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Boat ID Boat Name Designer Boat Type Class/Size Magazine Year/Month Page
14094Sparkman & StevensYacht, sloop21 ft LWL Racer-cruiserYachts and Yachting1947/11178
14092Myth of MalhamLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1947/0789
14224AureliaMoncrief, ThomasYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1952/05758
14226LothianNicholson, CharlesYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1952/05808
14110RayBuchanan, AlanYacht, sloop17 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1949/07603
14225SnowbirdPenman, W G SYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1952/05778
14129Bayzand, A PFishing20 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1950/06879
14131BinkerKennedy, BrienYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1950/06915
14130Four FreedomsLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1950/06890
14128Ruby IIIPrimrose, Angus SYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1950/06878
14093MatawaGiles, MorganYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1947/08131
14249Pinna IILaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1954/05396
14251MuskateerRayner, Walter FYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1954/06458
14126Red GurnetBuchanan, AlanYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1950/05838
14230EilunMylne, AlfredYacht, sloop57 ft LOA Lines onlyYachts and Yachting1952/07870
14229JavotteHerbulot, Jean-JacquesYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1952/07864
14231Qui ViveNicholson, CharlesYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1952/07888
14127Martin PecheurRobb, Arthur CYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1950/05854
14250Buchanan, AlanYacht, ketch36 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1954/06456
14101The Flying Twenty-FiveFox, UffaYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1948/11421
14227Powell, John EYacht, sloop29 ft LOA 51/2 TonnerYachts and Yachting1952/06822
14133NorthfleetKingsley, CharlesYacht, ketch50 ft LOA Conversion MFVYachts and Yachting1950/07950
14132BacchanteLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1950/07936
14141FuryMeasures Bros (1911)Dinghy, sailing12 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1950/101084
14142Swan LakeParker, Frederick, RYacht,sloop34 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1950/101092
14143Ocean "Baby"Wallasea Bay Yacht Co.Yacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1950/101099
14140Laurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1950/101058
14139FirecrestStone, RobbieDinghy, sailing15 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1950/101055
14147ThunderbirdLord, LindsayMotor54 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1950/111137
14146WhimbrelNedwinekYacht, sloop16 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1950/111130
14145Parker, Frederick RMotor31 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1950/111118
14144Clark, RobertDinghy, sailing11 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1950/111110
14137SterteParker, Frederick RYacht, sloop18 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1950/091017
14138YeomanNicholson, CharlesYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1950/091031
14135JolietteClark, RobertYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1950/08975
14136Clark, RobertYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1950/08990
14134Bayzand, A PYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1950/08970
14228CoristaYacht, gaff cutter46 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1952/06844
14223FrenchbeerFarrar, AustinYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1952/04746
14220CascadeProctor, IanDinghy, sailing12 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1952/04719
14221Parker, Frederick RYacht, ketch43 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1952/04734
14222FiestaWestell, JohnYacht, sloop20 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1952/04744
14091West Wight ScowWilliams, NedDinghy, sailing11 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1947/0439
14219Buchanan, AlanYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1952/03694
14242CoimbraLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, cutter32 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1952/111082
14238ThorneycroftFishing cruiser28 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1952/101009
14237JanabelCornuYacht, sloop58 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1952/101008
14118Estuary Yacht Co.Yacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1950/01733
14099Saint BarbaraNicholson, CharlesYacht, sloop51 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1948/03254
14256CherubSpencer, JohnDinghy, sailing12 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1954/08605
14255Warington Smyth, RYacht, ketch31 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1954/08578
14257CapriceClark, RobertYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1954/08606
14235CaribbeeRhodes, Philip LYacht, yawl58 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1952/09960
14236Thames MajorMotor28 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1952/09990
14240WeekenderSoutar, W HYacht, sloop18 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1952/101044
14100The Flying TenFox, UffaDinghy, sailing14 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1948/10395
14243EvasionLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1952/111106
14117Clark, RobertYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1949/12714
14244ApolloBuchanan, AlanYacht, sloop24 ft LWLYachts and Yachting1952/121129
14115ZeevalkStadt, E G van deYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1949/12694
14241Parker, Frederick RYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1952/101058
14239Fidalga IIIThorneycroftYacht, ketch54 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1952/101038
14116Freeman, ReggieYacht, sloop18 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1949/12705
14245VanityRobb, Arthur CYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1952/121152
14114TornadoFox, UffaDinghy, sailing18 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1949/11686
14102IskaLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop53 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1948/12437
14119HornetParker, Frederick RYacht, sloop18 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1950/02744
14232TonquinYacht, motor60 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1952/08910
14234Solent ScowDinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1952/08944
14096RascalSparkman & StevensYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1947/12192
14095Laurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1947/12186
14111VacunaYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1949/09633
14124SonataFife, WilliamYacht, sloop52 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1950/04802
14125A Mylne & Co.Yacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1950/04818
14253Parker, Frederick RYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1954/07490
14254Moth ClassDervin, HDinghy, sailing11 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1954/07492
14233ThistleDinghy, sailing17 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1952/08912
14123Fresh BreezeFox, UffaYacht, sloop35 ft LWLYachts and Yachting1950/03786
14259Lion classRobb, Arthur CYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1954/12899
14112WindemereFox, UffaYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1949/10656
14258Robb, Arthur CPilot Boat40 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1954/08607
14260Maid MarionCamper & NicholsonYacht, motor173 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1955/0112
14113RocketWyche & CoppockDinghy, sailing14 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1949/10665
14120Flying Thirty-FiveFox, UffaYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1950/03766
14121Noorsche Jolvan Hoevell, G W W CYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1950/03769
14097MercuryKennedy, BrienDinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1948/01203
14122Vertue XXXVLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1950/03784
14252Mylne, AlfredYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1954/07488
14109Lentsch, De VriesYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1949/06574
14107PocahontasLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1949/05549
14179Eastwood, GerryMotor30 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1951/10471
14177Parker, Frederick RMotor30 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1951/10447
14168Sheherazade AWeatherhead, W JMotor74 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1951/06239
14105Robin HoodDinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1949/05539
14184Sterte FourParker, Frederick RYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1952/01584
14215Parker, Frederick RMotor33 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1952/01609
14185RebelBuchanan, AlanYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1952/01589
14176CirceSparkman & StephensYacht, yawl57 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1951/10446
14248UomieRobb, Arthur CYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1953/08508
14159Maid of ArneParker, Frederick RYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1951/03100
14161LynetteWigfull, EdwardYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1951/03121
14155RumrunnerCheverton, DaveYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1951/0240
14216Lass o'LussClark, RobertYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1952/01642
14178Wanderer IIIGiles, JackYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1951/10467
14169Parker, Frederick RMotor26 ft LOA Week-EnderYachts and Yachting1951/06279
14108J W & A Upham LtdYacht, sloop24 ft LOA Brixham BoatYachts and Yachting1949/05554
14183Gaviotta IISchooner65 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1951/12550
14182South-west TwelveFox, UffaDinghy, sailing12 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1951/12548
14157Mary FalconerA Mylne & Co.Yacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1951/0260
14158Silver LiningClark, RobertYacht, yawl42 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1951/0272
14160Tough Bros.Dinghy, sailing16 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1951/03105
14247CoronetWestell, JohnDinghy, sailing18 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1953/05312
14180MacushlaThorneycroft, PeterMotor29 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1951/11506
14171Stadt, E G van deYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1951/06287
14156Laurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1951/0245
14154MarcalbertThorneycroftMotor73 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1951/0238
14167Parker, Frederick RWherry45 ft LOA Norfolk, chineYachts and Yachting1951/06238
14170IlondaBain, JohnMotor54 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1951/06285
14103ScudYachts & YachtingYacht, sloop23 ft LOA Sponsored design/buildYachts and Yachting1949/03497
14165HazelisleFrancis Jones, JYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1951/05194
14172AlbannG L Watson & Co.Yacht, ketch40 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1951/07311
14148SopraninoLaurent giles & PartnersYacht, sloop20 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1950/121150
14149Happy-Go-LuckyParker, Frederick RYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1950/121159
14163Clark, RobertYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1951/04148
14246MarquesaNicholson, Charles AYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1953/05282
14175BeyondLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1951/09420
14174Lee, OlivierYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1951/09403
14217Camper & NicholsonYacht, ketch92 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1952/02644
14218Cohoe IINicholson, CharlesYacht, yawl34 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1952/02647
14104PenquinRhodes, PhilDinghy, sailing11 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1949/04523
14098TrialStadt, E G van deYacht, sloopInternational 5 metre classYachts and Yachting1948/03243
14162PhizzParker, FrederickYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1951/03126
14181Camper & NicholsonYacht, yawl58 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1951/11528
14166Island MaidYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1951/05222
14173Tilly TwinLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1951/07335
14164NordeneKearney, John BYacht, ketch51 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1951/04172
14151ZerlinaThompson, GuyYacht, ketch46 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1950/121172
14153PenlenaFreeman, ReggieYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1950/121199
14152Right RoyalClark, RobertYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1950/121192
14261Buchanan, AlanFishing92 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1955/10852
14262South Coast O.D.Nicholson, CharlesYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1955/10853
14106Jones, J Francis d'EDinghy, sailing17 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1949/05543
14263CyaneYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1955/10854
14150WildfireNE Coast Yacht Co.Dinghy, sailing16 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1950/121171
39Projection 920Thomas, StephenYacht, sloop9.20 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/119
3733MiracleHolt, JackDinghy, sailing3.89 m LOA 1973/4Yachts and Yachting1997/1153
3734MirrorHolt & BucknellDinghy, sailing3.30 m LOA 1962Yachts and Yachting1997/1153
3700Flying Dutchmanvan Essen UDinghy, sailing6.06 m LOA 1951Yachts and Yachting1997/1147
3736National TwelveDinghy, sailing3.66 m LOA 1936Yachts and Yachting1997/1153
3689CadetHolt, JackDinghy, sailing3.22 m LOA 1947Yachts and Yachting1997/1141
3743OptimistMills, ClarkDinghy, sailing2.3 m LOA 1947Yachts and Yachting1997/1155
14665CatapultMontgomery, JonCatamaran16 ft LOA InflatableYachts and Yachting1983/1218
14686Sigma 400Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1992/087
2803X-412Jeppesen, NielsYacht, sloop12.51 m LOAYachts and Yachting1991/115
3692CherubSpencer, JohnDinghy, sailing3.7 m LOA 1951Yachts and Yachting1997/1141
3755StreakerHolt, JackDinghy, sailing3.75 m LOA 1975Yachts and Yachting1997/1161
74Hunter 21Hunter Boats LtdYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1995/0211
2800ByteBruce, IanDinghy, sailing12 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1991/076
2793Hunter HorizonThomas, DavidYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1990/0920
8Shamrock 9.5Breteche, GillesYacht, sloop9.5 m LOAYachts and Yachting1993/039
14687Red Fox 200Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1992/0822
548ScavengerProctor, IanDinghy, sailingWayfarerYachts and Yachting1989/0148
547The CardFarr, BruceYacht, ketch80 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1989/0137
545SevenFarrar, AustinDinghy, sailing7 m LOAYachts and Yachting1988/1255
546Hobie 21Catamaran21 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1988/12103
65Mumm 36Farr, BruceYacht, sloop10.92 m LOAYachts and Yachting1993/115
3737National 18Proctor & FoxDinghy, sailing5.49 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/1154
3691Challenger AerorigMacAlpine Downie, RodTrimaran4.57 m LOA 1980Yachts and Yachting1997/1141
3748RS600Everest/PetersDinghy, sailing4.47 m LOA 1994Yachts and Yachting1997/1155
3693CometSimmons, AndrewDinghy, sailing3.45 m LOA 1981Yachts and Yachting1997/1143
3738Norfolk PuntMorrison/JonesDinghy, sailing6.756 m LOA 1926-1996Yachts and Yachting1997/1154
3732Merlin RocketDinghy, sailing4.27 m LOA 1946Yachts and Yachting1997/1153
14666Alice's MirrorThompson, AdrianYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1984/0116
14525Corsair 36Dubois, EdYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1984/0128
14526Griffon IIDubois, EdYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1984/0132
603Eton Revenue CutterEllis, DavidDinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1984/0136
14667LDS SailorKremer, KlaasYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1984/0116
94Beneteau 25Farr, BruceYacht, sloop7.50 m LOAYachts and Yachting1996/107
14536Thames 'A' RaterKemp, DixonDinghy, sailing26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1985/1110
2794Sigma 35Yacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1990/0942
549SkytrainCorby, JohnYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1989/0546
14537Gib`Sea 43Yacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1985/12100
14538Gib`Sea 26Yacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1985/12102
66Corsair F-24Farrier, IanTrimaran7.3 m LOAYachts and Yachting1993/1313
14539Blue PeterProctor, IanDinghy, sailing8 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1986/0125
14540GullProctor, IanDinghy, sailing11 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1986/0127
3751ShearwaterProut, Richard & FrancisCatamaran5.05 m LOA 1956Yachts and Yachting1997/1157
3752SignetProctor, IanDinghy, sailing4.70 m LOA 1961Yachts and Yachting1997/1157
3753SnipeCrosby, BillDinghy, sailing4.72 m LOA 1931Yachts and Yachting1997/1157
2792CheetahShuttleworth, JohnCatamaran8 m LOAYachts and Yachting1990/0836
14668Vertue IILaurent GilesYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1986/0134
14673Storm 33WesterlyYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1987/0153
550AlarmFox, UffaDinghy, sailingFireflyYachts and Yachting1989/0638
551JunoCastro, TonyYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1989/0640
14688Comet DuoSimmons, AndrewDinghy, sailing12 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1992/094
86Mount Gay 30Rogers, SimonYacht, sloop9.64 m LOAYachts and Yachting1996/017
87Parker 325Parker Yachts & DinghiesYacht, sloop10.21 m LOAYachts and Yachting1996/017
3750ScorpionDorling, TaprellDinghy, sailing4.25 m LOA 1960Yachts and Yachting1997/1157
3703GP FourteenHolt, JackDinghy, sailing4.27 m LOA 1950Yachts and Yachting1997/1147
3704505Westell, JohnDinghy, sailing5.05 m LOA 1954Yachts and Yachting1997/1147
3705DragonAnker, JohanYacht, sloop8.89 m LOA 1929Yachts and Yachting1997/1145
3706EtchellsEtchells, SkipYacht, sloop9.3 m LOA 1966Yachts and Yachting1997/1145
422Laser 3000Laser CentreDinghy, sailing4.4 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/035
418SupernovaGiles, MarkDinghy, sailing4.3 m LOAYachts and Yachting1996/117
417Corel 45Farr, BruceYacht, sailing13.83 m LOAYachts and Yachting1996/115
95Laser 4000Laser CentreDinghy, sailing4.64 m LOAYachts and Yachting1996/1119
14524Swift 18Silvester, ColinYacht, sloop18 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1983/1026
7Dart 6000Richards, JoCatamaran5.95 m LOAYachts and Yachting1993/0215
70Victoria 16Thomas, DavidDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1994/0529
3711Hurricane 5.9White, RegDinghy, sailing5.9 m LOA 1988Yachts and Yachting1997/1148
3707GraduateWyche, DickDinghy, sailing3.82 m LOA 1952Yachts and Yachting1997/1146
3724LaserKirby, BruceDinghy, sailing4.23 m LOA 1970Yachts and Yachting1997/1149
3761TopperProctor, IanDinghy, sailing3.40 m LOA 1976Yachts and Yachting1997/1165
3726Laser 2Bethwaite, FrankDinghy, sailing4.39 m LOA 1980Yachts and Yachting1997/1151
13BroomstickAlex SimonisYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1993/0836
14683AlustromMicrotrimaran26 ft LOA RussianYachts and Yachting1992/0216
34Topper SpiceTopper InternationalDinghy, sailing4.25 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/0813
14684Hurricane 500Roake, RichardCatamaran5 m LOAYachts and Yachting1992/065
2796Hobie 17Catamaran5.18 m LOAYachts and Yachting1991/0119
2795Dart StingMarch, RodneyCatamaran4.54 m LOAYachts and Yachting1991/0130
14533Freedom 21Hoyt, GaryYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1985/0524
36Independent BearCorby, JohnYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1997/096
14534JadeHumphreys, RobYacht, sloop14.08 m LOAYachts and Yachting1985/0524
14532Hunter HorizonThomas, DavidYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1985/0523
14527Summer WineDubois/HumphreysYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1984/0955
90ZephyrZephyr Aluminium ProductsDinghy, sailing9 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1996/057
14674Laser 16Kirby, BruceDinghy, sailing17 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1987/0826
11SplashDinghy, sailing3.55 m LOAYachts and Yachting1993/064
14541IndulgenceAndrieuYacht, sloop9.936 m LOAYachts and Yachting1986/0720
91Mumm 30Farr, BruceYacht, sloop9.42 m LOAYachts and Yachting1996/055
92Gull SpiritProctor, IanDinghy, sailing11 ft LOA redesignYachts and Yachting1996/0635
15J/80Yacht, sloop8.0 m LOAYachts and Yachting1993/0933
14528First 29Group FinotYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1984/1141
14529Flying BoatLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1985/0224
14Laser 5000Morrison, PhilDinghy, sailing5.0 m LOAYachts and Yachting1993/0811
14675Tempest 31Dubois, EdYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1988/0139
12Legend 19Hunter Marine corp.Yacht, sloop5.78 m LOAYachts and Yachting1993/085
14682OutstripperTripp, BillYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1992/0112
33RS200Morrison, PhilDinghy, sailing4.00 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/075
71Tripp 26Performance SailboatsYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1994/105
562Etap 23de Ridder, JackYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1985/0127
2797J/44 J/35Johnstone, RodYacht, sloop45 ft 35 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1991/0315
14531Yeoman XXVCastro, TonyYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1985/0338
14530Pocket BattleshipDubois/HumphreysYacht, sloop13.6 m LOAYachts and Yachting1985/0396
14676WeThompson, AdrianMultihull60 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1988/0319
14677ExtrovertBethwaite, JulianDinghy, sailing20 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1988/0456
592Sorebones IIIDavid Thomas DesignsYacht, ketch40 ft LWLYachts and Yachting1988/0416
35Laser PicoRichards, JoDinghy, sailing3.5 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/087
2799OOD 48Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1991/0551
9349erBethwaite, JulianSkiff4.99 m LOAYachts and Yachting1996/098
3746RS200Morrison, PhilDinghy, sailing4 m LOA 1995Yachts and Yachting1997/1155
3729LightningGiles, MarkDinghy, sailing3.68 m LOA 1983Yachts and Yachting1997/1151
3735Nacra 6.0Performance CatamaransCatamaran6.10 m LOA 1989Yachts and Yachting1997/1153
3739OKOlsen, KnudDinghy, sailing4.0 m LOA 1957Yachts and Yachting1997/1154
2804MG 27CHumphreys, RobYacht, sloop8.38 m LOAYachts and Yachting1991/1223
594Beneteau 35s5Yacht, sloop10.60 m LOAYachts and Yachting1988/1126
9IMX-38Jeppesen, NielsYacht, sloop11.40 m LOAYachts and Yachting1993/0413
3730MarauderMilne, PeterDinghy, sailing4.42 m LOA 1969Yachts and Yachting1997/1151
3682AlbacoreFox, UffaDinghy, sailing4.57 m LOA 1954Yachts and Yachting1997/1139
3728LeaderPollard, GDinghy, sailing4.27 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/1151
3699Dart HawkLoday, YvesCatamaran5.5 m LOA 1994Yachts and Yachting1997/1145
88Projection 762Thomas, StephenYacht, sloop7.62 m LOAYachts and Yachting1996/037
3747RS400Morrison, PhilDinghy, sailing4.52 m LOA 1993Yachts and Yachting1997/1155
3694Comet DuoSimmons, AndrewDinghy, sailing3.70 m LOA 1990Yachts and Yachting1997/1143
37572.4 MetreSodergren/Howlett/FranklinDinghy, sailing4.2 m LOA 1988Yachts and Yachting1997/1161
593Beneteau 32s5Yacht, sloop9.68 m LOAYachts and Yachting1988/1126
73Hobie 21Wake, JohnCatamaran6.5 m LOAYachts and Yachting1995/015
14535PhoenixBerret/Fauroux/FinotYacht,sloopOne tonnerYachts and Yachting1985/0826
72RS400Morrison, PhilDinghy, sailing15 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1994/127
37SonarKirby, BruceYacht, sloop6.96 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/1011
38Corsair F-28RFarrier, IanTrimaran8.66 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/107
14679MG Spring 25Castro, TonyYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1988/0815
14678WavetrainEveritt, JulianYacht, sloop32 ft LOA Channel 29 classYachts and Yachting1988/0819
89H22Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop6.70 m LOAYachts and Yachting1996/0419
424Concept 302Dinghy, sailing3.02 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/057
14685Jeanneau One-designYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1992/075
10Beneteau 210Group FinotYacht, sloop6.4 m LOAYachts and Yachting1993/058
16Hobie 15Hobie catCatamaran4.9 m LOAYachts and Yachting1993/1027
3766WineglassKirby, TrevorDinghy, sailing4.575 m LOA 1958Yachts and Yachting1997/1166
3731MercuryMiles/DurbinDinghy, sailing4.26 m LOA 1958Yachts and Yachting1997/1153
3741PhantomWright & TaylorDinghy, sailing4.42 m LOA 1973Yachts and Yachting1997/1154
3744OspreyProctor, IanDinghy, sailing5.33 m LOA 1953Yachts and Yachting1997/1155
2798Red fox 290Farr, BruceYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1991/057
3683B14Bethwaite, JulianDinghy, sailing4.50 m LOA 1985Yachts and Yachting1997/1139
3697Dart 15March, RodneyCatamaran4.54 m LOA 1979Yachts and Yachting1997/1143
3725Laser RadialKirby, BruceDinghy, sailing4.23 m LOA 1970Yachts and Yachting1997/1149
423BH36Murray, IanYacht, sloop11 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/0315
3685British MothCheverton, SidneyDinghy, sailing3.35 m LOA 1932Yachts and Yachting1997/1139
3686BossHowlett/TurnerDinghy, sailing4.90 m LOA 1994Yachts and Yachting1997/1139
3687BuzzHowlett/CaigDinghy, sailing4.20 m LOA 1994Yachts and Yachting1997/1141
2801PXDinghy, sailing15 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1991/0818
3688ByteBruce, IanDinghy, sailing3.66 m LOA 1990Yachts and Yachting1997/1141
3701Flying FifteenFox, UffaDinghy, sailing6.1 m LOA 1947Yachts and Yachting1997/1147
1Jaguar 265Castro, TonyYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1992/115
14520WaverleyWylie, JohnDinghy, sailing18 ft LOA 1902Yachts and Yachting1983/0146
14670Radius 4.8Radius, KeesDinghy, sailing4.8 m LOAYachts and Yachting1986/0460
76Ultra 30Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1995/0533
14669JavelinMilne, PeterDinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1986/0446
14680Laser 13Kirby, BruceDinghy, sailing13 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1990/0532
370949erBethwaite, JulianDinghy, sailing4.99 m LOA 1995Yachts and Yachting1997/1147
3696ContenderMiller, BobDinghy, sailing4.87 m LOA 1962Yachts and Yachting1997/1143
555Action 26Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1989/1120
557Moody 336Dixon, BillYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1989/1116
3762TornadoMarch, RodneyCatamaran6.10 m LOA 1967Yachts and Yachting1997/1165
14522Super Seal 26Holland, RonYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1983/0368
14521ThirtyHowlett, IanYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1983/0397
421Topper BreezeTopper InternationalDinghy, sailing6.00 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/025
6ChallengeBeneteauYacht, sloop9.14 m LOAYachts and Yachting1993/018
14681First Class EuropeGroup FinotYacht, sloop11.38 m LOAYachts and Yachting1990/0628
3763UnicornMazotti, JohnCatamaran5.46 m LOA 1967Yachts and Yachting1997/1165
3690CatapultMontgomery, JohnCatamaran5 m LOA 1990Yachts and Yachting1997/1141
3765WayfarerProctor, IanDinghy, sailing4.82 m LOA 1957Yachts and Yachting1997/1166
3767Splashde Ridder, JacDinghy, sailing3.55 m LOA 1990Yachts and Yachting1997/1158
3769SwallowThorneycroft, TomDinghy, sailing7.79 m LOA 1947Yachts and Yachting1997/1162
3770Swordfish 15Fox, UffaDinghy, sailing4.57 m LOA 1947Yachts and Yachting1997/1162
79Sigma 8Peterson, JakopinYacht, sloop8.00 m LOAYachts and Yachting1995/1019
14671Maiden Hong KongCastro, TonyYacht, sloop10.11 m LOAYachts and Yachting1986/0436
556Leader 2 TurboSothcott, JeremyDinghy, sailing14 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1989/118
3719KestrelProctor, IanDinghy, sailing4.76 m LOA 1956Yachts and Yachting1997/1148
3742RedwingFox, UffaDinghy, sailing4.27 m LOA 1937Yachts and Yachting1997/1154
3764WandererProctor, IanDinghy, sailing4.27 m LOA 1978Yachts and Yachting1997/1166
69Challenger IIIMacalpine-Downie, RodTrimaran15 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1994/0233
559CatapultMontgomery, JohnDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1990/0127
2802PhotonKirk, Chris & MikeDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1991/0922
4J/105Johnstone, RodYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1992/1211
3695ConceptAnglo Norwegian DesignDinghy, sailing3.02 m LOA 1995Yachts and Yachting1997/1143
3708420Maury, ChristianDinghy, sailing4.2 m LOA 1964Yachts and Yachting1997/1146
3Hawk 20Hawkins & ReidDinghy, sailing6.1 m LOAYachts and Yachting1992/125
771720Castro, TonyYacht, sloop8.00 m LOAYachts and Yachting1995/0841
3745PacerHolt, JackDinghy, sailing3.82 m LOA 1965Yachts and Yachting1997/1155
40Mustang 30Harley, NigelYacht, sloop9.0 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/1211
41VelshedaNicholson, CharlesYacht, sloopJ Class restoredYachts and Yachting1997/1229
420FireflyFox, UffaDinghy, sailingHistorical reviewYachts and Yachting1997/0157
14672Decosol Car CareHumphreys, RobYacht, sloop9.939 m LOAYachts and Yachting1986/0720
14519First 30EBerret, JeanYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1982/0842
14542ShowdownHumphreys, RobYacht, sloop9.961 m LOAYachts and Yachting1986/0720
67EnzaIrens, NigelCatamaran92 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1994/0114
3722International MothDinghy, sailing3.355 m LOA 1939Yachts and Yachting1997/1149
560EquipeLaurent, MarcDinghy, sailing13 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1990/0526
78FlyerWhitehead, RolandDinghy, sailing14 ft LOA kit constructionYachts and Yachting1995/0939
2Hunter Horizon 30Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1992/1125
14545Laser 28Farr, BruceYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1986/0933
3727Laser 5000Morrison, PhilDinghy, sailing5 m LOA 1992Yachts and Yachting1997/1151
3720International CanoeCanoe, sailing5.18 m LOA 1946Yachts and Yachting1997/1149
14544Crabber Mk IIDongray, RogerYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1986/09107
14543Rob Roy 23Brewer, TedYacht, yawl23 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1986/09106
558UltraHumphreys, RobYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1989/12100
68B14EBethwaite, JulianDinghy, sailing4.25 m LOAYachts and Yachting1994/0121
3740PegasusFox, UffaDinghy, sailing4.42 m LOA 1958Yachts and Yachting1997/1154
3749SanhopperLee, Oliver JDinghy, sailing5.79 m LOA 1972Yachts and Yachting1997/1157
3710IsoCaig/HowlettDinghy, sailing4.74 m LOA 1993Yachts and Yachting1997/1148
3702EnterpriseHolt, JackDinghy, sailing4.04 m LOA 1956Yachts and Yachting1997/1145
3698Dart 18March, RodneyCatamaran5.49 m LOA 1976Yachts and Yachting1997/1143
42Dart 16Catamaran4.8 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/1295
3759TempestProctor, IanDinghy, sailing6.7 m LOA 1965Yachts and Yachting1997/1165
3756SupernovaGiles, MarkDinghy, sailing4.3 m LOA 1995Yachts and Yachting1997/1161
3684BosunProctor, IanDinghy, sailing4.27 m LOA 1959Yachts and Yachting1997/1139
84Hunter 707Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1995/125
14523Estuary One designGiles, MorganDinghy, sailing18 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1983/0628
2789Dart TSXMarch, RodneyCatamaran5.94 m LOAYachts and Yachting1990/0716
3712Hobie 405Benedict, ChrisDinghy, sailing4.05 m LOA 1992Yachts and Yachting1997/1148
3721International FourteenDinghy, sailing4.27 m LOA 1928Yachts and Yachting1997/1149
5Reflex 21Stimson, ChristianDinghy, sailing6.4 m LOAYachts and Yachting1993/0136
80BH 41Murray, IanYacht, sloop12.5 m LOAYachts and Yachting1995/115
3768SquibLee, OliverDinghy, sailing5.79 m LOA 1967Yachts and Yachting1997/1158
3754SoloHolt, JackDinghy, sailing3.78 m LOA 1956Yachts and Yachting1997/1157
81BuzzHowlett, Ian & Caig, JohnDinghy, sailing4.2 m LOA TopperYachts and Yachting1995/1113
3718FireflyFox, UffaDinghy, sailing3.66 m LOA 1947Yachts and Yachting1997/1146
82Hobie TigerHobie catCatamaran5.51 m LOAYachts and Yachting1995/1213
553EndeavourNicholson, Charles EYacht, sloopJ class restoredYachts and Yachting1989/077
3716FinnSarby, RickardDinghy, sailing4.5 m LOA 1949Yachts and Yachting1997/1146
3717EuropeRoland, AlainDinghy, sailing3.35 m LOA 1961/2Yachts and Yachting1997/1146
75RS600LDC Racing SailboatsDinghy, sailing4.47 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1995/0441
14547Hobie 17Edwards, PhilCatamaran17 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1986/12109
83Raider 18Hawkins, ChrisDinghy, sailing5.56 m LOAYachts and Yachting1995/1219
3715470Cornu, AndreDinghy, sailing4.70 m LOAYachts and Yachting1997/1146
85Comet TrioMorrison, PhilDinghy, sailing15 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1995/129
3758TasarBethwaite, FrankDinghy, sailing4.52 m LOA 1976Yachts and Yachting1997/1165
14548Parker 21G W ParkerYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1986/12123
3723LarkJackson, MikeDinghy, sailing4.065 m LOA 1967Yachts and Yachting1997/1149
2790QIIPocock, MichaelYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1990/0728
3714GullProctor, IanDinghy, sailing3.35 m LOA 1956Yachts and Yachting1997/1147
419Dart HawkLoday, YvesCatamaran5.5 m LOAYachts and Yachting1996/127
2791Wanderer MDProctor, IanDinghy, sailing14 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1990/0732
3760TidewayWalker, L HDinghy, sailing3.77 m LOA 1958Yachts and Yachting1997/1165
3713HeronHolt, JackDinghy, sailing3.429 m LOA 1954Yachts and Yachting1997/1148
14546Lacoste 42S&SYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1986/1130
554Gib'Sea 313Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1989/0932
552Old Mother GunHumphreys, RobYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1989/0736
3825BugRichards, JoeDinghy, sailing2.6 m LOAYachts and Yachting2008/1144
149Hobie TigerHobie CatsCatamaran5.51 m LOA 1995 designYachts and Yachting2003/0637
114Laser StratosThe Laser CentreDinghy, sailing4.94 m LOAYachts and Yachting2001/0225
200StreakerHolt, JackDinghy, sailing3.75 m LOA 1975 designYachts and Yachting2005/0537
3816Elan 380Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop11.34 m LOAYachts and Yachting2008/10100
199First Class 7.5Finot, GroupeYacht, sloop7.49 m LOAYachts and Yachting2005/0539
3818Byte CIIBruce, IanDinghy, sailing3.65 m LOA 1990Yachts and Yachting2008/1084
101Sydney 40Murray, Burns & DovellYacht, sloop12.5 m LOA Admirals Cup contenderYachts and Yachting1998/1133
146370Jones, StephenDinghy, sailing3.8 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/0645
145Harley C-33Corby, JohnYacht, sloop10.06 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/0649
202FireflyFox, UffaDinghy, sailing3.65 m LOA 1946 designYachts and Yachting2005/0641
201SL16Loday, YvesCatamaran4.8 m LOA 2003 designYachts and Yachting2005/0643
32RS VisionMorrison, PhilDinghy, sailing4.6 m LOA 2003Yachts and Yachting2007/0832
150IMX 45Yacht, sloop13.76 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/0637
198Hobie 16 spiAlter, HobieCatamaran5.25 m LOA 1971 designYachts and Yachting2005/0439
151Swan 45Frers, GermanYacht, sloop13.83 m LOA 2001 designYachts and Yachting2003/0733
102Laser EPSLoday, YvesDinghy, sailing4.03 m LOAYachts and Yachting1998/1241
2273OKOlsen, KnudDinghy, sailing4 m LOA 1957Yachts and Yachting2007/0937
153Topper MagnoHowlett & WhiteDinghy, sailing3.94 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/0831
4055Santa Cruz 37Kernan, TimYacht, sloop11.28 m LOAYachts and Yachting2009/0748
4053RS700Peters & SouthonDinghy, sailing4.68 mYachts and Yachting2009/0734
4052Musto SkiffHarpprecht & Ovington BoatsDinghy, sailing4.55 mYachts and Yachting2009/0734
154Beneteau First 27.7FinotYacht, sloop8.85 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/0859
152Sinergia 40Botin & CarkeekYacht, sloop12.1 m LOA 2000 designYachts and Yachting2003/0825
113TopazTopper InternationalDinghy, sailing5.2 - 8.3 m LOAYachts and Yachting2000/1257
3819EuropeRoland, AloisDinghy, sailing3.35 m LOA 1960Yachts and Yachting2008/1084
3820Rooster StreakerHolt, JackDinghy, sailing3.88 m LOAYachts and Yachting2008/1084
3817Laser RadialKirby, BruceDinghy, sailing4.23 m LOA 1971Yachts and Yachting2008/1084
4054ShadowLoday & WhiteCatamaran4.80 mYachts and Yachting2009/0734
103OD 35Humphreys, RobYacht, sailing10.63 m LOAYachts and Yachting1998/1229
148Seaquest 36Reichel-PughYacht, sloop11.0 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/0541
98Sport 14Howlett, IanDinghy, sailing4.58 m LOAYachts and Yachting1998/1045
143Topaz Race XHowlett & WhiteDinghy, sailing3.86 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/0354
258Volvo Extreme 40Loday, YvesCatamaran12.192 m LOAYachts and Yachting2005/1031
207Radio LaserKirby, BruceYacht, model1.05 m LOAYachts and Yachting2005/1033
2089Rogers 46Rogers, SimonYacht, sloop14.02 m LOAYachts and Yachting2007/0349
141Magnum 21VirusboatsTrimaran6.30 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/0247
142Topper BlazeHowlett, IanDinghy, sailing4.2 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/0252
215Sprint 15March, RodneyCatamaran4.54 m LOA 1978 DesignYachts and Yachting2005/1125
208Sigma 33Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop9.88 m LOA 1978 designYachts and Yachting2005/1129
2088Flying 15Fox, UffaDinghy, sailing6.1 m LOA 1947Yachts and Yachting2007/0339
216Seacart 30Lombard, MarcTrimaran9 m LOAYachts and Yachting2005/1223
259Malbec 240Mastracchio, PabloYacht, sloop7.50 m LOAYachts and Yachting2005/1229
117MRXO'Neill, GeoffDinghy, sailing4.27 m LOAYachts and Yachting2001/0643
48RS300Everest, CliveDinghy, sailing4.25 m LOAYachts and Yachting1998/0743
144DragonAnker, JohanYacht, sloop8.7 m LOA 1929Yachts and Yachting2003/0356
257Hurricane 5.9XWhite, RegCatamaran5.9 m LOA 1987 designYachts and Yachting2005/0929
206EnterpriseHolt, JackDinghy, sailing4.4 m LOA 1956 designYachts and Yachting2005/0931
99CruzHowlett, IanDinghy, sailing4.47 m LOAYachts and Yachting1998/1045
100ClassicHowlett, IanDinghy, sailing4.47 m LOAYachts and Yachting1998/1045
147KestrelMorrison, PhilDinghy, sailing4.81 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/0449
204Corby 29Corby, JohnCatamaran8.8 m LOAYachts and Yachting2005/0735
203Laser VagoRichards, JoDinghy, sailing4.20 m LOA 2004 designYachts and Yachting2005/0737
126J-109Yacht, sloop10.75 m LOAYachts and Yachting2002/0341
2626Comet 41SVallicelli, StudioYacht, sloop12.46 m LOAYachts and Yachting2007/1125
255Martin 16Dinghy, sailing4.9 m LOAYachts and Yachting2005/0735
256J/100Johnstone, RodYacht, sloop10 m LOAYachts and Yachting2005/0829
96MX-RayMurnikov, VladDinghy, sailing13 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1998/097
97Inter 20Morelli, GinoCatamaran6.12 m LOAYachts and Yachting1998/0927
116Comet ZeroComet DinghiesDinghy, sailing3.45 m LOAYachts and Yachting2001/0447
205Topaz ZenonHowlett, IanDinghy, sailing4.5 m LOAYachts and Yachting2005/0831
442Prima 38Jones, StephenYacht, sloop11.59 m LOAYachts and Yachting1998/0711
197FinnSarby, RichardDinghy, sailing4.5 m LOA 1949 designYachts and Yachting2005/0327
174Nacra 580Nacra DesignCatamaran5.80 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0639
254Bavaria Match 35J&JYacht, sloop10.79 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0835
3903Melges 20Pugh, ReichelYacht, sloop6.096 m LOAYachts and Yachting2009/0448
3902Shockwave F18Loday, YvesCatamaran5.52 m LOA 2008Yachts and Yachting2009/0438
2265SquibLee, Oliver JDinghy, sailing5.78 m LOAYachts and Yachting2007/0641
2624Artemis 20Simon Rogers & Vizual MarineDinghy, sailing6 m LOAYachts and Yachting2007/0831
31Topaz XenonHowlett, IanDinghy, sailing4.5 m LOA 2005Yachts and Yachting2007/0832
179White Formula 20de Vries, JohnCatamaran6.085 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0933
178Elan 37Humphreys, RorYacht, sloop11.16 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0975
2623Bimare A-classPetrucci, MichelangeloCatamaran5.49 m LOAYachts and Yachting2007/0637
163Stealth F18HTPierce, JohnCatamaran5.5 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0231
172Orion SRDGiles, MarkDinghy, sailing4.66 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/1033
164Mirror RaceHolt & BucknallDinghy, sailing3.3 m LOA 1962 upgradeYachts and Yachting2004/0229
2268Comet TrioMorrison, PhilDinghy, sailing4.6 m LOA 1995Yachts and Yachting2007/0832
177Topaz OmegaWhite & HowlettDinghy, sailing4.7 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0865
166Lymington PramBran, Claridge & SandersDinghy, sailing4.42 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0331
165Hobie TwixxyHobie Cat EuropeCatamaran4.38 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0343
173Dufour 40Felci, UmbertoYacht, sloop12.3 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0637
170RS VisionMorrison, PhilDinghy, sailing4.55 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0541
169SplashWester & de RidderDinghy, sailing3.55 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0551
175Beneteau First 44.7FarrYacht, sloop13.37 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0735
167J/133Johnstone, Al & RodYacht, sloop13.11 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0441
168GP14Holt, JackDinghy, sailing2.27 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0433
106Westerly 33Dubois, EdYacht, sloop10.15 m LOAYachts and Yachting1999/127
107StealthPierce, JohnDinghy, sailing5.05 m LOAYachts and Yachting1999/129
171RS EliteRS RacingYacht, sloop7.3 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0729
176Manta EquationGorton, IanDinghy, sailing4.75 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0743
3813Nacra 500 SportNacraCatamaran5 m LOAYachts and Yachting2007/0743
3812Hobie 15 ClubHobieCatamaran4.95 m LOAYachts and Yachting2007/0743
2266Legend 27XHenderson, GlenYacht, sloop8.33 m LOAYachts and Yachting2007/0743
162GalaxyGiles, MarkDinghy, sailing4.88 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0135
1051D 35One-Design LLCYacht, sloop10.7 m LOAYachts and Yachting1999/0863
192Dufour 34Felci, UmbertoYacht, sloop10.6 m LOAYachts and Yachting2005/0143
193PhantomWright & TaylorDinghy, sailing4.42 m LOA 1971 designYachts and Yachting2005/0137
157FireballMilne, PeterDinghy, sailing4.93 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/1037
3841Melges 32Pugh, ReichelYacht, sloop9.7 m LOAYachts and Yachting2008/1250
156Comet VersaSimmons, AndyDinghy, sailing3.96 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/1035
2272LaserKirby, BruceDinghy, sailing4.23 m LOA 1971Yachts and Yachting2007/0934
2274SoloHolt, JackDinghy, sailing3 78 m LOA 1956Yachts and Yachting2007/0935
2247Bolero 25Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop7.8 m LOA 1979Yachts and Yachting2007/0933
2625Delphia 24Skrzat, AndrzejYacht, sloop7.3 m LOAYachts and Yachting2007/0943
194Bavaria Match 42Yacht, sloop12.46 m LOAYachts and Yachting2005/0233
195Backman 21Backman, HansDinghy, sailing6.6 m LOAYachts and Yachting2005/0247
155Dragoon XtremeHobie CatCatamaran3.91 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/0932
2263Elan 340Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop9.99 m LOAYachts and Yachting2007/0451
252Nacra BlastComyn, AlainCatamaran4.80 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/1125
253Bavaria Match 38Peterson, DougYacht, sloop11.36 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/1129
3840Topaz 16 CXLoday & WhiteCatamaran4.72 m LOAYachts and Yachting2008/1242
161Devon YawlMorrison, PhilYacht, yawl4.87 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0133
160DK 46Mills DesignYacht, sloop14.1 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/0133
181OrionGiles, MarkDinghy, sailing4.66 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/1033
180SoloHolt, JackDinghy, sailing3.78 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/1029
112Laser VortexRichards, JoCatamaran4.2 m LOAYachts and Yachting2000/0711
159Dragonfly 920 ExtremeQuorning BoatsTrimaran11.1 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/1241
158Lymington ScowClaridge, JohnDinghy, sailing3.44 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/1231
10429erBethwaite, JulianDinghy, sailing4.45 m LOAYachts and Yachting1999/0721
182Club 1720Key Yachting LtdYacht, sloop8 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/1125
2264LarkJackson, MikeDinghy, sailing4.45 m LOA 1966Yachts and Yachting2007/0541
3842RS600FFEverest & PetersDinghy, sailing5.04 m LOAYachts and Yachting2008/1232
183LaserKirby, BruceDinghy, sailing4.23 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/1231
184Byte CIIBruce, IanDinghy, sailing3.65 m LOAYachts and Yachting2004/1237
196Zoom 8Segerkrantz, HenrikDinghy, sailing2.65 m LOA 1991 designYachts and Yachting2005/0329
262470Cornu, AndreDinghy, sailing4.7 m LOA 1963 designYachts and Yachting2006/0239
4102A31ArchambaultYacht, sloop9.55 m LOAYachts and Yachting2009/1047
137Topper TazWhite, RobDinghy, sailing2.95 m LOAYachts and Yachting2002/1129
129FunboatLaser CentreCatamaran3.90 m LOAYachts and Yachting2002/0611
3642SwallowThorneycroft, TomDinghy, sailing7.77 m 1946Yachts and Yachting2008/0537
123ButtercupYacht, sloop35 ft LOA 1886 BroadsYachts and Yachting2002/0159
4120Vampire M20Marstrom, GoranCatamaran6.1 m LOAYachts and Yachting2009/1134
124FirebirdRichardson, RobinYacht, sloop33 ft LOA 1996 BroadsYachts and Yachting2002/0159
122Beneteau 36.7Farr, BruceYacht, sloop10.98 m LOAYachts and Yachting2002/0129
3788X-34Yacht, sloop10.36 m LOAYachts and Yachting2008/0737
2618AlbacoreFox, UffaDinghy, sailing4.59 m LOA 1954Yachts and Yachting2006/0931
2087Topcat K3Enzmann, KlausCatamaran4.92 m LOAYachts and Yachting2007/0225
2657RMW 257Carabelli, HoracioYacht, sloop7.8 m LOAYachts and Yachting2008/0137
43Topper BlazeTopper InternationalDinghy, sailing4.2 m LOAYachts and Yachting1998/0113
4100Graduate, RoosterWyche, DickDinghy, sailing3.82 m LOA 1952Yachts and Yachting2009/1031
4121Hunter SonataThomas, DavidYacht, sloop6.9 m LOA c. 1979Yachts and Yachting2009/1144
4101F18Hobie Cat CentreCatamaran5.48 m LOAYachts and Yachting2009/1036
2619Contessa 32Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop9.75 m LOA 1970Yachts and Yachting2006/1025
3641CadetHolt, JackDinghy, sailing3.22 m 1947Yachts and Yachting2008/0443
138Nacra 18Comyn, AlainMultihull5.52 m LOAYachts and Yachting2002/1295
46Laser 2000The Laser CentreDinghy, sailing4.44 m LOAYachts and Yachting1998/0449
3643Astus 14.1Valet, StephanMultihull4.18 m 2007Yachts and Yachting2008/0537
3644Bahia, LaserRichards, JoDinghy, sailing4.6 m 2007Yachts and Yachting2008/0533
121RS VareoWadham, MartinDinghy, sailing4.25 m LOAYachts and Yachting2001/1211
209RS500Morrison, PhilDinghy, sailing4.34 m LOAYachts and Yachting2006/0635
3814Wind Whisper, Mirror Mk3Morrison & HoltDinghy, sailing3.3 m LOA 1963/2007Yachts and Yachting2008/0251
131Laser SB3The Laser CentreDinghy, sailing6.1 m LOAYachts and Yachting2002/0825
132Shearwater CatProut, Roland & FrancisCatamaran17 ft LOA 1956Yachts and Yachting2002/0855
134JS 9000Swarbrick, JohnYacht, sloop9.125 m LOAYachts and Yachting2002/0878
3673Q'baHandley, PaulDinghy, sailing3.53 m LOAYachts and Yachting2008/0629
133TornadoMarch, RodneyCatamaran6.09 m LOA RebuildYachts and Yachting2002/0834
287Pronavia 38Stimson, ChristianYacht, sloop11.58 m LOAYachts and Yachting2007/0129
119SpitfireLoday & WhiteCatamaran5 m LOAYachts and Yachting2001/0827
120Crusader Sports TriMorrison, PhilTrimaran6.10 m LOAYachts and Yachting2001/1178
13659erBethwaite DesignsDinghy, sailing4.80 m LOAYachts and Yachting2002/1017
44Dragonfly 920Quorning BoatsTrimaran9.2 m LOAYachts and Yachting1998/02119
4154X-treme 25Lutra Design GroupYacht, sloop7.83 m LOAYachts and Yachting2009/1241
4153Hobie WildcatFischer, MartinCatamaran5.51 m LOAYachts and Yachting2009/1233
3815Meteor Pogo 1Chantier Naval StructuresYacht, sloop6.5 m LOAYachts and Yachting2008/0637
130ShadowLoday & WhiteCatamaran4.80 m LOAYachts and Yachting2002/0717
3640YnglingLinge, JanDinghy, sailing6.35 m LOAYachts and Yachting2008/0335
4155Airis, GP42Carkeek, BotinYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachts and Yachting2009/1280
135Comet RaceMorrison, PhilDinghy, sailing4.27 m LOAYachts and Yachting2002/0915
2620OspreyMorrison & ProctorDinghy, sailing5.35 m LOA 1953Yachts and Yachting2006/1127
128RS700Peters & SouthonDinghy, sailing4.68 m LOAYachts and Yachting2002/0433
2627Merlin RocketHolt, IanDinghy, sailing4.27 m LOAYachts and Yachting2007/1229
286X-35Jeppesen, NielsYacht, sloop10.61 m LOAYachts and Yachting2007/0145
45J/90Hall SparsYacht, sloop30 ft LOA Carbon Rocket RangeYachts and Yachting1998/0317
47Beneteau 40.7Yacht, sloop11.99 m LOAYachts and Yachting1998/0621
4098Devoti D-OneMorrison,PhilDinghy, sailing4.23 m LOAYachts and Yachting2009/0931
4099J/97Johnstone, AlYacht, sloop9.65 m LOAYachts and Yachting2009/0947
127Ker 11.3Ker, JasonYacht, sloop11.44 m LOAYachts and Yachting2002/0339
118Hobie FX OneColby & BoothCatamaran5.25 m LOAYachts and Yachting2001/0733
2621J/124J-BoatsYacht, sloop12.4 m LOAYachts and Yachting2006/1133
260First 21.7BeneteauYacht, sloop6.4 m LOAYachts and Yachting2006/0135
140FevaHandley, PaulDinghy, sailing3.64 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/0121
2622Sprint 750Corsair MarineTrimaran5.5 m LOA 2005Yachts and Yachting2006/1231
2086Archambault 35Nivelt, JoubertYacht, sloop10 59 m LOA 2005Yachts and Yachting2006/1231
115Musto Performance SkiffHarpprecht, JoachimDinghy, sailing4.55 m LOAYachts and Yachting2001/0335
3792Topaz 14Loday-WhiteCatamaran4.25 m LOA 2007Yachts and Yachting2008/0849
125RSK6LDC Racing SailboatsDinghy, sailing5.8 m LOAYachts and Yachting2002/0291
261CapricornFischer, MartinCatamaran1.01 m LOAYachts and Yachting2006/0129
3789Weta 4.4Kitchen, Roger & ChrisTrimaran4.4 m LOAYachts and Yachting2008/0833
139Elan 31Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop9.2 m LOAYachts and Yachting2003/0123
14374BonitoPearson Bros.Dinghy, sailing15 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1971/03693
14419SquibLee, OliverDinghy, sailing19 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1974/111241
14314CondorMazzotti, JohnCatamaran17 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1969/08268
14315Rapier 3800Cox & Haswell LtdMotor39 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1969/08343
14313Trintellavan de Stadt, E GYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1969/08246
14414Cornish CrabberDongray, RogerYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1974/09587
14416Tango 23Kelsall, DerekTrimaran23 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1974/09595
14415Maxi 95Petterson, PelleYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1974/09590
517Blue CharmIllingworth & PrimroseYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1960/071346
586Ceol MaraBuchanan, AlanYacht, ketch20 tonnerYachts and Yachting1960/081534
14298StenvisKoopmans, DYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1963/0127
14412WarbirdTrower, GordonYacht, sloop20 ft LOA Radical designYachts and Yachting1974/07174
14318Sea Laughter IIILaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, ketch62 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1969/10828
14413Ebblake IVLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop20 ft LWLYachts and Yachting1974/07177
14316VegaBrohall, PerYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1969/10818
588Reed BuntingMartins, R MYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1960/091611
587Ocean CommanderAlden, JohnMotor67 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1960/091613
14418MiracleHolt, JackDinghy, sailing13 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1974/111238
14417SwampfireMull, GaryYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1974/111174
14297HolmanYacht, yawl36 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1960/05778
14431GB IIIKelsall, DerekTrimaran80 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1975/03600
14432AllegroManders, JDinghy, sailing20 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1975/03700
14295Clark, RobertYacht, yawl23 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1960/03528
14429Nelson/Elvstrom Super MSElvstromYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1975/02398
14428BallyhooMiller, BobYacht, sloop72 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1975/02396
14427MinionNierop, R A CYacht, chinese22 ft LOA Kingfisher 20Yachts and Yachting1975/02324
14430Ohlson 35Ohlson, EinarYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1975/02407
14423Nicholson 70Wall, RaymondYacht, ketch70 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1975/0149
14426PirateProctor, IanYacht, sloop17 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1975/0183
14425McGruer 075McGruerYacht, sloop10.5 m LOAYachts and Yachting1975/0176
14424BulletMilne, PeterDinghy, sailing14 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1975/0169
14296AssegaiClark, RobertYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1960/04701
14312HotspurCallaghan, KeithDinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1969/07148
14421Midshipman 36Luders, Bill JnrYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1974/12146
14420Albin 79Magnusson, RolfYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1974/12137
14422FoxhoundFox, UffaYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1974/12150
14411Hunter EuropaLee, OliverYacht, sloop19 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1974/061535
