanDinghy, sailing4.75 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0743
3244Elan 434Humphreys, BobYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World2004/0760
171RS EliteRS RacingYacht, sloop7.3 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0729
175Beneteau First 44.7FarrYacht, sloop13.37 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0735
996BoleroSparkman & StephensYacht, yawl73 ft LOAYachting World2004/0783
8171IntrepidSparkman & StephensYacht, sloop64 ft LOA - 12 m class - see also CB 2001/08 p 5Yachting World2004/0784
8339JoyantHerreshoff Yacht, sloop58 ft LOA - P classClassic Boat2004/0728
8157IndependenceCrowinshield, Bowdoin BYacht, cutter140 ft LOAClassic Boat2004/0753
3207E H 32Kok, JanusBotter44 ft LOA - built 1918 - presented to Queen of HClassic Boat2004/0737
1458Cork Harbour O DFife, William IIIYacht, cutter29 ft LOAClassic Boat2004/0779
11983Culler, R DDinghy, sailing13 ft - American designWatercraft2004/0750
10238SherpaWelsford, JohnDinghy, sailing9 ftWatercraft2004/0757
10609SusieFishing13 ft - Woods Hole SpritsailWatercraft2004/0754
9554PenguinWelsford, JohnYacht, sloop21 ft LOD C BWatercraft2004/0756
1441CootWolstenholme, ADinghy, sailing9 ft - see also WC 1997/03 p 49 , CB 1998/05 p 41Watercraft2004/0735
2324Ro 265Toledo, InigoYacht, sloop25 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2004/07114
1636Delaware DuckerDillion, DavePunt15 ft - American designWatercraft2004/0751
2473DinkySea RayMotor24 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/0798
2585Laser 3000Bethwaite & ClarkDinghy, sailing4.4 m LOADinghy Sailing2004/0731
258429erBethwaite, JulianDinghy, sailing4.45 m LOADinghy Sailing2004/0731
2470Sealine S23SealineMotor25 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/0726
2469Endeavour 26RanieriMotor26 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/0718
2323Westerly SeahawkDubois, EdYacht, sloop34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2004/0786
2471Bavaria 25Bavaria Motor BoatsMotor26 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/0726
2472Swift Trawler 42BeneteauMotor45 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/0758
2714Cambo, Mystery 35Jones, StephenYacht, sloop35 ft LOASailing Today2004/0776
2713Luxon, Nova 27Westall, JohnYacht, sloop27 ft LOASailing Today2004/0766
13256Robertson, J RCanoe15 ft - American designWatercraft2004/0750
9376Oceanis 321Groupe FinotYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/0651
14725Island Packet 370Johnson, Bob & I P DesignYacht, cutter37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/0638
3072CelesteBenjamin, NatYacht, sloop28 ft LOAWooden Boat2004/0686
8204Island Packet 370Johnson, Bob & I P DesignYacht, cutter37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/0638
173Dufour 40Felci, UmbertoYacht, sloop12.3 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0637
174Nacra 580Nacra DesignCatamaran5.80 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0639
13134Perryman, JohnYacht, sloop34 ftClassic Boat2004/0667
8865MaunaStoba, WilliamYacht, motor92 ft LOAClassic Boat2004/0642
8466L C AThornycroftWarship41 ftClassic Boat2004/0655
13273Ryder-Turner, DavidYacht, sloop34 ftClassic Boat2004/0668
679Anne-Lise IIGrenier, Jean-LouisYacht, yawl - modified Drascombe LuggerClassic Boat2004/0632
8467L C MWarship48 ft and 50 ft designsClassic Boat2004/0654
2712Crooked Dougall, Moody 336Dixon, BillYacht, sloop34 ft LOASailing Today2004/0672
2468Objet d'ArtFairlineMotor23 ft LOA SprintMotorboat Monthly2004/06104
2335Oceanis 323Group FinotYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2004/06124
2467SartraFairey MarineMotor31 ft LOA Huntsman 31Motorboat Monthly2004/0688
2464Key Largo 20SessaMotor20 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/0619
2466Viki 26Motor27 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/0666
2465Elan Power 35Castro, TonyMotor37 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/0626
2336Oceanis 373Berret-Racoupeau DesignYacht, sloop37 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2004/06128
10556Sun Odyssey 43Andrieu, DanielYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/0538
10356SojanaFarr Yacht DesignYacht114 ft LOAYachting World2004/0587
169SplashWester & de RidderDinghy, sailing3.55 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0551
170RS VisionMorrison, PhilDinghy, sailing4.55 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0541
1621Dehler 34 Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World2004/0565
8069Honey Pot IIFrers, GermanYacht, sloop47 ft LOA - Swan 46 classYachting World2004/0566
8172InvaderChesebrough, Albert StantonYacht, schooner162 ft LOA - see also CB 2004/05 p 15 - built 19Yachting World2004/05127
8452KOD 33Kouyoumdjian, JuanYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World2004/05112
8486Labrador 44Birch, Mike & Desgagnes, RejeanYacht, cutter44 ft LOAYachting World2004/0550
9463Owen Clarke 65Clarke, Owen Yacht, DesignYacht, cutter64 ft LOAYachting World2004/0563
1080BryonyFranken, JimYacht, cutter45 ft LOAClassic Boat2004/0524
2333Eclipse 99Woods, RichardYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2004/05122
2334ArpegeDufour, MichelYacht, sloop30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2004/05128
2709Galloper, Halcyon 27Buchanan, AlanYacht, sloop27 ft LOASailing Today2004/0574
2710Flying Fish, Dehler 34Dehler & Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop34 ft LOASailing Today2004/0584
10500Storm 17Newland, Matt & NickYacht, ketch16 ft LOAWatercraft2004/0557
9771RandoMontaubin, GillesYacht, ketch23 ft LOA C BWatercraft2004/0558
3071Gartside, PaulDinghy, sailing12 ft LOAWooden Boat2004/0482
9204Nauticat 331Aarnipalo, WilhoYacht, yawl33 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/04125
8565Legend 41Hunter Marine CorpYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/0440
898Beluga 46Stadt, Kees van deYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World2004/04102
13687Well, VanYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting World2004/04104
168GP14Holt, JackDinghy, sailing2.27 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0433
167J/133Johnstone, Al & RodYacht, sloop13.11 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0441
10863Titan 1020Stadt, Kees van deYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World2004/04103
10539Sun Fast 35Lombard, Marc & JeanneauYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World2004/04119
8944MerronRobb, Arthur CDinghy, sailing10 ftClassic Boat2004/0429
3133DoubletRobb, Arthur CYacht, sloop33 ft LOA - Daring classClassic Boat2004/0425
1188CasquetRobb, Arthur CYacht, yawl36 ft LOAClassic Boat2004/0430
13253Robb, Arthur CYacht, sloop26 ft LWL - Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron compClassic Boat2004/0429
11020UomieRobb, Arthur CYacht, sloop38 ft LOAClassic Boat2004/0433
702AramintaHerreshoff, L FrancisYacht, yawl33 ft LOAClassic Boat2004/0418
9872Rob RoyRobb, Arthur CYacht, sloop56 ft LOAClassic Boat2004/0432
2583TasarBethwaite, FrankDinghy, sailing4.52 m LOADinghy Sailing2004/0426
2322Red Fox 200TThomas, DavidYacht, sloop20 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2004/04124
2711Samphire of Dart, Tradewind 35Rock, JohnYacht, sloop35 ft LOASailing Today2004/0486
2582EnterpriseHolt, JackDinghy, sailing4.04 m LOADinghy Sailing2004/0426
2581GraduateWyche, DickDinghy, sailing3.82 m LOADinghy Sailing2004/0426
1229Centurion 40SBerret & RacopeauYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/0342
8152Impossible DreamBailey, NicCatamaran59 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/03102
14703Centurion 40SBerret & RacopeauYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/0342
165Hobie TwixxyHobie Cat EuropeCatamaran4.38 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0343
166Lymington PramBran, Claridge & SandersDinghy, sailing4.42 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0331
8388Kay Cottee 56Jutson Yacht DesignYacht, cutter56 ft LOAYachting World2004/03101
3360EvaFife, William IIIYacht, cutter57 ft LOAClassic Boat2004/0332
2707Rime and Reason, Westerly GK29Pocock, MichaelYacht, sloop29 ft LOASailing Today2004/0372
2708Dufour 34Felci, UmbertoYacht, sloop35 ft LOASailing Today2004/0382
2461Ombrine 1001BeneteauMotor34 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/0324
2321Degero 331DSGroop, HansYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2004/03116
2462Prestige 32JeanneauMotor32 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/0354
2463Ryds 23 WALindblom, JohnMotor24 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/0378
8980MinahoustVivier, FrancisDinghy, sailing4m LOAWatercraft2004/0322
2460Maxum 2400 SC3MaxumMotor26 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/0323
11218WaywardGartside, PaulYacht, motor24 ft LOAWatercraft2004/0358
11432Youkon-LiliVivier, FrancisYacht5m LOA C BWatercraft2004/0321
10355Soir du 10 MaiVivier, FrancisYacht, cutter33 ft LOAWatercraft2004/0318
3260Elgol 2Huber, WolfDinghy, sailing10 ftWatercraft2004/0342
11361WispLiquid Fuel Engineering CoYacht, steam30 ft - built 1908Watercraft2004/0329
3070Arundel 27Dalzell, SteveMotor28 ft LOAWooden Boat2004/0286
7955Hallberg Rassy 37 Frers, GermanYacht, sloop37 ft LOA - see also YW 2004/03 p 104, YW 2004/12Yachting Monthly2004/0290
11290WhisperHood, Ted & Fontaine Design GroupYacht, cutter116 ft LOAYachting World2004/02138
9435Open 40Groupe FinotYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World2004/02120
11142Vismara 50Vismara Design StudioYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World2004/02110
163Stealth F18HTPierce, JohnCatamaran5.5 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0231
1693DK 46Mills, MarkYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World2004/02120
164Mirror RaceHolt & BucknallDinghy, sailing3.3 m LOA 1962 upgradeYachts and Yachting2004/0229
9367Ocean Star 51.2Ocean YachtsYacht, sloop51 ft LOA - see also YW 2005/05 p 55Yachting World2004/02112
8695M G B 81VosperWarship71 ftClassic Boat2004/0239
13291Scott-Paine, HubertWarship77 ft - P T boat - U S AClassic Boat2004/0246
13290Scott-Paine, HubertWarship63 ft - anti-submarineClassic Boat2004/0246
9025Miss Great Britain IIIScott-Paine, HubertMotor24 ft - power boatClassic Boat2004/0244
842BarduYacht, sloop - Guantlet 8 tonClassic Boat2004/0222
8217Ivy GreenBurnett, EdYacht, cutter34 ft - Ivy classClassic Boat2004/0218
2706Adelaid II, Sunrise 34Fauroux, JacquesYacht, sloop35 ft LOASailing Today2004/0268
2458NolettaFairlineMotor34 ft LOA Corniche 31Motorboat Monthly2004/0236
2459Princess of DeniaEurocrownMotor42 ft LOA 420 CRMotorboat Monthly2004/0272
2457NimbariNimbusMotor27 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/0232
2456Meadstone MaidCruisers InternationalMotor22 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/0230
2320Sadler 290Jones, StephenYacht, sloop29 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2004/02116
3069Salty HeavenFloyd, MikeyDinghy, sailing17 ft LOAWooden Boat2004/0167
16057Mirabella VVosper ThorneycroftYacht, sloop247 ftYachting Monthly2004/0142
8692M 49Pugh, Reichel Yacht DesignYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World2004/01117
11179Wally 60Wally YachtsYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World2004/01128
160DK 46Mills DesignYacht, sloop14.1 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0133
162GalaxyGiles, MarkDinghy, sailing4.88 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0135
161Devon YawlMorrison, PhilYacht, yawl4.87 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0133
1471CoronetPoillon, C & RSchooner133 ft - built 1885Classic Boat2004/01 10
9613Pilot CutterCornish CrabbersYacht, cutter35 ft and 39 ft designsClassic Boat2004/0124
9231NereiaHerreshoff, L FrancisYacht, ketch36 ftClassic Boat2004/0158
2578PhantomWright / TaylorDinghy, sailing4.42 m LOADinghy Sailing2004/0162
11178WalkaboutWelsford, JohnYacht, sloop16 ft LOAWatercraft2004/0157
9091MoonshadowWolstenholme, AYacht, sloop31 ft LOA - Norfolk BroadsWatercraft2004/0118
2705Jaguar 27Butler / FinchYacht, sloop27 ft LOASailing Today2004/0184
2580SoloHolt, JackDinghy, sailing3.79 m LOADinghy Sailing2004/0162
1138Cape Henry 21Dudley Dix Yacht DesignYacht, sloop20 ft LOD - see also WC 2004/11 p 48, WC 2005/03Watercraft2004/0159
2579SupernovaGiles, MarkDinghy, sailing4.3 m LOADinghy Sailing2004/0162
2455Aquador 23HT, VicoxSea VenturesMotorMotorboat Monthly2004/01106
2454Trader 535 SignatureTarquin Yacht Co.Motor54 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2004/0186
2319Hanse 371Judel/VrolijkYacht, sloop37 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2004/01132
1059Broadblue 42BroadblueCatamaran42 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/1272
159Dragonfly 920 ExtremeQuorning BoatsTrimaran11.1 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/1241
10241Shipman 50J & J DesignsYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World2003/12103
158Lymington ScowClaridge, JohnDinghy, sailing3.44 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/1231
7525FedalahNicholson, CYacht, sloop35 ft LWLClassic Boat2003/1252
9304Nordic FolkboatSunden, TordYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - see also CB 2003/12 p 77, CB 2006/06 Classic Boat2003/1228
13005Nicholson, CYacht, sloop - proposal for RORC rule designClassic Boat2003/1250
2318Gemini 105McSmith, TonyCatamaran34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2003/12116
3798Pontios, Beneteau First 32Berret, JeanYacht, sloop32 ft LOASailing Today2003/1272
3797Rumaje, Gib'Sea 37J & JYacht, sloop36 ft LOASailing Today2003/1260
3068Baby BadgerBenford, JayYacht, junk32 ft LOAWooden Boat2003/1188
7529Feeling 36Joubert, MichelYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/1172
253Bavaria Match 38Peterson, DougYacht, sloop11.36 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/1129
7886Grand Soleil 56Botin & CarkeekYacht, sloop55 ft LOAYachting World2003/11105
904Beneteau 57Farr, BruceYacht, sloop57 ft LOAYachting World2003/11105
10558Sun Odyssey 54 DSYacht, sloop54 ft LOAYachting World2003/11105
252Nacra BlastComyn, AlainCatamaran4.80 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/1125
8227J J 84Mortain & MavrikiosYacht, cutter84 ft LOAYachting World2003/11114
3628Sea WishD'Amato, FratelliMotor36.12 m LOABoat International2003/1180
3629Maria CattivaBruce King Yacht DesignYacht, sloop39.92 m LOABoat International2003/1192
3627AlexasVripack Yachting InternationalMotor28.84 m LOABoat International2003/1158
3631DelphineTiffany, New YorkMotor78.6 m LOA 1921Boat International2003/11130
3630Perfect PrescriptionOceanfastMotor54 m LOABoat International2003/11106
3306English Channel CutterHess, LyleYacht, cutter40 ft LODClassic Boat2003/1160
2317Feeling 30Vaton, Gilles/Roseo, PatrickYacht, sloop29 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2003/11108
2577Manta EquationGorton, IanDinghy, sailing4.75 m LOADinghy Sailing2003/118
2440Jeanneau Prestige 34 Sport-TopJeanneauMotor35 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/1142
2439Princess 42FairlineMotor44 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/1112
736ArsinoeGartside, PaulYacht, sloop21 ft LODWatercraft2003/1137
8422King AlfredIrens, Nigel & Burnett, EdYacht17 ft - see also CB 2001/05 p 62Watercraft2003/1132
9730Queen MabBolger, Philip C Dinghy, sailing7 ft Watercraft2003/1153
2704Trapper 700Anstey, Paul & C&C YachtsYacht, sloop35 ft LOASailing Today2003/1156
2441Boston Whaler 255 ConquestBoston WhalerMotor27 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/1166
3900Beneteau First 27.7Finot, GroupeYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/1082
157FireballMilne, PeterDinghy, sailing4.93 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/1037
826Baltic 66Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop56 ft LOAYachting World2003/10100
1432Contest 50Nissen, GeorgeYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World2003/10109
8206Island Packet 485Johnson, BobYacht, cutter51 ft LOAYachting World2003/10107
14696Baltic 66Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop56 ft LOAYachting World2003/10100
156Comet VersaSimmons, AndyDinghy, sailing3.96 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/1035
10312SkerryHarris, John CDinghy, sailing15 ftClassic Boat2003/1059
10340SnipeCrosby, WilliamDinghy, sailing15 ft - International Snipe classClassic Boat2003/1078
7782GhostMcMillan, Sean & Newman, MickYacht, sloop71 ft LOA - Spirit 70 classClassic Boat2003/1038
8626Little GullWarner, Winthrop Yacht, sloop20 ft LOAClassic Boat2003/1020
2435Monterey 218 LSCMontereyMotor22 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/1028
2576TornadoMarsh, RodneyDinghy, sailing6.1 m LOADinghy Sailing2003/1032
2432Eurocrown 196 CCREurocrownMotor20 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/1025
2431Crownline 215 CCRCrownlineMotor21 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/1024
2434Maxum 2100 SCMaxumMotor21 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/1027
2438Fairline Phantom 40Olesinski, BernardMotor41 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/1054
2430Bayliner 212BaylinerMotor21 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/1023
2436Regal 2250 LSCRegalMotor22 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/1029
2316Southerly 135Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop46 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2003/1072
2702Venthesikymi, Vindo 32Andersson, CarlYacht, sloop29 ft LOASailing Today2003/1064
2703Exuma, Oceanis Clipper 331Group FinotYacht, sloop34 ft LOASailing Today2003/1074
2437White Shark 206White SharkMotor20 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/1030
2433Jeanneau Cap Camarat 625 WAJeanneauMotor20 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/1026
2429Azura 650 CabinAzuraMotor21 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/1022
3067MinimalistCook Yacht DesignYacht, ketch59 ft LOAWooden Boat2003/0990
9308Nordship 43DSBuchwald & BorghenYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0994
870Bavaria 38 MatchPeterson, DougYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/09102
8691M - ClassWatson, G L & Co LtdYacht, cutter24 m LOAYachting World2003/09132
9656Poncin 44J & J DesignsYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World2003/09116
3188Dufour 44Felci, Umberto & Roseo, PatrickYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World2003/09116
1231Centurion 45Berret & RacopeauYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2003/09117
155Dragoon XtremeHobie CatCatamaran3.91 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/0932
7714FreyaDixon Yacht DesignYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World2003/09108
11386X 143Jeppesen, NielsYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World2003/09117
8012HelenaRampartYacht, motor20 ftClassic Boat2003/0960
1435Conway & Menai Strait O DFife, WilliamYacht, sloop24 ft LOAClassic Boat2003/0987
9657Ponda RitaRampartYacht, motor48 ft - Rampart 48 classClassic Boat2003/0961
8523LamiaRampartYacht, motor30 ft - Rampart 30 classClassic Boat2003/0960
9567PesaOertz, MaxYacht, cutter64 ft LOA - 10 m classClassic Boat2003/0950
8688LysidRampartYacht, motor32 ft - Rampart 32 classClassic Boat2003/0961
888Beer LuggerMorrison, Phil & Adkin, JustinFishing17 ft - modifiedClassic Boat2003/0963
2573MirrorHolt, JackDinghy, sailing3.325 m LOADinghy Sailing2003/0922
2701Etap 37SMortain & MavrikiosYacht, sloop37 ft LOASailing Today2003/0982
2700Sportina 730Yacht, sloop24 ft LOASailing Today2003/0976
2574HeronHolt, JackDinghy, sailing3.43 m LOADinghy Sailing2003/0922
2575CadetHolt, JackDinghy, sailing3.22 m LOADinghy Sailing2003/0922
2315Bavaria 38J&J & Peterson, DougYacht, sloop37 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2003/09118
10041SaraPowell, RichardCanoe, sailing15 ftWatercraft2003/0953
3168Dufour 34Feci, U & Roseo, PYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0897
10644Sweden Yachts 42Ostmann & NorlinYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0893
10461Standfast 64Maas, FransYacht, cutter64 ft LOAYachting World2003/0893
10665SYLFrers, GermanYacht, cutter143 ft LOAYachting World2003/08122
11367Wizard 1550Elliott, GregYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World2003/08110
7558Figaro 2Lombard, MarcYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World2003/08102
11366Wizard 1250Elliott, GregYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World2003/08110
153Topper MagnoHowlett & WhiteDinghy, sailing3.94 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/0831
152Sinergia 40Botin & CarkeekYacht, sloop12.1 m LOA 2000 designYachts and Yachting2003/0825
154Beneteau First 27.7FinotYacht, sloop8.85 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/0859
8350June AmeliaSilver, James & SonsYacht, motor30 ft LOA - Silverette No1Classic Boat2003/0827
10662Swordsman 40Burnard, AlanYacht, motor40 ft LOA - FaireyClassic Boat2003/0832
3622Fleming 75Fleming YachtsMotor24.6 m LOABoat International2003/0838
3623ConstanceVan Dam, RobertYacht, ketch29.6 m LOABoat International2003/0844
3624AlyeskaGreg Marshall N AMotor19 m LOABoat International2003/0850
3625Lady BarbarettaCPACatamaran32 m LOABoat International2003/0874
3626MagnificaCRN AnconaMotor43 m LOABoat International2003/0882
4059Our JohnGilbert & Pascoe, PorthlevenFishing, lugger44 ft 1926Fishing Boats2003/085
2313Odin 820Odin YachtenYacht, sloop27 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2003/08102
4060Easter MornWalter Reekie, AnstrutherFishing, drifter42 ft 1935Fishing Boats2003/0817
2570Topper BuzzHowlett, IanDinghy, sailing4.2 m LOADinghy Sailing2003/0832
2569Topper ISOHowlett, IanDinghy, sailing4.74 m LOADinghy Sailing2003/0832
2572Topper SpiceHowlett, IanDinghy, sailing4.25 m LOADinghy Sailing2003/0832
2571Topper BossHowlett, IanDinghy, sailing4.9 m LOADinghy Sailing2003/0832
2699Clarabella, Nicholson 35Camper & NicholsonYacht, sloop35 ft LOASailing Today2003/0856
2314Hunter Delta 25Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop25 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2003/08118
3066NahlahMcGowan, LaurieDinghy, sailing19 ft LOA Cat yawlWooden Boat2003/0793
8968Midget 31Kloet BrothersYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/07101
9154Mystery 35Jones, StephenYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0799
8924Mercuri 45Jones, StephenYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2003/0792
151Swan 45Frers, GermanYacht, sloop13.83 m LOA 2001 designYachts and Yachting2003/0733
8103Hunter Mystery 35Jones, StephenYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World2003/07104
997BolsKay, GordonYacht, sloop93 ft LOAYachting World2003/07120
1129CamillaWebber, ThomasCatboat27 ft -built 1876Classic Boat2003/0729
8114Hussar IIWebber, ThomasYacht, sloop68 ft - 51 ft classClassic Boat2003/0731
9755RafaelYacht, yawl46 ft - lateen rig - SpainClassic Boat2003/0743
10598SurpriseWebber, ThomasYacht, sloop52 ft LOAClassic Boat2003/0732
3140DragoonWebber, ThomasYacht, sloop45 ft - 34 RaterClassic Boat2003/0731
10408SpartinaKerrison, ChristopherDinghy, sailing16 ftClassic Boat2003/0726
2698Europa RO330Toledo, Inego / Barracuda Yacht DesignsYacht, sloop32 ft LOASailing Today2003/0776
2697Canboira, Hunter Ranger 265Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop28 ft LOASailing Today2003/0766
1278Child of the SeaWharram, James & Boon, HannekeCatamaran37 ft LOAWatercraft2003/0759
2312Hunter Mystery 35Jones, StephenYacht, sloop35 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2003/07102
1137Cape Cutter 19Dix, DudleyYacht, cutter19 ft LOA - see also CB 2003/09 p 22Yachting Monthly2003/0693
886BedazzledNewton, DarrenCatamaran32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0667
3355Europa R0330BarracudaYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0691
145Harley C-33Corby, JohnYacht, sloop10.06 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/0649
3183Dufour 34Felci, Umberto & Roseo, PatrickYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World2003/06107
790Aventura Fontaine, TedYacht, motor115 ft LOAYachting World2003/06123
11310Wild HoneyGreenwood, SimonYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World2003/0696
9368Ocean Star 56.1Tsiamas, IannisYacht, cutter54 ft LOAYachting World2003/06103
149Hobie TigerHobie CatsCatamaran5.51 m LOA 1995 designYachts and Yachting2003/0637
150IMX 45Yacht, sloop13.76 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/0637
146370Jones, StephenDinghy, sailing3.8 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/0645
7715FreyaDixon, Bill DesignYacht, sloopYachting World2003/0696
7728FyneFife, WilliamYacht, cutter59 ft LOAClassic Boat2003/0655
11492Alden, John Yacht, cutter - J classClassic Boat2003/0673
2427Rodman 30Rodman PolyshipsMotor31 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/0640
2695Hippocampus, She 36Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop36 ft LOASailing Today2003/0670
2696Bavaria 38J&J DesignYacht, sloop40 ft LOASailing Today2003/0680
2428Chris-Craft 25 CorsairChris-CraftMotor25 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/0658
2426ACM Mystic 39ACM GroupMotor39 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/0622
2043Feeling 44Mortain/MavrikiosYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0586
3065Surprise IIGartside, PaulYacht, cutter22 ft LOAWooden Boat2003/0596
148Seaquest 36Reichel-PughYacht, sloop11.0 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/0541
10895Toucan TooThornycroftYacht, sloop25 ft - Swallow classClassic Boat2003/0561
12410Hunter, Alastair G LYacht, cutter14 ft LODClassic Boat2003/0566
10087ScoterThornycroftYacht, motor35 ftClassic Boat2003/0558
7901GreenflyNicholsonYacht, cutter36 ft LOA - Nicholson 36 classClassic Boat2003/0515
1593Dauntless 20Patten, RegYacht, sloop20 ft LOAClassic Boat2003/0591
2693Elan 31Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop31 ft LOASailing Today2003/0558
2694Incamoon, Tomahawk 25MarconYacht, sloop25 ft LOASailing Today2003/0580
7843Golden BaySelway Fisher DesignYacht, steam23 ft LOAWatercraft2003/0561
9027Miss SimpletteBembigher, DanielYacht, sloop22 ft LOAWatercraft2003/0553
8234Jack TarGlen-L Marine DesignsYacht, motor31 ft LOAWatercraft2003/0529
10842TihilouBembigher, DanielYacht18 ft - lateen rig - see also CB 2000/12 p 90Watercraft2003/0558
10098Sea Bird 86Bolger, Philip C Yacht, sloop23 ft LOAWatercraft2003/0560
10828Ti ShpountzBombigher, DanielYacht, schooner36 ft - see also CB 1987/03 p 48Watercraft2003/0555
1689Dixie BelleBembigher, DanielYacht, ketch41 ft LOAWatercraft2003/0557
2424Regal 2250 LSCRegal MarineMotor22 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/0534
2423Jeanneau Prestige 46Vittorio Garroni & Musio SaleMotor47 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/0514
2310Ro 330Toledo, InigoYacht, sloop32 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2003/0584
2311Sou-Wester SamMacGregor, RogerYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2003/0572
2425Ranieri EndeavourRanieri Cantieri NauticaMotor26 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/0572
9373Oceanis Clipper 423Group FinotYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0490
3240Elan 31Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0493
147KestrelMorrison, PhilDinghy, sailing4.81 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/0449
874Bavaria 49J & J DesignsYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World2003/04115
719ArgyllSparkman & StephensYacht, yawl57 ft LOAYachting World2003/04102
3621Wedge TooDe Voogt Naval ArchitectsMotor65 m LOABoat International2003/0488
8380Kathleen & MaySchooner98 ftClassic Boat2003/0439
3282ElsieNewland, NatYacht, ketch30 ft LOAClassic Boat2003/0449
3619ArtemisVaton, GillesYacht, sloop20 m LOABoat International2003/0470
3620SarhaJohn Winterbotham & PartnersMotor40 m LOABoat International2003/0476
1336CMBThornycroftWarship40 ft and 50 ft designs - see also CB 2003/05 p 5Classic Boat2003/0446
3618Mare-NVripack Naval ArchitectsMotor19.3 m LOABoat International2003/0464
7933GyriniusThornycroftMotor25 ftClassic Boat2003/0445
15118ScolopendraThorneycroft, TomMotor30 ftClassic Boat2003/0444
8661LoreenYacht, sloop24 ft LOA - Carrick 25 classClassic Boat2003/0419
2420Hollandia GoldbankJachtbouw 2000Motor41 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/0414
2422Azura 650 WAKeltMotor21 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/0478
2692Sun Odyssey 35Lombard, MarcYacht, sloop35 ft LOASailing Today2003/04102
2309VascoThomas, DavidYacht, ketch23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2003/04120
2308Bavaria 49J&JYacht, sloop49 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2003/0484
2421Capriole 1080 OffshoreWolstenholme, AndrewMotor36 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/0450
2691Delta, Freedom 33Hoyt, GaryYacht, ketch33 ft LOASailing Today2003/0486
7458Eygthene 24Holland, RonYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0395
791Aventura 28GO CatamaranCatamaran27 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0393
1374Comet 38Group FinotYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0390
7875GraciaX Yachts A/SYacht, cutter60 ft LOA - X 612 Mk II classYachting World2003/0387
1400ConstanterFrers, GermanYacht, sloop62 ft LOA - Swann 62 RS classYachting World2003/0379
9099Morning CalmHolland, RonYacht, cutter65 ft LOA - Trintella 65 classYachting World2003/0385
10424Spirit 150Spirit Yachts LtdYacht, cutter150 ft LOAYachting World2003/03119
8590LiaraDixon Yacht DesignYacht, sloop65 ft LOA - Dixon 65 classYachting World2003/0383
9469Oyster 100Humphreys, RobYacht, cutter101 ft LOAYachting World2003/03123
8158IndependenceDixon, BillYacht, cutter63 ft LOA - Moody 64 classYachting World2003/0381
143Topaz Race XHowlett & WhiteDinghy, sailing3.86 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/0354
144DragonAnker, JohanYacht, sloop8.7 m LOA 1929Yachts and Yachting2003/0356
8528LandfallKempYacht, ketchClassic Boat2003/0359
3617HelovalCMNMotor42.6 m LOABoat International2003/0380
3615My SpaceCantieri NavaliMotor33.45 m LOABoat International2003/0364
10803ThelmaLoganYacht, cutter59 ft LOA - built 1898Classic Boat2003/0323
9276NinaWilson, TimYacht, schooner30 ft LOAClassic Boat2003/0356
9961SadieHerreshoffYacht, sloop27 ftClassic Boat2003/0344
3614ElsieHerreshoff, L FrancisYacht, ketch17.37 mBoat International2003/0360
3616MoonbeamWilliam Fife & SonYacht, sloop32.1 m LOA 1914 restoredBoat International2003/0372
3613Pershing 76Pershing SpAMotor23.7 mBoat International2003/0354
11364WitchSaundersonYacht, cutter38 ftClassic Boat2003/0358
2690Pelagic, Leisure 29Pryor, FrankYacht, sloop29 ft LOASailing Today2003/0372
738Artic TernSandison, DuncanDinghy, sailing20 ft LOA Watercraft2003/0315
2307Foxhound 24Fox, UffaYacht, sloop24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2003/0374
2689Jaguar 215Mullins, John & Jaguar YachtsYacht, sloop21 ft LOASailing Today2003/0348
11223WeekenderStevenson, PeterYacht, sloop16 ft LODWatercraft2003/0357
10703Tammie NorrieOughtred, IainDinghy, sailing13 ft LOAWatercraft2003/0318
2419Four Winds 205 SundownerFour Winds BoatsMotor23 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/0386
16327Foxhound 24Uffa FoxYacht, sloop24 ftPractical Boat Owner2003/0374
2418Sheeline 1050 Aft CabinBennett, JohnMotor35 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/0316
7937HaikuOughtred, IainYacht, yawl30 ft LOAWatercraft2003/0355
4058Our LizzieOlivers, PorthlevenFishing,40.2 ft 1919Fishing Boats2003/036
8567Legend 426 DSHenderson, GlenYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0288
10554Sun Odyssey 35Lombard, MarcYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0286
142Topper BlazeHowlett, IanDinghy, sailing4.2 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/0252
141Magnum 21VirusboatsTrimaran6.30 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/0247
506Alfa RomeoPugh, Reichel Yacht DesignYacht, sloop90 ft LOAYachting World2003/02134
1202Catana 522Barreau, ChristopheCatamaran51 ft LOAYachting World2003/02123
3283ElsieSteele, JohnYacht, ketch57 ft LOA C BYachting World2003/0290
11118VictoryCockburn, E C & Westmacott, AlfredYacht, sloop20 ft LOA - Victory classClassic Boat2003/0281
11479Abernathy, RobertTug16 ftClassic Boat2003/0258
12758Melo, SergioYacht, motor20 ft approxClassic Boat2003/0260
9762RainbowLogan Yacht, cutter60 ft approx - New ZealandClassic Boat2003/0230
8281Jessie LoganLogan, RobertYacht, cutter28 ft LOD - New ZealandClassic Boat2003/0224
9038MoanaLoganYacht, cutter - New ZealandClassic Boat2003/0231
2417Bavaria 29 SportBavaria Motor BoatsMotor30 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/0266
2688Celena III, Vavcouver 28Harris, RobertYacht, sloop28 ft LOASailing Today2003/0270
2568Comet RaceMorrison, PhilDinghy, sailing4.27 m LOADinghy Sailing2003/0260
2566Laser 2000Morrison, PhilDinghy, sailing4.4 m LOADinghy Sailing2003/0260
2567RS200Morrison, PhilDinghy, sailing4.0 m LOADinghy Sailing2003/0260
2416Haber 660MVal Wyatt MarineMotor22 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/0236
2415Astondoa AS46Astilleros Astondoa SAMotor46 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/0212
2306ScheherazadeParker, FredYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2003/0274
9194National 12Fox, UffaDinghy, sailing12 ft Classic Boat2003/0194
1090Butcher BoyGoularte, M & Madruga, MYacht, sloop29 ft - built 1902 - AmericaClassic Boat2003/0128
10213SharpyMunnion, DerekDinghy, sailing15 ftWatercraft2003/0132
12080Drebbel, CorneliusSubmarine11 ft - copy of 1621 designWatercraft2003/0113
2686Hanse 341Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop34 ft LOASailing Today2003/0162
2687Gallant Rival, Rival 34Brett, PeterYacht, sloop34 ft LOASailing Today2003/0184
2565LarkJackson, MikeDinghy, sailing13 ft LOADinghy Sailing2003/0150
2413Broom 450 OSBennett, JohnMotor45 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/0120
2414SB 770Sarins BatarMotor25 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2003/0188
10181SeniorGibbs, Kenneth MYacht, sloop16 ft - sponsored by Y MWatercraft2003/0157
2305SpellboundLee, OliverYacht, sloop24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2003/01128
9930RoyalistDongray, RogerYacht, sloop29 ft LOA - Cornish Crabber classYachting Monthly2003/0146
7966Hanse 411Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0182
3064Babson Island 35Stephens, Robert WYacht, sloop35 ft LOAWooden Boat2003/0179
3171Dufour 40Feci, U & Roseo, PYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0181
139Elan 31Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop9.2 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/0123
140FevaHandley, PaulDinghy, sailing3.64 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/0121
8996Mirabella VHolland, RonYacht246 ft LOAYachting World2003/01144
709Arcona 400Qviberg, StefanYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World2003/01128
3179Dufour 30 Felci, Umberto & Roseo, PatrickYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World2003/01129
8143IllderimHolm, ToreYacht, sloop46 ft LOA - 8 m classClassic Boat2003/0135
13564Tuckett, AidanFishing19 ftClassic Boat2003/0157
10297SirisHolm, ToreYacht, sloop47 ft LOA - 8 m classClassic Boat2003/0133
8313Jolly BoatGiles, MorganYacht, sloop18 ft - West of England 18 ft classClassic Boat2003/0136
9747QuixieGiles, MorganYacht, sloop35 ft LOA - 6 m classClassic Boat2003/0139
8059Hispania VIGiles, MorganYacht, cutter46 ft LOAClassic Boat2003/0138
7540Fern Mary IIIGiles, MorganYacht, ketch40 ft LOAClassic Boat2003/0141
3057Trailer Sailer 24Stambaugh, KarlYacht, yawl24 ft LOAWooden Boat2002/9898
868Bavaria 38J & J DesignsYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/1278
8512Lagoon 410 S2Peteghem & PrevostCatamaran40 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/1282
7884Grand Soleil 44 Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World2002/12108
10566Sunbeam 44J & J DesignsYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World2002/12112
14756Sunbeam 44J & J DesignsYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World2002/12112
138Nacra 18Comyn, AlainMultihull5.52 m LOAYachts and Yachting2002/1295
10502Storm PetrelNewland, NickDinghy, sailing14 ftClassic Boat2002/1236
1311ClaireMorgan GilesYacht, cutter - 6 m classClassic Boat2002/1241
1346Cocky lionMorgan GilesDinghy, sailing14 ft - West of England Conference classClassic Boat2002/1239
756Atalanta 26Vines, AlanYacht, sloop26 ft LOAClassic Boat2002/1279
12789Morgan GilesDinghy, sailing12 ft - Royal North of Ireland Y C classClassic Boat2002/1243
2303Parker 235HSParker Lift Keel YachtsYacht, sloop23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2002/1254
2411Harley 25FSHarley Racing YachtsMotor25 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/1244
2410Sea Ranger 448Dixon, BillMotor48 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/1212
4151Hermes, Maxi 95Pettersen, PelleYacht, sloop31 ft LOASailing Today2002/1256
2412Jeanneau Cap Camarat 755WAJeanneauMotor25 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/1262
2304Cobra 700Feltham, DavidYacht, sloop23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2002/1272
2562370Jones, StevenDinghy, sailing3.8 m LOADinghy Sailing2002/1232
2563BlazeHowlett, IanDinghy, sailing4.4 m LOADinghy Sailing2002/1261
2564RS300Everest, CliveDinghy, sailing4.24 m LOADinghy Sailing2002/1261
9206Nauticat 37Gustafsson, K & PYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/1184
8870Maxi 1000Pettersen, PelleYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/1187
3063MbuliHarris, JohnDinghy, sailing20 ft Proa beach cruiserWooden Boat2002/1186
3062JoyantHerreshoff, N GYacht, sloop58 ft LOA 1913Wooden Boat2002/1152
1688Distancia 60Becker, ReinhardYacht, cutter60 ft LOA Yachting World2002/11104
1324Clipper 68 Dubois, EdYacht, cutter68 ft LOAYachting World2002/1124
137Topper TazWhite, RobDinghy, sailing2.95 m LOAYachts and Yachting2002/1129
12018Dallimore, NormanYacht, sloop20 ft LOA - Royal Burnham Y C O D classClassic Boat2002/1122
8213IsobarWhite, Eric & Hill, AlanYacht, sloop27 ft - Cutlass 27 classClassic Boat2002/1167
9036Mo Harden & PengellyDinghy, sailing14 ft - Teign - 1892Classic Boat2002/1157
9843RigmorSchroder, J PYacht, cutter52 ft C B - Denmark - built c 1850Classic Boat2002/1137
1209CavalierMudie, ColinBrig30 ft LOAClassic Boat2002/1169
2408Astinor 1000LXEmbarcaciones AstinorMotor33 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/1154
2302Nordship 38DSCBuchwald, LarsYacht, sloop38 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2002/1154
2685Fine, Beneteau First 305BeneteauYacht, sloop32 ft LOASailing Today2002/1156
1249ChamplainBolger, Philip C Yacht, motor22 ft LOAWatercraft2002/1155
1037BrendenKortenoever, ArthurCatboat20 ft LOA Watercraft2002/1114
2409Wellcraft 2400 MartiniqueWellcraftMotor25 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/1176
10922Tread LightlyWelsford, JohnDinghy, sailing13 ft - lug rigged yawlWatercraft2002/1157
2561GP14Holt, JackDinghy, sailing4.27 m LOADinghy Sailing2002/1164
3138Dragonfly 1200Quorning, JensTrimaran39 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/10102
8757Malo 41Angermark, LeifYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/10100
13556Tripp, BillYacht, ketch76 ft LOAYachting World2002/10159
7784Gib Sea 41J & J DesignsYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World2002/10134
9436Open 60Owen, Merfyn & Clarke, AllenYacht, sloop65 ft LOAYachting World2002/10131
13659erBethwaite DesignsDinghy, sailing4.80 m LOAYachts and Yachting2002/1017
7572Finngulf 41Strahlmann Yacht DesignYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World2002/10138
10301SiroccoReimers, KnudYacht, yawl35 ft LWLClassic Boat2002/1059
8457KSSS 1941Reimers, KnudYacht, sloop23 ft LOAClassic Boat2002/1056
9660PoppyBush, FabianCanoe, sailing21 ft - Blackwater classClassic Boat2002/1047
11231West Wight ScowSmith, Theo OsbourneDinghy, sailing11 ftClassic Boat2002/1088
13216Reimers, KnudYacht40 ftClassic Boat2002/1059
1392CondorReimers, KnudYacht, cutter33 ftClassic Boat2002/1058
8329Joshua MatthewLaurent GilesYacht, cutter20 ft LODClassic Boat2002/1066
4150Souwester Sam, MacGregor 26XMacGregor Yacht Corp.Yacht, sloop26 ft LOASailing Today2002/1070
2301Hurley 24/70Anderson, IanYacht, sloop24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2002/1064
2407Waterline 30Viking MouldingsMotor30 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/1046
3060RebeccaBenjamin, NatSchooner60 ft LOAWooden Boat2002/0970
3061Top HatHylan, D NMotor26 ft LOAWooden Boat2002/0986
3342Etap 37Mortain & MavrikiosYacht, sloop36 ft LOA - see also YW 2002/04 p 100Yachting Monthly2002/09104
135Comet RaceMorrison, PhilDinghy, sailing4.27 m LOAYachts and Yachting2002/0915
8293Jinny the QueenReimers, KnudYacht, sloop27 ft - Tumlaren classClassic Boat2002/0962
8595Liberty 25Freivokh, KenMotor23 ftClassic Boat2002/0958
9052MonoluluNilsson, HolmYacht, sloop37 ft LOAClassic Boat2002/0944
9917Roulette IIIReimers, KnudYacht, sloop31 ft LOAClassic Boat2002/0965
491AlbionWherry58 ft - Norfolk Broads - built 1898Classic Boat2002/0954
8797Marian MaidReimers, KnudYacht, yawl40 ft LOA - 8 m classClassic Boat2002/0924
2405Windy 34 KhamsinJohnsen, HansMotor28 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0928
4147Westerly FulmarDubois, EdYacht, sloop32 ft LOA 1990Sailing Today2002/0974
4146Maggie May, Etap 32SEtap YachtingYacht, sloop32 ft LOASailing Today2002/0956
1173CarrickFisher, PaulCanoe,sailing15 ft - sloop rigWatercraft2002/0953
10455St ValeryBolger, Philip C Lugger24 ft LOAWatercraft2002/0936
9209NautilusBaden-Powell, WCanoe14 ft Watercraft2002/0940
9090MoonshadowWolstenholme, AYacht, sloop31 ft LOA - Norfolk BroadsWatercraft2002/0951
8605LillieFisher, PaulCanoe, sailing15 ft - yawl rigWatercraft2002/0952
9811RegvbivmNorthop, MartinCanoe17 ftWatercraft2002/0956
2406Azimut 55Righini, StefanoMotor57 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0966
4149Bella Sophia, Golden Hind 31Griffiths, MauriceYacht, sloop32 ft LOA 1965Sailing Today2002/0978
11215Wauquiez Pilot Saloon 40Berret & RacopeauYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/0893
11306Wight 30Roy, C S JYacht, yawl30 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/0894
134JS 9000Swarbrick, JohnYacht, sloop9.125 m LOAYachts and Yachting2002/0878
132Shearwater CatProut, Roland & FrancisCatamaran17 ft LOA 1956Yachts and Yachting2002/0855
131Laser SB3The Laser CentreDinghy, sailing6.1 m LOAYachts and Yachting2002/0825
133TornadoMarch, RodneyCatamaran6.09 m LOA RebuildYachts and Yachting2002/0834
9150MyrtleYacht, sloop18 ft - Falmouth 18 ft Restricted classClassic Boat2002/0825
10834TidbitHolt, JackDinghy6 ftClassic Boat2002/0870
10972TrumphEstlander, GustafYacht, sloop - 75 sq m classClassic Boat2002/0869
496AldebranEstlander, GustafYacht, sloopClassic Boat2002/0868
10288SingoallaEstlander, GustafYacht, sloop78 ftClassic Boat2002/0867
2402Stevens 1180Scheepswerf De StevenMotor39 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0822
2300Ovni 345Joubert & NiveltYacht, sloop36 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2002/0848
2404Antares 13.80BeneteauMotor46 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0866
2403White Shark 285KeltMotor29 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0856
4148Roviana, Hallberg Rassy 29Enderlein & RassyYacht, sloop29 ft LOA 1972Sailing Today2002/0866
1494Cr 46Jones, StephenYacht, cutter46 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/0715
9387Oceanis Clipper 42CCBeneteauYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/0797
9066Moody 37Dixon, BillYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/0798
3059Heart of Gold IIAbbema, Mark VanMotor39 ft LOAWooden Boat2002/0786
10551Sun Odyssey 32 Briand, PhilippeYacht, sloop31 ft LOA JeanneauYachting Monthly2002/0795
130ShadowLoday & WhiteCatamaran4.80 m LOAYachts and Yachting2002/0717
8673Lucky MoppieHunt, C RaymondMotor31 ftClassic Boat2002/0761
7983HarrierWolstenholme, AMotor31 ftClassic Boat2002/0753
9584Philante VHunt, C RaymondYacht, motor75 ftClassic Boat2002/0761
9832Revenoc JrHunt, C RaymondCanoe, sailing - 110 classClassic Boat2002/0759
12408Hunt, C RaymondYacht, sloop44 ft LOA - 510 classClassic Boat2002/0760
467AgnesPowell, LukeYacht, cutter46 ft LOA - Pilot typeClassic Boat2002/0763
438Cantieri di Sarnico 65Nuvolari & LenardMotor65 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2002/0723
2401Regal 2665Regal Marine IndustriesMotor26 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0776
2299Racing DemonCharles & Peter NicholsonYacht, sloop32 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2002/07108
43936 SedanSabrelineMotor41 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2002/0740
440680 Sun SportSea Ray 2001Motor70 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2002/0742
441Azimut 62AzimutMotor65 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2002/0768
2400Island Gypsy 39 EuroSedanHalvorsenMotor43 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0722
4056IntegrityChambers & Colby, LowestoftFishing, drifter60 ft 1895Fishing Boats2002/075
10529Summer EaseBolger, Philip C Yacht, yawl23 ft LOD C BWatercraft2002/0753
13142Pierce, RichardYacht, sloop23 ft LOA - Scottish Island classWatercraft2002/0720
8267Jeanie IIOughtred, IainYacht, yawl 19 ft LOA - Ness yawlWatercraft2002/0749
4057Blue LinnetJ&G Forbes, FraserburghFishing, drifter61.3 ft 1938Fishing Boats2002/078
9461Ovni 385Briand, PhilippeYacht, cutter39 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/0698
129FunboatLaser CentreCatamaran3.90 m LOAYachts and Yachting2002/0611
11021UraniaMeer, Olivier F vanYacht, ketch76 ft - training ship - Dutch navyClassic Boat2002/0610
7677FoxhoundBurnett, EdYacht, cutter30 ft LOAClassic Boat2002/0633
2398Cruiser 3470 ExpressCruisers YachtsMotor37 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0666
2298Legend 326Hunter MarineYacht, sloop31 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2002/0694
2397Sealine S23Sealine InternationalMotor25 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0622
2399Alpha Craft Highliner 44Moxham, JohnMotor44 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0684
7794Gib'Sea 37 J & J DesignsYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/05100
866Bavaria 36J & J DesignsYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/0597
3058Ryder-Turner, DavidYacht, yawl89 ft LOAWooden Boat2002/05104
919Beulakermeer CruiserTingen,. HYacht, sloop24 ft - HollandClassic Boat2002/0524
9986SalaroyFishing30 ft approx - NorwayClassic Boat2002/0539
11826Castle, MartinMotor18 ftClassic Boat2002/05101
2395Hardy Commodore 42Wolstenholme, AndrewMotor46 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0520