14410701Lee, OliverYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1974/061532
14322Offshore 8 Metrevan de Stadt, E GYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1969/1296
14596Mirror 14Holt, JackDinghy, sailing14 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1969/12114
14656SiroccoPrimrose, AngusYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1974/0177
14399King's Cruiser 33Petterson, PelleYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1974/0180
14655TachyonMull, GaryYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1973/111087
14654LB 26Yacht, ketch26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1973/10969
4020OptimistMills, ClarkDinghy, sailing8 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1962/11924
14653ViragoMilne, PeterDinghy, sailing22 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1973/09756
342FanfareEckford, AlanYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1962/11787
14652SchizofranticBrasted, RobertYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1973/08300
346MirandaLeather, JohnYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1961/02262
14651Fjord MS33Amble, EivindYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1973/0784
14650Tangovan Dine, PeterDinghy, sailing15 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1973/0782
343Fair MaidA Mylne & CoWorkboat36 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1962/11788
4015East Anglian Restricted classBuchanan, AlanYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1962/11854
14647PreludeProctor, IanYacht, sloop19 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1973/061725
14400Kiwi 24Holland, RonYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1974/02434
345PhyleneParker, Frederik RYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1961/0162
14321IroquoisMacalpine-Downie, J RCatamaran30 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1969/11979
14409High TensionHumphreys, RobertYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1974/051424
14407FTKelsall, DerekTrimaran35 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1974/051110
14408ChartreuseThomas, DavidYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1974/051270
590Andel :AssociatesYacht, ketch31 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1960/111993
589BorrascaCibert, Pablo AYacht, yawl35 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1960/111925
14319HedonistCamper & NicholsonYacht, motor84 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1969/10830
14317Vivacity 650Stephenson,PeterYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1969/10824
344HurricaneMilne, PeterYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1962/12204
14403TequillaHarle, PhilippeYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1974/04857
14404Flush PokerAnderson MarineYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1974/04859
14406SupernovaJones, StephenYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1974/04880
591Alfred Mylne & CoMotor29 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1960/122059
14405Folie DouceAnderson MarineYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1974/04861
14402The Midnight SpecialHumphreys, RobertYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1974/03758
14401CherubSpencer, JohnDinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1974/03732
14320Cox 32Piver, ArthurTrimaran33 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1969/11915
4016Contest classLayten, G J MYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1962/11854
573Camper & NicolsonYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1959/02231
14301Morag MajorMylne, AlfredDinghy, sailing18 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1963/051014
14288CaritaClark, RobertYacht171 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1959/05686
14289MouetteRowland, John TYacht, ketch26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1959/05708
14211T31Thompson, GuyYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1969/03730
14447Prospect of PonsonbyFarr, BruceYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1976/0146
14300MistressTucker, RobertYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1963/05928
14448TasarBethwaite & BruceDinghy, sailing15 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1976/0166
14208Contest 27Coneyplex N VYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1969/03584
14210CrusadeStephens, OlinYacht, sloop62 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1969/03617
14449StreakerHolt, JackDinghy, sailing13 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1976/0168
14446H BoatGroop, HansYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1975/121287
14209NavahoMacalpine-Downie, J RCatamaran46 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1969/03604
14212Hurley 18Anderson, IanYacht, sloop19 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1969/04947
14309AmazonThames Marine LtdMotor31 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1969/051168
14290TomisMcGruerYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1959/07995
14444ScampMilne, PeterDinghy, sailing8 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1975/10858
14450Nordic FamilyboatKjaerulff & ElvstromYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1976/04781
569Echo classClark, RobertYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1963/061303
14286Rayner, F WYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1959/04550
572Brooke Marine LtdMotor40 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1959/02187
14303SovereignBoyd, DavidYacht, sloop12 metreYachts and Yachting1963/07151
14204Matelot 20Dickinson, PaulMotor20 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1968/12118
14202ProctorProctor, IanDinghy, sailing15 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1968/12116
14200Coronado Club 25Butler, FrankYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1968/1290
14203WildfireProctor, IanDinghy, sailing17 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1968/12119
14201Deacon 33Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1968/12115
14206VulcanMilne, PeterDinghy, sailing17 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1969/0173
574Vale of YorkLaurent GilesYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1959/03402
575Camper & NicolsonYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1959/03400
14205RivalBrett, PeterYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1969/0150
14207TridentHill, AlanYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1969/01173
14302Rose RamblerLaurent Giles & PartnerYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1963/061394
14287Buchanan, AlanYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1959/04551
568Pacemaker 29Port Hamble LtdMotor29 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1963/061302
576TheaLaurent GilesYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1959/04478
577PleonieLeather, JohnYacht, cutter24 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1959/081173
14443FireflyFox, UffaDinghy, sailing12-foot One DesignYachts and Yachting1975/10852
14440Seal 27Primrose, AngusYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1975/07162
14294Express CruiserHaswell, DerekMotor36 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1959/1259
585DeborineAlden, JohnYacht, yawl39 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1959/121577
584Fantasy IITough Bros.Motor40 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1959/121580
14311SalarLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, ketch39 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1969/061440
14310Invicta Mk IIvan de Stadt, E GYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1969/061315
14439NovaBethwaite, FrankDinghy, sailing15 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1975/061436
516PeregrineProctor, IanDinghy, sailing19 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1963/02197
14436DeceptionMull, GaryYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1975/051059
14437Mull. GaryYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1975/051060
14438CatalacWinterbottom, JohnCatamaran30 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1975/051077
515FerrochA Mylne & Co.Motor40 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1963/02196
565Pioneervan de StadtYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1963/02288
566PankinaRayner, Walter FYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1963/02290
14435Anaconda IIBuchanan, AlanYacht, ketch82 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1975/04940
14434Nicholson 33Holland, RonYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1975/04847
14485HammerElvstrom, PaulDinghy, sailing22 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1979/031024
582FeliseCamper & NiclosonYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1959/111524
583Proctor & WilsonDinghy, sailing12 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1959/111522
14308Maltings MarinerHill, AlanDinghy, sailing18 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1969/051048
14445M&WDubois, EdwardYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1975/10959
578DanegeldCheverton, DavidYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1959/091233
579AnitraSparkman & StevensYacht, yawl48 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1959/091297
14442Yeoman XXPeterson, DougYacht, sloopTwo TonnerYachts and Yachting1975/09647
14307SkipperMilne, PeterDinghy, sailing14 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1969/051045
567ScimitarLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop20 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1963/03377
580Brooke MarineMotor37 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1959/101416
581SuiviFreeman, RegYacht, yawl37 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1959/101411
14299OutlawIllingworth & PrimroseYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1963/03569
14293DanielleThorneycroftMotor28 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1959/101366
14292La Vie En RoseHolman, KimYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1959/101364
14291FreelanderLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, motor70 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1959/101362
14214Windy 24Linge JanMotor24 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1969/051052
14213Elizabethan 23Webster, PeterYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1969/051034
14441SamphireCannell, David MYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1975/07163
14433UFO 34Ardleigh Laminated PlasticsYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1975/04846
4005Spurn classvan de Stadt, E GYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1961/03453
14198Trintella 35van de Stadt, E GYacht, ketch35 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1970/061418
14395Moody 44Laurent Giles & PartnersYacht, ketch44 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1972/01100
14392SortilegeDufour, MichelYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1972/0197
338My Fair LadyRayner, WalterYacht, ketch38 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1962/07161
337Cinder classTyler Boat CoYacht, yawl22 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1962/0739
336Spurn classvan de Stadt, E GYacht, yawl21 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1962/0738
14391PelicanShort, WilliamDinghy, sailing12 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1971/11954
526Kiwi IIA Milne & Co.Motor34 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1961/11870
14389Sailor 23Laurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1971/10745
14390Fisher 30David Skellon Yachts Ltd.Yacht, ketch30 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1971/10775
14342Brigand 750Camper & NicholsonYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1970/08378
14343Legendvan de Stadt, E GYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1970/08472
14341OceanicO'Brien, BillYacht, ketch30 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1970/08361
14344Aristocat 30Musto, Robin & Shaw, KenCatamaran31 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1970/09557
561KillicrankieParker, FredYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1961/12106
528GypsyWarrington-Smyth, RYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1961/12103
527Caravel Mark IICheverton, DavidYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1961/12955
14394EclipseProctor, IanYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1972/0199
14393PreludeProctor, IanYacht, sloop19 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1972/0198
383AllegroWestell, JohnYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1961/10640
14499GarlandJones, Francis JYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1972/061452
14494New HustlerHolman & PyeYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1972/051157
14371Elizabethan 30Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1971/02411
4012Snapdragon classThomas Structural Plastics LtdYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1962/08252
339Viking of MerseaBuchanan, AlanYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1962/08371
14495Endurance 35Ibold, PeterYacht, ketch39 ft LOA Ferro-cementYachts and Yachting1972/051161
14496Bradwell 18Ferguson Bros.Yacht, sloop19 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1972/051302
14497Laser classKirby, BruceDinghy, sailing14 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1972/051330
14498Macwester 27MacwesterYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1972/051332
14493ChampJones, StephenYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1972/041060
14339Macwester RowanMacwester MarineYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1970/07159
14340MarlinProctor, IanDinghy, sailing13 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1970/07264
14398JavelinParker, Frederick RYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1972/02513
14397New WorldSpencer, JohnSchooner69 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1972/02500
14396Macwester WightRoy, C S JYacht, ketch31 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1972/02385
443Humming BirdGoode, PhilipYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1961/10720
14388T.S. RoyalistMudie, ColinBrig78 ft LOA Sail Training ShipYachts and Yachting1971/08456
14386K 40Knox-Johnston MarineMotor40 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1971/0736
14380SamouraiBigoin, MYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1971/051124
14382TomahawkHill, AlanYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1971/051303
14367Skipper 17Milne, PeterDinghy, sailing17 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1971/01108
14378AchillesButler, ChrisYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1971/04897
317Elizabethan 29 classHolman, C RYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1962/05907
316Troll classYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1962/05907
14379Snapdragon 600Thames MarineYacht, sloop20 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1971/041021
314Show BoatVosper LtdMotor45 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1962/04794
14369Harris 33Harris, RobertTrimaran33 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1971/01196
315TeneriffeFox, UffaYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1962/04797
14368SeadriftNorman Pearn & Co.Yacht, sloop20 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1971/01183
335BloodhoundNicholson, Charles EYacht, yawl63 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1962/051070
14373C & C 35Cuthbertson & Cassian Ltd.Yacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1971/03675
14372SealPrimrose, AngusYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1971/02513
14375BobbinDinghy, sailing9 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1971/03694
14377LeapButler, JohnYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1971/03781
313FireballMilne, PeterDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1962/03560
312Island BlossomLeather, JohnYacht, gaffer18 ft LOA winkle brigYachts and Yachting1962/03396
14381C.S. 22Butler, JohnYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1971/051301
14387TikiS.B.P.I.Dinghy, sailing13 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1971/07256
520Ballerina IITucker, RobertYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1962/061388
4010Signet classProctor, IanDinghy, sailing12 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1962/061302
4011Silver Streak classWright, PaulDinghy, sailing14 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1962/061302
4009Seaview Mermaid classRobb, ArthurYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1962/061193
14346Nantucket ClipperBuchanan, AlanYacht, yawl32 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1970/10883
14345Ocean BirdHonnor MarineTrimaran30 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1970/10781
14384HornblowerCallaghan, KeithYacht, sloopMerlin Rocket DesignYachts and Yachting1971/061518
14383BuccaneerSpencer, JohnYacht, cutter73 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1971/061412
14347FreewardIves, RobertYacht, sloop30 ft LOA Double-enderYachts and Yachting1970/11979
14348SunspotHoward, Arthur CDinghy, sailing15 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1970/111055
14370Tankard 23Tankard, BrianYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1971/01283
14349TrumpeterKelsall, DerekTrimaran44 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1971/0185
14366Alacrity 670Yacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1971/01107
14385Vivacity 24Hill, Alan FYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1971/061530
14350CuilaunMcGruer, GeorgeYacht, ketch55 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1971/0194
14376NarainaMylne, AYacht, ketchYachts and Yachting1971/03772
347Pearson 27MacLear & HarrisMotor27 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1961/03582
14610TamariskCannell, David MYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1973/041132
14606VictoriaHerreshoff, L FrancisYacht72 ft LOA Replica of 1935 TiconderogaYachts and Yachting1973/03762
14605QuartoThomas, DavidYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1973/03722
14607Mach 1Trower, GordonYacht29 ft LOA Radical designYachts and Yachting1973/03878
4018TeneriffeFox, UffaYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1962/11922
14598Nicholson 26Camper & NicholsonYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1970/01173
14602SeteWall, RaymondYacht, ketch64 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1973/02450
14186CentaurLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1970/02373
14604HarrierCallaghan, KeithDinghy, sailing14 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1973/02553
14187SylpheDufour, MichelYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1970/02489
14601GinkgoMiller, BobYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1973/02414
14189HirondelleIves,RobertYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1970/03765
14507Hurley 24/70Anderson, IanYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1973/0173
14188Halcyon 23Buchanan, AlanYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1970/03609
14600QT GTThompson, GuyYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1973/01306
371Gypsy Moth IIIClark, RobertYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1961/0514
14609Contessa 32Yacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1973/041002
14611PhantomWright, PaulDinghy, sailing14 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1973/041146
14608Commander 31Kjaerulf, JanYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1973/04996
4017DragonflyBuchanan, AlanYacht, sloop18 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1962/11855
348Glass Slippervan de Stadt, E GYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1961/03583
4006Sprite classStone, Robert NDinghy, sloop14 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1961/03456
4019Stanley Ten classBowman, KenDinghy, sailing10 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1962/11924
14649Ericson 37Mull, GaryYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1973/061732
4007Juno classvan de Stadt, E GYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1961/03456
14648Pandora Internationalvan de Stadt, E GYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1973/061728
14646BrainstormO'Brien Kennedy, GYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1973/061584
14645Ruffian 23Brown, BillyYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1973/051478
14597She 31Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1970/0160
14612LightningSparkman & StephensYacht, sloop38 ft LOA Admirals CupYachts and Yachting1973/051274
14644CharismaSparkman & StephensYacht, sloop56 ft LOA Admirals CupYachts and Yachting1973/051276
4008Holman 26Holman, KimYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1961/04739
350Rapier 3600Cox & HaswellMotor36 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1961/04837
349Holman 26Holman, KimYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1961/04739
14613Salty GooseDerecktor, BobYacht, sloop54 ft LOA Admirals CupYachts and Yachting1973/051275
369CarrucaWestrell, JohnYacht, yawl33 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1961/0512
373Blue CharmIlingworth & PrimroseYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1961/0515
14502Ocean Bird Mk IIWestrell, JohnTrimaran30 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1972/10915
14501NAB 35Yacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1972/10801
14191T27Thompson, GuyYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1970/04993
14500BESElvstrom, PaulYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1972/09564
14192Philcraft 23Parker, Frederick RMotor22 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1970/041028
14196Deb 33Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1970/051297
14195AustralisCatamaran18 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1970/051252
341Dragonfly classBuchanan, AlanYacht, sloop18 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1962/09442
518Ski - Sail classChippendale BoatsDinghy, sailing14 ftbLOAYachts and Yachting1962/09534
519Fireball classMilne, PeterDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1962/09534
340Finesse classYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1962/09442
381King's classYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1961/0739
382Stormvogelde Stadt, Illingworth & GilesYacht, ketch75 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1961/07152
14194FlipperBruum, PeterDinghy, sailing13 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1970/051146
14193Sabre 27Marine Construction (Woolston) LtdYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1970/051117
563ChismePrimrose, AngusYacht, sloopHalf ton cup designYachts and Yachting1972/061676
14190Jog CapriceArcoa-Jouet-LanaverreYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1970/04877
14504Mull, GaryYacht, sloop37 ft LOA Trans-pac contenderYachts and Yachting1972/111009
380Morag classMylne & Co.Dinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1961/061371
370Game FishernanCox & HaswellMotor35 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1961/0514
368Laurent Giles & PartnersYacht, yawl67 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1961/05952
375DanegeldCheverton & PartnersYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1961/0516
376CalypsoTrumanYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1961/0517
377EclipseWestrell, JohnYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1961/0517
374JancyMylne. AYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1961/0516
372The AlbatrossBuchanan, AlanYacht, ketch42 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1961/0515
14506Gull Mk IIProctor, IanDinghy, sailing11 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1973/0163
14508Odd JobJones, StephenYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1973/01184
14599Flying ListangFeltz BrothersYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1973/01288
4014Eventide classGriffiths, MauriceYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1962/10687
14505Etap 22van de Stadt, E GYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1972/121206
4013Princess classAas. BjarneYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1962/10687
14503Halcyon Clipper 27Buchanan, AlanYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1972/111005
378FiferMiller, James NYacht, ketch31 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1961/061169
379Spring TimeHolman, KimYacht, yawlYachts and Yachting1961/061261
14197Green LadyMudie, ColinTrimaran80 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1970/061402
14199JavelinMilne, PeterDinghy, sailing18 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1968/11892
14479Hustler 32Jones, StephenYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1979/0159
14353Sailmaster 22Sparkman & StevensYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1966/051101
599Rover classWestell, JohnDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1964/051095
14625Silhouette Mark IIIHurley Marine Ltd.Yacht, sloop17 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1967/07187
14477GemHumphreys, RobYacht, sloop18 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1978/101172
14628Sol-Questvan de Stadt, E GYacht, ketch53 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1967/08377
14515FlyerFrers, German JnrYacht, sloop65 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1981/0573
14553CorsairLevi, RenatoMotor27 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1964/04847
14626Kestrel 22Jones, FrancisYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1967/08265
14627VikingMilne, PeterDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1967/08374
14323Alumaatvan de Stadt, E GYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1967/09480
14275Boston VanguardVosper LtdFishing127 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1958/0154
14352Gipsy IIWarrington Smyth RYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1966/04996
14272Buchanan, AlanYacht, motor108 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1957/121106
14271CricketNielson, K AageYacht, yawl41 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1957/121050
14273BelmoreAero MarineYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1957/121107
14269CorabiaClark, RobertYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1957/11982
14270SusannaLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, yawl48 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1957/111020
14513PoacherRichardson, WYacht, ketch21 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1981/0256
14622Unicorn A classMazzotti, JohnCatamaran18 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1967/051303
14478StatosphereBarker, DavidCatamaran60 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1978/1294
14556GhostGregory, Gregory CDinghy, sailing15 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1964/111224
14558NimblePiver, ArthurTrimaran30 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1964/111232
14560PatraParker, Frederick RYacht, motor105 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1964/111330
14623MarauderOwensMotor27 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1967/061406
14514MeteorWelbourn, Hugh BDinghy, sailing18 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1981/0488
14624LamadineLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, ketch97 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1967/061415
14274G Prout & SonsCatamaran36 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1957/121114
14276Cecelia JEldredge-McInnes Inc.Schooner82 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1958/0193
14277Half-OG L Watson & Co.Yacht, motor67 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1958/0194
14587RabbitCarter, DickYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1966/04790
595New BlossomLeather, JohnYacht, sloop19 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1966/04875
14554SwordsmanHunt, RayMotor33 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1964/08618
14563Westell, JohnYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1965/0180
14328ArpegeDufour, MichelYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1967/111114
14279Buchanan, AlanYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1958/03301
14278Goode, PhilipMotor22 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1958/03300
14561Elizabethan 35Holman, KimYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1965/0177
14326Drascombe LuggerWatkinson, JohnFishing18 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1967/111034
14552AraraiCibert, PabloYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1964/02336
14517Hawke SurfcatHawke, P & LCatamaran13 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1981/0852
14584VegaLanger, RYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1966/03456
14470CherubDeeley, BillDinghy, sailing12 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1978/03835
14472Gunboat RangiririFarr, BruceYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1978/061820
14564Fire DancerHolman, KimYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1965/0182
14473Carter LunaCarter, DickYacht, ketch50 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1978/061967
14586AjaxLee, OliverYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1966/04781
14516Sadler 29Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1981/0644
14476Impala 28Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1978/09174
14475National 18Proctor, IanDinghy, sailing18 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1978/09170
14351Ballerina IITucker, RobertYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1966/04994
14324Jaunty 24Jones, FrancisMotor24 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1967/09482
14565Hamble O.D.Parker, Frederick RYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1965/0184
596JavelinMilne, PeterDinghy, sailing18 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1966/04892
14474TopperProctor, IanDinghy, sailing11 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1978/08460
14325NomadWesterly MarineYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1967/111026
14659TimexCharles, DanielProa56 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1980/031042
14562Oyster classLeather, JohnDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1965/0178
14471TS 790M&WYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1978/03979
14480Tilsalg/BremenHolland, RonYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1979/02384
14555BluefinTaylor, J SFishing39 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1964/101117
14590NeptuneBuchanan, AlanYacht, ketch33 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1966/1264
14589Morgan Giles 30Morgan Giles Ltd.Yacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1966/1272
14592EstuaryThames Structural Plastics LtdDinghy, sailing18 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1966/1266
14660Club 16Stewart, AndrewYacht, sloop17 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1980/041242
14661International EuropeRoland, AloisDinghy, sailing11 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1980/041243
14662AustraliaLexcen & ValentjenYacht, sloopAmericas CupYachts and Yachting1980/041374
14591TL 90Tucker, RobertYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1966/1265
14594Northney 34HolmanYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1967/01106
14354Caravel Mk IICheverton, DavidYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1966/061340
14510Yamaha 33Yacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1980/12147
14511Limbo 9.9Stewart, AndrewYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1980/12147
14658American ExpressWylie, TomYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1980/02650
14663Colvic Countess 33Anderson, IanYacht, ketch33 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1980/051613
14364Ocean RangerG Prout & Sons Ltd.CatamaranYachts and Yachting1966/11938
14588A Mylne & Co.Yacht, ketch40 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1966/111034
598KennebecLagner, R MMotor43-52 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1964/101054
597Rehua MoanaG Prout & Sons LtdCatamaran42 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1964/101049
14358Dame PattieHood, WarwickYacht, sloop66 ft LOA Americas CupYachts and Yachting1966/09670
14357Watonia IIA Mylne & Co.Yacht, motor64 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1966/09655
14359Islander 23Wakefield, L A DYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1966/10734
14363GoosanderThompson, GuyYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1966/10920
14362Snapdragon Twenty-SixThames Structural Plastics Ltd.Yacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1966/10846
14360Shetland CruiserA Mylne & Co.Yacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1966/10832
14361Mirror SixteenHolt, JackDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1966/10843
14509Sea FalconMacalpine-Downie, RodCatamaran70 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1980/1153
14664SunfishTen Cate SportsDinghy, sailing14 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1980/061926
14365BluejeanRhodes, PhilipYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1966/111016
14355ClarionetSparkman & StephensYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1966/061462
14559SnapdragonThames Structural Plastics LtdYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1964/111329
14593Parker, Frederick RYacht, motor130 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1967/01104
14617IntrepidSparkman & StevensYacht, sloopTwelve metreYachts and Yachting1967/03772
14615FinisterreKnights, JackYacht,sloop23 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1967/03470
14620Westerly 28Butler, JohnYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1967/04895
14489Hunter MediumThomas, DavidYacht, sloop20 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1979/061896
14621Etoile De MerGraham & Woolnough Ltd.Yacht, motor72 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1967/041011
14488Phantom WakeProut, RolandCatamaran40 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1979/051720
14487Laser IIBethwaite, FrankDinghy, sailing14 ft LWLYachts and Yachting1979/041362
14486WoodstockHudson, JonathanDinghy, sailingNational 18Yachts and Yachting1979/041164
14619HalberdierHill, AlanYacht, ketch36 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1967/04893
14483TyphoonKelsall & WoodTrimaran25 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1979/03712
14482Eastcountryman 33Winch, PaulYacht, gaff, ketch33 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1979/03712
14484France 3Valentijn, JohanYacht, sloop66 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1979/031022
14490Sigma 33Thomas DavidYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1979/08380
14618Channel classKemrock (Fibreglass) Ltd.Yacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1967/03778
14491Seawolf 26Feltham, DavidYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1979/091050
14657Dubois, EdYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1980/01101
14266FinisterreRobb, Arthur CYacht, yawl36 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1957/08740
14268CarinaRhodes, PhilYacht, yawl54 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1957/08786
14557VivacityStephenson, PeterYacht, sloop20 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1964/111229
14267Buchanan, AlanYacht, ketch38 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1957/08778
14492YnglingLinge, JanYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1980/0196
14595Norsue VParker, Frederick RYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1967/01204
14614Jolina IVW A Souter & SonMotor39 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1967/02287
14616Cleopatra 23Hill, AlanMotor23 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1967/03474
14603Albin BalladYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1973/02540
14512Brittany FerriesShuttleworth, JohnTrimaran66 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1981/0268
14356RoundaboutStephens, OlinYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1966/061464
14481Anderson, IanYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1979/02518
14580Trotter MkIIvan de Stadt, E GYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1965/1221
14453Cox 21Eckford, AlanYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1976/121315
14631Hurley 22Anderson, IanYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1968/04936
14451Waarschip 570Akkerman & KremerYacht, sloop19 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1976/09625
14452Trapper 300Kirby, BruceYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1976/09653
14630TornadoMarch, RodneyCatamaranYachts and Yachting1968/04860
14633Kytra IIPrimrose, AngusYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1968/051202
14281YankeeSparkman & StevensYacht, ketch51 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1958/101045
14632SolingLinge, JanDinghy, sailingYachts and Yachting1968/051184
14572Macwester classRoy, CyrilYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1965/041046
14636Four Twenty OnePowell, JohnYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1968/061432
14634Sunrider 25Searider Yachts Ltd.Yacht,sloop25 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1968/061330
14280SpringtideBuchanan, AlanYacht, ketch50 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1958/09955
14454Rival 38Brett, PeterYacht, ketch38 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1976/12107
14455Drascombe DrifterYacht, yawl22 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1976/12121
14568Offshore classvan de Stadt, E GYacht, sloop19 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1965/03483
14569Tormentor classParker, Frederick RMotor34 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1965/03484
14570Contest 25Luyten, G J MYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1965/03694
14457France IIPayne, AlanYacht, sloopAmerica's Cup contenderYachts and Yachting1977/051215
14550TornadoW. J. Tod Ltd.Motor28 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1963/111032
14551Blue PeterLeather, JohnYacht, gaffer22 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1963/111034
14306SoldanellaWischhusen, F GMotor25 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1963/11946
14549Tideway FishermanBuchanan, AlanFishing26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1963/11947
14629CutlassWhite, EricYacht, sloop6 tonYachts and Yachting1968/04846
14285Brabant classBuchanan, AlanYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1959/0177
14305ArdillaCibert, PabloYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1963/11842
14635SquibLee, Oliver JDinghy, sailing19 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1968/061345
14571EryxCamper & NicholsonSchooner83 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1965/041040
14518Colt Cars GBHolland, RonTrimaran60 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1982/0637
14640Kingfisher 26Westfield Engineering Co.Yacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1968/08330
570FiferJames N Miller & SonYacht, motor31 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1959/0133
521Buchanan, AlanYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1959/01128
571OrthopsClark, RobertYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1959/0135
523Kingcraft ExpressBuchanan, AlanMotor37 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1959/01130
522Falcon classDennis, HarryDinghy, sailing19 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1959/01129
14642G. CinquantaLevi, RenatoMotor37 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1968/09634
14641GalionHannay, IanYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1968/09531
14282Golden MillerHenderson, MichaelYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1958/101094
14643BallerinaTucker, RobertYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1968/10801
525TamarindParker, FrederikMotor105 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1958/121322
524FulmarFairey MarineYacht, sloop20 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1958/121321
14639AmericaSparkman & StevensSchoonerReproductionYachts and Yachting1968/08239
14265Blue HazeParker, Frederick RYacht, sloop20 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1956/09822
14283Alden, JohnFishing50 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1958/111196
14284LeaderJohn I Thorneycroft Ltd.Pilot cutterYachts and Yachting1958/111200
14304St MaryNicolson, IanYacht, ketch35 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1963/09473
14638VivacityHill, AlanYacht, sloop20 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1968/07161
14575SlyEaton, GeorgeDinghy, sailing13 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1965/08411
14574FirebrandSparkman & StevensYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1965/051342
14264UselessParker, Frederick RMotor35 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1956/08709
14637Halcyon 27Buchanan, AlanYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1968/0733
14576DartKirby, TrevorDinghy, sailing14 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1965/08413
14573TempestProctor, IanYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1965/051157
14464Peterson 34Peterson, DougYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1977/12190
14456Evolution 19Everitt, JulianYacht, sloop19 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1977/0198
602Cape classRayner, TomYacht, ketch26 ft LWLYachts and Yachting1964/0156
14466Comanche 32Macalpine-DownieCatamaran32 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1978/02512
14462Dubois, EdYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1977/12110
14467Wytch 101Farr, BruceYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1978/02513
14582JavelinMilne, PeterYacht, sloop18 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1966/0195
14566MoonlightC van Lent & ZonenYacht, motor53 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1965/02273
14327SholShelley, JohnDinghy, sailing15 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1967/111104
14460J24Johnstone, RodneyYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1977/111337
14581HuskyBurnard, C WYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1965/1232
14578Sailmaster 22Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1965/1211
14461M&WYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1977/12109
14463H 28 ImpalaThomas, DavidYacht, sloopYachts and Yachting1977/12186
14583Dutch Dandyvan HoevallYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1966/02369
14333Gipsy IIWarrington-Smyth, RYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1968/0169
601Excaliburvan de Stadt, E GYacht, sailing36 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1964/0155
14332Nordsee-SedanMotor32 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1968/0167
600ValsanaCox & Haswell LtdMotor45 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1964/02239
14334GlenaftonA Mylne & Co.Yacht, ketchTwelve metreYachts and Yachting1968/0176
14329Nicholson 32Camper & NicholsonYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1967/12114
14567Walk-AwayWalker, GilDinghy, sailing12 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1965/02274
14465Ocean 60Roscoe & SteadYacht, ketch60 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1978/01104
14469Freedom 40Hoyt, GaryYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1978/02514
14468First 30Mauric, AndreYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1978/02513
14335ClipperKuiper, GDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1968/03465
14331Bobcat 10 MetreBobcats LtdCatamaran33 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1967/1288
14330TrollYacht, sloop32 ft LOA NorwegianYachts and Yachting1967/1269
14458Conquest 23Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1977/07177
14579BobcatBobcats Ltd.Catamaran33 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1965/1215
14337T24Thompson, GuyYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1968/03614
14459Gulf TigerGiven, RonCatamaran26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1977/08277
14338Golden HindHartwell Boatbuilders LtdYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1968/03751
14577ZaledaMcGruer, JamesYacht, sloop7 metreYachts and Yachting1965/1220
14585Delta 28Shead, DonMotor28 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1966/03609
14336BowmanAnderson, IanYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachts and Yachting1968/03466
11204Warrior Illingworth & PrimroseYacht, sloop35 ft LOA - see also YM 1966/04 p 196Yachting World1966/03143
9945RustlerHolman, C RYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1966/03139
10843TikerakMaas, FransYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1965/08356
7900Green LadyMudie, ColinTrimaran80 ft LOAYachting World1970/0778
8582LepeButler, JohnYacht, sloop20 ft LOAYachting World1970/05234
10854TinaCarter, R EYacht, sloop36 ft LOA - One Ton classYachting World1966/06274
11733Buchanan, AlanYacht44 ft LOAYachting World1966/06269
1338CobraKnights, JackYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1966/0124
8361K 44Kelsall, DerekCatamaran44 ft LOAYachting World1970/04187
10753TempestProctor, IanYacht, sloop21 ft LOA - see also YM 1983/12 p2287, YW 1969/06 Yachting World1965/06262
13613Wall, RaymondYacht50 ft LOAYachting World1966/06268
1042BrigandCamper & NicholsonYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting World1970/0861
9197National 23Lee, Oliver JYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1966/05229
7899Green HighlanderIllingworth & PrimroseYacht, sloop31 ft LOA - see also Ymn 1965/08 p 59Yachting World1965/07313
9355Ocean 25HalmaticMotor24 ft LOAYachting World1965/07316
497Alden 36Alden, John GYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1966/03141
7775GeronimoHenderson, MichaelYacht, sloop22 ft LOA - Quarter TonnerYachting World1971/01148
10295Sir Winston ChurchillCamper & NicholsonYacht, schooner135 ft LOA - rig designYachting World1966/03136
13133Perryman, J AYacht23 ft LOAYachting World1966/06269
7587FirebrandSparkman & StephensYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1965/06274
7837Gloriana IIIMudie, ColinYacht, motor23 ft LOAYachting World1966/0285
10110Sea HawkBennett, John Yacht, sloop16 ft C B - see also YW 1971/06 p76Yachting World1970/0968
1585DaringWalker, StuartDinghy, sailing14 ft - International 14 classYachting World1966/05224
7625FjordlingLings, J HMotor17 ft LOAYachting World1966/04189
689ApacheMacAlpine-Downie, J RCatamaran40 ft LOA - see also YM 1971/12 p 673Yachting World1970/0757
8308JokerMagnusson, RolfYacht, sloop30 ft LOA - Half Ton classYachting World1971/01149
7867GoosanderThompson, GuyYacht, sloop24 ft LOA - see also YM 1967/09 p 158Yachting World1966/05234
10704TamoraWatson, G L & Co LtdYacht, motor55 ft LOA - see also Ymn 1965/11 p 29Yachting World1966/04185
13413Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop26 ft DWL - One Ton classYachting World1966/04184
8678LutineCamper & NicholsonYacht, sloop54 ft LOAYachting World1970/06267
11168WaarschipAkkerman, W J & Kremer, K TYacht, sloop19 ft LOAYachting World1965/12537
8287JettingZaak, DickYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting World1965/12540
8246JakarandaSparkman & StephensYacht, yawl56 ft LOAYachting World1970/0969
10908Trailer SailerHartley, RichardDinghy, sailing16 ftYachting World1966/05236
1103C and C 35Cuthbertson & CassianYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1970/1068
1184Carter 40Carter, DickYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1970/1061
10066ScampiNorlin, PeterYacht, sloop30 ft LOA - Half Ton classYachting World1971/01147
11018UnitThomas, DavidDinghy, sailing15 ftYachting World1965/11487
1208CavalierHolt, JackDinghy, sailing14 ftYachting World1965/11486
7864GoodwinDraijer, WeibeYacht, sloop33 ft LOA - One Ton classYachting World1966/06275
9499PanachePye, DonaldYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1965/08358
11291WhisperWall, RaymondYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1965/08360
1053British SteelClark, RobertYacht, ketch59 ft LOAYachting World1970/0835
1370ComancheMacalpine-Downie, J RCatamaran40 ft LOAYachting World1965/09401
9750RabbitTripp, William HYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1965/09398
12558Lee, Oliver JYacht22 ft LOA - fishing typeYachting World1965/10445
9984SalarLaurent Giles, JackYacht39 ft LOA - see also YM 1967/01 p 26, YW 1972/07 Yachting World1966/0130
10975TsulamaranProut, Roland & FrancisCatamaran77 ft LOAYachting World1965/09402
10198ShakerHolman, C RYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1965/10446
7783Ghost RiderGregory, G CDinghy, sailing14 ftYachting World1970/06278
10960TrixiaWestell, JohnCatamaran28 ft LOAYachting World1970/0756
8110Hurley 22Anderson, Ian LYacht, sloop22 ft LOA - see also YM 1968/08 p 140, YM 1992/07Yachting World1966/0125
11072Vashti Mk IIIBuchanan, AlanYacht, sloop38 ft LOA - Queen classYachting World1965/11489
10255SidewinderKelsall, DerekCatamaran51 ft LOAYachting World1970/0756
1268CheermannBerthon Boat CoYacht, motor52 ft LOAYachting World1966/07327
9781RasboraStadt, E G van deYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1967/12547
3215East Coast O DLaws, G UYacht, sloop30 ft LOA - see also CB 2004/01 p 91Yachting World1969/06270
8657LonerHaslerYacht, sloop14 ftYachting World1969/06257
9748R C O DSmith, H CYacht, sloop22 ft LOA - Royal Corinthian O D classYachting World1969/06271
11198Wanderer IVMeer, S M van derYacht, yawl49 ft LOA - see also YM 1968/07 p 31Yachting World1968/03124
3135DragonAnker, JYacht, sloop29 ft LOA - see also CB 2001/01 p 93, YW 2004/12 Yachting World1969/06270
10511StraleDinghy, sailing16 ftYachting World1968/03153
9142MyangoJones, J FrancisYacht, motor41 ft LOAYachting World1968/03143
1670DiamondHolt, JackYacht, sloop30 ft LOA - see also Bmn 1993/06 p 32Yachting World1969/06272
10565Sunbeam Westmacott, AYacht, sloop26 ft LOA - se also CB 1992/03 p 12, CB 1995/05 pYachting World1969/06269
8465Kytra IIIPrimrose, AngusYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World1968/03141
1353CoilaMylne, A & CoCatamaran50 ft LOAYachting World1968/04180
471AjaxLee, Oliver JYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1969/06272
11157Voortrekker Stadt, E G van deYacht, yawl49 ft LOAYachting World1968/03140
9632Piper O DBoyd, DavidYacht, sloop24 ft LOA - see also CB 2005/06 p 47Yachting World1969/06271
8394KelpieRoy, C S JYacht, sloop15 ftYachting World1969/06269
11318WildfireProctor, IanYacht, sloop16 ftYachting World1969/06269
11428YnglingLinge, JYacht, sloop20 ft LOAYachting World1969/06271
10934TriasStoberl, HelmtYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1969/06271
9683PriorPetrie, C JYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1968/0128
11878Clark, RobertYacht, schooner70 ft LOAYachting World1968/0126
10750TelstarShead, D KMotor25 ft LOA - powerboatYachting World1968/12546
11620Bolger, PhilipFishing14 ft Yachting World1968/0133
9976Sagitta 26Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1968/0290
10822ThrialStadt, E G van deYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1969/06269
9364Ocean HighlanderProut, G & SonsCatamaran45 ft LOAYachting World1968/04179
11242Westerly CirrusWesterly Marine Con LtdYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting World1968/05233
1012Bottle FriendZaal, DickYacht, sloop20 ft LOAYachting World1969/05227
11997Cuthbertson & CassianYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1969/03150
833BanjerLe FeberYacht, motor36 ft LOA - see also YW 1972/07 p 75Yachting World1969/0288
1402ContenderMiller, R CDinghy, sailing15 ftYachting World1968/07325
9770Rancher 41Gurney, AlanYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1969/0127
9297NonsuchWarrington Smyth, RWarship36 ft LOK - replica - see also YW 1969/01 p 12Yachting World1968/08347
8525LancerMoody, A HYacht, motor42 ft LOAYachting World1969/0129
11580Benford, Jay RMotor27 ft LOAYachting World1968/09410
8759Man O' WarMacAlpine-Downie, J RDinghy, sailing15 ftYachting World1968/09409
10441SquibLee, Oliver JYacht, sloop19 ft LOA - see also YW 1969/06 p 270Yachting World1968/10451
8120Hydra IIIBuchanan, AlanYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1968/12547
1057BrittinaWatson, G LYacht, motor75 ft LOAYachting World1968/10452
10673T 31Thompson, GuyYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1969/03148
11002TyphoonProctor, IanDinghy, sailing14 ftYachting World1969/03147
795AwardCallahan, George EYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1969/05232
9486PachaCamper & NicholsonYacht, sloop54 ft LOA - aluminium structureYachting World1969/04174
9341Noryema VIICarter, DickYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World1969/04179
11117VictorianHolman & PyeYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting World1968/06271
10293Sir Thomas LiptonClark, RobertYacht, ketch56 ft LOAYachting World1968/06261
11167WaarschipAkkerman & KremerYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1969/03143
9551Pen Duick IVMauric,A & Rouillard, JCatamaran57 ft LOAYachting World1968/06260
1647Delta SynthesisMotor35 ft LOA - power boatYachting World1968/06272
10595SurfuryLevi, SonnyMotor36 ft - powerboat - see also Mbt 2002/01 p 380, Yachting World1968/06272
10997TyneCoble27 ft LOAYachting World1969/03138
3234EgretHarrison, J & JCoble22 ft LOAYachting World1969/03138
10630Swan 43 Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1968/12547
9371Ocean YouthClark, RobertYacht, ketch68 ft LOAYachting World1969/07307
11396XpectantComport, RoystonDinghy, sailing14 ft - Merlin Rocket classYachting World1966/08371
7621Fjord DiplomatLinge, J HMotor30 ft LOAYachting World1967/03146
7566FinisterreKnights, JackYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting World1967/03138
7620Fjord ConsulLinge, J HMotor25 ft LOAYachting World1967/03143
7541FernbankKoopmans, DYacht, motor52 ft LOAYachting World1967/05226
11017UnicornMazzotti, JohnCatamaran18 ftYachting World1967/05228
7684Frances BlandWarrington Smyth, RYacht40 ft LOAYachting World1969/12549
7919GuinevereGurney, Alan PYacht, yawl48 ft LOAYachting World1967/05227
9340Noryema V Camper & NicholsonYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World1967/05224
1018Bowman 36Holman & PyeYacht, ketch36 ft LOA - see also YM 1970/06 p 830Yachting World1969/12548
8087HuckleberryThompson, GuyYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1969/12540
3224Ecume de MarFinot, J MYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting World1969/11514
10220Shead 47Shead, DavidYacht, motor47 ft LOAYachting World1970/0121
8534LarkJackson, MichaelDinghy, sailing13 ftYachting World1967/0124
1226CenturionHolman & PyeYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1970/04185
712Arden FourArden YachtsYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1966/08368
9360Ocean 71Stadt, E G van deYacht, yawl71 ft LOAYachting World1970/04186
8072Hood 50Hood, TedYacht, yawl48 ft LOAYachting World1970/03142
11250Westerly JousterLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop21 ft LOA - see also Mbt 1970/05 p 123Yachting World1970/03141
10365SolingLinge, J HYacht, sloop26 ft LOA - Olympic class - see also YM 1968/01 Yachting World1967/0125
9362Ocean BirdWestell, JohnYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1969/10452
9129MuleMudie, ColinMotor15 ft - racingYachting World1967/0133
8258JauntyJones, J FrancisMotor22 ft LOAYachting World1967/0121
9981Sails of DawnLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht56 ft LOAYachting World1970/0290
10146Seal Primrose, AngusYacht, sloop21 ft LOA - see also YW 1971/06 p 77Yachting World1970/0289
7881Grand Banks 36American Marine LtdYacht, motor36 ft LOAYachting World1967/07330
922Bianca Christensen, AYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting World1967/07304
3272Elizabethan 9 mThomas, DavidYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1969/11512
700ArachneBolger, PhilipCatamaran39 ft LOAYachting World1967/09416
10890TornadoMarch, RodneyCatamaran20 ft LOA - B classYachting World1967/10463
8427Kingfisher 26Neirop, R A GYacht, sloop26 ft LOA - see also YM 1976/03 p 430, YM 1976/10Yachting World1969/10451
9692Prospect of WhitbySparkman & StephensYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1969/09405
10728TarrafalStigell, L O RYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1969/09402
9279Ninety-NinerHerbert, Colin WYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1969/09403
12339Hill, AlanYacht35 ft LOAYachting World1969/08360
11208Water MagicCox & HaswellYacht, motor38 ft LOAYachting World1967/11499
9687ProlificPrimrose, AngusYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1967/11494
12141Fowler, ArnottYacht39 ft LOAYachting World1969/07321
9320Normand 26Anderson, IanYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1967/11497
1419Contest 30Essen, U van & ConyplexYacht, sloop30 ft LOA - see also YW 1975/07 p 73Yachting World1969/10448
10423SpinnerHenderson, MichaelYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting World1969/10454
9977Sagitta 30Utzon, AYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1967/07306
11602Blair, GaryDinghy, sailing14 ft - International 14 classYachting World1967/07329
1121Calliope XVThompson, GuyYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1967/08374
3121DoradoBrasted, RobertCatamaran36 ft LOAYachting World1967/08352
8154IncaMacAlpine-Downie, J RCatamaran42 ft LOAYachting World1967/08350
10670T 23Goodall, DennisCatamaran23 ft LOAYachting World1967/09417
7897Great Dane Mk IIUtzon, AegeYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1969/10446
8803Marieholm Sunden, TordYacht, sloop26 ft LOA - International Folkboat - see alos YWYachting World1969/10450
1405ContessaSadler, DavidYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1969/10447
9249Nicholson 26Camper & NicholsonYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1969/10452
11266Westerly TigerButler, JohnYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - see also YM 1969/12 p 588, YM 1993/10Yachting World1969/10456
8478La MeloriaCamper & NicholsonYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1967/12548
14730MagnumEveritt, JulianYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1978/05136
10568SunbirdBoswell, AlanYacht32 ft - junk rigYachting World1978/10115
14715Gem Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop18 ft LOAYachting World1978/10125
14757SunbirdBoswell, AlanYacht32 ft - junk rigYachting World1978/10115
14718Gulfstar 37Lazzara, V SYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1978/10116
9719PuppeteerBoyd, ChrisYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting World1978/11133
9018Mischief 24Dubois, EdYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1978/11132
10596SurpriseBeeldsnijder, PieterYacht43 ft LOAYachting World1978/11117
14735Mischief 24Dubois, EdYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1978/11132
14713Fisher 46Wyatt, GordonYacht45 ft LOAYachting World1978/11114
14745PuppeteerBoyd, ChrisYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting World1978/11133
7762Gem Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop18 ft LOAYachting World1978/10125
7920Gulfstar 37Lazzara, V SYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1978/10116
8722MagnumEveritt, JulianYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1978/05136
10474StarflashDubois, EdYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1978/05137
14694Asgard IITyrell, JackYacht, schooner84 ft LOAYachting World1978/07129
742Asgard IITyrell, JackYacht, schooner84 ft LOAYachting World1978/07129
14761TangaroaWharram, JamesCatamaran35 ft LOA - see also CB 2006/06 p35Yachting World1978/08120
10709TangaroaWharram, JamesCatamaran35 ft LOA - see also CB 2006/06 p35Yachting World1978/08120
9470Oyster 37Holman & PyeYacht, sloop37 ft LOA - see also YM 1996/01 p 56Yachting World1978/09158
14705CirrusFrers, GermanYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1978/09162
1306CirrusFrers, GermanYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1978/09162
14741Oyster 37Holman & PyeYacht, sloop37 ft LOA - see also YM 1996/01 p 56Yachting World1978/09158
14758SurpriseBeeldsnijder, PieterYacht43 ft LOAYachting World1978/11117
7616Fisher 46Wyatt, GordonYacht45 ft LOAYachting World1978/11114
8336Jouet 920Yacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1979/10130
7460F and C 44Frers, GermanYacht, ketch43 ft LOAYachting World1979/12120
10857TinebuAnderson, IanYacht51 ft LOAYachting World1979/12128
7948Half TonnerHumphreys, RobYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1980/01 213
714ArethusaCannell, DavidYacht, ketch72 ft LOAYachting World1980/01214
1333Club 19Stewart, AndrewYacht, sloop19 ft LOAYachting World1980/01212
11251Westerly KonsortLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop28 ft LOA - see also YM 1979/11 p 2683Yachting World1980/02121
498Alden 99Alden, John GYacht100 ft LOAYachting World1980/0291
9250Nicholson 27Milne, PeterYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting World1980/03127
8147ImpHolland , RonYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1980/0388
8871Maxi 108Petterson, PelleYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1979/10126
9260Nicholson 40 ACCamper & NicholsonYacht, ketch40 ft LOAYachting World1979/09216
14719Hardy M SMudie, ColinYacht19 ft LOAYachting World1978/12132
14716GladiateurHolman & PyeYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1978/12124
7824GladiateurHolman & PyeYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1978/12124
7975Hardy M SMudie, ColinYacht19 ft LOAYachting World1978/12132
8584Les Quatre VentsYacht, cutter9mYachting World1979/0495
7879Granada 31Elvstrom & KjaerulffYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1979/05102
7570Finn Flyer 31Eivind Still Yacht DesignYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1979/06136
10638Swan 76Sparkman & StephensYacht, yawl76 ft LOA - see also YW 1981/02 p 66Yachting World1979/07134
9302Noray 38Visiers, JavierYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1979/07130
9862Rival 41 ACBrett, PeterYacht, cutter41 ft LOAYachting World1979/09220
11003Typhoon 25Kelsall, DerekTrimaran25 ft LOAYachting World1980/03100
14755StarflashDubois, EdYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1978/05137
9921Rowan 22Roy, C S JYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting World1976/0693
836Bar Creek 44Gartside, PaulYacht, yawl44 ft LOAYachting World1976/12109
9815RelanceDumas, Guy RibondeauYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1977//04111
9571Peterson 33Peterson, DougYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1977/01185
9125MuavMull, GaryYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1977/0292
8449KnockoutHolland, RonYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1977/03120
1502CrescendoDufour, MichelYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1977/05124
8987MinnehahaJones, StephenYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1977/05106
7626FlashpointDunsford, Peter AYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting World1977/05108
9200Natural MagicEveritt, Julian DYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1977/05107
1403Contention 30Peterson, DougYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1977/06107
1417Contessa 43Peterson, DougYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1976/1192
11169Waarschip 570Akkerman & KremerYacht, sloop18 ft LOAYachting World1976/09103
10425Spirit of SurpriseMacAlpine-Downie, J RCatamaran25 ft LOAYachting World1976/06111
8126I F BoatSunden, TordYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1976/0691
7678FoxhoundFox, Uffa LtdYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1976/0690
14746QuestWeychan, PaulTrimaran54 ft LOAYachting World1976/06112
1588DartMarch, RodneyCatamaran18 ft LOAYachting World1976/0794
10820Three Legs of MannKelsall, DerekTrimaran53 ft LOAYachting World1976/0793
8181Iorana IIIHolland, RonYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1976/0792
4200Alice's MirrorThompson, AdrianYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1982/07101
10475Starlight Pocock, MikeYacht, sloop29 ft LOA - see also YW 1978/02 p 120Yachting World1976/0897
7914GrindeBruun, PeterYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1976/08 98
10484StealawayMylne, AlfredYacht, ketch38 ft LOAYachting World1977/0688
8084Hot FlashMull, GaryYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1977/06106
14760Swan 39Holland, Ron Yacht DesignYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1978/01214
14724Impala OOD 28Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1978/01159
690Aphrodite 101Elvstrom & KjaerulffYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1978/01160
8121HydroThomas, DavidYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1978/02117
14722HydroThomas, DavidYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1978/02117
10796The Red LionFarr, BruceYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1978/0390
14763The Red LionFarr, BruceYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1978/0390
3115Dolphin 31Sharp Allied Consultants LtdYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1978/04112
944Black PearlZaal, DickYacht41 ft LOA C BYachting World1978/04115
14711Dolphin 31Sharp Allied Consultants LtdYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1978/04112
14693Aphrodite 101Elvstrom & KjaerulffYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1978/01160
10627Swan 39Holland, Ron Yacht DesignYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1978/01214
925Big AppleHolland, Ron Yacht DesignYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1977/07116
8637Liz of HankoAmble, EivindYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1977/07114
1393Condor 37Sharp, JohnYacht, cutter77 ft LOAYachting World1977/09114
9164NadiaMiller & Whitworth LtdYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1977/10102
8117Hustler 32Jones, StephenYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1977/11108
10429SpotlightLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1977/11110
14754SpotlightLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1977/11110
14769Westerly 33Laurent Giles & PartnersYacht, ketch33 ft LOAYachting World1978/01189
8150Impala OOD 28Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1978/01159
11240Westerly 33Laurent Giles & PartnersYacht, ketch33 ft LOAYachting World1978/01189
14698Black PearlZaal, DickYacht41 ft LOA C BYachting World1978/04115
10124Sea SpriteLuders, BillYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting World1981/0789
7910Grey-oneZaal, DickYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1981/1188
11148Vixen 34Hale, Thomas MayYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1981/1199
4171Supercruiser 56Pocock, MikeYacht, sloop57 ft LOAYachting World1981/12101
4170Weston Sea Boat 200Westell, JohnYacht, sloop20 ft LOAYachting World1981/12100
4172SoloSteve Callahan Movement VesselsYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting World1981/12100
4173Oyster Marine 35Holman & PyeYacht, ketch35 ft LOAYachting World1982/01148
4174Ocean 80Peterson/WilliamsYacht, ketch80 ft LOAYachting World1982/01154
4175Maxi trailer sailer 38Robert H Perry Yacht DesignersYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1982/01180
4179Margaret RintoulFrers, GermanYacht, sloop51 ft LOAYachting World1982/0282
4178Pocket-RocketshipMull, GaryYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting World1982/0282
7645FlyerFrers, GermanYacht, sloop70 ft LOAYachting World1981/1083
9158N Y Y C 36Cook, BillYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1981/10102
10479Stars and StripesNelson, Bruce & Marek, BruceYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1981/07117
9002Mirage 2700Thames MarineYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1981/0777
7697Freedom 30HoytYacht, ketch30 ft LOAYachting World1981/0773
4169NadiaJones, StephenYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1981/08107
9764RakauJones, StephenYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1981/09112
10321Skye 51Kaufman & LaddYacht, ketch50 ft LOAYachting World1981/09137
8359Justine IIICastro, TonyYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1981/09133
7604First 32Berret, JeanYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1981/09145
3256Elf-AquitaineLangevin, SilvestreCatamaran62 ft LOA Yachting World1981/10103
7964Hans Christian 38Christian, Hans Yachts IncYacht, cutter45 ft LOA - see also CB 1989/05 p 31Yachting World1981/10111
4176Rival 36Brett, PeterYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1982/0274
4177Naja 30S Langevin IFANYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1982/0278
4194Moody 27Primrose, AngusYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1982/05116
4195Gib Sea 126Joubert & NiveltYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1982/05120
4192Pilot House 40Benford Jay RYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1982/05103
4193Endurance 40Ibold, Peter AYacht, ketch40 ft LOAYachting World1982/05104
4197First ClassGroupe FinotYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1982/0686
4198Nantucket Island 33Cole, PeterYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1982/0687
4199Baltic 42 DPPeterson, DouglasYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1982/0696
4196Charles Heidsieck IIIVaton, GillesYacht, sloop67 ft LOAYachting World1982/0685
4201Information Technology '82Irens & PridieTrimaran40 ft LOAYachting World1982/07101
4202Exmouth ChallengeMorrison, PhilTrimaran53 ft LOAYachting World1982/07102
4191DancerSparkman & StephensYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1982/05103
4189Colt Cars GBHolland & JamesYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World1982/04121
4180DurlindandaSciomachenYacht, ketch70 ft LOAYachting World1982/0283
4183NyamaValentijn. JohanYacht, sloop56 ft LOAYachting World1982/0377
4181Catboat 16Wolstenholme, Andrew NDinghy,.sailing16 ft LOAYachting World1982/0375
4185Native 38Newick, Richard CTrimaran38 ft LOAYachting World1982/0382
4184FenixPeterson, PelleYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1982/0378
4182Eastcountryman 27Paul Winch (Yacht Builders) LtdYacht, ketch40 ft LOAYachting World1982/0375
4190Bay of IslandsGriffiths, MauriceYacht, ketch48 ft LOAYachting World1982/04122
4186Fulmar 32Dubois, EdYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1982/04116
4188Panic 40Nickerson & TempleYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1982/04120
4187Soleil CapriconeRobert B Harris LtdYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1982/04120
4203Livery Dole IIIShuttleworth, JohnMultihull60 ft LOAYachting World1982/07102
11247Westerly G K 29Yacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1981/0780
12115Farr, Bruce Yacht DesignYacht, sloop - Whitbread racerYachting World1980/0399
7950Hallberg Rassy 31Enderlein, OlleYacht, sloop31 ft LOA - see also YM 1994/06 p 102Yachting World1980/06103
12458Kaufman, ScottYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1980/07132
1252Chance 53Chance, BrittonYacht, sloop52 ft LOAYachting World1980/07126
10329Smokey 25Jones, StephenYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting World1980/07125
7999Hazelwood 35Bennett, John & AssociatesYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1980/07131
10715Tanton 43Tanton, Yves-MaireYacht, ketch43 ft LOAYachting World1980/09168
8071Hood 38Hood, TedYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1980/09167
9500PandaDubois, EdYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1980/1077
9093MoonshineRogers, JeremyYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1980/1091
9116MoxieNewick, DickTrimaran50 ft LOAYachting World1980/11112
11059Vancouver 50Harris, Robert BYacht, cutter50 ft LOAYachting World1980/06162
8365Kalik 33Yacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1980/06102
682AnniePaine, ChuckYacht, sloop29 ft LOA - see also CB 1997/04 p 39Yachting World1980/04139
8823Marshall 38Marshall, RogerYacht, sloop+Yachting World1980/04140
10632Swan 441Holland, RonYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1980/04149
1183Carter 37Carter, DickYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1980/05155
926Big BoleroThomas, DavidYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1980/05146
11158VortexPaxton, RolandYacht115 ft LOAYachting World1980/05147
10996Tyler 31Yacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1980/06106
366Achilles 9mYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1980/06105
9251Nicholson 303Holland, RonYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1980/06101
9217NefertitiBrasted, RobertYacht61 ft LOAYachting World1980/06161
9943Rush 30Holland, RonYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1980/11117
1263Chassiron DHJoubert, MYacht, ketch33 ft LOAYachting World1980/12135
7511Farr 38Farr, BruceYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1981/0467
8699Mac IStadt, E G van de & PartnersYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1981/0495
8042High RollerHolland, RonYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1981/0496
4167ArcadiaFrers, German JnrYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1981/05103
4168Ceramco NZFarr, BruceYacht, sloop67 ft LOAYachting World1981/05105
3136DragonDubois, EdYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1981/06119
11199Wanderer VOrams, AlanYacht, cutter39 ft LOA - see also YW 1981/09 p 44Yachting World1981/0698
8414KialoaHolland, RonYacht, sloop80 ft LOAYachting World1981/0664
8516Lake Garda RacerFarr, BruceYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1981/07115
7601First 28Groupe FinotYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1981/0775
7903Grenadier 134Laurent Giles & PartnersYacht, yawl44 ft LOAYachting World1981/04106
10636Swan 51Frers, GermanYacht, cutter50 ft LOA - see also YW 1983/08 p 97Yachting World1981/04129
10626Swan 371Holland , RonYacht, sloopYachting World1981/0192
8591Liberator 35Dubois, EdYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1981/01101
823Baltic 37C & C DesignYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1981/0199
7609First 35Berret, JeanYacht, sloopYachting World1981/0196
1241ChallengeSparkman & StephensYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1981/0298
1110Cacin SanMull, GaryYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1981/02109
1428Contest 38SZaal, Dick Yacht DesignYacht, yawl37 ft LOAYachting World1981/03129
7440Evasion 37Beneteau, AndreYacht, yawl37 ft LOAYachting World1981/03121
880Beatrix 43Sorensen-Viale, NielsYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1981/0348
11042Valiant 40Perry, Robert HYacht, cutter39 ft LOAYachting World1981/04110
3165Duetta 86Stadt, E G van de & PartnersYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1981/0771
1615Deep SeadogFreeman, RegYacht30 ft LOAYachting World1972/0777
11416YDRACarter, DickYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1972/1174
9246New WorldSpencer, JohnYacht, schooner68 ft LOAYachting World1972/1278
9625PionStadt, E G van deYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1973/01132
10381Souter/Casson Mk ICasson, BobDinghy, sailing14 ft - International 14 classYachting World1973/01171
12962Mull, GaryYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1973/01133
990Bob Brooks FourteenWatts, TonyDinghy, sailing14 ft - International 14 classYachting World1973/01171
10344SnoggledogMorrison, PhilDinghy, sailing14 ft - International 14 classYachting World1973/01171
8645LM 30LM Glasfiber a sYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1979/1194
7739GamblingLinge, Jan HermanYacht, sloop34 ft LOA - see also YM 1973/09 p 1417Yachting World1973/0286
9693Prospect of WhitbySparkman & StephensYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World1973/03104
10631Swan 44Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1972/1176
1513CrossbowMacAlpine-Downie, J RYacht60 ft LOA - outriggerYachting World1972/1080
767Atlantic ClipperGriffiths, MauriceYacht35 ft LOAYachting World1972/0774
10363Sole Bay 36Jones, Francis & PartnersYacht36 ft LOAYachting World1972/0793
7961Halmatic 8.80Camper & NicholsonYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1972/0783
8113Hurley 9.5Collyer, G KYacht30 ft LOAYachting World1972/0785
9543PelagianRoy, C S JYacht33 ft LOAYachting World1972/0790
9229NeptunianBuchanan, A HYacht32 ft LOAYachting World1972/0788
838BarbaryRayner, Walter FYacht32 ft LOAYachting World1972/0776
3357Euros Amel, HYacht38 ft LOAYachting World1972/0779
9221Nelson 40T T Boat Designs LtdYacht, motor41 ft LOA - see also Mbt 1965/02 p 68, CB 1993/07Yachting World1972/0896
8948MerrythoughtCuthbertson & CassianYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1972/0961
11172Wai-AniwaCarter, DickYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1973/03114
1420Contest 31 HTZaal, DickYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1973/03106
8431Kings CruiserPetterson, PelleYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1974/01 159
11902Colin Archer Club (Sweden)Yacht, ketch39 ft LOA - Colin Archer typeYachting World1974/01 149
9426OndineChance & CoYacht, yawl78 ft LOA C BYachting World1974/02122
10629Swan 41 Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1974/02123
11050Vancouver 27Harris & HeacockYacht, cutter27 ft LOA - see also YM 1976/11 p 1589, YM 1995/0Yachting World1974/03136
10706TanenuiWharram, JamesCatamaran28 ft LOAYachting World1974/03134
9179NamisMull, GaryYacht, sloop53 ft LOAYachting World1974/03135
10589SunwindSunden, TordYacht, sloop19 ft LOAYachting World1974/04131
923Bianca 26Elvestrom & KjaerulffYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting World1974/04130
1379Comfort 30Albinsson, KennethYacht, sloop30 ft LOA - see also YM 1978/11 p 2229Yachting World1974/04132
10682Tai FatAndersen, Jim HarvigYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1973/12110
9318Norlin 37Norlin, PeterYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1973/0979
1102C and C 25Cuthbertson & CassianYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1973/03105
9727QuartoThomas, DavidYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1973/0486
9317Norlin 34Norlin, PeterYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1973/0587
9325North Channel 29Brown, W PYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1973/0667
9365Ocean PassageBrasted, RobertYacht, schooner75 ft LOAYachting World1973/0668
1066Brother CupThomas, DavidYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1973/0666
8038HexagonCallaghan, KeithDinghy, sailing - development of Merlin/Rocket classYachting World1973/0781
7894Great Britain IIGurney, AlanYacht, yawl77 ft LOAYachting World1973/0779
7624Fjord MS 33Amble, ElvinYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1973/0882
8869MaxiPetterson, PelleYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - see also YM 1974/02 p 291Yachting World1973/0978
9874Robber IIStahl, Peter & Lindquist, HakanYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting World1974/05130
3314EquationChance, BrittonYacht, ketch68 ft LOAYachting World1972/0758
8055HippokamposPrimrose, AngusYacht, sloop45 ft - see also CB 2000/10 p 40Yachting World1971/0285
10585Sunrider 25James, LeslieYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1971/0680
7563Finesse 24Platt, A FYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting World1971/0672
10587Sunspot 15Howard, ArthurYacht, sloop15 ftYachting World1971/0680
8778MapleleafChandler & Smith LtdYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting World1971/0675
8109Hurley 20Anderson, IanYacht, sloop20 ft LOAYachting World1971/0673
10336Snapdragon 670Thames Marine LtdYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting World1971/0678
10349SnowgooseProut BrosCatamaran34 ft LOAYachting World1971/0679
10335Snapdragon 600Thames Marine LtdYacht, sloop19 ft LOAYachting World1971/0678
10234ShelduckHearn, DavidYacht, sloop16 ft LOA Yachting World1971/0677
9804RedstartJardine, A & McMullan,TYacht, sloop14 ft LOA - see also Mbt 1970/12 p 78Yachting World1971/0676
11254Westerly NimrodProctor, IanYacht, sloop17 ftYachting World1971/0682
11160VoyagerReedman, A & McMullen, TYacht, sloop13 ftYachting World1971/0681
1143CapriceMareschal, YvesYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting World1971/03154
13424Stadt, E G van deYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1971/03152
770Atlas RoggerLe FeberYacht46 ft LOAYachting World1975/04120
12375Holness, JohnYacht, yawl16 ft C BYachting World1971/03151
11422Yeoman XVIIICamper & NicholsonYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1971/03161
10360SolarisCompton, TerryCatamaran41 ft LOA - see also YM 1974/09 p 1300Yachting World1971/0495
3143Drascombe LongboatWatkinson, JohnYacht, yawl21 ft LOA - see also YM 1971/09 p 291Yachting World1971/04106
10327Slithy TovePipe, MichaelYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1971/0494
1047Brise de MerFinot, Jean-MarieYacht, sloop30 ft LOA - Half Ton classYachting World1971/0585
10588Sunspot 18Howard, ArthurYacht, sloop18 ftYachting World1971/0681
14750ShelduckHearn, DavidYacht, sloop16 ft LOA Yachting World1971/0677
10333Snapdragon 24Thames Marine LtdYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting World1971/0679
11821Carter, R EYacht, schooner128 ft LOAYachting World1972/03104
9900Ron GlasPrimrose, AngusYacht47 ft LOA - junk rigYachting World1972/03106
1149Captain ScottYacht, schooner144 ft LOA - S TYachting World1972/0496
483AlarmFox, UffaDinghy, sailing14 ft - International 14 classYachting World1972/0595
11341WindspriteFarrar, AustinDinghy, sailing14 ft - International 14 classYachting World1972/0595
11335WindhustlerCracknellDinghy, sailing14 ft - International 14 classYachting World1972/0595
11153VolcanoKirby, BruceDinghy, sailing14 ft - International 14 classYachting World1972/0595
10514StrongbowPipe, MichaelYacht, sloop65 ft LOAYachting World1972/0670
1105C and NCamper & NicholsonYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1972/0678
9952S & S Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1972/0678
13103Parker, FrederickYacht, schooner64 ft LOAYachting World1972/0283
10378SortilegeDufour, MichelYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1972/01138
9931RoyalistMudie, ColinYacht, schooner97 ft LOA - see also YW 1971/09 p 80, YW 1981/06 Yachting World1971/0759
11277Weymouth 32Askham, JohnYacht, motor33 ft LOA - see also YM 1973/09 p 1419Yachting World1971/0877
8153ImprobableMull, GaryYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1971/0878
1648Dervaig 38Murray, M MYacht, motor37 ft LOAYachting World1971/0978
1106C S 22Butler, JohnYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting World1971/0985
9073Moody 44Laurent Giles & PartnersYacht44 ft LOAYachting World1971/1054
10460StandfastMaas, FransYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1971/1185
8173InvaderLee, OliverYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1971/1274
13162Primrose, AngusYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1971/1276
10957Tritsch TratschMcGruer, GeorgeYacht, sloop41 ft LOA - see also YW 1973/07 p 78Yachting World1972/01140
10819Three CheersNewick, RichardTrimaran46 ft LOAYachting World1972/0671
11276WestwindPrimrose, AngusYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1975/1196
14749SentaKoopmans, DickYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1976/02 84
1182Carter 3/4 TonnerCarter OffshoreYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1976/0490
1010BorsalinoDubois, EdYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1976/0494
146903/4 Ton Cup YachtKaufman, ScottYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1976/0493
1404Contention 33Peterson, DouglasYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1976/0495
14729Liz of Lymington VIThomas, DavidYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1976/0492
14707Contention 33Peterson, DouglasYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1976/0495
14702Carter 3/4 TonnerCarter OffshoreYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1976/0490
14699BorsalinoDubois, EdYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1976/0494
8638Liz of Lymington VIThomas, DavidYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1976/0492
10184SentaKoopmans, DickYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1976/02 84
8611LimboStewart, AndrewYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting World1976/0289
9689Prospect 28Stadt, E G van deYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting World1975/12108
11406Yamaha 28Groupe FinotYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1975/1270
1101C and C 24C & C DesignYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting World1975/1271
14739Noryema XFrers, GermanYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World1976/01142
14772Yeoman XXPeterson, DouglasYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1976/01144
11423Yeoman XXPeterson, DouglasYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1976/01144
9342Noryema XFrers, GermanYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World1976/01142
14712Finnsailer 38Fiskars OyYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1976/0290
14728LimboStewart, AndrewYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting World1976/0289
7574Finnsailer 38Fiskars OyYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1976/0290
3333/4 Ton Cup YachtKaufman, ScottYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1976/0493
10735TasarBruce, IanDinghy, sailing14 ftYachting World1976/0592
1084BucklerMayo, R & Hine, SYacht23 ft LOAYachting World1976/0688
662Anderson 22Lee, Oliver Yacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting World1976/0687
365Achilles 24Lee, Oliver & Butler, ChrisYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1976/0686
1514Crossbow IIMacAlpine-Downie, J RCatamaran74 ft LOAYachting World1976/0674
14691Achilles 24Lee, Oliver & Butler, ChrisYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1976/0686
14714FoxhoundFox, Uffa LtdYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1976/0690
14701BucklerMayo, R & Hine, SYacht23 ft LOAYachting World1976/0688
14752Spirit of SurpriseMacAlpine-Downie, J RCatamaran25 ft LOAYachting World1976/06111
14770Westerly PageantLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1976/0692
9734QuestWeychan, PaulTrimaran54 ft LOAYachting World1976/06112
14708Crossbow IIMacAlpine-Downie, J RCatamaran74 ft LOAYachting World1976/0674
14692Anderson 22Lee, Oliver Yacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting World1976/0687
931BillycanFreer, ChrisYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1976/05111
1286ChopsticksWestfield EngineeringYacht21 ft LOA - Kingfisher 20 with Junk rigYachting World1976/0598
14697BillycanFreer, ChrisYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1976/05111
14762TasarBruce, IanDinghy, sailing14 ftYachting World1976/0592
14704ChopsticksWestfield EngineeringYacht21 ft LOA - Kingfisher 20 with Junk rigYachting World1976/0598
12366Holland, RonYacht, sloop33 ft LOA - two 3/4 ton designsYachting World1976/05112
14776Holland, RonYacht, sloop33 ft LOA - two 3/4 ton designsYachting World1976/05112
801AzulaoKelsall, DerekTrimaran31 ft LOAYachting World1976/0596
14695AzulaoKelsall, DerekTrimaran31 ft LOAYachting World1976/0596
14747Rowan 22Roy, C S JYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting World1976/0693
11259Westerly PageantLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1976/0692
8319Jongert 19mLentsch, W de Vries & Sym, PeterYacht63 ft LOAYachting World1975/1198
1645Delta 36Holland, RonYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1974/06112
12337Hess, LyleYacht, cutter31 ft LOAYachting World1974/08106
8301Joemarin 34Groop, HansYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1974/08126
1136Cape Clipper 46Garden, WilliamYacht, ketch45 ft LOA - see also YM 1974/10 p 1446Yachting World1974/09132
1461Cornish CrabberDongray, RogerYacht, cutter29 ft LOA - see also YM 1986/01 p 148Yachting World1974/10134
8019HelsalAdams, JoeYacht, sloop72 ft LOAYachting World1974/10136
9077Moody 63Laurent Giles & PartnersYacht, ketch62 ft LOA Yachting World1974/10121
8043High Tension 36Ridder, Jac deYacht, sloop35 ft LOA - see also YM 1994/08 p37Yachting World1974/12104
11243Westerly ConwayLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, yawl35 ft LOA - see also YM 1976/01 p 89, YM 1999/04 Yachting World1975/01188
1104C and C 46C & C Yacht Design GroupYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World1975/01201
9585Philip 43Holman & PyeYacht, sloop42 ft LOA - see also YM 1975/04 p 567Yachting World1975/02118
1194CatalacDuff, M G & Lack, TomCatamaran29 ft LOAYachting World1974/07102
1270CherokeeMacAlpine-Downie, J RCatamaran35 ft LOAYachting World1974/07107
643America Jane IISparkman & StephensYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1974/06114
1262ChartreuseThomas, DavidYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1974/06115
1100C & N One TonnerCamper & NicholsonYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1974/06111
1413Contessa 35Peterson, DougYacht, sloop35 ft LOA - see also YM 1994/08 p35, YW 1975/05 pYachting World1974/06113
10361SolarisCompton, TerryCatamaran41 ft LOAYachting World1974/07105
7461F TKelsall, DerekTrimaran35 ft LOAYachting World1974/0792
728Aristocrat 30Musters, R Catamaran30 ft LOAYachting World1974/07106
7921GulfstreamerNewick, DickTrimaran60 ft LOAYachting World1974/0791
8057HirondelleHammond, ChrisCatamaran22 ft LOA - see also YM 1991/10 p 72, YM 1993/09 Yachting World1974/07104
10711TangoKelsall, DerekTrimaran23 ft LOAYachting World1974/07109
11734Buchanan, AlanYacht, yawl82 ft LOAYachting World1975/03112
7895Great Britain IIIKelsall, DerekTrimaran80 ft LOAYachting World1975/03114
8432Kings Cruiser 29Sunden, TordYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1975/0777
3175Dufour 27Dufour, MichelYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting World1975/0774
3223Ecume 7.50Pinot, J MYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1975/0775
10720TarantelleHarle, Philip Yacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1975/0781
9033MistyCameron, A RYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1975/0890
11008UhuruMarshall, RogerYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1975/0888
649AmphitriteHolman & PyeYacht, yawl42 ft LOAYachting World1975/0894
7741Garrison 30Garrison, John LloydYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1975/0996
8193Irish MistHolland, RonYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1975/1072
8660LoperMaas, FransYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting World1975/1074
9211Nauty 29G L M Design GroupYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1975/0792
8706Macwester 27Roy, C S JYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting World1975/0778
10635Swan 47Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World1975/0495
10622SwampfireMull, GaryYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1975/0494
9619Pinky KetchBenford, Jay R & AssocYacht, ketch34 ft LOAYachting World1975/0594
1024Bowman 57Holman & PyeYacht, ketch56 ft LOA - see also YW 1980/09 p 177Yachting World1975/05115
9570Peter PanSchenk, H GYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1975/0688
8811MarinerPrimrose, AngusYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting World1975/06106
8765Mandeln I GrotenEliasson, RYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1975/0686
1046Brin de FolieJoubertYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1975/0772
9668Potter 25Fairways MarineFishing25 ft LOAYachting World1975/0759
8762MandarinDitchfield, R FYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1975/0794
1192Castle 48Stadt, E G van deYacht, yawl48 ft LOAYachting World1975/1088
8849MastiffMudie, ColinMotor19 ft LOA - sponsored by Y WYachting World1963/0112
8255JanessaCamper & NicholsonYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1962/09409
14016BotterYachting World1957/05231
10031SantanderRhodes, Philip LYacht, cutter42 ft LOA - see also YM 1957/09 p 127Yachting World1957/05230
8547Lazy EHolt, JackDinghy, sailing15 ftYachting World1962/08352
11810Camper & NicholsonYacht, schooner135 ft LOA - propsoed S TA vesselYachting World1962/08373
12546Laurin, ArvidYacht, cutter25 ft LOA - Swedish KosterboatYachting World1957/06268
1535CurtsyBuchanan, A HYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1962/07328
3235EgretSparkman & StephensYacht56 ft LOAYachting World1962/06277
9704PsaropoulaThornycroft, PeterMotor36 ft LOAYachting World1957/06274
1604De Groene DraeckBoer, A & Lentsch, G de VriesLemsteraak49 ft LOA - see also YW 1957/07 p 310Yachting World1957/06269
11729Buchanan, AlanYacht, sloop29 ft LOA 8 tonYachting World1957/07313
7853Golden MillerHenderson, MichaelCatamaran21 ft LOAYachting World1957/07310
10104Sea FishermanParker, F R Yacht, motor24 ft LOAYachting World1957/05229
7817Girl PippaLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, motor40 ft LOAYachting World1957/05225
533Allround Mass, FransYacht, cutter42 ft LOAYachting World1963/0125
10462Stanley NineteenBrohall, PerYacht, sloop19 ft LOAYachting World1963/0124
12604MacAlpine-Downie, J RDinghy, sailing24 ft YW Scow - see also YW 1964/01 p29Yachting World1963/0110
1277ChieftainBuchanan, AlanYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting World1963/0120
8357JupiterWall, RaymondYacht, cutter43 ft LOAYachting World1962/12547
11942Cox & HaswellYacht, motor57 ft LOAYachting World1962/12538
8662LornaParker, F R & PartnersMotor22 ftYachting World1957/04182
10909TramontanaVosperMotor42 ft LOA - power boatYachting World1962/11484
1668Diadem of DewlishLaurent Giles, JackYacht, motor96 ft LOA - see also Ymn 1963/01 p 64Yachting World1962/11482
9498PamperoGoode, PhilipYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1957/04178
12453Jones, J francisYacht, sloop37 ft LOA 12 tonYachting World1957/04183
9835RhiamonKnowler, JohnYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1957/04180
10414SperanzaLevi, RenatoYacht, motor38 ft LOAYachting World1957/07312
3318ErosCibert, Paul AYacht, yawl38 ft LOAYachting World1957/07317
7800GiftieMudie, ColinYacht, motor61 ft LOAYachting World1962/05233
1205CatrionaLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, yawl44 ft LOAYachting World1957/09406
9612Pilot - 9 tonWarrington Smyth, RYacht, ketch30 ft LOAYachting World1961/11517
11127Viking of MerseaBuchanan, A HYacht, sloop31 ft LOA - East Coast O D class - see also Y M Yachting World1961/11508
9644PocahontasWall, RaymondYacht, cutter28 ft LOAYachting World1961/10451
10726TaroHagg, A EYacht, motor47 ft LOAYachting World1957/09407
10505StormvogelStadt, E G van deYacht, yawl74 ft LOAYachting World1961/09410
8725MaicaIllingworth & PrimroseYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1961/09412
9744Quiver IIICamper & NicholsonYacht, cutter44 ft LOAYachting World1961/08356
10689TaitsingBuchanan, A HYacht, sloop37 ft LOA - see als YM 1961/09 p 156Yachting World1961/07326
8684Lynara IIBain, JohnYacht, motor63 ft LOA - see also YM 1961/08 p 91Yachting World1961/07325
7898Great DaysLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1957/10454
9187NanduraWarrington Smyth, RYacht, motor41 ft LOAYachting World1957/10456
9442Orange BlossomHoevell, G W W C vanYacht, ketch29 ft LOAYachting World1961/12549
7946HalekulaniJones, J FrancisYacht, motor52 ft LOAYachting World1962/0125
10473Starfire of KentBuchanan, A HYacht, yawl53 ft LOA - see also YM 1962/07 p 11, CB 1998/05 Yachting World1962/05238
10207SharkMacalpine-Downie, J RCatamaran20 ft LOAYachting World1962/04197
13089Parker, F RYacht, motor105 ft LOA 100 tonsYachting World1962/04193
7804GimcrackSimmonds, David WYacht, yawl37 ft LOAYachting World1962/04189
7454ExplorerHolt, JackDinghy, sailing14 ft - sponsored by YW - see also YW 1961/07, 31Yachting World1961/06267
1082BuccaneerStadt, E G van deYacht, sloop23 ft LOA - sponsored by YW - see also YW 1962/05Yachting World1962/04186
8215IvaraRhodes, PhilipYacht, motor105 ft LOAYachting World1962/03148
9497PamperoBolletta, HoraceYacht, yawl38 ft LOAYachting World1957/08357
11877Clark, RobertYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1962/0284
10515Stulper HukOehlmann, Kurt A HYacht, yawl40 ft LOAYachting World1957/08356
10491Stella 24Holman, C RYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1962/0130
9139MustangMudie, ColinMotor15 ft Yachting World1962/0113
8037HestiaSparkman & StephensYacht, cutter34 ft LOAYachting World1961/06270
785AvalonRaynor, W FYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1956/12475
772AtraposMudie, ColinYacht, sloop20 ft LOAYachting World1957/018
11581Bentsen, WilliamYacht, ice12 ftYachting World1964/0134
8156InchcapeJones, J FrancisYacht45 ft LOAYachting World1964/0125
7765GenieSharp, J Yacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting World1964/0131
11176WakeHolman, C RYacht, yawl38 ft LOAYachting World1957/0125
7482FalconDennis, H PDinghy, sailing19 ft LOAYachting World1957/0139
12802Morgan Giles, F CYacht, sloop34 ft LOA - West Channel typeYachting World1957/0130
3269Elizabethan 29Holman, C RYacht, sloop29 ft LOA - see also YM 1993/08 p60Yachting World1963/12535
11595BertramMotor24 ft , 31 ft and 37 ft designsYachting World1963/12532
10911TransitGower, R HSchooner98 ft LOA - built 1799Yachting World1963/12545
10759TenoraHagg, ArthurYacht, motor32 ft LOAYachting World1963/11493
10993Twister of MerseaHolman, C RYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting World1963/11492
1145CapriciaSparkman & StephensYacht, yawl73 ft LOAYachting World1964/0290
1248ChampionGlacer, H EYacht, sloop21 ft LOA - see also YM 1964/03 p 133Yachting World1964/0282
11203WaranaBuchanan, AlanYacht, motor46 ft LOAYachting World1964/06273
10867Toby JugIllingworth & PrimroseYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting World1964/05230
11811Camper & NicholsonYacht, sloop26 ft LOA - South Coast O DYachting World1964/05216
7781GhostGregory, G CDinghy, sailing15 ftYachting World1964/05228
9807ReelingProctor, IanYacht, sloop19 ft LOAYachting World1964/04186
695Aquaries IIParker, F RYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1964/04187
8175Invicta Stadt, E G van deYacht, sloop26 ft LOA - see also YM 2001/11 p 104Yachting World1964/03143
1313ClansmanCheverton, DavidMotor36 ft LOAYachting World1964/03142
9484P R IIIKorteling, VYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting World1964/0283
12960Mudie, ColinYacht, motor62 ft LOA Yachting World1964/0285
9777RapikeeStadt, E G van deYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting World1964/0282
10210SharkRoscoe, R KYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting World1964/0283
7583FirebirdClark, RobertYacht, yawl68 ft LOAYachting World1963/10437
14020Motor35 ft - powerboatYachting World1963/10434
11574Bell Woodworking CoMotor21ft, 23 ft and 26 ft designsYachting World1957/0129
10442SquidRoscoe, R KDinghy, sailing12 ftYachting World1963/05223
532AllegroWestell, JohnYacht, sloop20 ft LOAYachting World1963/05228
9558PeregrineProctor, IanDinghy, sailing19 ftYachting World1963/05229
10080ScimitarLaurent Giles, JackYacht, sloop20 ft LOA - see also YW 1969/06 p 270Yachting World1963/04193
7450ExcaliburStadt, E G van deYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1963/04189
9812Rehu MoanaMudie, ColinCatamaran40 ft LOA - see also Mbt 1963/02 p 42 - used by Yachting World1963/04172
10134SeafarerIthurbide, Jorge MYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1963/04194
9428OndineTripp, William HYacht, yawl57 ft LOAYachting World1963/03144
1157CardhuLaurent Giles, JackYacht, cutter41 ft LOAYachting World1963/03141
9242New CampaignerCheverton, DavidYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1963/03147
9013MirrorHolt, JackDinghy, sailing10 ft - see also CB 2004/06 p75Yachting World1963/03153
7582Fire DrillRichards, R HYacht, yawl39 ft LOAYachting World1963/03142
11834Cheverton, DavidMotor18 ft - rescue launchYachting World1963/06275
1025BowstringClark, RobertYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1963/06270
10126Sea WardIthurbide, Jorge MYacht, yawl40 ft LOAYachting World1957/0274
356A SperanziellaLevi, RenatoMotor30 ft LOAYachting World1963/10436
9586Philip 50 Philip & SonYacht, motor52 ft LOAYachting World1963/09408
10910Tramontana IIVosperMotor36 ft LWLYachting World1963/09393
10214SHD IShelley, JohnDinghy, sailing14 ft - International 14Yachting World1963/09411
12452Jones, J FrancisYacht, motor39 ft LOAYachting World1957/03137
9253Nicholson 32Camper & NicholsonYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1963/08356
1580DanicaSlaaby-Larsen, AYacht, yawl39 ft LOAYachting World1957/03138
1638DelfinaChiggiato, AYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1957/03140
8024HephzibahBuchanan, AlanYacht, yawl43 ft LOAYachting World1963/07313
11728Buchanan, AlanYacht, sloop27 ft LOA - East Anglian Restricted classYachting World1957/03133
9506PankinaRayner, W AYacht, motor38 ft LOAYachting World1963/06271
9329North StarMudie, ColinYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting World1963/0284
10237SherinaGoode, PhilipYacht, motor55 ft LOAYachting World1959/12502
1168CaritaClark, RobertSchooner170 ft LOA - see also CB 1999/05 p 40Yachting World1959/05228
12378Holt, JackDinghy, sailing11 ft - Vagabond class - sponsored by YWYachting World1959/05231
1581DanielleThornycroft, John IMotor28 ft LOAYachting World1958/04188
11524Areo Marine LtdYacht, cutter35 ft LOAYachting World1958/04187
12225Goode, PhilipYacht, sloop27 ft LOA 7 tonYachting World1958/04183
1579DanegeldCheverton, DavidYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1959/04189
12209Gibbs, Kenneth M Dinghy, sailing15 ft - Teenager classYachting World1959/04196
10801TheiaThornycroft, John IMotor24 ft LOAYachting World1959/04190
13052OuthaulFishing23 ft LOAYachting World1959/04195
11731Buchanan, AlanYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting World1959/03148
9685PriwellOehlmann, Kurt A HYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1959/03150
13637Warrington Smyth, RYacht, motor33 ft LOAYachting World1959/03143
11876Clark, RobertYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1959/06284
13153Powell, John EYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting World1959/06285
1147Capriol IIIRadcliffe, WYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting World1959/11471
1660DestinyCamper & NicholsonYacht, motor94 ft LOAYachting World1959/11458
1310Clair de LuneHolman, C RYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1959/11472
7704FreelanderLaurent Giles, JackYacht, motor70 ft LOAYachting World1959/10412
674AnitraSparkman & StephensYacht, yawl48 ft LOAYachting World1959/10422
13026Oehlmann, KurtYacht, yawl39 ft LOAYachting World1959/10427
12545Laurent Giles, JackYacht, sloop27 ft LOA - Normandy classYachting World1958/03137
12370Holman, C RYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - Stella classYachting World1959/10423
9778RappareeRobb, Arthur CYacht, yawl43 ft LOAYachting World1959/09382
8579LeonaBain, JohnYacht, motor42 ft LOAYachting World1958/03133
3212Earl DavidTimmer, WerfYacht, motor48 ft LOA - see also YM 1959/10 p139Yachting World1959/07341
7472Fairey FulmarFairey Marine LtdYacht, sloop20 ft LOA C BYachting World1959/07339
920BevindaTaylor, James LtdYacht, motor56 ft LOAYachting World1959/03147
11557Balfour, A KYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting World1959/03149
7862Good HopeTaylor, Alan JYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1959/0279
10121Sea RoverHayman, BernardYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1958/05216
3116DonellaLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, cutter43 ft LOAYachting World1958/09396
538AlpenraeMylne, AlfredYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1958/09412
11875Clark, RobertYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1958/05224
10302Sita IIBuchanan, AlanYacht, motor64 ft LOAYachting World1958/05225
11621Bolger, Philip CYacht, motor29 ft LOA - twin screwYachting World1958/06266
13252Robb, Arthur CYacht45 ft LOA 28 tonYachting World1958/06267
11220WeatherlyRhodes, PhilipYacht, sloop69 ft LOA - 12m America Cup - YM 1958/07 p 15Yachting World1958/06250
10076SceptreBoyd, DavidYacht, sloop68 ft LOA - 12m America CupYachting World1958/08338
11730Buchanan, AlanYacht, motor46 ft LOAYachting World1958/08353
11329Windborne IISparkman & StephensYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1958/08352
9503PandavenaGoode, PhilipMotor24 ft LOAYachting World1958/07314
11647Bray, Arthur LtdMotor35 ftYachting World1958/129
11071VashtiBuchanan, AlanYacht, sloop37 ft LOA - see also YM 1958/12 p 286Yachting World1958/10443
10729TarragonLevi, RenatoYacht,sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1959/0125
9451OrthopsClark, RobertYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1959/0129
13418Spencer, JohnDinghy, sailing12 ft - Cherub classYachting World1959/0145
1028BrabantBuchanan, AlanYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1959/0124
12254Gurney, Alan PYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1958/12529
10653SwiftProut, G & SonsCatamaran14 ftYachting World1958/12536
14017Fishing20 ft ? - Deal luggerYachting World1958/12515
10108Sea FretHolt, Jack Dinghy, sailing12 ft - Solo classYachting World1958/12517
9905RosabelleHagg, A EYacht, motor63 ft LOAYachting World1958/11489
10590Sunwood IIOliver, Leslie AYacht, motor61 ft LOAYachting World1958/11490
9933RubinRasmussen, HenryYacht, yawl53 ft LOAYachting World1958/11485
10896Touche II Tripp, William HYacht, sloop48 ft LOA C BYachting World1958/10447
11833Cheverton, DavidYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting World1958/07315
13638Warrington Smyth, RMotor28 ft LOAYachting World1961/06272
9611PilotWarrington Smyth, RYacht, sloop24 ft LOA - see also YW 1958/10 p 442Yachting World1957/12537
10351Snowgoose of IchenorPenman, W G SYacht, motor52 ft LOAYachting World1957/12536
12377Holt, JackDinghy, sailing9 ft - sponsored by YWYachting World1957/12532
11452ZestHolt, JackYacht, sloop30 ft LOA - Y W KeelboatYachting World1961/0110
10941TrintelStadt, E G van deYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting World1961/0125
12371Holman, C RYacht, sloop27 ft LOA - Sterling classYachting World1961/0130
11138Virginia ReelRhodes, Philip LYacht, motor65 ft LOAYachting World1960/12544
12957Mudie, ColinYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1960/12539
808Baby SharkNewel LtdMotor12 ftYachting World1958/0129
7551FidelisClark, RobertYacht, yawl23 ft LOAYachting World1960/11499
7752Gay ManonWatson, G L & CoYacht, motor60 ft LOA - see also YM 1960/12 p 302Yachting World1960/11500
10043Sara BachDunphy, B LYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting World1960/10453
9733QueneldaFreeman, F RYacht, motor48 ft LOA - see also Ymn 1961/07 p 35Yachting World1961/0285
8992MinwassinAlden, John GYacht, motor46 ft LOAYachting World1961/03147
12803Morgan Giles, F CYacht, ketch50 ft LOAYachting World1961/06271
8302JofianCowen, C T HYacht, yawl38 ft LOA - see also YM 1961/11 p 260Yachting World1961/06273
7464Fair IsleFairmile Construction Co LtdYacht, motor73 ft LOAYachting World1961/05226
8409KetosBuchanan, A HYacht36 ft LOAYachting World1961/05231