2684J's Delight, Contessa 32Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop32 ft LOA 1986Sailing Today2002/0572
2296Moody 336Dixon, BillYacht, sloop34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2002/05122
2396Bayliner 2455 Ciera SunbridgeBaylinerMotor24 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0576
12196Gartside, PaulYacht16 ft - double-ended skiffWatercraft2002/0555
2295CherubinoSadler, DavidYacht, sloop35 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2002/05116
2297Victoria 34Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2002/05122
9508PaperweightRowing18 ft - Cornish FlashboatWatercraft2002/0553
1650Design 251Wolstenholme, AYacht, sloop21 ft LOAWatercraft2002/0551
13457Swift, PaulYacht, cutter15 ft C BWatercraft2002/0558
11941Covey Island BoatworksYacht, schooner68 ft LOA - Canadian designWatercraft2002/0559
8307JokerGartside, Paul & Wolstenholme, ARowing15 ft - see also WC 2002/07 p 31Watercraft2002/0552
12135Fisher, PaulCoble25 ftWatercraft2002/0529
1493CR 400DSCR YachtsYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/0498
1180Carter 33Carter, DickYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/04101
708Arcona 40DSQviberg, StefanYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/0498
8304John GilpinHerreshoff, NattCatamaran31 ft LOAYachting World2002/0466
128RS700Peters & SouthonDinghy, sailing4.68 m LOAYachts and Yachting2002/0433
8222J 109Johnstone, RodYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World2002/04107
10093SCUDHerreshoff, NattYacht, cutter48 ft LOA - BH 31 classYachting World2002/0462
903Beneteau 36.7Farr InternationalYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World2002/04107
8941MermaidMclaren, ZYacht, cutter44 ftClassic Boat2002/0427
10616SwallowDavies, HenryDinghy, sailing12 ftClassic Boat2002/0435
10528Summer CloudMclaren, ZYacht, cutter39 ft LOA - West IndiesClassic Boat2002/0427
9312Norfolk PuntPunt16 to 22 ft - sailing versionClassic Boat2002/0486
9176NakomisAtkin, WilliamYacht, schooner27 ft LOAClassic Boat2002/0448
2294Oceanis 351Berret, JeanYacht, sloop34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2002/04122
2393Failine Targa 52OlesinskiMotor53 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0422
2394Salpa Laver 31.5Nautica SalpaMotor31 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0470
1384Compromis 11.30 DSMaas, FransYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/0389
8562Legend 356Luhrs MarineYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/0390
7883Grand Soleil 40Paperini, Massimo & Duck DesignYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World2002/0399
9429One 35Frers, GermanYacht, sloop135 ft LOAYachting World2002/03104
14717Grand Soleil 40Paperini, Massimo & Duck DesignYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World2002/0399
127Ker 11.3Ker, JasonYacht, sloop11.44 m LOAYachts and Yachting2002/0339
126J-109Yacht, sloop10.75 m LOAYachts and Yachting2002/0341
9568PetWanhill, T Yacht, cutter33 ftClassic Boat2002/0350
7447EventideGriffiths, MauriceYacht, cutter24 ft LOAClassic Boat2002/0386
1572DaisyRose, DavidYacht, cutter20 ft LOA - Sole Bay gaffer classClassic Boat2002/0320
1548CygnetWanhill, T Yacht, cutter61 ftClassic Boat2002/0352
9327North Quay 30Spears, TedYacht, cutter30 ft LOA C B - see also WC 2002/07 p 16, CB 20Watercraft2002/0346
939Bitter SweetDias, TonyYacht, cutter22 ft LOA C BWatercraft2002/0315
992BobcatPayson, H DDinghy, sailing12 ft LOA - cat rigWatercraft2002/0342
11064VanessaPappila, JuhaniYacht, sloop19 ft LOA C B - Finnish designWatercraft2002/0321
693AppleDunderdale, TomDinghy, sailing15 ft LOA - yawl rigWatercraft2002/0339
2390Rodman 800Rodman PolyshipsMotor28 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0328
2392HarrierNative Yacht Co.Motor31 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0384
2293Southerly 110Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop36 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2002/03120
2391Nimbus 3000, 3003, 31 UltimaNimbusMotor29 - 31 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0360
9153Mystery 34Jones, StephenYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/0219
10906Tradewind 44Butler, JohnYacht, cutter44 ft LOA - see also YW 2002/02 p 112Yachting Monthly2002/0219
1624Dehler 36 Dehler YachtsYacht, sloop35 ft LOA - see also YW 2002/04 p 107Yachting Monthly2002/0297
14723Hylas 54Frers, GermanYacht, sloop54 ft LOAYachting World2002/02119
125RSK6LDC Racing SailboatsDinghy, sailing5.8 m LOAYachts and Yachting2002/0291
11181Wally 88Frers, GermanYacht, sloop88 ft LOAYachting World2002/02136
8124Hylas 54Frers, GermanYacht, sloop54 ft LOAYachting World2002/02119
14090Fishing32 ft LOA - Moray Firth yawl -c 1900Classic Boat2002/0277
8444Kittiwake 20Wilkinson, RYacht, yawl21 ft LOAClassic Boat2002/0226
8168International 14Dinghy, sailing14 ftClassic Boat2002/0288
2389Lema Gold II Duna 290LemaMotor25 ft & 30 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0284
2246SCODNicholson, C AYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2002/0275
2245Trapper 500C&CYacht, sloop28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2002/0274
14820Sanlorenzo 88Sanlorenzo 2000Motor88 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2002/02112
14819Rodman 41 CruceroRodman Polyships SAMotor45 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2002/0252
2387Lochin 333D DominoLochin MarineMotor33 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0242
2388Galeon Galia 777PPHU GaleonMotor26 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0260
3056Alca iBuehler, GeorgeSchooner63 ft LOAWooden Boat2002/0186
873Bavaria 44J & J DesignsYacht, sloop44 ft LOA - see also YW 2002/01 p 134Yachting Monthly2002/01101
10633Swan 45Frers, GermanYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2002/01130
122Beneteau 36.7Farr, BruceYacht, sloop10.98 m LOAYachts and Yachting2002/0129
123ButtercupYacht, sloop35 ft LOA 1886 BroadsYachts and Yachting2002/0159
124FirebirdRichardson, RobinYacht, sloop33 ft LOA 1996 BroadsYachts and Yachting2002/0159
3125Doris of MylorHeard, MartinYacht, cutter27 ft approx - Falmouth work boat typeClassic Boat2002/0135
8421KingBathurstYacht, steam71 ft LOD - built 1905Classic Boat2002/0111
12232Greavette, TomMotor30 ftClassic Boat2002/0154
11165W 46Stephens, RobertYacht, sloop46 ft LOAClassic Boat2002/01112
2386Atlantic 50Bennett, JohnMotor49 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0120
2385Fletcher Malibu 19Fletcher InternationalMotor18 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0174
2383Seaward 35Seaward MarineMotor37 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2002/0128
2384UsutuMoody, GrahameMotor43 ft LOA Moody Lancer 1969Motorboat Monthly2002/0144
2683ArpegeDufour, MichelYacht, sloop30 ft LOASailing Today2002/0184
2682Bavaria 32Yacht, sloop34 ft LOASailing Today2002/0180
8600LiliMontaubin, GillesYacht, ketch19 ft LOD - cat rigWatercraft2002/0135
818Baia Aqva 54BaiaYacht, motor55 ft Motorboat and Yachting2002/0123
8053Hinckley T29King, BruceMotor29 ftMotorboat and Yachting2002/0124
7476Fairline Phantom 50Olesinki & FairlineYacht, motor51 ftMotorboat and Yachting2002/0157
10224Shearwater White, JoelRowing16 ft LOA - cat rig availableWatercraft2002/0142
1201Catana 401Crowther, LockCatamaran41 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/1298
9078Moody Eclipse 33Dixon, BillYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/12100
10733Tartan 3700Jackett, TimYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/1297
1449Corals LieWall, RaymondYacht, cutter49 ft LOAYachting World2001/1285
1687Discovery 55Holland, RonYacht, sloop54 ft LOAYachting World2001/12111
121RS VareoWadham, MartinDinghy, sailing4.25 m LOAYachts and Yachting2001/1211
934Bipolar DisorderWall, PeterCatamaran49 ft LOAYachting World2001/1287
11646Brandse, JYacht, schooner50 ft LOAYachting World2001/1287
9686ProactiveZabukovec, RobertCatamaran49 ft LOAYachting World2001/1286
3612Victoria of StrathearnLangan Design AssociatesYacht, ketch130 ft LOABoat International2001/1290
3610Hylas 54Frers, GermanYacht, sloop54 ft LOABoat International2001/1270
3609Dalla Pieta 48 AltairDelta Lab Yacht DesignMotor50 ft LOABoat International2001/1264
3608GallantHerreshoff, NathanielYacht, sloop84 ft LOA 1926 restoredBoat International2001/1258
3607CharybdisGuy Couach YachtsMotor93 ft LOABoat International2001/1252
3606X-Yachts 73X-YachtsYacht, sloop74 ft LOABoat International2001/1246
3605TomtitFrers, GermanYacht, sloop56 ft LOABoat International2001/1238
8614LindaWildYacht, motor45 ftClassic Boat2001/1231
3611Christina OCostas CarabelasMotor325 ft LOABoat International2001/1276
10212Sharpie 12 sq mKroger, GebruderDinghy, sailing19 ft LOA C B - see also CB 2004/03 p 26Classic Boat2001/1291
4144Catalina 34Butler, FrankYacht, sloop35 ft LOA 1986Sailing Today2001/1234
2244Westerly Storm 33Dubois, EdYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2001/12118
7888Grand Soliel 43J & J DesignsYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/11102
120Crusader Sports TriMorrison, PhilTrimaran6.10 m LOAYachts and Yachting2001/1178
10296SirenaFrers, GermanYacht, sloop80 ft LOAYachting World2001/11135
11392X 73Jeppesen, NielsYacht, sloop73 ft LOAYachting World2001/11123
455Adventure-ShipMudie, ColinJunk131 ft LOA - T SYachting World2001/1130
11440Z 4-tonnerHarrison Butler, TYacht, sloop29 ft LOAClassic Boat2001/1192
8198IsaloLaws, G UCanoe, sailing18 ftClassic Boat2001/1141
10724TarifaLaws, G UYacht, sloop24 ft LOAClassic Boat2001/1122
9419OmegaSieradzki, JuliuszYacht, sloop42 ft LOA - Omega class - PolandClassic Boat2001/1158
8345JuliaSeers, GeorgeYacht, schooner - AmericaClassic Boat2001/1160
10582Sunny SouthSeers, GeorgeSchooner - AmericaClassic Boat2001/1160
7553FidelityFishing80 ft - zulu typeClassic Boat2001/1153
8212Islay SkiffFisher, PaulYacht16 ft LOA C BWatercraft2001/1134
8820MarletSelway Fisher DesignYacht, yawl30 ft LOD C BWatercraft2001/1155
646Amherst GalleyBolger, Philip C Yacht, schooner26 ft LODWatercraft2001/1153
1445Coquina IIHerreshoff, NattYacht, yawl16 ft - replica of Riviera built 1874Watercraft2001/1128
3340Etap 32s Mortain & MavrikiosYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/10103
10548Sun Odyssey 26 Briand, PhilippeYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/10105
9868Ro 220Toledo, InigoYacht, sloopYachting World2001/10140
11184Walstead 46Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World2001/10136
12100Elliott, GregYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World2001/10137
10530Summer RoseFishing25 ft LOA - HebridesClassic Boat2001/1058
8507Lady NancyBonnesen, A WYacht, cutter39 ft LOAClassic Boat2001/1037
2379Fairline Phantom 50Olesinski. BernardMotor50 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2001/1024
2380SapphireMotor32 ft LOA Broom 9/70Motorboat Monthly2001/1044
2243Macwester 26Roy, C S JYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2001/10116
2381Sea Ray 280 SundancerSea Ray Boats Inc.Motor29 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2001/1064
2382PygmalionFalconMotor22 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2001/1084
3055Atlantic 42Siewert, GregMotor42 ft LOAWooden Boat2001/0987
9307Nordship 35 DSBuchwald, LarsYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/09100
10068Scanyacht 290Yacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/09103
10942Trintella 29Stadt, E G van deYacht, sloop29 ft LOA - see also YW 1969/10 p 455Yachting Monthly2001/09106
3054Don Quixote Del MarPeterson, Murray GSchooner57 ft LOAWooden Boat2001/0950
449AdeleHoek, AndreYacht, ketch179 ft LOA - see also YW 2005/09 p 100Yachting World2001/09140
9808Reesle IIHoek, AndreYacht, schooner195 ft LOAYachting World2001/09141
1294ChristoffelDijkstra, Gerald & PartnersYacht, cutter106 ft LOAYachting World2001/09136
9929Royal Harwich O DClark & SynottYacht, sloop20 ft LOA - Royal Harwich O D classClassic Boat2001/0938
8966MicroBolger, Philip C Yacht, yawl15 ft LOA - cat rigWatercraft2001/0935
11372WorkstarWolstenholme, ADinghy - 3 designsWatercraft2001/0951
2242Cape Cutter 19Dix, DudleyYacht, sloop19 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2001/09120
9681Princess V65Olesinki, BernardYacht, motor66 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2001/0961
11278WhalerWelsford, JohnYacht, yawl19 ft LOA C B - New Zealand designWatercraft2001/0953
11282Whilly BoatOughtred, IainDinghy14 ft - lug or sloop rig - see also WC 2001/09 Watercraft2001/0945
7522FB 80 RecordBuzzi, FabioYacht, motor78 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2001/09125
7965Hanse 311Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/0890
10540Sun Fast 37Faroux, JacquesYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World2001/08175
119SpitfireLoday & WhiteCatamaran5 m LOAYachts and Yachting2001/0827
9580Pheonix 77Humphreys, Rob & Freivokh, KenYacht, cutter77 ft LOAYachting World2001/08167
3214East AnglianBuchanan, AlanYacht, sloop27 ft LOA - East Anglian Restricted classClassic Boat2001/0893
11131VimStephens, OlinYacht, cutter - 12 m classClassic Boat2001/0852
9190NargieMylne, AlfredYacht, cutter - 12 m classClassic Boat2001/0852
8807MarileeHerreshoff, NatYacht, cutter59 ft LOA - New York 40 classClassic Boat2001/0835
4145Moody 33Primrose, AngusYacht, sloop33 ft LOA 1972Sailing Today2001/0858
9646Polar BoundDavidson, DennisYacht, motor48 ft LOA - Polar exploration vessel - see also Motorboat and Yachting2001/0846
8617Linssen DS 45Linssen, PeterYacht, motor45 ft Motorboat and Yachting2001/0824
2241North Beach 24Cobelens, FransYacht, sloop24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2001/08114
2377Sealine S48Sealine InternationalMotor49 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2001/0830
2378Rio 700Rio BoatsMotor24 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2001/0876
7596First 36.7Farr, BruceYacht, sloopBeneteauYachting Monthly2001/0717
9174Najad 400Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop40 ft LOA - see also YM 2001/10 p 96, YW 2001/10 Yachting Monthly2001/0717
3053JessieGartside, PaulDinghy, sailing15 ft LOAWooden Boat2001/0786
118Hobie FX OneColby & BoothCatamaran5.25 m LOAYachts and Yachting2001/0733
1431Contest 44csNissen, GeorgeYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World2001/07100
11311Wild HorsesWhite, JoelYacht, cutter76 ft LOA - W classYachting World2001/07122
3604AnatoliaKalaycioglu, TanjuMotor156 ft LOABoat International2001/0798
7938Hakuma MatataWarrington Smyth, RYacht, sloop31 ft - formerly BountyClassic Boat2001/0747
3603SkipperHoek DesignYacht, sloop100 ft LOABoat International2001/0788
3601Storebro Grand Series No 1Frers, GermanMotor62 ft LOABoat International2001/0760
3600Oyster 62Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop63 ft LOABoat International2001/0752
3602Maxi Dolphin 65Brenta & CoYacht, sloop65 ft LOABoat International2001/0766
9485Pa StrandenBruun, OeerDinghy, sailing15 ft - Danish designWatercraft2001/0718
2680Europa 680/730Saint Cast MarineYacht, sloop7.05/7.3 m LOASailing Today2001/0742
2681Saraband, Westerly PagentLaurent GilesYacht, sloop23 ft LOASailing Today2001/0760
2240Dawn TreaderDubois/HawkinsYacht, sloop26 ft LOA Westerly GriffonPractical Boat Owner2001/07104
14089Skuldelev54 ft - replica of Viking trading vesselWatercraft2001/0720
9452OspreyNewland, NickDinghy, sailing15 ft LOA - see also CB 2002/12 p 37Watercraft2001/0753
1574DakotaGartside, PaulYacht, ketch45 ft LOD Watercraft2001/0755
1323Clipper 393Berret & RacopeauYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/0695
8111Hurley 24/70Anderson, IanYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/0699
3245Elan 45Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/0697
8398Ker 11.3mKer, JasonYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2001/0696
117MRXO'Neill, GeoffDinghy, sailing4.27 m LOAYachts and Yachting2001/0643
10691TalesinHess, LyleYacht, cutter29 ft LODClassic Boat2001/0668
908Benjamin F PhillipsBinney, ArthurSchooner - AmericaClassic Boat2001/0655
1176Carrie E PhillipsBurgess, ArthurSchooner - AmericaClassic Boat2001/0655
1175Carrie D KnowlesBurgess, ArthurSchooner - AmericaClassic Boat2001/0655
1264ChebaccoBurnham, HaroldFishing36 ft - Essex schooner - America - 1804Classic Boat2001/0653
1067Brown BoatHope, LYacht, sloop24 ft LOA - Norfolk Broads O D class - see also Classic Boat2001/0645
14088Fishing - Portugese Grand Banks doryClassic Boat2001/069
11196Wanderer IILaurent GilesYacht, cutter24 ft LOAClassic Boat2001/0637
10187SeraffynHess, LyleYacht, cutter24 ft LOD Classic Boat2001/0668
12513Laurent GilesYacht33 ftClassic Boat2001/0639
7635Flica IILaurent GilesYacht, sloop - 12 m classClassic Boat2001/0638
7874Grace DarlingFishing - Essex schooner - America - 1849Classic Boat2001/0653
11039Vale of YorkLaurent, GilesYacht, sloop36 ftClassic Boat2001/0640
8696M T B 102VosperWarship60 ft LODClassic Boat2001/0661
3153Droleen IILaurent GilesYacht, sloop33 ft LOA - Brittany classClassic Boat2001/0629
9618PinkyFishing - Essex schooner - America - 1840Classic Boat2001/0653
2239Catalac 12mWinterbotham, JohnCatamaran41 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2001/06136
3052Means of GracePaine, ChuckYacht, sloop44 ft LOAWooden Boat2001/0598
8558Legend 290Luhrs MarineYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/0596
9202Nauticat 321NauticatYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/05101
8005Heavenly Twins Mk IIIPatterson, PatCatamaran26 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/05105
13431Stimson, ChristianYacht, sloop41 ft LOA - IR 2000 classYachting World2001/05100
8223J 145Johnstone, RodYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World2001/05109
14087Excise cutter75 ft approx - c1880Classic Boat2001/0549
8897Med 46Barracuda Yacht DesignYacht, sloop46 ft LOAClassic Boat2001/05110
7902GremsaWilson, LenOrkney Yole18 ft LOA Watercraft2001/0521
311Pershing 37PershingMotor39 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2001/0548
8501Lady HeronWolstenholme, AMotor25 ft LOAWatercraft2001/0518
2238Cobra 1050Feltham, DavidYacht, sloop34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2001/05130
10346Snow BuntingSelway Fisher DesignYacht, steam25 ft LOA - see also CB 1997/07 p 61Watercraft2001/0545
3254ElfOughtred, IainFaering15 ft LOAWatercraft2001/0543
2375Fairline Phantom 43Olesinski, BernardMotor44 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2001/0524
2376Chaparral Signature 260ChaparralMotor26 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2001/0566
9572Petite BriseSelway Fisher DesignDinghy, sailing16 ft LOD - yawl rigWatercraft2001/0539
8872Maxi 1100Petterson, PelleYacht, sloop36 ft LOA - see also YW 2000/01 p 129Yachting Monthly2001/0493
116Comet ZeroComet DinghiesDinghy, sailing3.45 m LOAYachts and Yachting2001/0447
759Athena Huisman, WolterYacht, schooner292 ft LOAYachting World2001/04126
7513Farr 40Farr, BruceYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World2001/04 121
1009Borkumriff IVDijkstra, GerryYacht, schooner164 ft LOAYachting World2001/04127
7456Express Cruiser 48SE RI GIYacht, motor49 ft - ItalyClassic Boat2001/04106
10836TidewayWalker, L H & CoDinghy, sailing12 ftClassic Boat2001/0485
1529CuckooFishing17 ft - Gorran Haven crabber - built 1881Classic Boat2001/0422
1365ColumbineAllen, JYacht, yawl81 ft - built 1890Classic Boat2001/049
8511LadybirdPenman, W G SYacht, sloop29 ft LOAClassic Boat2001/0445
2373AmariaBennett, JohnMotor33 ft LOA Princess 33Motorboat Monthly2001/0444
2237DayboatO'Brien Kennedy, GDinghy, sailing14 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2001/04132
2372Maxum 3500 SCRMaxum MarineMotor35 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2001/0434
2374Ocqueteau 760OcqueteauMotor25 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2001/0478
819Baia Zero 43BaiaYacht, motor43 ft Motorboat and Yachting2001/0449
7797Gib'Sea 43Yacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/03103
3050AllegriaTucker, TomYacht, ketch40 ft LOAWooden Boat2001/0358
3051Catbird 24Stambaugh, KarlYacht, ketch24 ft LOAWooden Boat2001/03102
9869RoannaIrens, NigelYacht, yawl37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/03101
7686Franchuni 37LFranchiniYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/0398
7973HarclaRoberts, BruceYacht, cutter28 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/0350
115Musto Performance SkiffHarpprecht, JoachimDinghy, sailing4.55 m LOAYachts and Yachting2001/0335
7512Farr 395Farr, BruceYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World2001/03113
1290ChristianaArcher, ColinLifeboat45 ft LOD - sailing cutter - NorwayClassic Boat2001/0332
11067Vanity VFife, William IIIYacht, sloop70 ft LOAClassic Boat2001/0340
10994TwylightYacht, yawl - Falmouth Quay puntClassic Boat2001/0360
15150BrynbellaWarrington Smyth, RodneyYacht, sloop31 ft LOAClassic Boat2001/0349
13639Warrington Smyth, RMotor28 ftClassic Boat2001/0350
899Bembridge Red WingNicholson, C EYacht, sloop27 ft LOAClassic Boat2001/0391
10129SeabirdYacht, cutter27 ft LOA - based on Fife Seagull designClassic Boat2001/0322
2235PsycheBurnett, EdYacht, yawl38 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2001/034
2236Trapper 28Cuthbertson & CassianYacht, sloop28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2001/03110
2371Sealine 328 SovereignMurrant, TomMotor34 ft LOA 1989Motorboat Monthly2001/0388
2370Mariah Z308 MCCMariah BoatsMotor31 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2001/0366
12336Hesp, JohnDinghy, sailing19 ft LOA C B - ketch rigWatercraft2001/0342
707ArchimedesBuehler, GeorgeYacht, schooner43 ft LODWatercraft2001/0326
3189Dufour ACM ExcellenceACMYacht, motor38 ftMotorboat and Yachting2001/0353
2678Hanse 311Judel / Vrollijk EngineeringYacht, sloop31 ft LOASailing Today2001/0344
2679Forethought, Westerly GK24Giles & HawkinsYacht, sloop24 ft LOA 1974Sailing Today2001/0352
9357Ocean 40J & J DesignsYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/0292
3139Dragonfly 920QuorningTrimaran30 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/0295
3048Kirawan ReduxRhodes, PhilYacht, sloop53 ft LOAWooden Boat2001/0270
3049K-16Northwest Marine DesignDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAWooden Boat2001/0287
114Laser StratosThe Laser CentreDinghy, sailing4.94 m LOAYachts and Yachting2001/0225
13414Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop52 ft LOAYachting World2001/02113
11467ZwerverSparkman & StephensYacht, sloop56 ft LOAYachting World2001/02113
13415Sparkman & StephensYacht, yawl57 ft LOAYachting World2001/02113
14086Fishing27 ft approx - Hastings beach boatClassic Boat2001/0257
10382South Coast O D Nicholson, C AYacht, sloop22 ft LWL - see also CB 2004/01 p 70Classic Boat2001/0291
9108MosquitoYacht, cutter - 50 ton - first British iron shipClassic Boat2001/0266
9675Pride of PortThomas, WYacht, cutter26 ft - Falmouth Quay puntClassic Boat2001/0230
10780The Blue PeterMylne, AlfredYacht, sloop64 ft LOAClassic Boat2001/0236
1642Delphis TenBennet, NigelYacht, motor33 ft Motorboat and Yachting2001/0259
2234Jaquar 25Butler, FrankYacht, sloop25 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2001/0260
2677Beneteau First 35Berret, JeanYacht, sloop35 ft LOASailing Today2001/0246
2676Red Fox VisionThomas, DavidYacht, sloop23 ft LOASailing Today2001/0236
7527Feeling 32Joubert, Nivelt & Roseo, PYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/0196
3250EleonoraHerreshoff, NattYacht, schooner - near replica of Westward - see also CB 2003/0Yachting World2001/01 140
9816Reliance Herreshoff, NattYacht, cutter200 ft LOA - America Cup classYachting World2001/01138
12069Dijksktra, GerardYacht, schooner152 ft LOAYachting World2001/01143
469AileenPeters, FrankDinghy, sailing16 ft - St Mawes O D classClassic Boat2001/0134
2369Bavaria 270 SportBavaria YachtbauMotor28 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2001/01100
12427Irens, NigelYacht, ketch17 ft LOA - lugger rig - King Alfred class - sWatercraft2001/0156
10851Time and TideYacht, ketch19 ft LOA - cat rigWatercraft2001/0131
2233CalipsoSparkman & StephensYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2001/0156
800Azimut 68 PlusBannerberg, JonYacht, motor70 ftMotorboat and Yachting2001/0151
2291Rodman 1250Rodman PolyshipsMotor41 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2001/0146
2292Falcon 275Wostenholme, AndrewMotor28 ft LOA 1996Motorboat Monthly2001/0160
2675Free Trader, Jeanneau Sun Fizz 40Briand, PhillipeYacht, sloop40 ft LOASailing Today2001/0174
2674Jeanneau Sun 2000Petit, OlivierYacht, sloop22 ft LOASailing Today2001/0166
1386Compromis C-34Maas, FransYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/1288
9684Privilege 37JeantotCatamaran36 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/1290
11268Westerly Typhoon 37Dubois, EdYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/1294
9430One 40Lonngren, GuyYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World2000/12113
9544PelagicCastro, TonyYacht, cutter74 ft LOAYachting World2000/1267
113TopazTopper InternationalDinghy, sailing5.2 - 8.3 m LOAYachts and Yachting2000/1257
11630Bombigher, DanielPointu21 ft C BClassic Boat2000/1289
3598My WayBenettiMotor115 ft LOABoat International2000/1268
3597Sunseeker 105Don Shead DesignMotor105 ft LOABoat International2000/1260
3596RosalindStow, H TYacht, ketch118 ft LOA 1904 restoredBoat International2000/1244
12313Heal, GYacht, cutter38 ftClassic Boat2000/1245
1341Cock-a-WhoopPayne, AlfredYacht, sloop27 ft LOA - lug rigClassic Boat2000/1242
13124Payne, AlfredYacht, cutter32 ftClassic Boat2000/1246
3595Navetta 27Ferretti EngineeringMotor90 ft LOABoat International2000/1238
8300JoelleClark, RobertYacht, cutter24 ft LOA - YW 5 tonnerClassic Boat2000/1288
3599NvmptiaStudio ScanuMotor202 ft LOABoat International2000/1276
16348Botnia Targa 31Johan CarpelanMotor10.14 mMotorboat and Yachting2000/1292
16347Jeanneau Prestige 36JeanneauMotor11.13 mMotorboat and Yachting2000/1236
2232Warrior 35Primrose & IllingworthYacht, sloop35 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2000/1270
2672Phebe, Sadler 29Sadler, MartinYacht, sloop28 ft LOASailing Today2000/1244
2671Chillout, Island Packet 320Yacht, sloop33 ft LOASailing Today2000/1234
2673Liz, Elizabethan 30Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop30 ft LOA 1968Sailing Today2000/1274
3047DevaHerreshoff, L FYacht, sloop37 ft LOAWooden Boat2000/1188
10555Sun Odyssey 37Fauroux, JacquesYacht, sloop37 ft LOA - see also YW 2000/06 p 116Yachting Monthly2000/1192
9062Moody 336Dixon, BillYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/1196
3046Hylan, DougDinghy, skiff15 ft LOAWooden Boat2000/1174
10757TenaciousCastro, Tony LtdBarque65 m - Jubilee Sailing TrustYachting World2000/1171
12016Dallimore, NormanYacht, sloop25 ft LOAClassic Boat2000/1127
10125Sea ViewDinghy, sailing12 ft - Sea View S C O D classClassic Boat2000/1159
10092ScudDallimore, NormanYacht, sloop22 ftClassic Boat2000/1129
8721MagnoliaFife, WilliamYacht, cutter51 ft LOAClassic Boat2000/1150
8430Kingfisher IIIRugglesYacht, sloop21 ft LOA C BClassic Boat2000/11110
12017Dallimore, NormanYacht, sloop22 ft - 6 m classClassic Boat2000/1128
8280JessieGartside, PaulYacht, sloop25 ft LOA C B - Tomales Bay O D classWatercraft2000/1147
2230Hanse 292/301Carl Beyer/Yachtzentrum GreifswaldYacht, sloop30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2000/1168
13736Wolstenholme, AMotor15 ft LODWatercraft2000/1145
2669Cumulus, Colvic Watson 34GL Watson & CoYacht, ketch35 ft LOASailing Today2000/1146
2231Stag 28Milne, PeterYacht, sloop28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2000/11106
2668Sea WychedSadler, John VYacht, sloop19 ft LOASailing Today2000/1140
2670Yarmouth 23Freeman, DavidYacht, sloop23 ft LOASailing Today2000/1160
10305SJ 320Jones, StephenYacht, sloop31 ft LOA - Seaquest classYachting Monthly2000/1094
8065HOD 35Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/1094
7882Grand Soleil 34.1Vismara, AlessandroYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/1094
8116Hustler 30Pye, DonYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/10100
11753Burnett, EdYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World2000/10112
804B T Challenge 72Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop72 ft LOAYachting World2000/1082
9175Najad 460Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2000/10119
10051SardonyxParker, FredYacht, sloop40 ftClassic Boat2000/1060
13163Primrose, AngusDinghy, sailing14 ftClassic Boat2000/1038
8536LarryNicholsonYacht, cutter38 ft - built 1907Classic Boat2000/1029
511Alice IIIRogers, SimonYacht, yawl38 ft LOAClassic Boat2000/1021
12998Nelson & Marek Yacht DesignYacht, sloop36 ftClassic Boat2000/1010
1613DebutanteTucker, RobertYacht, sloop21 ft LOAClassic Boat2000/1091
1221CelandineParker, WilliamYacht, sloop22 ft LOA - Waveney O D classClassic Boat2000/1050
2229Catalina 34Butler, FrankYacht, sloop35 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2000/10120
16346Sealine T47SealineMotor14.26 mMotorboat and Yachting2000/1036
16344HTM SR24HTMMotor7.32 mMotorboat and Yachting2000/1090
2666Macwester Rowan 22Roy, CSJYacht, sloop22 ft LOA 1969Sailing Today2000/1054
2667Swiftsure, Etap 24iYacht, sloop26 ft LOASailing Today2000/1072
2228Husky 24Burnard, C WYacht, sloop24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2000/1090
16345Linssen DS45Shead, del Ray, LinssenMotor13.72 mMotorboat and Yachting2000/1046
16343Donzi ZX45DonziMotor13.72 mMotorboat and Yachting2000/1068
3044TautogDias, AntonioMotor25 ft LOAWooden Boat2000/0977
3045SpiritSparkman & StephensYacht, sloop34 ft LOAWooden Boat2000/0982
7952Hallberg Rassy 34Frers, GermanYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/09108
9168Najad 373Najad, Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/09106
10487StellaHolman, C RYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - Stella O D classClassic Boat2000/0989
11322Williams 30Hornsby, John & MattMotor30 ft LOAClassic Boat2000/0942
635Amarylis IILaurent Giles, JackYacht, yawl43 ft LODClassic Boat2000/0987
2606Baia Azzurra 63Baia 1999Motor63 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2000/0982
1610Deben 5 tonnerWhisstock, GeorgeYacht, cutter23 ft LOAWatercraft2000/0947
2605AphrosBennett, JohnMotor43 ft LOA Broom 415OSMotorboat and Yachting2000/0956
8607LilyBolger, Philip C Motor15 ft LOAWatercraft2000/0922
2607Broom 10/70 SceptreBennett, JohnMotor35 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2000/09146
2227Super Seal 26Holland, RonYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2000/09136
9620Pinky KetchSelway Fisher DesignYacht, ketch35 ftWatercraft2000/0956
9389Oceanis Clipper341Group FinotYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/0888
7769Georgia Johnson, GladeYacht, cutter159 ft LOAYachting World2000/08127
7592FireflyPaine, ChuckYacht, sloop60 ft LOA approx.Yachting World2000/08102
8238JacquelineRobertson, A V TDinghy, sailing12 ft - Hill Head S C classClassic Boat2000/0891
12547Lawley & CoDinghy12 ftClassic Boat2000/0872
11173WaioneLoganYacht, cutter41 ft LOAClassic Boat2000/0867
9959SabrinaHarrison Butler, TYacht, cutter26 ft LOA - Yonne classClassic Boat2000/0834
13712Williams, GubbyYacht, sloop22 ft approx - Heir Island classClassic Boat2000/0889
2665Contessa 32Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop32 ft LOASailing Today2000/0860
2664Corsair F-28Farrier Marine IncTrimaran28 ft LOASailing Today2000/0852
2226Etap 24iMarc-Oliver von AhlenYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2000/08134
2290Princess 41/412/414Bennett, JohnMotor41 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2000/0866
2288Pearl 41Bennett, JohnMotor42 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2000/0826
2289Bayliner 2352 TrophyBayliner Marine Corp.Motor25 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly2000/0862
2663Gib'Sea 33DufourYacht, sloop33 ft LOASailing Today2000/0840
2225Sailfish 18Leo da Costa/Maxime MarineYacht, sloop19 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2000/0858
2604Fairline Targa 40Olesinski & FairlineMotor42 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2000/0840
8097Hunter Channel 31Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/0786
3043Gartside, PaulYacht, sloop21 ft LOAWooden Boat2000/0746
3178Dufour 29Dufour, MichelYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/0788
8128I M X 40Jeppesen, NielsYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World2000/07113
112Laser VortexRichards, JoCatamaran4.2 m LOAYachts and Yachting2000/0711
8129I R MMills, MikeYacht, sloopRORC classYachting World2000/0781
8581Leopard 2000Slade, MikeYacht, sloop90 ft LOAYachting World2000/07105
12994Mylne, AlfredYacht, sloop24 ft LOA - Mersey Mylne O D classClassic Boat2000/0791
2223HillyardYacht, sloop18 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2000/0766
11037Vaka MotuWharram, James & Boon, HannekeCatamaran65 ft LOA - Islander 65 classWatercraft2000/0747
2224Westerly Centaur KetchGiles, LaurentYacht, ketch28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2000/07128
2603Sessa Oyster 38Style ProjectMotor40 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2000/07116
2602Mainship 460Mainship 1998Motor48 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2000/0740
11265Westerly TempestDubois, EdYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/0688
9796Red Fox VisionThomas, DavidYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/0651
7791Gib'Sea 33 J & J DesignsYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/0686
11412Yarmouth 23Wyatt & FreemanYacht, cutter23 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/0650
10754TempestSparkman & StephensYacht, ketch80 ft LOAYachting World2000/06129
16236Shamrock VNicholson, C EYacht, cutter119 ft LOA - J classYachting World2000/06137
447AdelaDijkstra, GerryYacht, schooner140 ft LOAYachting World2000/06134
11255Westerly Ocean 37Dubois, EdYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World2000/06117
9518PashaFrank, WilliamYacht, cutter55 ft LOAClassic Boat2000/0628
2222Red Fox VisionThomas, DavidYacht, sloop23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2000/06128
2221Contessa 26Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2000/0676
2662Westerly KonsortLaurent GilesYacht, sloop29 ft LOASailing Today2000/0668
2601GeordieCarverMotor39 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2000/06122
2661Sailfish 18da Costa, LeoYacht, sloop19 ft LOASailing Today2000/0664
2660Sportina 760SportinaYacht, sloop26 ft LOA PolandSailing Today2000/0658
2599Sealine F37Sealine InternationalMotor39 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2000/0650
2600Donzi 26ZXDonzi Marine 1998Motor26 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2000/0668
3042Penobscot 17Davis, ArchDinghy, sailing17 ft LOAWooden Boat2000/0592
8594Liberty 23Thomas, DavidYacht, ketch22 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/0572
9356Ocean 37Dubois, EdYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/0570
684Antartic ExplorerBouvet, Luc & Petit, OlivierYacht, ketch120 ft LOAYachting World2000/0569
1388ConcordiaHunt, RayYacht, yawl39 ft LOA - see also CB 2004/03 p 77Classic Boat2000/0534
8497Lady BirdWoods, HerbertYacht, sloop32 ft LOA - Norfolk BroadsClassic Boat2000/0542
2220Hunter Channel 31Thomas IanYacht, sloop31 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2000/0515
2597ProspectorFairlineMotor37 ft LOA 1981Motorboat and Yachting2000/05104
1083BuckDias, TonyYacht, yawl21 ft LOA C BWatercraft2000/0557
2598Nelson 40/42Thornycroft, PeterMotor41 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2000/05136
2219NimrodProctor, IanDinghy, sailing18 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2000/0574
4143Liz of Lymington Elizabethan 29Holman, fKimYacht, sloop29 ft LOASailing Today2000/0566
9898Romilly SPVIrens, NigelYacht, yawl22 ft LOAWatercraft2000/0555
1197Catalina 310Catalina DesignYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/0498
8959Meteor VOertz, MaxYacht, schoonerClassic Boat2000/0438
9028Miss WinifredYacht, sloop23 ft LOA - replica of Herreshoff designClassic Boat2000/0422
13030Oertz, MaxYacht, iceClassic Boat2000/0436
11191Wander BirdJung, GustavPilot 78 ft LWL - North SeaClassic Boat2000/0451
13029Oertz, MaxPilot 27 ft LOA - TravemundeClassic Boat2000/0434
13031Oertz, MaxYacht, ketch71 ft LOAClassic Boat2000/0439
13032Oertz, MaxYacht, sloop27 ft LOA C BClassic Boat2000/0433
13028Oertz, MaxDinghy10 ftClassic Boat2000/0435
2596Dale Nelson 38Mursell, ArthurMotor41 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2000/0460
2218Oystercatcher 20Varley, JuddYacht, sloop20 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2000/04132
16341Nelson 38TT BoatsMotor12.62 mMotorboat and Yachting2000/0460
2217SeadogFreeman, RegYacht, ketch30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2000/0466
3041Reiff Runner 24Rieff, BrionMotor24 ft LOAWooden Boat2000/0398
16056Lucy, Scanmar 33Magnusson, RolfYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/03132
7530Feeling 36Kemp, DixonYacht, cutter40 ft LWLClassic Boat2000/0331
1093ButterflyKemp, DixonYacht, cutter48 ft LWLClassic Boat2000/0330
14085Fishing27 ft LOA - Clovelly herringClassic Boat2000/0346
7589FirecrestKemp, DixonYacht, cutter39 ft LOAClassic Boat2000/0328
2659Albin VegaBrohall, PerYacht, sloop27 ft LOASailing Today2000/0354
1401ConsutaSaunders, SamYacht, steam50 ft LOA - see also WC 2003/07 p 26, CB 2002/08 Watercraft2000/0344
2658Drascombe LuggerWatkinson, JohnYacht, lugger19 ft LOA 1960Sailing Today2000/0351
2595Beneteau Ombrine 900Starck, PhillppeMotor31 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting2000/0346
2215West Wight PotterSmith, StanleyDinghy, sailing14 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2000/0350
16342Beneteau Ombrine 900BeneteauMotor9.4 mMotorboat and Yachting2000/0346
2216Mirage 26Walsh Wakefield LtdYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2000/03134
9573Petite MarisSelway Fisher DesignYacht, cutter19 ft LOAWatercraft2000/0355
1628Dehler 39 Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/0286
7695FreedomAlden, John GYacht, schooner88 ft LOAClassic Boat2000/0232
1653Design 614Alden, John GYacht, schooner72 ft LOAClassic Boat2000/0234
11502Alden, John GDinghy, sailing11 ftClassic Boat2000/0228
10498Stir VenVivier, FrancoisYacht, sloop22 ft C BClassic Boat2000/02112
7524Feather pramOughtred, IainDinghy6 ftClassic Boat2000/0253
8766MandooAlden, John GYacht, yawl71 ft LOAClassic Boat2000/0233
8073HopeAlden, John GYacht, cutter50 ft LOAClassic Boat2000/0230
8748Malabar XAlden, John GYacht, schooner58 ft - see also CB 2004/03 p 42Classic Boat2000/0231
9664Port Isaac LuggerCastle, MartinFishing16 ft - see also CB 2000/04 p 71Classic Boat2000/02108
11170WaarschipsStadt, Kees van deYacht, sloopClassic Boat2000/0261
2656Elizabethan 30Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop30 ft LOA 1968Sailing Today2000/0250
2214Plymouth Pilot 24K R Skentlelberry & SonsMotor24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2000/02116
2213Varne 27/850Stewart, DuncanYacht, sloop28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2000/0252
3040ElfOughtred, IainCanoe, sailing15 ft LOAWooden Boat2000/0190
10476Starlight 45Jones, StephenYacht, sloop46 ft LOA - see also YM 2001/01 p 90Yachting Monthly2000/01121
9081Moody Excel 34Dixon, BillYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/01110
11227WenderHolmes, G FYacht, cutter29 ft LOAYachting World2000/01129
8940MermaidMcBride, IanYacht, sloop22 ft LOAClassic Boat2000/0169
8978MillyWestmacott, AlfredYacht, sloop - Sunbeam classClassic Boat2000/0148
8650Lona IIClark, RobertYacht, cutter32 ft LOAClassic Boat2000/0125
11880Clark, RobertCanoe, sailing16 ft LOAClassic Boat2000/0133
11882Clark, RobertYacht, sloop32 ft LOAClassic Boat2000/0137
11881Clark, RobertYacht, sloop20 ft LOA -Royal Corinthian Y C O D class -1908Classic Boat2000/0136
1611Deben CherubEverson, Alfred AYacht, sloop21 ft - see also CB 2003/07 p 77Classic Boat2000/0154
653AmyClark, RobertYacht, ketch35 ft LOA - Y M competition 1908Classic Boat2000/0135
3200Dutch EelLauwers, DirkYacht, cutter22 ft LOAClassic Boat2000/0175
8331JouetBackman, TorolfYacht, sloop22 ft LOAClassic Boat2000/0172
2212Yarmouth 23Wyatt & FreemanYacht, sloop23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner2000/01112
8716MagalenaPfannenschmidt, ErnieCatboat20 ft LOD - Canadian designWatercraft2000/0159
7269Sunseeker Rapallo 36Shead, DonMotor36 ft 1985Motorboat Monthly2000/01106
7268Goldfish 32 SportcruiserSollieMotor33 ftMotorboat Monthly2000/0198
7270Sturier Trawler 480ACVolhardingYacht, motor48 ftMotorboat Monthly2000/01112
2654Sun Odyssey 37Jeanneau NeewcoYacht, sloop37 ft LOASailing Today2000/0148
2655Hunter Liberty & MinstrelThomas, DavidYacht, sloop22 ft LOASailing Today2000/0172
9575PetrelBolger, Philip C Yacht, yawl20 ft approxWatercraft2000/0119
11625Bolger, Philip C Yacht, schooner31 ftWatercraft2000/0123
11624Bolger, Philip C Dory15 ftWatercraft2000/0120
11321William D JochunsBolger, Philip C Yacht, schooner25 ft C BWatercraft2000/0122
7967Hanse 331Sodergren, HakanYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1999/1278
8332Jouet 1040Mareschal, YvesYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1999/12118
107StealthPierce, JohnDinghy, sailing5.05 m LOAYachts and Yachting1999/129
106Westerly 33Dubois, EdYacht, sloop10.15 m LOAYachts and Yachting1999/127
14084Fishing65 ft - Colne smackClassic Boat1999/120
10047SarahMoran, JoYacht, cutter20 ft LOA Classic Boat1999/1224
2210TomahawkHill, AlanYacht, sloop25 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/1252
16380Eastbay 43Ray HuntMotor14.36 mMotorboat and Yachting1999/1236
2211Island Packet 350Johnson, BobYacht, sloop35 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/1276
3039Ryder-Turner, DavidCanoe, yawl25 ft LOAWooden Boat1999/1198
3169Dufour 36 CCMortain & MavrikiosYacht, sloop36 ft LOA - see also YM 2003/06 p95Yachting Monthly1999/1183
1662Deux FreresTramassetYacht, sloop45 ft LOA - built 1892Classic Boat1999/1162
11211WatermaidenHarrison Butler, TYacht, ketch30 ft LOAClassic Boat1999/1124
2208First 285Finot, Jean-MarieYacht, sloop28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/1152
16379Windy 25Hans Jorgen JonsenMotor7.68 mMotorboat and Yachting1999/1194
827Baltic LuggerSelway Fisher DesignYacht, yawl17 ft LODWatercraft1999/1157
16378Fairline Phantom 46Fairline / OlesinskiMotor14.59 mMotorboat and Yachting1999/1140
2209Sporting 680Skrzat, AndrzejYacht, sloop22 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/11100
8393KelpieBright, ARowing15 ftWatercraft1999/1146
2653Leisure 23Pryor, FrankYacht, sloop23 ft LOASailing Today1999/1148
8203Island Packet 350Johnson, BobYacht, cutter36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1999/10102
8026HergaCoopersPilot41 ft LOAClassic Boat1999/1091
8067HolmsbuOwles, John & MaxDinghy, sailing12 ftClassic Boat1999/1032
8046HighlanderFisher, PaulDinghy, sailing16 ftClassic Boat1999/1067
11900Cockshott, GeorgeDinghy, sailing12 ft - Italian classClassic Boat1999/1060
991Bob Kat IIStephens, OlinYacht, sloop - 6 m classClassic Boat1999/1013
2206Vera JaneClark, RobertYacht, sloop24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/1060
2207Feeling 356Vaton & RoseoYacht, sloop35 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/10110
2652Moody 31Yacht, sloop31 ft LOASailing Today1999/1056
2650Catalina 22Butler & DouglasYacht, sloop21 ft LOASailing Today1999/1046
2649Red Fox 200EThomas, DavidYacht, sloop20 ft LOASailing Today1999/1043
16377Levi 27 CorsairLeviMotor8.69 mMotorboat and Yachting1999/1046
2648Etap 21iMortain & MavrikiosYacht, sloop21 ft LOASailing Today1999/1040
16376Cranchi 28CranchiMotor9.1 mMotorboat and Yachting1999/1046
16375Sunseeker Manhatten 74Sunseeker / Shead / FreivockMotor22.6 mMotorboat and Yachting1999/1082
2651First 211Group FinotYacht, sloop21 ft LOASailing Today1999/1048
3038Belford GrayMorse, Wibur AYacht, sloop29 ft LOAWooden Boat1999/0998
8640Lizzie MayPowell, LukeYacht, cutter42 ft LOA - Pilot type - see also CB 2001/11 p39Yachting Monthly1999/0942
8030HeroRitchie, MichaelYacht, sloop16 ft C B - Herreshoff typeClassic Boat1999/0978
7632FleuretteBorricksYacht, motor33 ft LOAClassic Boat1999/0974
12405Howlett, IanYacht, sloop - 6 m classClassic Boat1999/0935
14083Fishing17 ft Snipa - Sweden/ DenmarkClassic Boat1999/0960
955BlixtenFishing36 ft approx - replica of Swedish SpidsgatterClassic Boat1999/0954
8049Hilbre O DBuchanan, AlanYacht, sloop19 ft LOA C BClassic Boat1999/09105
16373Sealine S41SealineMotor12.89 mMotorboat and Yachting1999/0956
782AustralSmaalders, MarkYacht, cutter29 ftWatercraft1999/0935
16374Baia Flash 48Baia & GaleazziMotor14.7 mMotorboat and Yachting1999/09134
2205JoelleClark, RobertYacht, sloop24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/0960
2647Achilles 24Lee, Oliver JYacht, sloop24 ft LOASailing Today1999/09116
2646Legend 290Hunter Marine Corp.Yacht, sloop29 ft LOASailing Today1999/0942
860Bavaria 31J & J DesignsYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly1999/0884
1051D 35One-Design LLCYacht, sloop10.7 m LOAYachts and Yachting1999/0863
10599SurpriseDinghy, sailing22 ft LOA - converted National 18 classClassic Boat1999/0874
14082Fishing30 ft - Viet NamClassic Boat1999/0858
1488CourlisHolm, TorYacht, sloop38 ft approx - 6 m classClassic Boat1999/0838
13462TatchellYacht, sloop34 ft approx - 6 m classClassic Boat1999/0835
2204Legend 240Hunter MarineYacht, sloop24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/0886
2202Medina 20Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop20 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/0850
4141Clovelly Girl, Westerly CentaurLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop26 ft LOASailing Today1999/0830
4142Belladonna Daz CatNewton, DarrenCatamaran32 ft LOASailing Today1999/0840
2203Norfolk SmugglerWolstenholme, AndrewYacht, sloop7.69 m LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/0883
16371AerconRob HumphreysMotor13.45 mMotorboat and Yachting1999/0852
16372Sea Ray 280Sea RayMotor8.38 mMotorboat and Yachting1999/08113
3037SkylarkGartside, PaulDinghy, sailing14 ft LOAWooden Boat1999/0790
7763Gemini 105MSmith, TonyCatamaran33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1999/0786
10429erBethwaite, JulianDinghy, sailing4.45 m LOAYachts and Yachting1999/0721
10281SilverstreakShepherd, FredYacht, ketch44 ft LOAClassic Boat1999/0744
510AlicePlatten, DavidDinghy, sailing10 ftClassic Boat1999/0770
13332Shepherd, FredMotor18 ft -yacht launchClassic Boat1999/0740
14081Dinghy, sailing4.5 m LWL - New Zealand designed FinnClassic Boat1999/0755
14080Dinghy, sailing4.5 m LWL - British designed FinnClassic Boat1999/0754
1063Brooke IShepherd, FredYacht, motor40 ftClassic Boat1999/0738