12603Macalpine-Downie, J RCatamaran15 ft - sponsored by YWYachting World1961/05216
10466Star SapphireLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, yawl73 ft LOAYachting World1957/11495
3155DrumbeatHunt, C RaymondYacht, cutter58 ft LOA - see also CB 2001/04 p 29Yachting World1957/11496
10714Tantina IIJones, J FrancisYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1961/04185
3251Eleven PlusParkin, EricDinghy, sailing11 ftYachting World1957/11499
10652SwiftOsborne, William LtdMotor27 ftYachting World1957/11480
9035Misty MillerHenderson, MichaelCatamaran29 ft LOAYachting World1961/03148
1521CrystalBuchanan, A HYacht, sloop22 ft LOA - see also YM 1962/04 p 194Yachting World1961/03142
841Barbovento IIRhodes, Philip LYacht, ketch71 ft LOAYachting World1960/10457
8282JesterYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - junk rig - see also YW 1961/01 p14, Yachting World1958/0113
7808Gipsy Moth IIIClark, RobertYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1960/09414
8829MarucaSparkman & StephensYacht, motor46 ft LOAYachting World1960/04190
3218EasterBuchanan, AlanYacht, cutter35 ft LOA - see also CB 1998/04 p 42Yachting World1960/04191
9089Moonlight IIRobb, ArthurYacht, yawl41 ft LOAYachting World1958/0279
482AlanoWarrington Smyth, RYacht, cutter35 ft LOAYachting World1960/03147
12093Dunphy, B LYacht, motor42 ft LOAYachting World1960/03143
9441OranaMcGruer, JamesYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1960/0281
13079Parker, F RYacht, sloop26 ft LOA - Poole O D classYachting World1958/0275
9305Nordiska FolkbatenYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1958/03138
8834Mary DeareClark, RobertYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1960/0136
10266Silver BayParker, F RYacht, motor37 ft LOAYachting World1960/0141
493AlcorLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, yawl75 ft LOAYachting World1960/0137
9972Saga 34Pape, AlanYacht, cutter38 ft LOA - see also YM 1975/07 875Yachting World1975/07100
8962MiaLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, cutter43 ft LOAYachting World1960/05237
8284JethouParker, F RYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1960/05233
8974Miguy IIICamper & NicholsonYacht88 ft LOAYachting World1960/08368
13174Prowse, A W BMotor26 ft Yachting World1960/08371
967Blue CharmIllingworth & PrimroseYacht, sloop30 ft LOA - see also YM 1960/12 p 306Yachting World1960/08370
747AssegaiClark, RobertYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1960/07315
8942Mermaid Sparkman & StephenYacht, ketch45 ft LOAYachting World1958/0138
8013HelenaTough, RobertYacht, motor70 ft LOAYachting World1960/07316
12270HalmaticMotor27 ftYachting World1958/0129
11567Bates, W & SonMotor40 ftYachting World1958/0129
10264Sigra Parker, F RYacht50 ft LOAYachting World1958/0139
1541CyaneSparkman & StephensYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World1960/06281
1234Ceol MaraBuchanan, AlanYacht, ketch42 ft LOAYachting World1960/06276
7801GigiMcGruer, JamesYacht, yawl42 ft LOAYachting World1960/06277
856Bass BoatWarrington Smyth, RMotor15 ftYachting World1959/12496
10756TempoKoper, JackDinghy, sailing15 ftYachting World1965/05240
10497StilviCamper & NicholsonYacht, ketch65 ft LOAYachting World1956/09345
11447ZeeslangStadt, E G van deYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1956/12476
1300CiacconaLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, cutter40 ft LOAYachting World1956/10380
1243Challenger Mk IIOsborne, W LtdMotor34 ft LOAYachting World1956/10388
7736GalloperBrown, F B RYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1956/11429
8826Martha McGildaBuchanan, AlanYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1956/11428
10647Sweet ReasonWall, RaymondYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1964/07318
1154Caravel Mk IIICheverton, DavidCatamaran24 ft LOAYachting World1965/05235
8837Mary IslayPowell, John EYacht, motor37 ft LOA - see also YW 1958/02 p 126Yachting World1956/12471
8195IroquoisMacalpine-Downie, J RCatamaran30 ft LOA - see also YW 1971/06 p 74, YW 1974/07 Yachting World1965/05229
13412Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1964/09402
11702Bruys, C CYacht, motor31 ft LOAYachting World1964/09403
459AegleWall, RaymondYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1964/12529
9745Quiver IVCamper & NicholsonYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World1965/04184
10209SharkNeedall, Antony & CoMotor15 ftYachting World1956/11433
1594Dauphin BleuLentsch, G de VriesYacht, motor78 ft LOAYachting World1964/11488
8107Huon LassClark, RobertYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1965/0129
10254Shu-ShuParker, Fred RYacht, motor90 ft LOAYachting World1956/09349
956BlizzardStaheli, EDinghy, sailing14 ftYachting World1965/0124
7772GeraniumTaylor, James LtdMotor42 ft LOA - see also Mbt 1956/07 p 287Yachting World1956/08299
1686DiscovererGrimston, BrianMotor31 ft LOAYachting World1956/12463
9119MoyanaShepherd, FredYacht, ketch95 ft LOAYachting World1956/08290
8036HesperusBolger, Philip CYacht, cutter45 ft LOAYachting World1963/0287
993BoemerangKroes, F G A & ZonenYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting World1956/10379
8852Mataran 22Tarabocchia, MarioYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1965/03140
1140Capella of KentBuchanan, AlanYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1964/11483
9595PhoenixMacalpine-Downie, J RCatamaran18 ftYachting World1964/08360
10149SealionOudgaarden A van & Meakes, J GYacht, motor42 ft LOAYachting World1964/08361
12707McBryde, W G MYacht, motor85 ft LOAYachting World1956/10378
713ArditaUniversal Launches LtdMotor32 ft LOAYachting World1956/11433
8235Jackie SCross, F GMotor34 ft - powerboatYachting World1964/08357
7748GayParker, Fred RMotor35 ft LOAYachting World1956/10381
1305CirisLombardi, VittorioDinghy, sailing15 ftYachting World1965/0124
10899ToyAllen, TonyDinghy, sailing15 ftYachting World1965/0124
9888RocquetteCamper & NicholsonYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1964/08358
8776ManukaiRobb, ArthurYacht, yawl50 ft LOAYachting World1964/07317
994BoisterousStadt, E G van deDinghy, sailing15 ftYachting World1965/0285
10878Tonnerre de BreskensMaas, FransYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1964/10439
8606Lilly KarinWatson, G LYacht, motor40 ft LOAYachting World1964/12528
13340Simmons, DavidYacht, motor32 ft LOAYachting World1965/03143
9829ResultMull, GarryYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1965/03141
10823ThriceStadt, E G van deYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1965/03142
10427SplinterStadt, E G van deYacht, sloop21 ft LOA - see also YM 1967/04 p 221Yachting World1965/04187
11286WhiplashHolman, C RYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1964/10440
885Bebe GrandeBurness Kendall & Partners LtdYacht, motor53 ft LOAYachting World1956/08298
10142SeahorseStadt, E G van deYacht, sloop28 ft LOA - sponsored by YWYachting World1959/06279
1456CorinthianHolt, JackDinghy, sailing13 ftYachting World1965/0284
4392TC 1070Tolfsen, UlfYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1986/12103
4424Trintella 57Avan de Stadt, E GYacht, sloop57 ft LOAYachting World1987/0770
4433Farr 65ft SharpieBruce, FarrYacht, sloop65 ft LOAYachting World1987/09136
4432MG 335Castro, TonyYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1987/09130
4771Wauquiez 48Dubois Naval ArchitectsYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World1997/01134
4426Rodger Martin 50Martin, RodgerYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World1987/07105
4399Oyster 53Holman & PyeYacht, sloop53 ft LOAYachting World1987/01136
4510Winner 9.50van de Stadt, E GYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1989/1176
4397Tom Thumb 24Shannon, GrahameYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting World1987/01133
4429Sun Light 30Andrieu, DanielYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1987/0898
4395Oceanis 58, BeneteauRacoupeau, BerretYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World1987/0146
4428Havkat 24Oudrup, LarsYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1987/0887
4396Jeanneau 57Briande, PhillipeYacht, sloop57 ft LOAYachting World1987/0146
4427Transpac 70Nelson & MarekYacht, sloop68 ft LOAYachting World1987/0886
4430Gib'Sea 402Jouber & NiveltYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1987/0894
4769Trintella 47Holland, RonYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World1997/01134
4700Beneteau 42s7Farr & StarckYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1994/0798
1510CrocusGarden, WilliamYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1994/07244
4701Hunter Ranger 265Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting World1994/07104
4425LoonPerry, Robert HYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1987/07104
4770Northwind 50Penna, MarceloYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World1997/01134
4703Blythe SpiritSpirit Yachts LtdYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1994/0980
4705Moody ManiaDixon, BillYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1994/09110
4564Antigua 37Joubert & NiveltCatamaran37 ft LOAYachting World1991/0354
4565Ran-Tan, Sadler 32Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1991/0356
4683Whitbread 30Rogers, SimonYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1994/0284
4693Desperado, Swan 77Frers, GermanYacht, sloop77 ft LOAYachting World1994/05154
4682Blue PapillonSijm, PieterYacht, sloop97 ft LOAYachting World1994/0266
4689Gougeon 32Gougeon, MeadeCatamaran32 ft LOAYachting World1994/04108
4563First 310Finot, GroupeYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1991/0348
4440Swan 43Holland, RonYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1987/11137
4439X-99JeppesenYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1987/1182
4685Jeanneau Sun Fast 36Briand, PhillipeYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1994/02104
4768Jeanneau, Sun Odyssey 36.2Fauroux, JacquesYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1996/12100
4394Granada 340 ReginaJudel & VrolijkYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1986/12108
4442Spring 25Castro, TonyYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1987/12104
4699Wally Yachts 105Brenta, LucaYacht, ketch105 ft LOAYachting World1994/0786
4704Farr 60Farr, BruceYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World1994/0996
4380Tamara 30Dubois, EdYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1986/08117
4434Credit AgricoleRibadeau Dumas, GuyYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World1987/09137
4431Maxi 909Petterson, PelleYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1987/09113
4377Famous LadyGarland, Thomas AYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1986/08100
4393Oceanis 350Briand, PhilippeYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1986/12104
4378UnfurledPedrick, DaveYacht, sloop71 ft LOAYachting World1986/08101
4379Oyster 406Holman & PyeYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1986/08112
4566Eclipse 38Dixon, BillYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1991/0446
4567Legend 37.5Luhrs, WarrenYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1991/0452
4568Beaux Yeux, First 35Berret, JeanYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1991/0454
4398Bowman 40Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1987/01134
4763Misdeanour, BavariaJ&JYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1996/08100
4702ThendaraMylne DesignsYacht, ketch122 ft LOA 1937Yachting World1994/0884
4436Gatsby 39Backus, JamesYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1987/10119
4437Pelorus JackGlowacki, Tomasz MYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting World1987/10121
4438FirebirdSmith, MartynCatamaran26 ft LOAYachting World1987/10122
4435Forgus 36Samuelsson, HugoYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1987/10106
4762Dufour 35J&JYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1996/08100
4131Sun FizzBriand, PhilippeYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1991/0858
4577Bavaria 320Mohnhaupt, AxelYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1991/0668
4387StriderWoods, Richard & LillianCatamaran24 ft LOAYachting World1986/10108
4576Etap 35Harle, PhilippeYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1991/0662
4578Iroquois, Vahine IIMacalpine-Downie, RodCatamaran30 ft LOAYachting World1991/0670
4409Nauticat 521Sparkman & StephensYacht, ketch56 ft LOAYachting World1987/04102
4765Elan 36Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1996/10104
4128Katie GMartin, RodgerYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1991/0849
4411Miss SimpletteBombigher, Daniel ZDinghy, sailing23 ft LOAYachting World1987/04109
4410Fisher One DesignEllis, MarkYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1987/04108
4412Parker 21Holland, RonYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting World1987/04110
4696141 ft sloopHoek Design Naval ArchitectsYacht, sloop141 ft LOAYachting World1994/0698
4698Sunny Side Up, Impala 28Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1994/06118
4694Vancouver 34 Pilot HouseHarris, RobertYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1994/05160
4695Borkumriff IIILunstroo Custom DesignSchooner144 ft LOAYachting World1994/0684
4388Minstrel 23Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1986/1198
4692Route 66Bergstrom, LarsYacht, sloop68 ft LOAYachting World1994/05106
4384Baltic 43Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1986/1080
4405Feeling 13.50Holland, RonYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1987/0374
4407OceanaTuma, AlexYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1987/0382
4390Kelt 39Vaton & RoseoYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1986/11104
4408Lightwave 395Schumacher, CarlYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1987/0383
4130Sun Odyssey 34Andrieux, DanielYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1991/0856
4406Dehler 343van Tongeren & van de StadtYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1987/0380
4402Passage 65Ibold, PeterMotor65 ft LOAYachting World1987/02105
4385SparkyMull, GaryYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1986/1081
4386Westerly Storm 33Dubois, EdYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1986/10104
4403First 235Groupe FinotYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1987/02106
4389Tad Roberts 45TR Marine DesignYacht, ketch45 ft LOAYachting World1986/11103
4404Moody 422Dixon, BillYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1987/02108
4579DreamBombigher, DanielSchooner70 ft LOAYachting World1991/0753
4766YW H35Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1996/10104
4686Swan 60Frers, GermanYacht, sloop62 ft LOAYachting World1994/03104
4688Oyster 26Holman & PyeYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1994/03112
4571Solaris Sunbeam 24Kelsall, DerekCatamaran24 ft LOAYachting World1991/0568
4416Mermaid 380Andersen, BentYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1987/06102
4697Shaka Zulu, Bavaria 44J&J DesignYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1994/06112
4382MG C27Humphreys, RobertYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1986/09103
4572Dragonfly 800 Mk IIIQuoming, BorgeMultihull26 ft LOAYachting World1991/0569
4570Contessa 32Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1991/0562
4401Greater Manchester ChallengeGiles, LaurentYacht, ketch76 ft LOAYachting World1987/01104
4400Freedom 33Hoyt & OakleyYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1987/01140
4569Contest 43Zaal, DickYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1991/0556
4573Twins 31Patterson, PatMultihull31 ft LOAYachting World1991/0571
4764Clipper 60Pedrick, DavidYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World1996/0992
4684Hallberg-Rassy 53Frers, GermanYacht, sloop54 ft LOAYachting World1994/0298
4421Oyster 53Holman & PyeYacht, sloop53 ft LOAYachting World1987/0761
4420C&N 476Camper & NicholsonYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World1987/0758
4422Moody 58Dixon, BillYacht, sloop58 ft LOAYachting World1987/0764
4381Lightwave 48Schumacher, CarlYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1986/09102
4419Feeling 286Vaton, GillesYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1987/06110
4391Pacific WaveGiorgetti & MagriniYacht, sloop72 ft LOAYachting World1986/12101
4413Voyager 40Dixon, BillYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1987/05106
4687Contest 58Zaal & PetersonYacht, sloop58 ft LOAYachting World1994/03106
4129Centurion 59Dubois, EdYacht, sloop59 ft LOAYachting World1991/0850
4772Moody 36Dixon, BillYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1997/01140
4767Legend 376Hunter Marine Corp.Yacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1996/12100
4414Nonsuch 30Ellis, MarkYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1987/05112
4415AventuraDixon, BillYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1987/05114
4575Fidji 39Joubert & NiveltCatamaran39 ft LOAYachting World1991/0574
4574Prout Event 34Milne, PeterCatamaran34 ft LOAYachting World1991/0573
4418Navwind 24Groombridge, RogerYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting World1987/06109
4691Parker 325Parker, B & WYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1994/04116
4417KaluluBates, Steve LYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World1987/06108
4383Victoria 34Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1986/09106
4690X - 362Jeppesen, NielsYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1994/04110
4423North-Wind 47Penna, MarceloYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World1987/0767
4443Oceanis 430Briand, PhilippeYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1987/12108
4724Magic Dragon, Grand Soleil 50Peterson, DougYacht, sloop51 ft LOAYachting World1995/04110
4496Design No 069Nelson & MarekYacht, sloop56 ft LOAYachting World1989/0664
4497Cat S 50Langevin, SylvestreCatamaran51 ft LOAYachting World1989/0665
4498Hallberg Rassy 29Rassy & EnderleinYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1989/0676
4536Sun~Light 31Andrieu, DanielYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1990/0856
4537Moody 33Primrose, AngusYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1990/0858
4538Ultra 30Humphreys, RobDinghy, sailing30 ftYachting World1990/0870
4132Freebird 50Richardson & SmithCatamaran50 ft LOAYachting World1995/03102
4746Cape 38Berckemeyer, OswaldYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1996/0173
4745Eden 50Perry, RobertYacht, sloop51 ft LOAYachting World1996/0172
4499Sun Charm 39Fauroux, JacquesYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1989/0682
4534Paine 45Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1990/0843
4723Gib'Sea 414Humphreys, RobertYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1995/04104
4503Contest 35SZaal, DickYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1989/0872
4502Moody 336Dixon, BillYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1989/0866
4501Transpac ULDB 70Nelson & MarekYacht, sloop70 ft LOAYachting World1989/0858
472257ft HinckleySparkman & StephensYacht, yawl57 ft LOAYachting World1995/0488
4500Pen GwynTanton, Yves-MarieYacht, ketch37 ft LOAYachting World1989/0755
4134Farr 60Farr, BruceYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World1995/12102
4133BoleroSparkman & StephensYacht, yawl74 ft LOAYachting World1995/1292
4535Hallberg~Rassy 45Frers, GermanYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World1990/0848
47447 Seas 1300Haavind, PerYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1996/0170
4743MergusEivola, PekkaYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1996/0168
4742FrejaHeyman, GabrielYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1996/0166
4541Fisher 34, Finlandia of HambleWyatt, GordonYacht, ketch34 ft LOAYachting World1990/0960
4720Melges 24Pugh, ReichelYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting World1995/02100
4721Justice of Turnchapel, Sweden Yachts 370Norlin & OstmannYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1995/02104
4751Oceanis 40CCFinot & BriandYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1996/0294
4488Hylas 44Frers, GermanYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1989/0364
4487Crusader II, America's Cup ClassHolkom, DaveYacht, sloop76 ft LOAYachting World1989/0360
4489Gib'Sea 442Joubert & NiveltYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1989/0366
4719Huisman 100Frers, GermanYacht, sloop105 ft LOAYachting World1995/0288
4750Nodseil 55Dixon, BillYacht, sloop55 ft LOAYachting World1996/0290
4540Najad 320Karlsson, ThorwaldYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1990/0958
4539Starlight 38, SadlerJones, StephenYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1990/0954
4748Contest 37Zaal, DickYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1996/01134
4749Mumm 30Farr, BruceYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1996/01138
4494Catalina 34Catalina YachtsYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1989/0572
4493Baltic 52Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop53 ft LOAYachting World1989/0563
4495Nonsuch 26Ellis, MarkYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1989/0578
4747Windexpress 48Bergstrom, LarsYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World1996/01116
4491News Inc 9.5Marek, NelsonYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1989/0461
4492First Class Europe, BeneteauFinot, GroupeYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1989/0462
4490MGCS 36Castro, TonyYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1989/0474
4484SaoirseDubois, EdYacht, ketch75 ft LOAYachting World1989/0258
4521Nauta 54Kaufman, ScottYacht, sloop55 ft LOAYachting World1990/0366
4513Westerly, Oceanmaster 48Dubois, EdYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1990/01102
4514Hunter, Horizon 23Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1990/01108
4526LongobardaFarr, BruceYacht, sloop80 ft LOAYachting World1990/0482
4527Wavetrain IIEveritt, JulianYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1990/0486
4525Etap 22, Narde Ridder, JacYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting World1990/0476
4524Gib'Sea 352Joubert & NiveltYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1990/0474
4512Gib'Sea 312Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1989/1272
4511Ancasta 50Dubois, EdYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World1989/1266
4523Dehler 36dbvan de StadtYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1990/0470
4516La AventuraDixon, BillYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1990/01140
4515Penmar, Westerly KonsortGiles, LaurentYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1990/01110
4522Sadler 29, PrimoSadler, DavidYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1990/0368
4520Vancouver 36Taylor, TonyYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1990/0360
988Bluewater 60Skilowitz, PaulYacht60 ft LOAYachting World1995/0786
4517Furia 44Joubert & NiveltYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1990/0266
4519Hunter, Sonata, PiccoloThomas, DavidYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1990/0274
4518Sun Way 21J&JYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting World1990/0272
4732Island Packet 40Johnson, BobYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1995/08102
4733Unna 24 & 20Nissen, GeorgYacht, sloop24 & 21 ft LOAYachting World1995/08108
4731Fatso the BlaggerMcMillan, SeanYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting World1995/0886
4730First 300 SpiritGroupe FinotYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1995/06114
472821-Metre Swing KeelerNissen, GeorgYacht, ketch72 ft LOAYachting World1995/0693
4729Piano, Bowman 45Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1995/06108
4532Sigma 33Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1990/0668
4531Bavaria 320Mohnhaupt, AxelYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1990/0666
4506Island Packet 35Johnson, BobYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1989/1074
4505Gib'Sea 522Joubert & NiveltYacht, sloop52 ft LOAYachting World1989/1068
4507Hunter's ChildBergstrom & RitterYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World1989/1098
4533Crealock 44Crealock, BillYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1990/0747
4739Swan 48Frers, GermanYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World1995/1192
4504First 41s5Berrett & StarckYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1989/09118
4738Heresy 45Morgan, JohnYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1995/1180
4530Eclipse 43Dixon, BillYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1990/0662
4735Hunter 707Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1995/10106
4528Feeling 446Harle, PhilippeYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1990/0574
4529Il Moro Di VenezlaFrers, GermanYacht, sloop80 ft LOAYachting World1990/0594
4725ThaliaHolland, RonYacht, ketch160 ft LOAYachting World1995/0586
4727Sigma 8mJ&J Design & PetersonYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1995/05110
4726Beer Money, Trintella 51Avan de StadtYacht, sloop51 ft LOAYachting World1995/05104
4736Lit'l Blue, Baltic 47Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1995/10112
4508Still 380Still, EivindDinghy, sailing13 ft LOAYachting World1989/1165
4509Etap 38iHarle & MortainYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1989/1170
4734Truly ClassicHoek, AndrewYacht, sloop64 ft LOAYachting World1995/1080
4737CatalystHolland, RonYacht, ketch92 ft LOAYachting World1995/1166
4549CarrouselAlden, John GYacht, yawl58 ft LOAYachting World1990/1239
4458Parker 31Castro, TonyYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1988/0596
4554Sigma 35Thomas & DixonYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1991/0156
4756YW H28Humphteys, RobYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1996/0690
4757NadiaDubois Naval ArchitectsYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World1996/06108
4759Djinn Seng XJeppesen, NilsYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1996/06118
4456PalmyraPaine, ChuckYacht, ketch50 ft LOAYachting World1988/04109
4455Malo 33Olsson, BobYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1988/0494
4555Omega 36Holland, RonYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1991/0162
4556Contessa 26Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1991/0164
4460Culverneer, 500Dixon, BillYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World1988/05106
4459Tektron 50Shuttleworth, JohnCatamaran48 ft LOAYachting World1988/0598
4464Sigma 38Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1988/06114
4463Etap 28iHarle, PhilippeYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1988/06111
4462PeregrineNelson & MarekYacht, sloop70 ft LOAYachting World1988/0699
4461SigneBruce King Yacht DesignYacht, ketch100 ft LOAYachting World1988/0698
4550Westerly, Typhoon 37Dubois, EdYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1990/1240
4713Sweden Yachts 70Norlin & OstmannYacht, sloop70 ft LOAYachting World1994/12106
4758Prout 45Prout CatamaransCatamaran45 ft LOAYachting World1996/06112
4755Challenge 2000Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop71 ft LOAYachting World1996/0642
4457Collected WisdomGlowacki, TomaszYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1988/0595
4709Najad 520Beyer, CarlYacht, sloop53 ft LOAYachting World1994/11102
4708Excel GrowlerAndrews, AlanYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1994/1186
4561SparkleCollins, WarickYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1991/0285
4557J-Hawk, J/44Magnusson, RolfYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1991/0246
4559Vancouver 28Harris, RobertYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1991/0252
4706Whitbread 30Castro, TonyYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1994/1092
4707Able Apogee 50Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop51 ft LOAYachting World1994/10112
4761Yanneke TooDixon, BillSchooner115 ft LOAYachting World1996/07108
4760Vancouver 39Taylor, TonyYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1996/07102
4446Sun-Dream 28Castro, TonyYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1988/01170
4444Lightwave 48Lexcen, BenYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1988/01156
4445Oceanlord 41Dubois, EdYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1988/01164
4448Three-Quarter TonnerCastro, TonyYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1988/0298
4449Mystic 60Frers, GermanYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World1988/02106
4558Hannah's Way, Scanmar 40Magnusson, RolfYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1991/0250
4454Freedom 39Holland, RonYacht, ketch39 ft LOAYachting World1988/0394
4453Bavaria 30Mohnhaupt, AxelYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1988/0392
4452RomanceGarden, WilliamSchooner60 ft LOAYachting World1988/0385
4451Solution 47Lavranos, AngeloYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1988/0383
4562Rulor IIWest, JohnYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1991/0287
4560Q2Pocock, MichaelYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1991/0284
4450Hunter 32Thomas & DyerYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1988/02112
4447Steinlager 1Alan-Williams, DavidMultihull60 ft LOAYachting World1988/0297
4441Advantage 43Shuttleworth, JohnCatamaran44 ft LOAYachting World1987/1277
4485Voyage 12.50Ribadeau-Dumas, GuyYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1989/0268
4717Dehler 37CWSvan de StadtYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1995/01116
4545Holger DanskeGerr. DaveYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World1990/1151
4752Moody S38Dixon, BillYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1996/03122
4546Moody 35Dixon, BillYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1990/1152
4547Sirius 42Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1990/1156
4548Southerly 115Bennett, JohnYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1990/1158
4474Swan 36Frers, GermanYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1988/11116
4476Design No183Chance, BrittonYacht, sloop65 ft LOAYachting World1988/11128
4475X~342Jeppesen, NielsYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1988/11125
4715RoxaneIrens, NigelYacht, yawl29 ft LOAYachting World1995/0190
4480Hunter 27 OODThomas, DavidYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1988/12106
4542Beneteau 45f5Farr, BruceYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World1990/1040
4481Tayana 64Harris, Robert BYacht, sloop65 ft LOAYachting World1989/0199
4483Grand Soleil 52Frers, GermanYacht, sloop52 ft LOAYachting World1989/01106
4482Dehler 38 CWSvan de StadtYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1989/01100
4544Nicholson 26, PampanoNicholson, CharlesYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting World1990/1046
4543Baltic 52Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop53 ft LOAYachting World1990/1044
4477Baltic 40Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1988/1298
4478Freedom 42Mull, GaryYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1988/12104
4479Didier Presles 42Presles, DidierYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1988/12105
4718Sticky Fingers, Whitbread 30Rogers, SimonYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1995/01122
4753ZannaDalzell, SteveYacht, yawl82 ft LOAYachting World1996/0476
4472Hunter Legend 35Luhrs, WarrenYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1988/10104
4711Dehler 41DSJudel & VrolijkYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1994/1284
4710MarigoldYacht, sloop59 ft LOA 1890Yachting World1994/1260
4712Jeanneau One DesignAndrieu, DanielYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting World1994/12100
4741Contessa 32Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1996/05116
1039Briand Classic 62Briand, Philippe Yacht, ketch61 ft LOAYachting World1996/0596
4740J/110Johnstone, RodYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1996/05122
4465AprioriHumphreys, RobertYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1988/07109
4553Sigma 33, FirestormThomas, DavidYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1990/1284
4551Aphrodite 51Boyer, CarlYacht, ketch53 ft LOAYachting World1990/1244
4468Sweden Yachts 50Norlin & OstmannYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World1988/08120
4466G&S 36Schlageter, GrahamYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1988/08106
4473Riviera 35Dubois & WesterlyYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1988/10108
4714FulmarFife, WilliamYacht, sloop47 ft LOA 1930Yachting World1995/0186
4716Rustler 41Holman & PyeYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1995/01102
4486Mustang 30Handley, PaulYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1989/0274
4754Dehler 33Judel & VroljkYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1996/04114
4469Morris Yachts 32Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1988/09119
4471Lightwave 395Schumacher, CarlYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1988/09133
4470Moody Eclipse 33Dixon, BillYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1988/09124
4467First 35&5Berret, JeanYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1988/08114
4552Rustler 31, WrestlerHolman & PyeYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1990/1246
4375BarracudaCastro, TonyYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1986/07114
4295ApocalypseLerouge, EricYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1984/07101
4655Etap 32iHarle, Mortain & MavrikosYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1993/0498
4654Spectrum 50Dubois Naval ArchitectsYacht, sloop51 ft LOAYachting World1993/0491
4657Minuet II, Fulmar 32Dubois, EdYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1993/04108
4282Oyster HeritageHolman & PyeYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1984/0490
4283Najad 371Najad Varvet ABYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1984/0496
4285WaterbeetleOughtred, IainYacht, ketch33 ft LOAYachting World1984/04105
4284BonaventureGroombridge, RogerYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1984/04104
4656Solaris 48Peterson, DougYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1993/04100
4280JodyTough, Eric G WYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1984/0398
4289Dehler 37Mvan de Stadt, E GYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1984/05101
4288Contessa 33Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1984/05100
4287Swift 18Sylvester, ColinYacht, sloop18 ft LOAYachting World1984/0597
4624YamahaFarr, BruceYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World1992/0745
4787Venezia 42Lombard, MarcYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1997/10120
4786Jeantot Privilege 42Joubert & NiveltYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1997/10120
4292Golden Wave 48Chance, BrittonYacht, ketch48 ft LOAYachting World1984/06106
4293Ansa 47Mannerfelt, OckeYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World1984/06107
4290First Class 10, BeneteauFinot/FaurouxYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1984/0692
4291Vancouver 38Harris, RobertYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1984/0694
4785Prima One-Design 38Jones, StephenYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1997/10118
4286Sadler 34Sadler, MartinYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1984/0590
4279Sirena 38Sodergren, HarkenYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1984/0396
4278Moody 34Dixon, BillYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1984/0390
4281GumdropButterfield, NicholasYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1984/0399
786Avant GardeSciomachenYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World1983/1285
4266Surprise 58Beeldsniejder, PieterYacht, sloop57 ft LOAYachting World1983/1280
4267Avant GardeSciomachenYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World1983/1285
4269J 22Johnstone, RodYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting World1983/1287
4268Zoom 919Mader, PYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1983/1285
4626Dehler 43cwsTongeren, Cees vanYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1992/0850
4264Fast 40Adler, AlanYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1983/1191
4263Gem 57Giorgetti/MagriniYacht, sloop58 ft LOAYachting World1983/1189
4265First 38Berret, JeanYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1983/11100
11464Zoom 919Mader, P Yacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1983/1285
4625Bougainvillea 60Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World1992/0835
4627Joyce 12, Oceanis 400Groupe FinotYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1992/0854
4277Orion 50Mull, GaryYacht, ketch50 ft LOAYachting World1984/02100
4275Endurance 50Ibold, PeterYacht, ketch55 ft LOAYachting World1984/0299
4273X-95Jeppesen, NielsYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1984/0296
4272Sigma 292Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1984/0290
4274Sun FastCastro, TonyYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1984/0299
4276Callisto 385Dixon, BillYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1984/02100
4628Eye of Ra, Moody 419Dixon, BillYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1992/0858
4271Albin Delta 31Norlin, PeterYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1984/01151
4270Westerly CorsairDubois, EdYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1984/01146
4262Berthon 66Dubois, EdYacht, sloop66 ft LOAYachting World1983/1189
4318Horizon 26Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1985/02105
4664ImagineKaufman Design IncYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World1993/0793
4309Westerly SeahawkDubois, EdYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1984/1283
431144 ft cruiser-racerFarr. BruceYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1984/1292
4310Jouet 9.50Maraschal, YvesYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1984/1288
4312Passport 37Perry, RobertYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1984/1293
4619White Gold II, SHE 36Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1992/0562
4618Jeanneau, Lagoon 47Peteghem & PrevostCatamaran46 ft LOAYachting World1992/0560
4617No 1208Alden, John GYacht, ketch87 ft LOAYachting World1992/0543
4663Cyrano de BergeracHumphreys, RobertYacht, ketch128 ft LOAYachting World1993/0786
4135Ocean PhoenixHumphreys, RobYacht, sloop76 ft LOAYachting World1997/07102
4615Bavaria 350Bavaria Yachtbau GmbHYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1992/0452
4315Jeanneau SelectionJoubert & NiveltYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1985/01151
4317Etap 30de Ridder, JacYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1985/0294
4665JulietHolland & BeeldsnijderYacht, ketch143 ft LOAYachting World1993/0884
4616Tradewind 33Rock, JohnYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1992/0454
4614Feeling 546Holland, RonYacht, sloop55 ft LOAYachting World1992/0448
4137BH 36Murray, IainYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1997/07109
4136Grand Soleil 37J&J DesignYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1997/07108
4316Moonlight, Contessa 33Humphreys, RobertYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1985/01154
4314MustFrancis, MartinYacht, sloop93 ft LOAYachting World1985/01148
431355ft Luxury lifting keelerCastro, TonyYacht, ketch55 ft LOAYachting World1985/01146
4308Dehler 25van de Stadt, E GYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1984/11102
4307Gallart 44Presies, DidierYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1984/1196
4783Einstein-CRommel, PeterYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1997/08110
4662Modo, HR 352Hallberg RassyYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1993/06114
4661Westerly 490Dubois Naval ArchitectsYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World1993/06108
4660Level 40 ClassCarroll MarineYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1993/06106
4297Selestra 50Langevin & WhisstocksYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World1984/0894
4296Moody 47Dixon, BillYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World1984/0897
4299Nicholson 46Padrick, DavidYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World1984/08103
4298SwarajDalzell, SteveYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1984/08102
4658Ross Systems, IMX 38Jeppesen, NeilsYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1993/05108
4659MacariaRaeburn, DavidYacht, yawl34 ft LOAYachting World1993/05118
4621Outstripper, Tripp 40Tripp DesignYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1992/0654
4301ScamperProut BrothersYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1984/09132
4302Nicholson 58Pedrick, DavidYacht, sloop58 ft LOAYachting World1984/09135
4784Oyster 42Holman & PyeYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1997/09146
4303BalticJudel/VrolijkYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1984/1099
4306Idylle 11.50Berret, JeanYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1984/10107
4305Tradewind 35Rock, JohnYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1984/10104
4304Carter Offshore 39Holman & PyeYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1984/10100
4623Hebe, Hunter HB 31Tongeren, Cees vanYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1992/0662
4620Northeast 37+Ellis, MarkYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1992/0647
4622Hylas 51Frers, GermanYacht, sloop51 ft LOAYachting World1992/0660
4300MeridianPerry, Robert HYacht, sloop70 ft LOAYachting World1984/09124
4294Broads ULDBWolstenholme, AndrewYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1984/07100
4652First Line, Beneteau 35s7Berret & StarckYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1993/0252
4231Nicholson 32Nicholson, Peter & CharlesYacht, sloop33 ft LOA, 1962/3Yachting World1983/0458
4640Tartan 3500Jackett, TimYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1992/1158
4222Mari-Cha, Berthon 70Camper & Nicholson LtdYacht, sloop70 ft LOAYachting World1983/01144
4225Moody 41Angus Primrose LtdYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1983/01166
4224Credit AgricoleRibadeau Dumas, Guy & EricYacht, sloop56 ft LOAYachting World1983/01165
4223Hustler SJ35Jones, StephenYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1983/01164
4639Hinckley, Sou'wester 52, AnoreMcCurdy & RhodesYacht, sloop51 ft LOAYachting World1992/1154
463820ft catboatBenford, Jay RDinghy, sailing20 ft LOAYachting World1992/1141
4220Santa Maria, Trintella 53Van de Stadt,Yacht, sloop53 ft LOAYachting World1982/1296
4219LumberjackPocock, MichaelYacht, ketch45 ft LOAYachting World1982/1295
4641GratifiKation, Westerly GK29Laurent Giles & AssociatesYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1992/1160
4228PioneerMauric, AndreYacht, sloop82 ft LOAYachting World1983/0295
4229Nimbus 42Kaufmann & LaddYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1983/0296
4636FF110, Fine Fleurde Ridder, JacYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1992/1060
4635J/105Johnstone, RodYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1992/1056
4637Sun Odyssey 51Farr, BruceYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World1992/1062
4230Academy 76Madlener, FredYacht, sloop76 ft LOAYachting World1983/03101
4634Global ChallengerSmith & NobleSchooner60 ft LOAYachting World1992/1039
4649Horizon 30 CCSThomas, DavidYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1993/0146
4650Triptych, Victoria 34Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1993/0148
4227Secret LovePeterson, DougYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1983/0293
4226J29Johnstone, RodneyYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1983/0290
4221H-323ArteknoYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1982/12101
10948Trintella 53Stadt, E G van deYacht, sloop53 ft LOAYachting World1982/1299
4643Maupiti, Amel, Super MaramuAmel & CarteauYacht, ketch52 ft LOAYachting World1992/1256
4644Scandi 52Rogeberg, UlfYacht, sloop52 ft LOAYachting World1992/1260
4209Trintella 42Jachtwerf Anne WeverYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1982/09126
4647Degero 970Groop, HansYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1992/1263
4788Centurion 375Dubois, EdYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1997/12100
4208DevaMartin Francis Yacht DesignYacht, ketch82 ft LOAYachting World1982/0892
4206Roller SkateHumphreys, RobertYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1982/0884
4207CurlewRossiter H TYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1982/0886
4204Sciomachen 43SciomachenYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1982/0883
4205ScyllaLeigh Roy, AlanYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1982/0883
4642BestyetScheel, HenryYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1992/1239
4214SangzindFarr, BruceYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1982/1096
4211First 30EBerret, JeanYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1982/1092
4645Maestro 38Still, ElvindYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1992/1262
4215Scanyachts 36Dubois, EdwardYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1982/1190
4216Voortrekker IILavranos & AssociatesYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World1982/1191
4217C41Norlin & OstmannYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1982/1194
4218X-102Jeppersen, NeilsYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1982/1198
4646Jonmeri 40Nyman, JormaYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1992/1262
4210Snowgoose 37Prout CatamaransCatamaran37 ft LOAYachting World1982/1089
4213MagistriC&C Design GroupYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1982/1095
4212TodahesaHolland, RonYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1982/1095
4789Sabre 402Taylor, JimYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1997/12100
4258Carter 35Carter, DickYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1983/1099
4254Steel SloopGiles, LaurentYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1983/09145
4252Moody 45Dixon, BillYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1983/09144
4256C 38Norlin, PeterYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1983/09146
9074Moody 45Dixon, BillYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1983/09144
4651Alexandre, Swan 68Frers, GermanYacht, sloop68 ft LOAYachting World1993/0246
4249LocuraSoverel, MarkYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1983/0885
4248Justine IVCastro, TonyYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1983/0885
10637Swan 51Frers, GermanYacht, cutter51 ft LOAYachting World1983/0897
8360Justine IVCastro, TonyYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1983/0885
4253Marinervan de Stadt, E GYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1983/09144
4257Selestra 48Dalzell, SteveYacht, ketch48 ft LOAYachting World1983/09148
10170Selestra 48Dalzell, SteveYacht, ketch48 ft LOAYachting World1983/09151
4259HB 31van de Stadt, E GYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1983/10102
426053ft c/b ketchPresles, DidierYacht, ketch53 ft LOAYachting World1983/10107
4261SaraBoretti, AnselmiYacht, ketch56 ft LOAYachting World1983/10107
4653Jasmonne's Rival 41Brett, PeterYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1993/0256
9282NirvanaPedrick, DaveYacht, sloopYachting World1983/0978
8812MarinerStadt, E G van deYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1983/09144
10486Steel SloopLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1983/09145
9954S & S 82Sparkman & StephensYacht82 ft LOAYachting World1983/09145
4255S&S 82Sparkman & StephensYacht, ketch82 ft LOAYachting World1983/09145
8648LocuraSoverel, MarkYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1983/0885
4251Kiwi 6mYoung, JYacht, sloop20 ft LOAYachting World1983/08102
4250Swan 46Frers, GermanYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World1983/0893
4236VoladorFrers, GermanYacht, ketch81 ft LOAYachting World1983/0576
4240Kelt 9mBriand, PhilippeYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1983/05111
4239Holland 87Holland, RonYacht, ketch87 ft LOAYachting World1983/0579
4238Castro 63Castro, TonyYacht, ketch63 ft LOAYachting World1983/0577
4237ShonaDubois, EdYacht, ketch67 ft LOAYachting World1983/0577
4241Westerly SealordDubois, EdYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1983/05124
4233Puppeteer 33C & S Boyd (Yachts)Yacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1983/04118
4234Alpha 29Everitt, JulianYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1983/04117
4232Jeanneau, Sun ShineCastro, TonyYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1983/04109
4242Bucklers Hard 46Laurent Giles & PartnersYacht, ketch46 ft LOAYachting World1983/06100
4243Etap 23de Ridder, JacYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting World1983/06109
4648Rival Bownan 48Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1993/0140
4631Amadea of Wade, Swan 41Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1992/0956
4629Hunter KeelboatThomas, DavidYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1992/0937
4244JadeHumphreys, RobYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1983/0799
4247LM 27LM glasfiber a/sYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting World1983/07105
4245PandaWelbourn, HughYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1983/0799
4246Oyster 435Holman & PyeYacht, ketch43 ft LOAYachting World1983/07100
4632Damstra Precious Stone 40Behage, PietYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1992/0963
4633Hutting 45Koopmans, DickYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1992/0964
4630Sigma 400Humphreys & DixonYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1992/0952
4235Overseas 35Eliasson, RolfYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1983/04117
4319OspreySparkman & StephensYacht, sloop96 ft LOAYachting World1985/02110
4336Francis 109Francis, MartinYacht, sloop109 ft LOAYachting World1985/08107
4333LM Mermaid 315LM Glasfibre a/sYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1985/0796
4332Baltic 48DPPeterson, DougYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1985/0751
4362MG 26Castro, TonyYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1986/03107
4775Offshore 40MacFarlan, AndrewYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1997/0474
4776Beneteau First 33.7Berret & RacoupeauYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1997/04108
4671Premier 66Dixon, BillYacht, sloop66 ft LOAYachting World1993/10120
4673Sunbeam 34Scholchi Yachtbau Ges mbhYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1993/10128
1630Dehler 41CJudel & VrolijkYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1997/03116
4674Chihili II, Nicholson 38Camper & NicholsonYacht, ketch38 ft LOAYachting World1993/10132
4335Belliure 50Ibold, Peter AYacht, ketch50 ft LOAYachting World1985/08100
4337Southerly 145Carter & FreerYacht, sloop51 ft LOAYachting World1985/08108
4597Lutine, Nicholson 55Camper & NicholsonYacht, sloop54 ft LOAYachting World1991/1258
4360Beneteau CatamaranBeneteauCatamaran34 ft LOAYachting World1986/0298
4595Worldwide Express, X-512Jeppersen, NeilsYacht, sloop51 ft LOAYachting World1991/1248
4358InspirationHolland, RonYacht, sloop72 ft LOAYachting World1986/0280
4334Quest 33CSProut Catamarans LtdCatamaran33 ft LOAYachting World1985/07103
4361Contest 48SZaal, DickYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1986/0396
4363Bianca IIIElvstrom & Kjaerulff Yacht DesignYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1986/03109
4365Nicholson 83Peterson, DougYacht, sloop83 ft LOAYachting World1986/04115
4366Beneteau First 405Berret, JeanYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1986/04116
4367Spanish Maiden Furia 37Joubert/NiveltYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1986/04122
4364Ancasta/Bowman 50Dubois, EdYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World1986/04114
4672Copper Beach, Legend 40.5Hunter Yacht Corporation, Luhrs, WarrenYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1993/10122
4604Moody 44Dixon, BillYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1992/0154
4331Westerly StormDubois, EdYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1985/06105
4606Rival 34Brett, PeterYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1992/0162
4605J/39Johnstone, Rodney SYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1992/0160
4774Gib'Sea 364Joubert & NiveltYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1997/0297
4773YW H42Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1997/0244
4355Victoria 34Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1986/01135
4777Shearwater 45Dix, DudleyYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World1997/05108
4778Bluewater 476Pedrick, DavidYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World1997/05110
4603Apogee 65Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop65 ft LOAYachting World1992/0151
4594IMS 44Farr, BruceYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1991/1247
4596Swan 55Frers, GermanYacht, sloop55 ft LOAYachting World1991/1254
4340Tahitan Bay 42Hundy & SpearsYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1985/09120
4675118-FooterHolland, RonYacht, ketch118 ft LOAYachting World1993/1198
4590Santa Cruz 70Lee, BillYacht, sloop70 ft LOAYachting World1991/1145
4593Frantasy, Frances 26Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1991/1154
4592Moondance, Catalina 37Douglas, JerryYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1991/1152
4354Global ChallengerMartin, RodgerYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World1986/01133