13333Shepherd, FredYacht, cutter32 ft - Bawley typeClassic Boat1999/0741
7989Haven 12 1/2White, JoelYacht, sloop16 ft LOD - based on Herreshoff design - see alsWatercraft1999/0741
16370Princess 38PrincessMotor12.14 mMotorboat and Yachting1999/0750
2201Hunter 490Lee, OliverDinghy, sailing15 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/0790
2200Elan 295Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/0751
12195Gartside, PaulYacht, cutter30 ft LODWatercraft1999/0737
655AmyWelsford, JohnYacht, yawl14 ft - New Zealand deisgnWatercraft1999/0732
16055Rustler 42Jones, StephenYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting Monthly1999/0670
14079Lifeboat30 ft - restoration - N S W AustraliaClassic Boat1999/0670
893BelkovPrice, MickYacht, motor34 ftClassic Boat1999/0644
16369ACM EliteJ&J DesignMotor9.41 mMotorboat and Yachting1999/06112
2197Jaguar 21Mullins, JohnYacht, sloop21 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/0642
2198GypsyWoods, RichardYacht, sloop28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/0646
2199Moody 33Primrose, AngusYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/0652
2645Hunter Channel 27HunterYacht, sloop27 ft LOASailing Today1999/0630
3241Elan 333Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1999/0561
3036Eun Na MaraOughtred, IainYacht, yawl20 ft LOAWooden Boat1999/0594
3035BagatelleHerreshoff, Nathanael GYacht, sloop25 ft LOA 1914Wooden Boat1999/0532
1253Channel 27Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting Monthly1999/0590
901BenbowClark, RobertYacht, cutter71 ft LOAClassic Boat1999/0538
7831GleamClark, RobertYacht, sloop17 ft LOAClassic Boat1999/0537
10788The LionRobb, Arthur CYacht, sloop35 ft LOAClassic Boat1999/0591
1091ButtercupClark, RobertYacht, sloop25 ft LOAClassic Boat1999/0535
3317ErivaleClark, RobertYacht, sloop54 ft LOAClassic Boat1999/0537
8311JolietteClark, RobertYacht, cutter38 ft LOAClassic Boat1999/0538
12310Hazel, JimDinghy10 ft - two partClassic Boat1999/0573
16366Sea Ray 380Sea RayMotor12.4 mMotorboat and Yachting1999/0554
2196Landau 20Thomas, DavidMotor20 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/05103
16367Sea Ray 460Sea RayMotor15.65 mMotorboat and Yachting1999/0554
9665Port LouisSelway Fisher DesignYacht, cutter20 ft LOD C BWatercraft1999/0553
9652PollyWolstenholme, AMotor13 ftWatercraft1999/0538
2644Prout 38ProutCatamaran38 ft LOASailing Today1999/0532
16368Goodvaer 1250Olivier F van MeerMotor12.6 mMotorboat and Yachting1999/05122
1618Dehler 29Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly1999/0493
15148StormWolstenholme, AndrewYacht, sloop35 ftYachts and Yachting1999/0454
15149Isis 21Stevens, SvenDinghy, sailing6.4 mYachts and Yachting1999/0433
1074BrunnhildeYacht, schooner35 ft LOA - Tancook whaler typeClassic Boat1999/0426
12495Kroger BrosYacht, sloop19 ft LOA - 12 sq m classClassic Boat1999/0447
11433Young LarryCouture, RichardYacht, yawl44 ft Classic Boat1999/0432
2195Badnam LaunchThomas, DavidMotor26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/04144
2194Yellow DolphinRoy, CyrilYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/0456
3034Sand DollarDavis ArchDinghy, sailing11 ft LOAWooden Boat1999/03106
8840Mary RansomeLaurent Giles, JackYacht, ketch28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1999/0380
9624Pintail IIRossiter, HughYacht, cutter27 ft LOAClassic Boat1999/0334
8136IdemCrane, Clinton HYacht, sloop32 ft LOD - Idem classClassic Boat1999/0336
10468Star TwentyBates, W & SonYacht, motor20 ftClassic Boat1999/0352
1238ChabukaWolstenholme, AYacht, sloop23 ft LOAClassic Boat1999/0364
1685Dirk IIFife, WYacht, yawl60 ft LOAClassic Boat1999/0324
2193TalismanDixon, TonyYacht, sloop22 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/0338
16364Rhea 750Michel JoubertMotor7.48 mMotorboat and Yachting1999/0380
9650PollyHesp, JohnYacht, sloop16 ft LOAWatercraft1999/0359
16365Princess V40Marine ProjectsMotor12.56 mMotorboat and Yachting1999/03102
16363Azimut 42Stefano RighiniMotor13.29 mMotorboat and Yachting1999/0350
2643Legend 260iHunter Marine Corp.Yacht, sloop26 ft LOASailing Today1999/0332
7528Feeling 356DIVaton, GillesYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1999/02103
3167Dufour 31Dufour, MichelYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1999/02105
12324Herreshoff Yacht, cutter106 ft LOA - New York 70 ft classClassic Boat1999/0245
12325Herreshoff Yacht, sloop43 ft LOA - New York 30 ft classClassic Boat1999/0243
10758Tender DreamBombigher, DanielYacht, sloop26 ft LOAClassic Boat1999/0228
2192FivlaSandison, DuncanYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/02128
16362Fairline Squadron 62FairlineMotor19.63 mMotorboat and Yachting1999/0250
2642Starlight 35Jones & SherwellYacht, sloop36 ft LOASailing Today1999/0234
2191Merrywake IIHumphreys, RobYacht, sloop28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/0237
9472Oyster 53Humphreys, RobYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1999/0173
9076Moody 54Dixon, BillYacht, sloop54 ft LOA - see also YW 2000/08 p 111Yachting Monthly1999/0173
10538Sun Fast 26Briand, PhilippeYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1999/0178
8566Legend 420LegendYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1999/0177
3033Gartside, PaulMotorsailer38 ft LOAWooden Boat1999/0176
10387Southerly 110Humphreys, Rob Yacht, sloop36 ft LOA - see also YM 1999/09 p 108Yachting Monthly1999/0179
9330North Wind 43Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting Monthly1999/0174
9167Najad 361Segerlind, ErikYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1999/01121
1836Bowman 48CCPaine, ChuckYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World1999/01130
1837Sydney 40Murray Burns & DoveyYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1999/01141
1834Red MaxSimonis, AlexYacht, sloop63 ft LOAYachting World1999/01124
1835North Island 53Elliot, GregYacht, sloop53 ft LOAYachting World1999/01127
1833TiketitanFrers, GermanYacht, sloop89 ft LOAYachting World1999/0190
13429Stephens, OlinYacht, sloop21 ft - Sound Junior classClassic Boat1999/0144
8639Lizzie MayLaurent, GilesYacht, yawl20 ftClassic Boat1999/0172
10614Svenska IIDinwiddy, Tom NYacht, cutter31 ft LOAClassic Boat1999/0125
10731Tartan 27Stephens, OlinYacht, sloop27 ft Classic Boat1999/0148
12006Dalgleish, RosDinghy8 ftClassic Boat1999/0176
13488Teale, JohnYacht22 ftClassic Boat1999/0188
8733Maid of KentHope, LintonYacht, cutter24 ft LOAClassic Boat1999/0116
2641Red Fox 200Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop20 ft LOASailing Today1999/0194
16350Landguard Nelson 113TT DesignsMotorMotorboat and Yachting1999/0186
2190Samphire 23Cannell, DavidYacht, sloop23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1999/01106
16349Sealine T46SealineMotorMotorboat and Yachting1999/0168
12062Dias, TonyYacht, schooner30 ft LOAWatercraft1999/0157
8560Legend 310Mazza, RobYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/1280
8249James CairdYacht, yawl - used by ShackletonYachting Monthly1998/1268
1328CloudHess, LyleYacht, cutter40 ft LOA - see also CB 1994/06 p 47Yachting Monthly1998/1251
9331Northeast 400Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/1284
4819Elan 333Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1998/12114
4818Najad 490Judel, Vrojlijk, SegerlindYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World1998/12106
103OD 35Humphreys, RobYacht, sailing10.63 m LOAYachts and Yachting1998/1229
4817WallyBrenta, LucaYacht, sloop107 ft LOAYachting World1998/1252
102Laser EPSLoday, YvesDinghy, sailing4.03 m LOAYachts and Yachting1998/1241
9438OpreisningenFemboring44 ft - Viking longboatClassic Boat1998/1225
10693TalismanAlden JohnYacht, schooner43 ft LODClassic Boat1998/1234
3351Eun Na NaraOughtred, IainYacht, yawl19 ft C BClassic Boat1998/1215
16309ShiradeeGuiseppe SoleYacht, motor148 ftBoat International1998/1276
16306Desirade Nauta 92Bruce Farr & AssociatesYacht, sloop92 ft LOABoat International1998/1256
16307Ultimate LadyCraig Loomes Design Group LtdYacht, motor88 ftBoat International1998/1262
16308JamiDelta Design GroupYacht, motor124 ftBoat International1998/1268
16305Manhattan 74, SunseekerShead, DonYacht, motor74 ftBoat International1998/1250
3273EllideMosher, Charles DYacht, steam80 ft LOAClassic Boat1998/1250
2189Nimrod 34Hill, AlanYacht, sloop34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/12100
2188Fairey FishermanFairey MarineYacht, sloop27 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/1240
2640Nautitech 395DufourCatamaran39 ft LOASailing Today1998/1292
3032Rabbit 38Kaufman Design inc.Motor38 ft LOAWooden Boat1998/1192
9184Nancy BlackettHillyard, DavidYacht, cutter - owned by Arthur RansomeYachting Monthly1998/1128
3170Dufour 39CCMortain & MavrikiosYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/1176
1179Carter 30Carter, DickYacht, sloop29 ft LOA - see also YW 1980/06 p 107Yachting Monthly1998/1181
101Sydney 40Murray, Burns & DovellYacht, sloop12.5 m LOA Admirals Cup contenderYachts and Yachting1998/1133
4816RebeccaFrers, GermanYacht, ketch139 ft LOAYachting World1998/1160
11899Cockshott, GeorgeDinghy, sailing12 ft - International 12 classClassic Boat1998/1113
9517PartridgeWebb, J BeavorYacht, cutter72 ft LOAClassic Boat1998/1126
12757Melo, SergioYacht37 ft C BClassic Boat1998/1155
11825Castle, MartinYacht29 ft - MFV typeClassic Boat1998/1154
14078Punt12 ft apprx - TasmaniaClassic Boat1998/1146
13106Pasciuti, DavidYacht36 ftClassic Boat1998/1155
10409SpatSchofield, FrankDinghy, sailing16 ft - Winkle Brig classWatercraft1998/1142
2187Trapper TS 240Dubois, EdYacht, sloop24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/1134
10036SapphireSelway Fisher DesignYacht, steam19 ft LODWatercraft1998/1153
2639Freedom 21Hoyt, GaryYacht, sloop22 ft LOASailing Today1998/1192
12194Gartside, PaulYacht, cutter20 ft LODWatercraft1998/1155
8904MehalahDuantless Boat CoDinghy, sailing12 ftWatercraft1998/1127
9380Oceanis 36 C CBerret & RacopeauYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/1090
4814Sydney 40Murray, Burns & DovellYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1998/10146
99CruzHowlett, IanDinghy, sailing4.47 m LOAYachts and Yachting1998/1045
4815Jeanneau, Sun Odyssey 42.2Dumas, Guy RibadeauYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1998/10150
100ClassicHowlett, IanDinghy, sailing4.47 m LOAYachts and Yachting1998/1045
98Sport 14Howlett, IanDinghy, sailing4.58 m LOAYachts and Yachting1998/1045
12423Hytonen, PasiYacht33 ft LOA - see also CB 1998/11 p 51Classic Boat1998/1046
9992Sally KatrinaBackman, TorolfYacht31 ft LOAClassic Boat1998/1048
11217Wave RamblerHazel, R JYacht26 ft LOA - see also CB 1998/11 p 52Classic Boat1998/1047
11579Benford, Jay Yacht27 ft LOAClassic Boat1998/1052
8867MaxNorrin, TeddyYacht, yawl20 ft LOD Classic Boat1998/1056
16304IndependencePerini Navi SpA/1998Yacht, sloop174 ft LOABoat International1998/10116
16300Princess 65Olesinski, BernardYacht, motor69 ftBoat International1998/1080
16301Grand soleil 46.3J&J DesignYacht, sloop47 ft LOABoat International1998/1088
9649PollyHenwood, ColinMotor13 ftClassic Boat1998/1032
16302Sunquest 50John A Bennett & AssociatesYacht, motot50 ftBoat International1998/1094
16303Destiny LangkawiDiana Yacht DesignYacht, motor173 ftBoat International1998/10104
2638Feeling 356Yacht, sloop35 ft LOASailing Today1998/1090
2186Limbo 6.6Stewart, AndrewYacht, sloop22 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/1038
1436CookieWharram, JamesCatamaran21 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/0974
9696Prout 38Feltham, DavidCatamaran38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/09114
10586Sun-Rise 35Fauroux, JacquesYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/09119
97Inter 20Morelli, GinoCatamaran6.12 m LOAYachts and Yachting1998/0927
4813YW H42Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1998/0964
4139LibertyPerini Navi spaYacht, ketch172 ft LOAYachting World1998/09116
96MX-RayMurnikov, VladDinghy, sailing13 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1998/097
721ArielFifeYacht, cutterClassic Boat1998/0933
14077Yacht, barge21 ft approxClassic Boat1998/0962
1695Dodo IVFifeYacht, yawlClassic Boat1998/0934
2637Frances 34Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop34 ft LOASailing Today1998/09124
2185Lona IIPain Clark, JYacht, sloop38 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/0990
7905Grey SealDawson, C WYacht, sloop22 ft LOAWatercraft1998/0926
7907Grey SwanSelway Fisher DesignYacht, cutter16 ftWatercraft1998/0932
9247Newport PointCuller, R DYacht20 ft - cat rigWatercraft1998/0949
1697DogbodyCuller, R DYacht, schooner21 ft Watercraft1998/0950
11280Wherry YawlCuller, R DYacht10 ft - cat rigWatercraft1998/0948
10549Sun Odyssey 29.2Fauroux, JacquesYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/0868
4809Farr 65Farr, BruceYacht, sloop65 ft LOAYachting World1998/08118
4812CNB64Farr, BruceYacht, aerorig64 ftYachting World1998/08130
481018.3 m sloopButler, JohnYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World1998/08120
4811Contest 48CSZaal & NissenYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1998/08124
4808Group 4, Open 60Finot & ConqYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World1998/0862
16298Silver LiningChristensen ShipyardsYacht, motor155 ftBoat International1998/0880
13016Nicholson, C EYacht, sloop20 ft - Victory classClassic Boat1998/0852
10526SultanaWarship50 ft LOD - armed schooner - America - See alsoClassic Boat1998/0844
16299La MasqueradeF de VoogtYacht, motor98 ftBoat International1998/0889
2184TosherHeard, TerryYacht, ketch19 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/0898
2635Nauticat 331SiltalaYacht, ketch32 ft LOASailing Today1998/0880
2636Pippin 20Tucker, TonyYacht, sloop21 ft LOASailing Today1998/0890
2183Red Fox 200SThomas, DavidYacht, sloop20 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/0842
2182Cobra 850Feltham, DavidYacht, sloop29 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/0838
8225J 32Johnstone, RodYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/0778
640AmeliaYacht, sloop35 ft LOA - Rival 36 classYachting Monthly1998/0751
4805BT ChallengeHumphreys, RobYacht, sloop72 ft LOAYachting World1998/0788
4806Swan 56Frers, GermanYacht, sloop56 ft LOAYachting World1998/07130
4807Swan 57RSFrers, GermanYacht, sloop59 ft LOAYachting World1998/07132
442Prima 38Jones, StephenYacht, sloop11.59 m LOAYachts and Yachting1998/0711
48RS300Everest, CliveDinghy, sailing4.25 m LOAYachts and Yachting1998/0743
11913Comben, ArthurYacht, sloop16 ft C BClassic Boat1998/0749
16290Ultimate 85Olesinski, BernardYacht, motor85 ftBoat International1998/0750
8951Mersey CruiserComben, ArthurYacht, motor35 ftClassic Boat1998/0746
7871GraceComben, ArthurMotor - surf boat - West AfricaClassic Boat1998/0748
7647Flying BreezeComben, ArthurYacht, motor20 ft approxClassic Boat1998/0747
11912Comben, ArthurMotor22 ftClassic Boat1998/0746
16293NirvanaCLM EngineeringYacht, motor104 ftBoat International1998/0768
16292Birchwood 400 CrusaderBirchwood Marine InternationalYacht, motor41 ftBoat International1998/0762
16294FreesiaVripack YachtingYacht, motor121 ftBoat International1998/0776
16291CNB 64Bruce farr & AssociatesYacht, sloop64 ft LOABoat International1998/0756
11914Comben, ArthurYacht, sloop25 ftClassic Boat1998/0750
9949Ruth D OsterGartside, PaulDinghy9 ft Watercraft1998/0751
3350Eun MaraOughtred, IainYacht, yawl19 ft LOAWatercraft1998/0715
14855Princess 435Olesinski, BernardMotor44 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1998/0784
14854Windy, 43 TyphoonWindy BoatsMotor43 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1998/0766
14852Saga 26HTSaga TradingMotor26 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1998/0734
501AlertBolger, Philip C Yacht, yawl33 ftWatercraft1998/0743
14853Power Game II, Super Moonraker 36DC MarineMotor36 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1998/0748
2181Hardy 36Wolstenholme, AndrewMotor36 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/07130
2180PippinTucker, TonyYacht, sloop19 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/0742
2179MG335Castro, TonyYacht, sloop34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/0738
12193Gartside, PaulYacht, cutter22 ft LOD C BWatercraft1998/0753
10196Shady LadyTucker, RobertYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/0649
3242Elan 36Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/0692
4802Tanton 50Tanton Inc.Yacht, ketch50 ft LOAYachting World1998/06113
4804Beneteau 40.7Farr, BruceYacht, sloop40 ftYachting World1998/06122
47Beneteau 40.7Yacht, sloop11.99 m LOAYachts and Yachting1998/0621
4803Prima 38Jones & SherwillYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1998/06114
9468Oyster Bailey, CharlesYacht, yawl31 ft LOAClassic Boat1998/0670
13731Wolstenholme, ACatboat16 ftClassic Boat1998/0638
13733Wolstenholme, AMotor18 ft - electric launchClassic Boat1998/0640
13735Wolstenholme, AYacht, motor28 ft - electric/diesel propulsionClassic Boat1998/0642
9363Ocean DuckFaloci, FlavioYacht, cutter24 ft LOAClassic Boat1998/0614
13732Wolstenholme, AMotor21 ft - regatta launchClassic Boat1998/0640
13734Wolstenholme, AYacht, barge45 ft Classic Boat1998/0642
8504Lady LouRampart Boatbuilding WorksYacht, motor40 ftClassic Boat1998/0649
2177Westerly GK24Hawkins & GilesYacht, sloop24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/0646
16339Sabreline 36SabreMotor12.29 mMotorboat and Yachting1998/0646
16340Birchwood 310BirchwoodMotor10.17 mMotorboat and Yachting1998/06112
2634Southerly 115Yacht, sloop37 ft LOASailing Today1998/0647
2178Cornish Crabber 22Dongray, RogerYacht, sloop22 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/0698
871Bavaria 38 OceanJ & J DesignsYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/0550
8468L M 28LM Glasfiber a sYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/0559
3031Delft 25Sponberg, EricYacht, sloop26 ft LOAWooden Boat1998/05102
3030SallyStrange, AlbertCanoe, yawl25 ft LOAWooden Boat1998/0542
4800HyperionFrers, GermanYacht, sloop156 ft LOAYachting World1998/0576
4801Moody 46Dixon, BillYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World1998/05108
1065Broom Ocean 38Wolstenholme, AYacht, motor38 ftClassic Boat1998/0539
7974Hardy 36Wolstenholme, AYacht, motor36 ftClassic Boat1998/0539
11736Buchanan, AlanDinghy, sailing14 ft - Blackwater classClassic Boat1998/0539
10472StarfieBuchanan, AlanYacht, sloop - Y M 3 TonnerClassic Boat1998/0538
2176Hunter SonataThomas, DavidYacht, sloop22 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/0552
2175Contessa 32Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop32 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/0546
3341Etap 34sHarle-MortainYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/0490
46Laser 2000The Laser CentreDinghy, sailing4.44 m LOAYachts and Yachting1998/0449
4797KotickElliot, GregYacht, sloop51 ft LOAYachting World1998/0478
4798Premier DiscoveryDixon, BillYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1998/04112
4799Oyster 56Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop57 ft LOAYachting World1998/04122
4796Mari-Cha IIIBriand, PhilippeYacht, ketch147 ft LOAYachting World1998/0466
1628646 Sport CruiserDixon, BillYacht, motor46 ftBoat International1998/0476
11640Boyd, DavidYacht, sloop21 ft - Loch Long O D classClassic Boat1998/0450
12263Haggas, Lockwood EWarship - U S Coastguard chase boatClassic Boat1998/0445
10680TaepingBuchanan, AlanYacht, sloop31 ftClassic Boat1998/0440
12264Haggas, Lockwood EYacht, motor35 ftClassic Boat1998/0446
12261Haggas, Lockwood EMotor24 ft - also 35 ft designClassic Boat1998/0442
16288SavannahPedrick Yacht Designs]Yacht, sloop90 ft LOABoat International1998/0490
16287SealineSealine InternationalYacht, motor51 ftBoat International1998/0482
11735Buchanan, AlanYacht, sloop30 ftClassic Boat1998/0442
320 Fox, UffaLifeboat - airborne - Mk I 23 ft and MK II 30 ftClassic Boat1998/0453
16285Paradise BlueHolland, RonYacht, sloop65 ft LOABoat International1998/0464
9292NomadBurnett, EdYacht, cutter43 ft LOAClassic Boat1998/0423
8627Little JimLaversFishing22 ft approx - Beer luggerClassic Boat1998/0447
7906Grey SealOughtred, IainYacht, sloop22 ftClassic Boat1998/0428
12262Haggas, Lockwood EMotor60 ft - also 41 ft designClassic Boat1998/0444
16289KatrionF de VoogtYacht, motor158 ftBoat International1998/04102
2172Laser 28Farr, BruceYacht, sloop28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/0450
2171Etap 21iMortain & MavrikiosYacht, sloop21 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/0444
2173Devon YawlDevon CraftDinghy, yawl16 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/04112
2174Parkstone Bay 21Mitchell, LenMotor21 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/04134
3029Gartside CutterGartside, PaulYacht, cutter19 ft LOAWooden Boat1998/0398
7671Forgus 37Samuelsson, HugoYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/0387
1257Chantue of EmsworthYacht, sloop41 ft LOA - Sigma 41 classYachting Monthly1998/0357
45J/90Hall SparsYacht, sloop30 ft LOA Carbon Rocket RangeYachts and Yachting1998/0317
4794J/90Johnstone, RodYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1998/03102
4795Hunter Channel 323FThomas, DavidYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1998/03106
4793Projection 920Thomas, StephenYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1998/03102
13612Walker, L H & CoDinghy, sailing12 ft - Tideway classClassic Boat1998/0358
8589LezardCaillebotte, GustaveYacht, sloop26 ft LOD - 30 sq m classClassic Boat1998/0325
8298JoannteParker, FredYacht41 ft LOAClassic Boat1998/0339
1678Diesel DuckBuehler, GeorgeYacht, motor38 ftClassic Boat1998/0317
9870RoastbeefCaillebotte, GustaveYacht, sloopClassic Boat1998/0327
10226ShebeenMarine View Boatbuildind CoYacht, cutter30 ftClassic Boat1998/0315
7838GlorindaParker, FredYacht, motor34 ftClassic Boat1998/0341
7969Happy Go LuckyParker, FredYacht, sloop24 ft LWLClassic Boat1998/0340
2166Golden Hind 31Grffiths, MauriceYacht, sloop32 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/0338
12429Irens, Nigel & Burnett, EdYacht, cutter30 ft LOAWatercraft1998/0355
3253ElfOughtred, IainHardanger faering15 ft - Norway type - see also WC 2002/11 p 42Watercraft1998/0353
2170E-BoatEveritt, JulianYacht, sloop22 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/0372
9788RebeccaBorge-BringsvaerdYacht, sloop20 ft LOA - B B II classWatercraft1998/0313
2169Wanderer IIIGiles, LaurentYacht, sloop30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/0362
2167Arvor 18Dell QuayMotor18 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/0342
2168Var 15Hilton, MikeMotor15 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/0360
12189Gardner, JohnDory10 ft - developed from tender built by ChaissonWatercraft1998/0341
9046MollyhawkTripp, BillYacht, yawl37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/0243
9903Rondo 33.3Mannerberg, JussiYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/02112
9489Pacific Seacraft 40Crealock, BillYacht, cutter40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/02108
4138Westerly Ocean 33/43Dubois & HollandYacht, sloop33/43 ft LOAYachting World1998/02112
44Dragonfly 920Quorning BoatsTrimaran9.2 m LOAYachts and Yachting1998/02119
9494PamFishing52 ft - Boston smack - see also CB 1998/03 p 69Classic Boat1998/0267
7451ExcellentForbes, J & GFishing82 ft - deep seaClassic Boat1998/0256
11413Yarmouth O D Longmore, HenryYacht, sloop20 ft - Yarmouth O D classClassic Boat1998/0248
1285Chloe MayDalton, PercyYacht, cutter51 ft LOAClassic Boat1998/0226
1358Colin ArcherArcher, ColinYacht, yawlClassic Boat1998/0212
460AegreYacht, sloop20 ft - lug rigClassic Boat1998/0262
2633Norfolk GypsyWolstenholme, AndrewYacht, sloop20 ft LOASailing Today1998/0288
2164Leisure 23Pryor, FrankYacht, sloop23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/0230
2165ScallowayOughtred, IainYacht, yawl20 ft LOA Caladonia YawlPractical Boat Owner1998/0287
11234Westerlu Ocean 33Dubois, EdYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/0160
10323SlainteNewick, DickTrimaran46 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/0199
3028Perry, Robert HYacht, lobster31 ft LOAWooden Boat1998/01110
4792TroubadourPocock, MichaelYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1998/0193
4791Bowman 42Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1998/0186
4790Victoria 38Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1998/0186
43Topper BlazeTopper InternationalDinghy, sailing4.2 m LOAYachts and Yachting1998/0113
16282AccoladeThe 'A' GroupYacht, motor166 ftBoat International1998/01102
11771Butler, JohnYacht, cutter82 ftClassic Boat1998/01102
16280Raia TeaJongertYacht, motor67 ftBoat International1998/0188
16284Tigre D'OrAmels Holland BVYacht, motor164 ftBoat International1998/01120
16279Magic CarpetFrers, GermanYacht, sloop72 ft LOABoat International1998/0182
16281Mochi 22.50Nuvolari & lenardYacht,motor77 ftBoat International1998/0196
14076Fishing50 ft approx - zuluClassic Boat1998/0167
11339WindsongGriffiths, MauriceYacht, cutterClassic Boat1998/0147
11269WestermanIrens, NigelYacht, cutter40 ft LOAClassic Boat1998/0134
16283LibertyNavi, PeriniYacht, sloop172 ft LOABoat International1998/01112
9420OmegaYacht, sloop16 ftClassic Boat1998/0180
13051Oughtred, IainRowing15 ftClassic Boat1998/019
2163Orkney 580TTMursell, ArthurMotor19 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1998/01122
8889MayflyWolstenholme, AMotor16 ftWatercraft1998/0151
1292ChristineSelway Fisher DesignCanoe 13 ftWatercraft1998/0148
883BeaverSelway Fisher DesignCanoe15 ft Watercraft1998/0149
2632Island Packet 37Yacht, sloop36 ft LOASailing Today1998/01110
7266Cranchi Zaffiro 34Cantiere Nautico Cranchi sriMotor36 ftMotorboat Monthly1998/0198
7265MerdekaButlerYacht, motor69 ftMotorboat Monthly1998/0180
7267Sea Ray 240 SundancerSea Ray Boats Inc.Motor24 ftMotorboat Monthly1998/01110
7264Sealine T51Murrant, TomYacht, motor51 ftMotorboat Monthly1998/0134
16297BraveheartHoek, AndreYacht,sloop76 ft LOABoat International1998//0865
16296170 FlyGuy CouachYacht, motor57 ftBoat International1998//0859
3180Dufour 30 ClassicJ & J DesignsYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/1284
8179IolaireHarris BrosYacht, yawl48 ft LOA - see also CB 1998/05 p 26, CB 2005/11 Yachting Monthly1997/1298
42Dart 16Catamaran4.8 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/1295
4789Sabre 402Taylor, JimYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1997/12100
41VelshedaNicholson, CharlesYacht, sloopJ Class restoredYachts and Yachting1997/1229
40Mustang 30Harley, NigelYacht, sloop9.0 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/1211
4788Centurion 375Dubois, EdYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1997/12100
11031VagThorell, SvenCanoeClassic Boat1997/1250
13495Thorell, SvenCanoeClassic Boat1997/1251
10357SolThorell, SvenCanoe, sailing17 ftClassic Boat1997/1246
11320William D JochemsBolger, Philip C Yacht, schooner25 ft LOA - AmericaClassic Boat1997/1263
11013UltraThorell, SvenCanoe, sailing17 ftClassic Boat1997/1249
745AskewAskew, BruceYacht, cutter24 ft LOA C B - New ZealandClassic Boat1997/1265
9533Pearly QueenBowman, ChrisYacht, sloop24 ft LOA C B - AustraliaClassic Boat1997/1264
8909Melo 7000Melo, SergioYacht, cutter23 ft LOAClassic Boat1997/1262
7717FriskaThorell, SvenCanoe, sailingClassic Boat1997/1248
648AmokuraShepherd, FredYacht, yawl555550 ft - see also CB 1999/07 p45Classic Boat1997/1276
16361Hardy 36Andrew WolstenholmeMotor10.9 mMotorboat and Yachting1997/1272
2160Memory 19Robinson, TonyYacht, sloop25 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/1234
2161Kelt 8.50Vaton, GillesYacht, sloop28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/1238
2162Falmouth PilotWarrington-Smyth, RodneyYacht, sloop24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/1264
16360Shamrock 220ShamrockMotor7.67 mMotorboat and Yachting1997/1242
10553Sun Odyssey 34.2Fauroux, JacquesYacht, sloop33 ft LOA JeanneauYachting Monthly1997/1194
10144SeajayeClark, RobertYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/1145
3693CometSimmons, AndrewDinghy, sailing3.45 m LOA 1981Yachts and Yachting1997/1143
3744OspreyProctor, IanDinghy, sailing5.33 m LOA 1953Yachts and Yachting1997/1155
3732Merlin RocketDinghy, sailing4.27 m LOA 1946Yachts and Yachting1997/1153
3696ContenderMiller, BobDinghy, sailing4.87 m LOA 1962Yachts and Yachting1997/1143
3695ConceptAnglo Norwegian DesignDinghy, sailing3.02 m LOA 1995Yachts and Yachting1997/1143
3694Comet DuoSimmons, AndrewDinghy, sailing3.70 m LOA 1990Yachts and Yachting1997/1143
3692CherubSpencer, JohnDinghy, sailing3.7 m LOA 1951Yachts and Yachting1997/1141
3690CatapultMontgomery, JohnCatamaran5 m LOA 1990Yachts and Yachting1997/1141
3689CadetHolt, JackDinghy, sailing3.22 m LOA 1947Yachts and Yachting1997/1141
3688ByteBruce, IanDinghy, sailing3.66 m LOA 1990Yachts and Yachting1997/1141
39Projection 920Thomas, StephenYacht, sloop9.20 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/119
3731MercuryMiles/DurbinDinghy, sailing4.26 m LOA 1958Yachts and Yachting1997/1153
3739OKOlsen, KnudDinghy, sailing4.0 m LOA 1957Yachts and Yachting1997/1154
3697Dart 15March, RodneyCatamaran4.54 m LOA 1979Yachts and Yachting1997/1143
3684BosunProctor, IanDinghy, sailing4.27 m LOA 1959Yachts and Yachting1997/1139
3685British MothCheverton, SidneyDinghy, sailing3.35 m LOA 1932Yachts and Yachting1997/1139
3686BossHowlett/TurnerDinghy, sailing4.90 m LOA 1994Yachts and Yachting1997/1139
3687BuzzHowlett/CaigDinghy, sailing4.20 m LOA 1994Yachts and Yachting1997/1141
3691Challenger AerorigMacAlpine Downie, RodTrimaran4.57 m LOA 1980Yachts and Yachting1997/1141
3683B14Bethwaite, JulianDinghy, sailing4.50 m LOA 1985Yachts and Yachting1997/1139
3767Splashde Ridder, JacDinghy, sailing3.55 m LOA 1990Yachts and Yachting1997/1158
3741PhantomWright & TaylorDinghy, sailing4.42 m LOA 1973Yachts and Yachting1997/1154
3725Laser RadialKirby, BruceDinghy, sailing4.23 m LOA 1970Yachts and Yachting1997/1149
3726Laser 2Bethwaite, FrankDinghy, sailing4.39 m LOA 1980Yachts and Yachting1997/1151
3727Laser 5000Morrison, PhilDinghy, sailing5 m LOA 1992Yachts and Yachting1997/1151
3728LeaderPollard, GDinghy, sailing4.27 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/1151
3729LightningGiles, MarkDinghy, sailing3.68 m LOA 1983Yachts and Yachting1997/1151
3724LaserKirby, BruceDinghy, sailing4.23 m LOA 1970Yachts and Yachting1997/1149
3768SquibLee, OliverDinghy, sailing5.79 m LOA 1967Yachts and Yachting1997/1158
3763UnicornMazotti, JohnCatamaran5.46 m LOA 1967Yachts and Yachting1997/1165
3766WineglassKirby, TrevorDinghy, sailing4.575 m LOA 1958Yachts and Yachting1997/1166
3756SupernovaGiles, MarkDinghy, sailing4.3 m LOA 1995Yachts and Yachting1997/1161
3764WandererProctor, IanDinghy, sailing4.27 m LOA 1978Yachts and Yachting1997/1166
3752SignetProctor, IanDinghy, sailing4.70 m LOA 1961Yachts and Yachting1997/1157
3762TornadoMarch, RodneyCatamaran6.10 m LOA 1967Yachts and Yachting1997/1165
3761TopperProctor, IanDinghy, sailing3.40 m LOA 1976Yachts and Yachting1997/1165
3769SwallowThorneycroft, TomDinghy, sailing7.79 m LOA 1947Yachts and Yachting1997/1162
3698Dart 18March, RodneyCatamaran5.49 m LOA 1976Yachts and Yachting1997/1143
3770Swordfish 15Fox, UffaDinghy, sailing4.57 m LOA 1947Yachts and Yachting1997/1162
3750ScorpionDorling, TaprellDinghy, sailing4.25 m LOA 1960Yachts and Yachting1997/1157
3749SanhopperLee, Oliver JDinghy, sailing5.79 m LOA 1972Yachts and Yachting1997/1157
3748RS600Everest/PetersDinghy, sailing4.47 m LOA 1994Yachts and Yachting1997/1155
3747RS400Morrison, PhilDinghy, sailing4.52 m LOA 1993Yachts and Yachting1997/1155
3746RS200Morrison, PhilDinghy, sailing4 m LOA 1995Yachts and Yachting1997/1155
3730MarauderMilne, PeterDinghy, sailing4.42 m LOA 1969Yachts and Yachting1997/1151
3742RedwingFox, UffaDinghy, sailing4.27 m LOA 1937Yachts and Yachting1997/1154
3699Dart HawkLoday, YvesCatamaran5.5 m LOA 1994Yachts and Yachting1997/1145
3740PegasusFox, UffaDinghy, sailing4.42 m LOA 1958Yachts and Yachting1997/1154
3738Norfolk PuntMorrison/JonesDinghy, sailing6.756 m LOA 1926-1996Yachts and Yachting1997/1154
3737National 18Proctor & FoxDinghy, sailing5.49 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/1154
3735Nacra 6.0Performance CatamaransCatamaran6.10 m LOA 1989Yachts and Yachting1997/1153
3733MiracleHolt, JackDinghy, sailing3.89 m LOA 1973/4Yachts and Yachting1997/1153
3743OptimistMills, ClarkDinghy, sailing2.3 m LOA 1947Yachts and Yachting1997/1155
3745PacerHolt, JackDinghy, sailing3.82 m LOA 1965Yachts and Yachting1997/1155
3717EuropeRoland, AlainDinghy, sailing3.35 m LOA 1961/2Yachts and Yachting1997/1146
370949erBethwaite, JulianDinghy, sailing4.99 m LOA 1995Yachts and Yachting1997/1147
3710IsoCaig/HowlettDinghy, sailing4.74 m LOA 1993Yachts and Yachting1997/1148
3723LarkJackson, MikeDinghy, sailing4.065 m LOA 1967Yachts and Yachting1997/1149
3712Hobie 405Benedict, ChrisDinghy, sailing4.05 m LOA 1992Yachts and Yachting1997/1148
3722International MothDinghy, sailing3.355 m LOA 1939Yachts and Yachting1997/1149
3714GullProctor, IanDinghy, sailing3.35 m LOA 1956Yachts and Yachting1997/1147
3760TidewayWalker, L HDinghy, sailing3.77 m LOA 1958Yachts and Yachting1997/1165
3716FinnSarby, RickardDinghy, sailing4.5 m LOA 1949Yachts and Yachting1997/1146
3706EtchellsEtchells, SkipYacht, sloop9.3 m LOA 1966Yachts and Yachting1997/1145
3718FireflyFox, UffaDinghy, sailing3.66 m LOA 1947Yachts and Yachting1997/1146
3719KestrelProctor, IanDinghy, sailing4.76 m LOA 1956Yachts and Yachting1997/1148
3720International CanoeCanoe, sailing5.18 m LOA 1946Yachts and Yachting1997/1149
3721International FourteenDinghy, sailing4.27 m LOA 1928Yachts and Yachting1997/1149
3758TasarBethwaite, FrankDinghy, sailing4.52 m LOA 1976Yachts and Yachting1997/1165
3711Hurricane 5.9White, RegDinghy, sailing5.9 m LOA 1988Yachts and Yachting1997/1148
3715470Cornu, AndreDinghy, sailing4.70 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/1146
3713HeronHolt, JackDinghy, sailing3.429 m LOA 1954Yachts and Yachting1997/1148
3736National TwelveDinghy, sailing3.66 m LOA 1936Yachts and Yachting1997/1153
3753SnipeCrosby, BillDinghy, sailing4.72 m LOA 1931Yachts and Yachting1997/1157
3682AlbacoreFox, UffaDinghy, sailing4.57 m LOA 1954Yachts and Yachting1997/1139
3751ShearwaterProut, Richard & FrancisCatamaran5.05 m LOA 1956Yachts and Yachting1997/1157
3754SoloHolt, JackDinghy, sailing3.78 m LOA 1956Yachts and Yachting1997/1157
3755StreakerHolt, JackDinghy, sailing3.75 m LOA 1975Yachts and Yachting1997/1161
3708420Maury, ChristianDinghy, sailing4.2 m LOA 1964Yachts and Yachting1997/1146
3765WayfarerProctor, IanDinghy, sailing4.82 m LOA 1957Yachts and Yachting1997/1166
3707GraduateWyche, DickDinghy, sailing3.82 m LOA 1952Yachts and Yachting1997/1146
3700Flying Dutchmanvan Essen UDinghy, sailing6.06 m LOA 1951Yachts and Yachting1997/1147
3701Flying FifteenFox, UffaDinghy, sailing6.1 m LOA 1947Yachts and Yachting1997/1147
3702EnterpriseHolt, JackDinghy, sailing4.04 m LOA 1956Yachts and Yachting1997/1145
3703GP FourteenHolt, JackDinghy, sailing4.27 m LOA 1950Yachts and Yachting1997/1147
3704505Westell, JohnDinghy, sailing5.05 m LOA 1954Yachts and Yachting1997/1147
3705DragonAnker, JohanYacht, sloop8.89 m LOA 1929Yachts and Yachting1997/1145
3759TempestProctor, IanDinghy, sailing6.7 m LOA 1965Yachts and Yachting1997/1165
37572.4 MetreSodergren/Howlett/FranklinDinghy, sailing4.2 m LOA 1988Yachts and Yachting1997/1161
3734MirrorHolt & BucknellDinghy, sailing3.30 m LOA 1962Yachts and Yachting1997/1153
16274Cary 70Cary MarineYacht, motor70 ftBoat International1997/1168
16277Perfect PrescriptionCurran, PhilYacht, motor150 ftBoat International1997/1194
16275Ferrei 53Zuccon International ProjectYacht, motor55 ftBoat International1997/1174
10294Sir Walter ScottDenny, William & BrosYacht, steam110 ft LOAClassic Boat1997/1148
1330Cloud NineHazel, R JYacht, sloop23 ft LOAClassic Boat1997/1156
1005Bonne ChanceTorolfYacht, cutter25 ft LOAClassic Boat1997/1152
10025SandySmaalder, MarkYacht, cutter23 ft LOAClassic Boat1997/1154
16278O'PariIntermarine YachtingYacht, motor138 ftBoat International1997/11106
8939MermaidKearney, JohnDinghy, sailing17 ft - Dublin bayClassic Boat1997/1164
16276NadiaDubois Naval ArchitectsYacht, sloop49 ft LOABoat International1997/1180
2158MariseHunter MarineYacht, sloop31 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/1134
2159CressidaThames MarineMotor26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/1138
12192Gartside, PaulYacht, cutter27 ft LODWatercraft1997/1155
8822Marsh HawkDias, TonyYacht, ketch17 ft LOAWatercraft1997/1153
2631Compromis 888Maas, FransYacht, sloop29 ft LOASailing Today1997/1190
9169Najad 331Segerlind, ErikYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/1086
10225Shearwater 45Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/1094
10287SincerityThomas, DavidYacht, sloop22 ft LOA - Hunter Sonata classYachting Monthly1997/10119
38Corsair F-28RFarrier, IanTrimaran8.66 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/107
37SonarKirby, BruceYacht, sloop6.96 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/1011
4787Venezia 42Lombard, MarcYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1997/10120
4786Jeantot Privilege 42Joubert & NiveltYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1997/10120
4785Prima One-Design 38Jones, StephenYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1997/10118
16269Princess 22MOlesinski, BernardYacht, motor72 ftBoat International1997/1076
13272Ryder-Turner, DavidYacht, sloop31 ft LOAClassic Boat1997/1048
16273Golden BayBenetti ShipyardYacht, motor163 ftBoat International1997/10104
16270Hatteras 71Hatteras YachtsYacht, motor71 ftBoat International1997/1082
16272SuramaTed Hodd Design GroupYacht, ketch134 ft LOABoat International1997/1094
16271Oyster 42Holman & PyeYacht, sloop44 ft LOABoat International1997/1088
9789Rebecca KateCastle, MartinYacht, cutter14 ft LOA C B - see also CB 2004/05 p 34Classic Boat1997/1045
7263Mariah Z276MCCMariah BoatsMotor28 ftMotorboat Monthly1997/1068
2156Nauticat 33Gustaffson, KhaYacht, ketch33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/1039
2157Shetland 570Mudie, ColinMotor19 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/1053
2630Legend 340Hunter Marine Corp.Yacht, sloop34 ft LOASailing Today1997/1076
7262Hardy 36WolstenholmeYacht, motor37 ftMotorboat Monthly1997/1042
3027TomfooleryParker, ReuelYacht, schooner34 ft LOAWooden Boat1997/0994
3026Penobscot 14Davis, ArchDinghy, sailing14 ft LOAWooden Boat1997/0988
8633Little WingO'Brien, RaudYacht, cutter33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0971
11115Victoria 38Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/09101
36Independent BearCorby, JohnYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1997/096
4784Oyster 42Holman & PyeYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1997/09146
3231EelaOughtred, IainDinghy16 ft - lug rigClassic Boat1997/0947
7489Falmouth Bass BoatWarrington Smyth, RYacht, ketch15 ftClassic Boat1997/0954
10519Suffolk Beach PuntHalcrow, KevinDinghy, sailing16 ft LODClassic Boat1997/0942
7890GratitudeInnes, GeorgeFishing - scaffie - built 1896Classic Boat1997/0971
7490Falmouth Pilot 11 TonWarrington Smyth, RYacht, sloop32 ft LOAClassic Boat1997/0955
11105Veryan RoseWarrington Smyth, BevilYacht, yawl18 ftClassic Boat1997/0949
12134Fisher, PaulRowing20 ft - skiffClassic Boat1997/097
10046SaracenWarrington Smyth, NFishing18 ft LWL C B - see also CB 2002/05 p 102Classic Boat1997/0953
2154Westerly 31Giles, LaurentYacht, sloop31 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/09102
2629Jaguar 21Yacht, sloop21 ft LOASailing Today1997/0978
9186Nancy's ChinaDevlin, SamYacht, sloop15 ft LOAWatercraft1997/0953
2155Mitchell 22Hill, AlanMotor22 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/09128
13458Swift, PhilYacht, yawl16 ft LOD C BWatercraft1997/0955
8753MallardWolstenholme, ADinghy, sailing12 ftWatercraft1997/0938
7607First 33.7Berret & RacopeauYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0858
10965TroubadourPocock, MikeYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0891
9948Rustler 42Jones, StephenYacht, sloop42 ft LOA - see also YM 1999/06 p 75Yachting Monthly1997/0867
4783Einstein-CRommel, PeterYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1997/08110
35Laser PicoRichards, JoDinghy, sailing3.5 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/087
34Topper SpiceTopper InternationalDinghy, sailing4.25 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/0813
12026Dalton, PercyYacht, cutter25 ftClassic Boat1997/0845
12027Dalton, PercyYacht, cutter23 ft - replica of Irish gleoiteogClassic Boat1997/0846
12459KelvinMotor - series of lauches using Berguis enginesClassic Boat1997/0854
10452St MelorusDalton, PercyFishing28 ft - now Fal work boat RitaClassic Boat1997/0842
10058Saturday CoveRossel, GregRowing13 ft - skiff- AmericaClassic Boat1997/0814
12025Dalton, PercyYacht, cutter38 ft - waterman's cutterClassic Boat1997/0844
13632Ward, CharlieYacht, barge45 ft Classic Boat1997/0814
1325Clipper of ArgenteuilIbold, PeterYacht, sloop20 ft - also cat rigClassic Boat1997/0815
8025HeptarchyDalton, PercyYacht, yawl49 ft Classic Boat1997/0847
1001BonitaCrossfield, WilliamYacht, yawl 35 ft LOA - sail planClassic Boat1997/087
2150Sigma 292Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop29 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/0838
2153Brock 24Eyre, MartinYacht, yawl24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/0866
2151WagtailSalternsDinghy, sailing13 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/0841
2149Dragonfly 920Trimaran30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/0836
2152Winkle BrigBergqvist, EricYacht, sloop20 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/0842
862Bavaria 32HJ & J DesignsYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0792
3025LilyBolger, PhilMotor15 ft LOAWooden Boat1997/07108
8469L M 32Andersen, BengtYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0780
9203Nauticat 33Sittala, PYacht, yawl33 ft LOA - see also YW 1972/07 p 87Yachting Monthly1997/0777
7615Fisher 34 Wyatt & FreemanYacht, ketch34 ft LOA - see also YM 1998/07 p 83, CB 2006/04 Yachting Monthly1997/0779
3146DreamchaserMorgan Yacht CorpYacht, sloop34 ft LOA - Morgan 34 classYachting Monthly1997/0741
3024JenniferPhillips, TimYacht, sloop27 ft LOAWooden Boat1997/0744
7958Hallberg Rassy 94Yacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0777
4137BH 36Murray, IainYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1997/07109
4136Grand Soleil 37J&J DesignYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1997/07108
4135Ocean PhoenixHumphreys, RobYacht, sloop76 ft LOAYachting World1997/07102
33RS200Morrison, PhilDinghy, sailing4.00 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/075
9576PetrelFisher, PaulDinghy13 ftClassic Boat1997/0757
947Black SwanFisher, PaulYacht, cutter22 ftClassic Boat1997/0760
1187Casco BayFisher, PaulCanoe, sailing16 ftClassic Boat1997/0756
1362CollinetteStockman & PickettYacht, cutter21 ft LWL C BClassic Boat1997/0730
11373Worry WorryNicholson, C EYacht18 ft - 1 rater - lug rigClassic Boat1997/0714
8634LivelyFox, UffaDinghy, sailing16 ft - North Norfolk 16 classClassic Boat1997/0766
8693M A JamesWilliams, DavidSchooner89 ft LOA - built 1900Classic Boat1997/0752
1279Chincoteague SkiffFisher, PaulCanoe, sailing16 ftClassic Boat1997/0757
10451St Lawrence SkiffRowing16 ft - see also The Rudder 1889Watercraft1997/0739
14075Fishing17 ft - Dee draft boatWatercraft1997/0735
16359Seaco 1100SeacoMotor10.9 mMotorboat and Yachting1997/07110
16358Birchwood 440 ChallengerBirchwoodMotor13.79 mMotorboat and Yachting1997/0738
8355JunoWolstenholme, ABarge, sailing45 ft LOD - see also WC 1999/03 p 25, WC 2000/09 Watercraft1997/0753
2147Kingfisher 20Nierop, R A GYacht, sloop21 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/0738
2148Arabella RoseHathaway, BobYacht, yawl36 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/07119
11076VegaBrohall, PerYacht, sloop27 ft LOA - Albin classYachting Monthly1997/0689
1698DogmaticYacht, yawl30 ft LOA - Seadog classYachting Monthly1997/0675
9070Moody 40Dixon, Bill & Primrose, AngusYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0685
4780Moody 40Dixon, BillYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1997/06108
4782Beneteau 25Farr, BruceYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1997/06112
4779SapphireHoek, AndreYacht, sloop100 ft LOAYachting World1997/0666
4781Reflex 28Christian Stimson Yacht DesignYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1997/06112
8322JorrocksGriffiths, MauriceYacht, cutter36 ftClassic Boat1997/0627
1172CarrickCurrie, TyroneCanoe15 ftClassic Boat1997/0631
11848Clapham, ThomasYacht60 ft approx - Nonpariel typeClassic Boat1997/0642
8211Islay Camper & NicholsonYacht, motor38 ftClassic Boat1997/0660
2145Westerly 33Giles, LaurentYacnt, ketch33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/0643
2146Finisterre 23Mills, ClarkYacht, sloop24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/0646
16357Fairline Phantom 43acBernard OlesinskiMotor13.6 mMotorboat and Yachting1997/0646
3023GraylingRice, FrankMaine Sardine Carrier65 ft LOAWooden Boat1997/0599
8104Hunter Ranger 245Hunter YachtsYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0586
9471Oyster 42Pye, Don & OysterYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0578
424Concept 302Dinghy, sailing3.02 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/057
4777Shearwater 45Dix, DudleyYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World1997/05108
4778Bluewater 476Pedrick, DavidYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World1997/05110
9192NatanisRichards, Francis BrooksYacht, cutter34 ft LOAClassic Boat1997/0550
987Blues TrioDavis, DennisDinghy, sailing7 ft - with twin sponsonsThe Boatman1997/0518
8799Marie ClaudeHeard, MartinYacht, cutter61 ft LOAThe Boatman1997/058
16265Bluewater 476Pedrick Yacht DesignYacht, sloop48 ft LOABoat International1997/0558
16266Sea Ray 580Sea Ray BoatsYacht, motor59 ftBoat International1997/0564
1397ConstanceEyre, MartinYacht, yawl24 ft C B - Brock 24 classClassic Boat1997/0534
752AstrapeRichards, Francis BrooksYacht, cutter56 ft LOAClassic Boat1997/0554
11345WindstormRichards, Francis BrooksYacht, cutter43 ft LOAClassic Boat1997/0552
11343WindstarRichards, Francis BrooksYacht, cutter54 ft LOAClassic Boat1997/0553
11379WyndfallRichards, Francis BrooksYacht, cutter48 ft LOAClassic Boat1997/0551
11271Western SkiffIrens, NigelDinghy, sailing13 ftClassic Boat1997/0531
12132Fife, WilliamYacht, cutter30 ft LOA - Cork Harbour O D classClassic Boat1997/0538
16268IzanamiGilgenast & LurssenYacht, motor192 ftBoat International1997/0576
16267Sally AnnDelta Design GroupYacht, motor151 ftBoat International1997/0568
12556Leather, JohnYacht, cutter33 ft LOAClassic Boat1997/057
14821Sunseeker Predator 80Shead, DonMotor25 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1997/05114
2144Ombrine 550Beneteau, AndreMotor18 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/05127
2143Hunter 245Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/05139
1265Chebacco 20Bolger, Philip C Yacht, yawl20 ftWatercraft1997/0519
645AmethystHeffer, DavidYacht, cutter23 ft LWLWatercraft1997/0525
1094ButtonBuehler, GeorgeYacht, cutter33 ft LWLWatercraft1997/0557
9732Queens ShallopBarge36 ft - built 1689Watercraft1997/0531
2628Oceanquest 35ACDubois, EdYacht, sloop35 ft LOASailing Today1997/0596
882Beaumaris 24Fisher, PaulYacht, cutter20 ft LWL - also yawl rigWatercraft1997/0559
8006Heavenly Twins 36Patterson, PatCatamaran36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0478
1626Dehler 37 CruisingDehler YachtsYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0483
1481Cosair IIDubois, EdYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0462
10431Spray of WightBishop, AndrewYacht, yawl57 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0495
10260Sigma 362Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0458
10536Sun Dance 36Audrieu, DanielYacht, sloop35 ft LOA JeanneauYachting Monthly1997/0459
7532Feeling 1090Harle, PhillipeYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0458
9067Moody 376Moody YachtsYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0461
4775Offshore 40MacFarlan, AndrewYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1997/0474
4776Beneteau First 33.7Berret & RacoupeauYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1997/04108
12428Irens, Nigel & Burnett, EdYacht, cutter30 ft LOAClassic Boat1997/0445
16264NamohChristensen ShipyardsYacht, motor142 ftBoat International1997/04106
16260Catalina 380Catalina YachtsYacht, sloop38 ft LOABoat International1997/0484
327 Paine, Chuck WYacht, cutter42 ftClassic Boat1997/0441
360Able CustomPaine, Chuck WYacht, motor34 ftClassic Boat1997/0443
361Able DowneastPaine, Chuck WYacht, motor44 ftClassic Boat1997/0443
13494Thomas, WYacht, cutter24 ft LOA - Fal Quay Punt typeClassic Boat1997/0446
7687Francis 26Paine, Chuck WYacht, sloop26 ftClassic Boat1997/0439
9887Rockport 30Paine, Chuck WYacht, cutter29 ft LOAClassic Boat1997/0444
8570LeighPaine, Chuck WYacht, sloop30 ftClassic Boat1997/0439
9104Morris 44Paine, Chuck WYacht, cutter42 ftClassic Boat1997/0442
16262Jeaneau, Sunodyssey 52.2Bruce Farr & AssociatesYacht, sloop51 ft LOABoat International1997/0492
16263Honey MoneyDiaship Design TeamYacht, motor142 ftBoat International1997/0498
16261LibertyBruce King Yacht DesignYacht, sloop80 ft LOABoat International1997/0488
13058Paine, Chuck WYacht, ketchClassic Boat1997/0440
2142Heavenly TwinsPatterson, PatCatamaran36 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/0446
7260Linssen Sturdy 320ACLinssen Yachts BVMotor33 ftMotorboat Monthly1997/0434
7261Windy 31 TornadoJohnsen, Hans JorgenMotor31 ftMotorboat Monthly1997/0466
2141Anderson 22Lee, OliverYacht, sloop22 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/0444
1601DaylightStadt, E G van deYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0359
1200Catalina 380Catalina DesignYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0380
3022Stephens, Robert WYacht22 ft LOAWooden Boat1997/0392
10542Sun Fast 42Briand, PhilippeYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1997/03116
1630Dehler 41CJudel & VrolijkYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1997/03116
423BH36Murray, IanYacht, sloop11 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/0315
422Laser 3000Laser CentreDinghy, sailing4.4 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/035
1654Design 617Bolger, Philip C Yacht, ketch30 ft C BClassic Boat1997/0341
16257MulliganHoek, AndreYacht, sloop84 ft LOABoat International1997/0362
16258IntrigueCaliari & MauricYacht, motor119 ftBoat International1997/0368
16256Sunseeker, Predador 80Shead, DonYacht, motor79 ftBoat International1997/0354
16255JFA50Berrett & RacoupeauYacht, sloop50 ft LOABoat International1997/0348
16259AtlantaDubois Naval ArchitectsYacht, motor121 ftBoat International1997/0376
1652Design 496Bolger, Philip C Yacht - Birdwatcher classClassic Boat1997/0342
1651Design 430Bolger, Philip C Fishing28 ft LOAClassic Boat1997/0340
10250ShovelerNatzio, ConradDinghy, sailing9 ftClassic Boat1997/0336
10995TyleanaMacduff ShipyardsFishing75 ft LOA - deep sea typeClassic Boat1997/0359
13050Oughtred, IainCanoe, sailing19 ft LOA - yawl rigWatercraft1997/0353
11330WindchimeLewis, JohnYacht, sloop16 ft LWLWatercraft1997/0325
1041BrigadierDias, TonyYacht, ketch33 ft LOAWatercraft1997/0355
2139Dufour 32 ClassicJ & JYacht, sloop32 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/0338
2140Cornish ClamDongray, RogerMotor19 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/03108
7793Gib'Sea 364Joubert, M & Nivelt, BYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0272
815BadgerBenford, Jay Yacht, ketch34 ft LOA - junk rigYachting Monthly1997/0231
3177Dufour 2800Dufour, MichelYacht, sloop27 ft LOA - see also YW 1979/06 p 133, YW 1981/07Yachting Monthly1997/0277
421Topper BreezeTopper InternationalDinghy, sailing6.00 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/025
4773YW H42Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1997/0244
4774Gib'Sea 364Joubert & NiveltYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1997/0297
7970Happy ReturnWarrington Smyth, NYacht, cutter34 ftClassic Boat1997/0239
9527PaxGibbs, Kenneth MYacht, sloop18 ftClassic Boat1997/0239
7696FreedomTew, JohnYacht, cutter30 ftClassic Boat1997/0238
8052Hillyard 2 1/2 tonHillyard, DavidYacht, sloopClassic Boat1997/0236
12171Freeman, RegYacht, cutter34 ftClassic Boat1997/0242
12466Kennedy, O'BrienYacht, sloop18 ft - Lymington Slipway 5 tonnerClassic Boat1997/0238
11012Ulidia IIBalfour, AlexanderYacht, sloop27 ftClassic Boat1997/0237
10032SantianoYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - South Coast O D classClassic Boat1997/0255
16226MartiniqueWarwick Yacht DesignYacht, sloop68 ft LOABoat International1997/0266
12625May, H GYacht, sloop34 LOA - W classClassic Boat1997/0226
12173Freeman, RegYacht, yawl36 ft C BClassic Boat1997/0240
10683Tai FengFreeman, RegYacht, ketch31 ft LOAClassic Boat1997/0243
12094Dunphy, B LYacht, sloop19 ftClassic Boat1997/0237
701AramintaFreeman, RegYacht, cutter31 ft LOAClassic Boat1997/0244
687AntonHobbs, W LYacht, cutter - 5 tonnerClassic Boat1997/0236
16231Crescent LadySarin, JackYacht, motor115 ftBoat International1997/02108
16230MamamuchiDubois Naval ArchitectsYacht, sloop128 ft LOABoat International1997/02100
16229Hartmann Palmer 92Hartmann PalmerYacht, motor92 ftBoat International1997/0290
16228FelicitaDubois Yacht DesignYacht, sloop74 ft LOABoat International1997/0280
16227Powerline 88Stiegler, KarlheinzYacht, motor67 ftBoat International1997/0272
11326Wind ElfBuchanan, AlanYacht, sloop25 ftClassic Boat1997/0238
12172Freeman, RegYacht, sloop18 ftClassic Boat1997/0240
2136Moody 34Dixon, BillYacht, sloop34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/0230
2138Offshore 25Baker, RodMotor25 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/02102
2137Norwalk Islands Sharpie 23Kirby, BruceYacht, ketch23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/0232
7257Bayliner 3587Bayliner Marine Corp.Motor40 ftMotorboat Monthly1997/0234
7258Marex 280 HolidayA/S MarexMotor30 ftMotorboat Monthly1997/0252
7259Flying Fox 508Outhill BoatbuildersMotor17 ftMotorboat Monthly1997/0284
1619Dehler 31Tongeren, Cess vanYacht, sloop30 ft LOA - see also YM 1998/06 p 97Yachting Monthly1997/0163
1496Crealock 34Crealock, BillYacht, cutter34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0192
861Bavaria 320Bavaria YachtsYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0162
3021Gray WolfMartin, RodgerYacht, sloop40 ft LOAWooden Boat1997/01100
11359Wish HoundPaine, ChuckYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/01119
3020Beach PeaHylan, DougDinghy, sailing13 ft LOAWooden Boat1997/0178
7533Feeling 326Harle, PhilippeYacht, sloop32 ft LOA - see also YM 2002/10 p105Yachting Monthly1997/0163
8098Hunter Channel 32Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1997/0165
869Bavaria 38 HolidayBavaria YachtsYacht, sloop38 ft LOA - see also YM 2004/12 p 48Yachting Monthly1997/0196
4772Moody 36Dixon, BillYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1997/01140
4769Trintella 47Holland, RonYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World1997/01134
4770Northwind 50Penna, MarceloYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World1997/01134
4771Wauquiez 48Dubois Naval ArchitectsYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World1997/01134
420FireflyFox, UffaDinghy, sailingHistorical reviewYachts and Yachting1997/0157
16225AnakenaHood & MunfordYacht,motor132 ftBoat International1997/01124
3144Drascombe SkiffHonnor Marine LtdDinghy, sailing14 ftClassic Boat1997/0154
11613Blake, W MaxwellYacht, cutter45 ftClassic Boat1997/0147
13125Payne, ArthurYacht, cutter32 ft LOAClassic Boat1997/0140
9145MyonaMcBryde, WilliamYacht, sloop27 ftClassic Boat1997/0143
16224MultipleCantieri de PisaYacht, motor125 ftBoat International1997/01116
16222Oyster 70Holman & PyeYacht, motor69 ftBoat International1997/01104
16221Sunseeker, Camargue 47Shead, DonYacht, motor46 ftBoat International1997/0198
9775Rani IIIClark, J PainYacht, sloop22 ft LOA - see also CB 2000/01 p 30Classic Boat1997/0142
9232NereidLaws, G UYacht, yawl29 ft LOAClassic Boat1997/0140
8494Lady BelleMead, HarleyYacht, yawl - Quay Punt typeClassic Boat1997/0141
16223Princess 20MOlesinski, BernardYacht, motor69 ftBoat International1997/01108
11614Blake, W MaxwellYacht, sloop22 ft LOA - Deben 4 tonnerClassic Boat1997/0144
958Block Island CutterBuehler, GeorgeYacht, cutter31 ft LWLWatercraft1997/0149
1343CockleWolstenholme, ADinghy, sailing9 ft - see also WC 1997/03 p 49, CB 1998/05 p41Watercraft1997/0153
10894TosherSelway Fisher DesignYacht, cutter17 ft LWL C BWatercraft1997/0151
2135Plymouth PilotSkentelbery, K RMotor24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1997/01121
11206Warrior 38/40Primrose & DixonYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/1283
1363Collins 40Collins, WarwickYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/1281
3286Elusive VirtueLaurent GilesYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - Vertue classYachting Monthly1996/1235
3182Dufour 32 ClassicJ & J DesignsYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/1278
4767Legend 376Hunter Marine Corp.Yacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1996/12100
419Dart HawkLoday, YvesCatamaran5.5 m LOAYachts and Yachting1996/127
4768Jeanneau, Sun Odyssey 36.2Fauroux, JacquesYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1996/12100
12512Lymington LLaurent GilesYacht, sloop23 ft LOA - L classClassic Boat1996/1236
12993Mylne, AlfredYacht, sloop - Scottish Island classClassic Boat1996/1250
10284SinaMudie, ColinYacht, yawl53 ft LOAClassic Boat1996/1240
8510Lady TrixMylne, AlfredYacht, sloop28 ft LOAClassic Boat1996/1226
7254Targa 33TCBotnia MarinMotor35 ftMotorboat Monthly1996/1226
7255Shakespeare 830Campbell, LorneMotor27 ftMotorboat Monthly1996/1262
2134Feeling 1040Harle, PhilippeYacht, sloop34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1996/1232
14823Haines 31 Coastal SedanWolstenholme, AndrewMotor31 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1996/1290
14822Sealine 37 FlamencoMurrant & TuckerMotor37 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1996/1248
7256Haines 31Haines MarineMotor31 ftMotorboat Monthly1996/1290
8564Legend 376Mazza, RobYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/1168
11001TyphoonHolman & PyeYacht, sloop35 ft LOA - Rustler 36 classYachting Monthly1996/1138
95Laser 4000Laser CentreDinghy, sailing4.64 m LOAYachts and Yachting1996/1119
417Corel 45Farr, BruceYacht, sailing13.83 m LOAYachts and Yachting1996/115
418SupernovaGiles, MarkDinghy, sailing4.3 m LOAYachts and Yachting1996/117
1014BountyHerreshoff, L FrancisYacht, ketch37 ft LOAClassic Boat1996/1129
16218Vikal 75Mark ellis Marine Designcatamaran75 ftBoat International1996/1180
16219ObsessionsDiashipYacht, motor125 ftBoat International1996/1189
16220MercedesCurran, PhilYacht, motor123 ftBoat International1996/11100
16216Lazy JackDijkstra, GerardYacht, sloop62 ft LOABoat International1996/1166
8777Ma'oonaMylne, AlfredYacht, cutter62 ft LOA - 15 m classClassic Boat1996/1152
16217Ferretti 210Ferretti EngineeringYacht, motor70 ftBoat International1996/1172
14074Fishing - Fifies - various designsClassic Boat1996/1167
15869Flipper 787Sodergren, HakenMotor26 ftMotorboat and Yachting1996/1136
7252Dell Quay RangerHunt, RayMotor25 & 27 ftMotorboat Monthly1996/1134
2133Parker 325ParkerYacht, sloop34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1996/1132
7253Barbarina KAquafibreYacht, motor42 ft 1979Motorboat Monthly1996/1156
8548LazyjackDijkstra, GerryYacht, sloop62 ft LOA - aero rigYachting Monthly1996/1046
7611First 405Berret, JeanYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/1050
9336Northwind 405Primrose, AngusYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/1051
9258Nicholson 39/40Wall, RaymondYacht, yawl39 ft LOA - see also YW 1977/08 p 108Yachting Monthly1996/1051
9071Moody 41Dixon, BillYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/1048
11058Vancouver 38 PilotNorthshore Yachts LtdYacht, cutter38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/10106
7796Gib'Sea 402Joubert, M Yacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/1050
4766YW H35Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1996/10104
94Beneteau 25Farr, BruceYacht, sloop7.50 m LOAYachts and Yachting1996/107
4765Elan 36Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1996/10104
8921MemsahibMylne, AlfredYacht, sloop24 ft LOA - 19/24 classClassic Boat1996/1060
8703MacushlaThornycroft, PeterYacht, motor29 ftClassic Boat1996/1029
8002HeatherBerthonYacht, cutter40 ft - Gauntlet classClassic Boat1996/1040
667Andries JacobFishing47 ft - Zeeland HoogaarClassic Boat1996/1082
8133IdaMegevetMotor - built 1913Classic Boat1996/1070
12033Davies, DennisDinghy, sailing11 ftClassic Boat1996/1020
12340Hill, AlanYacht, cutter50 ft LOAClassic Boat1996/1020
2131Fulmar 32Dubois, EdYacht, sloop32 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1996/1032
15868Mitchell 31 Mk IIJS MouldingsMotor31 ftMotorboat and Yachting1996/1078
7250Eilean Shona III, Elysian 27Appleyard & LincolnMotor27 ft 1972Motorboat Monthly1996/1058
7251Orkney, Orkadian 20Mursell, ArthurMotor20 ftMotorboat Monthly1996/1080
2132Freedom 35Pedrick, DaveYacht, sloop35 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1996/1034
7249Birchwood Challenger 380Birchwood Marine Ltd.Motor38 ftMotorboat Monthly1996/1026
15867Fairline Farga 48Olesinski, BernardYacht, motor50 ftMotorboat and Yachting1996/1044
3018Dorade, Manhattan Bay One-DesignStephens II, Olin JDinghy, sailing21 ft LOAWooden Boat1996/0964
1410Contessa 32Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop32 ft LOA - see also YM 1994/08 p 35, YM 2000/07 Yachting Monthly1996/09119
3019Annabelle TwoDias, AntonioYacht, sloop23 ft LOAWooden Boat1996/0992
10935Tricia IIRayner, DennisYacht, cutter20 ft LOA - Westcoaster class - see also CB1994/Yachting Monthly1996/0989
9065Moody 36Dixon, BillYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/09112
9349erBethwaite, JulianSkiff4.99 m LOAYachts and Yachting1996/098
4764Clipper 60Pedrick, DavidYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World1996/0992
7968Ha'pennySwift, PhilYacht, sloop16 ftThe Boatman1996/0960
9779RapsodyWeidtman, MaxYacht, motor28 ft LOAThe Boatman1996/0937
13139Pettersson, Carl GustovYacht, motor - two designsThe Boatman1996/0944
11357Winter WrenDevlin, SamYacht, sloop22 ft The Boatman1996/0931
11307Wiking XPettersson, Carl GustovYacht, motor30 ft LOAThe Boatman1996/0946
11128VikingenPettersson, Carl GustovYacht, motor26 ft - Norwegian designThe Boatman1996/0942
3261EliseFife, WilliamYacht, schooner63 ft LODClassic Boat1996/0930
14072Fishing40 ft approx - Galway HookerClassic Boat1996/0972
14073Yacht, sloop - W Restricted classClassic Boat1996/0997
15866Seahog SuperhogSeahog BoatsMotor15 ftMotorboat and Yachting1996/09112
15865Ryds 485FCNauticalia BoatsMotor16 ftMotorboat and Yachting1996/09108
15864Shetland Dolphin CadetShetland MarineMotor15 ftMotorboat and Yachting1996/09106
15863Windy 36 Grand MistralJohnsen, Hans JargenYacht, motor36 ftMotorboat and Yachting1996/0968
2285Sunseeker 375Shead, DonMotor39 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1996/0958
2287Nimbus 31 CoupeNimbus BoatsMotor31 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1996/0998
2286Seamaster 30Welch, JohnMotor30 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1996/0972
2130Seaword 23Mursell, ArthurMotor23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1996/09126
8007Heavenly Twins IimPatterson, PatCatamaran36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/0883
9549Pen DuickFife, William IIIYacht, cutter49 ft LOD - see also CB 1992/12 p 8Yachting Monthly1996/0841
4762Dufour 35J&JYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1996/08100
4763Misdeanour, BavariaJ&JYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1996/08100
11928Cooper, FredMotorThe Boatman1996/0839
13436Stone, Robert NDinghy, sailing14 ft - Jewel classClassic Boat1996/088
10313Skerry CruiserRyder-Turner, DavidYacht, sloop73 ft LOAClassic Boat1996/0818
13043Osborne, WilliamMotor30 ft - Metropolitan Police launchClassic Boat1996/0848
8635Lively LadyShepherd, FredYacht, cutter36 ft - see also CB 2005/02 p 26The Boatman1996/0824
12443Johnson, C LowndesDinghy, sailing16 ft - Comet O D classClassic Boat1996/0858
7689Frank 49Yacht, motorClassic Boat1996/0818
13302Selway Fisher DesignYacht, yawl23 ft C BClassic Boat1996/0818
11147Vivette II Shepherd, FredYacht, ketchThe Boatman1996/0830
11929Cooper, FredMotor30 ft - ? DesignerThe Boatman1996/0840
11210Water WagMiddleton, Thomas BDinghy, sailing13 ft - prototype of classThe Boatman1996/0853
10172Selina KingShepherd, FredYacht, cutter36 ft - vessel belonged to Arthur Ransome - see The Boatman1996/0832
13331Shepherd, FredYacht, cutter32 ft The Boatman1996/0831
1162CaribShepherd, FredYacht, yawl60 ft LOAThe Boatman1996/0831
13147PORMotor16 ftThe Boatman1996/0841
2284Shetland 535Escomar BoatsMotor17 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1996/0854
2128Legend 26Yacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1996/0832
2129Seal 22Primrose, AngusYacht, sloop22 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1996/0836
15860Broom 345Wolstenholme, AndrewMotor35 ftMotorboat and Yachting1996/0836
2283Hollandia 1000SJachtbouw Hollandia bvMotor33 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1996/0826
15861Beneteau Antares Seine 8BeneteauMotor26 ftMotorboat and Yachting1996/0866
15862Humber 448Marsh, DavidYacht, motor45 ftMotorboat and Yachting1996/08104
11116Victoria 800Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/0777
3017Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop30 ft LOA Falmouth CutterWooden Boat1996/0792
9383Oceanis 381BeneteauYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/0775
10561Sun Rise 34JeanneauYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/0747
10503StormalongKelly, BillYacht, cutter32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/0741
3016White, JoelYacht, sloop62 ft LOAWooden Boat1996/07106
9378Oceanis 350Briand, PhilippeYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/0746
7608First 345Berret, JeanYacht, sloop34 ft LOA - see also YM 1997/09 p 106Yachting Monthly1996/0748
4761Yanneke TooDixon, BillSchooner115 ft LOAYachting World1996/07108
4760Vancouver 39Taylor, TonyYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1996/07102
9557PeregrinePeggYacht, sloop26 ft - renovated Norfolk Broads vesselThe Boatman1996/0758
11224WeekenderWatershedMotor19 ft LOA - Courier classThe Boatman1996/0743
11151Vokrug svetaYacht, schooner77 ft LOA - RussiaThe Boatman1996/0780
14068Gold duster18 ft approx - HumberThe Boatman1996/0740
14070Hull duster18 ft approx - HumberThe Boatman1996/0741
14069Grimsby duster22 ft - HumberThe Boatman1996/0742
1489Cove BoatWebster, PaulDinghy, sailing13 ftThe Boatman1996/0754
8039High CottonHerreshoff, NattYacht, sloop32 ft LOA - Buzzards Bay 25 classClassic Boat1996/0732
14071Rowing38 ft - Bantry Bay gigClassic Boat1996/0768
15858Sealine 28 BoleroSealine InternationalMotor29 ftMotorboat and Yachting1996/0738
2281Fairline HolidayBennett, JohnMotor22 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1996/0760
2127Sadler 32Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop32 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1996/0740
2126Dufour 35 ClassicDufourYacht, sloop34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1996/0736
2280Humber Sceptre 448Marsh, DavidMotor45 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1996/0734
2282Beneteau Antares Serie 6BeneteauMotor20 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1996/0798
15859Windy 41 TyphoonWindy Boats A/SYacht, motor41 ftMotorboat and Yachting1996/0780
3237EilidhMylne, AlfredYacht, cutter58 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/0655
3014KnarrKristofersen, ErlingYacht, sloop31 ft LOAWooden Boat1996/0646
3015Stephens, Robert WDinghy, sailing17 ft LOAWooden Boat1996/06114
4759Djinn Seng XJeppesen, NilsYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1996/06118
4758Prout 45Prout CatamaransCatamaran45 ft LOAYachting World1996/06112
4757NadiaDubois Naval ArchitectsYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World1996/06108
4756YW H28Humphteys, RobYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1996/0690
4755Challenge 2000Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop71 ft LOAYachting World1996/0642
92Gull SpiritProctor, IanDinghy, sailing11 ft LOA redesignYachts and Yachting1996/0635
14066Brazzera34 ft - traditional vessel of AdriaticThe Boatman1996/0644
9310Norfolk CoasterPratt, VicMotor15 ftThe Boatman1996/0631
1281Chippendale DayboatFisher, PaulDinghy, sailing14 ftThe Boatman1996/0629
11358Winter WrenTaylor, ProctorYacht, sloop20 ftClassic Boat1996/0666
14067Fishing80 ft approx - steam drifterClassic Boat1996/0645
10228SheepskinKeevil, StuartYacht, sloop20 ftClassic Boat1996/0666
3152DrobiliaThompson, R TYacht16 ftClassic Boat1996/0667
12312Hazel, R JYacht, sloopClassic Boat1996/0667
11300White WingsAlden, John GYacht, sloop50 ft LOAClassic Boat1996/0630
7674Four SticksRose, DiggoryDinghy, sailing13 ftClassic Boat1996/0667
7840GNUCobham, PeterCanoe, sailing20 ftClassic Boat1996/0666
12756Meijers, MarinusYacht, sloop20 ftClassic Boat1996/0667
1280Chippendale CockleWolstenholme, ADinghy, sailing9 ftThe Boatman1996/0626
15856Princess 34Olesinski, BernardYacht, motor36 ftMotorboat and Yachting1996/0646
2124Beneteau 260 SpiritYacht, sloop25 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1996/0636
15857Grand Banks 36American MarineYacht, motor40 ftMotorboat and Yachting1996/06106
2125Westerly CentaurGiles, LaurentYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1996/0638
2277Windy 36 Grand MistralJohnsen, HansMotor36 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1996/0634
2278Four Winns 238 VistaFour WinnsMotor23 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1996/0648
2279Moonraker 36Tucker, RobertMotor41 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1996/0658
1620Dehler 33Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/0590
8687LyricaGosson, NevilleYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/0550
7603First 30BeneteauYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/0595
1039Briand Classic 62Briand, Philippe Yacht, ketch61 ft LOAYachting World1996/0596
4740J/110Johnstone, RodYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1996/05122
90ZephyrZephyr Aluminium ProductsDinghy, sailing9 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1996/057
91Mumm 30Farr, BruceYacht, sloop9.42 m LOAYachts and Yachting1996/055
4741Contessa 32Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1996/05116
10421SpinawayFishing30 ft approx - Shetland sixareenThe Boatman1996/0520
8382KattegatLeather, JohnYacht, cutter26 ft LOA - Colin Archer type - see also CB 1997The Boatman1996/0551
9440OptimomeCaillou, RemiDinghy, sailing9 ftThe Boatman1996/0559
14065Fishing - drawings of several East and South Coast typesThe Boatman1996/0539
10527Summer AfternoonTanton IncYacht, schooner23 ftClassic Boat1996/0525
12961Mudie, ColinRowing12 ft - ship's boat for MatthewClassic Boat1996/058
2123Atalanta 26Fox, UffaYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1996/0546
14850Renaissance 31Walton MarineMotor31 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1996/0558
2122Catalina 28 MkIIYacht, sloop28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1996/0544
14849Birchwood 33Caddick, GrahameMotor33 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1996/0546
15854Seaward 29TT Boat DesignsYacht, motor29 ftMotorboat and Yachting1996/0548
14851Princess 30DSOlesinski, BernardMotor30 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1996/0566
14848Squadron 50Fairline Boats plcYacht, motor52 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1996/0534
15855Sea Ray 250 SundancerSea RayMotor26 ftMotorboat and Yachting1996/0594
2121Dehler 33Yacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1996/0542
3012ZuluMaynard, George SherlockYacht, yawl34 ft LOAWooden Boat1996/0446
3013AlegriaTucker, TomYacht, ketch39 ft LOAWooden Boat1996/04114
760Athena 38Joubert, M & Nivelt, BCatamaran38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/0477
9063Moody 34Dixon, BillYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/0479
10690TalesinHess, LyleYacht, cutter30 ft - see also CB 2000/03 p65Yachting Monthly1996/0439
863Bavaria 33J & J DesignsYacht, sloop33 ft LOA - see also YW 2005/07 p48Yachting Monthly1996/0475
4753ZannaDalzell, SteveYacht, yawl82 ft LOAYachting World1996/0476
4754Dehler 33Judel & VroljkYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1996/04114
89H22Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop6.70 m LOAYachts and Yachting1996/0419
9753RadianceHerreshoff, L FrancisYacht, ketch72 ft Classic Boat1996/0461
8385KavatThomasson, BjornYacht, yawl20 ft approx C BClassic Boat1996/0468
11824Castle, MartinDinghy, sailing18 ft LOAClassic Boat1996/04 66
14064Rowing - Cornish gigClassic Boat1996/0428
13271Ryder-Turner, DavidYacht, sloop20 ft - half rater typeClassic Boat1996/0467
13713Williamson, Peter & JanetYacht, sloop20 ftClassic Boat1996/0467
890Beg LannRobbe, J-P DoleYacht, sloop20 ft LOAClassic Boat1996/0468
8488LacustreCopponex, HenriYacht, sloop31 ft LOA - SwitzerlandClassic Boat1996/0438
2120Sea WychSadler, JohnYacht, sloop19 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1996/0445
2119Victoria 800Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1996/0442
15853Johnson 65Johnson Yachts Co.Yacht, motor65 ftMotorboat and Yachting1996/0470
15852Orkadian 20Orkney BoatsMotor20 ftMotorboat and Yachting1996/0456
9897RomillyIrens, NigelYacht, yawl22 ft LOA - lug rir - see also CB 2003/11/p38Yachting Monthly1996/0374
10499StormGriffiths, MauriceYacht, cutter26 ft LOA 7 ton - see also CB 1987/03 p 22Yachting Monthly1996/0385
4752Moody S38Dixon, BillYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1996/03122
88Projection 762Thomas, StephenYacht, sloop7.62 m LOAYachts and Yachting1996/037
8805MarietteHerreshoff, NattYacht, schooner138 ft LOAClassic Boat1996/0333
13061Pape, AlanYacht, cutter37 ft C BClassic Boat1996/0325
10044Sara JamesPowell, LukeYacht, cutter38 ft - Channel Pilot typeClassic Boat1996/0372
807Baby IBrookes, John WalterMotor25 ftClassic Boat1996/0343
10893Tortuga 35Barnett, TimYacht, motor34 ft LOA - New ZealandClassic Boat1996/0355
1517CrusaderBrookes, John WalterHydroplane33 ftClassic Boat1996/0347
7248Grand Banks 42Smith, KenYacht, motor43 ftMotorboat Monthly1996/0366
15851Grand Banks 49American MarineYacht, motor56 ftMotorboat and Yachting1996/0342
2118Sabre 27Hill, AlanYacht, sloop27 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1996/0341
2117Etap 23iLYacht, sloop25 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1996/0338
7247Selqueen 24Ancas, SelcoMotor24 ftMotorboat Monthly1996/0343
8832Mary BryantYacht, schooner41 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/0243
4751Oceanis 40CCFinot & BriandYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1996/0294
4750Nodseil 55Dixon, BillYacht, sloop55 ft LOAYachting World1996/0290
14063Fishing5 m - Lac Leman canot - SwitzerlandThe Boatman1996/0237
9492PalaceMacDonald, IanYacht, sloop39 ft LOA - Norfolk BroadsThe Boatman1996/0223
9347NutshellGoodwin, MalcolmDinghy, sailing9 ftThe Boatman1996/0254
7537FelixWolstenholme, A & Moss, DavidCatboat16 ftThe Boatman1996/0244
11828Catus, Jules DeYacht, sloop15 ft approx - Lac Leman - SwitzerlandThe Boatman1996/0236
10018SanderlingLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop22 ft LOAThe Boatman1996/0248
14062Fishing19 ft approx - Lac Leman - lanteen rig - SwitzThe Boatman1996/0230
8877MaxieLogan BrosYacht, motor35 ft - New ZealandClassic Boat1996/0228
1508CristinaHolme, ToreYacht, sloop - 8 m classClassic Boat1996/0260
8140IfAas, BjarneYacht, sloop - 8 m classClassic Boat1996/0258
11444ZannaDalzell, SteveYacht, yawl75 ft Classic Boat1996/0244
2115Legend 280Yacht, sloop28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1996/0228
7245Broom 36Wolstenholme, AndrewYacht, motor37 ftMotorboat Monthly1996/0224
7246Seaward 29TT Boat DesignsMotor29 ftMotorboat Monthly1996/0254
2116Trapper 500/501C & CYacht, sloop28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1996/0232
15850Stevens 1040Bes Yacht DesignYacht, motor34 ftMotorboat and Yachting1996/0298
15849Cranch Atlantique 38Cranch Research & DevelopmentYacht, motor41 ftMotorboat and Yachting1996/0242
1394Condor 37Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/0154
3007DecoySpalding, EliotMotor20 ft LOAWooden Boat1996/0198
3008Grey SealOughtred, IainYacht, sloop22 ft LOAWooden Boat1996/0168
7610First 38Berret, JeanYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/0152
10563Sun Shine 38Castro, TonyYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/0156
10168Selection 37Joubert, M & Nivelt, BYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/0155
10946Trintella 46AStadt, E G van deYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/01116
10453St PatrickGalway Hooker40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/0150
8961MG 38Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/0155
7786Gib'Sea 116Joubert, M & Nivelt, BYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/0152
8335Jouet 37Tortarolo, DanielYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1996/0154
4747Windexpress 48Bergstrom, LarsYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World1996/01116
4749Mumm 30Farr, BruceYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1996/01138
4742FrejaHeyman, GabrielYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1996/0166
4743MergusEivola, PekkaYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1996/0168
47447 Seas 1300Haavind, PerYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1996/0170
4746Cape 38Berckemeyer, OswaldYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1996/0173
4748Contest 37Zaal, DickYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1996/01134
87Parker 325Parker Yachts & DinghiesYacht, sloop10.21 m LOAYachts and Yachting1996/017
86Mount Gay 30Rogers, SimonYacht, sloop9.64 m LOAYachts and Yachting1996/017
4745Eden 50Perry, RobertYacht, sloop51 ft LOAYachting World1996/0172
797AyeshaClarke-Lens, SteveFeluca30 ftClassic Boat1996/0175
9144MynonieHildred, Rosaline & Buehler, GeorgeYacht, schooner33 ft LBP - junk rig - CanadaThe Boatman1996/0170
11182Walnut Yawl 17Whisstock, GeorgeYacht, yawl17 ft The Boatman1996/0184
879BeatriceFishing50 ft - Essex smackThe Boatman1996/0127
666AndreyaleJoubert, MichelYacht, motor32 ft LOAThe Boatman1996/0152
699Arabella RoseHathaway, BobYacht, yawl36 ft LOA - see also CB 1997/12 p 68The Boatman1996/0139
11183Walnut Yawl 20Whisstock, GeorgeYacht, yawl20 ftClassic Boat1996/0125
11478Abeking & RasmussenYacht, cutter - 8 mclassClassic Boat1996/0157
12514Laurent Giles & HillyardYacht, cutter36 ft LODClassic Boat1996/0125
8458KunaYacht, schooner73 ft LOA - converted motor fishing boat - PolanThe Boatman1996/0144
13351Skira, DanielYacht, motor99 ft - AmericaClassic Boat1996/0125
11135VingaLiljgrenYacht, cutter - 8 m classClassic Boat1996/0158
15847Botnia Targa 33Botnia MarinYacht, motor35 ftMotorboat and Yachting1996/0168
15848Fairline Squadron 55Olesinski, BernardYacht, motor56 ftMotorboat and Yachting1996/01108
7243Sealine Bolero 28Sealine International Ltd.Motor29 ftMotorboat Monthly1996/0138
7244fPremier Power 50DM Design Ltd.Yacht, motor49 ftMotorboat Monthly1996/01102
9987Salcombe TraderTideway Boat ConstructionYacht, cutter26 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/1278
1427Contest 37Zaal, DickYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/1276
8890MayflyYacht, ketch49 ft LOA Yachting Monthly1995/1292
82Hobie TigerHobie catCatamaran5.51 m LOAYachts and Yachting1995/1213
4133BoleroSparkman & StephensYacht, yawl74 ft LOAYachting World1995/1292
4134Farr 60Farr, BruceYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World1995/12102
84Hunter 707Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1995/125
85Comet TrioMorrison, PhilDinghy, sailing15 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1995/129
83Raider 18Hawkins, ChrisDinghy, sailing5.56 m LOAYachts and Yachting1995/1219
16215SovereignDubois Naval architectsYacht, sloop119 ft LOABoat International1995/1274
16214TeelHood, Winch & EastonYacht, sloop115 ft LOABoat International1995/1266
16213Elegance 80D Drettman GmbhYacht, motor80 ftBoat International1995/1260
355A RRasmussen, HenryYacht, yawl63 ft - seefahrtkreuzerClassic Boat1995/1246
16212Nordia 55Van DamYacht, ketch55 ft LOABoat International1995/1256
8146ImajicaFishing44 ft - BrazilClassic Boat1995/1263
12222Goeller, Fred WCatboat25 ft approxClassic Boat1995/1258
2114PunchStollery, RogerDinghy, sailing11 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1995/1267
2113Najad 391Yacht, sloop40 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1995/1224
7241Cranchi Atlantique 38Cantiere Nautico Cranchi sriMotor41 ftMotorboat Monthly1995/1268
7240Sea Ray 215 ECSea Ray Boats Inc.Motor22 ftMotorboat Monthly1995/1248
7239Johnson 65Bill Dixon Design OfficeYacht, motor65 ftMotorboat Monthly1995/1234
7242Freeman 32John Freeman MarineYacht, motor32 ft 1972Motorboat Monthly1995/1278
7500FantasiaJeanneauYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/1168
3006A1 Pilothouse sloopSprague, ScottYacht, sloop26 ft LOAWooden Boat1995/11104
11257Westerly Oceanquest 35Dubois, EdYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/11 64
8278Jenny WrenMead, HarleyYacht, cutter38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/1150
4738Heresy 45Morgan, JohnYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1995/1180
4737CatalystHolland, RonYacht, ketch92 ft LOAYachting World1995/1166
81BuzzHowlett, Ian & Caig, JohnDinghy, sailing4.2 m LOA TopperYachts and Yachting1995/1113
80BH 41Murray, IanYacht, sloop12.5 m LOAYachts and Yachting1995/115
4739Swan 48Frers, GermanYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World1995/1192
7497FannySelway Fisher DesignYacht, steam15 ft LOAThe Boatman1995/1169
1340Coch-y-BondduCrossfieldsDinghy, sailing13 ft - Arthur Ransome's dinghyClassic Boat1995/118
9960Sacra FamiljaMgarr30 ft approx - MaltaClassic Boat1995/1166
492AlchemyMaurice GriffithsYacht cutter33 ft LOAThe Boatman1995/1129
10156SeasharpChris CraftMotor28 ftClassic Boat1995/1126
1096Buzzard Bay 15Herreshoff, NattYacht, sloop24 ft LOAThe Boatman1995/1145
448Adelaide of RoundwoodMackay, WYacht, cutter18 ftClassic Boat1995/1152
11175WaitangiLogan, RobertYacht, cutter74 ft LOA - New ZealandClassic Boat1995/1171
12309Hayward, F ScottDinghy, sailing20 ft - Seabird class - sailed in North Wales - Classic Boat1995/1140
1608DebenJones, J FrancisYacht, sloop22 ft - Kestrel classClassic Boat1995/1158
14706Coch-y-BoudduCrossfieldsDinghy, sailing13 ft - Arthur Ransome's dinghyClassic Boat1995/118
7237Feeling Woosley Too, Fletcher Zingaro ExpressFletcher InternationalMotor26 ft 1978Motorboat Monthly1995/1134
2112RomillyIrens, NigelYacht, sloop22 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1995/1124
7238Royal Cruiser 34Storebro Bruks ABMotor34 ftMotorboat Monthly1995/1176
10070Scanyacht 391Oloffson, Nils EricYacht, sloop38 ft LOA - see also YM 1994/07 p 71Yachting Monthly1995/1048
8200Island DrifterAnderson, IanYacht, sloop37 ft LOA - Countess classYachting Monthly1995/1058
7575Finnsailer 29Yacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/1081
1369Colvic Watson 28.6Yacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/1078
3364Evasion 28BeneteauYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/1080
716Argosy 39Steel-KitYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/1050
4734Truly ClassicHoek, AndrewYacht, sloop64 ft LOAYachting World1995/1080
79Sigma 8Peterson, JakopinYacht, sloop8.00 m LOAYachts and Yachting1995/1019
4736Lit'l Blue, Baltic 47Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1995/10112
4735Hunter 707Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1995/10106
7866GoosanderLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, ketch25 ft LWL - Peter Duck classThe Boatman1995/1026
10597SurpriseGartside, PaulYacht, cutter22 ftThe Boatman1995/1070
12191Gartside, PaulYacht, cutter20 ft LOD - based on Falmouth workboatThe Boatman1995/1072
8760Manaia ILogan, ArchDinghy, sailing18 ft - Restricted M class - New ZealandClassic Boat1995/1028
9274NimrodYacht, sloop18 ft - Shellduck classClassic Boat1995/1021
8389KayakCanoe17 ftClassic Boat1995/1061
8845MascotteCox, Thomas & SonPilot60 ft LOD - Bristol ChannelThe Boatman1995/1048
12585Logan, ArchDinghy, sailing18 ft - Restricted M class - New ZealandClassic Boat1995/1026
3592CV-9Delta MarineMotor131 ft LOABoat International1995/1086
3591Truly Classic 64Hoek, AndreYacht, sloop64 ft LOABoat International1995/1072
3590KentraWilliam FifeYacht, ketch104 ft LOA 1923 restoredBoat International1995/1054
3593XasteriaPerini NaviYacht, ketch170 ft LOABoat International1995/1094
9834RhapsodyPeel, CharlesYacht, cutter18 ft C BThe Boatman1995/1067
3594KrishaSarin, JackMotor115 ft LOABoat International1995/10104
9666Post BoatBailiff, BillYacht, cutter14 ft LOAThe Boatman1995/1065
2276Princess 37SBennett, JohnMotor37 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1995/1086
15873Pro-Line 240 SportsmanPro-LineMotor25 ftMotorboat and Yachting1995/1042
15874Azimut AZ 54Righini, StephanoYacht, motor56 ftMotorboat and Yachting1995/1070
14824Azimut AZ 54Righini, StephanoMotor56 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1995/1070
15872Pro-Line 231 WalkaboutPro-LineMotor25 ftMotorboat and Yachting1995/1040
2261Mariah Z275 DavantiMariah BoatsMotor27 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1995/1028
2262Sealine 285 AmbassadorMurrant, TomMotor28 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1995/1048
2275Storebro Royal Cruiser 355Wilkie, WinnfriedMotor35 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1995/1068
2111Bavaria 33J & J DesignYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1995/1028
11166W33 / DiscusLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/09113
8563Legend 36Mazza, RobYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/09110
3004OleyFarrington, DaveDinghy, skiff17ft LOAWooden Boat1995/0956
3005Peregrine 18Brooks, JohnDinghy18 ft LOAWooden Boat1995/0998
78FlyerWhitehead, RolandDinghy, sailing14 ft LOA kit constructionYachts and Yachting1995/0939
16211HetairosKing, BruceYacht, ketch125 ft LOABoat International1995/0988
8397KentraFife, WillamYacht, ketch100 ft LOAClassic Boat1995/0940
8481La NeptuneBarge, sailing88 ft LOA - built 1904 - barque du LemanClassic Boat1995/0976
16210CameliaDubois Naval architectsYacht, sloop95 ft LOABoat International1995/0984
16209Jongert 26tDahm InternationalYacht, ketch85 ft LOABoat International1995/0976
16208Tarrab 85Tarrab YachtsYacht, motor84 ftBoat International1995/0972
3294EnaHumphreys, RobYacht, sloop22 ftClassic Boat1995/0911
10037Sapphire 27Whisstock, GeorgeYacht, sloop31 ft LOAThe Boatman1995/0936
10767TernaDinghy, sailing16 ft - Norwegian designThe Boatman1995/0965
9343Notre Dame de BequerelFishing43 ft LBP - Brittany Forban luggerThe Boatman1995/0951
10620Swallowdale Isles, MurrayDory, sailing15 ft LOAThe Boatman1995/0981
976Blue SkiesGartside, PaulMotor20 ftThe Boatman1995/0968
2258Orkney Day Angler 19+TT Boat DesignsMotor20 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1995/0994
2257Watershed CourierWatershedMotor19 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1995/0992
2256Shamrock 20O'SullivanMotor20 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1995/0990
2254Rico MarlinMoxham, JohnMotor30 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1995/0934
2260Solar 32Clabburn, JohnMotor32 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1995/09124
2255Nord West 900Moxham, JohnMotor33 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1995/0970
2259Sunseeker Portofino 31/32Shead, DonMotor32 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1995/09108
1075BrychanAlan-Williams, DavidYacht, cutter42 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0875
7599First 210Group FinotYacht, sloop20 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0858
8556Legend 23.5Luhrs, WarrenYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0861
9794Red Fox 200EThomas, David & Bewes, HeadleyYacht, sloop20 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0863
1196Catalina 22Butler, Frank & Finch, RobertYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0859
10543Sun First 20JeanneauYacht, sloop20 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0862
8100Hunter Horizon 21Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0860
4731Fatso the BlaggerMcMillan, SeanYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting World1995/0886
4732Island Packet 40Johnson, BobYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1995/08102
4733Unna 24 & 20Nissen, GeorgYacht, sloop24 & 21 ft LOAYachting World1995/08108
771720Castro, TonyYacht, sloop8.00 m LOAYachts and Yachting1995/0841
16204President 83Kuan TeinYacht, motor84 ftBoat International1995/0852
16205Nordseil 55Dixon, BillYacht, sloop55 ft LOABoat International1995/0856
16206Lady TiffanyMichael Peters Yacht designYacht, motor117 ftBoat International1995/0876
16207ApplauseA GroupYacht, motor149 ftBoat International1995/0884
10048Sarah Jane RlieyGarton, PaulYacht - replica Welsh trading smackThe Boatman1995/0819
11975Crossfield, JohnFishing35 ft - Lancashire nobby or prawnerThe Boatman1995/0822
14061Fishing12 to 16 ft - Fleet trowThe Boatman1995/0846
14060Fishing38 ft - Lancashire nobbyThe Boatman1995/0822
3122DoratheaStoba, WilliamYacht, cutter26 ft LOAThe Boatman1995/0822
12728McGruer, EwingYacht, sloop24 ft - Gareloch O D classClassic Boat1995/0842
7842Golant GafferDongray, RogerYacht, cutter18 ft LOA - see also WC 1998/07 p 28, WC 2003/07 The Boatman1995/0852
9117MoyaCrossfield, WilliamYacht, cutter42 ft LOA - ex Morecombe Bay prawnerThe Boatman1995/0828
10522SulaFisher, PaulYacht, yawl16 ft LOAThe Boatman1995/0865
1356ColibriYacht, sloop27 ft LWL - Puerto RicaClassic Boat1995/0836
11209Water WagDoyle, J EDinghy, sailing14 ft - new design - see also CB 1995/09 p 30Classic Boat1995/0872
2109Laser UniFurlPerformance SailcraftDinghy, sailing17 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1995/0828
2110L'Avant FoxFox, UffaYacht, sloop18 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1995/0832
7234Falcon 275Wolstenholme, AndrewMotor28 ftMotorboat Monthly1995/0834
15870Sunseeker Manhatton 46Shead, FrievokhYacht, motor47 ftMotorboat and Yachting1995/0836
7235Bonny Maid, Broom Ocean 29Wolstenholme, AndrewMotor29 ftMotorboat Monthly1995/0860
15871Targa 27Botnia MarinMotor28 ftMotorboat and Yachting1995/0890
7236Haines 29Haines Marine Ltd.Motor29 ftMotorboat Monthly1995/0860
7600First 25Yacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0734
3174Dufour 25/1800Yacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0734
10592Super Seal 26Holland, RonYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0735
9962Sadler 25Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop24 ft LOA - see also YW 1976/06 p 95Yachting Monthly1995/0736
10873Tomahawk 25Hill, AlanYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0738
10914Trapper 300Kirby, BruceYacht, sloop26 ft LOA -see also YW 1969/10 p 454, YW 1977/07 Yachting Monthly1995/0738
7448Evolution 26Everitt, JustinYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0737
9103Morning's EndSparkman & StephensYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0749
9538Pegasus 800Harris, GoedonYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0735
9757Ragna RReimers, Knud HYacht, sloop53 ft LOA - see also CB 2002/10 p 54Yachting Monthly1995/0732
9697Prout 45Feltham, DavidCatamaran45 ft LOA - see also YM 1996/06 p 86Yachting Monthly1995/0789
3010RoxaneNigel Irens DesignYacht, yawl30 ft LOAWooden Boat1995/0738
3011Rosa IIRosenblatt, Mandell & LesterYacht, ketch41 ft LOAWooden Boat1995/0764
2968Rosa IIRosenblatt, Mandell & LesterYacht, ketch41 ft LOAWooden Boat1995/0764
3003Merry DreamBombigher, DanielYacht, schooner43 ft LOAWooden Boat1995/0796
2969Merry DreamBombigher, DanielYacht, schooner43 ft LOAWooden Boat1995/0796
2967RoxaneNigel Irens DesignYacht, yawl30 ft LOAWooden Boat1995/0738
8115Hustler 25.5Holman & PyeYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0738
988Bluewater 60Skilowitz, PaulYacht60 ft LOAYachting World1995/0786
7924GulliverHohmann, RussellRowing16 ft - Canadian designThe Boatman1995/0784
9706P'tit BonheurTutard, Jean-PierreYacht, barge23 ft LOAThe Boatman1995/0754
8546LauraLeather, JohnFishing39 ft - Colne oysterThe Boatman1995/0724
16203Doble Havende Voogt & HeinYacht, motor 167 ftBoat International1995/0778
16201Sea Ray 450, SundancerSea RayYacht, motor46 ftBoat International1995/0766
16202CatalystHolland, RonYacht, ketch92 ft LOABoat International1995/0770
8272Jeannie HendersonOughtred, IainYacht, yawl19 ft LOA - Ness yawlThe Boatman1995/0714
8442KittiwakeHolmes, George FCanoe, sailing18 ft - Humber yawl - see also CB 1991/10 p 46The Boatman1995/0721
11365Wivenhoe O DRadcliffe, WalterDinghy, sailing15 ftClassic Boat1995/0768
9695ProspectorSelway Fisher DesignCanoe16 ftClassic Boat1995/077