4677Scorpio 82Ibold, PeterYacht, ketch76 ft LOAYachting World1993/12100
4591Hunter, Channel 32Thomas & DyerYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1991/1146
4348Dehler 372van de Stadt, E GYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1985/1197
4349Trintella 44Avan de Stadt, E GYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1985/11100
4678Mumm 36Farr, BruceYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1993/12102
4347Moore 30Mull, GaryYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1985/1195
4346Rucanor TristarDumas, Guy RibadeauYacht, sloop58 ft LOAYachting World1985/1194
10542Sun Fast 42Briand, PhilippeYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1997/03116
4352Warrior 38Primrose, AngusYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1985/1289
4350Vaton 88Vaton, GillesYacht, sloop89 ft LOAYachting World1985/1278
4357Maxi 999Petterson, PelleYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1986/01142
4676Pastiche, Beneteau Evasion 37Beneteau, AndreYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1993/11106
4342DragutJones, StephenYacht, ketch63 ft LOAYachting World1985/10105
4338Concorde 100Holland, RonYacht, sloop108 ft LOAYachting World1985/0993
4339FighterLaurent Giles LtdYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1985/0994
4341Moody 37Dixon, BillYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1985/09140
4359Najad 390Najadvarvet ABYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1986/0292
4588Cumulant 45van de StadtYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1991/1051
4584Sigma 400Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1991/1041
4585Freedom 38Mull, GaryYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1991/1042
4351Perry 62Perry, RobertYacht, sloop62 ft LOAYachting World1985/1280
4586Hutting 47Koopmans, DickYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World1991/1048
4589Standfast 56Frers, GermanYacht, sloop56 ft LOAYachting World1991/1053
4587Holland Jachtbouw 47Hoek DesignYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World1991/1049
4356Sovereign 400Humphreys, RobertYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1986/01136
4345Gib'sea 26(76)Graal, GroupeYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting World1985/10114
4344Centurion 47Dubois, EdYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1985/10108
4343CT 56Perry, RobertYacht, ketch56 ft LOAYachting World1985/10106
4353Laser 28Farr, BruceYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1985/1293
4681Sayula II, Swan 65Frers, GermanYacht, ketch65 ft LOAYachting World1994/01124
4680Oyster 485Homan & PyeYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World1994/01118
4782Beneteau 25Farr, BruceYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1997/06112
4669Alpha of Devonport, Alpha 50Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World1993/09120
4667Zacaate Moanavan Maer, Olivier FSchooner144 ft LOAYachting World1993/0966
4325Mirage 30Perry, RobertYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1985/04101
4326Victoria 26Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1985/04104
4324Blade RunnerPugh, ReichelYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1985/04100
4368Moody 28Dixon, BillYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1986/05105
4323Trapper 36Fontana, Maletto & NavoneYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1985/0494
4668KUU, Swan 40Frers, GermanYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1993/09114
4610Flawless, Swan 90Frers, GermanYacht, sloop90 ft LOAYachting World1992/0262
4322Westerly Merlin 28Dubois, EdYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting World1985/0396
4679GenieThomas, DavidYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1994/01102
4581First 53f5Farr, BruceYacht, sloop52 ft LOAYachting World1991/0954
4612Najad 440Karlsson, ThorwaldYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1992/0346
4374Nauticat 40Sparkman & StephensYacht, ketch39 ft LOAYachting World1986/06115
4613OOD 34Peterson, DougYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1992/0348
4373Gib'sea 96 MasterJoubert & NiveltYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1986/06105
4372Three in OneTeale, JohnYacht/Motor38 ft LOAYachting World1986/0684
4670Dash, Sadler 34Sadler, MartinYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1993/09126
4370Freedom 36Mull, Gary WYacht, ketch36 ft LOAYachting World1986/05115
4580Whisperde Tanton, Yves-MarieSchooner47 ft LOAYachting World1991/0953
4582Island Packet 32Johnson, BobYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1991/0960
4583FolkboatSunden, TorYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1991/0962
4779SapphireHoek, AndreYacht, sloop100 ft LOAYachting World1997/0666
4780Moody 40Dixon, BillYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1997/06108
4320Contrast 33Magnusson, RolfYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1985/0390
4608Jaguar 265Castro, TonyYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1992/0250
4329Scanmar 33Magnusson, RolfYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1985/05108
4666Compensation, Sun Odyssey 42.1Andrieu, DanielYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1993/08110
4376BansheeWoods, Richard & LillianCatamaran35 ft LOAYachting World1986/07115
4328Whistler 48Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1985/0598
4330Tamar, North-Wind 36Dixon, BillYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1985/05110
4327CS 44Castro, TonyYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1985/0597
4781Reflex 28Christian Stimson Yacht DesignYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1997/06112
4607Premier 45Dixon, BillYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1992/0246
4369Duette 23Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1986/05112
4321Electric PelicanLawson, BarryYacht60 ft LOA 3 mastsYachting World1985/0394
4609Snowgoose 37Prout, Francis & RolandCatamaran37 ft LOAYachting World1992/0252
4371Moody 58Dixon, BillYacht, sloop57 ft LOAYachting World1986/05117
4611Sweden Yachts 390Norlin & OstmannYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1992/0342
11596Bertrhon Boat CoYacht, sloopSolent 7mYachting World1924/05268
11081VelshedaCamper & NicholsonYacht, cutter83 ft LWLYachting World1933/04265
5840CluanG de Vries LentschYacht, ketch70 ftYachting World1930/09288
7627Fleche BlancheHart, NormanMotor86 ftYachting World1932/08138
910BeraniaCooper, FredMotor57 ftYachting World1932/08121
8925MercuryCooper, FredMotor18 ftYachting World1932/0731
12333Hervey, R C J Motor20 ftYachting World1932/074
10278Silver StarRisdon Beazley MarineMotor35 ftYachting World1932/0736
13449Suanders-RoeMotor35 ftYachting World1932/0717
8003Heather BellMiller, James & SonsYacht,64 ft LOAYachting World1932/06526
10966TroutSilver, J AYacht, motor56 ft LOAYachting World1932/06515
9024Miss England IIIThornycroftMotor35 ftYachting World1932/05394
13001NicholsonYacht, yawl94 ft LOAYachting World1933/04264
14767VelshedaCamper & NicholsonYacht, cutter83 ft LWLYachting World1933/04265
13404Soper, J M Yacht, schooner192 ft LOAYachting World1924/05258
12138FletnerDinghy, sailingRotor propelled 12 ft InternationalYachting World1925/04339
14726Jean IIWalters, JYacht, cutter27 ft LOAYachting World1933/10296
8264Jean IIWalters, JYacht, cutter27 ft LOAYachting World1933/10296
475Al MalikaMcGruer, EYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1933/10286
10428Sports CommodoreBirmalMotor16 ftYachting World1933/10395
12392Hornby, H B & CoDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAYachting World1933/10399
9589PhilouiseHarvey, R C J Yacht, motor42 ft LOA -ex Navy pinnace - see also YM 1933/10Yachting World1933/09174
14743PhilouiseHarvey, R C J Yacht, motor42 ft LOA -ex Navy pinnace - see also YM 1933/10Yachting World1933/09174
677Anna JaneLetcher, T CYacht, ketch64 ft LOA -? Designer - see also YM 1933/11 p 58Yachting World1933/09196
9020Miss Britain IIIScott-Payne, HughMotor24 ftYachting World1933/08128
9449OronsayWatson, G L & CoYacht, motor63 ft LOA - see also Ymn 1932/06 p 146 ( ? DesignYachting World1932/05422
12391Hornby, H B & CoYacht, cutter28 ft LOA - MerseyYachting World1932/05426
1218CelaHart, NormanYacht, motor109 ft LOAYachting World1931/08187
3348EulalieCamper & NicholsonYacht, motor90 ftYachting World1931/08168
3150DriacNicholson, CYacht, cutter39 ft LOAYachting World1931/08163
9395OestraGraham, S NYacht, yawl64 ft LOAYachting World1931/072
10277Silver StarCooper, FredMotor45 ftYachting World1931/07128
12142Fox, UffaDinghy, sailing12 ftYachting World1930/11496
11565Barry, R EYacht125 ft - full rigYachting World1930/11488
11189WandaMead, HarleyYacht, yawl34 ft -Falmouth Quay Punt type - see also CB 198Yachting World1930/11480
8424King DuckThornycroft, TomMotor78 ft - see also YW 1931/01 p 213, CB 2003/05 p Yachting World1930/11486
11837Chris-CraftMotor36 ftYachting World1930/11497
5762KitikaeA M Dickie & SonsYacht, motor45 ftYachting World1929/06567
1674Diana IIBirmal BoatsYacht, motor55 ft LOA - see also YM 1931/10 p437Yachting World1931/08193
8001Hearts DesireFox, UffaYachtYachting World1934/11433
9524PaulineDawson, D D Yacht, sloop18 ft LOAYachting World1932/05392
13602Vosper & CoMotor16 ftYachting World1932/05409
3221EcilaHart, NormanYacht, motor82 ft LOA - see also Ymn 1932/06 p 208Yachting World1932/05473
11347WindwardDallimore, N EYacht, sloop18 ft LOA C BYachting World1932/05454
14736Miss BrittanyCurtis, Frank & Pape BrosYacht, ketch40 ftYachting World1932/05404
12503Laurent GilesYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting World1932/05412
9021Miss BrittanyCurtis, Frank & Pape BrosYacht, ketch40 ftYachting World1932/05404
12726McGruer, EYacht, sloop24 ft LOA - Gareloch O D classYachting World1932/05411
1583DaphneForster, W EYacht, ketch52 ft LOAYachting World1932/05386
11749Burnard, C W Yacht, motor35 ftYachting World1932/05410
11186Walton ExpressBurnard, C W Motor25 ftYachting World1932/04273
5843Irish cruiserJohn Tyrrell & SonYacht, ketch45 ft LOAYachting World1930/10421
892BelisariusHerreshoff, L FrancisYacht, yawl56 ft LOAYachting World1935/03213
13342Simpson, ChrisMotor15 ft - 4 litre classYachting World1935/0178
13195Rampart BoatbuildingMotor36 ft LOAYachting World1935/0177
13193RampartYacht, motor30 ft Yachting World1934/12540
7959HalloweenEmsworth Shipyard CoYacht, cutter26 ft LOAYachting World1934/12508
12520Laurent Giles & PartnersYacht, motor38 ft LOAYachting World1934/12524
13279Saunders-RoeMotor45 ft LOAYachting World1934/12506
12718McCallum, J AYacht, motor29 ftYachting World1932/05430
13591Voogt, H W deYacht82 ft LOA and 64 ft LOA designsYachting World1934/12530
13478Taylor, James & BatesYacht, motor55 ft LOAYachting World1934/11352
13278Saunders-RoeYacht, motor24 ft Yachting World1934/11430
916BettyBurnard, C WYacht, motor52 ft LOAYachting World1934/11415
12648McBryde, W GDinghy, sailing18 ftYachting World1935/0128
13323Shepherd, FredYacht, cutter45 ft LOAYachting World1935/0168
9682PrindahShepherd, FredYacht, schooner54 ft LWLYachting World1935/03228
796AweighSparkman & StephensYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World1935/03208
12989Mylne, AlfredYacht, sloop18 ft - Royal Mersey Y C O D class - see also Yachting World1935/02144
12144Fox, UffaDinghy, sailing20 ft - Eastbourne Y C O D classYachting World1935/02110
13037Osborne, W LtdMotor26 ft Yachting World1935/02146
13337Silver, J A LtdYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting World1935/02111
14732Mary AskewMcBryde, W GYacht, ketch40 ft LWLYachting World1935/0164
7806GippeswykFox, Charles HYacht, motor32 ft Yachting World1935/015
8275JedemarMcGreur & Co LtdYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting World1935/0144
8831Mary AskewMcBryde, W GYacht, ketch40 ft LWLYachting World1935/0164
10773TexaMcBryde, W GYacht, sloop16 ft LOAYachting World1935/0138
13361Smith, H CYacht, sloop22 ft LOA - Royal Corinthian Y C O D class - sYachting World1934/11368
9022Miss CanadaHackerMotor16 ft approxYachting World1934/11409
10927TrenchemerStephens, OlinYacht, yawl72 ft LOA - see also YM 1934/10 p 467, YM 1936/03Yachting World1934/09220
12996Naval Architect CollegeDinghy, sailing11 ftYachting World1934/09226
13604Vosper & Co LtdYacht, motor105 ftYachting World1934/08116
14778Lentsch, G de VriesYacht, ketch36 ft LOAYachting World1934/0741
12563Lentsch, G de VriesYacht, ketch36 ft LOAYachting World1934/0741
9295Nomad IIMcBryde, W GYacht, motor51 ftYachting World1934/05362
8979MimosaThornycroftYacht, motor43 ft LOA - see also CB 2000/08 p 44Yachting World1934/05357
8167InterloperHillyard, DavidYacht, ketch40 ft LOAYachting World1934/05352
7988Haughty BelleYacht, barge83 ftYachting World1934/05415
14738Nomad IIMcBryde, W GYacht, motor51 ftYachting World1934/05362
12968Mylne, A & CoMotor45 ftYachting World1924/04300
7743GauntletPaul, RodneyYacht, cutter36 ft LOA - see also Ymn 1934/11 p 110, YW 1935/0Yachting World1934/09204
1533CurlewSilver, J A LtdMotor30 ftYachting World1934/10261
8045HighflyerHart, E PYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1934/11380
10852TimoniaVoogt, H W deYacht, motor72 ft LOAYachting World1934/11384
12564Lentsch, G de VriesYacht, schooner82 ft LOAYachting World1934/11353
464AfreetButler, T HarrisonYacht, cutter32 ft LOAYachting World1934/10288
8689LysistrataAppleby, Ernest JYacht, schooner55 ft LWLYachting World1934/10269
9136MusetteWatson, G L & CoYacht, motor65 ftYachting World1934/10308
7332Scottish Staysail SchoonerMcBryde, W GSchooner71 ft LOAYachting World1934/10334
7333RomaraNicholson, Charles EYacht, motor76 ft LOAYachting World1934/10342
11667BrookeMotor24 ftYachting World1934/10276
13605Vosper & Co LtdMotorYachting World1934/10263
1152CaracoleButler, T HarrisonYacht, cutter25 ft LOAYachting World1934/10288
12411Husk & SonYacht, motor61 ft LOAYachting World1924/05260
5842Francis IIVospersYacht, ketch53 ftYachting World1930/10418
5802NaulaMcBrydeYacht, motor37 ftYachting World1930/0191
578942 footerVospersYacht, motor42 ftYachting World1929/11479
5786AzurPhilip & Son LtdYacht, motorYachting World1929/10402
5785OceanHylandYacht, motor50 ftYachting World1929/10372
5784IsoldeGraham, Sidney NYacht, yawlYachting World1929/10348
5787Cabin cruiserMcBryde, W GYacht, motor30 ftYachting World1929/10415
5756SeacarBrooke MarineMotor24 ftYachting World1929/05509
5751VitaCamper & NicholsonYacht, motor179 ftYachting World1929/05438
5755Walton CruiserBurnard, C WMotor, sailer42 ftYachting World1929/05498
5753ElaineMay, H GYacht, yawl74 ft LOAYachting World1929/05452
5783Miss EnglandCooper, FMotor26 ftYachting World1929/09329
5782Express cruiserBritish Power Boat Co.Motor23 ftYachting World1929/09245
5791MaitenesMead, HarleyYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World1929/11510
5790AliceCox & StevensYacht, motor179 ftYachting World1929/11501
5797EireMcBrydeYacht, motor40 ftYachting World1930/017
5799Enola IIJas. A SilverYacht, motor47 ftYachting World1930/0137
5798SpeedboatSmith, ChrisMotor20 ftYachting World1930/0128
5748AvengerFox, UffaYacht, sloop56 ft LOAYachting World1929/04372
5796Miss Pamela IIPaine, ScottMotor35 ftYachting World1929/12604
5792CrusaderNicholson, C EYacht, motor223 ftYachting World1929/12533
5793RosaJ I ThorneycroftYacht, motor156 ftYachting World1929/12533
5795Scottish cruiserMcCallum, J AYacht, motor32 ftYachting World1929/12563
5794MartinettaJ I ThorneycroftYacht, motor92 ftYachting World1929/12533
14733MarykFife, WilliamYacht, sloop40 ft LWLYachting World1929/04302
5788KatjaBrooke, MaudsleyYacht, motor49 ftYachting World1929/11437
5752WaterwitchFox, UffaYacht, sloop27 ftYachting World1929/05442
5750McBryde. W GYacht, ketch70 ft LOAYachting World1929/05404
5770Baby Gar 30Gar WoodMotor28 ftYachting World1929/0746
5771Hoyal cruiserHoyal Boat Building Co.Yacht, motor30 ftYachting World1929/0763
5757SprayThornycroftMotor, sailer40 ftYachting World1929/06523
5773MoragBain, JohnYacht, motor55 ftYachting World1929/0790
576042 ft cruiserJ A SilverYacht, motor42 ftYachting World1929/06546
5761SeaflightR C J HerveyMotor, sailer40 ftYachting World1929/06558
5763StormcockHoyalMotor22 ftYachting World1929/06579
5768Lady MayPhilip & Son LtdYacht, motor100 ftYachting World1929/0739
5765Scottish Islands ClassMylne, AlfredYacht, sloopYachting World1929/06594
5766FrefradaGale & Co. Ltd.Yacht, motor65 ftYachting World1929/06602
5759Chris CraftSmith, ChrisMotor22 ftYachting World1929/06537
5769MingaryMylne, AlfredYacht, ketch60 ft LOAYachting World1929/0740
5767MalainaF LurssenYacht, motorYachting World1929/0714
5754Janetha IIIA M Dickie & SonYacht, motor100 ftYachting World1929/05474
5764Sunbeam IIBarnett, J RSchooner195 ft LOAYachting World1929/06593
5775CyprusCox & StevensYacht, motor248 ftYachting World1929/08144
5776ZephyrJ M Soper & SonYacht, cutter45 ft LWLYachting World1929/08148
5781RhodoraNicholson, CharlesYacht, motor200 ftYachting World1929/08226
5780HalcyonThorneycroftYacht, ketch79 ft LOAYachting World1929/08217
5777GuaraniM DespujolosSchooner97 ft LOAYachting World1929/08172
57744 ton cruiserHillyard, DavidYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting World1929/08118
577836 ft conversionHervey, R C JMotor, sailer36 ftYachting World1929/08201
5758Skerry CruiserRasmussen, HYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1929/06524
5779TunaKnopp, LeslieMotor32 ftYachting World1929/08209
5772BraemarHart, NormanYacht, motor97 ftYachting World1929/0767
5841EtainGiles, LaurentYacht, sloop8 mYachting World1930/10397
10165SeaworthyMacBryde, W GYacht, motor35 ftYachting World1930/08157
5826TaransayG L Watson & Co.Yacht, motor109 ftYachting World1930/0712
5831Fifty-fifty cruiserHand, WilliamYacht, motor64 ftYachting World1930/0764
5828Acushla IIHervey, R C JMotor36 ftYachting World1930/0715
5829Express cruiserBrookeYacht, motor44 ftYachting World1930/0734
5834Lady BSouthampton Launch Co.Yacht, motor50 ftYachting World1930/0784
5830UtopiaThorneycroftYacht, motor48 ftYachting World1930/0738
5832Brown Owl cruiserSilverYacht, motor42 ftYachting World1930/0765
5825DreekaSouthampton Launch & Boat Co.Yacht, motor31 ftYachting World1930/075
5833DoreskaBrookeYacht, motor52 ftYachting World1930/0779
5827ElizabethHervey, R C JMotor42 ftYachting World1930/0714
11687Brooke, J W & CoMotor65 ftYachting World1930/08153
8256Janetha IVDickie, A M & SonsYacht, motor111 ft LOA - see also YM 1930/09 p 381Yachting World1930/08202
5824Francis IIVospersYacht, ketch53 ftYachting World1930/10337
12304Hart, NormanYacht, motor76 ft LOAYachting World1930/09224
5838VickyMcBryde, W GYacht, ketch70 ftYachting World1930/09258
5839ExcelamA E Martin & co.Yacht, motor46 ftYachting World1930/09271
5837Bain, JohnMotor, sailer35 ftYachting World1930/09245
9019Miss Britain IScott-PaineMotor20 ft LWLYachting World1930/08150
8920MemphisMcBryde,W G Yacht, motor52 ft LOAYachting World1930/08105
8419KiloranMorison, ArthurYacht, motor136 ft LOA - see also YM 1930/09 p380Yachting World1930/08113
5835Crusader cruiserCooper, FredYacht, motor40 ftYachting World1930/08176
5836NahlinG L Watson & Co.Yacht, motor296 ftYachting World1930/08185
13007Nicholson, C AMotor35 ftYachting World1930/08140
5823ThemisLuke, A RYacht, ketch52 ft LOAYachting World1930/06530
5822Motor cruiserStow, E AMotor, sailer35 ftYachting World1930/06529
5809PullisHervey, R C JYacht, motor43 ftYachting World1930/03215
5810Little cruiserSee, PercyMotor20 ftYachting World1930/03229
580865 ft Motor yachtH Gale & Co.Yacht, motor65 ftYachting World1930/03195
5807SonyaHerveyMotor30 ftYachting World1930/02186
5804WestwindBain, JohnYacht, motor60 ftYachting World1930/02141
5803Dutch schoonerAlden, John GSchooner65 ftYachting World1930/02112
5805Crusader cruiserCooper, FredYacht, motor40 ftYachting World1930/02142
5806BluefishHand, William HMotor, sailer60 ftYachting World1930/02157
8841MarykFife, WilliamYacht, sloop40 ft LWLYachting World1929/04302
5749CarrinaShepherd, FredSchooner54 ft LOAYachting World1929/04384
5801136 footerThorneycroftYacht, motor144 ftYachting World1930/0173
5812HersaHart, E PYacht, ketch28 ftYachting World1930/04339
8936MerlynHope, WayMotor18ftYachting World1930/04363
5817Motor cruiserComben, A HMotor, sailer35 ftYachting World1930/05420
5813Express cruiserBrooke MarineYacht, motor50 ftYachting World1930/05379
5815DianaJ W Brooke & Co.Motor35 ftYachting World1930/05399
5821ShamrockNicholson, CharlesYacht, sloop82 ft LWLYachting World1930/05482
5818Miss England IISaunders Roe LtdMotor39 ftYachting World1930/05448
5820NovenaWessel, H LYacht, sloop58 ftYachting World1930/05477
5819Motor cruiserMcGruerMotor, sailer35 ftYachting World1930/05458
5814Auxiliary ketchG L Watson & Co.Yacht, ketch51 ftYachting World1930/05389
5816Motor cruiserMcBryde, W GMotor, sailer35 ftYachting World1930/05410
581156 footerVospersYacht, motor56 ftYachting World1930/04321
12966Mylne, AYacht, motor130 tonYachting World1930/04373
5800ClymeneGiles, LaurentYacht, yawl52 ft LOAYachting World1930/0144
10177SemitaHart, NormanYacht, motor60 ft LOA - see also YM 1935/08 p 305Yachting World1935/06490
3227Edith AliceMcNaryYacht65 ft LOAYachting World1935/0754
1108CachalotBeddington, ClaudeYacht, ketch76 ft LOAYachting World1935/0717
9149MyrisHyland LtdYacht, motor52 ft Yachting World1935/0776
544AltonaHyland LtdYacht, motor61 ftYachting World1935/0712
12876CruiserRichardsonMotor25 ftYachting World1936/04350
128773-tonnerPhoenix Boat Co.Yacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1936/04358
13285Scheel, J CDinghy, sailing18 ft - Catboat rigYachting World1936/04328
9112Mountain WindBunn, GrahamMotor44 ftYachting World1936/04309
8574LelantaAldenYacht, schooner66 ft LOAYachting World1936/04286
12567Lentsch, G de VriesBoier52 ft LOAYachting World1936/04302
10227SheelaghMcBryde, W GMotor30 ftYachting World1936/03231
13281Saunders-RoeYacht, motor65 ftYachting World1936/04296
1287340-footerMeek, W McC.Motor40 ftYachting World1936/04339
12866Fast cruising yachtRobertsonsYacht, yawl61 ft LOAYachting World1936/03188
9541PeggyYacht, schooner25 ft LOA - built 1793Yachting World1936/03262
1287130-footerKris CruisersMotor30 ftYachting World1936/04322
1287215-tonnerFreeman, R FYacht, ketch37 ft LOAYachting World1936/04326
1286941/2 ton cruiserGiles, LaurentYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting World1936/04306
12504Laurent GilesYacht, ketch64 ft LOAYachting World1935/06544
7343Essex one-designGiles, MorganYacht, sloop18 ftYachting World1936/05468
12485Kris Cruisers LtdMotor30 ftYachting World1935/06550
73405-ton cruiserJacobs, DennisYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1936/05396
8555LeanderPayne, A EYacht, yawl65 ft LOAYachting World1936/05378
7776GerryWatts, O MYacht, motor86 ft LOA - see also YM 1935/11 p 158, YM 1936/08Yachting World1936/05427
10761TerministFishing80 ft LOAYachting World1936/05412
7679FoxhoundNicholson, CharlesYacht,cutter63 ft LOAYachting World1935/06542
1661DestinyWatson, G L & CoYacht, motor86 ft LOA - see also YM 1935/07 p211Yachting World1935/06526
3323EscapadeStewart, WalterYacht, cutter37 ft LOAYachting World1935/0758
13324Shepherd, FredYacht, cutter35 ft LOAYachting World1935/0736
9493Pall MallYacht, barge - see also Y M June 1919 p 118Yachting World1936/04314
12874DeliceBain, JohnMotor33 ftYachting World1936/04344
12870Bluenose JuniorRoue, W JSchooner36 ft LOAYachting World1936/04320
12875French crusing cutterLemaistre, M HYacht, cutter57 ftYachting World1936/04348
13327Shepherd, FredYacht, ketch35 ft LOAYachting World1936/03258
8587LetnaHart, NormanYacht, motor62 ft LOAYachting World1936/03251
12566Lentsch, G de VriesYacht, ketch70 ft LOAYachting World1936/03220
12650McBryde, W GYacht, motor60 ft LOAYachting World1936/02108
12865Hyland cruiserHylandMotor44 ftYachting World1936/02178
12649McBryde, W GMotor32 ftYachting World1936/02154
12863New York YC ODSparkman & StephensYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1936/02170
13326Shepherd, FredYacht, cutter46 ft LOAYachting World1936/02152
12565Lentsch, G de VriesYacht, motor98 ftYachting World1935/10306
8524LamornaThornycroftYacht, motor48 ft LOAYachting World1935/11460
13265Rowland, W H Yacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1936/0185
12472Kingsley, CharlesYacht, cutter32 ft LOAYachting World1936/0198
3149DrekiMcGregor, Charles GYacht, cutterYachting World1936/0154
11312Wild LoneGriffiths, MauriceYacht, yawl35 ft LOAYachting World1936/0196
10765TernYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting World1935/12474
8199IsisBaldenweck, GeorgesYacht, cutter47 ft LOAYachting World1935/12478
7691FreaFife, WilliamYacht, ketch64 ft LOAYachting World1935/12470
13197Rampart BoatbuildingMotor32 ftYachting World1935/12486
7337SheemaunG L Watson & Co.Yacht, motor45 ftYachting World1935/09240
7338Runt & SqallFox, UffaDinghy, sailing12 ft LOAYachting World1935/09250
11578Bellingham, AYacht, cutter27 ft LOAYachting World1935/08152
9234NereisBrown, F B RYacht, sloop31 ft LOA - see also CB 2002/11 p 77Yachting World1936/03252
12334Hervey, R C J Motor22 ftYachting World1936/03210
1286740-footerMorgan GilesMotor40 ftYachting World1936/03194
10963TronaLetcher, T CYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1935/08160
1286812-ft dinghyFox, UffaDinghy,sailing12 ftYachting World1936/03202
10040SappphoScott & SonYacht, steam135 ft LOAYachting World1935/06518
11920Cooper, FredMotor36 ft LOAYachting World1936/03257
13257Roe, OwenYacht, cutter27 ft LOAYachting World1936/03228
14742PeggyYacht, schooner25 ft LOA - built 1793Yachting World1936/03262
12188Gardner, ElliottMotor4-litre classYachting World1936/03245
13325Shepherd, FredYacht, cutter35 ft LOAYachting World1936/02112
9556PeregrineHyland LtdMotor36 ft LOAYachting World1935/08182
1286436-footerCooper, FredMotor36 ftYachting World1936/02176
7336Glitterwake IIBritish Power Boat Co.Yacht, motor45 ftYachting World1935/08120
9296NonetaWhite, J Samuel & CoYacht, motor62 ft LOA - see also YM 1935/08 p 303Yachting World1935/08100
8664LotisBurnard, C WYacht, motor52 ft LOAYachting World1936/0146
13933Ness YoleYachting World1936/0760
14766VamarieMorgan, JasperYacht, ketch72 ft LOAYachting World1935/04290
13931WarshipRevenue cutterYachting World1936/06557
14765US EssexWarshipYachting World1936/06556
11668BrookeDinghy Inboard motorYachting World1935/04323
14887WarshipRevenue cutterYachting World1936/06557
504Alethea IIILuke, A RYacht, yawl34 ft LOAYachting World1935/04284
7344ExplorerHylandYacht, motor53 ftYachting World1936/06535
12179French, Eric HMotor24 ftYachting World1935/04302
14775French, Eric HMotor24 ftYachting World1935/04302
13196Rampart BoatbuildingMotor24 ftYachting World1935/04332
13622Walton Yacht & Launch WorksYacht, schooner45 ft LOAYachting World1936/06505
733412-tonnerShepherd, FredYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1935/05358
10951TritonTaylor, James & Bates LtdYacht, motor54 ft Yachting World1935/04342
8061HMS UnionWarshipYachting World1936/06556
13934OrkneyYachting World1936/0760
10122Sea SkiffWight Marine ConstructionMotor13 ftYachting World1936/0771
10802ThelasLentsch, G de VriesYacht, motor67 ft LOAYachting World1936/0783
7347LetnaHart, NormanYacht, motor63 ftYachting World1936/0796
12505Laurent GilesYacht, sloopWest Solent classYachting World1936/06514
13684Webb, DanYacht, sloop20 ft LOA - BlackwaterYachting World1936/0758
10024SandySilver, J AMotor30 ft SilveretteYachting World1936/06548
11022US EssexWarshipYachting World1936/06556
9215NedrahMacGregor, C GYacht, ketch39 ft LOAYachting World1936/06486
8953MervynaDickie, A MYacht, yawl40 ft LOAYachting World1936/06483
7904Grey DawnWatts, O MYacht, cutter39 ft LOA - see also Ymn 1935/03 p 475Yachting World1935/04331
8767Mandoo IIAlden, John GYacht, yawl71 ft LOAYachting World1936/0755
8950MerseyHornby, Henry B & CoYacht, motor22 ft Yachting World1935/05400
8685LynetteWigfull, W EYacht, sloop22 ft LOA - see also YM 1936/12 p 138Yachting World1935/05234
11047VamarieMorgan, JasperYacht, ketch72 ft LOAYachting World1935/04290
7342DioneShuttlewood, FrankYacht, barge30 ftYachting World1936/05466
7349Chahsevarde VoogtYacht, motor179 ftYachting World1936/07106
10105Sea FlashBritsh Power CoMotor45 ft Yachting World1935/04333
986BluenoseRoue, W JYacht, schooner143 ft LOA - fishing type - see also CB 1993/11 Yachting World1935/06536
11356Winsome TooAldenYacht, yawlYachting World1936/05426
8967MicrocosmosLentsch, G de VriesYacht, ketch47 ft LOAYachting World1935/04328
7345TyrantCamper & NicholsonYacht, motor110 ftYachting World1936/06536
12506Laurent GilesYacht, cutter38 ft LOAYachting World1936/0736
7346LexaWainman, GeorgeYacht, motor100 ftYachting World1936/0714
7341Day cruiserSkentelbery, K RMotor22 ftYachting World1936/05465
12615Mashford BrosYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting World1935/04302
11228WendyMcGruer, EYacht, motor32 ft LOA - see also Ymn 1935/05 p 138Yachting World1936/05423
7348AmazoneThorneycroftYacht, motor128 ftYachting World1936/07116
7339French SchoonerSeveri, M DSchooner75 ft LOAYachting World1936/05387
12167Freeman, RegYacht, cutter21 ft LOAYachting World1935/06537
14773BrookeDinghy Inboard motorYachting World1935/04323
13667Watts, J MurrayYacht, cutter45 ft LOAYachting World1936/05419
8988MinnehahaMeek, W McCMotor35 ftYachting World1936/05416
10030SantanaSparkman & StephensYacht, schooner55 ft LOA - see also CB 2005/12 p 32Yachting World1936/05373
851BarnswallowBurgessYacht, cutter39 ft LOAYachting World1935/04350
7335Brooke CruiserBrooke MarineMotor28 ftYachting World1935/05365
1240ChaleurYacht, schoonerYachting World1936/06557
13966Yacht, motor40 ftYachting World1941/10232
12207Gibbs, KennethYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting World1949/05190
12602M and M CoYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting World1942/0363
13974Yacht, schooner32 ft LOAYachting World1942/0371
14771Winslow 20Winslow, RalphYacht, sloop20 ft LOA -see also YW 1941/08 p196, 1942/04 p 81Yachting World1941/07162
11354Winslow 20Winslow, RalphYacht, sloop20 ft LOA -see also YW 1941/08 p196, 1942/04 p 81Yachting World1941/07162
9245New TrouperYacht, motor44 ft LOAYachting World1941/07172
10889TornadoFox, UffaDinghy, sailing18 ft LOA - European Lakes O DYachting World1949/11467
13420Stadel, GeorgeYacht, cutter20 ft LOAYachting World1942/0369
13187Radcliffe, WYacht, yawl40 ft LOAYachting World1942/0370
3246ElcetteChris-CraftMotor32 ftYachting World1941/06150
8801Marie GalanteGlass, T MunroYacht, motor76 ft LOA - see also YW 1949/08 p 313, 1951/02 p 6Yachting World1949/12544
8603LilithClark, RobertYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1949/12524
11672Brooke MarineYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1949/12523
14881Parker, Frederick RMotor24 ftYachting World1942/0485
9951RytecraftMotor25 ft LOA - see also YW 1942/06 p 151Yachting World1942/0484
12622Mathew, W RMotor22 ftYachting World1942/0484
13242Robb, Arthur CMotor21 ft Yachting World1942/0485
12772Monk, EdwinYacht, motor65 ftYachting World1941/05119
11741Burger Boat CoYacht, motor64 ft LOAYachting World1941/05118
12357Hobbs, W L Yacht, cutter38 ft LOA - Port Hamble 10 tonnerYachting World1949/12539
9345Nova EsperoSmith BrosYacht, sloop20 ft LOA - sailed AtlanticYachting World1949/11471
13532Thornycroft, John IYacht, ketch47 ft LOAYachting World1949/11489
1203CataniaDallimore, NormanYacht, cutter40 ft LOAYachting World1941/06142
12705McBryde, W G Yacht, motor45 ft LOAYachting World1942/0360
7617FishermanDallimore, Norman EYacht16 ft LOA - sponsored by YWYachting World1949/11473
8296JoanneFrers, GermanYacht, cutter48 ft LOAYachting World1949/11485
12706McBryde, W G Motor30 ftYachting World1942/0483
8682LydietteRobb, Arthur CYacht, cutter38 ft LOAYachting World1949/11494
11664British Power Boat CoMotor32 ft LOAYachting World1942/0359
7488Falmouth 36Warrington Smyth, RMotor36 ft LOAYachting World1949/11497
10743Taylor TrustyLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1949/11481
13104Parker, Frederick RMotor24 ftYachting World1942/0485
8916MemerangHolth, ArthurYacht, cutter43 ft LOAYachting World1942/04101
9639Play BoatChris-CraftMotor42 ft LOAYachting World1941/06150
14731Marie GalanteGlass, T MunroYacht, motor76 ft LOA - see also YW 1949/08 p 313, 1951/02 p 6Yachting World1949/12544
10968True CourseWatts, J MurrayYacht, schooner40 ft LODYachting World1941/12297
12053Deering, A MYacht, 52 ft LOAYachting World1941/11261
13212Reekie, WalterYacht, motor47 ft Yachting World1942/0115
7642Fly AwayCalder, J DYacht, sloop26 ft LOA - see also YW 1952/04 p 181Yachting World1949/07280
13968Motor32 ftYachting World1942/017
769AtlantisWycoffYacht, ketch28 ft LOAYachting World1942/0122
12721McGregorMotor32 ft Yachting World1941/11263
11230West BritonPengelly, F WYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1949/07271
11497Alden, John GYacht, ketch58 ft LOAYachting World1942/0114
11468ZyklonButler, T HarrisonYacht, sloop21 ft LOA - Z 4 tonner class - see also CB 1996/1Yachting World1941/12294
12703McBryde, W G Yacht, ketch36 ft Yachting World1941/11262
13723Winslow, R EYacht, yawl37 ft LOAYachting World1941/11269
12101Elridge- McinnisMotor40 ftYachting World1941/11262
12071DitchburnMotor40 ftYachting World1941/11263
12704McBryde, W G Yacht, motor40 ftYachting World1941/11262
13519ThornycroftMotor31 ft LOAYachting World1949/07276
3128DorsetParker, F RYacht, sloop21 ft LOA C B Yachting World1949/06225
13598VosperMotor38 ft LOA - fishing cruiserYachting World1949/07262
11669BrookeMotor25 ft LOAYachting World1949/07279
13288Schock, Edson BYacht, ketch80 ft LOAYachting World1941/11268
7827GlaramaraShepherd, FrederickYacht, ketch51 ft LOA - see also YM 1951/03 p 127Yachting World1949/06203
1250ChanceBain, JohnYacht, motor40 ft LOA SilverYachting World1949/06211
970Blue Disa Laurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop31 ft LOA - R N A S 24 classYachting World1949/06215
1007BoomkeHoevell, G W W C vanYacht, sloop22 ft LOA C BYachting World1949/06221
9833RevereDobson, B TMotor45 ft Yachting World1942/0111
13609WainmanMotor38 ft Yachting World1941/11263
13623Walton Yacht WorksMotor34 ftYachting World1942/0245
12104Enderlein, OlleYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1949/08323
13108Paul, A HYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1942/0238
11511Allen, WillYacht, motor77 ft LOAYachting World1941/09205
11551Bain, JohnMotor15 ft - launch for Red PirateYachting World1949/09373
11863Clark, RobertYacht, yawl56 ft LOAYachting World1942/0365
8752MaleenProwse, A W BYacht, motor42 ft LOAYachting World1949/05177
12548Lawrenson, B FYacht, sloop17 ft - North East Coast O D classYachting World1949/05191
12702McBryde, W G Yacht, ketch42 ft LOAYachting World1941/08198
13126Pearson, CMotor28 ft LOAYachting World1949/10450
12311Hazel, R JYacht, sloop37 ft LOA C BYachting World1949/10435
9597Phoenix IICamper & NicholsonYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1949/05169
12465Kennedy, G O'BrienDinghy, sailing14 ft - sponsored by YWYachting World1949/10414
13763Zantvoort, WYacht, sloop37 ft LOA C BYachting World1949/10431
13073Parker, F RYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1949/09388
9800Red PirateBain, JohnYacht, motor80 ft LOAYachting World1949/09366
8620LisbetDallimore, Norman EYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting World1949/05190
11498Alden, John GYacht, yawl44 ft LOAYachting World1942/0247
10430Spray Yacht, cutter36 ft LOA - used by Slocum - see also YW 1942/05Yachting World1942/0235
13557Tripp, W HYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1949/08319
13702White, J Samuel & Co LtdMotor35 ft LOAYachting World1949/08331
13722Winslow, R EYacht, cutter37 ft LOAYachting World1941/10233
7676FoxSlocum, Victor JoshuaYacht, ketch30 ft LOAYachting World1941/10248
13691WheelerMotor39 ft Yachting World1941/11263
13581UphamYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting World1949/08334
12464Kennedy, G O'BrienDinghy, sailing14 ftYachting World1949/09381
12956Mower, Charles DYacht, yawl45 ftYachting World1942/0246
11550Bain, JohnDinghy, sailing11 ft - dinghy for Red PirateYachting World1949/09374
1474CorsairPearce, A M G & Hives, P AHydroplane9 ftYachting World1949/10418
11665Brohall, P Yacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1950/07345
7470Fairey DucklingFox, UffaDinghy, sailing9 ft - see also CB 2002/06 p 40Yachting World1950/12553
8702MacushlaThornycroft, PeterMotor29 ft LOAYachting World1950/12553
12859Ballyholme ODJ Colquhoun & SonsYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting World1939/05441
1285811-tonnerClark, RobertYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1939/05438
12861Mary BowerClark, RobertYacht, sloopYachting World1939/05456
12857WlnaCamper & NicholsonYacht, motor165 ftYachting World1939/05434
11285WhimbrelFenn & WoodYacht, sloop16 ft LOAYachting World1950/12536
12862Fisherman typeArgent YachtsYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1939/05464
3312EolisHillyard, DavidYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting World1951/0131
9916RosiraCampbell, W McPYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1951/0137
10115Sea MinxDallimore, Norman EYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1951/0132
3332Estuary CruiserBrooke Marine LtdMotor24 ft LOAYachting World1951/0121
10443SquireThornycroftYacht, motor40 ft LOAYachting World1951/0144
7726FuryMeasures BrosDinghy, sailing12 ftYachting World1950/12535
11643Bradley, J EYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting World1950/12541
7673Four FreedomsLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop35 ft LOA - see also Ymn 1950/03 p 51Yachting World1950/07356
9742QuiverCheverton, DYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting World1950/08405
10870Tom DudgeonEstes, Earle EYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1950/08401
855BassChiggiato, AYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting World1950/09435
11400Y W G.P. FourteenHolt, JackDinghy, sailing14 ftYachting World1950/09446
12613Malone, DYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting World1950/09429
8915MemeMorgan Giles, FYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1950/10491
11317WildfireLord, G GDinghy, sailing14 ftYachting World1950/10479
10892TorquilYacht, motor60 ft - Rover gas propulsion - see also Mbt 1950Yachting World1950/10473
1214CeanothusJones, J FrancisYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting World1950/10486
13607Wahlborg, P AYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1950/12537
1326CloettaRobb, Arthur CYacht, sloop35 ft LOA - Lion classYachting World1950/12521
7491Falmouth PramWarrington Smyth, RDinghy7 ftYachting World1950/12552
7492Falmouth RunaboutWarrington Smyth, RMotor24 ft LOAYachting World1951/0120
10375SopraninoLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop19 ft C B - see also YM 1955/03 p 160, CB 1989/0Yachting World1951/0145
11723Buchanan, AlanYacht, sloop23 ft LOA - Royal Cork Y C Colleen classYachting World1951/0288
8658Looe 20Pearn, NYacht, sloop20 ft LOAYachting World1951/05258
3111DolitaWild, ColinYacht, sloop40 ft LOA - New Zealand K classYachting World1951/06301
12696McBryde, W GYacht, ketch62 ft LOAYachting World1951/06306
9842Right RoyalClark, RobertYacht, cutter39 ft LOAYachting World1951/06289
8535LarphCamper & NicholsonYacht, sloop48 ft LOA - see also Ymn 1950/06 p 112Yachting World1951/06288
10675TachiaJones, J FrancisYacht, cutter32 ft LOAYachting World1951/07346
10962TrojanBuchanan, AlanYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1951/07351
10231Sheherazade AWeatherhead, W JYacht, motor81 ft LOA - see also YM 1951/07 p 35Yachting World1951/07335
8144IlondaBain, JohnYacht, motor54 ft - Silver - see also Mbt 1951/07 p 306Yachting World1951/07334
13173Prowse, A W BDinghy8 ftYachting World1951/08404
1259CharnaWatson, G L & CoYacht, motor79 ft LOAYachting World1951/08384
10373SondaMcGruer, JamesYacht, sloop39 ft LOA - 8m class - see also YM 1951/09 p 149Yachting World1951/08393
10081ScimiterPrimrose, Angus SYacht, sloop15 ftYachting World1951/08405
9663PorpoiseMylne, A & CoYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - see also Mbt 1950/07 p 293, CB 2001/0Yachting World1951/05254
13009Nicholson, C AYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1951/05252
10976Tudor RoseRobb, Arthur CYacht, sloop32 ft LOA - see also YM 1951/10 p 199Yachting World1951/0280
12355Hobbs, W LYacht, sloop35 ft LOA - 5.5m classYachting World1951/0265
9989Sally BethWilson, George & SonYacht, motor36 ft LOA - Royal Swan class - see also Mbt 1950Yachting World1951/0281
11102VertueLaurent Giles, JackYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - see also YM 1975/07 p 879, YW 1980/1Yachting World1951/03155
8956MeteorRobb, Arthur CYacht, sloop21 ft LOA - see also CB 2004/04 p 31Yachting World1951/03168
8780MarcalbertThornycroft, John I & Co LtdYacht, motor73 ft - see also Mbt 1951/02 p 67Yachting World1951/03158
1633DeianeiraVosperYacht, motor125 ft LOA - see also YM 1951/09 p 150Yachting World1951/09442
13248Robb, Arthur CYacht, motor32 ft - vee-driveYachting World1951/04211
1399ConstanceMorgan Giles, FYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1951/04207
1185Cartop [Heron]Holt, JackDinghy, sailing11 ft - sponsored by YW - later known as HeronYachting World1951/04190
12543Laurent Giles, JYacht, cutter20 ft LOA - Santander classYachting World1951/04198
10229SheerlinePenrose, H JYacht, sloop19 ft LOAYachting World1951/05257
10493SterteParker, F R & PartnersYacht, sloop18 ft LOAYachting World1951/05261
9349NyatongaFife, WilliamYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1951/08397
10989Twin StarWatson, G LYacht, sloop41 ft LOA - see also Ymn 1941/03 p77, YM 1941/05 Yachting World1941/0495
9212NaviculaBurger Boat CoYacht, motor62 ft LOA Yachting World1941/014
7703Freedom of PooleTew, J E HYacht, cutter30 ft LOAYachting World1950/0278
8798MaricaClark, RobertYacht, motor69 ft LOAYachting World1950/0280
8922MenefredaWarrington Smyth, NYacht, ketch35 ft LOA - see also CB 1997/09 p 50Yachting World1950/0272
3266Elizabeth JimTew, J E HYacht, yawl44 ft LOAYachting World1950/0279
11448ZeevalkStadt, E G van deYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1950/0262
7539Fern MaryMorgan Giles, FYacht, sloop34 ft LOA - Quay Punt type 11 tonYachting World1950/0287
3201Dutch MaidTans, B & ZonenYacht, cutter37 ft LOA - see also Bmn 1995/10 p 51Yachting World1940/11294
10932TrialLippold, FrederickYacht, cutter38 ft LOAYachting World1940/11296
13329Shepherd, FredYacht, cutter41 ft LOAYachting World1940/10268
12612Malone, B GYacht, ketch39 ft LOA C BYachting World1950/03153
13247Robb, Arthur CYacht, motor45 ft LOA 28 tonYachting World1950/03170
11383Wyvern IIMurdoch, W RYacht, sloop54 ft LOAYachting World1950/03173
12618Mason, AYacht, cutter38 ft LOA C BYachting World1950/0133
810BacchantFox, UffaYachtYachting World1941/0249
780AuroraYacht, motor36 ft - ex lifeboatYachting World1941/04102
946Black SwanCourtney, R C WMotor30 ft LOA - see also Mbt 1949/10 p 408, YM 1950/0Yachting World1949/12527
12088Dunphy, B LDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAYachting World1949/12551
7892Gray SeascoutGeiger, FredYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1941/0366
12501Lapthorn, J AYacht, barge27 ft LOAYachting World1950/0126
1043Brighter DawnYacht, sloop35 ftYachting World1941/0368
14700Brighter DawnYacht, sloop35 ftYachting World1941/0368
9528PaxlRouse, W SYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting World1941/0380
7729Gaetina IIGeiger, FredYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1941/0367
13190Radcliffe, WYacht, cutter36 ft LOAYachting World1950/0137
12536Laurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World1950/0127
897BelougaLebrun, JacquesYacht, sloop21 ft LOA C B Yachting World1950/0129
11029VacunaJames, J & Co LtdYacht, sloop23 ft LOA C BYachting World1950/0128
9453OspreyOsborne, William LtdMotor31 ft LOAYachting World1950/03156
9332NortheleBerthon Boat Co LtdYacht, sloop50 ft LOA - see also YW 1950/03 p 129Yachting World1950/03178
12059Dervin, HYacht, cutter36 ft LOAYachting World1940/09260
8159IndraBothen, BertilYacht, ketch61 ft LOAYachting World1940/05147
1297ChubascoSparkman & StephensYacht, yawl67 ft LOAYachting World1940/04104
10471StardustFox, UffaYacht, yawl35 ft LOAYachting World1940/04107
7863Good NewsSparkman & StephensYacht, yawl64 ft LOAYachting World1940/04104
7554FiferAllan, RobertYacht, motor104 ft LOAYachting World1940/0474
1649Deryn GwyrrdFife, WYacht, sloop24 ft LOA O D classYachting World1940/0388
13138Peterson, Murray GYacht, schooner60 ft LOAYachting World1940/0386
14709Deryn GwyrrdFife, WYacht, sloop24 ft LOA O D classYachting World1940/0388
13059Paine, FrankYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1940/0379
13100Parker, F R & Partners LtdMotor23 ft LOAYachting World1950/06319
12123Fenger, Frederick AYacht, ketch - wishbone rigYachting World1940/0232
644American ExpressSparkman & StephensYacht, motor69 ft LOAYachting World1940/0254
12691McBryde, W GYacht, schooner56 ft LOAYachting World1950/06307
8928Mercy JaneClark, RobertYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting World1940/05142
7712Fresh BreezeFox, UffaYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1950/05263
13707Wiley, R HYacht, schooner58 ft LOAYachting World1940/08212
7660Flying Thirty FiveFox, UffaYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1950/04213
11104Vertue XXXVLaurent Giles, JackYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - see alsoYM 1987/07 p 58, Mbt 1950/04 Yachting World1950/04194
11836Chiggiato, AYacht, sloop21 ft LOA C B Yachting World1950/04207
11420YeomanNicholson, C AYacht, cutter48 ft LOAYachting World1950/04202
10687Taiseer IVNicholson, C AYacht, cutter48 ft LOAYachting World1950/04203
753AstronEstuary Yacht Co LtdMotor24 ft LOAYachting World1950/04225
739ArusaCamper & NicholsonYacht, ketch72 ft LOA -later Samraa - see also YM 1955/09 p 1Yachting World1950/05262
7927GunnaMcGruer, JamesYacht, ketch48 ft LOAYachting World1950/05265
11010UladhClark, RobertYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1950/05260
12605MacGregor, CYacht, sloop22 ftYachting World1940/06179
13409Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop28 ftYachting World1940/06178
9412OlgatarJones, J F d'EYacht, ketch32 ft LOAYachting World1950/05269
8532LaraClark, RobertYacht, yawl62 ft LOA Yachting World1940/014
11519Anker, JohannYacht, sloopDragon class - new rigYachting World1947/0130
12048Dawse, Harold HYacht, cutter39 ft LOAYachting World1947/05171
13352Slaaby-Larsen, AYacht, cutter36 ft LOAYachting World1947/05175
12462Kennedy, G O'BrienCanoe, sailing20 ftYachting World1944/09288
13662Watson, G L & CoYacht, motor70 ft LOAYachting World1944/09308
11548Bain, JohnYacht, schooner52 ft LOAYachting World1944/09297
12020Dallimore, Norman EYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1944/09293
11549Bain, JohnYacht, motor52 ft LOAYachting World1947/04125
12680McBryde, W GMotor36 ft LOAYachting World1947/04131
11657Bridge, Ian CYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1947/06214
1520Crusailer 41Stephens, OlinYacht, yawl41 ft LOAYachting World1944/08250
11505Alexander, J MYacht, cutter50 ft LOAYachting World1944/07223
13175Pryce, R GDinghy, sailing - various New Zealand typesYachting World1944/07216
14883Payne, AlanYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1947/07253
9491PaidaButler, T HarrisonYacht, sloop19 ft LOA - see also Ymn 1941/06 p 149, YM 1941/0Yachting World1944/07219
12530Laurent Giles & PartnersYacht, motor33 ft LOAYachting World1947/06209
11649Brett, PeterYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1944/08260
12460Kennedy, BrienYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1944/08264
14777Kennedy, BrienYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1944/08264
12353Hobbs, W LYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1947/04136
1298ChubbyDawes, Harold HYacht, sloop17 ft LOAYachting World1947/04146
1591DauntlessDauntless CoYacht, sloop16 ft LOA - see also Bmn 1995/05 p 24Yachting World1944/11374
12992Mylne, AlfredYacht, sloop37 ft LOA - Dublin Bay O D classYachting World1944/11365
7812Girl PatMorris, John & Co LtdYacht35 ft & 55 ft designs - see also YW 1945/05 p 15Yachting World1944/11360
11850Clark, RobertYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1947/0269
11656Bridge, Ian CYacht, cutter33 ft LOAYachting World1947/0260
12102Enderlein, OlleYacht, cutter36 ft LOAYachting World1947/0255
12729McGruer, Ewing JrYacht, sloop30 ft LOA - aerofoil sailYachting World1944/12401
12575Lewis, C AYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1944/12396
7749Gay DawnBrooke MarineMotor35 ft LOAYachting World1947/0246
12562Lennox, J AYacht, cutter40 ft LOAYachting World1947/0398
7813Girl PatMorris, John & Co LtdYacht45 ft - see also Mbt 1945/03 p 66Yachting World1947/0390
8391KelanaMcGruer & Co LtdYacht, sloop42 ft LOA - see also YM 1958/09 p 137Yachting World1947/0384
13122Payne, AlanYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1947/0395
12247Groves & GuttridgeMotor37 ft LOAYachting World1944/10336
13107Paterson, G DYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1944/10330
12667McBryde, W GYacht, ketch40 ft LOAYachting World1944/10338
11866Clark, RobertYacht, cutter84 ft LOAYachting World1944/10324
12623Mathew, W RYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1944/10328
8279Jenny WrenRobb, A CYacht, motor22 ft LOA -see also YW 1945/12 p 399, 1946/09 p30Yachting World1944/07230
8412Khamseen AButler, T HarrisonYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1944/07221
13123Payne, AlanYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1947/07253
13022Nutku, AtaYacht, yawl39 ft LOAYachting World1947/11411
9224NepetaTaylor, JamesMotorFairmile B class conversionYachting World1947/11422
1058BrittyTatchell, PercyDinghy, sailing13 ft Yachting World1944/04136
11652Bridge, Ian Yacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1944/04114
10444St AlbertHobbs, W LYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1944/04114
11651Bridge, IanYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1944/04121
12350Hobbs, W LYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1944/04115
11792Calder, J DouglasYacht, motor73 ft LOAYachting World1944/04106
13762Zantvoort, WYacht, cutter32 ft LOAYachting World1947/11415
13289ScotiaYacht, motor72 tonYachting World1944/0390
10605SusannaWhite, J Samuel & CoMotor37 ft LOAYachting World1947/12438
14882Paul, A HYacht, motor72 tonYachting World1944/0391
1500CreoleCamper & NicholsonYacht, schooner190 ft LOAYachting World1944/0385
13110Paul, A HYacht, motor72 tonYachting World1944/0391
13998PilotWest Country HovellersYachting World1944/0396
12083Dunphy, B LYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1944/0378
12633McBrydeMotor20 ft LOAYachting World1944/0398
9147MyosotisMorgan GilesYacht, cutter42 ft LOAYachting World1944/0372
11793Calder, J DouglasYacht, motor73 ft LOAYachting World1944/04106
9132MurielFifeYacht, schooner98 ft LOAYachting World1944/04134
12103Enderlein, OlleYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1947/08291
13330Shepherd, FredYacht, yawl55 ft LOAYachting World1942/11290
13068Parker, F RYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1944/06193
13188Radcliffe, WYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1944/06188
13676Watts, J MurrayYacht, sloop86 ft - Gloucester fisherman typeYachting World1944/06179
12046Dawes, Harold HYacht, sloop14 ft LWLYachting World1944/06180
11481Adams, H W AYacht, motor75 ftYachting World1944/06205
11658Bridge, Ian CYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1947/07249
12682McBryde, W GYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting World1947/08294
1148Captain James CookParnell, F GBarquentine200 ft - training shipYachting World1944/05166
3159DubarryThornycroftMotor38 ft LOAYachting World1947/11400
9910Rose of LooePengelly, F WYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1947/10371
9314NoricanLinge, J HYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1947/10375
12029Dann, W RYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1944/05157
1112CadetHolt, JackDinghy, sailing10 ft -YW class - see also Bmn 1993/06 p24, CB 2Yachting World1947/09331
10211SharkVosperYacht, motor60 ft LOAYachting World1947/08276
13232Robb, A CYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1944/05154
12390HopefulYacht, ketch42 ft LOAYachting World1944/05162
13453Sussex Shipbuilding Co LtdYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1947/12451
12352Hobbs, W LYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1947/0117
13127Pellow, Nigel FYacht, motor16 ftYachting World1945/12419
12047Dawes, Harold HDinghy, sailing15 ftYachting World1945/08274
13189Radcliffe, WYacht, cutter44 ft LOAYachting World1945/08257
3129Dorset PhantomBolson, J & SonMotor56 ft LOAYachting World1946/0377
11677Brooke Marine LtdMotor48 ft Yachting World1945/08254
13111Paul, A HYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1946/0391
12799Morgan Giles, FYacht, sloop25 ft - West of England O D classYachting World1946/0387
9271NimbusKernahan, S PYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1946/0384
12435J.H.B.R.Yacht, sloop25 ft LWLYachting World1945/09304
13070Parker, F RYacht, yawl45 ft LOAYachting World1945/08262
11970Cromie, RYacht, motor35 ft LOAYachting World1946/04127
12572Lentsch, G de VriesYacht59 ft LOA - LemmeraakYachting World1946/05162
13589Vooght, H W deYacht, motor68 ft LOAYachting World1946/05159
12250Groves & GuttridgeMotor38 ft LOAYachting World1945/07220
10666Sylph of ArdenButler, T HarrisonYacht, cutter32 ft LOAYachting World1945/07223
13023O'Brien, ConorYacht, schooner53 ft LOA - see also YW 1945/07 p 268Yachting World1945/07216
7833GlenMylne, AlfredYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - Glenn class - see also YM 1949/09 p Yachting World1945/07229
11655Bridge, Ian CYacht, motor38 ft LOAYachting World1946/04123
13515ThornycroftYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1946/04116
11654Bridge, Ian CYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1945/09290
11867Clark, RobertYacht, sloop24 ft LOA - YW 5 tonnerYachting World1945/09293
10783The Dorset FishermanDallimore, Norman EYacht, sloop18 ft LOA C BYachting World1945/12420
852BarracudaHill, A JYacht, cutter47 ft LOAYachting World1945/12391