16200Oyster 61Holman & pyeYacht, sloop60 ft LOABoat International1995/0750
2108Red FoxThomas, DavidYacht, sloop20 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1995/0736
2252Sunseeker 46 ManhattanShead, DonMotor46 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1995/0726
2253Maxum 2300CMaxum MarineMotor24 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1995/0756
8663Lost Horizon IIOhlson, EinarYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0666
1021Bowman 45Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0656
1683DindyHarrison Butler, TYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0664
4730First 300 SpiritGroupe FinotYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1995/06114
472821-Metre Swing KeelerNissen, GeorgYacht, ketch72 ft LOAYachting World1995/0693
4729Piano, Bowman 45Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1995/06108
9301NorahBarge40 ft - River Severn trowThe Boatman1995/0661
14058Fishing37 ft - Harwich bawleyThe Boatman1995/0636
10602Susan AnnWestmacott, AlfredYacht, sloop28 ft LOAClassic Boat1995/0649
9942RunagMylne, AlfredYacht, cutter43 ftClassic Boat1995/0631
3586Ultra 78 AzimutRighini, StefanoMotor78 ft LOABoat International1995/0694
3587Far WindFarr, BruceYacht, sloop72 ft LOABoat International1995/06100
3589Libra StarBenettiMotor131 ft LOABoat International1995/06114
14059Fishing - Essex smackThe Boatman1995/0636
3588Lady AnneFranchini, WalterMotor131 ft LOABoat International1995/06104
2251Skibsplast 700DSkibsplastMotor23 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1995/0672
2250Princess V39Olesinski, BernardMotor39 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1995/0634
15886Hunter Pilot 27Hunter BoatsMotor28 ftMotorboat and Yachting1995/06106
2107Summer Twins 28Patterson, PatCatamaran28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1995/0636
15885Seaco 1030Lofgren, LeifMotor33 ftMotorboat and Yachting1995/0644
9774Ranger Woods DesignsCatamaran27 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0593
10330SmugglerNorfolk BoatyardYacht, cutter30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0593
1255Chanson de LecqSadler, DavidYacht, sloop32 ft LOA - Contessa 32 classYachting Monthly1995/05101
2966Great Cove 21Day, ArnoMotor21 ft LOAWooden Boat1995/05109
1631Dehler 41DSJudel & Vrolijy & Baltic YachtsYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0588
3009Great Cove 21Day, ArnoMotor21 ft LOAWooden Boat1995/05109
76Ultra 30Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1995/0533
4725ThaliaHolland, RonYacht, ketch160 ft LOAYachting World1995/0586
4726Beer Money, Trintella 51Avan de StadtYacht, sloop51 ft LOAYachting World1995/05104
4727Sigma 8mJ&J Design & PetersonYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1995/05110
16196Tintella 51Van de StadtYacht, sloop51 ft LOABoat International1995/0548
16199La BaronessFexas, TomYacht, motor150 ftBoat International1995/0574
1487CourierTolfrey, StewartMotor18 ftClassic Boat1995/0538
641AmericaScarano, JohnYacht, schooner105 ft - replica of America Cup race - see also Classic Boat1995/055
16197Ola 54Penna, MarceloYacht, sloop54 ft LOABoat International1995/0552
16198Lady ChristineDiashipYacht, motor126 ftBoat International1995/0566
7560Fin BoatBryan, HarryDinghy12 ft - peddle poweredThe Boatman1995/0550
9969Sae WylfingGifford, EdwinLongboat44 ft - replica of Viking longboatClassic Boat1995/0560
13551Topazio, MarianoGozzo - various designsThe Boatman1995/0540
845BarinthusOwle, JohnDory, sailing16 ftThe Boatman1995/0568
928Billie JaneThe Boatman1995/0529
927Billie JaneYacht, cutter17 ft - Breton smackThe Boatman1995/0529
7494FamaireMulkennins, ColmYacht, cutter42 ft - Galway HookerClassic Boat1995/0547
10738Tassie TooYacht, sloop25 ft LOA 21 ft class - AustraliaClassic Boat1995/0566
2106CatalacWinterbotham, JohnCatamaran36 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1995/0542
15883Haines 29Wolstenholme, AndrewMotor30 ftMotorboat and Yachting1995/0542
15884Sea Ray 330 DASea Ray BoatsMotor36 ftMotorboat and Yachting1995/05110
1602DayspringDubois, EdYacht, sloop26 ft LOA - Westerly Griffon classYachting Monthly1995/0477
8395Kelt 29Baud, Gilles leYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0463
9057Moody 28Dixon, Bill & Primrose, AngusYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0462
11398Y M Offshore 38Yacht, cutter37 ft LOA - see also YM 1995/07 p 82Yachting Monthly1995/0452
8875Maxi 38Petterson, PelleYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/04102
10257Sigma 292Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0463
10537Sun Dream 28JeanneauYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0464
75RS600LDC Racing SailboatsDinghy, sailing4.47 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1995/0441
472257ft HinckleySparkman & StephensYacht, yawl57 ft LOAYachting World1995/0488
4723Gib'Sea 414Humphreys, RobertYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1995/04104
4724Magic Dragon, Grand Soleil 50Peterson, DougYacht, sloop51 ft LOAYachting World1995/04110
10343SnippetHolmes, George FYacht, yawl28 ft LOAThe Boatman1995/0477
9425OnawayHolmes, George FYacht, yawl29 ft LOAThe Boatman1995/0478
9424OnawayHolmes, George FYacht, yawl29 ft LOAThe Boatman1995/0478
8914MelusineLaurent GilesYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - Vertue classThe Boatman1995/0472
3584MargauxGrant, GaryMotor116 ft LOABoat International1995/0490
3585ZeusPedrick, DavidYacht, sloop150 ft LOABoat International1995/0498
1304Circus GirlNicholsonYacht, sloop22 ft LOA - Bembridge Redwing classClassic Boat1995/0460
10839TigerSmith, ChristopherFishing30 ft approx - oyster - built 1869 - AmericaClassic Boat1995/0433
10342SnippetHolmes, George FYacht, yawl28 ft LOAThe Boatman1995/0477
8683Lymington ScowBerthon Boatbuilding CoDinghy, sailing - C BClassic Boat1995/0447
669AndromedaHolman, KimYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - Stella classThe Boatman1995/0431
1675DibHolmes, George FYacht, sloop17 ft LOAThe Boatman1995/0478
1676DibHolmes, George FYacht, sloop17 ft LOAThe Boatman1995/0478
9637Plan No 126Berthon, Edward LyonYacht, sloop34 ft LOA - W restricted classClassic Boat1995/0443
668AndromedaHolman, KimYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - Stella classThe Boatman1995/0431
7232Otters Way, Fairline 36Olesinski, BernardMotor40 ftMotorboat Monthly1995/0442
15881Concept 27Chris-CraftMotor27 ftMotorboat and Yachting1995/0454
15882Princess V52Olesinski, BernardYacht, motor54 ftMotorboat Monthly1995/04116
7233Targa 27Botnia MarinMotor28 ftMotorboat Monthly1995/0466
7231Seaco 780Seaco Boats ASMotor26 ftMotorboat Monthly1995/0428
2105Pilot 27Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop27 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1995/0442
3002Lincoln 28Paine, C WMotor28 ft LOAWooden Boat1995/03110
7446EventideGriffiths, MauriceYacht, cutter28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0388
8754Malmac IIMoodyYacht, yawl44 ft LOA - Moody Grenadier classYachting Monthly1995/0367
2965Lincoln 28Paine, C WMotor28 ft LOAWooden Boat1995/03110
4132Freebird 50Richardson & SmithCatamaran50 ft LOAYachting World1995/03102
7722FulmarFife, WilliamYacht, sloop39 ft LOA - 8 m classClassic Boat1995/0320
12137Fishwick, SimonDinghy, sailing8 ftClassic Boat1995/0372
12389Hope, LintonYacht, sloop22 ft LOA C BClassic Boat1995/0310
11401Y W DayboatKennedy, GeorgeDinghy, sailing14 ftClassic Boat1995/0346
12502Larsen, AudunDinghy, sailing13 ftClassic Boat1995/0371
10798The Song ThrushCooper & CooperDinghy, sailing6 ftClassic Boat1995/0373
16194Simson SSetton, JackYacht, motor255 ftBoat International1995/0370
3345EthelHolmes, GeorgeCanoe, sailing15 ft - see also CB1988/05 p 22, CB 1991/01 p 104The Boatman1995/0369
10623Swan Holmes, GeorgeCanoe, sailing15 ftThe Boatman1995/0370
16193SeljmBoretti, AnselmiSchooner112 ft LOABoat International1995/0364
9434OompahHolmes, GeorgeYacht, yawl20 ftThe Boatman1995/0374
959BlodwenSchooner129 ton - sail planClassic Boat1995/0351
8310Jolie MomeJanvier, FrancoisYacht15 ftThe Boatman1995/0365
9846RippleHolmes, GeorgeCanoe, sailing20 ftThe Boatman1995/0373
11963Craig, AlanDinghy, sailing10 ftClassic Boat1995/0372
13259Rose, DiggoryDinghy, sailing10 ft - dipping lug rigClassic Boat1995/0373
9797Red GauntletMay, H GYacht, cutter37 ft LOA - Gauntlet classThe Boatman1995/0342
7628FleetwingHarrison Butler, TYacht, cutter20 ft LOAThe Boatman1995/0338
10307SkateHolmes, GeorgeDinghy, sailing10 ft - leeboardThe Boatman1995/0372
14057Rowing25 ft - replica of vessel used by Lt. Broughton Classic Boat1995/0367
14056Fishing20 ft approx - Yarmouth shrimperClassic Boat1995/0359
10252ShrimpHolmes, GeorgeDinghy, sailing12 ft - also PrawnThe Boatman1995/0371
16192Najad 520Karlsson, ThorwaldYacht, sloop52 ft LOABoat International1995/0350
13487Teale, JohnDinghy, sailing21 ftClassic Boat1995/036
2103RM 800Yacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1995/0338
15879BeatitudeG L WatsonYacht, motor47 ft 1935Motorboat and Yachting1995/0348
2104Prout 45ProutCatamaran45 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1995/0342
10552Sun Odyssey 32.1Briand, PhilippeYacht, sloop31 ft LOA - JeanneauYachting Monthly1995/0276
1389ConcubineCarter, DickYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0240
10216She 33Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0237
1045BrilligMeer, S M Van deYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0281
7823GK 34Dubois, EdYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0237
8910MelodyMauric, Andre Yacht, sloop33 ft LOA - JeanneauYachting Monthly1995/0239
9082Moody S38Dixon, BillYacht, sloop38 ft LOA - see also YM 1996/03 p 70Yachting Monthly1995/0278
11098Verl 33Jones, StephenYacht, sloop32 ft LOA - see also YW 1980/06 p 98Yachting Monthly1995/0236
74Hunter 21Hunter Boats LtdYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1995/0211
4719Huisman 100Frers, GermanYacht, sloop105 ft LOAYachting World1995/0288
4720Melges 24Pugh, ReichelYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting World1995/02100
4721Justice of Turnchapel, Sweden Yachts 370Norlin & OstmannYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1995/02104
13536Thurston, JohnCatamaran8 ftClassic Boat1995/0274
787AvelNicholson, C EYacht, cutter59 ft LOA Classic Boat1995/0220
1299Chummy DinghyMcIlvenny, JohnDinghy, sailing7 ft - see also CB 1995/07 p 12Classic Boat1995/0272
1527CubCastle, MartinDinghy, sailing10 ftClassic Boat1995/0274
16189Nethship 87de Vries LentschYacht, motor87 ftBoat International1995/0278
1165CarinaHaywood, W ScottYacht, sloop23 ft - 3/4 RaterClassic Boat1995/027
16190SariyahSparkman & StevensYacht, ketch140 ft LOABoat International1995/0284
16188Dehler 41 DSJudel & VrolijkYacht, sloop41 ft LOABoat International1995/0268
16187Ferretti 225 FlyFerretti EngineeringYacht, motor73 ftBoat International1995/0264
14055Fishing26 ft - gillnetter - CanadaClassic Boat1995/0266
16191WindrushO'Keefe, DonYacht, motor91 ftBoat International1995/0292
2102CorsaireHerbulot, Jean-JacquesYacht, sloop5.50 m LOAPractical Boat Owner1995/0287
2249Princess 420Olesinski, BernardMotor43 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1995/0280
2248Windy 31 SciroccoJohnsen, HansMotor31 ft LOAMotorboat Monthly1995/0234
2100Sun Odyssey 37.1Fauroux, JYacht, sloop37 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1995/0228
15877Cranchi Smeraldo 36Cranchi, AndreaniYacht, motor38 ftMotorboat and Yachting1995/0238
15878Carver 390Carver Boat Corp.Yacht, motor42 ftMotorboat and Yachting1995/02110
2101KD18Cooper, RodDinghy, sailing19 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1995/0231
3001Buzzards Bay SlooopCuller, PeteDinghy, sailing19 ft LOAWooden Boat1995/0184
2963BrilliantSparkman & StevensYacht, schooner62 ft LOAWooden Boat1995/0133
9374Oceanis 281Group FinotYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0189
10038Sapphire 30Woods DesignsTrimaran30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1995/0191
839BarbicanBuchanan, Alan & Hayman, BernardYacht, cutter32 ft LOA - see also Bmn 1995/07 p 48, CB 1997/11Yachting Monthly1995/0180
3000BrilliantSparkman & StevensYacht, schooner62 ft LOAWooden Boat1995/0133
2964Buzzards Bay SlooopCuller, PeteDinghy, sailing19 ft LOAWooden Boat1995/0184
73Hobie 21Wake, JohnCatamaran6.5 m LOAYachts and Yachting1995/015
4718Sticky Fingers, Whitbread 30Rogers, SimonYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1995/01122
4714FulmarFife, WilliamYacht, sloop47 ft LOA 1930Yachting World1995/0186
4717Dehler 37CWSvan de StadtYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1995/01116
4715RoxaneIrens, NigelYacht, yawl29 ft LOAYachting World1995/0190
4716Rustler 41Holman & PyeYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1995/01102
16185Blue VelvetMulder, frankYacht, motor102 ftBoat International1995/01118
10376Sorcerer 20Maloney, BillMotor20 ftClassic Boat1995/0196
9591PhocenaDias, AntonioYacht, cutter25 ft LODThe Boatman1995/0183
634AmarylisFisher, PaulYacht, steam30 ft The Boatman1995/0152
1596Davies 18Dias, AntonioYacht, cutter18 ft LODThe Boatman1995/0179
16186Lambda MarMulder, FrankYacht, motor142 ftBoat International1995/01126
737Arthur H daviesDias, AntonioYacht, cutter28 ft LODThe Boatman1995/0181
16184Beneteau Oceanis 44CFarr, BruceYacht, sloop44 ft LOABoat International1995/01112
7226Capriole 27Wolstenholme, AndrewMotor27 ftMotorboat Monthly1995/0146
7228Fairline Targa 36Olesinski, BernardMotor37 ftMotorboat Monthly1995/0188
7230VertineHalmaticYacht, motor41 ft 1966 refurbishmentMotorboat Monthly1995/01104
15876Linssen 45 HTWilke, Winnfried HYacht, motor44 ftMotorboat and Yachting1995/01146
15875Nimbus 31 CoupeEliasson, RolfMotor30 ftMotorboat and Yachting1995/0156
14825Nimbus 31 CoupeEliasson, RolfMotor31 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1995/0154
14826Linssen 45 HTWilke, Winfried HMotor44 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1995/01146
7229Fairline Squadron 65Fairline BoatsYacht, motor67 ftMotorboat Monthly1995/0194
7227Stevens 1060 AmbassadorScheepswerf De StevensMotor35 ftMotorboat Monthly1995/0166
8758Malo 42Malo Yachts ABYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/1275
9924RoxaneIrens, NigelYacht, yawl29 ft LOA - see also Bmn 1993/06 p 81Yachting Monthly1994/1276
10239Sherpa BillStadt, E G van deYacht, sloop36 ft LOA - Excalibur 36 classYachting Monthly1994/1245
4713Sweden Yachts 70Norlin & OstmannYacht, sloop70 ft LOAYachting World1994/12106
4712Jeanneau O DAndrieu, DanielYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting World1994/12100
4711Dehler 41DSJudel & VrolijkYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1994/1284
4710MarigoldYacht, sloop59 ft LOA 1890Yachting World1994/1260
72RS400Morrison, PhilDinghy, sailing15 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1994/127
16183Lady WandaChristensen Motor Yacht Corp.Yacht, motor118 ftBoat International1994/1286
16181Sweden 70Norlin & OstmannYacht, sloop70 ft LOABoat International1994/1268
10504Stormie SeasBarclay, SamYacht, schooner48 ft - caique typeClassic Boat1994/1255
16182Princess V52Marine ProjectsMotor54 ftBoat International1994/1282
15946Trader 58 SunlinerTarquin & ChuangYacht, motor51 ftMotorboat and Yachting1994/1282
15944Broom Ocean 34Wolstenholme, AndrewMotor34 ftMotorboat and Yachting1994/1234
15945WoodpeckerGiles, LaurentYacht, motor70 ftMotorboat and Yachting1994/1258
2098Legend 29.5Luhrs, WarrenYacht, sloop29 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1994/1228
2099Skibsplast 600DSkibsrud, RoaldMotor21 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1994/1284
10082SCODNicholson, CharlesYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - South Coast O D class - see also CBYachting Monthly1994/1129
2962Summer KyleGerr, DaveMotor42 ft LOAWooden Boat1994/11103
2999Summer KyleGerr, DaveMotor42 ft LOAWooden Boat1994/11103
10009Samphire 26Cannell, DavidYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/1132
7699Freedom 35Hoyt, GaryYacht, ketch34 ft LOA - see also YM 1997/08 p65Yachting Monthly1994/1184
7908Greyhound of YealmLaurent GilesYacht, yawl44 ft LOA - MoodyYachting Monthly1994/1135
1537Cutlass 27White, EYacht, sloop27 ft LOA - see also YW 1969/10 p 448, Ymn 1967Yachting Monthly1994/1131
4709Najad 520Beyer, CarlYacht, sloop53 ft LOAYachting World1994/11102
4708Excel GrowlerAndrews, AlanYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1994/1186
13730Wolstenholme, AMotor10 ftThe Boatman1994/1192
1284ChloeShort, William HDinghy, sailing16 ft - Pelican class - American designThe Boatman1994/1116
14054Janggolan30 ft approx - Indonesian cargo vesselClassic Boat1994/1160
14052Dinghy, sailing - Olympic O Jolle classClassic Boat1994/1154
14053Fishing38 ft LOA - Scottish scaffieThe Boatman1994/1126
13154Powell, RichardYacht, yawl14 ft - based on Laurent Giles Jolly BoatClassic Boat1994/1142
9901RonaEaston, WalterYacht, yawl25 ft The Boatman1994/1143
16180EvvivaGarden & StarkeyYacht, motor161 ftBoat International1994/11106
10135Seaford SkiffYacht14 ft - American designThe Boatman1994/1148
7832GleanerWherry57 ft - Norfolk BroadsThe Boatman1994/1160
16179Friday StarLombard, MarcSchooner139 ftBoat International1994/1196
16178Pershing 70De Simoni, FulvioMotor69 ftBoat International1994/1190
16177Axiom 42Offshore ConceptsYacht, motor42 ftBoat International1994/1186
16176TintagelHoek, AndreYacht, sloop55 ft LOABoat International1994/1168
2096Cornish CrabberDongray, RogerYacht, sloop24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1994/1152
2097Argyll 23Chisholm, Roderick GYacht, sloop23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1994/1157
15943Landguard 33TT Boat DesignsMotor34 ftMotorboat and Yachting1994/1142
7956Hallberg Rassy 42FFrers, GermanYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/10 104
949BlackjackPocock, MikeYacht, cutter37 ft LOA - see also YW 1980/11 p 111Yachting Monthly1994/1035
1351Cohoe IVCamper & NicholsonYacht, sloop36 ft LOA - Nicholson 36 classYachting Monthly1994/1077
10947Trintella 47Holland, RonYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/10105
10847Tiki 38 Wharram, JamesCatamaran38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/10105
71Tripp 26Performance SailboatsYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1994/105
4707Able Apogee 50Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop51 ft LOAYachting World1994/10112
4706Whitbread 30Castro, TonyYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1994/1092
11637Boyd, ClaudeRowing25 ft - surfboat - AustraliaClassic Boat1994/1021
11827Castro, TonyYacht, sloop24 ftClassic Boat1994/106
10817Thornycroft BeeThornycroftYacht, steamClassic Boat1994/1013
429Brock ThomasEyre, MartinDinghy, sailing14 ft LOAThe Boatman1994/1063
14051Fishing27 ft approx - BawleyClassic Boat1994/1062
13368Smith, NormanDinghy, sailing15 ftClassic Boat1994/1055
428BloodhoundRichardson, MichaelYacht, sloop70 ft LOA replicaThe Boatman1994/1035
3582Concordia 46Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop47 ft LOABoat International1994/10118
3583CapriceGilgenast, GerhardMotor123 ft LOABoat International1994/10122
3580Wally 105Brenta/Wally YachtsYacht, ketch105 ft LOABoat International1994/10104
3581Maxi OneFarr, BruceYacht, sloop64 ft LOABoat International1994/10114
15941Skibsplast 600D & 700DSkibsrud, RoaldMotor21 ft & 23 ftMotorboat and Yachting1994/1036
15942Aquanautunico 100Boon, DickYacht, motor45 ftMotorboat and Yachting1994/10106
2997Cambridge BoatChapelle, HowardDinghy, skiff17 ft LOAWooden Boat1994/09121
2959CurlewYacht, sloopFalmouth Quay PuntWooden Boat1994/0998
2961Figure 115Parker, ReuelDinghy, skiff18 ft LOAWooden Boat1994/09123
2996CurlewYacht, sloopFalmouth Quay PuntWooden Boat1994/0998
2960Cambridge BoatChapelle, HowardDinghy, skiff17 ft LOAWooden Boat1994/09121
8105Hunter Ranger 265Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/0970
2998Figure 115Parker, ReuelDinghy, skiff18 ft LOAWooden Boat1994/09123
11331WindflowerHillyard, DavidYacht, sloop18 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/0985
11055Vancouver 34 PilotHarris, Robert BYacht, cutter34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/0973
4705Moody ManiaDixon, BillYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1994/09110
4703Blythe SpiritSpirit Yachts LtdYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1994/0980
4704Farr 60Farr, BruceYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World1994/0996
3575ThendaraMylne, AlfredYacht, ketch128 ft LOA 1937 restoredBoat International1994/0944
3579OceanaPhil Curran DesignMotor175 ft LOABoat International1994/0992
3578Alfamarine 90Harrauer, FrancoMotor87 ft LOABoat International1994/0986
3577Aga JariHolland, RonYacht, sloop72 ft LOABoat International1994/0974
3576Swan 60Frers, GermanYacht, sloop62 ft LOABoat International1994/0968
426LoctudySergent, FrancoisYacht, sloop17 ft LOAThe Boatman1994/0924
10377SorceressHope, LintonYacht, sloop - 1 raterClassic Boat1994/0962
9157N 1bHope, LintonFlying BoatClassic Boat1994/0967
427ZinniaPoirierDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAThe Boatman1994/0929
8543LatonaFife, William Yacht, yawl93 ft LWLClassic Boat1994/0912
8569Legru-HotchkissHope, LintonMotor39 ft Classic Boat1994/0963
15940Beneteau Antares 905Beneteau, AndresMotor30 ftMotorboat and Yachting1994/09144
15939NiconaStorebro BruksYacht, motor43 ft 1973Motorboat and Yachting1994/09106
15938Princess 420Olesinski, BernardYacht, motor43 ftMotorboat and Yachting1994/0950
9978Sagitta 35Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop34 ft LOA - see also YW 1971/05 p 86Yachting Monthly1994/0838
3184Dufour 35Dufour, MichelYacht, sloop35 ft LOA - see also YM 1996/01 p 112Yachting Monthly1994/0835
10397Southern YeomanBuchanan, AlanYacht, sloop35 ft LOA - Yeoman Mk II class - see also CB 199Yachting Monthly1994/0891
9171Najad 361Najad YachtsYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/0879
9759Raider 35Maas, FransYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/0839
9207Nauticat 39Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/0878
4702ThendaraMylne DesignsYacht, ketch122 ft LOA 1937Yachting World1994/0884
3124DorimeeBain, JohnYacht, motor56 ft - Silver Brown Owl classClassic Boat1994/0836
11460ZinniaDinghy, sailing16 ft - development of Mersey River racing dinghyClassic Boat1994/086
8472La BelougaLebrun, JacquesYacht, sloop21 ft LOA C BClassic Boat1994/0861
8381Kathleen GillettArcher, ColinYacht, ketch60 ftClassic Boat1994/0868
425MallardWolstenholme, AndrewDinghy, sailing12 ft LOAThe Boatman1994/0876
16174Borkumriff IIIHollandSchooner131 ftBoat International1994/0876
16175Lady MarinaStarkey, DonaldYacht, motor164 ftBoat International1994/0884
8091HummingbirdCutts, EdYacht, sloop C BClassic Boat1994/0877
15937Vortex 47Roland, RolfYacht, motor50 ftMotorboat and Yachting1994/08106
15936Fairline Targa 28Olesinski, BernardMotor30 ftMotorboat and Yachting1994/0840
2095WizardWoods, Richard & LilianCatamaran22 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1994/0828
2958PollywogGarden, WilliamMotor27 ft LOAWooden Boat1994/07109
2995PollywogGarden, WilliamMotor27 ft LOAWooden Boat1994/07109
1020Bowman 44Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/0771
11248Westerly GK 29Laurent GilesYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/0772
10320Sky CatcherHunter Marine & Luhrs, WarrenYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/0791
4699Wally Yachts 105Brenta, LucaYacht, ketch105 ft LOAYachting World1994/0786
4700Beneteau 42s7Farr & StarckYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1994/0798
4701Hunter Ranger 265Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting World1994/07104
1510CrocusGarden, WilliamYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1994/07244
1156CarawayBingham, BruceYacht, cutter24 ft LOA - Flicka 20 classClassic Boat1994/0746
1319CleoneYacht, yawl36 ftClassic Boat1994/0768
11453ZestReimers, Knud HYacht, sloop27 ft LOA - Tumlare classClassic Boat1994/0758
13746Woods, Ernest LCanoe, sailingThe Boatman1994/0719
11190WandaOrsini, G CesareYacht, schooner41 ft LWL - lug rig - see also WC 1998/11 p 17The Boatman1994/0776
11415YashkaOrsini, G CesareYacht, schooner53 ft LWL - lug rigThe Boatman1994/0776
13747Woods, Ernest LDinghy, sailing14 ft - National 14 classThe Boatman1994/0722
8489LaddieWoods, Ernest LYacht, sloop24 ft LWLThe Boatman1994/0721
16170Mares 80Robson, ScotYacht, motor80 ftBoat International1994/0760
16172ShanakeeHolland, RonYacht, sloop107 ft LOABoat International1994/0776
16169BeagleDubois, EdYacht, ketch70 ft LOABoat International1994/0742
16171Panther 61ProutCatamaran18.7 mBoat International1994/0764
16173Marcalan IUScanu & DildayYacht, motor164 ftBoat International1994/0784
14050Yacht, cutter25 ft - replica of cutter from H M S VictoryThe Boatman1994/0749
7223Blue Crusader, Bertram 25Bertram & HuntMotor25 ftMotorboat Monthly1994/0744
7222Fairline 28 TargaOlesinski, BernardMotor29 ftMotorboat Monthly1994/0728
15934Windy 33Jonsen, Hans JorgenMotor33 ftMotorboat and Yachting1994/0736
7224Prout Panther 61Prout CatamaransCatamaran61 ftMotorboat Monthly1994/0756
7225Grand Banks 36 EuropaGrand Banks Yachts Ltd.Motor37 ftMotorboat Monthly1994/0780
2093Ranger 265Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop27 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1994/0736
2094Tobago 35Joubert-NiveltCatamaran35 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1994/0740
15935Prout Panther 61Underwood & FelthamYacht, motor61 ftMotorboat and Yachting1994/0786
7852Golden LadyEnderlein, OlleYacht, sloop30 ft LOA - Halberg-Rassy Monsun classYachting Monthly1994/0653
10391Southerly 28Bennett, John Yacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/06106
10866Tobago 35Joubert, M & Nivelt, BCatamaran35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/06105
4698Sunny Side Up, Impala 28Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1994/06118
4695Borkumriff IIILunstroo Custom DesignSchooner144 ft LOAYachting World1994/0684
4696141 ft sloopHoek Design Naval ArchitectsYacht, sloop141 ft LOAYachting World1994/0698
4697Shaka Zulu, Bavaria 44J&J DesignYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1994/06112
9525PaulineVivier, FrancoisFishing31 ft LOA -lug rig - FranceClassic Boat1994/0685
8518Lalla IISilver, J & DYacht, motor32 ftClassic Boat1994/0634
11338WindsbrautRasmussen, HenryYacht, cutter48 ft LOA 8m classClassic Boat1994/0664
12154Frank, BillYacht, sloop17 ftClassic Boat1994/068
14049Fishing22 ft - Norwegian vletClassic Boat1994/0612
16166Alfamarine 43Buzzi, FabioMotor47 ftBoat International1994/0696
9286No 177Hess, LyleYacht, cutter - Falmouth cutterClassic Boat1994/0646
9227NeptuneBarque27 m - lanteen rigThe Boatman1994/0658
16168Lady JennFexas, TomYacht, motor137 ftBoat International1994/06112
16167CorinthianDubois, EdYacht, Sloop114 ft LOABoat International1994/06102
8945Merry DreamBombigher, DanielYacht, schooner43 ft LODThe Boatman1994/0677
14048Fishing31 ft - Manx nobbyThe Boatman1994/0623
9659PooduckWhite, JoelYacht, sloop12 ft LOAThe Boatman1994/0665
7221LiandaLochin MarineYacht, motor33 ft 1986 conversionMotorboat Monthly1994/0666
7220Linssen 34HT RoyalWilke, WinnfriedMotor33 ftMotorboat Monthly1994/0642
7219Sea Ray 290DASea Ray Boats Inc.Motor32 ftMotorboat Monthly1994/0628
14827Estedor, Birchwood 320 ChallengerAndrews, EdwardYacht, motor83 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1994/0640
14828sea Ray 400Sea Ray BoatsYacht, motor46 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1994/06116
15932Birchwood 320 ChallengerAndrews, EdwardMotor33 ftMotorboat and Yachting1994/0640
2092Francis 26Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1994/0638
15933Sea Ray 400 Express CruiserSea Ray BoatsYacht, motor46 ftMotorboat and Yachting1994/06116
9670Powder MonkeyBuchanan, AlanYacht, sloop30 ft LOA - Yeoman classYachting Monthly1994/0549
2993Stealth DinghySparkman & StevensDinghy, sailing15 ft LOAWooden Boat1994/0597
2994Bahama MamaStambaugh, KarlYacht, ketch30 ft LOAWooden Boat1994/05127
2956Stealth DinghySparkman & StevensDinghy, sailing15 ft LOAWooden Boat1994/0597
10217She 36Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop35 ft LOA - see also YW 1981/01 p 97Yachting Monthly1994/05100
1198Catalina 320Catalina YachtsYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/0599
1623Dehler 35 cwsStadt, E G van deYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/0596
2957Bahama MamaStambaugh, KarlYacht, ketch30 ft LOAWooden Boat1994/05127
4692Route 66Bergstrom, LarsYacht, sloop68 ft LOAYachting World1994/05106
4693Desperado, Swan 77Frers, GermanYacht, sloop77 ft LOAYachting World1994/05154
70Victoria 16Thomas, DavidDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1994/0529
4694Vancouver 34 Pilot HouseHarris, RobertYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1994/05160
16165Gallant Ladyde Voogt, FritsYacht, motor167 ftBoat International1994/0598
16162HRS 72Jansen, HermanYacht, trawler72 ftBoat International1994/0572
1151CaraMylne, AlfredYacht, sloop20 ft LWL - Scottish Island classClassic Boat1994/0537
16163Lager 60Ladd, RobYacht, sloop61 ft LOABoat International1994/0586
16164Twirlybird VRon Holland Yacht DesignYacht, ketch133 ft LOABoat International1994/0590
950BlackwaterBush, FabianCanoe, sailing20 ft approxThe Boatman1994/0574
10958TriumphYacht, schooner Chesapeake Bay BugeyeThe Boatman1994/0544
11077Vega IIIversenYacht, sloop6 m LWLThe Boatman1994/0520
10612SvanOlsenYacht, sloop6 m LWLThe Boatman1994/0521
11380WynfallSmaalders, MarkYacht, cutter26 ft Classic Boat1994/0559
15930Beaux Bateau Atlantic 42Bennett & MarshYacht, motor43 ftMotorboat and Yachting1994/0544
7215Chacewater 24Jannice, CharlieMotor28 ftMotorboat Monthly1994/0542
7218Fairline Squadron 43Olsinski, BernardMotor43 ftMotorboat Monthly1994/0598
7217Viking Slipstream 27VikingMotor27 ftMotorboat Monthly1994/0562
2091Oceanis 300Groupe FinotYacht, sloop30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1994/0542
7216CockayneEaston, HughMotor32 ft 1962 conversionMotorboat Monthly1994/0554
15931Chacewater 24 ExpressJannace, C JMotor28 ftMotorboat and Yachting1994/05124
7214Princess 58Marine ProjectsMotor58 ftMotorboat Monthly1994/0528
4691Parker 325Parker, B & WYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1994/04116
4689Gougeon 32Gougeon, MeadeCatamaran32 ft LOAYachting World1994/04108
4690X - 362Jeppesen, NielsYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1994/04110
8450KnotStone, DonDinghy7 ft The Boatman1994/0445
8372Kane and AbelFisher, PaulYacht, yawl16 ft C BThe Boatman1994/0474
895Bella MiaRivers, A FYacht, motor35 ft Classic Boat1994/049
10140SeahorseElwood Sailing Club (Melbourne)Canoe, sailing18 ftClassic Boat1994/0471
9405Oiseau de FeuNicholson, C EYacht, yawl35 ft LWL - originally cutter rigClassic Boat1994/0422
9523Paul HenrikJensen, HenrikYacht, cutter32 ft Classic Boat1994/0459
15928Skilso 975Roland, RolfMotor32 ftMotorboat and Yachting1994/0440
7213Broom Ocean 34Wolstenholme, AndrewYacht, motor34 ftMotorboat Monthly1994/0472
15929Hatteras 42Hatteras YachtsYacht, motor48 ftMotorboat and Yachting1994/04106
7211Sealine 240 SportSealine International Ltd.Motor25 ftMotorboat Monthly1994/0428
2078Sunstar 32Catamaran32 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1994/0442
7212Coral BankPlater, JohnYacht, motor67 ft conversionMotorboat Monthly1994/0444
2090ThomasYacht, barge41 ft LWLPractical Boat Owner1994/0477
2955Sometime or NeverBolger, Philip CMotor21 ft LOAWooden Boat1994/03111
9594PhoenixKelsall, DerekTrimaran26 ft LOA - Telstar classYachting Monthly1994/0395
9515Parker 325Parker & CastroYacht, sloop33 ft LOA C BYachting Monthly1994/0346
2992Sometime or NeverBolger, Philip CMotor21 ft LOAWooden Boat1994/03111
4686Swan 60Frers, GermanYacht, sloop62 ft LOAYachting World1994/03104
4687Contest 58Zaal & PetersonYacht, sloop58 ft LOAYachting World1994/03106
4688Oyster 26Holman & PyeYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1994/03112
9782RauchiWhisstock, George Designs LtdYacht, cutter26 ft LOAClassic Boat1994/0350
16158Guy Couach 1901Couach, GuyYacht, motor19.5 mBoat International1994/0344
9854Riva Aquarama SpecialCantieri RivaMotor28 ft LOAClassic Boat1994/0331
8984MinimMason, DavidYacht, sloop16 ft C BClassic Boat1994/0355
8471La Belle AngeleFishing - chasse maree typeClassic Boat1994/0368
16161KiringDisdale, TerenceYacht, motor112 ftBoat International1994/0374
10660Swn y MorYacht, ketch46 ft LOA - conversion of R N L I Watson lifeboatClassic Boat1994/0362
12335Hesp, JohnYacht, cutter27 ft C BThe Boatman1994/0364
16159AmericaSteers & StephensSchooner103 ft loa, 1850 restorationBoat International1994/0350
11608Blake, W MYacht, sloop22 ft LOA - Deben 4 tonnerThe Boatman1994/0375
1026Boy markYacht, cutter20 ft approxThe Boatman1994/0320
16160AlejandraBruce King Yacht DesignYacht, sloop135 ft LOABoat International1994/0366
2077Snowgoose 37Prout/FelthamCatamaran37 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1994/0336
15927Princess 440Olesinski, BernardYacht, motor47 ftMotorboat and Yachting1994/03110
15926BountyCamper & NicholsonYacht, motor78 ft 1936Motorboat and Yachting1994/03100
2076Tern IIDinghy, sailing18 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1994/0339
10215She 27Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop26 ft LOA - see also YW 1975/07 p80Yachting Monthly1994/0272
1385Compromis 39Maas, FransYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/0269
8850MatadorBrett, PeterYacht, sloop41 ft LOA - Rival 41 classYachting Monthly1994/0277
4683Whitbread 30Rogers, SimonYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1994/0284
69Challenger IIIMacalpine-Downie, RodTrimaran15 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1994/0233
4682Blue PapillonSijm, PieterYacht, sloop97 ft LOAYachting World1994/0266
4684Hallberg-Rassy 53Frers, GermanYacht, sloop54 ft LOAYachting World1994/0298
4685Jeanneau Sun Fast 36Briand, PhillipeYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1994/02104
13761Zanten, D vanYacht, sloop20 ft approx - Frisian scowClassic Boat1994/0277
11564Barr, RonaldDinghy, sailing7 ft - see also CB 1994/05 p 7Classic Boat1994/0276
11823Castle, MartinYacht, sloop15 ftClassic Boat1994/0276
9763RaindancerStevens, MurrayYacht, schooner75 ft LOA - Mahone BayClassic Boat1994/0237
7633FlexHedberg, JohnDinghy, sailing14 ftClassic Boat1994/0275
1485CountessLoynes, JPassenger - BristolClassic Boat1994/0267
2075Falmouth Gypsy IIIYacht, sloop24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1994/0237
7209Princess 440Olesinski, BernardMotor45 ftMotorboat Monthly1994/0242
15924Nimbus 27 CoupeEliasson, RolfMotor28 ftMotorboat and Yachting1994/0236
15925Sunseeker 58 ManhattanShead & FreivokhYacht, motor60 ftMotorboat and Yachting1994/02106
7208Dulas RangerGolesworthy, CareyMotor36 ft 1978Motorboat Monthly1994/0224
2074Explorer IIChapple, Howard IYacht, ketch20 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1994/0236
2073Tradewind 25Rock, JohnYacht, sloop30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1994/0232
7210Bayliner 2655 Ciera SunbridgeBayliner Marine Corp.Motor28 ftMotorboat Monthly1994/0266
1429Contest 40SZaal, DickYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/01102
9877Robertson 35Brown, PeterYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/01105
10151Seamaster 815Holman & PyeYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting Monthly1994/01106
2991Bestyet 25Scheel, HenryYacht, sloop25 ft LOAWooden Boat1994/0197
2954Bestyet 25Scheel, HenryYacht, sloop25 ft LOAWooden Boat1994/0197
4679GenieThomas, DavidYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1994/01102
4681Sayula II, Swan 65Frers, GermanYacht, ketch65 ft LOAYachting World1994/01124
68B14EBethwaite, JulianDinghy, sailing4.25 m LOAYachts and Yachting1994/0121
67EnzaIrens, NigelCatamaran92 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1994/0114
4680Oyster 485Homan & PyeYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World1994/01118
8854MathewMudie, ColinCaravel84 ft LOA - replica of Cabot's vessel - see alsoThe Boatman1994/0193
3199DuskHeard, DouglasDinghy, sailing14 ft - Irish Dinghy Racing Association 14 classClassic Boat1994/0182
1595Dave's BoatBuehler, GeorgeYacht, schooner82 ft - American designThe Boatman1994/0173
814Bad MorHooker37 ft approx - IrelandThe Boatman1994/0153
8938MermaidHawkeley, S A FYacht, sloop15 ft C B - junk rigClassic Boat1994/0139
14047Fishing - Clarenville schooner - Novia ScotiaClassic Boat1994/016
15923Patty 54 TrawlerKrogen, James SYacht, motor58 ftMotorboat and Yachting1994/01140
15922Sealine 310 AmbassadorMurrant, TomMotor32 ftMotorboat and Yachting1994/0154
7207Sunseeker 58 ManhattanShead, DonYacht, motor58 ftMotorboat Monthly1994/0184
66Corsair F-24Farrier, IanTrimaran7.3 m LOAYachts and Yachting1993/1313
11445ZealRoberts-Goodson, BruceYacht, cutter38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1993/1243
4678Mumm 36Farr, BruceYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1993/12102
4677Scorpio 82Ibold, PeterYacht, ketch76 ft LOAYachting World1993/12100
10573Sunday-At-HomeFishing20 ft approx - Portland lerretClassic Boat1993/1231
10201Shamrock IIWatson, G L & Co LtdYacht, cutter108 ftClassic Boat1993/1254
1295Christ-RoiArgentinFishing33 ft - French crevettierClassic Boat1993/1258
16155Multiplast 80Ollier & CosteYacht, motor82 ftBoat International1993/1276
16156Scorpio 100Sparkman & StevensYacht, ketch97 ft LOABoat International1993/1279
16157Corona Del MarShead, DonYacht, motor120 ftBoat International1993/1290
8290JigsawHarrison, MichaelYacht, sloop14 ft - lug rig - see also CB 1994/12 p 6Classic Boat1993/126
10841TigrisMylne, AlfredYacht, cutter50 ft LOAClassic Boat1993/1228
14830Riva 31 GitanoRivaMotor36 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1993/1290
15919Riva 31 GitanoRivaYacht, motor36 ftdddMotorboat and Yachting1993/1290
14829Nimbus 37 TrawlerEliasson, RolfMotor37 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1993/1226
2071Regatta 290Dubois, EdYacht, sloop29 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1993/1226
2072Oystercatcher 16Yacht, sloop16 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1993/1230
15918Nimbus 37 TrawlerEliasson, RolfYacht, motor37 ftMotorboat and Yachting1993/1226
11314Wild RivalBrett, PeterYacht, sloop34 ft LOA - Rival 34 classYachting Monthly1993/1136
4675118-FooterHolland, RonYacht, ketch118 ft LOAYachting World1993/1198
65Mumm 36Farr, BruceYacht, sloop10.92 m LOAYachts and Yachting1993/115
4676Pastiche, Beneteau Evasion 37Beneteau, AndreYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1993/11106
16151IonosTecnomarineYacht, motor85 ftBoat International1993/1172
14046Fishing14 ft - Maine PeapodThe Boatman1993/1148
9878Robertson IIMckay, W G & SonsYacht, schooner130 ft LOA - fishing type - Canada - see also BmThe Boatman1993/1111
10685TailleventPluet, NicholasFishing23 ft LOA - Breton luggerThe Boatman1993/1141
8731Maid of EndorAtkin, JohnYacht, cutter20 ft LOAThe Boatman1993/1163
16154AltheaWinch, AndrewSchooner123 ft LOABoat International1993/11102
16152AndaleFexas, TomYacht, motor80 ftBoat International1993/1186
16150Super Camargue 55, SunseekerShead, DonMotor55 ftBoat International1993/1168
13435Stone, RobbieDinghy, sailing18 ft - Brightlingsea O D classThe Boatman1993/1115
683AnnieVivier, FrancoisFishing20 ft approx - replica of South Brittany canot a Classic Boat1993/1142
16153ShenandoahFerris, Theodore ErnestSchooner163 ft LOABoat International1993/1192
9593Phoebus IIGodinet, AugusteYacht, cutter36 ft LOAClassic Boat1993/1129
1694DobbinBickford, JimYacht, cutter28 ft LOA - Checkstone classClassic Boat1993/1160
2070Kora 16Harris, PeterCanoe, sailing16 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1993/1132
2069Vancouver 34Harris, RobertYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1993/1128
7206Virella, Sealion 42C H HittersMotor44 ftMotorboat Monthly1993/1152
15917Fairline 47 SquadronOlesinski, BernardYacht, motor49 ftMotorboat and Yachting1993/1136
8077Horizon 21CCSHunter Boats LtdYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting Monthly1993/1062
10550Sun Odyssey 30Castro, TonyYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly1993/1060
4672Copper Beach, Legend 40.5Hunter Yacht Corporation, Luhrs, WarrenYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1993/10122
16Hobie 15Hobie catCatamaran4.9 m LOAYachts and Yachting1993/1027
4673Sunbeam 34Scholchi Yachtbau Ges mbhYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1993/10128
4674Chihili II, Nicholson 38Camper & NicholsonYacht, ketch38 ft LOAYachting World1993/10132
4671Premier 66Dixon, BillYacht, sloop66 ft LOAYachting World1993/10120
10317SkoalUtzon, AageYacht, sloop26 ft LOA - 30 sq m spidsgatter - DenmarkClassic Boat1993/1062
1049Bristol Channel 28Hess, Lyle CYacht, cutter28 ft LODThe Boatman1993/1047
14044Fishing26 ft - Loch Fyne skiffThe Boatman1993/1063
15079Jolie BriseParis, AlexandreYacht, cutter56 ft LOA - pilot typeThe Boatman1993/1014
13049Oughtred, IainNess boat16 ftThe Boatman1993/1039
16148Hallberg Rassy 53Frers, GermanYacht, sloop54 ft LOABoat International1993/1061
10192Seven SeasCrane, Clinton HYacht, sloop68 ft LOA - 12m classClassic Boat1993/1044
12554Laws, G UYacht, sloop30 ft LOA - East Coast O D classClassic Boat1993/1030
14045Fishing28 ft -- Morecombe trawlerClassic Boat1993/1023
13666Watts, C JYacht, cutter20 tonClassic Boat1993/1080
16149Whirwind IIThe A GroupYacht, motor131 ftBoat International1993/1090
9578Petrel Mk IIFisher, PaulCatboat13 ftThe Boatman1993/1038
11410YaraBush, FabianYacht, yawl25 ft LOAThe Boatman1993/1030
11323Willy WinshipAtkin, JohnDinghy, sailing13 ft - see also Bmn 1993/11 p 29The Boatman1993/1042
8788Margaret P HallCanoe, sailing30 ft approx - AmericaClassic Boat1993/1071
15913Birchwooc TS 340Birchwood MarineYacht, motor34 ftMotorboat and Yachting1993/1044
15912ACM 1055Chantier Naval ACMYacht, motor35 ftMotorboat and Yachting1993/1042
15914Fairline 46 BravaFairline BoatsYacht, motor37 ftMotorboat and Yachting1993/1046
7203Nimbus 27Nimbus Boats ABMotor28 ftMotorboat Monthly1993/1042
7204Fairline 38 TargaOlesinski, BernardMotor40 ftMotorboat Monthly1993/1054
7205Avon S4.25 & S5.45Avon InflatablesMotor14 & 18 ftMotorboat Monthly1993/1072
15916Holland Boat Atlantic 38Bennett, JohnYacht, motor38 ftMotorboat and Yachting1993/10108
15915Sealine 350 StatesmanSealine InternationalYacht, motor37 ftMotorboat and Yachting1993/1048
2068HirondelleHammond/TrotterYacht, sloop23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1993/1034
1569DafridaCarterYacht, sloop29 ft LOA - Carter 30 classYachting Monthly1993/0963
10388Southerly 115Carter, DickYacht, sloop36 ft LOA C B - see also YM2002/01 p 104Yachting Monthly1993/0970
2989SharpieChapelle, Howard IYacht, sharpie24 ft LOAWooden Boat1993/0971
2949Norwalk Islands SharpieKirby, BruceYacht, ketch31 ft LOAWooden Boat1993/0967
2950Loose Moose IIBolger, Philip CYacht, sharpie38 ft LOAWooden Boat1993/0969
2986Presto, DuraKore KetchWalters, Craig VYacht, ketch49 ft LOAWooden Boat1993/09112
2988Loose Moose IIBolger, Philip CYacht, sharpie38 ft LOAWooden Boat1993/0969
2953Presto, DuraKore KetchWalters, Craig VYacht, ketch49 ft LOAWooden Boat1993/09112
2951SharpieChapelle, Howard IYacht, sharpie24 ft LOAWooden Boat1993/0971
2990Rising GaleChapelle, Howard IYacht, sharpie28 ft LOAWooden Boat1993/0973
2952Rising GaleChapelle, Howard IYacht, sharpie28 ft LOAWooden Boat1993/0973
2987Norwalk Islands SharpieKirby, BruceYacht, ketch31 ft LOAWooden Boat1993/0967
15J/80Yacht, sloop8.0 m LOAYachts and Yachting1993/0933
4668KUU, Swan 40Frers, GermanYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1993/09114
4667Zacaate Moanavan Maer, Olivier FSchooner144 ft LOAYachting World1993/0966
4670Dash, Sadler 34Sadler, MartinYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1993/09126
4669Alpha of Devonport, Alpha 50Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World1993/09120
9156N 1Fox, UffaDinghy, sailing12 ft - National 12 classClassic Boat1993/0926
14043Fishing45 ft C B - SkipjackClassic Boat1993/0936
10744TealCraig, JonathanMotor19 ftClassic Boat1993/0978
16147JulietHolland, RonYacht, ketch143 ft LOABoat International1993/0992
16146Riva 52Cantieri RivaMotor54 ftBoat International1993/0964
1614562 BeneteauFarr, BruceYacht, sloop62 ft LOABoat International1993/0960
10020SandpiperClark, RobertYacht, sloop20 ft - Royal Harwich O D classClassic Boat1993/0942
1236CetewayoLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop47 ft LOAClassic Boat1993/0959
15909Princess 360Olesinski, BernardYacht, motor39 ftMotorboat and Yachting1993/0954
15911Faircraft 33 ExplorerFaircraft CruisersYacht, motor33 ftMotorboat and Yachting1993/09138
15910Shakespeare 960Cambell, LorneMotor32 ftMotorboat and Yachting1993/0998
948Black Velvet III Rock, JohnYacht, cutter42 ft LOA - Tradewind 35 classYachting Monthly1993/0841
859Bavaria 30Mohnhaupt, AlexYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1993/0858
7792Gib'Sea 334Yacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1993/0859
4665JulietHolland & BeeldsnijderYacht, ketch143 ft LOAYachting World1993/0884
4666Compensation, Sun Odyssey 42.1Andrieu, DanielYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1993/08110
14Laser 5000Morrison, PhilDinghy, sailing5.0 m LOAYachts and Yachting1993/0811
13BroomstickAlex SimonisYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1993/0836
12Legend 19Hunter Marine corp.Yacht, sloop5.78 m LOAYachts and Yachting1993/085
10523SulaSmith, AllanCanoe, sailing18 ftThe Boatman1993/0821
9268NightBenford, Jay RDinghy, sailing11ftThe Boatman1993/0876
8802Marie MichonWarrington Smyth, BevilYacht, cutter28 ft LOA - see also CB 1997/09 p 48The Boatman1993/0855
9178NamelessYacht, sloop23 ft LOA - American design c 1880The Boatman1993/0886
16143Targa 38Fairline BoatsMotor40 ftBoat International1993/0874
8769ManefredaWarrington Smyth, BevilYacht, ketch35 ft LOAThe Boatman1993/0858
16142TuigaFife, WilliamYacht, sloop92 ft LOA, 1909 restorationBoat International1993/0866
12124Field & CoYacht, sloop25 ft - Yorkshire O D classClassic Boat1993/0875
8277Jenny NormanRichardson, James BYacht, schooner48 ft - Bugeye - AmericaClassic Boat1993/0834
8817MariteYacht, schooner154 ft - 3mastedClassic Boat1993/0870
16144LeanderKusch Yacht AgenturYacht, motor245 ftBoat International1993/0878
13748Woods, HerbertDinghy, sailing14 ft - Norfolk O D classThe Boatman1993/0831
15907Hardy Seawings 305Wolstenholme, AndrewYacht, motor31 ftMotorboat and Yachting1993/0840
2067Starlight 35Jones, StephenYacht, sloop36 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1993/0828
15908Moody Eclipse 43Dixon, BillYacht, sloop43 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1993/0890
3339Etap 32iHarle, Mortain & MavrikiosYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1993/0786