11006Uffa KingFox, UffaDinghy, sailing12 ftYachting World1945/11363
12162Freeman, R FDinghy, sailing15 ftYachting World1945/11363
11005Uffa AceFox, UffaDinghy, sailing18 ftYachting World1945/11363
12950Morrill, F GordonYacht, motor101 ft LOAYachting World1945/11378
13244Robb, Arthur CYacht, sloop37 ft LOA - RNZYS design competitionYachting World1945/11374
1089Burnham SloopDallimore, Norman EYacht, sloop21 ft LOA - see also CB 2000/11 p 30Yachting World1945/12412
10722TarbabyCamper & NicholsonYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1945/12396
10615SwaleKenyon, R WBarge78 ft - conversion to yachtYachting World1945/10323
8480La MouetteBuchanan, AlanYacht, yawl45 ft LOAYachting World1946/0243
11795Calder, J DouglasYacht, motor32 ft LOAYachting World1946/0253
12672McBryde, W GYacht, motor32 ft LOAYachting World1946/0251
8933MerlinHolt, JackDinghy, sailing14 ft -restricted class - see also YW 1946/01 pYachting World1946/0112
12671McBryde, W GYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1946/018
628AlythMorgan Giles, FYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1945/10330
13686Welch, LYacht, cutter44 ft LOAYachting World1945/10338
12669McBryde, W GYacht, ketch58 ft LOA C BYachting World1945/10327
12529Laurent Giles & PartnersYacht, cutter39 ft LOA - Channel classYachting World1946/05177
13594VosperMotor60 ft LOAYachting World1946/06216
7753Gay MaryBrooke MarineYacht, sloop18 ft LOA - see also YM 1946/07 p 158Yachting World1946/06206
10734TartarYacht,sloopMounts Bay lugger conversionYachting World1946/11370
13535Thornycroft, TomYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - Y R A 200 sq ft O D typeYachting World1946/11389
12039Dawes, H HMotor30 ft LOAYachting World1946/10347
12358Hobbs, W L & Whitcombe, W HYacht, cutter47 ft LOAYachting World1945/0383
11154Volle MaanVooght, H W deYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1946/10351
11612Blake, W M Yacht, sloop22 ft LOA - Whisstock sloopYachting World1946/09314
11676Brooke Marine LtdYacht, motor55 ft LOAYachting World1945/03102
13245Robb, Arthur CYacht, ketch48 ft LOAYachting World1946/09309
12249Groves & GuttridgeMotor32 ft LOAYachting World1945/0252
10736TasiaDallimore, Norman EYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1945/0249
11869Clark, RobertYacht, sloop27 ft LOA - Y R A 200 sq ft O D classYachting World1946/12418
13254Robb,Arthur CYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1946/12438
13112Paul, A HYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1946/12427
12617Mason, AYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting World1945/0133
9731Queen of ArdenButler, T HarrisonYacht, ketch38 ft LOAYachting World1945/0112
9636Plain JaneBain, JohnYacht, cutter39 ft LOAYachting World1945/0115
12678McBryde, W GMotor40 ft LOAYachting World1946/11396
12800Morgan Giles, FYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - Y R A 200 sq ft O D typeYachting World1946/11385
13715Wilson, G & SonMotor40 ft LOAYachting World1945/04138
11653Bridge, Ian CYacht, cutter45 ft LOAYachting World1945/04117
8761MananaMason, AYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1946/07224
3113DolphinChurchman, E MMotor24 ft LOAYachting World1946/07230
12967Mylne, AYacht, sloop37 ft LOA - Conway Ross Birthday designYachting World1946/07237
11140VisionaryBridge, Norman CYacht, motor47 ft LOAYachting World1946/07242
11701Brownrigg, BlakeYacht, ketch28 ft LOAYachting World1945/06204
12760Middlin, C WYacht, cutter48 ft LOAYachting World1945/06191
12187Gardner, AYacht, yawl46 ft LOAYachting World1945/06188
12021Dallimore, Norman EYacht, cutter42 ft LOAYachting World1946/06200
13428Stebbings (Burnham) LtdMotor28 ft - lifeboat conversionYachting World1946/08285
13537TingleMotor26 ft LOAYachting World1945/05146
12030Dann, W RYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World1945/04121
12597Luke BrosDinghy, sailing14 ft Yachting World1945/04136
8455KorbyCamper & NicholsonYacht, cutter51 ft LOAYachting World1945/04110
14689 Laurent Giles & PartnersYacht, schooner61 ft LOA C BYachting World1946/08273
321 Laurent Giles & PartnersYacht, schooner61 ft LOA C BYachting World1946/08273
13558TrumanYacht, sloop26 ft LOA - Wallasea Bay Yacht Station Ocean clasYachting World1946/08266
12151Fox, UffaDinghy, sailing12 ft Firefly and 15 ft O D classesYachting World1946/08277
10931TreseaClark, RobertYacht, cutter70 ft LOAYachting World1945/05153
11638Boyd, DavidYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1946/12423
966Blue BonnetDallimore, Norman EYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1947/12455
13618Wallasey Bay Yacht Station LtdYacht, cutter30 ft LOA - modified Ocean typeYachting World1948/11393
9309NoreenAnker, JohanYacht, sloop63 ft LOA - ex Tatjana - see also YM 1941/01 p 1Yachting World1942/10247
11521Appleby, E JYacht, steamYachting World1942/10248
13982Yacht, motor55 ft - German designYachting World1942/10261
7992HawfinchParker, F RMotor45 ft LOAYachting World1949/0123
9824RestiveWarrington Smyth, NYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1948/12441
12461Kennedy, G O'BYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1948/12434
13705Wilby, CarltonTrimaran19 ft Yachting World1942/10266
9803Red SquirrelBrooke Marine LtdMotor17 ft LOAYachting World1948/12440
11540AtlantiqueYacht, motor35 ft Yachting World1942/10250
12022Dallimore, Norman EYacht, sloop32 ft LOA C BYachting World1949/018
12363Hoevell, G W W C vanYacht, sloop29 ft LOA C BYachting World1949/0243
13980Motor40 ft - German designYachting World1942/09233
13201Ranalah Yacht YardMotor36 ft - three designs for layoutYachting World1942/09234
13236Robb, ArthurYacht, ketch41 ft LOAYachting World1942/09238
13979Lifeboat27 ft - ship lifeboatYachting World1942/09220
354A La ViaChiggiato, AYacht, sloop27 ft LOA C B Yachting World1949/0242
11471A R C Marine Co LtdMotor28 ft LOAYachting World1949/0264
10133SeadriftPearnsYacht, ketch27 ft LOAYachting World1949/0119
642AmericaYacht, schooner - original winner of America Cup - see also YM Yachting World1942/11281
13370Smith, V PYacht, motor25 ft LOAYachting World1942/11296
943Black Joke IIAdams, H WYacht, motor76 ft LOA - see also YW 1943/09 p 263Yachting World1942/12305
10002SalvinaLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1948/11416
10166Sedanca De MereGibson Power Craft LtdMotor24 ft LOAYachting World1948/11393
11682Brooke Marine LtdMotor25 ft LOAYachting World1948/11389
12308Havelock, FYacht, ketch45 ft LOAYachting World1943 /0114
13985Dinghy, sailing12 ft - Lame S C O D classYachting World1943/0120
9694ProspectorConcordia CoYacht, ketch42 ft LOAYachting World1943/0110
11636Bowes, Thomas DYacht, cutter76 ft LOAYachting World1943/0129
11619Bohlmeyer, F WYacht23 ft - CatboatYachting World1942/12324
11504Aldous (Successors) LtdMotor28 ft LOAYachting World1948/11394
7661Flying Twenty FiveFox, UffaYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1948/12439
11123VikingYacht, cutter38 ft LOAYachting World1942/11292
11541AtlantiqueYacht, motor60 ft LOAYachting World1942/11298
13583Urry, Douglas P & Wavell, FYacht, yawl42 ft LOAYachting World1942/11291
10678TadpoleWycoff, Arthur CMotor24 ftYachting World1942/11283
12771Monk, EdYacht, motor42 ft LOAYachting World1942/11277
13649Watercraft LtdMotor35 ft LOAYachting World1948/11384
10937TridentTaylor, James LtdYacht, motor56 ft LOAYachting World1948/11399
10289SioltaMylne, Alfred & CoYacht, cutter49 ft LOAYachting World1949/0257
13164Primrose, Angus SYacht, sloop14 ft LOAYachting World1942/08209
978Blue WaterBeinhard, HYacht, schooner93 ftYachting World1942/08204
14885Tarbox, Luther HMotor39 ftYachting World1942/05122
13721WinslowYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting World1942/05115
13634Warner, Winthrop LYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1942/05115
13729Witt, Clinton deYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1942/05115
13975YachtOhio pound boatYachting World1942/05120
13421Stadel, GeorgeYacht, cutter20 ft LOAYachting World1942/05123
13671Watts, J MurrayMotor30 ftYachting World1942/05121
13633Warner, Winthorp LYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting World1942/05114
13461Tarbox, Luther HMotor39 ftYachting World1942/05122
13693Wheeler ShipyardMotor49 ftYachting World1942/05113
13204Ranalah Yacht YardMotor60 ft -ex RAF launch convewrsionYachting World1949/04134
13297See, EricMotor24 ftYachting World1942/0485
12463Kennedy, G O'BrienMotor16 ft LOAYachting World1949/04135
12356Hobbs, W L Yacht, cutter40 ft LOA - Port Hamble 11 tonnerYachting World1949/04143
8772ManiseeDunham & StadelYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting World1942/05114
10838TigerRushton, George AMotor30 ft Yachting World1942/05122
14884Stadel, GeorgeYacht, cutter20 ft LOAYachting World1942/05123
9280NinquiWarner, Winthrop LYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1942/05114
11150VoeClarkson, FDinghy, sailing16 ftYachting World1942/05124
10848Tilly Whim Laurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1949/04139
1071Brown OwlTovey, W SYacht, motor42 ft LOAYachting World1942/07175
8375KarinetOrchardson, G QYacht, cutter35 ft LOAYachting World1942/07170
11864Clark, RobertYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting World1942/07164
12482Koch, Edwin AMotor40 ftYachting World1942/07180
8386KayEnderlein, OlleYacht, yawl47 ft LOAYachting World1949/0397
1146Capriol IIRadcliffe, WalterYacht, sloop20 ft LWLYachting World1942/08200
11539AtlanticYacht, motor71 ft LOAYachting World1942/08205
12492Kris Cruisers LtdMotor30 ftYachting World1942/08194
829BambulaTagg, HarryMotor32 ft LOA - lifeboat conversionYachting World1949/04134
13298See, EricMotor25 ftYachting World1942/06151
10654SwiftRobinson, W AYacht, schooner70 ft LOAYachting World1942/06135
10973TrutinaButler, T HarrisonYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1942/06128
724ArielleMarinYacht, motor40 ftYachting World1942/06133
979Blue WaterGeiger, FrederickYacht, ketch26 ft LOAYachting World1942/06149
3202Duty IIMalham, RYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1942/06142
12481Koch, Edwin AMotor33 ftYachting World1942/06153
11035Vagrant IIFenger, FredericYacht, ketch41 ft LOAYachting World1942/06141
12630McBrydeYacht, motor40 ftYachting World1942/06152
12444Johnston, J Gibson LtdMotor25 ft LOAYachting World1942/0484
13661Watson, G L & CoYacht, motor68 ft Yachting World1943/0257
7760GeldaBolson, J & Son LtdYacht, ketch45 ft LOAYachting World1947/12446
10415Speriamo IIMorrill, Gordon FYacht, motor81 ft -see also YW 1943/12 p 362Yachting World1943/10284
8344JuliaPrimrose, AngusYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting World1943/10296
8763MandarinLord, GordonYacht, motor26 ft LOAYachting World1948/03101
13334Shorte, P HYacht, sloop20 ft LOAYachting World1943/11333
12528Laurent Giles & PartnersYachtMFV typeYachting World1943/11330
10661SwordfishOehrle, W HYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1943/11328
12659McBryde, W GYacht, ketch31 ft LOAYachting World1943/11312
12725McGruerYacht, sloop6m conversionYachting World1948/0396
11490Alden, JohnYacht, ketch44 ft LOAYachting World1943/10295
8808MarileenKellett, GYacht, yawl43 ft LOAYachting World1943/10280
7740GannetDriscoll, F RYacht, cutter24 ft LOAYachting World1943/08224
11371Woodpecker of PooleLaurent GilesYacht, motor70 ft LOA - see also YW 1948/07 p 235, CB 1989/09Yachting World1948/05182
535AlohaDawes, H HDinghy, sailing12 ftYachting World1948/05184
3208E WWatkins, Eustace LtdDinghy, sailing12 ftYachting World1948/05185
8194IrmigerButler, T HarrisonYacht, cutter30 ft - see also CB 1994/08 p 50Yachting World1943/09251
1506CrieCollins, S TCanoe, sailing16 ftYachting World1943/09268
12684McBryde, W GYacht, ketch58 ft LOA C BYachting World1948/04135
11681Brooke Marine LtdMotor25 ft, 40 ft, 45 ft and 55 ft designsYachting World1948/04148
10117Sea RangerWestern Marine Craft LtdMotor23 ft LOA - see also YM 1949/02 p 81Yachting World1948/0259
3249ElectronBridge, Ian CYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1948/0264
12043Dawes, HaroldYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1944/0110
10396Southern TrailCamper & NicholsonYacht, ketch42 ft LOAYachting World1948/0124
10739TatardjikNicholson Charles EYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting World1948/0117
12594Luders, A EYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1944/0266
12560Lellan, J McYacht, yawl36 ft LOAYachting World1944/0260
9831RetlawMcGruer, JamesMotor40 ft Yachting World1944/0254
11865Clark, RobertYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1944/0238
8995MirabelTaylor, JamesMotor27 ftYachting World1944/0258
13203Ranalah Yacht YardMotor23ft & 30 ftYachting World1948/0137
13237Robb, ArthurYacht, ketch56 ft LOAYachting World1944/0120
12616Mason, AYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1943/12365
10014SandaracLewis, CecilYacht, ketch43 ft LOA - see also YW 1944/08 p 250Yachting World1943/12348
11547Bain, JohnYacht, motor60 ft LOAYachting World1943/12358
11121VikingAas, BjarneYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1948/0261
12507Laurent GilesYacht, yawl54 ft LOAYachting World1948/0248
8927MercuryKennedy, G O'BDinghy, sailing14 ft - Merlin new designYachting World1948/0254
1669DialianWatson, G L & CoYacht, motor93 ft LOAYachting World1944/014
13994Kayak16 ft - Greenland typeYachting World1944/0131
12632McBrydeMotor25 ftYachting World1943/08226
12475Kingsley, CharlesYacht, schooner92 ft LOAYachting World1943/08238
10033SantosanDawes, H HYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting World1948/05173
12542Laurent Giles, JYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World1948/10358
8918MemoryClarkson, FYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World1943/04112
13675Watts, J MurrayMotor42 ft LOAYachting World1943/04107
10285SinahButler, T HarrisonYacht, cutter31 ft LOAYachting World1943/04100
9238NesaeaNicholson, C EYacht, cutter51 ft LOAYachting World1948/09316
11014UmbrinaMcBryde, W GYacht, motor76 ft - see also YW 1949/08 p313, Mbt 1949/08 p 2Yachting World1948/09321
13109Paul, A HYacht, ketch47 ft LOAYachting World1943/05149
11185WalterTatchell, PercyDinghy, sailing12 ft Yachting World1943/05140
7649Flying FifteenFox, UffaYacht, sloop20 ft LOA - see also YM 1951/02 p 109, CB 1992/02Yachting World1948/10374
9448OrmidaleBain, JohnYacht, motor53 ft - see also CB 1994/08 p 39Yachting World1948/10369
12157Freeman & WattsYacht, cutter26 ft LOAYachting World1943/0256
12631McBrydeYacht, motor50 ft LOAYachting World1943/0249
7658Flying TenFox, UffaYacht, sloop14 ft LOAYachting World1948/11411
13518ThornycroftMotor38 ft LOAYachting World1948/11388
13674Watts, J MurrayYacht, yawl35 ft LOA C BYachting World1943/0389
8285JettaBain, JohnYacht, ketch50 ft LOAYachting World1943/0370
13624Walton Yacht WorksMotor47 ft LOAYachting World1943/0378
12759Michie, A JYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting World1943/0386
1349Cohoe Reimers, Knud HYacht, sloop32 ft LOA - 30 sq m typeYachting World1948/08285
8905MelamineDallimore, NormanMotor50 ft LOAYachting World1948/08283
10604Susan GaelMcBrydeYacht, ketch65 ft LOAYachting World1943/07206
8615Lindsay IILaurent Giles & PartnersMotor60 ft LOA - ex RAF launch conversionYachting World1948/06201
12185Garden, WilliamYacht, cutter25 ft LOAYachting World1943/07214
9313NorgeCamper & NicholsonYacht, motor263 ft LOA - ex PhilanteYachting World1948/06209
7923GullN E Coast Yacht Building & EngYacht, sloop17 ft LOAYachting World1948/05185
8288JewelJames, J & Co LtdDinghy, sailing14 ft Yachting World1948/05184
9596PhoenixNicholson, C EYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1948/05158
7766Genie MarisGroves & GuttridgeYacht, motor65 ft LOAYachting World1948/05162
12354Hobbs, W LYacht, sloop16 ft LOAYachting World1948/06193
13284Scheel, Henry AMotor26 ft Yachting World1943/07215
13992Yacht, sloop25 ft LOA Norwegian Peoples BoatYachting World1943/06182
813BacchusPrimrose, AngusYacht, cutter24 ft LOAYachting World1943/06172
10617SwallowLey, John ADinghy, sailing12 ft NationalYachting World1943/06180
9932RozelWatson, G L & CoYacht, cutter28 ft LOAYachting World1943/06162
12533Laurent Giles & PartnersYacht, ketch54 ft LOAYachting World1948/07256
12362Hoevell, G W W C vanYacht, cutter36 ft LOAYachting World1948/07245
10950TrionaNicholsonMotor112 ft LOA - ex RNML conversionYachting World1948/06197
8554LeanderHuckett, H SMotor24 ftYachting World1943/07190
11965Crankshaw, H M Lifeboat40 ftYachting World1943/0258
740440-footerSaunders RoeMotor40 ftYachting World1937/11487
739965-footerWearside Boatbuilding Co.Yacht, motor65 ftYachting World1937/10412
7396ThendaraAlfred Mylne & Co.Yacht, ketch105 ft LOAYachting World1937/10372
1119Calliope VIThompson, Guy CYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1954/04179
7392Walton ThirtyWalton Yacht Works LtdMotor30 ftYachting World1937/10303
7395StortebekerRasmussen, HenryYacht, yawl33 ft LOAYachting World1937/10342
7393EvarneKingsley, CharlesYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1937/10314
7394CutterGiles, LaurentYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1937/10322
7397Day cruiserDowning, Wilton W WYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1937/10386
9520PatriciaProwse, A W BMotor30 ft LOAYachting World1954/04183
7398Scandinavian typeRowland, W HYacht, ketch35 ft LOAYachting World1937/10400
13166Proctor, IanCanoe, sailing17 ft - 10 sqmYachting World1954/05232
461AeolianClark, RobertYacht, yawl40 ft LOAYachting World1954/05223
1582DanskerGarden, WilliamYacht, motor45 ft LOAYachting World1954/05222
12368Holm, ToreYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1954/06267
1050BritanniaDirector of Naval ConstructionYacht, motor412 ft LOA - Royal YachtYachting World1954/06251
11066VanityRobb, Arthur CYacht, cutter27 ft LOAYachting World1954/04178
9830ResurgamHobbs, W LYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1954/03133
12119Farrar, AustinDinghy 14 ftYachting World1954/03130
7403Fishing boat typeMcBryde, W GYacht, motor50 ftYachting World1937/11478
12568Lentsch, G de VriesYacht, ketch45 ft LOAYachting World1937/11427
740212-tonnerGiles, LaurentYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1937/11458
7400American knockaboutDe Witt, Clinton FYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1937/11445
7401StiarnaNicholson, C EYacht, sloop63 ft LOAYachting World1937/11450
9316NorletheParker, F R & PartnersYacht, sloop42 ft LOA - see also YM 1954/02 p 93Yachting World1953/12530
10580SunmaidClark, RobertYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1954/0124
8208IslanderHerreshoff, A SYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting World1954/0122
9767RamblerHolt, JackDinghy, sailing17 ftYachting World1954/0120
10193SgarbhCampbell, W McPYacht40 ft LOA -fishing boat typeYachting World1954/0125
12118Farrar, AustinDinghy, sailing15 ftYachting World1954/0267
10856TindorGrimstone, Astor LtdYacht, motor50 ft LOAYachting World1954/0273
10831TicaBuchanan, AlanYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1954/0280
3114DolphinRhodes, Philip LYacht79 ft LOAYachting World1954/0278
7917Groote BeerVooght, H W deBotter52 ftYachting World1954/0269
7390TadornaG L Watson & Co.Yacht, motor130 ftYachting World1937/09292
73878-ton sloopClark, RobertYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World1937/09256
7586Firebird XNicholsonYacht, cutter68 ft LOAYachting World1937/06578
3281ElshinThornycroftMotor36 ftYachting World1937/06559
14759SusannahVoogt, H W deYacht, motor90 ftYachting World1937/06580
11996Curtis, Frank & Pape Bros LtdMotor28 ft - fishing launchYachting World1954/10447
11748Burnard, C WYacht, motor100 ftYachting World1937/06516
11839Chris-CraftMotor40 ft LOAYachting World1937/06568
10606SusannahVoogt, H W deYacht, motor90 ftYachting World1937/06580
10840Tiger ThreeAero Marine LtdYacht, cutter29 ft LOAYachting World1954/10446
13547Tod, W & J LtdMotor20 ft LOAYachting World1954/10429
10223ShearwaterProut, Roland & FrancisCatamaran18 ft LOA - see also YM 1954/11, 264 YW 1965/06 Yachting World1954/11484
10270Silver FoxBain, JohnYacht, motor72 ft LOAYachting World1937/05448
10821Three-Three-ThreeScott & SonsYacht, motor87 ft LOAYachting World1937/05467
11494Alden, John GYacht, schooner74 ft LOAYachting World1937/05462
7382FoinavenClarke, John HYacht, motor177 ft conversionYachting World1937/05428
8652London PrideWalton Yacht WorksMotor46 ftYachting World1937/05476
8931MerlanderJones, J FrancisYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1954/10440
9564PerpetuaThornycroft, PeterYacht, motor45 ft LOAYachting World1954/09406
9607Piet HeinVoogt, H W deYacht, motor101 ft LOA - Royal Dutch YachtYachting World1937/07102
7391Yacht, tenderFox, UffaDinghy, sailing9 ftYachting World1937/09296
7388Swedish designsHolm, ToreYacht, sloopYachting World1937/09258
738935-footerRichardsonMotor35 ftYachting World1937/09278
10955Triton ThreeOsborne, W LtdYacht, motor47 ft LOAYachting World1954/07315
11363WistaAero Marine LtdYacht, cutter23 ft LOAYachting World1954/08363
799AyuthiaGriffiths, MauriceYacht, ketch45 ft LOA - C B - see also Bmn 19934/01 p 19Yachting World1937/08220
977Blue TroutDallimore, NormanYacht, cutter60 ft LOAYachting World1937/08168
11860Clark, RobertYacht, cutter43 ft LOAYachting World1937/08118
7547FidalgaBarnaby, K CYacht, ketch37 ft LOA - see also YM 1937/09 p 440Yachting World1937/08162
12652McBryde, W GYacht, motor43 ft LOAYachting World1937/08176
7386Flying FishBurnard, C WMotorYachting World1937/0782
7580FionolaTaylor, JamesYacht, motor55 ft LOAYachting World1937/07107
738532-footerRichardsonMotor32 ftYachting World1937/0780
8514LahlooLentsch, G de VriesYacht, motor70 ft LOAYachting World1937/0742
7384MooseReimers, Knud HYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1937/0770
7383AlisdairHart, NormanYacht, motor95 ftYachting World1937/05436
1125CalypsoHunter, JohnYacht, cutter18 ft LOAYachting World1953/0270
743040 footerMcBryde, W GYacht, motor40 ftYachting World1938/02128
980BluebirdWatson, G L & CoYacht, motor97 ft LOAYachting World1938/0282
717ArgusGates, G EYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1953/04179
13678Watts, O MYacht, sloop21 ft LOA - 4 tonnerYachting World1938/0298
8434Kingston CruiserWainman, GeorgeMotor26 ftYachting World1938/02164
742916-footerMorgan GilesDinghy, sailing16 ftYachting World1938/02118
7432ElnaBain, JohnYacht, motor70 ftYachting World1938/02144
7433Elizabeth McCawSparkman & StephensYacht, yawl63 ftYachting World1938/02152
10106Sea FleaJansen, HYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1953/04179
14014Dinghy7 ft -utility pram - sponsored by Y WYachting World1953/04160
13165Proctor, IanDinghy, sailing18 ft - new National 18Yachting World1953/04183
1077BrynbellaWarrington Smyth, RYacht, sloop31 ft LOA - see also CB 2001/03 p 49Yachting World1953/04166
11995Curtis, Frank & Pape Bros LtdMotor20 ftYachting World1953/04176
7425Hard chine cruiserGraham BunnMotor sailer46 ftYachting World1938/0159
9635PixieCollie, W StuartYacht, sloop20 ft LOAYachting World1953/05215
13425Staempfli, M PDinghy, sailing5 m LOA - 9 sqm SharpieYachting World1938/02174
7657Flying SwanWilson, George & SonsMotor27 ft - see also Mbt 1951/03 p 116Yachting World1953/04169
14774Caledonia Yacht CoYacht, motorYachting World1938/0296
9592PhoebeBain, JohnYacht, motor57 ft LOA - SilverYachting World1953/0264
10273Silver SonnetBain, JohnYacht, motor55 ft LOA - SilverYachting World1953/0264
1282125-ft cruiserRytecraftMotor25 ftYachting World1938/03267
7434KirinG L WatsonSchooner110 ftYachting World1938/03184
13249Robb, Arthur CYacht, sloop36 & 51 ft designs - 10.5m ruleYachting World1953/03134
9911Rose of YorkLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, cutter38 ft LOAYachting World1953/03141
10688Taiseer VNicholson, C AYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1953/03133
12023Dallimore, Norman EYacht, motor45 ft LOAYachting World1953/03129
8782MarchesaNicholson, C AYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1953/03133
13568Tyrell, John & SonsYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting World1938/0291
7428ArkturRasmussenYacht, ketch53 ft LOAYachting World1938/02112
743126-footerBurnard, C WMotor sailer26 ftYachting World1938/02129
11796Caledonia Yacht CoYacht, motorYachting World1938/0296
9851RitaWedell-Wedellsborg, ErnstYacht, sloop53 ft LOAYachting World1938/02167
11446ZeearendLentsch, G de VriesYacht, cutter55 ft LOAYachting World1938/02160
10086ScorpionJones, J FrancisYacht, sloop26 ft LOA - see also YM 1958/02 p 102Yachting World1953/05216
8628Little LadyWintering ham, C HYacht, schooner40 ft LOAYachting World1943/0254
741423-footerJames Taylor LtdMotor23 ftYachting World1937/12576
7407Mar-i-solRasmussenYacht, ketch43 ft LOAYachting World1937/12542
740839-footerStow, A EMotor sailer39 ftYachting World1937/12544
7411NonieJas. A SilverYacht, motor51 ftYachting World1937/12562
7409EvenlodeFife, WilliamYacht, sloop51 ft LOAYachting World1937/12550
7406BluebirdG L Watson & Co.Yacht, motor160 tonsYachting World1937/12533
7415CruiserButler, T HarrisonYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1937/12577
10095ScythKroes, G A & ZonenYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1953/09394
9096Mora Knowler, John AYacht, sloop36 ft LOA - see also page 448Yachting World1953/10437
13039Osborne, W LtdMotor36 ft LOAYachting World1953/10432
11861Clark, RobertYacht, sloop25 ft LOA - Orwell O D classYachting World1937/11420
1166CarinaRhodes, Philip LYacht, yawl46 ft LOAYachting World1953/10449
13250Robb, Arthur CYacht, yawl41 ft LOAYachting World1953/11476
9623PintailTough BrosMotor40 ft LOAYachting World1953/12542
12587Lord, G GDinghy, sailing12 ftYachting World1953/12542
7413Toledo forty-fourForton ShipyardYacht, motor44 ftYachting World1937/12574
13002NicholsonYacht, motor93 ft LOAYachting World1937/12498
7412Smart sloopDallimore, NormanYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1937/12570
507AlgueAlden, John GYacht, ketch58 ft LOAYachting World1953/05208
7427Royal Corinthian one-designSmith, H FYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1938/0172
7424Standard 65-footerCaledonia Yacht Co.Motor sailer65 ft LOAYachting World1938/0142
7423Cruising yawlW Crossfield & SonsYacht, yawl38 ft LOAYachting World1938/018
7422AliaO M Watts LtdYacht, ketch72 ft LOAYachting World1938/012
7426Lucretia IIIG de Vries LentschMotor sailer57 ftYachting World1938/0162
1132CandideMcBryde, W GYacht, ketch47 ft LOAYachting World1953/05217
9716PumaLord, G GYacht, sloop18 ft LOA - see also YM 1953/05 p 266Yachting World1953/05214
13179Quincey, Roger deMotor35 ft - rescue launchYachting World1953/06255
8346JuliaWarrington Smyth, RMotor28 ftYachting World1953/06255
8330JotBuchanan, AlanYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1953/06254
1210CavalierQuincey, Roger deYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1953/06259
12091Dunphy, B LYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1953/07311
7410Trawler linesMcBryde, W GMotor sailer76 ftYachting World1937/12552
11442Zane GreyMcBryde, W GMotor35 ft LOAYachting World1953/08339
7405Small thirtyMcGruer, EwingYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1937/11490
9353OberonBuchanan, AlanYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1955/07309
8669LoumarComfort, E LMotor42 ft - ex Navy pinnaceYachting World1936/11434
656AnahitaBertrand, M TYacht, cutter40 ft LOAYachting World1936/11488
9604PiccoloFife, WilliamYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1936/11450
7449ExcaliburGoode, PhilipYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1955/10442
11305Wigeon IIIMcBryde, W GYacht, motor56 ft LOAYachting World1936/11467
9039ModestyBain, JohnYacht, motor58 ft LOA - SilverYachting World1955/10441
9940Rummy IVTaylor, James LtdMotor38 ft LOAYachting World1955/11479
10368SoloHolt, JackDinghy, sailing12 ftYachting World1955/11466
7355Dutch cruiserVan KampenYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1936/10302
7359MingulayHart, NormanSchooner67 ft LOAYachting World1936/10374
11394XantheJones, J FrancisYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1955/11481
11857Clark, RobertYacht, cutter47 ft LOAYachting World1936/10326
10869ToledoMorris, John & CoYacht, motor33 ftYachting World1936/10320
7358DreamtooCooper, FredMotor35 ftYachting World1936/10373
7356ZeearendSparkman & StephensYacht, yawl55 ft LOAYachting World1936/10338
11304Wigeon IIMcBryde, W GYacht, motor60 ft LOAYachting World1936/11466
10035SaoirseYacht, ketch42 ft LOA - see also CB 2006/01 p 53Yachting World1936/11479
11303Wigeon IMiller, James N & SonsYacht, motorYachting World1936/11466
12754Meek, William McCYacht, sloop43 ft LOA - Royal Corinthian Y C 35 ft classYachting World1936/12576
12510Laurent GilesYacht, sloop23 ft LOA - 4 tonYachting World1955/07307
7361Our Boy typeJ W & A UphamYacht, ketch53 ft LOAYachting World1936/12565
9023Miss England IICooper, FredMotorYachting World1936/12515
9895Roland von BremenGruber, HenryYacht, yawl49 ft - see also CB 2005/01 p 34Yachting World1936/12498
10182Senior SwallowOsborne, W LtdYacht, motor31 ftYachting World1936/12584
12344Hillyard, DavidYacht, ketch35 ft LOA - also cutter rigYachting World1936/12578
8401KerylKingsley, CharlesYacht, cutter40 ft LOAYachting World1936/12572
13205RasmussenYacht50 sq m - also 100sq m and 150 sq m - German desiYachting World1936/12504
3229EdluStephens, OlinYacht, cutter56 ft LOAYachting World1936/12498
8436KirawanRhodes, PhilipYacht, cutter53 ft LOAYachting World1936/12499
1258Charles MacIverWatson, G L & Co LtdYacht, motor153 ft - fishery patrol vesselYachting World1936/12510
7360LanivetHarley MeadYacht, motor49 ftYachting World1936/12553
12113Falmouth Boat Construction CoFishing46 ft LOA - St IvesYachting World1955/08350
11480Abo BatvarfYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1936/11454
735422 square metreReimers, Knud HYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1936/10294
7357One-design racerBelknap & PaineYacht, sloopYachting World1936/10370
8446KnarrKristofersen, E LYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1956/06218
10056SatanitaSoper, J MYacht, cutter131 ft LOAYachting World1956/06199
13938YachtCape Cod catboatYachting World1936/08170
14888YachtCape Cod catboatYachting World1936/08170
7353KirawanRhodes, PhilYacht, cutter53 ft LOAYachting World1936/08162
1339Coch-y-bondhuPaul, RodneyYacht, cutter35 ft LWL GauntletYachting World1936/08190
7351Scottish cruiserMcBryde, W GYacht, motor40 ftYachting World1936/08138
7350LeejoA M Dickie & SonsYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1936/08137
9102Morning StarYacht, cutter35 ft LOA - modified Loch FyneYachting World1936/08202
13939Yacht, sloopFriendshipYachting World1936/08170
13937YachtMorcambe Bay Prawner - ModelYachting World1936/08186
13936YachtBahaman sharpshooterYachting World1936/08170
13935YachtPinky schoonerYachting World1936/08170
3193DumaTaylor, J & Bates LtdMotor26 ft LOAYachting World1936/08208
10669SyrinxPaul, RodneyYacht, cutter35 ft LWL GauntletYachting World1936/08190
7777Gert- JanVolker, ABotter26 ft LOAYachting World1956/06213
1477CorsaireGrimston, BrianMotor18 ftYachting World1956/05177
1167CarinaRhodes, Philip LYacht, yawl53 ft LOA - see also YM 1957/09 p 128, YW 1959/07Yachting World1956/05172
530AlisdairLentsch, G de VriesYacht, motor95 ft LOAYachting World1936/10403
1015BountyWarrington Smyth, RYacht, sloop31 ft - see also YW 1957/01 p 31, CB 2001/03 p 48Yachting World1955/11478
10419SpicaFox, UffaYacht, cutter50 ft LOAYachting World1936/10398
13152Powell, John EYacht, motor30 ft LOA - fishing typeYachting World1955/12525
9836RhimeaOsborne, William LtdYacht, motor81 ft LOA - see also YM 1955/12 p 317, YM 1956/05Yachting World1955/12518
11940Courtney, R C W Pilot34 ft - motor - North ForelandYachting World1936/09263
730Arlette IICamper & NicholsonYacht, motor117 ft LOAYachting World1936/09287
13128Penman, W G SYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting World1956/0133
8268Jeanne d'ArcBrowning, F A MYacht, ketch38 ft LOA - details of Wishbone RigYachting World1956/0126
7932GypsyHornby, Henry BMotor28 ftYachting World1936/09245
7653Flying JuniorEssen, U vanDinghy, sailing13 ftYachting World1956/04141
8892MazeClark, RobertYacht, yawl37 ft LOAYachting World1956/04137
12730McGruer, JamesYacht, sloop39 ft LOA - 8m classYachting World1956/04127
7352MaikoMcBryde, W GYacht, motor55 ftYachting World1936/08159
10205ShandauBain, JohnYacht, motor63 ft LOAYachting World1956/05173
11727Buchanan, AlanMotor35 ft LOAYachting World1956/07257
13949Yacht, sloop28 ft - Dragon classYachting World1937/05486
12540Laurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World1955/0124
8387KaySparkman & StephensYacht, yawl52 ft LOAYachting World1955/0122
11100VeronicaMylne, AlfredYacht, yawlex-12 mYachting World1937/03223
12592Luders Marine CoYacht, yawl40 ft LOAYachting World1955/0273
12699McBryde, W GYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1955/0269
1217CejoThornycroftMotor46 ft LOAYachting World1937/03236
14886Watts, O MYacht, ketch29 ft LOAYachting World1937/03225
13677Watts, O MYacht, ketch29 ft LOAYachting World1937/03225
13475Taylor, JamesYacht, motor65 ft LOAYachting World1937/03258
11832Chesford Yacht & Launch CoYacht, sloop20 ft LOA -also 24 ft versionYachting World1937/03210
1575DalriadaDickie, A MYacht, cutter40 ft LWLYachting World1937/03232
13422Stadt, E G van deYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting World1955/0268
7370MeridiesBain, JohnMotor sailer45 ftYachting World1937/03270
8744MakrojakBrett, PeterYacht, cutter42 ft LOAYachting World1937/03224
737235-tonnerBerthon Boat Co.Yacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World1937/03286
7377Malibar XIAlden, John GYacht, yawl44 ft LOAYachting World1937/04370
7373Fast cruiserGiles, LaurentYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1937/04334
7374Dutch-built cutterHart, NormanYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World1937/04348
13533Thornycroft, John IYacht, motor50 ft LOAYachting World1954/11491
452AdrenaFeltham, G A & SonsYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1954/11492
1159CareemaWarrington Smyth, R & Fox, UffaMotor37 ft LOAYachting World1954/11490
1538Cutty SarkLinton, HerculesClipper280 ft LOA - see also CB 1993/03 p 7, CB 2005/04 Yachting World1954/12520
8297Joanne of GarthBlain, JohnYacht, motor62 ft LOA - Silver - see also YM 1954/02 p 98Yachting World1954/12547
7381KestrelCharles H Fox & SonMotor22 ftYachting World1937/04403
7379Moonyeen 55-footerThorneycroftYacht, motor55 ftYachting World1937/04388
7378Odtaa IVBain, JohnMotor sailer48 ftYachting World1937/04382
7376JesterSilverYacht, motor68 ftYachting World1937/04362
7375Fast cruiserClark, RobertYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World1937/04356
13011Nicholson, C AYacht, sloop26 ft LOA - South Coast O D class - see also CBYachting World1954/12546
12509Laurent GilesCatamaran34 ft LOA - Mediterranean beachboatYachting World1954/12554
7380Deep-sea cruiserMcBryde, W GMotor sailer76 ftYachting World1937/04398
10015SandavoreFox, UffaYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World1954/12535
9588PhilouiseGraham, S NMotor44 ft ex -Navy PinnaceYachting World1937/04292
736815-ton ketchShepherd, FredYacht, ketch45 ft LOAYachting World1937/03187
8505Lady MilneHart, NormanYacht, schooner52 ft LOA - see also YM 1937/08 p 331, Bmn 1995/1Yachting World1937/03250
14015Lightship137 ft LOA - Trinity HouseYachting World1955/05211
9026Miss Manteo IIApelMotor18 ftYachting World1937/0119
12145Fox, UffaDinghy, sailing12 ft - National classYachting World1937/0146
12651McBryde, W GYacht, motor40 ftYachting World1937/0113
8739MaikoMcBryde, W GYacht, motor60 ftYachting World1937/0185
11858Clark, RobertYacht, sloop20 ft LOA - Orwell classYachting World1937/0152
736218-ton GauntletBerthon Boat Co.Yacht, sloop34 ft LWLYachting World1937/0122
13539Tod, W & JMotor25 ftYachting World1937/0120
12811Mornys, W F deMotor100 h pYachting World1937/0110
12953MowerYacht, schooner49 ft LOAYachting World1937/0114
7363Small cutterRobert Clark & SynnottYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1937/0162
7364American motor sailerHenry C Grebe & Co.Motor sailer78 ft LOAYachting World1937/0174
12168Freeman, RegDinghy, sailing15 ft - Benfleet Y C O D classYachting World1937/0190
8515Lahloo IILentsch, G de VriesYacht, motor86 ft LOAYachting World1955/06258
9113Mouse of MalhamIllingworth, John Yacht, yawl32 ft LOA - see also CB 1988/01 p 28Yachting World1955/06260
8965Mick the MillerHenderson, MichaelYacht, cutter21 ft LOAYachting World1955/05228
12169Freeman, RegYacht, sloop22 ft LOA C BYachting World1937/0142
73658-tonnerWatts, O MYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1937/0176
736910-ton cutterShepherd, FredYacht, cutter45 ft LOAYachting World1937/03187
8423King DuckIversenYacht, motor80 ft LOAYachting World1937/03254
737122-tonnerLuke, A RYacht, sloop53 ft LOAYachting World1937/03278
472AkabaCrane, ClintonYacht, sloop68 ft - 12 m classYachting World1937/03242
11449ZeezwaluwClark, RobertYacht, sloop45 ft LOA - see also Ymn 1954/12 p 86Yachting World1955/03135
12105Enderlein, OlleYacht, sloop37 ft LOA - 9 tonYachting World1955/04181
7469Fairey AtalantaFox, UffaYacht, sloop24 ft LOA - see also Ymn 1955/03 p 83Yachting World1955/04185
736740 ft racer-cruiserRichards, BrooksYacht, sloop51 ft LOAYachting World1937/02140
1070Brown OwlBain, JohnYacht, motor58 ft LOAYachting World1937/02166
13328Shepherd, FredYacht, ketch63 ft LOAYachting World1937/02155
13947Hydroplane13 ft - Scott engineYachting World1937/02177
11344WindstormRichards, BrooksYacht, cutter42 ft LOA - see also YM 1937/04 p517Yachting World1937/02110
7366PhilanteCamper & NicholsonYacht, motor263 ftYachting World1937/02128
12860Dutch ketchde Voogt, H WMotor sailer95 ftYachting World1939/05443
11859Clark, RobertYacht, cutter43 ft LOAYachting World1937/02178
3279Elseli IVPlym, GustavYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1955/06267
7421Cruising ketchWoodnutt & Co.Yacht, ketch55 ft LOAYachting World1938/06582
13738Wood, L HMotor18 ft LOAYachting World1951/11541
9228Neptune of ColchesterFishing36 ft LOA - Colchester smackYachting World1938/05472
8029HerlingHazel, R JYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1951/11549
14720Harriet BlancheFishing37 ft LOA - Colchester smack - see also CB 1987/Yachting World1938/05472
10090Scotty Ann IIIWarrington Smyth, RYacht, ketch30 ft LOAYachting World1952/0270
10341SnipeOsborne, William LtdMotor20 ft LOAYachting World1952/0271
10426Spitfire IIIBurnard, C WYacht, motor100 ft LOAYachting World1938/07116
14734MemetteSaundersMotor45 ft LOAYachting World1938/07108
7911GrianWatson, G L & Co LtdMotor33 ft LOAYachting World1952/05221
12840YW prize winnerParker, Frederick RMotor24 ftYachting World1938/05452
12837Maid MarionNicholsonYacht, motor174 ftYachting World1938/05424
12346Hillyard, DavidYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1938/05478
9315NorlandaCamper & NicholsonYacht, yawl174 tons - ex- CandidaYachting World1938/06549
14737Neptune of ColchesterFishing36 ft LOA - Colchester smackYachting World1938/05472
1448Coralline IIPape, A MYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1952/0132
10345Snow BirdPenman, W G SYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting World1952/0272
7984Harriet BlancheFishing37 ft LOA - Colchester smack - see also CB 1987/Yachting World1938/05472
12839Cruising cutterRichards, BrooksYacht, cutter50 ft LOAYachting World1938/05446
10707TaneraClark, RobertYacht, cutter40 ft LOAYachting World1938/072
12836ShemaraStanley, E GeraldYacht, motor212 ftYachting World1938/05418
12838Fast cruiserFreeman & WattsYacht, sloop31 ftYachting World1938/05430
9454OspreyProctor, IanDinghy, sailing17 ft - see also YW 1955/12 p 535Yachting World1952/05233
7650Flying FiftyFox, UffaYacht, yawl70 ft LOAYachting World1952/09398
12856Express cruiserCooper, FredMotor35 ftYachting World1938/12606
12851Lone GullFox, UffaYacht, sloop28 ftYachting World1938/09330
9865RivermanA R C MarineMotor25 ft Yachting World1952/10441
12843JeanryMeekSchooner103 ftYachting World1938/09278
12848Day cruiserShepherd, FredMotor38 ftYachting World1938/09300
7618FishermanSouthern Yacht ServicesMotor24 ftYachting World1952/10441
12850DeganwyGraham & WoolnoughMotor34 ftYachting World1938/09313
9303NordereyWatson, G L & Co LtdYacht, ketch40 ft LOAYachting World1952/10447
12830VentureRoueSchooner142 ftYachting World1938/04344
13527ThornycroftMotor27 ftYachting World1952/10441
9545PelicanMcBryde, W GYacht, motor28 ft LOAYachting World1952/04181
12117Farrar, AustinCanoe, sailing17 ftYachting World1952/04191
9008Miranda IVLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, cutter52 ft LOAYachting World1952/05220
7758Gazelle Knowler, J AYacht, cutter32 ft LOAYachting World1951/11545
10879TonquinAstor, Grimston LtdYacht, motor60 ft LOAYachting World1952/09404
13954Yacht, sloop22 ft LOA - International Star classYachting World1938/05468
11000TyphoonEames, Michael CDinghy, sailing20 ft Yachting World1952/05234
12844San Toy,Opera classWinchesterDinghy, sailing16 ft LOAYachting World1938/09285
12847BlitzenSparkman & StephensYacht, sloop56 ft LOAYachting World1938/09296
12842SantanaSparkman & StephensSchooner55 ftYachting World1938/09276
12621Mathew, W RMotor22 ft LOAYachting World1938/05462
12846WalronaHagg, A EMotor47 ftYachting World1938/09288
9417OmegaButler, T HarrisonYacht, cutter26 ft LOA - see also Bmn 1995/09 p 22Yachting World1938/10360
13067Parker, F & PartnersMotor20 ftYachting World1952/07308
10658Swift SeniorOsbourneMotor26 ft Yachting World1938/10379
8576LenolaBain, JohnYacht, motor68 ft LOAYachting World1938/0712
8771MangarevaDallimore, Norman EYacht, cutter40 ft LOAYachting World1952/07309
484AlbannWatson, G L & CoYacht, ketch40 ft LOA - see also YM 1951/07 p 37Yachting World1951/12594
3285ElsmoirRobertson, Alex & Sons LtdYacht, motor37 ft LOAYachting World1951/12601
9875RobeleaHobbs, W LYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World1951/12597
7648Flying DutchmanEssen, U vanDinghy, sailing19 ft LOAYachting World1952/0126
8166InsumaVoogt, H W deYacht, motor117 ft LOAYachting World1938/11454
8303John DoryClark, RobertYacht, cutter45 ft LOAYachting World1938/0799
8917MemetteSaundersMotor45 ft LOAYachting World1938/07108
854BarunaSparkman & StephensYacht, yawl72 ft LOA - see also YM 1938/08 p 328Yachting World1938/0787
10495Sterte IVParker, Fred RYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World1952/06267
12610Maid Line CruisersMotor27 ftYachting World1952/06272
14753Spitfire IIIBurnard, C WYacht, motor100 ft LOAYachting World1938/07116
1158Cardigrae IVOsborne, William & CoYacht, motor70 ft LOAYachting World1951/10476
10054SatanellaYacht, motor70 ft LOA - ex ArielYachting World1938/10358
9991Sally JaneFowler, ArnottMotor18 ftYachting World1952/06272
1135CanoresPape, A MYacht, motor40 ft LOAYachting World1952/06269
1212CayenneClark, RobertYacht,cutter43 ft LOAYachting World1938/0792
534AllureLuke, A RYacht, cutter54 ft LOA - see also YM 1942/08 p 236Yachting World1938/0740
8679LutineLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, yawl58 ft LOA - see also Ymn 1951/12 p 228, Mbt 1951/Yachting World1952/0116
8602LilidaThornycroftYacht, motor53 ft LOA - see also YM 1938/07 p244Yachting World1938/06561
12569Lentsch, G de VriesYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1938/06552
12272Halvorsen, LarsYacht, motor56 ft Yachting World1938/06556
7441Eve of ArunOsborne, William LtdYacht, motor56 ft LOAYachting World1952/08350
11807Camper & NicholsonYacht, ketch92 ft LOAYachting World1952/04176
1332CloverLukesYacht, cutter59 ft LOAYachting World1938/11444
11725Buchanan, AlanYacht, sloop22 ft LOA - Rebel classYachting World1952/0123
10189SericaClark, RobertYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1938/0798
12159Freeman, R & WattsYacht, sloop23 ft LOA C BYachting World1938/0754
3120Dorade IIYacht, motor120 ft - ex trawler CootYachting World1938/11438
7418Scotiade Voogt, H WYacht, motor48 ftYachting World1938/06526
7416ErivaleClark, RobertYacht, sloop55 ft LOAYachting World1938/06515
7417Amateur-built cruiserBrown, A E RDinghy, sailing18 ftYachting World1938/06516
10775ThaisSteele, V WYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1952/0136
11841Chris-CraftMotor29 ftYachting World1938/11443
13130Percival, H TDinghy, sailing16 ftYachting World1938/0745
8835Mary FortuneHalliday, HigleyYacht, ketch35 ft LOA - see also YW 1934/11 362, Mbt 1946/04 Yachting World1938/06540
9501PandaMylne, AlfredYacht, schooner116 ft LOA - see also YM 1941/07 p 190Yachting World1938/07106
7420Kirawan IIRhodes, P LYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World1938/06566
1518CrusaderCane, Peter duHydroplane31 ft LOAYachting World1952/08356
11495Alden, John GYacht, sloop29 ft - Bird classYachting World1938/11452
13215Reimers, KnudMotor25 ft LOA - Orwell O D classYachting World1938/0757
7419BluebirdWatson, G LYacht, motorYachting World1938/06564
11197Wanderer IIILaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, cutter30 ft LOA - see also YW 1957/03 p127, YM 1952/03 Yachting World1951/10495
10521SujanwizVines, AlanYacht, sloop22 ft - modified International 14Yachting World1952/12528
10646Swedish ExpressReimers, KnudMotor50 ft LOAYachting World1938/08134
8796Marian EleanorWatts, J MurrayBrigantine88 ft LODYachting World1938/08194
13144Pollock, D WMotor13 ft - sponsored by Y WYachting World1953/015
12619Mason, AYacht, sloop30 ft LOA C BYachting World1953/0120
11463ZoomCamper & NicholsonYacht, sloop43 ft LOA - see also YW 1953 /02,/03,/04Yachting World1953/0121
743618-footerFox, UffaDinghy, sailing18 ftYachting World1938/03208
12814Small class shipMorgan GilesYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1938/03230
13610Wainman, GeorgeYacht, motor45 ft LOAYachting World1938/08133
11873Clark, RobertYacht, cutter32 ft LOAYachting World1952/12541
12991Mylne, AlfredYacht, sloop18 ft LOA - Royal Mersey O D classYachting World1938/08158
12818NocturnePhilip & SonYacht, ketch61 ft LOAYachting World1938/03254
363AceFox, UffaDinghy, sailing18 ft LOAYachting World1938/08192
10103Sea DragonBuchanan, AlanYacht, cutter42 ft LOAYachting World1952/12537
12833Off shore racerClark, RobertYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World1938/04368
12834MandragonJohn Morris & Co.Motor33 ftYachting World1938/04374
10272Silver LiningClark, RobertYacht, yawl41 ft LOAYachting World1951/10499
8540Lass o'LussClark, RobertYacht, cutter41 ft LOAYachting World1952/03139
10364Solent 25County Passenger Launch Co LtdMotor25 ft LOAYachting World1951/10481
1281990-tonnerG L Watson & Co.Yacht, motor80 ftYachting World1938/03260
1281245 ft cruiserRampart Boat-buiding WorksYacht, motor45 ftYachting World1938/03214
1281618-ton gauntletBerthon Boat Co. LtdYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1938/03245
7437Blue SeaSharp, A L WYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting World1938/03211
7465Fair RoverBrett, PeterYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1952/03140
7820GiselleKnowler, J AYacht, sloop19 ft LOAYachting World1953/0125
9703PrunellaThornycroftYacht, motor53 ft LOAYachting World1938/08162
8232Jack SnipeHobbs, W LMotor31 ft LOAYachting World1952/03135
9647Polar Star IIDobie, J DMotor22 ftYachting World1938/08152
12841Gareloch ODMcGruer & Co.Yacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting World1938/05456
9814RejoiceHobbs, W LYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1951/09445
11932Cornubia Yacht YardMotor22 ft LOAYachting World1951/10481
743512 sq. m sharpieKing & SonDinghy, sailing20 ftYachting World1938/03190
12813Cruising sloopFreeman & WattsYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World1938/03220
12817Harro IVRasmussen, HenryYacht, yawl63 ft LOAYachting World1938/03246
12820RagnaReimer, KnudYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1938/03262
10804Thelma IVBain, JohnYacht, motor72 ft LOAYachting World1952/03111
12822Ocean racerClark, RobertYacht, sloop55 ft LOAYachting World1938/03268
12815PatellaBrown, A E RYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting World1938/03234
12823William and LauraSpikins, F R GYacht, ketchLifeboat conversionYachting World1938/03272
1251ChanceSparkman & StephensYacht, yawl38 ft LOAYachting World1953/0265
8598Light CrestFrers, GermanYacht, sloop24 ft LOA - see also YW 1955/04 p 172 - sponsoYachting World1953/0267
12828West Solent Restricted ODCBerthon Boat Co. Ltd.Yacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1938/04326
12835East coast knockaboutAldousDinghy, sailing20 ftYachting World1938/04380
13241Robb, Arthur CYacht, motor21 ft - 4 tonner Y W designYachting World1938/04392
12825Week-enderSparkman & StephensYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World1938/04299
12158Freeman, RYacht, sloopYachting World1938/04409
12125Fife, W & SonsYacht, cutter52 ft LOAYachting World1938/12542
12854East coast cruiserDalgarno, A LMotor sailer48 ftYachting World1938/12613
11587Bergius Co LtdYacht, motor48 ft LOA - M F V typeYachting World1938/12548
12829Fishing Boat cruisersWeatherheadMotor sailer42 ftYachting World1938/04329
12827Ocean racerGiles, LaurentYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World1938/04322
12855EthalionClark, RobertYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1938/12604
14744Polar Star IIDobie, J DMotor22 ftYachting World1938/08152
13045Osborne, William LtdYacht, sloop25 ft LOA Yachting World1938/08151
1282631-footerChris CraftMotor31 ftYachting World1938/04307
12376Holt, JackCanoe, sailing17 ftYachting World1952/04190
627AlusiaRampartMotor45 ft LOAYachting World1938/08177
1283225-ft cruiserJ Gibson Johnston LtdMotor25 ftYachting World1938/04365
12824CaryandaG de Vries LentschYacht, motor70 ftYachting World1938/04298
12849Family cruiserMiller & SonsYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting World1938/09306
12852LeprechaunHart, NormanYacht, motor106 tonsYachting World1938/12601
12853Day cruiserBlake, W MYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1938/12612
8597Liberty BelleMcBryde, W GYacht, yawl35 ft LOAYachting World1952/11493
10815Thomas GuyOgilvie, HeneageYacht, sloop32 ft LOA - 12 sqm SharpieYachting World1952/11491
12831AdriaAbeking & RasmussenSchooner70 ftYachting World1938/04356
8082HornetHolt, JackDinghy, sailing16 ft - sponsored by YWYachting World1951/10485
1284516-ton cutterClark, RobertYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1938/09287
1687Discovery 55Holland, RonYacht, sloop54 ft LOAYachting World2001/12111
3843Lionessa, Swan 66German FrersYacht, sloop66 ft LOAYachting World2008/1258
7769Georgia Johnson, GladeYacht, cutter159 ft LOAYachting World2000/08127
3897SizzlerCastro, TonyYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World2009/0256
8069Honey Pot IIFrers, GermanYacht, sloop47 ft LOA - Swan 46 classYachting World2004/0566
7592FireflyPaine, ChuckYacht, sloop60 ft LOA approx.Yachting World2000/08102
8128I M X 40Jeppesen, NielsYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World2000/07113
8486Labrador 44Birch, Mike & Desgagnes, RejeanYacht, cutter44 ft LOAYachting World2004/0550
7886Grand Soleil 56Botin & CarkeekYacht, sloop55 ft LOAYachting World2003/11105
10241Shipman 50J & J DesignsYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World2003/12103
8227J J 84Mortain & MavrikiosYacht, cutter84 ft LOAYachting World2003/11114
1621Dehler 34 Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World2004/0565
14696Baltic 66Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop56 ft LOAYachting World2003/10100
4820AtlanticPeterson,DougSchooner227 ft LOAYachting World2008/0386
8206Island Packet 485Johnson, BobYacht, cutter51 ft LOAYachting World2003/10107
9686ProactiveZabukovec, RobertCatamaran49 ft LOAYachting World2001/1286
10558Sun Odyssey 54 DSYacht, sloop54 ft LOAYachting World2003/11105
904Beneteau 57Farr, BruceYacht, sloop57 ft LOAYachting World2003/11105
8452KOD 33Kouyoumdjian, JuanYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World2004/05112
10356SojanaFarr Yacht DesignYacht114 ft LOAYachting World2004/0587
2338Brenta B30Brenta, LucaYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World2007/0757
11646Brandse, JYacht, schooner50 ft LOAYachting World2001/1287
826Baltic 66Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop56 ft LOAYachting World2003/10100
8172InvaderChesebrough, Albert StantonYacht, schooner162 ft LOA - see also CB 2004/05 p 15 - built 19Yachting World2004/05127
7883Grand Soleil 40Paperini, Massimo & Duck DesignYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World2002/0399
9463Owen Clarke 65Clarke, Owen Yacht, DesignYacht, cutter64 ft LOAYachting World2004/0563
3844Bordeaux 60Briand, PhillipeYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World2008/1264
3845Banque Populaire VPeteghem & PrevostTrimaran131 ftYachting World2008/1280
1432Contest 50Nissen, GeorgeYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World2003/10109
1449Corals LieWall, RaymondYacht, cutter49 ft LOAYachting World2001/1285
4821Arcona 460Quiberg, StefanYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World2008/0556
14723Hylas 54Frers, GermanYacht, sloop54 ft LOAYachting World2002/02119
8304John GilpinHerreshoff, NattCatamaran31 ft LOAYachting World2002/0466
2343ICAP LeopardFarrYacht, sloop100 ft LOAYachting World2007/0854
684Antartic ExplorerBouvet, Luc & Petit, OlivierYacht, ketch120 ft LOAYachting World2000/0569
2344Sweden Yachts 54Norlin, PeterYacht, sloop55 ft LOAYachting World2007/0860
8222J 109Johnstone, RodYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World2002/04107
11310Wild HoneyGreenwood, SimonYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting World2003/0696
8388Kay Cottee 56Jutson Yacht DesignYacht, cutter56 ft LOAYachting World2004/03101
3649X-34Jeppesen, Neils & X-YachtsYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World2008/0459
903Beneteau 36.7Farr InternationalYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World2002/04107
10093SCUDHerreshoff, NattYacht, cutter48 ft LOA - BH 31 classYachting World2002/0462
3851Finngulf 43FarrYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World2009/0162
3852Arcona 430Qviberg, StefanYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World2009/0168
3856Wally NanoHoek, AndreDinghy, sailingYachting World2009/0180