11378Wrestler of LeighHolman, KimYacht, cutter31 ft LOA - Rustler 31 classYachting Monthly1993/0799
2984Victor SlocumAtkin, William & JohnDinghy, skiff15 ftWooden Boat1993/0797
10916Trapper 500Cuthbertson & CassianYacht, sloop27 ft LOA - see also YW 1975/07 p 82, YM 2001/01 Yachting Monthly1993/0790
2948XLNCAtkin, William & JohnDinghy, skiff19 ftWooden Boat1993/0799
2985XLNCAtkin, William & JohnDinghy, skiff19 ftWooden Boat1993/0799
2947Victor SlocumAtkin, William & JohnDinghy, skiff15 ftWooden Boat1993/0797
4663Cyrano de BergeracHumphreys, RobertYacht, ketch128 ft LOAYachting World1993/0786
4664ImagineKaufman Design IncYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World1993/0793
16141Princess TanyaAustin & PickersgillYacht, motor189 ftBoat International1993/0790
13745Woods, Ernest LYacht, sloop - Yare and Bure O D classClassic Boat1993/0743
953Blithe SpiritHowlett, IanYacht, sloop40 ft LOA - 30sq m classClassic Boat1993/0763
10004Sama SajaPerahu Lambo20 ft approx - IndonesiaClassic Boat1993/0779
10860TiogaHerreshoff, L FrancisYacht, ketch57 ftClassic Boat1993/075
11201Wantoramata IIIPerahu Lambo20 ft approx - IndonesiaClassic Boat1993/0776
16139Azimut 65 PininfarinaPininfarina & AzimutYacht, motor65 ftBoat International1993/0762
9956SablineReimers, KnudYacht, sloop27 ft - Tumlare classClassic Boat1993/078
16138Venezia 42Joubert & NiveltCatamaran42 ft LOABoat International1993/0758
10167Sejarah IslamPerahu Lambo20 ft approx - IndonesiaClassic Boat1993/0778
8376Karya SamaPerahu Lambo20 ft approx - IndonesiaClassic Boat1993/0777
16140Patent Pending, Trident 78Fexas, TomYacht, motor78 ftBoat International1993/0782
15905SeawayDickiesYacht, motor57 ft, 1928Motorboat and Yachting1993/0792
2065Sunbeam 34Miglitsch/SchoechiYacht, sloop34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1993/0736
2066MacGregor 26Yacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1993/0793
15906Sheerline 950 SupremeWolstenholme, AndrewYacht, motor32 ftMotorboat and Yachting1993/07112
15904Falmouth Packet, AlertPaxton, Pape & SaluzMotor25 ftMotorboat and Yachting1993/0746
15903Falmouth Packet, DianaPaxton, Pape & SaluzMotor27 ftMotorboat and Yachting1993/0746
7200Maxum 2700SCRMaxumMotor29 ftMotorboat Monthly1993/0728
7202Mares 50 Slim CatMares InternationalCatamaran50 ftMotorboat Monthly1993/0754
7201Sunseeker 39 MartiniqueSunseekerMotor39 ftMotorboat Monthly1993/0740
9379Oceanis 351Berret, JeanYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1993/0678
10903Tradewind 25Rock, JohnYacht, cutter25 ft LOA - see also YM 1993/12 p 77Yachting Monthly1993/0680
4660Level 40 ClassCarroll MarineYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1993/06106
4661Westerly 490Dubois Naval ArchitectsYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World1993/06108
4662Modo, HR 352Hallberg RassyYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1993/06114
11SplashDinghy, sailing3.55 m LOAYachts and Yachting1993/064
12183French, Eric HFishing27 ft LOA - PooleThe Boatman1993/0651
9133MurielLacco, MitchieFishing26 ft - Couta boat - AustraliaThe Boatman1993/0619
12469Kerrigan, PaulRowing38 ft - Bantry Bay gigThe Boatman1993/0671
11527Ashton & KilnerFishing28 ft LOA - PooleThe Boatman1993/0649
8032HeronHolt, JackDinghy, sailing11 ftThe Boatman1993/0627
7641FluteHolmes, GeorgeCanoe, yawl21 ftClassic Boat1993/0684
359AberVivier, FrancoisDinghy, sailing14 ft LOA - see also Bmn 1993/04 p 35, WC 2004/03The Boatman1993/0675
10885Torbay MinnowRead, BruceDinghy, sailing16 ftClassic Boat1993/0655
10980TuigaFife, William Yacht, cutter74 ft LOA - see also CB 1995/07 p 6Classic Boat1993/0647
651AmsterdamBenton, CharlesEast Indiaman140 ft - East IndiamanClassic Boat1993/0626
3570Swan 40Frers, GermanYacht, sloop40 ft LOABoat International1993/0650
3571Hallowe'enWilliam Fife IIIYacht, ketch81 ft LOABoat International1993/0680
3572MoeccaJon Bannenberg LtdMotor148 ft LOABoat International1993/0690
3574Marco PoloParker & RobsonMotor111 ft LOABoat International1993/06116
3573SwiftshipRobinson, GrantMotor155 ft LOABoat International1993/06108
11272Westray 16Fisher, PaulDinghy, sailing16 ftClassic Boat1993/067
9432OnwardWhite, A JFishing24 ft - Itchen FerryClassic Boat1993/0620
15902Princess 32 RivieraOlesinski, BernardYzcht, motor34 ftMotorboat and Yachting1993/06102
15901Sunseeker Martinique 39Shead, DonYacht, motor40 ftMotorboat and Yachting1993/0646
7199Brister 35BristercraftMotor35 ftMotorboat Monthly1993/0688
11163Voyager 35Primrose, AngusYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1993/0566
2946Tarbert YawlRaeburn, DavidYacht, yawl34 ft LOAWooden Boat1993/05113
8604LilliasJohnson, RichardYacht, cutter28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1993/0587
10567Sunbeam M S 11Schochl YachtbauYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1993/0563
2983Tarbert YawlRaeburn, DavidYacht, yawl34 ft LOAWooden Boat1993/05113
4659MacariaRaeburn, DavidYacht, yawl34 ft LOAYachting World1993/05118
10Beneteau 210Group FinotYacht, sloop6.4 m LOAYachts and Yachting1993/058
4658Ross Systems, IMX 38Jeppesen, NeilsYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1993/05108
11515Anderson, AndrewYacht21 ft - Onoway classClassic Boat1993/0524
3569MoonrakerMulder, FrankMotor116 ft LOABoat International1993/0586
3568MandalayBrieley, Paine & AssociatesYacht, ketch125 ft LOABoat International1993/0576
3567Contest 58Zaal/PetersonYacht, sloop58 ft LOABoat International1993/0562
3566Admiral BenbowTos, FrancoisMotor59 ft LOABoat International1993/0550
358Aas TerneAas, BjarneMotorClassic Boat1993/0530
3160Dublin Bay 21Mylne, AlfredYacht, cutter32 ft LOAClassic Boat1993/0540
1141CaplinAnderson, AndrewYacht, yawl32 ft LOAClassic Boat1993/0527
15899Sea Ray 270 SundancerSea Ray BoatsMotor29 ftMotorboat and Yachting1993/0556
15900Gib'Sea Jamaica 37Joubert & NiveltYacht, motor38 ftMotorboat and Yachting1993/05118
2063Jaguar 265Castro, TonyYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1993/0542
2064Hardy 27Mudie, ColinMotor27 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1993/0546
7944Halcyon 27Buchanan, AlanYacht, sloop27 ft LOA -see also YW 1969/10 p 320,450Yachting Monthly1993/0481
9970SaecwenBuchanan, AlanYacht, sloop34 ft LOA - Saxon classYachting Monthly1993/0444
1497Crealock 37Crealock, BillYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1993/0477
4654Spectrum 50Dubois Naval ArchitectsYacht, sloop51 ft LOAYachting World1993/0491
9IMX-38Jeppesen, NielsYacht, sloop11.40 m LOAYachts and Yachting1993/0413
4655Etap 32iHarle, Mortain & MavrikosYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1993/0498
4656Solaris 48Peterson, DougYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1993/04100
4657Minuet II, Fulmar 32Dubois, EdYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1993/04108
8145IlurVivier, FrancoisDinghy, sailing14 ft - French design - see also CB 2005/11 p 5The Boatman1993/0435
9941Run AshoreGreenfield, PeteYacht, cutter26 ft LOAThe Boatman1993/04 82
10648SweetpeaBolger, Philip C Rowing15 ft - American designThe Boatman1993/0455
1592DauntlessStrange, AlbertYacht, yawl18 ft - Thames Peter boatThe Boatman1993/0447
837Bar GooseLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, ketch28 ft LOA - Peter Duck classClassic Boat1993/0458
11889Clayton, HaroldYacht, yawlClassic Boat1993/0445
3565Fifty-OneChristensen Motor Yacht CorpMotor125 ft LOABoat International1993/0498
3563Oyster 461Holman & PyeYacht, sloop46 ft LOABoat International1993/0470
3564Arrayan IIVaton, GillesYacht, sloop113 ft LOABoat International1993/0488
11888Clayton, HaroldYacht, cutterClassic Boat1993/0445
15898Sealine 230 SenatorMurrant & TuckerMotor25 ftMotorboat and Yachting1993/04110
15897Birchwood S440Andrews, EYacht, motor44 ftMotorboat and Yachting1993/0442
2062Norfolk 43Roberts, BruceYacht, sloop43 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1993/0454
7887Grand Soliel 42Frers, GermanYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting Monthly1993/0362
11443Zane SprayRoberts-Goodson, BruceYacht, sloop36 ft LOA - Spray classYachting Monthly1993/0393
2982DynamoGarden, WilliamMotor39 ft LOAWooden Boat1993/03113
2945DynamoGarden, WilliamMotor39 ft LOAWooden Boat1993/03113
8Shamrock 9.5Breteche, GillesYacht, sloop9.5 m LOAYachts and Yachting1993/039
3559Najad 440Najadvarvet ABMotor44 ft LOABoat International1993/0360
3560Ferretti 48Ferretti Engineering/Fabio BuzziMotor50 ft LOABoat International1993/0364
3561FalcoLurssenMotor152 ft LOABoat International1993/0386
3562NaosHolland, RonYacht, sloop106 ft LOABoat International1993/0394
10845Tiki 30Wharram, James & Boon, HannekeCatamaran30 ft LOAClassic Boat1993/0340
963Blue BirdBalfour, RobinYacht, sloop25 ft - AustraliaClassic Boat1993/0370
15895Crown Fletcher 32Perryman, JohnYacht, motor34 ftMotorboat and Yachting1993/0336
15896Virginia QueenMorgan GilesYacht, motor49 ftMotorboat and Yachting1993/0388
2061FulmarDubois, EdYacht, sloop32 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1993/0373
2060Hawk 20Hawkins, ChrisYacht, sloop20 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1993/0340
2059Horizon 30Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1993/0336
9802Red ShoesCrealock, BillYacht, sloop34 ft LOA - Crealock classYachting Monthly1993/0235
10469Star Twins 34Patterson, PatCatamaran34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1993/0275
4652First Line, Beneteau 35s7Berret & StarckYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1993/0252
7Dart 6000Richards, JoCatamaran5.95 m LOAYachts and Yachting1993/0215
4653Jasmonne's Rival 41Brett, PeterYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1993/0256
4651Alexandre, Swan 68Frers, GermanYacht, sloop68 ft LOAYachting World1993/0246
8460KvernesPassenger75 ft - steam propulsion - NorwayClassic Boat1993/0241
12494KrogerYacht, sloop5m - 12sq m Sharpie classThe Boatman1993/0215
367AcornOughtred, IainRowing15 ftClassic Boat1993/0230
9473Oystercatcher 16Gibson, BryanYacht, cutter16 ft LOAClassic Boat1993/0242
3556Craftsmans ArtDixon, BillYacht, sloop79ft LOABoat International1993/0264
3555Grand Soleil 52Frers, GermanYacht, sloop54 ft LOABoat International1993/0258
3557ElsewhereBagliettoMotor127 ft LOABoat International1993/0282
3558LindezaSterling YachtsMotor142 ft LOABoat International1993/0294
10825ThunderbirdHacker, John Yacht, motor55 ft Classic Boat1993/0217
14042Feluca - rig drawingsClassic Boat1993/0276
15893Gib'Sea Jamaica 28Joubert & NiveltMotor27 ftMotorboat and Yachting1993/0234
15894Dalla Pieta 43 Alna'irTrezzi & ValsecciYacht, motor43 ftMotorboat and Yachting1993/0276
2058Common SenseSunden, TorDinghy, sailing25 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1993/0224
7196Sunseeker 52 CaribbeanShead, DonMotor52 ftMotorboat Monthly1993/0238
7197Ventura 8.3Regal Marine Industries Inc.Motor28 ftMotorboat Monthly1993/0254
7198Hardy 27Mudie, ColinMotor27 ftMotorboat Monthly1993/0274
9674Pride of Baltimore IIGillmer, ThomasYacht, schooner170 ft LOAThe Boatman1993/0257
2943AnnGregory, JoeYacht, ketch30 ft LODWooden Boat1993/0197
8456Kra Ibold, PeterYacht, yawl40 ft LOA - Endurance 40 classYachting Monthly1993/0189
1023Bowman 48Paine, C W Design IncYacht, cutter48 ft LOAYachting Monthly1993/0193
820BallardMagnusson, RolfYacht, sloop29 ft LOA - see also YW 1975/07 p 71Yachting Monthly1993/01100
8101Hunter Horizon 30Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1993/0197
2944AnnGregory, JoeYacht, schooner30 ft LODWooden Boat1993/0198
2980AnnGregory, JoeYacht, ketch30 ft LODWooden Boat1993/0197
2981AnnGregory, JoeYacht, schooner30 ft LODWooden Boat1993/0198
6ChallengeBeneteauYacht, sloop9.14 m LOAYachts and Yachting1993/018
5Reflex 21Stimson, ChristianDinghy, sailing6.4 m LOAYachts and Yachting1993/0136
4649Horizon 30 CCSThomas, DavidYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1993/0146
4650Triptych, Victoria 34Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1993/0148
4648Rival Bownan 48Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1993/0140
3554FantasyBroward MarineMotor105 ft LOABoat International1993/01114
3552Mochi 57Caliari, PaoloMotor57 ft LOABoat International1993/0192
3553Bowman 48Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop48 ft LOABoat International1993/0198
8886MayflowerSkentelbery, KennethDinghy, sailing12 ftClassic Boat1993/0135
8690LysistrataWatson, G L & Co LtdYacht, steam285 ft LWLClassic Boat1993/0148
10723Tarbert YawlRaeburn, DavidYacht, yawl34 ft LOAClassic Boat1993/0196
10664SybaritaWatson, G L & Co LtdYacht, yawl90 ft LWLClassic Boat1993/0149
974Blue JacketPayne, ArthurYacht, cutter20 ft LWL Classic Boat1993/0176
435SatanitaSoper, JosephYacht, cutter132 ft LOAThe Yachtsman1993/0126
437Swan 40Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop40 ft LOAThe Yachtsman1993/0162
7192Ocean BlueBirchwood MarineMotor42 ftMotorboat Monthly1993/0152
15892Fortuna 455Fortuna YachtsYacht, motor45 ftMotorboat and Yachting1993/01140
15891TrevegaNicholson & HaggYacht, motor40 ftMotorboat and Yachting1993/01130
436JupiterKroes, GaitYacht, sloop27 ft LOAThe Yachtsman1993/0135
7195ZimmaMarine ProjectsMotor35 ftMotorboat Monthly1993/0190
7193Surfrider Intercepter 28Moxham, JohnMotor28 ftMotorboat Monthly1993/0168
7194Skilso 950 ArcticSkilsoMotor32 ftMotorboat Monthly1993/0176
15890Fairline Targa 41OlesinskiYacht, motor43 ftMotorboat and Yachting1993/0180
9254Nicholson 32Nicholson, CharlesYacht, sloop32 ft LOA - see also YW 1967/07 p305Yachting Monthly1992/1285
8557Legend 28Hunter Marine & Luhrs, WarrenYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1992/1282
8461KylieSadler, DavidYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - Contessa 26 classYachting Monthly1992/1257
10992Twister 28Holman, KimYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1992/1284
3Hawk 20Hawkins & ReidDinghy, sailing6.1 m LOAYachts and Yachting1992/125
4J/105Johnstone, RodYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1992/1211
4646Jonmeri 40Nyman, JormaYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1992/1262
4643Maupiti, Amel, Super MaramuAmel & CarteauYacht, ketch52 ft LOAYachting World1992/1256
4645Maestro 38Still, ElvindYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1992/1262
4647Degero 970Groop, HansYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1992/1263
4644Scandi 52Rogeberg, UlfYacht, sloop52 ft LOAYachting World1992/1260
4642BestyetScheel, HenryYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1992/1239
8187IreneWatson, G L & Co LtdYacht, cutter75 ft LOA - see also CB 2006/01 p 48Classic Boat1992/1236
3549Trigger 63Ribadeau Dumas, GuyYacht, sloop62 ft LOABoat International1992/1256
3550Sainte-Anne VIJoubert & NiveltYacht, sloop69 ft LOABoat International1992/1266
3551SavaronaBlohm & VossMotor408 ft LOABoat International1992/1278
12498LacioFishing20 ft approx - Australia coutaClassic Boat1992/1241
14041Malar57 ft - Bangladesh riverboatClassic Boat1992/1218
1002BonitaCrossfieldsYacht, ketch28 ft - replica smack - see also CB 1993/04 p 52Classic Boat1992/1259
12070Dillion, David W12 ft - Westport sharpieThe Boatman1992/1242
7190Crown Fletcher 32Crown Fletcher BoatbuildersFishing34 ftMotorboat Monthly1992/1238
7191Formula 252 BowriderAronow, DonMotor25 ftMotorboat Monthly1992/1250
7542FerretPilot36 ft LOA - PlymouthThe Boatman1992/1271
10141SeahorseOughtred, IainDinghy, sailing15 ft - see also CB 1990/01 p 56The Boatman1992/1245
2057GriffonDubois, EdYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1992/1226
9277NinaCaravel93 ft LOA - vessel used by ColumbusThe Boatman1992/1215
2941Nez Perce 13Swan, KenDinghy, skiff14 ftWooden Boat1992/1187
2977DecoyWittholz, Charles WDinghy, skiff12 ft LOAWooden Boat1992/1186
2940JebbAtkin, William & JohnDinghy, skiff12 ftWooden Boat1992/1185
2979Nez Perce 13Swan, KenDinghy, skiff14 ftWooden Boat1992/1187
2942DecoyWittholz, Charles WDinghy, skiff12 ft LOAWooden Boat1992/1186
8205Island Packet 44 Johnson, BobYacht, cutter44 ft LOAYachting Monthly1992/1176
2978JebbAtkin, William & JohnDinghy, skiff12 ftWooden Boat1992/1185
1Jaguar 265Castro, TonyYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1992/115
4640Tartan 3500Jackett, TimYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1992/1158
463820ft catboatBenford, Jay RDinghy, sailing20 ft LOAYachting World1992/1141
4639Hinckley, Sou'wester 52, AnoreMcCurdy & RhodesYacht, sloop51 ft LOAYachting World1992/1154
4641GratifiKation, Westerly GK29Laurent Giles & AssociatesYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1992/1160
2Hunter Horizon 30Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1992/1125
10813ThistleWatson, G L & Co LtdYacht, cutter115 ft LOAClassic Boat1992/1140
3547EspadaDubois, EdYacht, sloop108 ft LOABoat International1992/1178
3546Hinckley Sou'wester 52McCurdy & RhodesYacht, sloop52 ft LOABoat International1992/1162
3545Comar Clanship 58de Soccolich, Alfio RocchioMotor57 ft LOABoat International1992/1152
7934H 28Herreshoff, L FrancisYacht, ketch28 ft LOAClassic Boat1992/116
3548Mylin IVde Voogt, FritsMotor200 ft LOABoat International1992/1188
2056ArpegeDufour, MichelYacht, sloop29 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1992/1144
2054Tartan 3500Jackett, TimYacht, sloop35 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1992/1126
2055Red FoxThomas, DavidYacht, sloop20 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1992/1128
7189Sea Hound of DartDDH LefeberMotor30 ftMotorboat Monthly1992/1170
434Brown BoatsHope, LintonYacht, sloop24 ft LOA Broad One-DesignThe Yachtsman1992/1157
1433Contest 58Peterson, D & Zaal, DYacht, sloop58 ft LOAYachting Monthly1992/10104
7459F 24Farrier, IanTrimaran24 ft LOAYachting Monthly1992/10103
10732Tartan 350Jackett, TimYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1992/10101
2939Candle In The WindBenjamin, NatYacht, yawl30 ft LOAWooden Boat1992/10105
2976Candle In The WindBenjamin, NatYacht, yawl30 ft LOAWooden Boat1992/10105
9629Pioneer 9Stadt, E G van deYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1992/10107
7957Hallberg Rassy 53Frers, GermanYacht, sloop53 ft LOAYachting Monthly1992/10104
4636FF110, Fine Fleurde Ridder, JacYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1992/1060
4635J/105Johnstone, RodYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1992/1056
4637Sun Odyssey 51Farr, BruceYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World1992/1062
4634Global ChallengerSmith & NobleSchooner60 ft LOAYachting World1992/1039
8882MayWatson, G LYacht, cutter76 ft LOAClassic Boat1992/1050
13367Smith, MelbourneChalupa17 ft - replica of 16C ship's open boatClassic Boat1992/1039
3542MetoliusFrers, GermanYacht, sloop84 ft LOABoat International1992/1061
3544ChamarShead, DonMotor186 ft LOABoat International1992/1088
3543Swan 77Frers, GermanYacht, sloop77 ft LOABoat International1992/1078
7187Hardy Sea Wings 285Wolstenholme, AndrewMotor31 ftMotorboat Monthly1992/1056
7188Olwyn AliceWard, NormanMotor41 ftMotorboat Monthly1992/1060
7185Sunseeker 38 MartiniqueShead, DonMotor38 ftMotorboat Monthly1992/1034
7186Sealine 230Sealine International LtdMotor25 ftMotorboat Monthly1992/1048
10400Sovereign 40Anderson, IanYacht. Cutter40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1992/09107
11237Westerly 25Dubois, EdYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting Monthly1992/09111
4633Hutting 45Koopmans, DickYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1992/0964
14688Comet DuoSimmons, AndrewDinghy, sailing12 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1992/094
4630Sigma 400Humphreys & DixonYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1992/0952
4631Amadea of Wade, Swan 41Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1992/0956
4632Damstra Precious Stone 40Behage, PietYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1992/0963
4629Hunter KeelboatThomas, DavidYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1992/0937
3541Lady DuveraDiana Yacht DesignMotor141 ft LOABoat International1992/0990
3538Guy Couach 1602Couach, GuyMotor55 ft LOABoat International1992/0950
3539Gib'sea Master 48Humphreys, RobertYacht, sloop48 ft LOABoat International1992/0954
3540Maxi 88Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop89 ft LOABoat International1992/0980
11746Burgoine, AlfredDinghy, sailing14 ft - Yare and Bure S C Restricted classClassic Boat1992/0950
433MaitaDyevreYacht, sloop8 m LOAThe Yachtsman1992/0966
12275Hammond, JesseDory17 ft - SwampscottThe Boatman1992/0939
432SheevraFife, William IIIYacht, sloop46 ft LOA RestoredThe Yachtsman1992/0911
9743QuiverFishing21 ft - built 1860 approxThe Boatman1992/0970
9219NellieHatcher, DanYacht, cutter31 ft - Itchen FerryThe Boatman1992/0966
10985TweedledumChaisson, G LDory18 ftThe Boatman1992/0940
13552Tormentor Yacht StationFishing27 ft - SolentThe Boatman1992/0965
9172Najad 370Karlsson, ThorwaldYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1992/0891
9795Red Fox RF200Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop20 ft LOAYachting Monthly1992/0893
10175Selway Fisher 21Selway Fisher DesignYacht, sloop21 ft LOA C B Yachting Monthly1992/0893
1224Celia MarySunden, TordYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - Folkboat classYachting Monthly1992/0887
4625Bougainvillea 60Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World1992/0835
14686Sigma 400Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1992/087
4628Eye of Ra, Moody 419Dixon, BillYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1992/0858
4627Joyce 12, Oceanis 400Groupe FinotYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1992/0854
14687Red Fox 200Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1992/0822
4626Dehler 43cwsTongeren, Cees vanYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1992/0850
3536HakimLloyd's ShipsMotor130 ft LOABoat International1992/0880
3535Sovereign 40Anderson, IanYacht, sloop40 ft LOABoat International1992/0854
3534Neptunus 168Mulder, FrankMotor61 ft LOABoat International1992/0850
3537LibertyPerini NaviYacht, sloop153 ft LOABoat International1992/0888
7745Gauntlet 8 TonMay, H GYacht, cutter30 ft LOAClassic Boat1992/0826
539AlphaLiver & WildingPilot - Bristol ChannelClassic Boat1992/0876
7744Gauntlet 12 tonPaul, RodneyYacht, cutter36 ft LOA - see also CB 1999/06 p 93Classic Boat1992/0826
2053First 265Groupe FinotYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1992/0830
2049Channel 32Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop32 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1992/0829
2050Sun Odyssey 31Andrieu, DanielYacht, sloop30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1992/0829
2051HekseriBuchanan Alan & PartnersYacht, ketch42 ft LODPractical Boat Owner1992/0867
11758Bush, FabianDinghy, sailing3mThe Boatman1992/0881
2052Orkadian 23Golesworthy, KareyMotor23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1992/0881
14710HekseriBuchanan Alan & PartnersYacht, ketch42 ft LODPractical Boat Owner1992/0867
11879Clark, RobertYacht24 ft LOA - Y W 5 tonnerThe Boatman1992/0818
2937MistStambaugh, KarlYacht, sloop22 ft LOAWooden Boat1992/0797
2974MistStambaugh, KarlYacht, sloop22 ft LOAWooden Boat1992/0797
11352Winkle BrigBerqvist, EYacht, sloop20 ft LOA - see also CB 1989/03 p 78Yachting Monthly1992/0758
3141Drascombe CoasterHonnor Marine LtdYacht, yawl21 ft LOAYachting Monthly1992/0758
1462Cornish Crabber 17Dongray, RogerYacht, sloop17 ft LOAYachting Monthly1992/07102
2938Long MicroBolger, Philip CYacht, yawl20 ft LOAWooden Boat1992/0798
2975Long MicroBolger, Philip CYacht, yawl20 ft LOAWooden Boat1992/0798
9311Norfolk GypsyWolstenholme, AYacht, sloop20 ft - see also Bmn 1995/07 p 35, CB 1998/05 p 3Yachting Monthly1992/0758
4624YamahaFarr, BruceYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World1992/0745
14685Jeanneau One-designYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1992/075
3533Wauquiez 60Dubois, EdYacht, sloop60 ft LOABoat International1992/0764
8484La RecouvranceHobartYacht, schooner150 ton - replica of IrisClassic Boat1992/0719
9864RiverboatHillier, JonathanPassenger85 ftClassic Boat1992/0758
1480CorypheeLaws, GDinghy, sailing16 ft LOA - Whitebaiter classClassic Boat1992/0740
451AdixHolgate, ArthurYacht, schooner174 ft LODClassic Boat1992/077
3532Sunseeker 52 CaribbeanShead, DonMotor52 ft LOABoat International1992/0758
8420KimHoek DesignYacht, ketch69 ftClassic Boat1992/0765
3530TaramberDubois, EdYacht, ketch123 ft LOABoat International1992/0746
3531Dalla Pieta 43Trezz/ ValsechiMotor43 ft LOABoat International1992/0754
10676TadorneJoubert, PhilippeYacht, sloop26 ft LOAClassic Boat1992/0750
430Conway O DFarrer, PeterDinghy, sailing20 ft LOAThe Yachtsman1992/0724
431TigrisMylne & Co.Yacht, sloop50 ft LOA Re commisionedThe Yachtsman1992/0754
2048Viking 26Motor26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1992/0789
2046DragonflyQuorning, BorgeTrimaran26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1992/0730
2047TherapyNorthshore YachtsYacht, cutter25 ft LOA Fisher 25Practical Boat Owner1992/0766
1407Contessa 26Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - see also CB 1990/07 p 29Yachting Monthly1992/06107
734ArpegeDufour, MichelYacht, sloop29 ft LOA - see also YW 1967/07 p 303, YW 1968/02 Yachting Monthly1992/06106
8874Maxi 34Pettersen, PelleYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1992/06102
4622Hylas 51Frers, GermanYacht, sloop51 ft LOAYachting World1992/0660
4621Outstripper, Tripp 40Tripp DesignYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1992/0654
14684Hurricane 500Roake, RichardCatamaran5 m LOAYachts and Yachting1992/065
4623Hebe, Hunter HB 31Tongeren, Cees vanYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1992/0662
4620Northeast 37+Ellis, MarkYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1992/0647
3526RosenkavalierCox & StevensMotor218 ft LOABoat International1992/0644
3527Premier 45Dixon, BillYacht, sloop45 ft LOABoat International1992/0656
3529Grand Bleu IIBriand, PhillippeYacht, sloop75 ft LOABoat International1992/0680
3528Euphorie 40Lombard, MarcCatamaran42 ft LOABoat International1992/0664
789AvengerFox, UffaDinghy, sailing14 ft -- International 14 class - see also CB 200The Boatman1992/0655
718433 AvantaNimbus BoatsMotor33 ftMotorboat Monthly1992/0650
9633PiranPayne, ArrthurYacht, sloop18 ft lLOA - version of Itchen FerryThe Boatman1992/0645
8058HirtaSlade & MorricePilot50 ft - ex Cornubia - Bristol Channel - see alsThe Boatman1992/0612
11041Valiant Fox, UffaCanoe20 ft - sailingThe Boatman1992/0657
2036Californie 440BeneteauMotor14 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1992/06100
2035Etap 22iRidder, Jac deYacht, sloop22 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1992/0636
9537PegasusGriffiths, MauriceYacht, cutter24 ft LOA - Eventide class - see also CB 1990/0Yachting Monthly1992/0581
2973RonaWatson, G LYacht, sloop51 ft LOA RestoredWooden Boat1992/0562
2936RonaWatson, G LYacht, sloop51 ft LOA RestoredWooden Boat1992/0562
9672Premier 45Dixon, BillYacht, cutter45 ft LOAYachting Monthly1992/05118
4617No 1208Alden, John GYacht, ketch87 ft LOAYachting World1992/0543
4618Jeanneau, Lagoon 47Peteghem & PrevostCatamaran46 ft LOAYachting World1992/0560
4619White Gold II, SHE 36Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1992/0562
3523Dehler 43CWSDehler & van de StadtYacht, sloop44 ft LOABoat International1992/0566
3524JoalmiAzimut & BenettiMotor148 ft LOABoat International1992/0572
3525Mirabella 40Farr, BruceYacht, sloop131 ft LOABoat International1992/0580
9820ResoluteBuehler, GeorgeYacht, schooner44 ft Classic Boat1992/0560
12404Howlett, IanYacht, sloop17 ft - Royal Windermere O D classClassic Boat1992/057
14040Fishing16 ft approx - Indonesian sapaClassic Boat1992/0580
8490Ladies GigRobertsRowing24 ft LOAClassic Boat1992/0544
2033Sadler 26Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1992/0538
2034Romany 21Goudge, AndyMotor21 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1992/05106
10385Southerly 101NorthshoreYacht, sloop32 ft LOA C BYachting Monthly1992/04108
4615Bavaria 350Bavaria Yachtbau GmbHYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1992/0452
4616Tradewind 33Rock, JohnYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1992/0454
4614Feeling 546Holland, RonYacht, sloop55 ft LOAYachting World1992/0448
3522El BravoNuovi Cantieri LiguriMotor208 ft LOABoat International1992/0476
11287WhippetPritchard & PearceMotor13 ftClassic Boat1992/0461
3521Conny FeverRunte, AYacht, sloop110 ft LOABoat International1992/0468
3520Dale 51Dale & Laurent GilesMotor52 ft LOABoat International1992/0454
3519Malo 42Malo Yachts ABYacht, sloop43 ft LOABoat International1992/0450
1584DaphneThornycroftYacht, motor30 ftClassic Boat1992/046
450AdeleStorey, A CYacht, schooner150 ft LOA - formerly HearteaseClassic Boat1992/04 8
2032Southerly 101Northshore YachtsYacht, sloop34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1992/0442
2972White, JoelYacht, sloop23 ft LOAWooden Boat1992/03130
2935White, JoelYacht, sloop23 ft LOAWooden Boat1992/03130
2934Gartside, PaulYacht, sloop24 ft LOAWooden Boat1992/03128
7439Evasion 36Briand, CabinetYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1992/0358
7651Flying Fish 43Yacht, cutter43 ft LOA Yachting Monthly proposalYachting Monthly1992/0345
2971Gartside, PaulYacht, sloop24 ft LOAWooden Boat1992/03128
4612Najad 440Karlsson, ThorwaldYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1992/0346
4611Sweden Yachts 390Norlin & OstmannYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1992/0342
4613OOD 34Peterson, DougYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1992/0348
3518The Other WomanBold Craft & Laurent GilesYacht192 ft LOABoat International1992/0390
3516PegasusBroward MarineMotor130 ft LOABoat International1992/0374
3517MaracundaCRNMotor164 ft LOABoat International1992/0382
8364Kala NagBraithwaite, AlfredYacht, sloop27 ft LOAClassic Boat1992/0338
11645Braithwaite, AlfredYacht, sloop17 ft C BClassic Boat1992/0341
9825RestlessBraithwaite, AlfredYacht, sloop25 ft LOA C BClassic Boat1992/0339
10610SuzalahTatlor, A JYacht, sloop32 ft LOAClassic Boat1992/0358
10119Sea RoverBraithwaite, AlfredYacht, sloop16 ft C BClassic Boat1992/0340
8533L'ArcheLibert, PierreFishing12 ft - Normandy flobardClassic Boat1992/0363
1491CowrieBuchanan, AlanYacht, ketch36 ft LOA - Colin Archer typeClassic Boat1992/0324
2031Sport PackStimson, BarryMotor10 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1992/03110
2030Sunway 25Harle/MortainYacht, sloop25 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1992/0336
15846Princess 368Olesinski, BernardYacht, motor39 ftMotorboat and Yachting1992/0342
3322Escale 39Feltham, D & Underwood, RCatamaran39 ft LOA ProutYachting Monthly1992/0283
10219She TooSparkman & StephensYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1992/0267
4610Flawless, Swan 90Frers, GermanYacht, sloop90 ft LOAYachting World1992/0262
14683AlustromMicrotrimaran26 ft LOA RussianYachts and Yachting1992/0216
4608Jaguar 265Castro, TonyYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1992/0250
4607Premier 45Dixon, BillYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1992/0246
4609Snowgoose 37Prout, Francis & RolandCatamaran37 ft LOAYachting World1992/0252
1296ChryesisParker, FredYacht41 ft LOA - won 1st prize in YM design competitiClassic Boat1992/0261
8631Little PalThomas, W EYacht, yawl21 ft - Fal Quay Punt - see also CB 2001/03 p 61Classic Boat1992/0238
3514Be MineLurssenMotor132 ft LOABoat International1992/0278
3513Hylas 51Frers, GermanYacht, sloop51 ft LOABoat International1992/0272
3515TransitionFexas, TomMotor75 ft LOABoat International1992/0286
12755Meer, Olivier vanYacht, schooner120 ft LOAClassic Boat1992/0289
857BataviaVos, Willem185 ft LOA - replica of Dutch East India Company Classic Boat1992/0268
2029PuckCardyn, StephanYacht, sloop23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1992/0250
9069Moody 38Dixon, BillYacht, sloop37 ft LOA - see also YM 2001/07 p 94, YW 2001/09 Yachting Monthly1992/01114
2970Northern CrownNielson, K AageYacht, sloop35 ft LOAWooden Boat1992/01108
3304Endurance 47Ibold, PeterYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting Monthly1992/01117
2933Northern CrownNielson, K AageYacht, sloop35 ft LOAWooden Boat1992/01108
4604Moody 44Dixon, BillYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1992/0154
14682OutstripperTripp, BillYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1992/0112
4605J/39Johnstone, Rodney SYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1992/0160
4603Apogee 65Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop65 ft LOAYachting World1992/0151
4606Rival 34Brett, PeterYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1992/0162
3298Endeavour IINicholson, Charles EYacht, cutter138 ft LOAClassic Boat1992/0150
3511Riva 29 GrandyachtCantiere RivaMotor93 ft LOABoat International1992/01108
3512X-512Jeppesen, NeilsYacht, sloop51 ft LOABoat International1992/01134
9772RangerBurgess, Stirling & Stephens, OlinYacht, cutter135 ft LOA - J class - see also CB 2004/04 p 59Classic Boat1992/0152
1609Deben 4 TonnerWhisstock, ClaudeYacht, sloop22 ftClassic Boat1992/0126
11510Allanson BrosFishing75 ft - ketch rigged Irish Sea trawlerClassic Boat1992/0142
12511Laurent GilesYacht, schooner86 ft LODClassic Boat1992/01115
7182Sealine 260Tucker, RobertMotor28 ftMotorboat Monthly1992/0156
7183Atlanta 32Atlanta BoatsMotor32 ftMotorboat Monthly1992/0166
7181Seacoral 536Bennett, JohnYacht, motor53 ftMotorboat Monthly1992/0144
10262Sigma 400Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/1261
7828Glass Sliper IIIDalzell, SteveYacht, yawl49 ft LOA - Slipper 48Yachting Monthly1991/1261
8756Malo 38Malo Yachts ABYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/1255
867Bavaria 370Mohnhaupt, AlexYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/1258
4594IMS 44Farr, BruceYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1991/1247
4595Worldwide Express, X-512Jeppersen, NeilsYacht, sloop51 ft LOAYachting World1991/1248
4597Lutine, Nicholson 55Camper & NicholsonYacht, sloop54 ft LOAYachting World1991/1258
2804MG 27CHumphreys, RobYacht, sloop8.38 m LOAYachts and Yachting1991/1223
4596Swan 55Frers, GermanYacht, sloop55 ft LOAYachting World1991/1254
3508KatamarinoHargrave, JackMotor184 ft LOABoat International1991/1264
3509Dufour 54Harle/MortainYacht, sloop55 ft LOABoat International1991/1282
3510PhilanteShead, DonMotor131 ft LOABoat International1991/1286
9467Oyster Leather, JohnYacht, sloop18 ft - West Mersea BumkinClassic Boat1991/1263
9721PuritanYacht, cutter28 m LOA - America CupClassic Boat1991/1256
11340WindsprintBolger, Philip C Dory, sailing15 ftClassic Boat1991/1292
11082VelsiaArcher, ColinYacht, cutter35 ft LOA - built 1890Classic Boat1991/1218
2027Tepco TidewayGray, PaulDinghy, sailing12 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1991/1228
2028Fastfisher 21Red Ray Boats LtdMotor21 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1991/1273
2026Crabber 17Dongray, RogerDinghy, sailing17 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1991/1224
9162NadaAtkin, WilliamYacht, ketch38 ft LOA - Ingrid 38 classYachting Monthly1991/1134
2931Deadrise 19O'Brien, TracyMotor19 ft LOAWooden Boat1991/11101
2930Good Enough 15Sprague, ScottMotor15 ft LOAWooden Boat1991/11100
2932Console SkiffGlen-L Marine DesignMotor16 ft LOAWooden Boat1991/11104
2803X-412Jeppesen, NielsYacht, sloop12.51 m LOAYachts and Yachting1991/115
4592Moondance, Catalina 37Douglas, JerryYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1991/1152
4593Frantasy, Frances 26Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1991/1154
4591Hunter, Channel 32Thomas & DyerYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1991/1146
4590Santa Cruz 70Lee, BillYacht, sloop70 ft LOAYachting World1991/1145
3506Grand Soleil 45Frers, GermanYacht, sloop46 ft LOABoat International1991/1184
3507Windship 105Holland, RonYacht, sloop105 ft LOABoat International1991/1188
7452ExcelsiorFishing77 ft LOA - Lowestoft trawlerClassic Boat1991/118
10395Southern JungWalker, JerryYacht - junk rigClassic Boat1991/1168
2025Day Angler 21Orkney BoatsMotor21 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1991/1175
14832CordeliaDickieYacht, motor70 ftMotorboat and Yachting1991/1178
14831Draco 3400 OpalJohnsen, Hans JMotor35 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1991/1128
2024Horizon 21Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop21 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1991/1126
9369Ocean TwinsPatterson, PatCatamaran37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/1073
8402KestralWhites, JohnYacht, cutter27 ft LODYachting Monthly1991/1051
7692Freebird 50Smith, Martyn & Modular MoldingsCatamaran50 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/1069
9974SagittaWoods DesignsCatamaran30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/1079
10085ScorpioWoods DesignsCatamaran30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/1079
10846Tiki 36Wharram, J & Boon, HCatamaran36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/1074
686Antigua 37 Joubert, M & Nivelt, BCatamaran37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/1067
3255Elf 26Woods DesignsCatamaran26 ft LOA - see also YM 1992/08 p93Yachting Monthly1991/1075
8262Javelin 30Woods DesignsCatamaran30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/1079
10668SymphonyWoods DesignsCatamaran30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/1079
4586Hutting 47Koopmans, DickYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World1991/1048
4587Holland Jachtbouw 47Hoek DesignYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World1991/1049
4585Freedom 38Mull, GaryYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1991/1042
4584Sigma 400Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1991/1041
4589Standfast 56Frers, GermanYacht, sloop56 ft LOAYachting World1991/1053
4588Cumulant 45van de StadtYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1991/1051
8674Luke 5 TonnerHobbs, BillYacht, cutterClassic Boat1991/1012
3505Shana IIGuido Perla & AssociatesMotor103 ft LOABoat International1991/10100
3504My Song, Nauta 70Farr, BruceYacht, sloop71 ft LOABoat International1991/1084
9928Royal FlushBuchanan, AlanYacht, sloop27 ft LOA - East Anglian Restr'd classClassic Boat1991/1020
8855MathildeYacht, cutter73 ft LOA - Hardanger Jakt - built 1884Classic Boat1991/1024
11122VikingHamilton, JohnCanoe, yawl19 ftClassic Boat1991/1046
2023John DoryOughtred, IainDinghy, sailing18 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1991/1030
10520SuhailiAtkin, WilliamYacht, ketch44 ft LOA - see also YM 1999/02 p 73, CB 1990/11 Yachting Monthly1991/0963
7506FaoileannMcMillan, SeanYacht, yawl35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/09137
9079Moody Eclipse 38Dixon, BillYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/09128
4581First 53f5Farr, BruceYacht, sloop52 ft LOAYachting World1991/0954
4580Whisperde Tanton, Yves-MarieSchooner47 ft LOAYachting World1991/0953
2802PhotonKirk, Chris & MikeDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1991/0922
4582Island Packet 32Johnson, BobYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1991/0960
4583FolkboatSunden, TorYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1991/0962
3501Hallberg Rassy 42FFrers, GermanYacht, sloop42 ft LOABoat International1991/0946
9853Riva AquaramaBarilani, GiorgioMotor28 ft LOAClassic Boat1991/0926
3502Victoria of StrathearnSparkman & StephensYacht, ketch91 ft LOABoat International1991/0982
3503Carmac VIIde Voogt, FritsMotor150 ft LOABoat International1991/0990
14039Zeesboote36 ft approx - BalticClassic Boat1991/0916
11353Winkle Brig DayboatBerqvist, EricYacht, sloop20 ft C BClassic Boat1991/0967
9199National SwallowThornycroft, TomDinghy, sailing25 ft LOA - Swallow class - see also CB 1997/08 Classic Boat1991/0912
889Beetle CatboatConcordia CoDinghy, sailing12 ft - American designClassic Boat1991/0936
14834Tireur Fairey SwordsmanFairey MarineMotor33 ft LOA 1963Motorboat and Yachting1991/09110
14833Fairline 38 PhantomOlesinski, BernardYacht, motor42 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1991/0958
14835Fletcher 23 & 210Fletcher InternationalMotor21 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1991/09136
10643Sweden Yachts 390Norlin, Peter & Ostermann, JensYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/0882
1629Dehler 39 cwsStadt, E G van deYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/0878
4128Katie GMartin, RodgerYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1991/0849
4131Sun FizzBriand, PhilippeYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1991/0858
4130Sun Odyssey 34Andrieux, DanielYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1991/0856
2801PXDinghy, sailing15 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1991/0818
4129Centurion 59Dubois, EdYacht, sloop59 ft LOAYachting World1991/0850
9098MornaDickie, Peter SYacht, motor38 ftClassic Boat1991/0842
11979Crossley, P CYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - Royal Windermere Y C 17 ft RestricteClassic Boat1991/0818
3497Mangusta 65Overmarine & RodriguezMotor66 ft LOABoat International1991/0840
3500MaysylphSparkman & StephensYacht, ketch123 ft LOABoat International1991/0882
3499Danielle of HammLaurent GilesSchooner107 ft LOABoat International1991/0874
3498Rival BowmanPaine, ChuckYacht, sloop40 ft LOABoat International1991/0864
10236ShenandoahDouglas, BobYacht, schooner152 ft LOAClassic Boat1991/0813
15845Sealine 450Bennett, Murrant, TuckerYacht,, motor46 ftMotorboat and Yachting1991/0894
15844Sea Wings 285Wolstenholme, AndrewYacht, , motor31 ftMotorboat and Yachting1991/0830
2022Sea Wings 285Wolstenholme, AndrewMotor31 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1991/0879
2021Event 34Underwood/FelthamCatamaran34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1991/0829
7788Gib'Sea 262Group GraalYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/0786
9513Parker 275Parker, G W & SonYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/0790
9522PatsNewick, DickTrimaran51 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/0751
10029SantanaBuchanan, AlanYacht, sloop35 ft - Classic Boat Supplement Yachting Monthly1991/0715
10326Slipstream of CowleySparkman & StephensYacht, sloop33 ft LOA - Classic Boat SupplementYachting Monthly1991/0719
915BettineLaurent GilesYacht, cutter33 ft - Classic Boat SupplementYachting Monthly1991/077
4579DreamBombigher, DanielSchooner70 ft LOAYachting World1991/0753
2800ByteBruce, IanDinghy, sailing12 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1991/076
9805RedwingNicholson, C EYacht, sloop22 ft LOAClassic Boat1991/0716
3496Current AffairMPSMotor103 ft LOABoat International1991/0782
9761RainbowLentsch, G de VriesYacht, cutter26 ft LOA - Rainbow class - NederlandsClassic Boat1991/0710
3494Sovereign 54Southwell, PhilYacht, sloop54 ft LOABoat International1991/0754
3495Freedom 38Mull, GaryYacht, sloop38 ft LOABoat International1991/0758
7639FlotsamBurgoine, AlfredCanoe, sailing14 ftClassic Boat1991/0741
774AudreyBurgoine, AlfredYacht, sloop20 ft LOA - Thames 1/2 RaterClassic Boat1991/0742
11019UnivSaunders, MossesBarge 76 ft LOA - University College R CClassic Boat1991/0774
10790The New OrleansTate, Don & AssociatesPassenger115 ft - sternwheeler - ThamesClassic Boat1991/07102
10315Skimming DishBurgoine, AlfredYacht, sloop24 ft LOA - Linear RaterClassic Boat1991/0743
9806RedwingNicholson, CharlesYacht, sloop27 ft LOA - Bembridge Redwing classClassic Boat1991/0718
8972MignonetteBurgoine, AlfredYacht, sloop19 ft LOA - Half RaterClassic Boat1991/0742
14839Eclipse 38Marine ProjectsMotor, sailer39 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1991/07106
2018Bavaria 320 SportlineMohnhaupt, AxelYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1991/0730
2019Jaquar 24Castro, TonyYacht, sloop24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1991/0734
14837Sea LassBain, JohnYacht, motor52 ft LOA, 1930Motorboat and Yachting1991/0766
14836Cranchi ClipperAndreaniMotor24 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1991/0748
14838Panorama 40Sadler InternationalMotor, sailer40 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1991/07102
14841Horizon 32Hunter Boats LtdMotor, sailer32 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1991/07110
2020Nelson 29TT Boat Designs LtdMotor29 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1991/0780
14840Southerly 115Northshore YachtsMotor, sailer37 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1991/07108
11267Westerly TyphoonDubois, EdYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/06108
11054Vancouver 34Harris, Robert BYacht, cutter34 ft - see also CB 2005/05 p46Yachting Monthly1991/06111
11244Westerly DiscusLaurent Giles LtdYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/0651
4577Bavaria 320Mohnhaupt, AxelYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1991/0668
4576Etap 35Harle, PhilippeYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1991/0662
4578Iroquois, Vahine IIMacalpine-Downie, RodCatamaran30 ft LOAYachting World1991/0670
858Bateau NantaisBarge, sailing - Loire regionClassic Boat1991/0632
8479La MontjeannaiseBeaudoin, FrancoisBarge, sailing - Loire regionClassic Boat1991/0629
10271Silver GullThompson, MikYacht16 ft LOA C BClassic Boat1991/0668
11216WaveLeather, JohnYacht, yawl16 ftClassic Boat1991/0641
3491Finngulf 391Sodergren, HakanYacht, sloop39 ft LOABoat International1991/0638
3493LedaGilgenast, GerhardMotor97 ft LOABoat International1991/0692
3492Princess 65Olesinski, BernardMotor69 ft LOABoat International1991/0668
10833TID 164Tug70 ft LOA Classic Boat1991/0682
2016Spring 25Castro, TonyYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1991/0639
2017Etap 35iHarle, PhilippeYacht, sloop35 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1991/0641
8328Josephine of HambleSparkman & StephensYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/0555
10541Sun Fast 39Fauroux, JacquesYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/05114
9700Providence 47Laurent Giles LtdYacht, cutter16 tonsYachting Monthly1991/05117
2928Vortex, Swede 55Reimers, KnudYacht, sloop53 ft LOAWooden Boat1991/0584
2929AerielMcCurdy & RhodesYacht, sloop39 ft LOAWooden Boat1991/05108
8099Hunter Channel 35Thomas, D & Dyer, DYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/05111
4575Fidji 39Joubert & NiveltCatamaran39 ft LOAYachting World1991/0574
2799OOD 48Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1991/0551
2798Red fox 290Farr, BruceYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1991/057
4573Twins 31Patterson, PatMultihull31 ft LOAYachting World1991/0571
4570Contessa 32Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1991/0562
4574Prout Event 34Milne, PeterCatamaran34 ft LOAYachting World1991/0573
4569Contest 43Zaal, DickYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1991/0556