3857Shipman 80J&J DesignYacht, sloop23.98 m LOAYachting World2009/0182
3854Tofinou 8.0Bomerang, Joubert NiveltDinghy, sailing8.0 m LOAYachting World2009/0176
11181Wally 88Frers, GermanYacht, sloop88 ft LOAYachting World2002/02136
8124Hylas 54Frers, GermanYacht, sloop54 ft LOAYachting World2002/02119
3855Enigma 34Mills, MarkDinghy, sailingYachting World2009/0178
10539Sun Fast 35Lombard, Marc & JeanneauYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World2004/04119
11290WhisperHood, Ted & Fontaine Design GroupYacht, cutter116 ft LOAYachting World2004/02138
10863Titan 1020Stadt, Kees van deYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World2004/04103
1693DK 46Mills, MarkYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World2004/02120
4823EileanFife, Robert BaldertonYacht, sloop84 ft LOA 1937 restorationYachting World2008/0576
10633Swan 45Frers, GermanYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2002/01130
9429One 35Frers, GermanYacht, sloop135 ft LOAYachting World2002/03104
3853Rustler 24Boyd, DavidDinghy, sailing24 ft LOAYachting World2009/0174
8692M 49Pugh, Reichel Yacht DesignYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World2004/01117
11179Wally 60Wally YachtsYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World2004/01128
898Beluga 46Stadt, Kees van deYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World2004/04102
8129I R MMills, MikeYacht, sloopRORC classYachting World2000/0781
4822Brenta B60Brenta, LucaYacht, sloop61 ft LOAYachting World2008/0562
10754TempestSparkman & StephensYacht, ketch80 ft LOAYachting World2000/06129
4824Jeanneau Sun Fast 3200Andrieu, DanielYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World2008/05124
3648Deliverance Six, Dehler 34RSSimonis Voogd DesignYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World2008/0454
3650EndeavourNicholson, Charles E & Gerard DykstraYacht, sloop138 ft LOA J Class restoration 1937Yachting World2008/0474
11142Vismara 50Vismara Design StudioYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World2004/02110
9367Ocean Star 51.2Ocean YachtsYacht, sloop51 ft LOA - see also YW 2005/05 p 55Yachting World2004/02112
9435Open 40Groupe FinotYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World2004/02120
13687Well, VanYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting World2004/04104
447AdelaDijkstra, GerryYacht, schooner140 ft LOAYachting World2000/06134
11255Westerly Ocean 37Dubois, EdYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World2000/06117
14717Grand Soleil 40Paperini, Massimo & Duck DesignYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World2002/0399
13415Sparkman & StephensYacht, yawl57 ft LOAYachting World2001/02113
9580Pheonix 77Humphreys, Rob & Freivokh, KenYacht, cutter77 ft LOAYachting World2001/08167
2085Elan 514Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop53 ft LOAYachting World2007/1073
2084Elan 410Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World2007/1070
874Bavaria 49J & J DesignsYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World2003/04115
14756Sunbeam 44J & J DesignsYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World2002/12112
719ArgyllSparkman & StephensYacht, yawl57 ft LOAYachting World2003/04102
7884Grand Soleil 44 Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World2002/12108
3646Roulette v2,Oyster 655Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop68 ft LOAYachting World2008/0168
3647MD35Mills, MarkYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World2008/0179
8590LiaraDixon Yacht DesignYacht, sloop65 ft LOA - Dixon 65 classYachting World2003/0383
8158IndependenceDixon, BillYacht, cutter63 ft LOA - Moody 64 classYachting World2003/0381
3783Xc 45Jeppesen, NielsYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World2008/0962
3787Oystercatcher XXVIHumphreys, TomYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World2008/09142
10540Sun Fast 37Faroux, JacquesYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World2001/08175
1294ChristoffelDijkstra, Gerald & PartnersYacht, cutter106 ft LOAYachting World2001/09136
11467ZwerverSparkman & StephensYacht, sloop56 ft LOAYachting World2001/02113
9808Reesle IIHoek, AndreYacht, schooner195 ft LOAYachting World2001/09141
449AdeleHoek, AndreYacht, ketch179 ft LOA - see also YW 2005/09 p 100Yachting World2001/09140
1688Distancia 60Becker, ReinhardYacht, cutter60 ft LOA Yachting World2002/11104
3860P2Briand Yacht DesignYacht, sloop38 m LOAYachting World2008/1018
3183Dufour 34Felci, Umberto & Roseo, PatrickYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World2003/06107
3652Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 50DSBriand & GarroniYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World2008/0760
10566Sunbeam 44J & J DesignsYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World2002/12112
934Bipolar DisorderWall, PeterCatamaran49 ft LOAYachting World2001/1287
7512Farr 395Farr, BruceYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World2001/03113
709Arcona 400Qviberg, StefanYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World2003/01128
3179Dufour 30 Felci, Umberto & Roseo, PatrickYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World2003/01129
7875GraciaX Yachts A/SYacht, cutter60 ft LOA - X 612 Mk II classYachting World2003/0387
3283ElsieSteele, JohnYacht, ketch57 ft LOA C BYachting World2003/0290
2451Tayana 58Pieter, BeeldsnijderYacht, sloop55 ft LOAYachting World2007/1257
1202Catana 522Barreau, ChristopheCatamaran51 ft LOAYachting World2003/02123
2450Passport Vista 515Robert H Perry Yacht DesignYacht, sloop52 ft LOAYachting World2007/1252
3777Swan 90FrersYacht, sloop90 ft LOAYachting World2008/0890
3773Polly AgathaCockwell, DavePilot Cutter45 ft LOAYachting World2008/0850
3776Elan 450Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2008/0863
8398Ker 11.3mKer, JasonYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2001/0696
506Alfa RomeoPugh, Reichel Yacht DesignYacht, sloop90 ft LOAYachting World2003/02134
3775Beneteau First 45Briand, PhilippeYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World2008/0858
13431Stimson, ChristianYacht, sloop41 ft LOA - IR 2000 classYachting World2001/05100
8223J 145Johnstone, RodYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World2001/05109
1400ConstanterFrers, GermanYacht, sloop62 ft LOA - Swann 62 RS classYachting World2003/0379
8996Mirabella VHolland, RonYacht246 ft LOAYachting World2003/01144
7513Farr 40Farr, BruceYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World2001/04 121
759Athena Huisman, WolterYacht, schooner292 ft LOAYachting World2001/04126
1009Borkumriff IVDijkstra, GerryYacht, schooner164 ft LOAYachting World2001/04127
3784Southerly 32Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World2008/0970
3786P2, Perini 38mBriand, PhilippeYacht, sloop125 ft LOAYachting World2008/09105
9469Oyster 100Humphreys, RobYacht, cutter101 ft LOAYachting World2003/03123
9099Morning CalmHolland, RonYacht, cutter65 ft LOA - Trintella 65 classYachting World2003/0385
11311Wild HorsesWhite, JoelYacht, cutter76 ft LOA - W classYachting World2001/07122
10424Spirit 150Spirit Yachts LtdYacht, cutter150 ft LOAYachting World2003/03119
1431Contest 44csNissen, GeorgeYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World2001/07100
3774Tourer 1650Elliot, GregYacht, sloop54 ft LOAYachting World2008/0856
9175Najad 460Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2000/10119
3828Nazgul, Spirit 76Mcmillan/NewmanYacht, sloop76 ft LOAYachting World2008/1152
2346Najad 570Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop57 ft LOAYachting World2007/0968
2345Najad 355Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World2007/0964
7558Figaro 2Lombard, MarcYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World2003/08102
10296SirenaFrers, GermanYacht, sloop80 ft LOAYachting World2001/11135
11367Wizard 1550Elliott, GregYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World2003/08110
11392X 73Jeppesen, NielsYacht, sloop73 ft LOAYachting World2001/11123
455Adventure-ShipMudie, ColinJunk131 ft LOA - T SYachting World2001/1130
2594Broadblue 415Davidsen, StuartCaramaran42 ft LOAYachting World2008/0264
9868Ro 220Toledo, InigoYacht, sloopYachting World2001/10140
12100Elliott, GregYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World2001/10137
10757TenaciousCastro, Tony LtdBarque65 m - Jubilee Sailing TrustYachting World2000/1171
1231Centurion 45Berret & RacopeauYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2003/09117
3188Dufour 44Felci, Umberto & Roseo, PatrickYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World2003/09116
11753Burnett, EdYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World2000/10112
804B T Challenge 72Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop72 ft LOAYachting World2000/1082
2348Perini 38MPeriniYacht, sloop125 ft LOA SuperyachtYachting World2007/09102
3651Apple Crumble, Moody 45Dixon Yacht DesignYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2008/0662
2347InboxPerry, Robert HYacht, sloop39 ft LOA Far Harbour 39Yachting World2007/0971
9656Poncin 44J & J DesignsYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World2003/09116
11386X 143Jeppesen, NielsYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World2003/09117
8691M - ClassWatson, G L & Co LtdYacht, cutter24 m LOAYachting World2003/09132
7714FreyaDixon Yacht DesignYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World2003/09108
2593Catana 50Barreau, ChristopheCatamaran53 ft LOAYachting World2008/0260
3785Salute, Perini 56mHolland & Perini NaviYacht, sloop184 ft LOAYachting World2008/09102
11366Wizard 1250Elliott, GregYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World2003/08110
9430One 40Lonngren, GuyYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World2000/12113
3250EleonoraHerreshoff, NattYacht, schooner - near replica of Westward - see also CB 2003/0Yachting World2001/01 140
9816Reliance Herreshoff, NattYacht, cutter200 ft LOA - America Cup classYachting World2001/01138
3859SaluteHolland, RonYacht, sloop56 m LOAYachting World2008/1012
8103Hunter Mystery 35Jones, StephenYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World2003/07104
8924Mercuri 45Jones, StephenYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2003/0792
7784Gib Sea 41J & J DesignsYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World2002/10134
13556Tripp, BillYacht, ketch76 ft LOAYachting World2002/10159
790Aventura Fontaine, TedYacht, motor115 ft LOAYachting World2003/06123
9368Ocean Star 56.1Tsiamas, IannisYacht, cutter54 ft LOAYachting World2003/06103
7715FreyaDixon, Bill DesignYacht, sloopYachting World2003/0696
1324Clipper 68 Dubois, EdYacht, cutter68 ft LOAYachting World2002/1124
12069Dijksktra, GerardYacht, schooner152 ft LOAYachting World2001/01143
997BolsKay, GordonYacht, sloop93 ft LOAYachting World2003/07120
10461Standfast 64Maas, FransYacht, cutter64 ft LOAYachting World2003/0893
9544PelagicCastro, TonyYacht, cutter74 ft LOAYachting World2000/1267
11184Walstead 46Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World2001/10136
10665SYLFrers, GermanYacht, cutter143 ft LOAYachting World2003/08122
3863SpeedboatKouyoumdjian, JuanYacht, sloop30 m LOAYachting World2008/1032
3861Wally NanoHoek Design & WallyYacht, sloop11.3 m LOAYachting World2008/1024
9436Open 60Owen, Merfyn & Clarke, AllenYacht, sloop65 ft LOAYachting World2002/10131
3810Wauquiez 55 PSBerret & Racoupeau Yacht DesignYacht, sloop58 ft LOAYachting World2008/1066
3809Solaris One48Tripp, BillYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World2008/1060
3862SaudadeTripp DesignYacht, sloop45.2 m LOAYachting World2008/1028
7572Finngulf 41Strahlmann Yacht DesignYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World2002/10138
3858BristolianBriand, PhilippeYacht, sloop36.7 m LOAYachting World2008/106
13414Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop52 ft LOAYachting World2001/02113
2339Brenta B38Brenta, LucaYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World2007/0754
11388X 37Jeppersen, NielsYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World2005/0483
1887Westerly GK35Dubois, EdYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World2006/0372
11389X 40Jeppersen, NielsYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World2005/0483
1451Corby 29Corby, JohnYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting World2005/0475
1862J/122Yacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World2007/0452
1863DragonflyQuorningYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World2007/0457
1888Parsifal IIIHolland/NaviYacht, ketch177 ft LOAYachting World2006/0389
1864Pink GinJudel & VrolijkYacht, sloop152 ft LOAYachting World2007/0494
7514Farr 525Farr Yacht DesignYacht, sloop52 ft LOA Yachting World2005/0365
1885Southerly 46RSKer, JasonYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World2006/0350
1839Elan 340Humphries, RobYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World2007/0253
1886Shipman 63J&J DesignYacht, sloop63 ft LOAYachting World2006/0366
1836Bowman 48CCPaine, ChuckYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World1999/01130
4800HyperionFrers, GermanYacht, sloop156 ft LOAYachting World1998/0576
4801Moody 46Dixon, BillYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World1998/05108
8581Leopard 2000Slade, MikeYacht, sloop90 ft LOAYachting World2000/07105
1841Grand Soleil 40Botin & CarkeekYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World2007/0255
1838Dufour 325DufourYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting World2007/0252
1837Sydney 40Murray Burns & DoveyYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1999/01141
1835North Island 53Elliot, GregYacht, sloop53 ft LOAYachting World1999/01127
9075Moody 49Dixon, BillYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World2005/0650
1834Red MaxSimonis, AlexYacht, sloop63 ft LOAYachting World1999/01124
1833TiketitanFrers, GermanYacht, sloop89 ft LOAYachting World1999/0190
1861EsenseWallyYacht, sloop143 ft LOAYachting World2007/0260
8824Marten 49Pugh, Reichel Yacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World2005/0365
10969Truly Classic 78Hoek, AndreYacht, cutter65 ft LOAYachting World2005/03116
4029Carkeek, BotinGrand Soleil 46Yacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World2009/0642
4797KotickElliot, GregYacht, sloop51 ft LOAYachting World1998/0478
1876Comet 51SVallicelli, StudioYacht, sloop51 ft LOAYachting World2005/0169
1879Clipper 68Dubois, EdYacht, sloop68 ft LOAYachting World2005/0194
1840Salona 37Yacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World2007/0254
1860Sun OdysseyLombard, MarcYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World2007/0257
1901Dufour 525 Grand'LargeFelci & Roseo & DufourYacht, sloop50 ft LOAYachting World2007/0165
4140X-65Jeppesen, NielsYacht, sloop66 ft LOAYachting World2009/1142
1892EtchellsEtshells, SkipDinghy, sailing30 ft LOA 1965Yachting World2006/0670
1880Oyster 82Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop82 ft LOAYachting World2005/01110
4030Baltic 45Pugh, ReichelYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2009/0643
4028Pilot ClassicHoek, AndreYacht, sloop85 ft LOAYachting World2009/0640
710Arcona 460Qviberg, StefanYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World2005/0262
11180Wally 80Farr, BruceYacht, sloop78 ft LOAYachting World2005/02112
7926Gunboat 62Morelli & MelvinCatamaran62 ft LOAYachting World2005/0272
4032Green Cruiser 50Tagliapietra & Pozzo & De LuccaYacht, sloop50 ftYachting World2009/0652
11332WindflowerWolstenholme, AYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World2005/0256
1877Grand SoleilVrolijk, JudelYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World2005/0171
1878Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 49Briand, PhilippeYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World2005/0173
4798Premier DiscoveryDixon, BillYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World1998/04112
4799Oyster 56Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop57 ft LOAYachting World1998/04122
4796Mari-Cha IIIBriand, PhilippeYacht, ketch147 ft LOAYachting World1998/0466
1891DragonAnker, JohanDinghy, sailing29 ft LOA 1929Yachting World2006/0668
10353Sodergren 40Sodergren, HakanYacht, sloop40 ft LOA - Swedish designYachting World2005/0475
481018.3 m sloopButler, JohnYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World1998/08120
7980Harmony 42Poncin YachtsYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World2005/0757
211Wauquiez 47PSBerret & RacoupeauYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World2005/1261
210ETAP 46DSVon Ahlen Yacht DesignYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting World2005/1258
4814Sydney 40Murray, Burns & DovellYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1998/10146
4815Jeanneau, Sun Odyssey 42.2Dumas, Guy RibadeauYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World1998/10150
4812CNB64Farr, BruceYacht, aerorig64 ftYachting World1998/08130
4806Swan 56Frers, GermanYacht, sloop56 ft LOAYachting World1998/07130
4805BT ChallengeHumphreys, RobYacht, sloop72 ft LOAYachting World1998/0788
8289JFA 82Barracuda Yacht DesignYacht, sloop82 ftYachting World2005/0646
4807Swan 57RSFrers, GermanYacht, sloop59 ft LOAYachting World1998/07132
905Beneteau Cyclades 43Yacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World2005/0754
4070Bavaria 55 CruiserFarr Yacht DesignYacht, sloop55 ft LOAYachting World2009/0858
285Dehler 44Simonis & VoogdYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2007/0358
4811Contest 48CSZaal & NissenYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting World1998/08124
4808Group 4, Open 60Finot & ConqYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World1998/0862
4809Farr 65Farr, BruceYacht, sloop65 ft LOAYachting World1998/08118
351455 Grand LargeFelci, Umberto & Roseo, PatrickYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2005/0975
8226J 65Johnstone, Rodney SYacht, sloop65 ft LOAYachting World2005/0968
334365 Grand LargeFelci, Umberto & Roseo, PatrickYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World2005/0974
1881Gypsy Moth IVIllingworth & PrimroseYacht, ketch54 ft LOA Francis ChichesterYachting World2005/1068
4139LibertyPerini Navi spaYacht, ketch172 ft LOAYachting World1998/09116
4813YW H42Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World1998/0964
4097Rustler 44Jones, StephenYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World2009/0976
10557Sun Odyssey 49Briand, PhilippeYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World2005/0653
10593SupercruiserBotin, Marcelino & Carkeek, SuanYacht, sloop90 ft LOAYachting World2005/0643
1883Hanse 370/400/461Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop38/40/47 ft LOAYachting World2006/0176
1884Oyster 46/72Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop47/75 ft LOAYachting World2006/0252
1859Beneteau Oceanis ClipperBerret & RacoupeauYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World2007/0256
4817WallyBrenta, LucaYacht, sloop107 ft LOAYachting World1998/1252
4818Najad 490Judel, Vrojlijk, SegerlindYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World1998/12106
4819Elan 333Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting World1998/12114
4068Kestrel 106Holland, RonYacht, ketch76 ft LOAYachting World2009/0736
7322Dragonfly 28Quorning, JensTrimaran29 ft LOAYachting World2009/1054
4033BaracudaHolland, RonYacht, ketch164 ft LOAYachting World2009/074
4069Regina 40Beyer, CarlYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World2009/0748
11391X 50Jeppersen, NielsYacht, sloop50 ft LOA - also X 55 and X 70 designsYachting World2005/0484
10318SKS 25Rogers, SimonYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting World2005/0473
4096Oyster 54Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop53 ft LOAYachting World2009/0968
1882NieblaSpooner, PaulYacht, sloop59 ft LOAYachting World2006/0168
4816RebeccaFrers, GermanYacht, ketch139 ft LOAYachting World1998/1160
9385Oceanis 523Group FinotYacht, sloop53 ft LOAYachting World2005/0552
8670LS Noon 55Gonciarz, LeszekYacht, sloop55 ft LOAYachting World2005/0546
11141Vismara 34Vismara Yacht DesignYacht, sloop34 ft Yachting World2005/0548
4803Prima 38Jones & SherwillYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1998/06114
4804Beneteau 40.7Farr, BruceYacht, sloop40 ftYachting World1998/06122
4802Tanton 50Tanton Inc.Yacht, ketch50 ft LOAYachting World1998/06113
8229J/35 RacingJohnstone, Rodney SYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting World2005/0489
10900TP 52Rogers, SimonYacht, sloop15m LOA - Volvo Open 70 classYachting World2005/0473
187FinngulfStrahlmann Karl-JohanYacht, sloop37, 41, 46 rangeYachting World2006/0966
8997Mirabella VHolland, Ron DesignYacht, cutter246 ft LOAYachting World2004/0988
996BoleroSparkman & StephensYacht, yawl73 ft LOAYachting World2004/0783
4791Bowman 42Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World1998/0186
2341Beneteau First 40.7Farr Yacht DesignYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World2007/0667
2342Legally BrunetteJeppesen. NeilsYacht, sloop41 ft LOA X-41Yachting World2007/0664
4138Westerly Ocean 33/43Dubois & HollandYacht, sloop33/43 ft LOAYachting World1998/02112
7324Emma, Swan 60Frers Naval Architecture & EngineeringYacht, sloop62 ft LOAYachting World2009/1246
7325Contest 62CSGeorg Nissen Yacht DesignYacht, sloop62 ft LOAYachting World2009/1252
7323AvailableTripp, BillYacht, sloop64 ft LOAYachting World2009/1238
12360Hoek, AndreYacht, schooner125 ft LOAYachting World2004/08126
11227WenderHolmes, G FYacht, cutter29 ft LOAYachting World2000/01129
3917Liara, PY-100Dixon Yacht DesignYacht, sloop98 ft LOAYachting World2009/0574
10787The LightningSparkman & StephensYacht, sloop19 ft LOAYachting World2004/0783
3918HanumanDykstra & PartnersYacht, sloop138 ft LOA J classYachting World2009/05110
3913Wolfhound, Opus 1Dixon & KintscherSchooner68 ft LOAYachting World2009/0540
3243Elan 37Humphreys, BobYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting World2004/0759
10949Trintella 55CHolland, RonYacht, sloop54 ft LOAYachting World2004/0966
1293ChristoffelDijkstra Yacht Design & PartnersYacht, cutter106 ft LOAYachting World2004/09154
872Bavaria 42 MatchJ & J DesignsYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting World2004/0857
185ClubSwan 42Frers, GermanYacht, sloopYachting World2006/0958
188DegeroYacht, sloop28MS, 331, 36 rangeYachting World2006/0968
186Sizzler 60Castro, TonyYacht, sloop18.25 m LOAYachting World2006/0961
9377Oceanis 323Groupe FinotYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World2004/0859
9382Oceanis 373Yacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting World2004/0859
263Pogo 40Groupe FinotYacht, sloop40 ft LOA +supplement -Supersail WorldYachting World2006/1068
4790Victoria 38Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World1998/0186
1659DesparadoSparkman & StephensYacht, ketch65 ft LOA - Swan 65 classYachting World2004/0787
1893Maggie BIrens, NigelSchooner62 ft LOA FusionYachting World2006/0850
1894Contest 45Nissen, GeorgYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2006/0858
1895Najad 440CCJudel/VrolijkYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2006/0861
1903Gunboat 48Melvin & MorelliCatamaran48 ft LOAYachting World2007/0182
1900Beneteau First 50Briand, PhillipeYacht, sloop49 ft LOAYachting World2007/0164
2340KateMylne, AlfredYacht. Sloop18 m LOAYachting World2007/0660
8171IntrepidSparkman & StephensYacht, sloop64 ft LOA - 12 m class - see also CB 2001/08 p 5Yachting World2004/0784
7885Grand Soleil 45Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2004/1069
4792TroubadourPocock, MichaelYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World1998/0193
1896Delher 44Simonis & VoogdYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2006/1250
1898Maxi 1300Petterson & MaxiYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World2006/1253
4031Moody 45 ClassicDixon Yacht DesignYacht, sloop46 ft LOAYachting World2009/0644
4794J/90Johnstone, RodYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1998/03102
1897Grand Soleil 43Botin & CarkeekYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World2006/1252
10829TiaraDubois Naval ArchitectsYacht, cutter178 ft LOAYachting World2004/0887
4795Hunter Channel 323FThomas, DavidYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting World1998/03106
1890Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42DSLombard, MarkYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World2006/0654
1904Durabo 100Erdevicki, IvanYacht, sloop100 ft LOAYachting World2007/0552
3898Sig 45Peteghem & PrevostYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2009/0342
3899Wysiwyg, Z60Bosgraaf & van OossanenYacht, sloop60 ft LOAYachting World2009/0358
1902Maltese FalconPerini & PerkinsYacht, clipper288 ft LOAYachting World2007/0170
3916Marmalade of Manchestervan Dam, Robert WYacht, sloop70 ft LOAYachting World2009/0554
3915AlisaraHumpheys, RobYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting World2009/0550
3244Elan 434Humphreys, BobYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World2004/0760
4793Projection 920Thomas, StephenYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting World1998/03102
758AthenaDijkstra, Gerald & PartnersYacht, schooner295 ft LOAYachting World2004/1298
9173Najad 380Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting World2004/1267
906Beneteau First 44.7Farr, BruceYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting World2004/1068
1376Comet 45Studio VallicelliYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting World2004/1069
9994Salona 45J & J DesignsYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting World2004/1068
3914B42, BrentaBrentaYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting World2009/0544
1899EFES 56Dijkstra, GerardYacht, sloop65 ft LOAYachting World2006/1280
1889Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 39iLombard, MarkYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting World2006/0652
7596First 36.7Farr, BruceYacht, sloopBeneteauYachting Monthly2001/0717
8567Legend 426 DSHenderson, GlenYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0288
4103J97Johnstone, AlYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/1090
3782Fandango, Island Packet 420Johnston, BobYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting Monthly2008/0892
214Regina 35Regina af VindoYacht, sloop10.8 m LOAYachting Monthly2006/1068
791Aventura 28GO CatamaranCatamaran27 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0393
3240Elan 31Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0493
1493CR 400DSCR YachtsYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/0498
10554Sun Odyssey 35Lombard, MarcYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0286
9174Najad 400Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop40 ft LOA - see also YM 2001/10 p 96, YW 2001/10 Yachting Monthly2001/0717
1624Dehler 36 Dehler YachtsYacht, sloop35 ft LOA - see also YW 2002/04 p 107Yachting Monthly2002/0297
10906Tradewind 44Butler, JohnYacht, cutter44 ft LOA - see also YW 2002/02 p 112Yachting Monthly2002/0219
9153Mystery 34Jones, StephenYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/0219
1374Comet 38Group FinotYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0390
3245Elan 45Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/0697
10323SlainteNewick, DickTrimaran46 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/0199
1384Compromis 11.30 DSMaas, FransYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/0389
4119Oyster Catcher, Trapper 500C&CYacht, sloop28 ft LOA 1972Yachting Monthly2009/09106
11234Westerlu Ocean 33Dubois, EdYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/0160
708Arcona 40DSQviberg, StefanYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/0498
3344Etap 46Ahlen, Mark Oliver VonYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting Monthly2005/1176
8111Hurley 24/70Anderson, IanYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/0699
1323Clipper 393Berret & RacopeauYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/0695
1180Carter 33Carter, DickYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/04101
2614Mahe 36Nivelt / FlahaultYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/1280
4118Fan Class 32Broquaire, GuyYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0998
3780DeliverRance Six, Dehler 34RSSimonis-VoogdYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly2008/0878
8562Legend 356Luhrs MarineYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/0390
3781Addiction, Jeanneau Sun Fast 3200Andrieu Yacht DesignYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly2008/0878
1867Nordship 40DSBuckwald/BorghegnYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/0366
8225J 32Johnstone, RodYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/0778
640AmeliaYacht, sloop35 ft LOA - Rival 36 classYachting Monthly1998/0751
7458Eygthene 24Holland, RonYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0395
2615Swan 47 NYYC 48Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/1286
2613Finngulf 33Strahlmann, Karl-JohanYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/1276
1060Broadblue 385Catamaran38 ft LOAYachting Monthly2005/1173
3342Etap 37Mortain & MavrikiosYacht, sloop36 ft LOA - see also YW 2002/04 p 100Yachting Monthly2002/09104
3138Dragonfly 1200Quorning, JensTrimaran39 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/10102
7283Pixie, Sadler 32Sadler, DavidYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/1186
1257Chantue of EmsworthYacht, sloop41 ft LOA - Sigma 41 classYachting Monthly1998/0357
7671Forgus 37Samuelsson, HugoYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/0387
7282Island Packet EsteroJohnson, BobYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/1180
9206Nauticat 37Gustafsson, K & PYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/1184
213MarmaladeBorge and Jens QuorningTrimaran8 m LOA DragonflyYachting Monthly2006/0772
8870Maxi 1000Pettersen, PelleYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/1187
3659Indigo, Swedon Yachts 390Ostmann, JensYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly2008/0790
11306Wight 30Roy, C S JYacht, yawl30 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/0894
11215Wauquiez Pilot Saloon 40Berret & RacopeauYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/0893
212Nauticat 385Gustaffson, KaiYacht, sloop11.65 m LOAYachting Monthly2006/0768
3340Etap 32s Mortain & MavrikiosYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/10103
1201Catana 401Crowther, LockCatamaran41 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/1298
2045UFO 31Holman & PyeYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly2006/0476
1865Harmony 34Mortain & MavrikiosYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/0276
1866Cornish ShrimperDongray, RogerYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/0285
7888Grand Soliel 43J & J DesignsYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/11102
3657Arcona 460Qviberg, StefanYacht, sloop47 ft LOAYachting Monthly2008/0284
8757Malo 41Angermark, LeifYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/10100
3658Oceanis 31Groupe FinotYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2008/0784
7285Elan 310Humphreys Yacht DesignYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/1292
7284Ecume de MerFinot, Jean-MarieYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/1286
3341Etap 34sHarle-MortainYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/0490
10548Sun Odyssey 26 Briand, PhilippeYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/10105
10733Tartan 3700Jackett, TimYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/1297
10068Scanyacht 290Yacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/09103
9307Nordship 35 DSBuchwald, LarsYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/09100
9066Moody 37Dixon, BillYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/0798
4104Halmatic 30Sharp, JohnYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/1096
191Dufour 325Felci, UmbertoYacht, sloop9.28 m LOAYachting Monthly2006/0966
9461Ovni 385Briand, PhilippeYacht, cutter39 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/0698
866Bavaria 36J & J DesignsYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/0597
7966Hanse 411Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0182
9930RoyalistDongray, RogerYacht, sloop29 ft LOA - Cornish Crabber classYachting Monthly2003/0146
3171Dufour 40Feci, U & Roseo, PYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0181
7794Gib'Sea 37 J & J DesignsYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/05100
3811Ovni 435Briand, PhillipeYacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting Monthly2008/0484
10196Shady LadyTucker, RobertYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/0649
3242Elan 36Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/0692
9078Moody Eclipse 33Dixon, BillYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/12100
288Etap 285BentoneYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/0166
9387Oceanis Clipper 42CCBeneteauYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/0797
10942Trintella 29Stadt, E G van deYacht, sloop29 ft LOA - see also YW 1969/10 p 455Yachting Monthly2001/09106
9489Pacific Seacraft 40Crealock, BillYacht, cutter40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/02108
1494Cr 46Jones, StephenYacht, cutter46 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/0715
8512Lagoon 410 S2Peteghem & PrevostCatamaran40 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/1282
868Bavaria 38J & J DesignsYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting Monthly2002/1278
10551Sun Odyssey 32 Briand, PhilippeYacht, sloop31 ft LOA JeanneauYachting Monthly2002/0795
873Bavaria 44J & J DesignsYacht, sloop44 ft LOA - see also YW 2002/01 p 134Yachting Monthly2002/01101
9046MollyhawkTripp, BillYacht, yawl37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/0243
8468L M 28LM Glasfiber a sYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/0559
871Bavaria 38 OceanJ & J DesignsYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/0550
9903Rondo 33.3Mannerberg, JussiYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/02112
7965Hanse 311Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/0890
10549Sun Odyssey 29.2Fauroux, JacquesYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/0868
3837Alerion Express 28Dent & SchumacherYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting Monthly2008/1276
10392Southerly 35RSHumphreys, RobYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly2005/0132
1616Degero 33iDSHans GroupYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/1234
2044Oceanis 43Racoupeau, BerretYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/0568
7763Gemini 105MSmith, TonyCatamaran33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1999/0786
9389Oceanis Clipper341Group FinotYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/0888
9958Sabre 386Taylor, JimYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/1138
1059Broadblue 42BroadblueCatamaran42 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/1272
2351StrataLombard, Marc & JeanneauYacht, sloop35 ft LOA Sun Odessey 36iYachting Monthly2007/0684
8566Legend 420LegendYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1999/0177
3178Dufour 29Dufour, MichelYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/0788
8097Hunter Channel 31Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/0786
860Bavaria 31J & J DesignsYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly1999/0884
7955Hallberg Rassy 37 Frers, GermanYacht, sloop37 ft LOA - see also YW 2004/03 p 104, YW 2004/12Yachting Monthly2004/0290
7279JenaviveAlbin VegaYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0578
9655Poncin 38J & J DesignsYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/1042
2352Maxi 1100Petterson, PelleYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/0690
11265Westerly TempestDubois, EdYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/0688
4037Hunter Legend 340Luhrs, WarrenYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0678
4036Blavit, Maestro 40RStill, EivindYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0674
10305SJ 320Jones, StephenYacht, sloop31 ft LOA - Seaquest classYachting Monthly2000/1094
8065HOD 35Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/1094
7882Grand Soleil 34.1Vismara, AlessandroYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/1094
8116Hustler 30Pye, DonYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/10100
1618Dehler 29Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly1999/0493
2269Discovery 55Holland, RonYacht, sloop55 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/0970
3900Beneteau First 27.7Finot, GroupeYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/1082
3838Morris M36Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly2008/1276
3839Brise, Horizon 232JThomas, DavidYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting Monthly2008/1284
3241Elan 333Humphreys, RobYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1999/0561
7952Hallberg Rassy 34Frers, GermanYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/09108
9168Najad 373Najad, Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/09106
1253Channel 27Thomas, DavidYacht, sloop26 ft LOAYachting Monthly1999/0590
3888MinnaJ&J Design, Bavaria 32Yacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0380
4034Ardea, Finngulf 41Strahlmann, Karl-JohanYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0672
4035Farr Out, Finngulf 43Farr Yacht DesignYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0673
7529Feeling 36Joubert, MichelYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/1172
11412Yarmouth 23Wyatt & FreemanYacht, cutter23 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/0650
7791Gib'Sea 33 J & J DesignsYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/0686
9796Red Fox VisionThomas, DavidYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/0651
8565Legend 41Hunter Marine CorpYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/0440
9204Nauticat 331Aarnipalo, WilhoYacht, yawl33 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/04125
14727Legend 33Henderson, GlenYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/0842
8568Legend 33Henderson, GlenYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/0842
2448Allures 44Berret Racoupeau/DarnetYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/0782
8332Jouet 1040Mareschal, YvesYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1999/12118
7967Hanse 331Sodergren, HakanYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1999/1278
10556Sun Odyssey 43Andrieu, DanielYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/0538
3881Moody 41 ClassicDixon Yacht DesignYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0266
3882Wild Otter, Vancouver 32Harris, RobertYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0270
10476Starlight 45Jones, StephenYacht, sloop46 ft LOA - see also YM 2001/01 p 90Yachting Monthly2000/01121
9081Moody Excel 34Dixon, BillYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/01110
1628Dehler 39 Judel & VrolijkYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/0286
3186Dufour 385Felci, Umberto Yacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/0738
14725Island Packet 370Johnson, Bob & I P DesignYacht, cutter37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/0638
8204Island Packet 370Johnson, Bob & I P DesignYacht, cutter37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/0638
9376Oceanis 321Groupe FinotYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/0651
2353RM 1050Lombard, MarcYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/0878
3169Dufour 36 CCMortain & MavrikiosYacht, sloop36 ft LOA - see also YM 2003/06 p95Yachting Monthly1999/1183
8640Lizzie MayPowell, LukeYacht, cutter42 ft LOA - Pilot type - see also CB 2001/11 p39Yachting Monthly1999/0942
7278Beneteau Oceanis 34Finot-ConqYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0574
14740Oceanis Clipper 373Berret & RacopeauYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/0953
9386Oceanis ClipperYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/0954
9388Oceanis Clipper 373Berret & RacopeauYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/0953
9356Ocean 37Dubois, EdYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/0570
8594Liberty 23Thomas, DavidYacht, ketch22 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/0572
8203Island Packet 350Johnson, BobYacht, cutter36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1999/10102
2354Penny LaneHolman & PyeYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/0892
8152Impossible DreamBailey, NicCatamaran59 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/03102
7277Broadblue 38Prout CatamaransCatamaran38 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0176
7276Arcona 430Qviberg, StefanYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0168
3901Hallberg-Rassy 372Frers, GermanYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0474
2449CwacBuchanan, AlanYacht, yawl32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/0788
1197Catalina 310Catalina DesignYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/0498
14703Centurion 40SBerret & RacopeauYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/0342
1229Centurion 40SBerret & RacopeauYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting Monthly2004/0342
3887Southerly 38Jones, StephenYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0370
8005Heavenly Twins Mk IIIPatterson, PatCatamaran26 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/05105
7973HarclaRoberts, BruceYacht, cutter28 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/0350
7686Franchuni 37LFranchiniYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/0398
7797Gib'Sea 43Yacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/03103
886BedazzledNewton, DarrenCatamaran32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0667
3355Europa R0330BarracudaYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0691
1137Cape Cutter 19Dix, DudleyYacht, cutter19 ft LOA - see also CB 2003/09 p 22Yachting Monthly2003/0693
1179Carter 30Carter, DickYacht, sloop29 ft LOA - see also YW 1980/06 p 107Yachting Monthly1998/1181
3170Dufour 39CCMortain & MavrikiosYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/1176
9184Nancy BlackettHillyard, DavidYacht, cutter - owned by Arthur RansomeYachting Monthly1998/1128
9856Rival 32Brett, PeterYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly2005/0537
9357Ocean 40J & J DesignsYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/0292
3139Dragonfly 920QuorningTrimaran30 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/0295
9154Mystery 35Jones, StephenYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0799
8968Midget 31Kloet BrothersYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/07101
9331Northeast 400Paine, ChuckYacht, sloop42 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/1284
8560Legend 310Mazza, RobYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/1280
9869RoannaIrens, NigelYacht, yawl37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/03101
1386Compromis C-34Maas, FransYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/1288
8558Legend 290Luhrs MarineYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/0596
3794BorborygmaeYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly2008/0988
3793Bavaria 34J & JYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly2008/0982
9696Prout 38Feltham, DavidCatamaran38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/09114
10586Sun-Rise 35Fauroux, JacquesYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/09119
1436CookieWharram, JamesCatamaran21 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/0974
8872Maxi 1100Petterson, PelleYacht, sloop36 ft LOA - see also YW 2000/01 p 129Yachting Monthly2001/0493
7571Finngulf 37Strahlmann, Karl-JohanYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly2005/0870
9373Oceanis Clipper 423Group FinotYacht, sloop41 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0490
9380Oceanis 36 C CBerret & RacopeauYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1998/1090
2271TouririNorthshoreYacht, sloop36 ft LOA Southerly 105Yachting Monthly2007/1086
7281WaterwytchSadler, DavidYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0892
7280Regina 40Beyer, CarlYacht, sloop40 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0886
9202Nauticat 321NauticatYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/05101
2043Feeling 44Mortain/MavrikiosYacht, sloop45 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0586
1868Sunbeam 34Nissen, GeorgeYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly2007/0472
8249James CairdYacht, yawl - used by ShackletonYachting Monthly1998/1268
1328CloudHess, LyleYacht, cutter40 ft LOA - see also CB 1994/06 p 47Yachting Monthly1998/1251
10387Southerly 110Humphreys, Rob Yacht, sloop36 ft LOA - see also YM 1999/09 p 108Yachting Monthly1999/0179
9062Moody 336Dixon, BillYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/1196
10555Sun Odyssey 37Fauroux, JacquesYacht, sloop37 ft LOA - see also YW 2000/06 p 116Yachting Monthly2000/1192
10538Sun Fast 26Briand, PhilippeYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1999/0178
9472Oyster 53Humphreys, RobYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1999/0173
3827Nauticat 351Gustafsson, KajYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly2008/1172
9167Najad 361Segerlind, ErikYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1999/01121
7528Feeling 356DIVaton, GillesYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1999/02103
9684Privilege 37JeantotCatamaran36 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/1290
9330North Wind 43Sparkman & StephensYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting Monthly1999/0174
11268Westerly Typhoon 37Dubois, EdYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2000/1294
3826Degero 36DSSodergren, HakanYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly2008/1172
9076Moody 54Dixon, BillYacht, sloop54 ft LOA - see also YW 2000/08 p 111Yachting Monthly1999/0173
7527Feeling 32Joubert, Nivelt & Roseo, PYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2001/0196
8840Mary RansomeLaurent Giles, JackYacht, ketch28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1999/0380
4051Indigo, Swedish Yachts 390Ostmann, JensYacht, sloop39 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0790
3167Dufour 31Dufour, MichelYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1999/02105
4050Oceanis 31Groupe FinotYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly2009/0784
870Bavaria 38 MatchPeterson, DougYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/09102
10644Sweden Yachts 42Ostmann & NorlinYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0893
9308Nordship 43DSBuchwald & BorghenYacht, sloop43 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0994
3168Dufour 34Feci, U & Roseo, PYacht, sloop33 ft LOAYachting Monthly2003/0897
8309Jolie BriseParis, AlexandreYacht, cutter56 ft LOA - pilot type - see also Bmn 1993/10 p Yachting Monthly1929/06133
10203Shamrock IVNicholson, C E Yacht, cutter 110 ft LOA - J class - see also CB1991/02 p 34Yachting Monthly1920/07108
11589Berthon Boat CoDinghy, sailing11 ft Lymington ScowYachting Monthly1920/08379
12801Morgan Giles, F Dinghy, sailing14 ft Henley S C O D classYachting Monthly1920/08337
3233Egg Dinwiddy, T N Dinghy, rowing10 ftYachting Monthly1920/07305
13880Yacht, yawl23 ft LOA - competition designYachting Monthly1929/01184
13877Yacht, sloop25 ft LOA - competition designYachting Monthly1929/01200
12780Morgan GilesDinghy, sailing12 ftYachting Monthly1920/02283
13878Yacht, sloop23 ft LOA - competition designYachting Monthly1929/01202
13875Yacht, sloop25 ft LOA - competition designYachting Monthly1929/01192
13868Yacht, cutter21 ft LOA - competition designYachting Monthly1929/01182
13881Yacht, yawl23 ft LOA - competition designYachting Monthly1929/01198
13872Yacht, sloop19 ft LWL - competition designYachting Monthly1929/01178
12067Dickie, Peter SYacht, ketch48 ft LOAYachting Monthly1920/02276
13873Yacht, sloop23 ft LOA - competition designYachting Monthly1929/01180
894BellaYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1929/007216
8911MelodyNewman, MaxwellYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting Monthly1928/07199
7825Gladoris IILuke, A R Yacht, yawl70 ft LOAYachting Monthly1928/07191
9101Morning MistGriffiths, MauriceYacht, yawl32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1928/07194
11027UtopianBonner, JYacht, yawl18 ft LOAYachting Monthly1928/07197
11976Crossfield, W & SonYacht, yawl36 ft LOA Yachting Monthly1928/06123
488AlbatrossYacht, cutter12 m LOAYachting Monthly1928/06117
13864Yacht, cutter12 m LOAYachting Monthly1928/06120
10978TuiHopkins, WYacht, sloop20 ft LWLYachting Monthly1928/06126
12322Herlin, M T Yacht, cutter11 m LOAYachting Monthly1928/06114
12012Dallimore, N EYacht, schooner49 ft LOAYachting Monthly1928/06110
7515FastnetButler, T HarrisonYacht, yawl39 ft LOA Yachting Monthly1928/06107
9553PenguinCardwell, G E Yacht, cutter19 ft LOAYachting Monthly1928/06128
12011Dallimore, N EYacht, cutter32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1928/06112
9045MollyCrossfield, W & SonYacht, cutter32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1928/0558
11486Alden, J Dinghy, sailing11 ftYachting Monthly1920/02267
11798Campbell, WilliamYacht, sloop16 ft LWLYachting Monthly1928/0561
11192WandererFreeman, R F Yacht, cutter22 ft LOA - 5 ton - see also CB 1997/02 p 41Yachting Monthly1928/04412
11313Wild Lone IIGriffiths, MauriceYacht, cutter27 ft LOA - see also YM 1935/12 p 142, CB 1996/10Yachting Monthly1928/08271
9751RachelCourtney, R C WYacht, motor60 ft LOAYachting Monthly1928/08266
8810MarineComben, A H Yacht, ketch38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1928/08268
13264Rowland, W H Yacht, sloop20 ft LOA - Conway O D classYachting Monthly1928/12132
10837TiercelMacBryde, W G Yacht, cutter60 ft LOAYachting Monthly1928/1290
10999TyphoonAtkin, WilliamYacht, ketch46 ft LOAYachting Monthly1920/09440
1589DarthulaUre, G G Canoe, sailing18 ft Clyde C C classYachting Monthly1920/09452
12106Erdmann, O AYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1928/1156
9826RestlessFreeman, R F Yacht, schooner39 ft LOAYachting Monthly1928/11 53
11939Courtney, R C W Motor10 ftYachting Monthly1928/1139
9121MoyezerkaButler, T HarrisonYacht, sloop21 ft - Solent X classYachting Monthly1928/09301
9275NinaBurgess & MorganYacht, schooner59 ft LOA - see also YW 1936/11 p 479Yachting Monthly1928/10415
9040MohawkAlden , J G Yacht, schooner60 ft LOAYachting Monthly1928/10416
12160Freeman, R E Motor23 ft LOAYachting Monthly1928/10419
9813ReigerHoogaars48 ft LOAYachting Monthly1928/10417
13865Punt, sailingNorfolkYachting Monthly1928/10408
9982Sainte- AnneGrenier, GastonYacht, schooner42 ft LOAYachting Monthly1928/09345
12456Kampen, H C J vanGrundel26 ft LOAYachting Monthly1928/09347
11327Wind SongGriffiths, MauriceYacht, ketch35 ft LOA - see also YM 1929/11 p 46Yachting Monthly1928/09318
11904Collie, W StewartYacht, motor62 ft LOAYachting Monthly1928/08263
12561Lemaistre, HenriYacht, yawl41 ft LOAYachting Monthly1928/04417
9284NirvanaStrange, AlbertYacht, yawl35 ft LOA - see also CB 2006/01 p16Yachting Monthly1929/04385
8908MelmoreMylne, AlfredYacht, ketch46 ft LOAYachting Monthly1929/03354
1235Ceol Mara IIMcBryde, W G Yacht, ketch70 ft LOAYachting Monthly1929/0549
10101Sea CruiserSmith, J AYacht, sloop 26 ft LOAYachting Monthly1920/03347
13898Yacht, sloop20 ft LOA - competition designYachting Monthly1929/02293
13894Yacht, sloop19 ft LOA - competition designYachting Monthly1929/02275
13895Yacht, sloop18 ft LWL C B - competition designYachting Monthly1929/02277
13892Yacht, sloop20 ft LOA - competition designYachting Monthly1929/02269
1085BunnieAmateurDinghy, sailing17 ft - see also YM 1920/07 p 303Yachting Monthly1920/03319
13891Yacht, sloop25 ft LOA - competition designYachting Monthly1929/02267
13900Yacht, yawl22 ft LOA - competition designYachting Monthly1929/02289
541AlphaSmart, WYacht, cutter31 ft LOAYachting Monthly1920/0533
13882Yacht, cutter22 ft LOA - competition designYachting Monthly1929/02278
13883Yacht, cutter22 ft LOA - competition designYachting Monthly1929/02278
1246ChamleonFife, WilliamYacht, cutter57 ft LOAYachting Monthly1920/05477
13897Yacht, sloop24 ft LOA - competition designYachting Monthly1929/02291
13221Ricardo, C T Dinghy, sailing19 ft Emsworth S C Pie classYachting Monthly1920/0548
1475CorsairMotor42 ftYachting Monthly1929/03329
13503ThornycroftHydroplane30 ftYachting Monthly1929/04447
1600DaydreamTatchell, PercyDinghy, sailing 12 ftYachting Monthly1920/03334
7519FauneHorsnaill, W O Motor40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1929/04445
13902Dinghy, sailing10 ft - West Mersea Y C O D classYachting Monthly1929/0554
10309Skate IIIMesser, HowardYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1929/04429
1302CicilaHutchinson, H W Yacht, motor55 ft LOAYachting Monthly1922/10417
12628Mc Bryde, W GYacht, motor65 ftYachting Monthly1920/03341
8257JaphollanderPears, CharlesYacht, schooner45 ft LOAYachting Monthly1920/04398
10308SkateMesser, HowardYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1929/04429
12781Morgan GilesYacht, sloop18 ft LOA Essex Y C O D classYachting Monthly1920/04409
12060Dervin, M H Yacht, cutter38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1929/04424
10094ScutJoy, BasilYacht, motor25 ft LOAYachting Monthly1920/04383
9495PamelaShepherd, FYacht, schooner80 ft LOAYachting Monthly1928/12130
12763Miller, J N & SonsYacht, motor34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1929/0570
12219Glen-Coats, T C Yacht, cutter52 ft LOAYachting Monthly1920/0565
722ArielStrange, AlbertYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting Monthly1929/0530
11659Briscoe, ArthurDinghy, sailing12 ftYachting Monthly1920/03344
13893Yacht, sloop23 ft LOA - competition designYachting Monthly1929/02271