4572Dragonfly 800 Mk IIIQuoming, BorgeMultihull26 ft LOAYachting World1991/0569
4571Solaris Sunbeam 24Kelsall, DerekCatamaran24 ft LOAYachting World1991/0568
12788Morgan GilesDinghy, sailing13 ftClassic Boat1991/0547
3489Nordsee 55Dubbel, UweYacht, sloop55 ft LOABoat International1991/0582
3490Virginiande Voogt, FritsMotor204 ft LOABoat International1991/0594
10959TriviaCamper & NicholsonYacht, sloop70 ft LOA - 12 m classClassic Boat1991/0518
3236Eileen SiochtPassengerClassic Boat1991/0582
846Barka KAT 27Schmidt, HenrykFishing30 ft approxClassic Boat1991/0561
1531CurlewBurt, R SYacht, cutter28 ft - Fal Quay Punt - see also CB 1997/08 p 29Classic Boat1991/0528
13680Watty, ArchieYacht, sloop22 ft LOA - Troy classClassic Boat1991/0512
13426Stalkartt, MarmadukeYacht74 ft LBP - 18C designClassic Boat1991/0550
2015Catalina 22Catalina Yachts, USAYacht, sloop22 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1991/0548
9967Sadler Starlight 35Jones, StephenYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/04110
4568Beaux Yeux, First 35Berret, JeanYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1991/0454
4566Eclipse 38Dixon, BillYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1991/0446
4567Legend 37.5Luhrs, WarrenYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1991/0452
13267Rowlands, W HYacht, sloop20 ft LOA - Conway Y C O D classClassic Boat1991/0426
8818MarjorieMead, HarleyYacht, yawl37 ft LOAClassic Boat1991/0444
8239JadeLaws, G UYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - Sea View Mermaid classClassic Boat1991/0434
3482Jonsgert 2900sSijm, PeterYacht, sloop97 ft LOABoat International1991/0432
8483La PerlaBisquineClassic Boat1991/0474
9988SallyMead, HarleyYacht, cutter18 ft LWL - Quay punt style - see also Ymn 1940/Classic Boat1991/0442
12750Mead, HarleyYacht, yawl40 ft LOA - Quay Punt styleClassic Boat1991/0443
1318ClassiqueDickiesYacht, motor110 ftClassic Boat1991/0419
3485Rhapsody 40Dahlstrom & Neubelt & CruseYacht, sloop39 ft LOABoat International1991/0444
3484Dufour 54Harle/MortainYacht, sloop55 ft LOABoat International1991/0438
3486Sweden 390Norlin/OstmannYacht, sloop39 ft LOABoat International1991/0447
3487Chateau BranaireFrers, GermanYacht, ketch87 ft LOABoat International1991/0490
3488Denita IIBagliettoMotor119 ft LOABoat International1991/0496
3483Oyster 68Holman & PyeYacht, sloop68 ft LOABoat International1991/0436
2014Maritime 21Scott, JohnMotor21 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1991/04102
14843Flipper 717SSodergren & IsacsonMotor25 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1991/04122
14842Princess 435Olesinski, BernardYacht, motor44 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1991/0446
2013Horizon 272 CCSHunter & David ThomasYacht, sloop28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1991/0448
9397Offshore 38Thomas, DavidYacht, cutter37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/0373
10246Shoal WatersStock, CharlesYacht, cutter16 ft LOA Falcon daysailerYachting Monthly1991/03101
2925ChameleonGreene, DannyDinghy, sailing10 ft LOAWooden Boat1991/03116
2926JPDMBDKaufman, MikeDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAWooden Boat1991/03116
2927LongspliceStrayer, Charles MDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAWooden Boat1991/03116
10299Sirius 42Thomas, DavidYacht, cutter41 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/0372
4563First 310Finot, GroupeYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1991/0348
4564Antigua 37Joubert & NiveltCatamaran37 ft LOAYachting World1991/0354
4565Ran-Tan, Sadler 32Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1991/0356
2797J/44 J/35Johnstone, RodYacht, sloop45 ft 35 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1991/0315
12131Fife, WilliamYacht, sloop24 ft LOA - Fife O D classClassic Boat1991/0322
11457ZilverwiekHolm, ToreYacht, sloop48 ft LOA - International 8m classClassic Boat1991/0314
10075ScathanSimmons, W E Yacht, steamClassic Boat1991/0330
788AvenHerveDinghy15 ft -lug rig - French designClassic Boat1991/0382
3478IndigoWormwood, PeterCatamaran65 ft LOABoat International1991/0382
3480AstraNicholson, Charles EYacht, sloop115 ft LOA 1928Boat International1991/03100
3481L'AquasitionGilgenast, GerhardMotor44 ft LOABoat International1991/03108
3479MysticFrers, GermanYacht, sloop60 ft LOABoat International1991/0388
1308CirrusWolstenholme, AYacht, sloop33 ft LOA - Norfolk BroadsWatercraft1991/0344
14845Highland Beauty, Rampart 48Rampart Boat Building Co.Yacht, motor49 ft LOA 1975Motorboat and Yachting1991/03112
2012Mayland Kingfisher 20Motor20 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1991/0392
2011Parker 21Holland & ParkerYacht, sloop21 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1991/0336
14844Sorebro Royal 340 AdriaticWilke, WinnfriedMotor38 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1991/0346
7702Freedom 45Mull, GaryYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/0291
10152Seamaster 925Holman & PyeYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1991/0241
4557J-Hawk, J/44Magnusson, RolfYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1991/0246
4558Hannah's Way, Scanmar 40Magnusson, RolfYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1991/0250
4559Vancouver 28Harris, RobertYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1991/0252
4560Q2Pocock, MichaelYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1991/0284
4562Rulor IIWest, JohnYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1991/0287
4561SparkleCollins, WarickYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1991/0285
8435Kingswear CastlePassenger113 ft LOAClassic Boat1991/0264
3297EndeavourBark109 ft LOA - replica of Cook's vessel - see alsoClassic Boat1991/0216
11691BroomeYacht, motor - Admiral class - Norfolk BroadsClassic Boat1991/0244
11459ZinniaBurnett, EdYacht, cutter30 ft LOAClassic Boat1991/0224
12440JennersYacht, motor26 ft - Norfolk BroadsClassic Boat1991/0246
11623Bolger, Philip C Yacht, yawl25 ft - Sharpie - American designClassic Boat1991/0275
3473Oyster 68Holman & PyeYacht, sloop68 ft LOABoat International1991/0252
3472HinckleyMcCurdy and RhodesYacht, sloop44 ft LOABoat International1991/0246
3474Super Asterion 55Andrew Winch DesignsMotor55 ft LOABoat International1991/0258
3476Azimut 90Motor90 ft LOABoat International1991/0286
3477CCYD 120Holland, RonYacht, sloop122 ft LOABoat International1991/02100
3475Alalunga 23mCiccaroMotor75 ft LOABoat International1991/0272
2009SeabreezePfannenschmidt, ErnieYacht, ketch24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1991/0227
2010Tiki 36James Wharram DesignsCatamaran36 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1991/0228
2008Tamarisk 19Cannell, David MYacht, sloop19 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1991/0225
2924Sting RayWilliams, FenwickMotor56 ft LOAWooden Boat1991/01104
2796Hobie 17Catamaran5.18 m LOAYachts and Yachting1991/0119
4555Omega 36Holland, RonYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1991/0162
2795Dart StingMarch, RodneyCatamaran4.54 m LOAYachts and Yachting1991/0130
4554Sigma 35Thomas & DixonYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1991/0156
4556Contessa 26Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1991/0164
3469Sunseeker Renegrade 60Shead, DonMotor60 ft LOABoat International1991/01104
3466Swan 55Frers, GermanYacht, sloop55 ft LOABoat International1991/0190
3468Marksman 47Dixon, BillYacht, sloop47 ft LOABoat International1991/01100
3471Butterfly McQueenFanoe YachtvaerftSchooner130 ft LOABoat International1991/01132
3470GeedeeBannengerg, JonYacht, sloop101 ft LOABoat International1991/01124
3467Freedom 45Mull, GaryYacht, sloop45 ft LOABoat International1991/0196
1291ChristinaNicholson, CharlesYacht, sloop20 ft LOA - Victory O D classClassic Boat1991/0122
1511Cromarty 32Wyatt & Freeman DesignYacht, ketch36 ft LOAClassic Boat1991/0172
10766Tern IVWorth, ClaudeYacht, cutter62 ft LODClassic Boat1991/0116
12260Hacker, John LMotor25 ft LOAClassic Boat1991/01 30
3333EtainLaurent GilesYacht, cutter46 ft - see also CB 2005/06 p59Classic Boat1991/01100
12061Dias, TonyYacht, yawl20 ft LOA - cat rigWatercraft1991/0159
8080Horizon 272CCSThomas, DavidYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/1299
1430Contest 43Zaal, DickYacht, cutter42 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/1297
9725QIIPocock, MichaelYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/1245
4553Sigma 33, FirestormThomas, DavidYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1990/1284
4552Rustler 31, WrestlerHolman & PyeYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1990/1246
4551Aphrodite 51Boyer, CarlYacht, ketch53 ft LOAYachting World1990/1244
4549CarrouselAlden, John GYacht, yawl58 ft LOAYachting World1990/1239
4550Westerly, Typhoon 37Dubois, EdYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1990/1240
10741TattersSibblick, CharlesYacht30 ftClassic Boat1990/1250
9319NormanSibblick, CharlesYacht36 ft - 5 RaterClassic Boat1990/1249
9510PapoosePayne, A EYacht34 ft - 2 1/2 rating classClassic Boat1990/1248
3462Contest 43Zaal, DickYacht, sloop43 ft LOABoat International1990/1260
3465Alpha Alpha IIIde Voogt, FritsMotor150 ft LOABoat International1990/1282
3463Trintella 448SBehage, PietYacht, sloop45 ft LOABoat International1990/1264
3461Horizon 44Wilke/LindholmMotor44 ft LOABoat International1990/1244
3464J-Hawk 44Johnstone, Rodney SYacht, sloop45 ft LOABoat International1990/1270
2007Great PelicanShort, William HDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/1226
2006Longshore 16Harris, PeterDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/1224
11119Victory 40Stadt, E G van deYacht, yawl40 ft LOA - see also YW 1973/04 p 88, YW 1975/12 Yachting Monthly1990/1163
1199Catalina 34CatalinaYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/1194
4545Holger DanskeGerr. DaveYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World1990/1151
4546Moody 35Dixon, BillYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1990/1152
4548Southerly 115Bennett, JohnYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1990/1158
4547Sirius 42Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1990/1156
3459GeorgianaPeterson/Alan-WilliamsYacht, sloop92 ft LOABoat International1990/1190
8017Hell DiverAtkin, WilliamMotorClassic Boat1990/1160
3456Dehler 39 CWSDehler YachtsYacht, sloop40 ft LOABoat International1990/1151
3457Beneteau Oceanis 500Briand, PhilippeYacht, sloop50 ft LOABoat International1990/1154
3458AstralSparkman & StevensYacht, ketch115 ft LOABoat International1990/1182
3460Sahab IIIHarvey, Ray & GNTCMotor131 ft LOABoat International1990/1198
10127Sea WitchAtkin, WilliamYacht, ketch35 ft LOA - Eric classClassic Boat1990/1166
8377KaskelotAnderson, RingBarque153 ftClassic Boat1990/1125
1576Dancing FeatherAtkin, WilliamYacht, motorClassic Boat1990/1161
2005Sealine 220Murrant, TomMotor23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/1178
2004Beneteau First 32s5Berret, JeanYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/1125
8751MaldivesJoubert, M & Nivelt, BCatamaran32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/10100
3270Elizabethan 31Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop30 ft LOA - see also YW 1972/07 p 78Yachting Monthly1990/1075
8426KingfisherLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, yawl16 ft LOA C B - see also CB 1989/11 p 99Yachting Monthly1990/10102
4542Beneteau 45f5Farr, BruceYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World1990/1040
4543Baltic 52Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop53 ft LOAYachting World1990/1044
4544Nicholson 26, PampanoNicholson, CharlesYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting World1990/1046
9934RubyBurgoine, AlfredYacht, sloop18 ft - Thames sailing gigClassic Boat1990/1045
473AkaranaLogan, RobertYacht, cutter39 ft - New Zealand designClassic Boat1990/1089
1635Deidre Louise IIIBates, W & SonYacht, motor33 ft LBP - Star Craft 33 classClassic Boat1990/1030
8529LanenaBurgoine, AlfredYacht, sloop19 ft - Thames sailing gigClassic Boat1990/1047
3452Nordia 49van Dam, RobertYacht, sloop49 ft LOABoat International1990/1052
3453Ocean Lord 41Dubois, EdYacht, sloop41 ft LOABoat International1990/1058
3454Whisstocks 67Dalzell, SteveYacht, sloop67 ft LOABoat International1990/1082
3455Swan 86Frers, GermanYacht, sloop86 ft LOABoat International1990/10106
12282Harden, AlfredYacht12 ft - Thames sailing gigClassic Boat1990/1046
2002Eclipse 33Dixon, BillYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/1026
2003Targa 30Olesinski, BernardMotor34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/1076
11256Westerly Oceanmaster 48Dubois, EdYacht, cutter48 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/0981
9088Moonfleet 36Laurent Giles LtdYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/09157
9446OriginalGreathead, HenryLifeboatFirst lifeboatYachting Monthly1990/09117
9422Omega 36Holland, RonYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/09160
4539Starlight 38, SadlerJones, StephenYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1990/0954
4541Fisher 34, Finlandia of HambleWyatt, GordonYacht, ketch34 ft LOAYachting World1990/0960
4540Najad 320Karlsson, ThorwaldYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1990/0958
2794Sigma 35Yacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1990/0942
2793Hunter HorizonThomas, DavidYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1990/0920
3446Mediterranee 40Cranchi & AndreaniMotor40 ft LOABoat International1990/0936
3449Concept 80Koskenkyla, PekkaYacht, sloop79 ft LOABoat International1990/0960
9871Rob RoyMacGregorCanoe14 ftClassic Boat1990/0960
3451Brave GooseSchweers, FRMotor162 ft LOABoat International1990/0984
3447Moonfleet 36Laurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop36 ft LOABoat International1990/0940
3448Tarquin 535Tarquin MarineMotor56 ft LOABoat International1990/0946
11061VandaMylne, AlfredYacht, sloop41 ft LOAClassic Boat1990/0918
8476La GattaOrsini, G CesareYacht, schooner37 ft LWLClassic Boat1990/09112
8977Millom CastleWhite, WilliamYacht, schooner81 ftClassic Boat1990/0955
11738Buehler, GeorgeYacht, motor55 ft Classic Boat1990/09111
3450Princesa Del MarDiana Yacht DesignMotor101 ft LOABoat International1990/0968
13012Nicholson, C AYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - South Coast O D classClassic Boat1990/0912
1283Chiquita VMacAlpine-Downie, J RCatamaran30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/0867
9080Moody Eclipse 43Dixon, BillYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/0876
4538Ultra 30Humphreys, RobDinghy, sailing30 ftYachting World1990/0870
4535Hallberg~Rassy 45Frers, GermanYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World1990/0848
4536Sun~Light 31Andrieu, DanielYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1990/0856
4537Moody 33Primrose, AngusYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1990/0858
4534Paine 45Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1990/0843
2792CheetahShuttleworth, JohnCatamaran8 m LOAYachts and Yachting1990/0836
3443Caralina 42Catalina YachtsYacht, sloop42 ft LOABoat International1990/0842
3444AztecaCRN AnconaMotor176 ft LOABoat International1990/0868
3445AltairFife, William IIISchooner, gaff130 ft LOABoat International1990/0876
9456OssieFishing15 ft - Aldeburgh beach boatClassic Boat1990/0834
9680Princess GipsyBombigher, DanielYacht, schooner65 ftClassic Boat1990/0815
7443EvenlodeFife, William IIIYacht, sloop51 ft LOAClassic Boat1990/0846
12130Fife, WilliamYacht, cutter25 ft - Dublin Bay S C A classClassic Boat1990/0873
878Beach YawlTeale, JohnYacht, yawl16 ft - Beach yawlClassic Boat1990/0833
1345CockleshellBarber, ArthurYacht, sloop21 ftClassic Boat1990/0882
1692Dixie-GirlBombigher, DanielYacht, sloop33 ft Classic Boat1990/0813
957Block Island CowhornYacht, ketch22 ft - New England double-enderClassic Boat1990/0839
2000Norfolk GypsyWolstenholme, AndrewYacht, sloop24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/0835
2001Seawings 234Mudie, ColinMotor25 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/0890
1999Sun-Liberty 34JeanneauYacht, sloop34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/0832
13269Roy, AlanYacht, sloop72 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/0790
8900MedusaBay Class YachtsYacht, yawl38 ft LOA - see also CB 1997/05 p 28Yachting Monthly1990/0790
9381Oceanis 370Briand, PhilippeYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/0786
2790QIIPocock, MichaelYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1990/0728
2791Wanderer MDProctor, IanDinghy, sailing14 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1990/0732
2789Dart TSXMarch, RodneyCatamaran5.94 m LOAYachts and Yachting1990/0716
4533Crealock 44Crealock, BillYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1990/0747
3440Aphrodite 51Beyer, CarlYacht, ketch53 ft LOABoat International1990/0742
7471Fairey FishermanBurnard, C WYacht25 ftClassic Boat1990/0759
13606Wager, PiusMotor21 ft - based on American designClassic Boat1990/0723
1301CicelyFife, William IIIYacht, schooner130 ft LOAClassic Boat1990/0752
3441GalileoSparkman & StevensYacht, sloop123 ft LOABoat International1990/0758
3211Eagle IIMoxie, RalphYacht - Bahama dinghyClassic Boat1990/0718
3442SidartaHaak ShipyardMotor125 ft LOABoat International1990/0766
8186IreneCarverYacht, ketch118 ftClassic Boat1990/0735
1998Tidemaster SennitTraditionalMotor27 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/07101
1997Mascot 910Mortensen, PalleYacht, sloop28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/0751
7954Hallberg Rassy 36Frers, GermanYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/06114
765Atlantic 430Judel & Vrolijy & Baltic YachtsYacht, sloop41 ft LOA BavariaYachting Monthly1990/06118
8201Island Packet 32Yacht, cutter32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/06118
14681First Class EuropeGroup FinotYacht, sloop11.38 m LOAYachts and Yachting1990/0628
4532Sigma 33Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1990/0668
4530Eclipse 43Dixon, BillYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1990/0662
4531Bavaria 320Mohnhaupt, AxelYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1990/0666
10655SwiftYacht, steam35 ft Classic Boat1990/0670
14038LightshipClassic Boat1990/0659
3439Martha E Windship 91WindshipYacht, sloop91 ft LOABoat International1990/0678
10698Tamahin 40Laurent Giles & PartnersYacht, motor39 ft LOAClassic Boat1990/0646
1150CaraFife, William IIIYacht55 ft Classic Boat1990/0654
11299White SlaveFife, William IIIYacht60 ftClassic Boat1990/0654
3437Ocean Alexander 46Monk, EdwinMotor46 ft LOABoat International1990/0648
3436Jeanneau Sun Odysssey 51Farr, BruceYacht, sloop50 ft LOABoat International1990/0642
3438Hatteras 92Hargrave, JackMotor92 ft LOABoat International1990/0670
1996Nimbus 29 CoupeMotor30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/06106
1995Devon YawlETS MouldingsDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/0664
11387X 342Jeppesen, NielsYacht,sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/05135
10990Twins 31Patterson, PatCatamaran31 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/05139
14680Laser 13Kirby, BruceDinghy, sailing13 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1990/0532
560EquipeLaurent, MarcDinghy, sailing13 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1990/0526
4529Il Moro Di VenezlaFrers, GermanYacht, sloop80 ft LOAYachting World1990/0594
4528Feeling 446Harle, PhilippeYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1990/0574
3434Scand 8600Jensen, AlfMotor30 ft LOABoat International1990/0590
11374WraithFife, William IIYachtClassic Boat1990/0550
1641DelphisJones, J FrancisYacht49 ft - Inchcape classClassic Boat1990/0527
10518SudyRowland, W HYacht, sloop20 ft - Menai Strait O D classClassic Boat1990/0516
3435Magnum 70Magnum MarineMotor70 ft LOABoat International1990/0594
3433WhitherVaton, GillesYacht, sloop100 ft LOABoat International1990/0568
3432FarabanaDisdale, TerenceMotor137 ft LOABoat International1990/0560
3431Happy Hours, Beneteau 45f5Farr, BruceYacht, sloop47 ft LOABoat International1990/0546
3430Santorini 40Mistral CraftMotor40 ft LOABoat International1990/0542
1992Nidelv 26Nilsen, EivenMotor26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/0594
1993Vancouver 36Taylor, TonyYacht, cutter36 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/05101
1994Winkle Brig DayboatBergvist, EricDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/05104
3343Etap 38iHarle & MortainYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/0488
1512Cromarty 36Wyatt & Freeman DesignYacht, ketch36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/0495
938BitsHolman, C RYacht, sloop28 ft LOA - Twister classYachting Monthly1990/0467
4524Gib'Sea 352Joubert & NiveltYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1990/0474
4527Wavetrain IIEveritt, JulianYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1990/0486
4523Dehler 36dbvan de StadtYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1990/0470
4525Etap 22, Narde Ridder, JacYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting World1990/0476
4526LongobardaFarr, BruceYacht, sloop80 ft LOAYachting World1990/0482
11079VeliraCheverton, DavidYacht, sloop30 ft LOA - Cavalier 30 classClassic Boat1990/0478
3427Sweden 50Norlin & OstmannYacht, sloop50 ft LOABoat International1990/0448
3428September Bluede Voogt, FritsMotor139 ft LOABoat International1990/0468
3429GitanaPerini NaviYacht, sloop118 ft LOABoat International1990/0476
8315Jolly BoatLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, yawl23 ft - see also CB 1990/12 p 82Classic Boat1990/0457
10776Thames skiffBurnham Yacht Building CoRowing20 ft - see also CB 1990/08 p 6, CB 1990/11 p 5Classic Boat1990/0433
8926MercuryCrocker, SamYacht, cutter52 ft Classic Boat1990/0420
1991Etap 28iHarle, PhilippeYacht, sloop28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/0461
1990Sadler 34Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop35 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/0459
3187Dufour 39Frers, GermanYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/03122
4521Nauta 54Kaufman, ScottYacht, sloop55 ft LOAYachting World1990/0366
4522Sadler 29, PrimoSadler, DavidYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1990/0368
4520Vancouver 36Taylor, TonyYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1990/0360
1443CoppeliaTew, JohnYacht, sloop30 ft LOA - Dancing Ledge classClassic Boat1990/0326
9189NapierEdge, S FMotor35 ftClassic Boat1990/0358
8866Mauna LoaCamper & NicholsonYacht, steam84 ft Classic Boat1990/0364
8884MayaMcGregor, PYacht, steam50 ft Classic Boat1990/0360
10128SeabirdBaggs, H G & Hayward, W SYacht, sloop20 ft - Half rater - see also CB 2003/04 p 77Classic Boat1990/0386
12749Mead, HarleyYacht, motor45 ft Classic Boat1990/0361
13743Woodnutt & CoYacht, ketch50 ft Classic Boat1990/0362
1568DafneAnderson, AlbertYacht, sloop46 ft LOA - International 10m classClassic Boat1990/0333
1061BrockEyre, MartinDinghy, sailing11 ft LOAClassic Boat1990/0375
3265Elizabeth BlighRowing23 ft - replica of Bligh's cutterClassic Boat1990/0323
3426Powerline 390Bennett, JohnMotor40 ft LOABoat International1990/0374
3424BeaupreBannenberg, JonYacht, sloop121 ft LOABoat International1990/0350
3425Windship 80WindshipYacht, sloop79 ft LOABoat International1990/0366
11048Van WijkBeeldnijer, PeterMotor21 ftClassic Boat1990/0370
1988Alouette VIHunter Boats LtdYacht, sloop23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/0371
1989St Mawes O.D,Peters, FrankDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/0374
8078Horizon 23Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/02107
7444Event 34Prout CatamaransCatamaran34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/02102
8202Island Packet 35Yacht, cutter35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/02109
4517Furia 44Joubert & NiveltYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1990/0266
4519Hunter, Sonata, PiccoloThomas, DavidYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1990/0274
4518Sun Way 21J&JYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting World1990/0272
3423Dynamique 80Joubert & NiveltYacht, sloop80 ft LOABoat International1990/0284
3422AllianceSchubert, JohnMotor126 ft LOABoat International1990/0274
3421Trintella 1525Beeldsnijder, PieterMotor50 ft LOABoat International1990/0268
8000Heard 28Heard, TerryYacht, cutter28 ft LOD - see also CB 2004/07 p 22Classic Boat1990/0290
633AmarylisDixon KempYacht, steam22 ftClassic Boat1990/0281
13184R N L IRowing16 ft - boarding boatClassic Boat1990/0268
13048Oughtred, IainDinghy9 ftClassic Boat1990/0258
11973CrosbyCatboat23 ft LOD Classic Boat1990/0237
8738MaidieChambers, F HYacht, sloop43 ft - Norfolk Broads - see also CB 2004/12 p Classic Boat1990/0230
1987Dockrell 27Anderson, IanYacht, sloop27 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/0293
16355Sovereign 27David FreemanMotor8.23 mMotorboat and Yachting1990/0246
16356Beneteau Flyer 10BeneteauMotor10.3 mMotorboat and Yachting1990/0284
9968Sadler Starlight 38Jones, StephenYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/01136
2923DakiniBolger, Philip CYacht, yawl35 ft LOAWooden Boat1990/0196
1540Cuttyhunk 54Pape, AlanYacht, ketch54 ft LOAYachting Monthly1990/01141
4516La AventuraDixon, BillYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1990/01140
4513Westerly, Oceanmaster 48Dubois, EdYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1990/01102
4515Penmar, Westerly KonsortGiles, LaurentYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1990/01110
4514Hunter, Horizon 23Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1990/01108
559CatapultMontgomery, JohnDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1990/0127
3420Southern Cross IIBannenberg, JonMotor171 ft LOABoat International1990/0188
3418Feeling 446Harle, Mortain, TabarlyYacht, sloop45 ft LOABoat International1990/0168
1657Design No 39Herreshoff, L FrancisYacht, sloop17 ft C BClassic Boat1990/0138
11103Vertue IILaurent Giles, JackYacht, sloop25 ft LOAClassic Boat1990/0188
9230NereiaHerreshoff, L FrancisYacht, ketch36 ftClassic Boat1990/0137
10832TiconderogaHerreshoff, L FrancisYacht, ketch72 ft LOAClassic Boat1990/0133
1677DiddikaiHerreshoff, L FrancisYacht, ketchClassic Boat1990/0138
14037Fishing16 ft - Dannish SmakkeClassic Boat1990/0122
1663Devon YawlDamerell, JackYacht, yawl16 ftClassic Boat1990/0178
3419Royal Eagle IICornelissenYacht, sloop100 ft LOABoat International1990/0174
3417Birchwood TS49Andrews, TedMotor50 ft LOABoat International1990/0162
9702PrudenceHerreshoff, L FrancisYacht, sloop22 ftClassic Boat1990/0138
1986Pangolin IIHarris, MikeYacht, sloop45 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1990/0184
9396Offshore 35Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop35 ft LOA - sponsored by YMYachting Monthly1989/1265
9257Nicholson 38Nicholson, C E Yacht, cutter38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1989/12152
4512Gib'Sea 312Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1989/1272
4511Ancasta 50Dubois, EdYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World1989/1266
558UltraHumphreys, RobYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1989/12100
3416Lady FrancesDerecktorMotor105 ft LOABoat International1989/1278
3414Starlight 38Jones, StephenYacht, sloop39 ft LOABoat International1989/1264
3415SensationHolland, RonYacht, sloop110 ft LOABoat International1989/1268
1985Sonrisa Del GatoBrouns, Jean-PierreYacht, sloop37 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1989/1239
8873Maxi 33Pettersen, PelleYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1989/11108
2921CacklerDevlin, SamMotor, garvey14 ft LOAWooden Boat1989/1196
2922GarveyStephens, Robert WMotor, garvey19 ft LOAWooden Boat1989/1198
2920Wianno SeniorManly Crosby, HDinghy, sailing25 ft LOAWooden Boat1989/1158
4509Etap 38iHarle & MortainYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1989/1170
4508Still 380Still, EivindDinghy, sailing13 ft LOAYachting World1989/1165
4510Winner 9.50van de Stadt, E GYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1989/1176
555Action 26Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1989/1120
557Moody 336Dixon, BillYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1989/1116
556Leader 2 TurboSothcott, JeremyDinghy, sailing14 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1989/118
10619SwallowDinghy13 ft - Arthur Ransome vesselClassic Boat1989/1121
14036Warship26 ft - steam launch - RussiaClassic Boat1989/1144
3410Oceanmaster 48Dubois, EdYacht, sloop48 ft LOABoat International1989/1172
7723FunkliCreola, PeyterYacht, steam21 ft LOAClassic Boat1989/1164
3412Bao BabC&N & ThornycroftMotor85 ft LOABoat International1989/1188
3411Thunderhawk 43Shead, DonMotor43 ft LOABoat International1989/1176
8982MinervaSaavedra, JoseYacht, sloop21 ft LOA - lateen rig - Canary IslandsClassic Boat1989/1175
3408Swan 44Frers, GermanYacht, sloop44 ft LOABoat International1989/1136
3413St EvalPendennis ShipyardMotor105 ft LOA converted tugBoat International1989/1180
636AmazonDinghy13 ft - Arthur Ransome vesselClassic Boat1989/1121
13697White, J SWarship40 ft - picket boat - ItalyClassic Boat1989/1145
13696White, J SCutter, steam32 ft - for Austro-Hungarian Royal YachtClassic Boat1989/1145
11898Cockshott, GeorgeDinghy, sailing12 ft - International 12 classClassic Boat1989/1128
9752RacundraEggers, OttoYacht, ketch30 ft C B - Arthur Ransome vesselClassic Boat1989/1121
8878MayCrossfieldFishing32 ft LOA - Lancashire NobbyClassic Boat1989/1139
9350NyriaCamper & NicholsonYacht, cutter98 ftClassic Boat1989/1141
3409Tempest 60Endberg/BertonMotor60 ft LOABoat International1989/1143
1984Flying Fox DeluxeMoulston, BobMotor17 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1989/1161
764Atlantic 36Zaal, DickYacht, cutter36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1989/10126
7949Hallberg Rassy 29Rassy, C & Enderlin, OYacht, sloop29 ft LOA - see also YM 1996/11 p 81Yachting Monthly1989/10122
4506Island Packet 35Johnson, BobYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1989/1074
4507Hunter's ChildBergstrom & RitterYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World1989/1098
4505Gib'Sea 522Joubert & NiveltYacht, sloop52 ft LOAYachting World1989/1068
8035Herring GullCamper & NicholsonYacht, motor50 ft Classic Boat1989/1022
8647LockerThames Valley Launch CoYacht, motor - electric propulsionClassic Boat1989/1035
13369Smith, Theo OsbourneDinghy, sailing11 ft - West Wight ScowClassic Boat1989/1061
3406Berthon 80Laurent GilesMotor80 ft LOABoat International1989/1078
3407Scorpio 72Perry, RobertYacht, sloop72 ft LOABoat International1989/1086
1982Seawolf 26Feltham, DavidYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1989/1089
1983Aquaviva FrontierScagnelli & AngeliniMotor21 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1989/1095
1465Cornish YawlDongray, RogerYacht, yawl34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1989/09177
4504First 41s5Berrett & StarckYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1989/09118
554Gib'Sea 313Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1989/0932
10021SandpiperLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, yawlClassic Boat1989/0936
10924TrekkaLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, yawl21 ftClassic Boat1989/0936
14035Yacht, steam29 ftClassic Boat1989/0977
3404EndeavourNicholson, CharlesYacht, cutter130 ft LOA 1933 restoredBoat International1989/0952
3405Nordia 39Van Dam. RobertYacht, sloop39 ft LOABoat International1989/0966
9539PeggottyCatboatClassic Boat1989/0985
691Aphrodite 33Beyer, CarlYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1989/08104
4503Contest 35SZaal, DickYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1989/0872
4502Moody 336Dixon, BillYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1989/0866
4501Transpac ULDB 70Nelson & MarekYacht, sloop70 ft LOAYachting World1989/0858
3403MoongoddessBennettiMotor103 ft LOABoat International1989/0878
3402Blue AttractionDiana Yacht DesignMotor110 ft LOABoat International1989/0866
1978Event 34Prout & Feltham & UnderwoodCatamaran34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1989/0862
1977F27Farrier, IanTrimaran27 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1989/0859
1981Tiki 26Wharram, JamesCatamaran26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1989/0875
1980200 SC CuddyMaxumMotor20 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1989/0868
1979Coastliner 14OrkneyMotor14 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1989/0867
8034Heron IIShepherd, FredYacht, cutter46 ft LOA - see also CB 1999/07 p 43Yachting Monthly1989/0763
8559Legend 30Hunter Marine IncYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1989/0793
553EndeavourNicholson, Charles EYacht, sloopJ class restoredYachts and Yachting1989/077
552Old Mother GunHumphreys, RobYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1989/0736
4500Pen GwynTanton, Yves-MarieYacht, ketch37 ft LOAYachting World1989/0755
1444CoqueteSkidmore, Anthony GYacht, cutter20 ft LODClassic Boat1989/0727
8585Lesley DianeSkidmore, Anthony GYacht, cutter20 ft LODClassic Boat1989/0727
10200ShamrockBarge, sailing57 ft - Tamar - see also CB 1990/08 p 49Classic Boat1989/0734
13214Reiach, HerbertDinghy, sailing10 ft - West Mersea Y C O D classClassic Boat1989/0745
3401StefarenBannenberg, JonMotor177 ft LOABoat International1989/0776
3400Ivory LadyHargrave, J BMotor104 ft LOABoat International1989/0766
9729Queen GullBritish Power Boat CoMotor12 ft - ex target boatClassic Boat1989/0753
1423Contest 35sZaal, DickYacht, sloop34 ft LOA - see also YW 1981/10 p 107Yachting Monthly1989/06108
768Atlantica 375Rode, ChristianYacht, sloop37 ft LOA GranadaYachting Monthly1989/06114
8616Lindy IIHarrison Butler, TYacht, yawl30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1989/0699
4497Cat S 50Langevin, SylvestreCatamaran51 ft LOAYachting World1989/0665
4498Hallberg Rassy 29Rassy & EnderleinYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1989/0676
4499Sun Charm 39Fauroux, JacquesYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1989/0682
4496Design No 069Nelson & MarekYacht, sloop56 ft LOAYachting World1989/0664
550AlarmFox, UffaDinghy, sailingFireflyYachts and Yachting1989/0638
551JunoCastro, TonyYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1989/0640
8216IvyJohnson, GeorgeFishing22 ft LOA Ness yole - built 1904 - see also CB Classic Boat1989/0622
3398MystiqueBannenberg, JonMotor167 ft LOABoat International1989/0666
3399LuisamarBeeldsnijder, PieterMotor144 ft LOABoat International1989/0674
7179TS34BirchwoodMotor34 ftMotorboat Monthly1989/0640
7180Falcon 27WolstenholmeMotor27 ftMotorboat Monthly1989/0650
1976OrkadianCastro, TonyFishing21 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1989/0669
14846Revenger 31 St TropezCampbell, LorneMotor32 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1989/0650
14847Sealine 365 SportbridgeMurrant & TuckerYacht, motor40 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1989/0674
1617Dehler 28Stadt, E G van deYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting Monthly1989/05134
7606First 32s5Berret, Jean & Starck, PhilippeYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly1989/05130
4495Nonsuch 26Ellis, MarkYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1989/0578
4493Baltic 52Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop53 ft LOAYachting World1989/0563
4494Catalina 34Catalina YachtsYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1989/0572
549SkytrainCorby, JohnYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1989/0546
11214WaterwitchReimers, Knud Yacht, sloop - 30 sqm classClassic Boat1989/0555
8901MedusaBrown, SimonYacht, yawl40 ft LOAClassic Boat1989/05106
12787Morgan GilesDinghy, sailing10 ft - also two other designsClassic Boat1989/0585
3397Stevens 59Sparkman & StephensMotor59 ft LOABoat International1989/0568
13710Williams, GYacht, cutter34 ft Classic Boat1989/0582
3394Javelot 65Joubert/NiveltMotor63 ft LOABoat International1989/0552
3396Mediterranean 86Ladd & HoodYacht, sloop87 ft LOABoat International1989/0560
688AnzacClyde Puffer66 ft LBPClassic Boat1989/05 14
3395Azimut 76AzimutMotor76 ft LOABoat International1989/0556
3393Midnight Sagade Vries Lentsch W jnrMotor188 ft LOABoat International1989/0540
1975Navwind 24Groombridge, RogerYacht, sloop24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1989/0587
1625Dehler 36cwsStadt, E G van deYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1989/04100
9001Mirage 270Yacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting Monthly1989/04105
4492First Class Europe, BeneteauFinot, GroupeYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1989/0462
4491News Inc 9.5Marek, NelsonYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1989/0461
4490MGCS 36Castro, TonyYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1989/0474
3391Darnice IIIBennetti, FratelliMotor171 ft LOABoat International1989/0458
3392AquariusGielow, Henry JSchooner175 ft LOABoat International1989/0470
7178Force of HabitJohnson, PalmerMotor80 ftMotorboat Monthly1989/0478
1974Cornish YawlDongray, RogerYacht, yawl32 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1989/0450
1973Dart 15LaserCatamaran15 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1989/0448
11161Voyager 11.20Ribadeau-Dumas, GuyYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1989/03100
4487Crusader II, America's Cup ClassHolkom, DaveYacht, sloop76 ft LOAYachting World1989/0360
4488Hylas 44Frers, GermanYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1989/0364
4489Gib'Sea 442Joubert & NiveltYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1989/0366
11393X O DWestmacott, AlfredYacht, sloop20 ft LOA - see also CB 1995/06 p 52, CB 2001/07 Classic Boat1989/0330
9462OwaissaComben, A HYacht, motor52 ft LOA - Hyland cruiserClassic Boat1989/0322
8894McMillan 10 TonnerMcMillan, Seanyacht, yawl44 ft LOAClassic Boat1989/0375
14034Rowing 32 ft - Cornish gigClassic Boat1989/0345
8209IslanderPidgeon, HarryYacht, yawl35 ft LOAClassic Boat1989/0368
9998Saltran 36Pape, AlanYacht, cutter35 ft LOAClassic Boat1989/0383
14033Punt, gun17 ft approxClassic Boat1989/0355
1972ScodNicholson, C AYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1989/0377
3337Etap 28iHarle, PhillipeYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1989/0293
7795Gib'Sea 372Joubert, M & Nivelt, BYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1989/0288
4486Mustang 30Handley, PaulYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1989/0274
4485Voyage 12.50Ribadeau-Dumas, GuyYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1989/0268
4484SaoirseDubois, EdYacht, ketch75 ft LOAYachting World1989/0258
2560Blue FascinationJongert, StammYacht, sloop94 ft LOABoat International1989/0232
3390MoonbeamFife, William jnrYacht, cutter104 ft LOA 1903 restoredBoat International1989/0258
3389DestinyDiana Yacht DesignMotor173 ft LOABoat International1989/0250
7634Flica 37Woods DesignsCatamaran37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1989/01164
9061Moody 336Dixon, BillYacht, sloop33 ft LOA - see also YM 1989/09 p 172, YM 1992/05Yachting Monthly1989/01168
2917ReginaDinghy, coble32 ft LOA English CobleWooden Boat1989/0166
2916CurlewYacht, sloop39 ft LOA Falmouth Quay PuntWooden Boat1989/0136
2919FlashboatGartside, PaulCanoe, sailing15 ft LOAWooden Boat1989/0197
2918Gartside, PaulDinghy, schooner15 ft LOAWooden Boat1989/0194
4481Tayana 64Harris, Robert BYacht, sloop65 ft LOAYachting World1989/0199
4482Dehler 38 CWSvan de StadtYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1989/01100
4483Grand Soleil 52Frers, GermanYacht, sloop52 ft LOAYachting World1989/01106
547The CardFarr, BruceYacht, ketch80 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1989/0137
548ScavengerProctor, IanDinghy, sailingWayfarerYachts and Yachting1989/0148
3248Eleanor MaryHill, AlanYacht, cutter32 ft LODClassic Boat1989/01110
8351Jung JungWalker, J RYacht9m LOD junk rig - see also CB 1989/05 p 105Classic Boat1989/0178
1971Hunter 27Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop27 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1989/01152
840Barbican 35Holman & PyeYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1988/1298
8561Legend 33.5Hunter Marine & Luhrs, WarrenYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1988/1294
4478Freedom 42Mull, GaryYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1988/12104
4479Didier Presles 42Presles, DidierYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1988/12105
4480Hunter 27 OODThomas, DavidYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1988/12106
4477Baltic 40Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1988/1298
546Hobie 21Catamaran21 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1988/12103
545SevenFarrar, AustinDinghy, sailing7 m LOAYachts and Yachting1988/1255
1970FirebirdSmith, MartynCatamaran26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1988/1265
11236Westerly 22Rayner, DenysYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting Monthly1988/1183
4476Design No183Chance, BrittonYacht, sloop65 ft LOAYachting World1988/11128
4474Swan 36Frers, GermanYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1988/11116
593Beneteau 32s5Yacht, sloop9.68 m LOAYachts and Yachting1988/1126
594Beneteau 35s5Yacht, sloop10.60 m LOAYachts and Yachting1988/1126
4475X~342Jeppesen, NielsYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1988/11125
14032Passenger30 ft LOA - steam launchClassic Boat1988/1147
3387StarlightBannenberg, JonYacht, sloop96 ft LOABoat International1988/1158
9577Petrel 32Pape, AlanYacht, cutter31 ft LOAClassic Boat1988/1183
11450Zeina IIOughtred, IainPassenger30 ft LOA - ThamesClassic Boat1988/1150
10042Sara AnnFishing30 ft LOA - replica of Sixareen SpinawayClassic Boat1988/1131
3388FortunaPalmer Johnston USAMotor100 ft LOABoat International1988/1166
1969Bucklers Hard 46Laurent Giles & PartnersYacht, ketch46 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1988/1159
1968G&L 28Dalton, PercyYacht, gaffer41 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1988/1155
10645Sweden Yachts 50Norlin, Peter & Ostermann, JensYacht, cutter50 ft LOAYachting Monthly1988/1081
10624Swan 36Frers, GermanYacht, sloop36 ft LOA - see also YM 1995/01 p 94 ? DesignerYachting Monthly1988/1085
4472Hunter Legend 35Luhrs, WarrenYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1988/10104
4473Riviera 35Dubois & WesterlyYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1988/10108
1967Etap 30Ridder, Jac DYacht, sloop30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1988/1080
1966Westerly 22Rayner, D AYacht, sloop22 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1988/1038
3271Elizabethan 33Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1988/09123
11056Vancouver 36Harris, Robert BYacht, sloop36 ft LOA - see also YM 1989/12 p 148, CB 1990/04Yachting Monthly1988/09124
9266Nicholson 92Camper & NicholsonYacht, sloop92 ft LOAYachting Monthly1988/09124
4469Morris Yachts 32Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1988/09119
4470Moody Eclipse 33Dixon, BillYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1988/09124
4471Lightwave 395Schumacher, CarlYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1988/09133
14031Motor25 ft - Slipper launchClassic Boat1988/0919
16353Cleopatra Camargue 46Don Shead / Colin ChapmanMotor15.27 mMotorboat and Yachting1988/0960
16354Botnia Targa 25Sture GripenbergMotor7.5 mMotorboat and Yachting1988/0983
9375Oceanis 320Briand, PhilippeYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1988/0888
8844Mascot 910Gesten BoatsYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1988/0893
4468Sweden Yachts 50Norlin & OstmannYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World1988/08120
4466G&S 36Schlageter, GrahamYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1988/08106
14679MG Spring 25Castro, TonyYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1988/0815
14678WavetrainEveritt, JulianYacht, sloop32 ft LOA Channel 29 classYachts and Yachting1988/0819
4467First 35&5Berret, JeanYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1988/08114
1965Horizon 32Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop32 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1988/0855
7977HarlequinWolstenholme, AMotor20 ft LOAClassic Boat1988/0764
14030Humber Keel60 ftClassic Boat1988/0720
10859Tiny MiteShuttlewood, FrankYacht, barge35 ft LOAClassic Boat1988/0751
9466OxlipYacht, steam19 ft LOA - copy of OxbirdClassic Boat1988/0784
9535PebbleTeale, JohnYacht15 ft LOA C B - lug rigClassic Boat1988/0761
749Asti VMorgan GilesYacht, sloop34 ft LOAClassic Boat1988/0733
1964Halberg Rassy 94Rassy/EnderleinYacht, sloop31 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1988/0787
865Bavaria 340Mohnhaupt, AlexYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1988/07108
7663Foam IIPayne, AlfredYacht, sloop20 ft Itchen FerryYachting Monthly1988/0772
7665FolkboatSunden, TordYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - see also YW 1969/10 p 449, YW 2004/09Yachting Monthly1988/0766
7963Hans Christian 33Ives, HarwoodYacht, cutter41 ft LOAYachting Monthly1988/07112
4465AprioriHumphreys, RobertYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1988/07109
1673DianaTatchell, PercyDinghy, sailing12 ft Classic Boat1988/0768
4464Sigma 38Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1988/06114
4461SigneBruce King Yacht DesignYacht, ketch100 ft LOAYachting World1988/0698
4462PeregrineNelson & MarekYacht, sloop70 ft LOAYachting World1988/0699
4463Etap 28iHarle, PhilippeYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1988/06111
1963Spring 25Castro, TonyYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1988/0671
1380Comfortina 32Albinsson, KennethYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly1988/0595
825Baltic 40Judel/Vrolijy/Baltic YachtsYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly1988/0596
8092Humphreys 36Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1988/0596
4457Collected WisdomGlowacki, TomaszYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1988/0595
4458Parker 31Castro, TonyYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1988/0596
4459Tektron 50Shuttleworth, JohnCatamaran48 ft LOAYachting World1988/0598
4460Culverneer, 500Dixon, BillYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World1988/05106
7709FrejaYacht, cutter10m LOAClassic Boat1988/0575
665Andreas AaroArcher, ColinYacht, yawl39 ft - Norwegian rescue boatClassic Boat1988/0559
10319SkuaWilkins, MicYacht, cutter33 ft - ferro cement construction - Colin ArcherClassic Boat1988/0563
7623Fjord IIIYacht, cutter - Colin Archer typeClassic Boat1988/0556
11538Atkin, WilliamYacht, cutter36 ft LOD - American designClassic Boat1988/0561
14029Wherry56 ft LOA - Norfolk BroadsClassic Boat1988/0514
1357Colin ArcherArcher, ColinYacht, yawl39 ft - Norwegian rescue boat - see also CB 1998Classic Boat1988/0558
1962Petrel 32Pape, AlanYacht, sloop32 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1988/0573
12436Jachtwerf van Rijnsoever bvLemsteraak32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1988/0476
10389Southerly 135Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop44 ft LOA - see also YM 1989/07 p 88, YM 2001/07 Yachting Monthly1988/04115
11261Westerly Riviera 35Dubois, EdYacht, sloop34 ft LOA - see also YM1988/11 P 78, YM 1997/07 pYachting Monthly1988/04116
9810ReginaJudel/Vrolijy/Baltic YachtsYacht, sloop34 ft LOA GrenadaYachting Monthly1988/04118
7534Feeling 346Vaton, Gilles & Codro, EricYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1988/04112
592Sorebones IIIDavid Thomas DesignsYacht, ketch40 ft LWLYachts and Yachting1988/0416
4455Malo 33Olsson, BobYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1988/0494
4456PalmyraPaine, ChuckYacht, ketch50 ft LOAYachting World1988/04109
14677ExtrovertBethwaite, JulianDinghy, sailing20 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1988/0456
1961Seamaster 29Holman & PyeYacht, sloop29 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1988/04102
1958Fairey Marine AtalantaFox, UffaYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1988/0461
1959Tiki CoastalWharram DesignsCatamaran28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1988/0468
1960Strider ClubWoods DesignsCatamaran24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1988/0468
9298Nonsuch 26 Ellis, MarkYacht26 ft LOA - cat rigYachting Monthly1988/03100
4454Freedom 39Holland, RonYacht, ketch39 ft LOAYachting World1988/0394
4453Bavaria 30Mohnhaupt, AxelYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1988/0392
4451Solution 47Lavranos, AngeloYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1988/0383
4452RomanceGarden, WilliamSchooner60 ft LOAYachting World1988/0385
14676WeThompson, AdrianMultihull60 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1988/0319
9241New BlossomLeather, JohnYacht, cutter19 ft - East Coast Gaff CutterClassic Boat1988/0344
936Birdham CutterLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, cutter42 ft LOAClassic Boat1988/0345
14027Rabelo17m LOA - Portugese Classic Boat1988/0382
14028Rowing32 ft - Cornish gigClassic Boat1988/0357
15078DyarchyLaurent Giles, JGaff cutter46ft LOA Bristol Channel Cutter styled onClassic Boat1988/0345
12024Dalton, PercyYacht, cutter - West Country Gaff CutterClassic Boat1988/0343
12555Leather, JohnYacht, sloop16 ftClassic Boat1988/0355
9996Saltern 24Laurent Giles & PartnersYacht, cutter29 ft LOAClassic Boat1988/0345
11301WhitehallBostonDinghy, sailing14 ftClassic Boat1988/0356
10705Tandem 38Collins, WarwickYacht, sloop38 ft LOA - see also YM 1988/10 p 84Yachting Monthly1988/0297
1627Dehler 38Stadt, E G van deYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1988/0294
4447Steinlager 1Alan-Williams, DavidMultihull60 ft LOAYachting World1988/0297
4448Three-Quarter TonnerCastro, TonyYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1988/0298
4449Mystic 60Frers, GermanYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World1988/02106
4450Hunter 32Thomas & DyerYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1988/02112
1957Steadfast 30Yacht, sloop30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1988/0257
8081Horizon 32Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1988/01152
7700Freedom 39Holland, RonYacht, ketch39 ft LOAYachting Monthly1988/01155
1044BrilliantStephens, OlinYacht, schooner61 ft LOA - see also YW 20-04/07 p 82, CB 1998/07Yachting Monthly1988/01164
4446Sun-Dream 28Castro, TonyYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1988/01170
14675Tempest 31Dubois, EdYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1988/0139
4444Lightwave 48Lexcen, BenYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1988/01156
4445Oceanlord 41Dubois, EdYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1988/01164
14026Lemsteraak13m LOD - traditional DutchClassic Boat1988/0144
10306Skanner 24Hawes, MikeYacht, cutter23 ft LOAClassic Boat1988/01 43
1171CarolaScottsYacht, steam70 ftClassic Boat1988/01 23
982Bluebird of ChelseaThornycroftYacht, motor51 ft Classic Boat1988/0114
8827Martha McGildaSunden, TordYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - Folkboat classClassic Boat1988/0199
3386Chistianne BPerini NaviYacht, ketch138 ft LOABoat International1988/0198
9983Salamis 43Laurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/1297
4442Spring 25Castro, TonyYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1987/12104
4443Oceanis 430Briand, PhilippeYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1987/12108
4441Advantage 43Shuttleworth, JohnCatamaran44 ft LOAYachting World1987/1277
1956Laser 16Kirby, BruceDinghy, sailing17 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1987/1247
10531Summer TwinsPatterson, PatCatamaran25 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/1151
1195Catalac 10mCatalac CatamaransCatamaran33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/1153
973Blue IIBeneteau Catamaran34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/1146
7585FirebirdSmith, MartynCatamaran26 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/1149
4439X-99JeppesenYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1987/1182
4440Swan 43Holland, RonYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1987/11137
1955Catfisher 32Compton, TerryCatamaran32 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1987/1157
1954Oysterman 22Gartside, PaulYacht, sloop23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1987/1155
10755Tempest 31Dubois, EdYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/1072
3302Endurance 36Ibold, PeterYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/1076
10432Spring 25Castro, TonyYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - see also YM 1999/03 p 113Yachting Monthly1987/1075
11369WonderHatcher, DanYacht, cutter19 ft LOA _ Itchen ferry - see also Bmn 1996/07 Yachting Monthly1987/1047
4435Forgus 36Samuelsson, HugoYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1987/10106
4436Gatsby 39Backus, JamesYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1987/10119
4437Pelorus JackGlowacki, Tomasz MYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting World1987/10121
4438FirebirdSmith, MartynCatamaran26 ft LOAYachting World1987/10122
3385New Horizon Lde Voogt, FritsMotor60 m LOABoat International1987/1088
3384AcharneHolland/BannenburgYacht, sloop112 ft LOABoat International1987/1076
1953Navwind 24Groombridge, RogerYacht, sloop24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1987/1054
9514Parker 31Castro, TonyYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/09135
4431Maxi 909Petterson, PelleYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1987/09113
4434Credit AgricoleRibadeau Dumas, GuyYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World1987/09137
4432MG 335Castro, TonyYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1987/09130
4433Farr 65ft SharpieBruce, FarrYacht, sloop65 ft LOAYachting World1987/09136
10113Sea LassSilver, JamesYacht, motor52 ft - Brown Owl classClassic Boat1987/0914
7498FantailBenford, Jay RYacht, motor34 ft - also 38 ft designClassic Boat1987/0955
741AsaliLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop33 ft LOA - Brittany classClassic Boat1987/0942
8314Jolly BoatLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, yawl14 ft LOA Classic Boat1987/09110
1950Blue PeterProctor, IanDinghy, sailing8 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1987/0976
1951GullProctor, IanDinghy, sailing11 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1987/0976
1947Leisure 23SLPryor, FrankYacht, sloop23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1987/0971
1952First 42Frers, GermanYacht, sloop44 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1987/09117
1949WandererProctor, IanDinghy, sailing14 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1987/0975
1948Hitia 14Wharram DesignsCatamaran14 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1987/0973
9638PlanesailWalker, JohnTrimaran48 ft LOA - wing sailYachting Monthly1987/0891
10642Sweden Yachts 340Norlin, PeterYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/0888
14674Laser 16Kirby, BruceDinghy, sailing17 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1987/0826
4428Havkat 24Oudrup, LarsYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1987/0887
4429Sun Light 30Andrieu, DanielYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1987/0898
4430Gib'Sea 402Jouber & NiveltYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1987/0894
4427Transpac 70Nelson & MarekYacht, sloop68 ft LOAYachting World1987/0886
3383DiablessseFrancis, MartinYacht, sloop28.2 m LOABoat International1987/0882
3382Aquel IIDubois, EdYacht, sloop37 2 m LOABoat International1987/0876
3381MarinaPerini NaviYacht, sloop25 m LOABoat International1987/0870
3380WhirlwindHolland, RonYacht, sloop31.4 m LOABoat International1987/0864
8960MG 335Castro, TonyYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/07104
864Bavaria 34Mohnhaupt, AlexYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/07107
1227Centurion 38 Dubois, EdYacht, sloop37 ft LOA - see also YM 1987/12 p 94Yachting Monthly1987/07108
4425LoonPerry, Robert HYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1987/07104
4426Rodger Martin 50Martin, RodgerYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World1987/07105
4424Trintella 57Avan de Stadt, E GYacht, sloop57 ft LOAYachting World1987/0770
4423North-Wind 47Penna, MarceloYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World1987/0767
4422Moody 58Dixon, BillYacht, sloop58 ft LOAYachting World1987/0764
4421Oyster 53Holman & PyeYacht, sloop53 ft LOAYachting World1987/0761
4420C&N 476Camper & NicholsonYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World1987/0758
1946MG C27Humphreys, RobertYacht, sloop28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1987/0756
8093Humphreys 40Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/06116
10547Sun LightAndrieu, DanielYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/06112
4418Navwind 24Groombridge, RogerYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting World1987/06109
4417KaluluBates, Steve LYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World1987/06108
4419Feeling 286Vaton, GillesYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1987/06110
4416Mermaid 380Andersen, BentYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1987/06102
3375Le SeabirdCouach, GuyMotor23 m LOABoat International1987/0670
3376Bengal ISterling YachtsMotor45 m LOABoat International1987/0676
3377Brave GooseDeane, AlanMotor42 m LOABoat International1987/0682
3378Victoria WonCouach, GuyMotor25 m LOABoat International1987/0688
3379StarliteBroward MarineMotor37 m LOABoat International1987/0694
3374Caciquede Voogt, FritsMotor57 m LOABoat International1987/0664
10316SKOSparkman & StephensYacht, sloop33 ft LOAClassic Boat1987/0681
9701ProvidentSaunders & CoFishing70 ft LOA - Brixham trawler - see also CB 1991/0Classic Boat1987/0630
1945Gib 74Joubert, MichelMotor25 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1987/0659
7787Gib'Sea 242GraalYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/0594
9390Oceans Tuma, AlexYacht, yawl48 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/0597
9205Nauticat 35Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/0598
4415AventuraDixon, BillYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1987/05114
4413Voyager 40Dixon, BillYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1987/05106
4414Nonsuch 30Ellis, MarkYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1987/05112
1944Jeanneau Tonic 23Harle, PhillipeYacht, sloop24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1987/0555
7803Giles VFSLaurent GilesYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/04108
10261Sigma 38Thomas, David Yacht, sloop38 ft LOA - see also YM 1988/09 p 118Yachting Monthly1987/04108
8943Mermaid 380Andersen, BengtYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/04104
9087MoonfleetLaurent GilesYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/04107
9955SaariYacht, cutter32 ft LOD Yachting Monthly1987/0487
4410Fisher O DEllis, MarkYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1987/04108
4411Miss SimpletteBombigher, Daniel ZDinghy, sailing23 ft LOAYachting World1987/04109
4412Parker 21Holland, RonYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting World1987/04110
4409Nauticat 521Sparkman & StephensYacht, ketch56 ft LOAYachting World1987/04102
1942Keyhaven YawlLaurent Giles LtdYacht, yawl33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1987/0454
1943Salterns 24Laurent Giles LtdYacht, gaffer24 ft LODPractical Boat Owner1987/0457
8755Malo 36Olsson, BoYacht, sloop36 ft LOA - see also YM 1996/08 p 80Yachting Monthly1987/0387
4407OceanaTuma, AlexYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1987/0382
4408Lightwave 395Schumacher, CarlYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1987/0383
4406Dehler 343van Tongeren & van de StadtYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1987/0380
4405Feeling 13.50Holland, RonYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1987/0374
10251ShpountzBombigher, DanielYacht, schooner50 ft LODClassic Boat1987/0349
10282SimpletteBombigher, DanielYacht, sloop20 ft Classic Boat1987/0348
1939Westerly CentaurLaurent Giles & PtnrsYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1987/0336
13432Stone, DouglasFishing32 ft - Essex bawleyClassic Boat1987/0321
7475Fairey SwordsmanBurnard, AlanYacht, motor33 ftClassic Boat1987/0367
10579SunlightYacht, barge33 ft - Eastcountryman rangeClassic Boat1987/0360
1941Nonsuch 30Ellis, MarkYacht30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1987/0381
1940Honey PotSkannerYacht, gaffer24 ft LODPractical Boat Owner1987/0379
1364Columbia 25Laurent Giles Naval ArchitectsYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/0283
10874TomThumbShannon, GrahameYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/0284
1019Bowman 40Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop39 ft LOA - see also YM 1988/05 p 90Yachting Monthly1987/0283
10546Sun LegendePeterson, DouglasYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/0280
4404Moody 422Dixon, BillYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1987/02108
4403First 235Groupe FinotYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1987/02106
4402Passage 65Ibold, PeterMotor65 ft LOAYachting World1987/02105
9072Moody 422Dixon, BillYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/01162
10077ScherzoWeis-Fogh, KlausYacht, cutter42 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/01102
11051Vancouver 28Harris, Robert BYacht, cutter28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1987/01165
4398Bowman 40Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1987/01134
14673Storm 33WesterlyYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1987/0153
4401Greater Manchester ChallengeGiles, LaurentYacht, ketch76 ft LOAYachting World1987/01104
4400Freedom 33Hoyt & OakleyYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1987/01140
4395Oceanis 58, BeneteauRacoupeau, BerretYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World1987/0146
4396Jeanneau 57Briande, PhillipeYacht, sloop57 ft LOAYachting World1987/0146
4397Tom Thumb 24Shannon, GrahameYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting World1987/01133
4399Oyster 53Holman & PyeYacht, sloop53 ft LOAYachting World1987/01136
1571DaisyHolmes, GeorgeHumber yawl18 ftClassic Boat1987/0167
8793Marguerite TRowlesPilot53 ft - CardiffClassic Boat1987/0121
10929TrentHolmes, GeorgeHumber yawl25 ftClassic Boat1987/0167
10613SveaDallimore, NormanYacht, sloop36 ft LOAClassic Boat1987/0189
3288ElverRedmond, SteveCanoe, yawlClassic Boat1987/0179
11435Yum-YumHolmes, GeorgeCanoe, yawl18 ftClassic Boat1987/0168
3373Fair LadyNicholson, C EMotor138 ft LOABoat International1987/0188
1191CassyHolmes, GeorgeHumber yawl14 ft - see also CB 1991/10 p 44Classic Boat1987/0167
9384Oceanis 430Beneteau, AYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting Monthly1986/1278
9299Nonsuch 30Ellis, MarkYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1986/1274
4394Granada 340 ReginaJudel & VrolijkYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1986/12108
4391Pacific WaveGiorgetti & MagriniYacht, sloop72 ft LOAYachting World1986/12101
4393Oceanis 350Briand, PhilippeYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1986/12104
4392TC 1070Tolfsen, UlfYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1986/12103
14547Hobie 17Edwards, PhilCatamaran17 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1986/12109
14548Parker 21G W ParkerYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1986/12123
24Night CrossingSklarin, RoyMotor110 ft LOABoat International1986/1266
25GalaxyRuggiero, VMotor43 m LOABoat International1986/1274
2553Galaxy 43Ruggiero, VMotor43 mBoat International1986/1274
2552Night CrossingSklarin, RoyMotor110 ftBoat International1986/1266
10877Tonic 23Harle, PhillipeYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting Monthly1986/1171
835BansheeWoods, R & LCatamaran35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1986/1172
4388Minstrel 23Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1986/1198
4389Tad Roberts 45TR Marine DesignYacht, ketch45 ft LOAYachting World1986/11103
4390Kelt 39Vaton & RoseoYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1986/11104
14546Lacoste 42S&SYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1986/1130
1937West Wight PotterStanley, SmithDinghy, sailing14 ft LOA GRPPractical Boat Owner1986/1187
22The HighlanderBannenberg, JonMotor46 m LOABoat International1986/1166
23MustangNicholsonYacht, sloop58 ft LOABoat International1986/1174
2549The HighlanderBannenberg, JonMotor46 mBoat International1986/1166
2550Mustang, Nicholson 58NicholsonYacht, sloop58 ftBoat International1986/1174
2551AquelDubois, EdYacht, sloop122 ft LOABoat International1986/1178
1938Drifter 37Sharp/TetleyYacht, ketch37 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1986/1188
9512Parker 21Parker, G W & SonYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting Monthly1986/1066
4387StriderWoods, Richard & LillianCatamaran24 ft LOAYachting World1986/10108
4386Westerly Storm 33Dubois, EdYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1986/10104
4384Baltic 43Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1986/1080
4385SparkyMull, GaryYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1986/1081
1936Moody 28Dixon, BillYacht, sloop28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1986/1055
2914WhispRedmond, SteveDinghy, skiff16 ft LOAWooden Boat1986/0998
1228Centurion 40Dubois, EdYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly1986/09119
11264Westerly Storm 33Dubois, EdYacht, sloop33 ft LOA - see also YM 1986/10 p 62Yachting Monthly1986/09 119
2915BluegillRedmond, SteveDinghy, skiff16 ft LOAWooden Boat1986/0999
14544Crabber Mk IIDongray, RogerYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1986/09107
14543Rob Roy 23Brewer, TedYacht, yawl23 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1986/09106
4383Victoria 34Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1986/09106
14545Laser 28Farr, BruceYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1986/0933
4381Lightwave 48Schumacher, CarlYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1986/09102
4382MG C27Humphreys, RobertYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1986/09103
5906Sabre Sands, Princess 415Olesinski, BernardMotor43 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1986/0992
5905Nimbus 28DCOffshore PowerboatsMotor29 ft LOAMotorboat and Yachting1986/0976
9626PioneerDixon, BillYacht, sloop25 ft LOA NewbridgeYachting Monthly1986/0852
9737QuetzalcoatlWharram, JamesCatamaran63 ft LOAYachting Monthly1986/0859
4379Oyster 406Holman & PyeYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1986/08112
4377Famous LadyGarland, Thomas AYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1986/08100
4378UnfurledPedrick, DaveYacht, sloop71 ft LOAYachting World1986/08101
4380Tamara 30Dubois, EdYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1986/08117
1935Feeling 960Yacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1986/0855
7177Donky 33Pedro BootMotor33 ftMotorboat and Yachting1986/0892
7176Azimut 105Costaguta, UgoYacht, motor105 ftMotorboat and Yachting1986/0860
11245Westerly FalconDubois, EdYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1986/0791
11114Victoria 34Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop36 ft LOA - see also CB 1988/05 p 91Yachting Monthly1986/0788
2912HIRTAYacht, cutter50 ft LOA Bristol ChannelWooden Boat1986/0760
2913MyraSelmer-Larsen, Johan JnrYacht, punt16 ft LOAWooden Boat1986/07104
14541IndulgenceAndrieuYacht, sloop9.936 m LOAYachts and Yachting1986/0720
14672Decosol Car CareHumphreys, RobYacht, sloop9.939 m LOAYachts and Yachting1986/0720
4375BarracudaCastro, TonyYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1986/07114
4376BansheeWoods, Richard & LillianCatamaran35 ft LOAYachting World1986/07115
14542ShowdownHumphreys, RobYacht, sloop9.961 m LOAYachts and Yachting1986/0720
1934Carra 16Shuttleworth, JohnDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1986/0758
1933Regatta HT 2+2Mudie, ColinMotor19 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1986/0755
10915Trapper 42Vallicelli, AndraYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting Monthly1986/06106
9359Ocean 62 Southern Ocean ShipyardYacht, yawl62 ft LOAYachting Monthly1986/06112
9688Prom OceanWynn-Thomas, AlanTrimaranFormula 40Yachting Monthly1986/06114
7724Furia 32Joubert, M & Nivelt, BYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1986/06110
4374Nauticat 40Sparkman & StephensYacht, ketch39 ft LOAYachting World1986/06115
4372Three in OneTeale, JohnYacht/Motor38 ft LOAYachting World1986/0684
4373Gib'sea 96 MasterJoubert & NiveltYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1986/06105
1931PetrelPape, AlanYacht, sloop30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1986/0655
1932Freedom 33Hoyt & OakleyYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1986/0657
2911Sprague / SmithYacht, sloop39 ft LOAWooden Boat1986/05110
2908Rob RoyMacGregor, JohnCanoe14 ft LOAWooden Boat1986/05104
2909Centennial RepublicBishop, NathanielDinghy, sailing12 ft LOAWooden Boat1986/05105
8396Kelt 39Vaton, GillesYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1986/0595
1375Comet 383Group FinotYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1986/05100
2910The Beach CruiserHerreshoff, Francis LDinghy, sailing13 ft LOAWooden Boat1986/05105
4369Duette 23Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1986/05112
4371Moody 58Dixon, BillYacht, sloop57 ft LOAYachting World1986/05117
4370Freedom 36Mull, Gary WYacht, ketch36 ft LOAYachting World1986/05115
4368Moody 28Dixon, BillYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1986/05105
1930Dehler 22van de StadtYacht, sloop22 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1986/0557
1929Swale 22Mitchell, JohnYacht, sloop27 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1986/0560
7698Freedom 33Hoyt, GaryYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1986/04128
1426Contest 36SZaal, DickYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1986/04131
4364Ancasta/Bowman 50Dubois, EdYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World1986/04114
14669JavelinMilne, PeterDinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1986/0446
14670Radius 4.8Radius, KeesDinghy, sailing4.8 m LOAYachts and Yachting1986/0460
4366Beneteau First 405Berret, JeanYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1986/04116
4367Spanish Maiden Furia 37Joubert/NiveltYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1986/04122
4365Nicholson 83Peterson, DougYacht, sloop83 ft LOAYachting World1986/04115
14671Maiden Hong KongCastro, TonyYacht, sloop10.11 m LOAYachts and Yachting1986/0436
1928BlackfishOughtred, IainDory, sailingPractical Boat Owner1986/0489
1926Crabber 30 P.C.Dongray, RogerYacht, sloop39 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1986/0471
1927Laser FunBethwaite, FrankDinghy, sailing14 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1986/0473
16054Baltic 35Judel VrolijkYacht, sloop10.84 m LOAYachting Monthly1986/03112
4363Bianca IIIElvstrom & Kjaerulff Yacht DesignYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1986/03109
4362MG 26Castro, TonyYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1986/03107
4361Contest 48SZaal, DickYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1986/0396
1923Winkle BrigBergqvist, EricDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1986/0371
1924RainbowBolke, PeterDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1986/0373
1925Migrant 36van de StadtYacht, ketch36 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1986/0374
10945Trintella 44AStadt, E G van deYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting Monthly1986/0260
8539Laser 28Farr, BruceYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1986/0264
8973Migrant 36Stadt, E G van deYacht, yawl36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1986/0266
4360Beneteau CatamaranBeneteauCatamaran34 ft LOAYachting World1986/0298
4358InspirationHolland, RonYacht, sloop72 ft LOAYachting World1986/0280
4359Najad 390Najadvarvet ABYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1986/0292
1922Sou'westerDalton, PercyDinghy, sailing22 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1986/0271
2904Union JackGarden, WilliamYacht, schooner49 ft LOAWooden Boat1986/01117
2903ToadstoolGarden, WilliamYacht, schooner29 ft LOAWooden Boat1986/01116
2905Theo GGarden, WilliamYacht, schooner33 ft LOAWooden Boat1986/01118
2902Rain BirdGarden, WilliamYacht, schooner40 ft LOAWooden Boat1986/01115
2901GleamGarden, WilliamYacht, schooner33 ft LOAWooden Boat1986/01114
2900Ruben De ClouxNorthrup, BruceYacht, pungy55 ft LOAWooden Boat1986/01110
2906Mrs JonesCuller, R DMotorWooden Boat1986/0180
2907AirForceCross, DickYacht, sloop46 ft LOAWooden Boat1986/0172
9059Moody 31Dixon, BillYacht, sloop30 ft LOA - see also YM 1994/02 p 71, YM 1994/07 Yachting Monthly1986/01144
3166DuetteThomas, DavidYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting Monthly1986/01150
14540GullProctor, IanDinghy, sailing11 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1986/0127
14668Vertue IILaurent GilesYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1986/0134
4356Sovereign 400Humphreys, RobertYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1986/01136
4354Global ChallengerMartin, RodgerYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World1986/01133
4357Maxi 999Petterson, PelleYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1986/01142
4355Victoria 34Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1986/01135
14539Blue PeterProctor, IanDinghy, sailing8 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1986/0125
16351Birchwood TS37E AndrewsMotor11.66 mMotorboat and Yachting1986/01116
16352Spectral 2:20SpectralMotor20 mMotorboat and Yachting1986/01124
7564Finesse 28 Griffiths, MauriceYacht, cutter27 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/122288
10412Spectrum 42Shuttleworth, JohnCatamaran42 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/122282
4350Vaton 88Vaton, GillesYacht, sloop89 ft LOAYachting World1985/1278
14538Gib`Sea 26Yacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1985/12102
14537Gib`Sea 43Yacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1985/12100
4353Laser 28Farr, BruceYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1985/1293
4352Warrior 38Primrose, AngusYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1985/1289
4351Perry 62Perry, RobertYacht, sloop62 ft LOAYachting World1985/1280
1921GirouetteE. de BoerYacht, sloop36 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1985/1283
7157GTXIIIAllround Boat Co.Motor27 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/12100
7156Riva 60 CorsaroBarilani, GiorgioYacht, motor60 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/1268
3217Eastcountryman 27Winch, PaulYacht, cutter41 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/112124
9263Nicholson 476Camper & NicholsonYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/112120
4348Dehler 372van de Stadt, E GYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1985/1197
14536Thames 'A' RaterKemp, DixonDinghy, sailing26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1985/1110
4346Rucanor TristarDumas, Guy RibadeauYacht, sloop58 ft LOAYachting World1985/1194
4347Moore 30Mull, GaryYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1985/1195
4349Trintella 44Avan de Stadt, E GYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1985/11100
1920CarreraOlesinski, BernardMotor24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1985/1155
7155Sunseeker 33 San RemoShead DesignMotor33 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/1172
1232Centurion 47Dubois, EdYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/101972
8487Lacoste 42Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/101975
4344Centurion 47Dubois, EdYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1985/10108
4343CT 56Perry, RobertYacht, ketch56 ft LOAYachting World1985/10106
4345Gib'sea 26(76)Graal, GroupeYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting World1985/10114
4342DragutJones, StephenYacht, ketch63 ft LOAYachting World1985/10105
1919Leisure 17Howard, ArthurDinghy, sailing17 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1985/1058
1917Steadfast 24Tucker, RobertYacht, sloop23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1985/1055
1918Van de Stadt 34van de StadtYacht, sloop34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1985/1057
7154Talisman 50Murray Cormack AssociatesYacht, motor50 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/1076
7153Pedro 1150SLPedro BoatsMotor38 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/1071
1114California 6.60Beneteau, AYacht, sloop20 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/091772
10390Southerly 145Carter, Dick Yacht, yawl50 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/091773
10663SY 36Norlin, Peter & Ostermann, JensYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/091768
4339FighterLaurent Giles LtdYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1985/0994
4341Moody 37Dixon, BillYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1985/09140
4338Concorde 100Holland, RonYacht, sloop108 ft LOAYachting World1985/0993
4340Tahitan Bay 42Hundy & SpearsYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1985/09120
1915First 29Groupe FinotYacht, sloop30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1985/0973
191610m CatalacLackCatamaran34 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1985/0975
7152Tremlett 46Tremlett, ChrisMotor46 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/09108
7151Sealine 19SealineMotor19 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/0984
1122Callisto 385Dixon, BillYacht, cutter38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/081559
1434Contrast 33Magnusson, RolfYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/081556
4336Francis 109Francis, MartinYacht, sloop109 ft LOAYachting World1985/08107
4337Southerly 145Carter & FreerYacht, sloop51 ft LOAYachting World1985/08108
4335Belliure 50Ibold, Peter AYacht, ketch50 ft LOAYachting World1985/08100
14535PhoenixBerret/Fauroux/FinotYacht,sloopOne tonnerYachts and Yachting1985/0826
1913Gib'Sea 96Joubert & NiveltYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1985/0855
1914Family FourMudieMotorPractical Boat Owner1985/0859
7953Hallberg Rassy 352Rassy, C & Enderlin,OYacht, sloop34 ft LOA - see also YM 1998/04 p 95Yachting Monthly1985/071358
1632Dehlya 22Stadt, E G van deYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/071352
4332Baltic 48DPPeterson, DougYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1985/0751
4333LM Mermaid 315LM Glasfibre a/sYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1985/0796
4334Quest 33CSProut Catamarans LtdCatamaran33 ft LOAYachting World1985/07103
21Tremlett 46Tremlett, ChrisMotor46 ft LOABoat International1985/0788
2548Trader 54Tarquin Boat Co.Motor54 ftBoat International1985/0792
2547Shirley BBannenberg, JonYacht, ketchBoat International1985/0786
20Shirley BBannenberg, JonYacht, ketchBoat International1985/0786
1912Skipper 17Milne, PeterDinghy, sailing17 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1985/0755
7150Simbal, Channel Islands 22Buchanan, AlanMotor23 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/0752
9335Northwind 36Dixon, BillYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/061196
7605First 325Berret, Jean Yacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/061192
4331Westerly StormDubois, EdYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1985/06105
1911PixieWoods, RichardCatamaran14 ft LOA surf catPractical Boat Owner1985/0659
1910Delher 25van de StadtYacht, sloop25 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1985/0655
7148Solent 35Bennett, JohnMotor35 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/0676
7147Joda 7900JodaMotor26 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/0668
7149Santa ChristinaHarvey EastwoodMotor37 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/06106
9605Pick-upNewick, DickTrimaran32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/05990
8337Jouet 940MSMareschal, YvesYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/05987
11262Westerly SeahawkDubois, EdYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/05984
4327CS 44Castro, TonyYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1985/0597
14532Hunter HorizonThomas, DavidYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1985/0523
14534JadeHumphreys, RobYacht, sloop14.08 m LOAYachts and Yachting1985/0524
14533Freedom 21Hoyt, GaryYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1985/0524
4330Tamar, North-Wind 36Dixon, BillYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1985/05110
4328Whistler 48Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1985/0598
4329Scanmar 33Magnusson, RolfYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1985/05108
1909Jaguer 23Mullins, JohnYacht, sloop23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1985/0563
5908Birchwood TS33Andrews, EMotor33 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/0576
7146Birchwood TS33Andrews, EMotor33 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/0576
5907RomaraCamper & NicholsonYacht, motor76 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/0568
1408Contessa 27Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/04772
12369Holman & PyeYacht, ketch46 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/04778
7535Feeling 850Briand, Philippe Yacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/04776
4323Trapper 36Fontana, Maletto & NavoneYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1985/0494
4324Blade RunnerPugh, ReichelYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1985/04100
4326Victoria 26Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1985/04104
4325Mirage 30Perry, RobertYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1985/04101
1907HarrierDixon, TonyYacht, sloop20 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1985/0455
1908StriderRichard Woods DesignCatamaran24 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1985/0457
7145Trader 50Tarquin BoatsYacht, motor51 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/04100
7144Mallard 18T J Clune MarineMotor20 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/0492
2895SandbaggerRedmond, SteveYacht, sloop24 ft LOAWooden Boat1985/03112
2899SyrinxHessYacht, quay punt30 ft LOAWooden Boat1985/03116
10560Sun RiseFaroux, JacquesYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/03546
2898TaleisinHessYacht, quay punt30 ft LOAWooden Boat1985/03116
7646Flying BoatLaurent Giles & Collins, WarwickYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/03552
2896SeraffynHessYacht, quay punt24 ft LOAWooden Boat1985/03116
2897RenagradeHessYacht, quay punt24 ft LOAWooden Boat1985/03116
4322Westerly Merlin 28Dubois, EdYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting World1985/0396
4321Electric PelicanLawson, BarryYacht60 ft LOA 3 mastsYachting World1985/0394
4320Contrast 33Magnusson, RolfYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1985/0390
14531Yeoman XXVCastro, TonyYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1985/0338
14530Pocket BattleshipDubois/HumphreysYacht, sloop13.6 m LOAYachts and Yachting1985/0396
1905Rob Roy 23Brewer, TedYacht, yawl23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1985/0347
1906Macwester SeaforthYacht, ketch36 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1985/0349
7143Tresfjord NovaAmble, EivindMotor31 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/0360
3176Dufour 28FarouxYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/02333
9822RestivePocock, MichaelYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/02331
4317Etap 30de Ridder, JacYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1985/0294
4318Horizon 26Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1985/02105
14529Flying BoatLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1985/0224
4319OspreySparkman & StephensYacht, sloop96 ft LOAYachting World1985/02110
1873EbbtidePape, AlanYacht, sloop33 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1985/0255
1874ExplorerSilvester, ColinDinghy, sailing18 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1985/0258
1875Scamper 26ProutCatamaran28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1985/0260
7141Neptunus 133Neptunus bvYacht, motor44 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/0260
7142Sunseeker 24 MexicoShead, DonMotor24 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/0276
10907Tradewind 46Rock, JohnYacht, ketch46 ft LOAYachting Monthly1985/01120
9850Riptide 31Griffiths, MauriceYacht, cutter30 ft LOA - see also CB1998/01 p 47Yachting Monthly1985/01119
11253Westerly MerlinDubois, EdYacht, sloop28 ft LOA - see also YM 1997/12 p 89Yachting Monthly1985/01117
4316Moonlight, Contessa 33Humphreys, RobertYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1985/01154
431355ft Luxury lifting keelerCastro, TonyYacht, ketch55 ft LOAYachting World1985/01146
4315Jeanneau SelectionJoubert & NiveltYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1985/01151
4314MustFrancis, MartinYacht, sloop93 ft LOAYachting World1985/01148
562Etap 23de Ridder, JackYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1985/0127
1872Swift 800Silvester, ColinMotor26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1985/0190
1871Merlin 28Dubois, EdYacht, sloop27 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1985/0181
7140Neptunus 170Neptunus bvYacht, motor56 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/01144
7138Fairline 31 CornicheOlesinski, BernardMotor31 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/0176
7139Sealine 18Sealine International LtdMotor18 ftMotorboat and Yachting1985/0190
3197DuoRiverdale & Lewis, JohnYacht, cutter45 ft LOA - twin keelYachting Monthly1984/122309
1230Centurion 42Dubois, EdYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting Monthly1984/122310
11205Warrior 38Primrose, AngusYacht, cutter38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1984/122306
4310Jouet 9.50Maraschal, YvesYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1984/1288
4309Westerly SeahawkDubois, EdYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1984/1283
431144 ft cruiser-racerFarr. BruceYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1984/1292
4312Passport 37Perry, RobertYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1984/1293
1870Falcon18 SportWolstenholme, AndrewMotor18 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1984/1259
7137Maritime 21Humphreys, ChrisFishing21 ftMotorboat and Yachting1984/1280
1857Nordic FolkboatSunden, TordYacht, sloop25 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1984/1257
7136Nimbus 3000Eliasson, RolfMotor29 ftMotorboat and Yachting1984/1224
1856CB23Freeman & HickinbothamYacht, sloop29 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1984/1255
824Baltic 38 DPPeterson, DougYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1984/112184
10384Southerly 100Carter, Dick & NorthshoreYacht, sloop32 ft LOA - lifting keelYachting Monthly1984/112187
4308Dehler 25van de Stadt, E GYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1984/11102
4307Gallart 44Presies, DidierYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1984/1196
14528First 29Group FinotYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1984/1141
1855Foster 14Foster, RogerDinghy, sailing15 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1984/1144
1854Petrel 30Pape, AlanYacht, sloop30 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1984/1142
1853Sadler 34Sadler, MartinYacht, sloop35 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1984/1139
7135Windy 22 SportWindy BoatsMotor22 ftMotorboat and Yachting1984/1170
7134Nelson 35TT Boat DesignsMotor35 ftMotorboat and Yachting1984/1136
9873Rob Roy 23Brewer, TedYacht, yawl22 ft LOAYachting Monthly1984/101965
7790Gib'Sea 32Joubert, M & Nivelt, BYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly1984/101963
4305Tradewind 35Rock, JohnYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1984/10104
4303BalticJudel/VrolijkYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1984/1099
4304Carter Offshore 39Holman & PyeYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1984/10100
4306Idylle 11.50Berret, JeanYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1984/10107
1850Skipper 14Milne, PeterDinghy, sailing14 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1984/1040
1851Blue PeterProctor, IanDinght, sailing8 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1984/1041
1849Challenger BravoSadler, MartinYacht, sloop26 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1984/1039
7133Swift 800Silvester, ColinMotor25 ftMotorboat and Yachting1984/1048
1852Easticks 28Hunt, NeilYacht, sloop29 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1984/1042
8079Horizon 26Thomas, David & Hunter BoatsYacht, sloop26 ft LOA - see also YM 1999/01 p 123Yachting Monthly1984/091794
1411Contessa 33Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1984/091791
822Baltic 35Judel/Vrolijy/Baltic YachtsYacht, sloop34 ft LOA - see also YM 1986/03 p 112Yachting Monthly1984/091793
14527Summer WineDubois/HumphreysYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1984/0955
4300MeridianPerry, Robert HYacht, sloop70 ft LOAYachting World1984/09124
4302Nicholson 58Pedrick, DavidYacht, sloop58 ft LOAYachting World1984/09135
4301ScamperProut BrothersYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1984/09132
7132Elysian 27Bounty BoatsMotor27 ftMotorboat and Yachting1984/09108
7131Tremlett 33Tremlett, ChrisMotor35 ftMotorboat and Yachting1984/09100
9122MRCBAnderson, IanYacht, sloop36 ft LOA C B Yachting Monthly1984/081557
10065ScamperProut, Francis & RolandCatamaran26 ft LOAYachting Monthly1984/081553
4299Nicholson 46Padrick, DavidYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World1984/08103
4296Moody 47Dixon, BillYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World1984/0897
4298SwarajDalzell, SteveYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1984/08102
4297Selestra 50Langevin & WhisstocksYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World1984/0894
1847Tremlett Sea LaunchTremlett, ChrisMotor21 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1984/0848
1848Kelt 707Briand, PhilippeYacht, sloop23 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1984/0850
7130Flipper 76Isaacson, SigurdMotor25 ftMotorboat and Yachting1984/0876
1193Castro 55Castro, TonyYacht, yawl55 ft LOA - lifting keelYachting Monthly1984/071404
7602First 29Beneteau, AYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1984/071400
4295ApocalypseLerouge, EricYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1984/07101
4294Broads ULDBWolstenholme, AndrewYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1984/07100
1844Freedom 21Hoyt, GarryYacht, sloop22 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1984/0755
1846Gib'Sea 84Joubert & NiveltYacht, sloop28 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1984/0760
1845Bosun's MateBlagg Boat Co.Motor10 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1984/0758
10067Scanmar 33Magnusson, RolfYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1984/061180
7612First Class 10Finot & FaurouxYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1984/061183
4290First Class 10, BeneteauFinot/FaurouxYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1984/0692
4291Vancouver 38Harris, RobertYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1984/0694
4293Ansa 47Mannerfelt, OckeYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World1984/06107
4292Golden Wave 48Chance, BrittonYacht, ketch48 ft LOAYachting World1984/06106
1842Nimbus 260Eliasson, RolfMotor27 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1984/0656
7129Shetland HobbMudie, ColinMotor16 ftMotorboat and Yachting1984/06106
1843Nimbus 3000Eliasson, RolfMotor29 ft LOAPractical Boat Owner1984/0658
7128Pedro 95BekebredeMotor33 ftMotorboat and Yachting1984/0680
7127Prairie StarJack Powles Ltd.Motor1938 restorationMotorboat and Yachting1984/0672
9170Najad 343Norlin, PeterYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1984/05958
11390X 402Jeppesen, NielsYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly1984/05956
3338Etap 30Ridder, Jac deYacht, sloop30 ft LOA - see also YM 1985/02 p 328, YM 1996/02Yachting Monthly1984/05955
705Arcadia Castro, TonyYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1984/05952
4289Dehler 37Mvan de Stadt, E GYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1984/05101
4287Swift 18Sylvester, ColinYacht, sloop18 ft LOAYachting World1984/0597
4288Contessa 33Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1984/05100
4286Sadler 34Sadler, MartinYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1984/0590
2545Birchwood TS33Andrews, TedMotor33 ftBoat International1984/05100
2546Sunseeker San Remo 33Shead, DonMotor33 ft LOABoat International1984/05103