13899Yacht, yawl19 ft LOA - competition designYachting Monthly1929/02274
13874Yacht, sloop25 ft LOA - competition designYachting Monthly1929/01191
13869Yacht, cutter24 ft LOA - competition designYachting Monthly1929/01189
13884Yacht, cutter23 ft LOA - competition designYachting Monthly1929/02280
10089Scotia IVHope, LintonYacht, sloop 60 ft LOA 6 m class see also p 151Yachting Monthly1920/0519
13879Yacht, sloop25 ft LOA - competition designYachting Monthly1929/01204
1069Brown OwlBain, JohnMotor42 ft Yachting Monthly1929/02242
11660Briscoe, ArthurYacht, ketch45 ft LOAYachting Monthly1920/06126
1442CopnorCooper, F & Norris, E WYacht, cutter30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1920/06128
8896MeanderMcCallum, J AYacht, ketch50 tonYachting Monthly1920/06116
13870Yacht, cutter20 ft LOA - competition designYachting Monthly1929/01196
13866Motor22 ft LOAYachting Monthly1929/01215
13867Motor25 ft LOAYachting Monthly1929/01215
11788Butler, T HarrisonYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting Monthly1920/06270
7545FetishBrown, W LindahlYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly1920/06133
11545Baggs, H G & Hayward, W SYacht, sloop20 ft LOA - Seabird classYachting Monthly1920/06108
9821ResoluteHerreshoff, NYacht, cutterAmerica Cup classYachting Monthly1920/07269
13876Yacht, sloop24 ft LOA C B - competition designYachting Monthly1929/01194
13871Yacht, ketch22 ft LOA - cat rig - competition designYachting Monthly1929/01187
13901Yacht, yawl22 ft LOA - competition designYachting Monthly1929/02294
13896Yacht, sloop20 ft LOA - competition designYachting Monthly1929/02287
13835Yacht, sloopSwedish 75 sq m classYachting Monthly1920/0537
12306Harvey, R WYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting Monthly1920/0563
8608LilyBond, SCanoe, sailing14 ftYachting Monthly1920/0514
13890Yacht, sloop27 ft LOA - competition designYachting Monthly1929/02265
13885Yacht, cutter22 ft LOA - competition designYachting Monthly1929/02282
13888Yacht, sloop21 ft LOA - competition designYachting Monthly1929/02261
13886Yacht, cutter21 ft LOA - competition designYachting Monthly1929/02284
13889Yacht, sloop22 ft LOA - competition designYachting Monthly1929/02263
3334EtaionGiles, J LaurentYacht, cutter45 ft LOAYachting Monthly1929/06127
1671DianaButler, T HarrisonYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting Monthly1929/06104
8218IxiaCoade, H GYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting Monthly1920/054
13887Yacht, sloop24 ft LOA - competition designYachting Monthly1929/02259
981BluebirdYacht, sloop25 ft LWLYachting Monthly1929/06114
13504ThornycroftMotor43 ft LOAYachting Monthly1929/06151
12457Kampen, H vanYacht, sloop6 m LOAYachting Monthly1920/07384
13863Yacht, cutter23 mYachting Monthly1928/04409
13742Woodnutt & CoYacht, sloopSolent SunbeamsYachting Monthly1923/03332
13841Dinghy, sailingRoyal Northern Ireland Y C Lake classYachting Monthly1923/09276
8221IzmeHart, E PYacht, cutter45 ftYachting Monthly1923/10386
1211CawanaYacht, barge90 ft approx.Yachting Monthly1923/1116
12028Daniels, W J Yacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting Monthly1923/1154
12073Dixon Bros & HutchinsonYacht, motor40 ftYachting Monthly1923/12122
12300Hart, E PMotor13 tonYachting Monthly1924/02255
13844Yacht, sloop23 ft LWL - O D classYachting Monthly1924/02246
12074Dixon Bros & HutchinsonMotor27 ft LOAYachting Monthly1924/03326
12010Dallimore, N EMotor55 ft LOAYachting Monthly1924/03282
11491Alden, John Yacht, schooner41 ft LOAYachting Monthly1924/0568
9110Moth IIStrange, AlbertYacht, yawl28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1923/08233
12954Mower, C DYacht, yawl32 ft LWLYachting Monthly1921/04436
11297White HorseYacht, sloop6 m classYachting Monthly1923/08240
8438KismetDallimore, N EYacht, cutter41 ft LOAYachting Monthly1920/06131
9322NorsemanWatson, G L & CoYacht, yawl30 ftYachting Monthly1923/04367
11319WilfulSibbick, CYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1923/04390
11094VeraLennox, J AYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly1923/04384
11095VeraLennox, J AYacht, sloop30 ft Sail planYachting Monthly1923/0552
1672DianaCrossley, P C Yacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1923/0550
7981HarpoonAtkin, WilliamYacht, schooner40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1923/06115
12303Hart, N & BarhamMotorYachting Monthly1923/06124
1372CometComet MarineMotor15 ftYachting Monthly1923/07198
11080VelsaYacht, sloop53 ft LOAYachting Monthly1923/07185
10233Sheild MaidenClayton, HYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting Monthly1924/0574
456AdventuressFife, WilliamYacht, schooner82 ft LOAYachting Monthly1924/07204
844BargettaHenderson, A R Yacht, barge20 ft LOAYachting Monthly1921/02258
11384XBurton, AYacht, sloop20 ft LOAYachting Monthly1921/02261
8495Lady BettyCooper, FredCatboat20 ft LOAYachting Monthly1921/01207
1322ClioFife, WilliamYacht, sloop30 ft - National Restricted classYachting Monthly1925/04336
8745MalabarAlden, JohnYacht,schooner52 ft LOA - see also CB 1990/09 p 24, CB 1996/10 Yachting Monthly1925/04376
8379KathleenNicholson, C EYacht, ketch77 ft LOAYachting Monthly1925/0554
1543CycloneButler, T HarrisonYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting Monthly1925/0549
10459StalwartCraig, VincentYacht, sloop30 ftYachting Monthly1925/06127
13850Yacht, sloopStar classYachting Monthly1925/06115
1006BoojumYacht, barge22 tonYachting Monthly1921/01158
13493Thiebout, J P G Yacht, schoonerCatboat-spritschoonerYachting Monthly1921/02271
7872GraceMacBryde, W G Yacht, sloop20 ft LOAYachting Monthly1921/02263
9509PapooseDallimore, N EYacht, sloop20 ft LOAYachting Monthly1921/02255
8182IotaCanoe, sailing12 ftYachting Monthly1924/08290
10019SandettieYacht, yawl40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1924/12104
12988Mylne, AlfredYacht, sloop28 ft LOA - Bombay Y C O D classYachting Monthly1924/1268
11883Clark, T PainYacht, ketch38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1925/01166
8192IrisJohnson, C VilliersDinghy, sailing15 ftYachting Monthly1925/02237
11087VentureWatson, G L Yacht, ketch56 ft LWLYachting Monthly1925/03304
3226EdieCrossley, P C Yacht, sloop20 ft LOAYachting Monthly1921/03338
8775ManoraMunro, DYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1925/04379
11229WendyParrott, B L RYacht, sloop20 ft LOAYachting Monthly1921/03341
11590Berthon Boat CoDinghy, sailing14 ft National ClassYachting Monthly1921/02248
9053MonsoonBlake, N M Yacht, sloop6 mYachting Monthly1925/07195
8485La ToquadeStow, E A Yacht, barge90 ft Yachting Monthly1923/02257
12220Glen-Coats, T C Yacht, sloop32 ft 6 m classYachting Monthly1921/07157
896BellerophonYacht, sloopModel 10 mYachting Monthly1921/1157
985BluebottleYacht, sloopModel 10 mYachting Monthly1921/1158
9137MuskateerYacht, sloopModel B R A 18 ftYachting Monthly1921/1159
13836MotorYachting Monthly1921/1166
9294NomadMotorConverted motor launchYachting Monthly1921/12138
13286Schock, E BYacht, schooner57 ft LOAYachting Monthly1922/01186
13497ThornycroftYacht, yawl30 ftYachting Monthly1922/01198
1547CygnetRestler, J D K Yacht, yawl32 ftYachting Monthly1922/02261
12009Dallimore, N EYacht, sloop 28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1922/03338
8148ImpYacht, sloopModel 36 inchYachting Monthly1921/06143
10437SpriteCole, Wiggins & WigginsDinghy, sailing 18 ftYachting Monthly1921/1148
12128Fife, WilliamYacht, sloop30 ft National Restricted classYachting Monthly1921/06139
12075Dixon, BrosYacht, motor80 ftYachting Monthly1921/10404
9439OptimistLewis, C L Dinghy, sailing7 ft - see also CB 2005/05 p 89Yachting Monthly1921/08282
9653PollyannaJohnson, C V Dinghy, sailing15 ftYachting Monthly1921/06122
1086BunnieDallimore, N EDinghy, sailing15 ftYachting Monthly1921/06124
11429YnnekLennox, J AYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1921/09350
10807TheoHutchinson, H W Dinghy, sailing15 ftYachting Monthly1921/06127
10814Thoma IIYacht, bargeRigging plan onlyYachting Monthly1921/06115
11068VantaCrossley, P C Yacht, sloop31 ft LOA C B Yachting Monthly1921/09347
3252ElfDallimore, N EYacht, sloop24 ft LOA C BYachting Monthly1921/10419
10608SusetteParrott, L R Yacht, sloop26 ft LOA C BYachting Monthly1921/10422
12417Hutchinson, H W Dinghy, sailingB R A 18 ft classYachting Monthly1921/10405
8955MeteorOertz, MYacht, cutter156 ft LOAYachting Monthly1921/0561
10026Sans PareilDaniels, W J Yacht, sloopModel 18 ft International classYachting Monthly1922/04402
12955Mower, C DYacht, yawl32 ft LWLYachting Monthly1921/04436
10974Try AgainButler, T HarrisonDinghy, sailing18 ftYachting Monthly1921/04412
11513Anderson, AYacht, sloop21 ft LOA 4 tonYachting Monthly1921/04420
1178Carry-onSteele, MarkYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting Monthly1921/04403
1578DandyWatson, G L & CoYacht, sloop15 ftYachting Monthly1921/04367
1479CorsiareBain, JohnYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting Monthly1921/04407
998Bon MarcheButler, T HarrisonYacht, sloop18 ft LOAYachting Monthly1921/04405
7593FireflyStrange, AlbertYacht, yawl34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1922/12122
11143VitaParrott, L R Yacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly1922/12107
3274ElloraMitchell, E H Yacht, sloop15 ftYachting Monthly1921/04369
8740MaimieLennox, J AYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly1922/09348
9540PeggyDallimore, N EYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting Monthly1921/04398
9346NoyaMylne, AlfredYacht, sloop18 ft raterYachting Monthly1921/04370
8846MascotteWatson, G L & CoYacht, sloop15 ft ClydeYachting Monthly1921/0565
13838Dinghy, rowing9 ft canvasYachting Monthly1922/04410
11403YakabooFenger, F A Canoe, sailing17 ftYachting Monthly1921/0557
13054Padgett, CDinghy, sailing17 ftYachting Monthly1922/0548
12184Friend, H L Dinghy, sailingAnnisquam Y C Catfish classYachting Monthly1921/04432
12808Morgan Giles, F GDinghy, sailing18 ft Walton and Frinton Y C O D classYachting Monthly1922/06126
9640PlaymateHutchinson, H W Yacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting Monthly1921/04409
1127CambriaFeltwell, J G Yacht, sloopModel International 18 ftYachting Monthly1922/07194
9180NanCrossley, P C Yacht, cutter32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1922/08270
13839Lifeboat60 ft New BrightonYachting Monthly1922/08274
832BandicootPunt, sailing10 ftYachting Monthly1923/01185
13105ParsonsLifeboat28ftYachting Monthly1925/07211
13468Tatchell, PercyYacht, cutterTriplane sail planYachting Monthly1921/01176
12281Harden, A Dinghy, sailing12 ftYachting Monthly1920/1159
362AbsoluteDaniels, W J Yacht, cutterModel, 10 raterYachting Monthly1920/10505
11530Atkin, WilliamYacht, cutter36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1927/07207
11090VenturerGiles, J LaurentYacht, ketch75 ft LOAYachting Monthly1927/07200
779AureaEriksson, AndersYacht, ketch25 m LOAYachting Monthly1927/07203
7670Fore An AftAtkin, WilliamYacht, cutter28 ft LOD - see also CB 1990/11 p 58Yachting Monthly1927/08281
9785RavenHope, LintonYacht, barge68 ft LOAYachting Monthly1920/10483
13312Shepherd, FYacht, cutter12 tonYachting Monthly1927/08228
13469Tatchell, PercyYachtBi-pod mast rigYachting Monthly1927/09294
9677Prima DonaKloss, B & Blake,W MYacht, sloop29 ft LOA - Royal Singapore Y C classYachting Monthly1927/09350
12280Harden, A Dinghy, sailing12 ftYachting Monthly1920/1159
8544LatonaMower, C DYacht, yawl38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1920/1126
676AnnYacht, sloopSingapore Y C classYachting Monthly1922/04379
12008Dallimore, N EYacht, schooner39 ft LOA Bawley-riggedYachting Monthly1921 /1153
3309Entente CordialeKampen, H C A Yacht, sloop6 m LOAYachting Monthly1921 /04401
3331EstelleMcCallum, J AYacht, motor80 ftYachting Monthly1920/12111
10849TimandraAlden, John GYacht, sloop 37 ft - American classYachting Monthly1920/12135
12127Fife, WilliamYacht, sloop30 ft National Resticted classYachting Monthly1920/12141
9893RogueAlden, John GYacht, sloop37 ft LOA - R class - see also CB 2000/02 p 29Yachting Monthly1920/12132
13858Lifeboat30 ft - standard ships lifeboatYachting Monthly1927/07212
12723McGregor, P J Yacht, sloop8 m classYachting Monthly1927/07210
12782Morgan GilesDinghy, sailing12 ft Y C Rio de La PlataYachting Monthly1920/12116
10875TomtitMorgan GilesDinghy, sailing18 ft R Bombay Y C O D classYachting Monthly1920/1118
13860Yacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly1927/09347
8188Irex IIAtkey, P & SonDinghy, sailing14 ft - National R Y A classYachting Monthly1927/10415
13570Tyrell, John JrYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting Monthly1928/02273
1522CrystalShepherd, FYacht, yawl37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1928/02260
806Baby BuntingJenkins, A BrianYacht, ketch18 ft LOAYachting Monthly1928/02270
10956TritonelleHope, LintonCanoe, sailingR C C B classYachting Monthly1920/09422
11789Butler, T HarrisonYacht, cutter31 ft LOAYachting Monthly1928/02265
12426Inman, C G Dinghy, sailing16 ftYachting Monthly1928/03342
10034SaoirseFox, UffaYacht, sloop19 ftYachting Monthly1928/03345
13689Westmacott, AYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1928/03333
13434Stone, R NDinghy, sailing16 ftYachting Monthly1928/03339
13433Stone, R NDinghy, sailing17 ft - Brightlingsea classYachting Monthly1928/03337
9971SafariJenkins, A BrianYacht, cutter20 ft LOAYachting Monthly1928/02267
11385XHutchinson, H W Yacht, sloopModel 10 raterYachting Monthly1920/10509
9044MollyCole, R Yacht, yawl36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1928/02263
10695Tally HoStrange, AlbertYacht, cutter47 ft LOAYachting Monthly1927/10412
9754RadientFox, UffaDinghy, sailing14 ft - National classYachting Monthly1927/10416
12057Dervin, HYacht, schooner28 m LOAYachting Monthly1927/10417
12425Inman, C G Dinghy, sailing14 ft - National classYachting Monthly1927/1151
9092MoonshineDickie, Peter SYacht, ketch58 ft LOA -see also 1928/01 p 193Yachting Monthly1927/1157
11454ZetaYacht, ketch28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1927/1154
13861Yacht, ketch50 ft LOAYachting Monthly1927/12129
11890Clouston, T H Yacht, sloop20 ft LOA - half deckerYachting Monthly1928/01198
8325JosephineDaniels, W J Yacht, sloop33 ft LOA - 6m classYachting Monthly1928/01188
7996HawkeBoeier26 ftYachting Monthly1928/02225
8477La GoletaYacht, schooner54 ft LOAYachting Monthly1928/03346
9654PomonaWatts, J MurrayYacht, schooner37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1927/06132
12418Hutchinson, H W Yacht, ketch30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1925/08262
11302WidaYacht, yawl31 ft LOAYachting Monthly1926/07196
1637DelfinYacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1926/07193
7774GermanyYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1926/08277
11155Von Uddevalla Bis HaparandaYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1926/08280
8609LilyWallace, EricYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting Monthly1921/01 210
10153SeamouseBalfour, R A Dinghy, sailing21 ftYachting Monthly1921/01 165
8747Malabar VIIAlden, JohnYacht, schooner53 ft LOAYachting Monthly1926/09347
10649Swen KryssYacht, ketch32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1926/09350
11745Burgess, Swasey & PayneYacht, sloop28 ft - Royal Bermuda Y C O D classYachting Monthly1926/10423
13853Yacht, ketch62 ft LOAYachting Monthly1926/10421
11015UndaYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting Monthly1926/06134
1665DiablesseYacht52 ft LOAYachting Monthly1926/04336
12599Luke, A RDinghy, sailing14 ft - Hamble River Star classYachting Monthly1926/04382
8031HeronChatwin, L B Dinghy, sailing12 ftYachting Monthly1925/09337
8746Malabar JrAlden, JohnYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly1925/10414
10159SeawanhakaCox & Stevens Yacht, schooner60 ft LOA - see also YM 1925/08 p 266Yachting Monthly1925/1132
13401Soper, J MYacht, ketch57 ft LOAYachting Monthly1925/1142
12129Fife, WilliamYacht, sloop16 ft - Conway O D classYachting Monthly1925/12110
12744Mead, HarleyDinghy, sailing18 ft - Westcliffe Y C classYachting Monthly1926/01174
13852Yacht, sloopModel 6 m classYachting Monthly1926/01186
11493Alden, John GYacht, schooner45 ft LOAYachting Monthly1926/02238
11487Alden, JohnYacht, sloop65 ft LOA - Q classYachting Monthly1926/03307
11408YamileDervin, M H Yacht, yawl42 ft LOAYachting Monthly1929/07212
11036Vailima IIBergius, WYacht, cutter74 ft LOAYachting Monthly1926/1156
11488Alden, JohnYacht, schooner84 ft LOAYachting Monthly1926/1154
11529Atkin, WilliamMotor36 ftYachting Monthly1927/04417
12050Dawson, D D Motor38 ft Yachting Monthly1927/04411
10422SpindriftCole, H E Yacht, sloop 24 ft LOAYachting Monthly1927/0521
13311Shepherd, FYacht40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1927/058
7716FrisiaYacht, yawlYachting Monthly1927/06138
8621LismoreWatts, J MurrayYacht, schooner55 ft LOAYachting Monthly1927/06 136
10517SubstituteDaniels, W J Yacht, sloopModel 12 mYachting Monthly1921/01198
7742Gato NeroWatts, J MurrayYacht, schooner45 ft LOAYachting Monthly1927/06134
11025Utiekah IIIGiles, I EYacht, yawl56 ft LOA - see also CB 1993/06 p 64Yachting Monthly1927/06124
11136Vioal IIWatts, J MurrayYacht, schooner 67 ft LOAYachting Monthly1927/06129
12553Laws, G UYacht, cutter38 ftYachting Monthly1927/04414
12213Giles, J LaurentYacht, ketch30 ft LWLYachting Monthly1927/03344
1383Commodore TrunnionMunro, D & SonYacht, ketch45 ftYachting Monthly1927/03347
8162IngridLiljegrenYacht, cutter17 ft LOAYachting Monthly1926/12128
11744Burgess, Rigg & MorganYacht, cutter60 ft - 10m classYachting Monthly1927/01206
13021Nielsen, AYacht, sloop33 ft LOA 6 mYachting Monthly1927/01208
9120Moyana IIMylne, AlfredYacht, sloop65 ft 12 mYachting Monthly1927/01203
10778The AkkaYacht, sloop30 ftYachting Monthly1927/01169
13857PilotHartlepool CobleYachting Monthly1927/02 277
13855CobleHartlepool PilotYachting Monthly1927/02277
13854CobleWhitby, fishingYachting Monthly1927/02276
13856FishingWhitby CobleYachting Monthly1927/02276
9337NorwegianAtkin, WilliamYacht, cutter32 ftYachting Monthly1927/02273
3290EmeraldWatts, J MurrayYacht, yawl50 ft LOAYachting Monthly1927/06137
12419Hyland LtdMotor36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1934/04444
319 Brown, F B R Dinghy, sailing10 ftYachting Monthly1934/06224
744AskadilButler, T HarrisonYacht, cutter29 ft LOA - see also YM 1937/01 p 202, YW 1943/09Yachting Monthly1934/06200
775Augusta Lifeboat33 ft - sailingYachting Monthly1934/08282
10467Star SongWatts, O M Yacht, cutter30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1934/08301
12518Laurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop 36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1934/09381
8010Helen MaryMorgan GilesMotor30 ftYachting Monthly1934/10460
13603Vosper & CoYacht, motor105 ftYachting Monthly1934/10459
12234Green, A RomneyYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting Monthly1934/1122
9913Rosemary IVFife, WilliamYacht, sloop54 ft LOAYachting Monthly1934/1119
8934MerlinLetcher, AYacht, cutter37 ft LOA - see also CB 1990/02 p 20Yachting Monthly1934/0559
10244ShireenShepherd, FYacht, cutter51 ft LOA - see also Ymn 1934/04 p 41Yachting Monthly1934/0560
13580UndergradDinghy, sailing9 ft - SharpieYachting Monthly1934/04409
12483Kris Cruisers LtdYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting Monthly1934/04451
13040Osborne, WilliamMotor36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1934/0549
9106MorvenWatson, G L & CoYacht, sloop20 ft LWLYachting Monthly1934/05140
10981TumlareReimers, Knut HYacht, sloop27 ft LOA - Tuml;aren class - see also Ymn 1935/Yachting Monthly1934/05139
10696Tally HoYacht, cutter30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1934/05123
10699TamahineLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, motor63 ft - see also CB 2001/06 p 36Yachting Monthly1934/05138
12236Griffiths, MauriceYacht, ketch45 ft LOA C B Yachting Monthly1934/0562
11854Clark, RobertYacht, sloop29 ft LOA - 5m classYachting Monthly1934/0556
3296EndeavourNicholson, CharlesYacht, sloop129 ft LOA - see also YM 1989/11 p 63, CB 1989/10Yachting Monthly1934/1140
9760RainbowBurgess, StarlingYacht, sloop128 ft - J class - see also CB 1999/10 p 37Yachting Monthly1934/1140
7521FayawayAlden, John GYacht, ketch35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1935/01220
11033VagabondDallimore, N EYacht, schooner55 ft LOA C B Yachting Monthly1935/01195
9787RawanahGriffiths, MauriceYacht, ketch35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1935/01220
13926Windermere 22 ft - 18th century local boatYachting Monthly1935/01180
13683Webb, DanYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting Monthly1935/01224
12484Kris Cruisers LtdYacht, yawl30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1935/02291
11360WishboneFox, UffaYacht, ketch83 ft LOAYachting Monthly1935/02306
12738McNary, W F Yacht, ketch44 ft LOAYachting Monthly1935/02302
12269Halliday, TYacht, ketch42 ft LOAYachting Monthly1935/02304
13925Sprat Boat15 ft LOA - AldeboroughYachting Monthly19343/01191
12784Morgan GilesYacht, sloop17 ft - JollyboatYachting Monthly1934/12116
11222Wee MacWestmacott, AYacht, ketch43 ft LOAYachting Monthly1934/1138
8709MadalenaPhilip & SonYacht, cutter54 ft LOA - see also YW 1934/11 p 446Yachting Monthly1934/1158
8531LapwingGriffiths, MauriceYacht, cutter30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1934/1160
12420Hyland LtdYacht, motor52 ftYachting Monthly1934/12128
10136SeagoeBlake, W M Yacht, sloop38 ft - see also CB 1997/01 p 47Yachting Monthly1934/12132
3320ErycinaPrigg, H G Fishing71 ft LOA - Plymouth trawlerYachting Monthly1934/12105
318 Blake, W M Dinghy, sailing12 ft - East Suffolk Restricted classYachting Monthly1934/12134
12519Laurent Giles & PartnersYacht, ketch55 ft LOAYachting Monthly1934/12130
10253Shulah II Dickie, A M & SonsYacht, yawl40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1934/12107
11693Brown, F B R Yacht, cutter27 ft LWLYachting Monthly1935/02308
9841RicthurWatts, J MurrayYacht, schooner38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1933/04440
10928TrenoraThornycroftYacht, motor210 ft LOA - 820 tonYachting Monthly1933/06132
11985Cundell, JMotor27 ft LOA - dieselYachting Monthly1933/06 135
1160CariadPilot47 ft LOA - Bristol ChannelYachting Monthly1933/07183
9766Rama IIButler, T HarrisonYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting Monthly1933/07208
11853Clark, RobertYacht, cutter51 ft LOAYachting Monthly1933/08295
13920Bawley37 ft LOA - HarwichYachting Monthly1933/08261
8864MaudalricWatts, O M Yacht, motor56 ft LOAYachting Monthly1933/08286
13921Smack45 ft LOA - ColchesterYachting Monthly1933/08262
8743MakoraGraham, S NYacht, cutter47 ft LOAYachting Monthly1933/09372
12783Morgan GilesJollyboat17 ft - YRA NationalYachting Monthly1933/06122
13919BargeYachting Monthly1933/06116
13916Motor50 ft LOA Hyland Ocean classYachting Monthly1933/04444
13918FishingMorecambe Bay PrawnerYachting Monthly1933/0544
11418YehonalaWatson, G L & CoYacht, motor75 ft LOAYachting Monthly1933/0559
11801Camper & NicholsonYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting Monthly1933/0552
11518Anker, JohanYacht, sloop29 ft LOA - Royal Hong Kong Y C O D classYachting Monthly1933/0550
8520LamadineLaurent Giles & PartnersFishing45 ft LOAYachting Monthly1933/0562
7710FrenchmanLefevre, LeonYacht, cutter40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1933/0527
13709Williams, F C Catboat21 ft LOA - Cape CodYachting Monthly1933/05 60
13690Westmacott, AYacht, sloop21 ft - Bembridge O D classYachting Monthly1933/06133
13922Crab 18 ft LOA - SherringhamYachting Monthly1933/09369
10324SlaunthaPaul, Rodney WYacht, yawl28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1933/09338
10684Tai Mo ShanRouse, H S Yacht, ketch54 ft LOAYachting Monthly1934/01210
12161Freeman, R E Yacht, sloop18 ft LOAYachting Monthly1934/02298
8571LeilaDallimore, N EYacht, sloop36 ft LOA - see also CB 2000/11 p 21Yachting Monthly1934/02295
960BlondeHope, LintonYacht, cutter45 ft LOAYachting Monthly1934/03327
13300See, Percy MDinghy, sailing15 ft LOA - Solent Seagull O D classYachting Monthly1934/03362
12747Mead, HarleyYacht, schooner64 ft LOAYachting Monthly1934/03376
12413Husk & SonYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1934/03375
9124Mrs RanzoBlake, W M Yacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting Monthly1934/04452
9531PearlBarge85 ft LOA - BoomyYachting Monthly1934/04428
3289Emanuel Anderson, AYacht, cutter30 ft LOA - see also CB 1990/12 p 20, CB 2005/12 Yachting Monthly1934/01199
12165Freeman, R F Yacht, cutter24 ft LOAYachting Monthly1933/12134
10667SymphonyGriffiths, MauriceYacht, yawl33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1933/10446
12517Lymington LLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, sloop23 ft LOA - Lymington Utility O D classYachting Monthly1933/10444
13923Shrimp20 ft LOA - LowestoftYachting Monthly1933/10425
9776RanzaYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting Monthly1933/1156
698ArabellaWalton Yacht & Launch CoYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1933/1160
9408Old MariaBroads Lateener25 ft LOAYachting Monthly1933/1124
1213CayucaButler, T HarrisonYacht, cutter36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1933/12132
13924Coble25 ft LOA - YorkshireYachting Monthly1933/12108
9416OliviaMcCallum, J AYacht, schooner57 ft LOAYachting Monthly1933/12118
11692Brown, F B R Yacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1934/04454
11855Clark, RobertYacht, ketch46 ft LOAYachting Monthly1935/03384
10782The CruiserGardner, A E Yacht, yawl43 ft LOAYachting Monthly1935/1158
12301Hart, E PYacht, sloop28 ft LOA C B Yachting Monthly1936/01228
1450CorbieJacobs, DennisYacht, cutter22 ft LOAYachting Monthly1936/01191
13280Saunders-RoeYacht, motor70 ft LOAYachting Monthly1936/02307
10022SandpiperSymonds, A AYacht, cutter23 ft LOAYachting Monthly1936/02310
8178IolaGale, H & CoYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1936/02281
11803Camper & NicholsonYacht, motor77 ft LOAYachting Monthly1936/02306
8737Maiden LightPaul, Rodney WYacht, cutter47 ft LOAYachting Monthly1936/02308
11576Bell, G PhilipYacht, yawl27 ft LOA C BYachting Monthly1936/03388
13405Soper, J M & SonYacht, sloop25 ft LOA C BYachting Monthly1936/03386
10454St RomaFreeman, R F Yacht, ketch37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1936/01225
1161CariadPilot51 ft LOA - Bristol ChannelYachting Monthly1936/01230
8437KirstyMowat, D M Yacht, ketch37 ft - see also CB 1987/03 p 55Yachting Monthly1935/1122
12522Laurent Giles & PartnersYacht, cutter25 ft LOAYachting Monthly1935/1160
13929Hooker50 ft - PlymouthYachting Monthly1935/1114
9152MysteryClark, RobertYacht, cutter37 ft LOA - see also YW 1936/07 p 90, YM 1936/09 Yachting Monthly1935/12136
8141IlexNicholson, CYacht, cutter51 ft LOA - see also CB 1997/01 p 34Yachting Monthly1935/12110
12471Kingsley, CharlesYacht, cutter32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1935/12140
13567Tyrell , JohnYacht, yawl35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1935/12138
1395ConewagoStephens, OlinYacht, sloop48 ft LOAYachting Monthly1935/12133
3205DyarchyPilot41 ft LOA - Bristol Channel - see also YM 1964/1Yachting Monthly1936/01230
11856Clark, RobertYacht, cutter42 ft LOAYachting Monthly1936/03384
12739McNary, W F Yacht, yawl42 ft LOAYachting Monthly1936/03380
11573Belknap & PaineYacht, cutter50 ft LOA - Eastern Y C O D class - see also YWYachting Monthly1936/0540
11917Cooper, Charles LtdDinghy, sailing9 ftYachting Monthly1936/0562
12724McGregor, P J Yacht, yawl43 ft LOAYachting Monthly1936/0558
13407Sparkman & StephensYacht, cutter54 ft LOA - New York Y C O D classYachting Monthly1936/0541
1242ChallengerParker, F R Yacht, yawl37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1936/0560
12990Mylne, AlfredYacht, sloop35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1936/06132
13932Yacht, ketch52 ft LOAYachting Monthly1936/06134
661AndanteDallimore, N EYacht, cutter38 ft LOA - see also YW 1936 p 290Yachting Monthly1936/07238
11226Wei-HaiDallimore, N EYacht, cutter28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1936/07240
7508FarawayButler, T HarrisonYacht, cutter26 ft LOAYachting Monthly1936/0526
13135Pery-Knox-GoreDinghy, rowing8 ftYachting Monthly1936/0563
12349Hobbs, W LYacht, cutter43 ft LOAYachting Monthly1936/03382
13930Yacht, sloop29 ft LOA - Dragon classYachting Monthly1936/03359
12421Hyland LtdMotor43 ft LOAYachting Monthly1936/04471
9679PrincessScheel, Henry AYacht, yawl42 ft LOAYachting Monthly1936/04452
12523Laurent Giles & PartnersYacht, cutter24 ft LOAYachting Monthly1936/04478
10120Sea RoverDallimore, Norman EYacht, cutter42 ft LOAYachting Monthly1936/04454
13353Slater, E BYacht, yawl43 ft LOAYachting Monthly1936/04456
694AprilStrange, AlbertYacht, yawl36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1936/04442
7761GemMcBryde, W G Yacht, cutter44 ft LOAYachting Monthly1936/04450
8697MaadiSilver, J A Yacht, motor43 ftYachting Monthly1936/07229
7637Flora MayBarge50 ft LOA - TamarYachting Monthly1935/03353
9920Rowan IIIMylne, AlfredYacht, sloop -ex- Vadai - 6m classYachting Monthly1935/0556
13317Shepherd, FYacht, schooner67 ft LOAYachting Monthly1935/0555
11670Brooke Marine Construction CoYacht, motor60 ftYachting Monthly1935/0549
9561PeridotClayton, C PYacht, motor75 ft LOA - see also Ymn 1904/06 p 65 , Mbt 1935/Yachting Monthly1935/0546
13927DhowAdenYachting Monthly1935/0525
9032MistressMeek, W McCYacht, cutter38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1935/06117
12496Kroger, GebrDinghy, sailing12 ftYachting Monthly1935/06134
12175French, E HYacht, motor52 ftYachting Monthly1935/06127
11409YankeeBelknap & Paine 126 ft LOA Yachting Monthly1935/06109
12064Dickie, A M & SonsYacht, ketch70 ft LOAYachting Monthly1935/0558
13472Taylor, J & BatesYacht, motor 55 ftYachting Monthly1935/04465
8580LeonoraMarchand, A LeYacht, cutter53 ft LOAYachting Monthly1935/03362
8371KandooParker, F RYacht, ketch40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1935/03386
11610Blake, W M Yacht, cutter45 ft LOAYachting Monthly1935/03382
8240JadeYacht, sloop15 ftYachting Monthly1935/03371
1438Cooper 30Cooper, Charles LtdDinghy, sailing14 ft - see also YW 1935/02 p 132Yachting Monthly1935/03409
11986Cundell, JYacht, schooner45 ft LOAYachting Monthly1935/03388
8041High MeitHenningsen, TYacht, ketch44 ft LOAYachting Monthly1935/04470
9919Rowan IIMcGregor, P J Yacht, ketch37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1935/04427
13119Paul, Rodney WYacht, motor54 ft LOAYachting Monthly1935/04464
12727McGruer, EYacht, sloop20 ft LOAYachting Monthly1935/06132
1237CetoVosper & CoYacht, steam105 ftYachting Monthly1935/06122
12521Laurent Giles & PartnersYacht, cutter41 ft LOAYachting Monthly1935/08292
7929GwendolineSmack55 ft LOA - Plymouth tradingYachting Monthly1935/08283
1437Cooper Cooper, C LtdYacht, cutter28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1935/09390
828BalticaNilsen, AageYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1935/09386
793AvonDinghy, sailing14 ftYachting Monthly1935/09393
13293Sea ServicesYacht, ketch30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1935/09388
10417SphinxAmeen, AkeYacht, sloop37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1935/09382
7819GirofleeWatson, G L & CoYacht, motor93 ft LOA - see also YW 1937/07 p 64Yachting Monthly1935/09369
7643Fly By NightHervey, R C J Motor35 ftYachting Monthly1935/09373
8929MerganserWatts, O M Yacht, cutter39 ft LOAYachting Monthly1935/07218
1570DagmarBain, JohnYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting Monthly1935/07215
8981MinervaFife, WilliamYacht54 ft LOAYachting Monthly1935/07194
7869GossoonBurgess, EYacht53 ft LOAYachting Monthly1935/07196
7836GlorianaHerreshoff, N G Yacht70 ft LOAYachting Monthly1935/07196
9348NyalaGriffiths, MauriceYacht, yawl34 ft LOA - see also CB 1989/06 p 67, CB 1992/03 Yachting Monthly1935/07202
8348JullnarBentall, E HYacht, yawl110 ft LOAYachting Monthly1935/07194
10508Stormy WeatherStephens, OlinYacht, yawl53 ft LOA - see also YW 1936/11 p 481, CB 1993/04Yachting Monthly1935/07179
8701MacnabPaul, Rodney WYacht, cutter45 ft LOAYachting Monthly1935/07216
10862TitanWatson, G LYacht, motor98 ft LOAYachting Monthly1935/07209
11152VolanteHarvey, JohnYacht68 ft LOAYachting Monthly1935/07193
13928Yacht, cutter42 ft - amateur designYachting Monthly1935/10474
13362Smith, H C Yacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting Monthly1933/04442
12163Freeman, R F Yacht, yawl36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1930/03373
12700McBryde, W G Motor54 ft LOAYachting Monthly1930/0547
9715PullisHarvey, R WMotor43 ft LOAYachting Monthly1930/0549
12164Freeman, R F Yacht, cutter29 ft LOAYachting Monthly1930/06144
13601Vosper & CoMotor56 ftYachting Monthly1930/06131
13658Watson, G L & CoYacht, ketch51 ft LOAYachting Monthly1930/06130
13906Yacht, cutter53 ft LOA - 28 tonYachting Monthly1930/06146
12343Hill, H OliverFishingBrixham trawlersYachting Monthly1930/07195
11293White BirdShepherd, FYacht, motor100 ftYachting Monthly1930/07214
1453Cordelia IIDickie, A M & SonsYacht, motor70 ftYachting Monthly1930/07213
11346WindwardDallimore, N EYacht, schooner43 ft LOAYachting Monthly1930/0562
12268Halliday, HigleyMotor25 ftYachting Monthly1930/0551
10805ThemisLuke, A R Yacht, ketch52 ft LOAYachting Monthly1930/03378
1519CrusaderCooper, FredMotor39 ftYachting Monthly1930/04457
13571Tyrell, John JrYacht, ketch34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1930/04464
13507ThornycroftHydroplane48 ft LOAYachting Monthly1930/04459
11820Carpenter, W N Yacht, cutter33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1930/04462
7503FantasyVosper & CoMotor42 ftYachting Monthly1930/04458
13905Yacht74 ft - 1780 designYachting Monthly1930/0560
9720PuritanBurgess, W StarlingFishing143 ft - Banks schoonerYachting Monthly1930/0565
8885MayflowerBurgess, W StarlingFishing143 ft - Banks schoonerYachting Monthly1930/0564
10366SolitaireButler, T HarrisonYacht, yawl22 ft LOAYachting Monthly1930/07222
11489Alden, JohnYacht, schooner50 ft LOAYachting Monthly1930/08304
7685Frances IIVosper & CoYacht, ketch53 ft LOAYachting Monthly1930/1160
13908Motor45ft - ExcelsiorYachting Monthly1930/1163
11475Abeking & RasmussenYacht, sloop32 ft LOA - 30 sqm classYachting Monthly1930/1164
11476Abeking & RasmussenYacht, sloop36 ft LOA - 40 sqm classYachting Monthly1930/1164
3225EddaProut, GeoffreyYacht, sloop12 ftYachting Monthly1930/12110
9411OlecoMotor48 ft LOA - fishing boat styleYachting Monthly1930/12131
9565PersephoneHoward, J T Yacht, cutter28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1930/12196
7731GalatheaHerlin, C T Yacht, cutter35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1930/12144
11689Brooke, J W & CoMotor52 ft LOAYachting Monthly1930/12127
10179Senang HatiBlake, W MYacht, ketch30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1930/10459
11109VickyMcBryde, W G Yacht, ketch70 ft LOAYachting Monthly1930/10 456
13907Yacht, ketch39 ft LOAYachting Monthly1930/08305
10501Storm CloudGriffiths, MauriceYacht, cutter30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1930/08302
10719TaransayWatson, G L & CoYacht, motor109 ft LOAYachting Monthly1930/08300
509AliceMunroe, R M Yacht, ketch52 ft LOA - see also YM 1930/09 p 347Yachting Monthly1930/08268
7807GipsyRichards, E C Motor38 ftYachting Monthly1932/1121
11026Utopia ThornycroftMotor48 ft LOAYachting Monthly1930/09383
1334ClymeneGiles, J LaurentYacht, yawl52 ft LOAYachting Monthly1930/09376
8506Lady MurielMotor47 ft LOAYachting Monthly1930/10454
11688Brooke, J W & CoHouseboat65 ftYachting Monthly1930/10455
12574Levey, HubertDinghy12 ft - see also YM 1930/12 p190Yachting Monthly1930/12117
8161IngegerdYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1929/07218
1460CorneliaYacht, sloop30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1929/09381
932BingoYacht, yawl23 ft LOAYachting Monthly1929/09358
13060PalinurusYacht, sloop7 m LOAYachting Monthly1929/09346
8475La CutterYacht, cutter29 ft LOAYachting Monthly1929/09378
7708FrefradaGale, H & CoMotor65 ft LOA Yachting Monthly1929/09398
8858MatinettaThornycroftMotor92 ft LOAYachting Monthly1929/09392
13600Vosper & CoMotor37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1929/10476
10785The Hoyal ThornycroftMotor40 ft LOA - see also YM 1930/03 p 372Yachting Monthly1929/10461
12477Knopp, LeslieYacht, schooner40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1929/10454
1031BraemarMotor97 ft LOAYachting Monthly1929/09391
8983MingaryMylne, AlfredYacht, ketch59 ft LOA - see also CB 1991/10 p 32Yachting Monthly1929/08314
12058Dervin, HYacht, cutter46 ft LOAYachting Monthly1929/07214
10450St JoanBrooke, J W & CoMotor52 ft LOAYachting Monthly1929/07231
13657Watson, G L & CoYacht, schooner168 ft LOAYachting Monthly1929/07131
9281NirvanaHerlin,TYacht, cutter32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1929/07220
1170Carn DhuWarrington Smyth, BMotor22 ft LOAYachting Monthly1929/07189
1254Channel CruiserMotor37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1929/07232
13903Catboat24 ftYachting Monthly1929/08257
10651SwiftCozens, GYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting Monthly1929/08281
1204CatrionaBain, JohnYacht62 ft LOA - SilverYachting Monthly1929/08304
13505ThornycroftMotor40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1929/10461
9904RosaThornycroftMotor148 ft LOAYachting Monthly1929/10452
8851MatahariBurt, R S & CoYacht, yawl29 ft LOAYachting Monthly1930/02294
3232EendjeFawkea, MTjotter12 ftYachting Monthly1930/02262
13506ThornycroftMotor136 ft LWLYachting Monthly1930/02301
13619Walton on Thames Launch CoMotor40 ftYachting Monthly1930/02303
10884ToquadeStow, E A Yacht, barge90 ft LOAYachting Monthly1930/02296
11275WestwindBain, JohnMotor60 ft SilverYachting Monthly1930/02301
10810ThermopylaeClipperSail plan and linesYachting Monthly1930/02293
13479Taylor, James & Bates LtdMotor48 ft LOAYachting Monthly1930/03371
3134DouchkaMotor56 ftYachting Monthly1930/03370
12478Knopp, LeslieYacht, cutter36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1930/01219
8742Maitenes IIMead, HarleyYacht, cutter49 ft - see also CB 1991/04 p 41Yachting Monthly1930/01184
11523Archer, ColinFishing44 ft LOA - ketch rigYachting Monthly1929/10458
8011Helen MayDickie, A M & SonsMotor65 ftYachting Monthly1929/1174
8630Little MarinerTaylor, James & Bates LtdMotor40 ftYachting Monthly1929/1178
7943HalcyonThornycroftYacht, ketch79 ft LOAYachting Monthly1929/1160
13904Dory, sailing15 ft & 28 ft - British HondurasYachting Monthly1929/12114
9937Rumah TidorBlake, W M Yacht, bargeYachting Monthly1929/12136
802AzurPhilip & SonMotor100 ftYachting Monthly1929/12154
11605Blake, W MYacht, sloop21 ft LOAYachting Monthly1929/12135
11984Cundell, JYacht, cutter32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1930 /03375
11034VagabondYacht, sloop22 ftYachting Monthly1930/03345
13508ThornycroftMotor40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1931/01214
13910Yacht, ketch39 ft LOAYachting Monthly1932/01200
10784The HornbyYacht, cutter28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1932/06136
11485Alden , J G Yacht, cutter32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1932/06140
8416KickerleRasmussen, HYacht, sloop38 ft LOA - 30 sqm classYachting Monthly1932/06135
536AlohaVosper & CoMotor56 ft LOA - see also Ymn 1932/06 p 189Yachting Monthly1932/07205
10314SkerryvoreMylne, AlfredYacht, yawl40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1932/07216
1554CynthosGoldsmith, M LYacht, yawl38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1932/08290
10057SatanitaSoper, J M Yacht, cutter135 ft LOAYachting Monthly1932/08288
8815MaritaButler, T HarrisonYacht, sloop18 ft LOAYachting Monthly1932/09370
13459Symonds, A AYacht, cutter25 ft LOAYachting Monthly1932/09368
7557Fifty-FiftyTupman, R EYacht, yawl26 ft LOAYachting Monthly1932/0558
12516Laurent Giles & PartnersYacht, cutter31 ft LOAYachting Monthly1932/0556
1189CassandraMcCallum, J AYacht, ketch32 ft LOA C BYachting Monthly1932/01175
13314Shepherd, FYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting Monthly1932/02275
8263JeanDickie, A M & SonsYacht, motor87 tonsYachting Monthly1932/03350
13682Webb, DanYacht, sloop18 ftYachting Monthly1932/03348
3151Driac IIGraham, S NYacht, cutter32 ft LOA - see also CB 1997/01 p 43Yachting Monthly1932/03345
8317JoluVoogt, H W deYacht, sloop36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1932/04428
8076HopeLuke, A RYacht, cutter29 ft LOAYachting Monthly1932/04427
3291EmilieYacht, cutter42 ft LOAYachting Monthly1932/04383
13471Taylor, J & BatesMotor55 ft LOAYachting Monthly1932/0560
12480Knopp, LeslieYacht, cutter38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1932/10438
10013Sancta BrigidaTaylor, J & BatesYacht, motor55 ft LOAYachting Monthly1932/10436
13912WherryNorfolkYachting Monthly1933/01193
11891Coade, H C Yacht, cutter40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1933/02292
12305Harvey, R C J Yacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting Monthly1933/02294
13913FishingLowestoft trawlerYachting Monthly1933/02267
13914Punt Itchen ferryYachting Monthly1933/03346
7442EvelynWatts, O M Yacht, cutter45 ft LOAYachting Monthly1933/03360
8241Jaerburn IIYacht, cutter43 ft LOA - Colin Archer typeYachting Monthly1933/03339
11750Burnard, C W Yacht30 ft - three designs for one hullYachting Monthly1933/03358
9269NightfallLidstone, H H Yacht, sloop31 ft LOA - see also CB 2001/08 p 23Yachting Monthly1933/04420
884BeaverTupman, R EYacht, ketch47 ft LOAYachting Monthly1933/01185
13178Pyszka, AlfredYacht, cutter68 ft LOA - 55 ft rating classYachting Monthly1932/12128
12235Griffiths, MauriceYacht, ketch45 ft LOAYachting Monthly1932/10440
11609Blake, W M Dinghy, sailing12 ftYachting Monthly1932/1158
11606Blake, W MDinghy, pram9 ftYachting Monthly1932/1160
11852Clark, RobertYacht, cutter44 ft LOAYachting Monthly1932/1156
13590Voogt, H W deYacht, cutter42 ft LOA - 35 ft rating classYachting Monthly1932/12129
10160SeawayGriffiths, MauriceYacht, cutter28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1932/12130
13210Read, JYacht, cutter66 ft LOA - 55 ft rating classYachting Monthly1932/12127
13911Yacht, sloop12 sqm - SharpiesYachting Monthly1932/12132
7976HarewbellAbeking & RasmussenYacht, ketch70 ft LOAYachting Monthly1932/12111
13917Yacht, yawlSuffolk yawlYachting Monthly1933/04414
13572Tyrell, John JrMotor45 ft LOAYachting Monthly1931/01215
11897Cockshott, GeorgeYacht, cutter50 ft LOAYachting Monthly1931/03386
13313Shepherd, FMotor69 ft LOAYachting Monthly1931/03364
3258ElfinWestmacott, AYacht, sloop27 ft LOAYachting Monthly1931/03355
12332Hervey, R C J Motor19 ft LOAYachting Monthly1931/04454
12412Husk & SonMotor36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1931/04453
11918Cooper, FredMotor45 ft VosperYachting Monthly1931/04452
8009Helen Campbell, WilliamMotor60 ft LOAYachting Monthly1931/04450
12214Giles, J LaurentMotor56 ft LOAYachting Monthly1931/04451
900Ben BowAtkin, WilliamYacht, sloop28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1931/0527
8847MaskeeJunk42 ft LOA SwatowYachting Monthly1931/03338
11546Bain, JohnMotor30 ft SilveretteYachting Monthly1931/02287
8410KhamseenButler, T HarrisonYacht, cutter31 ft LOAYachting Monthly1931/01228
11296White HeronLentsch, G de VriesYacht, motor69 ft LOAYachting Monthly1931/01210
11156VoocoVoogt, H W deMotor29 ft LOAYachting Monthly1931/02290
3311EnterpriseYacht, cutter128 ft LOA - J class - see also CB 2005/02 p 18Yachting Monthly1931/02296
9413Olive MaryGriffiths, MauriceYacht, cutter25 ft LOAYachting Monthly1931/02304
11838Chris-CraftMotor36 ft Yachting Monthly1931/02286
10204Shamrock VNicholson, C EYacht, cutter119 ft LOA - J class - see also YW 2000/06 p 137Yachting Monthly1931/02296
12701McBryde, W G Motor70 ftYachting Monthly1931/02284
1381ComfyMcBryde, W G Motor29 ft LOAYachting Monthly1931/02292
543AltairFife, WilliamYacht, schooner109 ft LOA - see also YM 1988/01 p 104Yachting Monthly1931/0566
9185Nancy LeeGoldsmith, M LYacht, cutter44 ft LOAYachting Monthly1931/06141
10725Tarifa IISmith, H C Yacht, cutter30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1931/10422
8952Mersey KetchYacht, motor34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1931/10439
9718PunkDinghy, sailing9 ftYachting Monthly1931/10409
8588LexiaShepherd, FredYacht, cutter64 ft LOAYachting Monthly1931/1154
1030BraemarWhite, J Samuel & CoYacht, motor123 ft LOAYachting Monthly1931/1156
11132VindilisButler, T HarrisonYacht, yawl22 ft LWL - see also YM 1935/04 p 435, Ymn 1941/0Yachting Monthly1931/12126
7778Gertrude L ThebauldFishingBanks schoonerYachting Monthly1931/1286
12479Knopp, LeslieYacht, ketch39 ft LOAYachting Monthly1931/12128
11686Brooke Marine Motors LtdYacht, sailing30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1932 /02265
3313EostraWilson, G & CoYacht, yawl64 ft LOAYachting Monthly1931/09360
13530Thornycroft & CoYacht, motor52 ft Yachting Monthly1931/08289
12515Laurent Giles & PartnersYacht, cutter51 ft LOAYachting Monthly1931/06138
11207Water GypsyAlden, JohnYacht, schooner59 ft LOAYachting Monthly1931/07212
715ArgoLaurent Giles & PartnersYacht, yawl33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1931/07211
500AldicDunlop, JYacht, motor92 ft LOAYachting Monthly1931/08286
453AdvanceCooper, FredMotor40 ftYachting Monthly1931/08284
1048BriskBain, JohnYacht, motor52 ftYachting Monthly1931/08288
13909Fishing59 ft - 18th century DutchYachting Monthly1931/08291
9128MuldonichWatson, G L & CoYacht, yawl30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1931/08290
9237NeritaThornycroft & CoMotor52 ftYachting Monthly1931/08282
8220IzarraDervin, M H Yacht, brig93 ft LOAYachting Monthly1932/01202
12386Hope, LintonDinghy, sailing18 ft Naini Tal Y C O D ClassYachting Monthly1913/04 471
8340Joybird IIHart, E PYacht, yawl40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1913/0566
13348Simpson, Strickland & CoMotor25 ft SteamYachting Monthly1913/0564
12598Luke, A PYacht, sloop18 ft Hamble O D classYachting Monthly1913/06165
12227Graham, S NYacht, motor60 ft LOAYachting Monthly1913/06151
13255Robertson, A J CYacht, motor42 ftYachting Monthly1913/06175
8138IdlerAshcroft, H JDinghy, sailing16 ftYachting Monthly1913/07209
10380SouterMcCallum, J AYacht, yawl12 tonYachting Monthly1913/07249
7737GalmaMylne, AlfredYacht , motorYachting Monthly1908/09383
9306NordoesteSmith, James AYacht, motor42 ft LOAYachting Monthly1908/08295
805BabetSoe, GYacht, yawl33 ft LOA Pilot typeYachting Monthly1913/07252
1498CremonaMorgan Giles, F C Yacht, sloop6 m classYachting Monthly1913/08353
13400Soper, J MYacht, motor465 tonYachting Monthly1913/08331
1036BratNicholson, C EYacht, yawl38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1913/08322
13276Saunders, S E Ltd.Yacht, motor50 ftYachting Monthly1913/0569
11981Crowinshield, B B Yacht, schoonerYachting Monthly1908/09378
13389Soe, GFishingGravelinesYachting Monthly1908/09363
3315EraDawson, DudleyYacht, sloop6 mtere classYachting Monthly1908/10455
11219We TwoNicholson, C E Yacht, sloop22 ft LWLYachting Monthly1908/10462
13346Simpson, H HardyYacht, sloop24 ft LWLYachting Monthly1908/10408
1347Cocky LionMorgan Giles, F C Dinghy, sailing14 ftYachting Monthly1908/09385
1690Dixie ICrane, Clinton HMotor40 ftYachting Monthly1908/09376
13388Soe, GFishingDunkirkYachting Monthly1908/09362
13776FishingBoulogneYachting Monthly1908/09364
13439Stow & SonsYacht, cutter8 tonYachting Monthly1913/04529
13694White BrosYacht, ketch115 tonYachting Monthly1913/04527
322 Oertz, MYacht, sloop8 m LOAYachting Monthly1913/04525
1545CycloneWebb, DanYacht, motor35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1913/04508
11397Y Ddraig GochGray, WYacht, schooner200 ftYachting Monthly1913/0561
10247ShonaWatson, G LYacht, cutter32 ft LWLYachting Monthly1907/03397
1013Boule de NeigeArbeautYacht, sloop6 metre classYachting Monthly1908/08300
11462ZoniaDixson & HutchinsonMotor25 ft - see also CB 1991/08 p 44Yachting Monthly1908/08299
13057Pain-Clark, JYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1914/01228
12742Mead, HarleyYacht, motor45 ftYachting Monthly1908/07210
13121Payne, A EYacht, sloopLough Erne O D classYachting Monthly1908/06150
9054MontanaRasmussen, HYacht, sloop9 m LOAYachting Monthly1914/01236
8800Marie ElizabethRasmussen, HYacht, sloop11 m LOAYachting Monthly1914/01236
12806Morgan Giles, F C Yacht, yawl32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1914/01225
12066Dickie, Peter SYacht, motor38 ftYachting Monthly1914/02315
3247EleanorShepherd, FYacht, motor52 ft - see also CB 1999/07 p 41Yachting Monthly1914/02319
1317ClaribelSimpson, HYacht, sloop22 ft LOA Conway River classYachting Monthly1914/02321
12212Gibson, G McLeanYacht, barge28 ft LWLYachting Monthly1908/06113
13056Pain-Clark, JYacht, sloop22 ft LOA - Royal Corinthian Y C O D classYachting Monthly1908/06126
733ArohaMcCallum, J AYacht, motor56 tonYachting Monthly1914/03385
8954MeteorOertz, MYacht, schooner400 tonYachting Monthly1914/03389
12979Mylne, AlfredYacht, motor30 ftYachting Monthly1914/01230
3238EilirSimpson, HYacht, sloop22 ft LOA Conway River classYachting Monthly1914 /02321
1064Brooke IIBrooke, J W & CoMotor24 ft - see also CB 1990/03 p 59Yachting Monthly1908/07218
1767AncoraMorgan Giles, F C Yacht, sloop7 m classYachting Monthly1913/08357
830Banba IVShepherd, FYacht, ketch38 ft LOA - Colin Archer type - see also Bmn 19Yachting Monthly1913/09442
10883TopsyStrange, AlbertDinghy, sailing17 ftYachting Monthly1913/09420
10137SeagoerGoeller, F W Yacht, schooner34 ftYachting Monthly1913/09416
8265JeanetteRobb, A MYacht, sloop 25 ft LOA - C B - see also YM 1916/02 p 194, YM Yachting Monthly1913/09438
12712McCallum, J AYacht, motor40 ftYachting Monthly1913/10525
324 Smith, J AYacht, motor40 ftYachting Monthly1913/10527
8132IdaKing & Co.Yacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting Monthly1913/1153
9283NirvanaRehfeldt, FGig 20 ft LOA C BYachting Monthly1908/08281
8248JamaieYacht, ketch36 ft LWLYachting Monthly1908/07209
8641Llys HeligMcCallum, J AYacht, ketch56 ft LWL Yachting Monthly1913/12154
13363Smith, J AYacht, ketch57 tonYachting Monthly1913/12154
8619LisaSchreiber, R ECanoe, sailingR C C class BYachting Monthly1908/07216
9404OilivineCoade, C CYacht, cutter40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1914/03395
9016MischiefDickie, Peter SYacht, yawl35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1913/04 513
11044ValmaiMylne, AlfredYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting Monthly1912/08329
7718FroggyHayles, J RHydroplaneYachting Monthly1908/12140
11886Clayton, HYacht, yawl40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1912/1179
9907Rose de VentsYacht, yawl22 m LOAYachting Monthly1912/1174
9415OliviaMcCallum, J AYacht, motor45 ft Yachting Monthly1912/1177
10697Tally-HoBroomfield, W F DHydroplaneYachting Monthly1908/12137
1526CuanDawson, DudleyYacht, sloop30 ft LWLYachting Monthly1908/12112
3126DormyLaws, G UYacht, sloop22 ft LWL - 6 m class - see also CB2001/11 p44Yachting Monthly1908/12 117
11016Une IdeePenny, Claude SHydroplaneYachting Monthly1908/12139
12719McCullum, J AYacht, motorYachting Monthly1908/12148
13442Strange, AlbertYacht, sloopSolway classYachting Monthly1908/1159
8862MaudSoe, GYacht, ketch30 ftYachting Monthly1908/11 51
7839GnatMorgan Giles & MayCanoe, sailing17 ft LOAYachting Monthly1912/1182
9109MothHope, LintonCanoe, sailing18 ftYachting Monthly1908/1130
13396Soe, GYacht, ketch100 ft LOA GravelinesYachting Monthly1912/10501
11778Butler, T HarrisonYacht, cutter22 ft LOA Yachting Monthly1912/10491
10232Sheila IIStrange, AlbertYacht, yawl31 ft LOA - see also YM 1949/04 p 158, YM 1991/06Yachting Monthly1912/10498
13395Soe, GYacht, sloop19 ft LOAYachting Monthly1912/08341
3284Elsie Fife, WilliamYacht, schooner64 ft LOAYachting Monthly1912/08347
12600Lune Valley Eng CoYacht, steam44 ftYachting Monthly1908/12147
8451KnoxpotzMorgan Giles, F C HydroplaneYachting Monthly1908/12135
7826GlanceMorgan Giles, F C Yacht, sloop30 ft LWLYachting Monthly1908/12 109
11777Butler, T HarrisonYacht, yawl17 ton - see also page 418Yachting Monthly1912/09399
12273Hamble River, Luke & CoYacht, motor67 ftYachting Monthly1912/09409
13213Rehfeldt, FYacht, sloop 6 m LOAYachting Monthly1912/09413
9936RuinieSmith, James AYacht, yawl29 ft LWLYachting Monthly1908/12145
11130VimCrossley, P CYacht, yawl30 ft LWLYachting Monthly1908/12115
1549CygnetMotor42 ftYachting Monthly1912/10497
9457OttawaWatson, G LYacht, motor56 ft LOA Yachting Monthly1912/10503
9011MirianYacht, sloop25 ftYachting Monthly1912/10502
9223NepentheSmith, R TenisonYacht, ketch30 ftYachting Monthly1908/1152
10292Sir NigelHotchkiss, D VDinghy, sailing12 ft - see also CB 1991/05 p 6Yachting Monthly1908/112
11417YehonalaMcCallum, J AYacht, motor60 ftYachting Monthly1913/03343
12798Morgan Giles, FYacht, cutter33 ft LOAYachting Monthly1913/03337
13364Smith, James AYacht, ketch37 ft LWLYachting Monthly1908/1171
654AmyPain, J ClarkYacht, ketch35 ft LOA - see also CB 2000/01 p 35Yachting Monthly1908/1147
1329CloudStrange, AlbertYacht, ketch30 ftYachting Monthly1908/1144
1492CoyaHope, LintonYacht, cruiser8 tonYachting Monthly1908/11 41
9181NanMcLaren, J W Yacht, motor35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1913/03436
12776Morgan GilesDinghy, sailing12 ft RNIC Y C classYachting Monthly1913/03406
1029BraboHope, LintonYacht, motor80 tonYachting Monthly1913/03420
10221ShearwaterClayton, HYacht, schooner53 tonYachting Monthly1913/03417
9182NanTredwen, E BYacht, barge41 ft - see also CB 1988/07 p 52Yachting Monthly1908/10458
8177IolaEwen, CMotor32 ft L W LYachting Monthly1908/10454
8088HuguenotWhite , W & SonsYacht, steam61 ft LOAYachting Monthly1908/10457
9222NemoDuckworth, PYacht, motor35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1913/03439
13055Pain- Clark, JYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1913/02340
457AdventuressSoper, J MYacht, steam365 tonYachting Monthly1913/01258
8879MayDickie, Peter SYacht, ketch44 ft LOAYachting Monthly1912/12159
13804FishingFrench TunnyYachting Monthly1912/12145
1315Clara IIGraham, S NYacht, ketch48 ft LOAYachting Monthly1912/12165
10267Silver CloudAllen, FYacht, ketch44 ft LOAYachting Monthly1912/12167
11174WaioraDallimore, N EYacht, yawl49 ft LOA - see also CB 2000/11 p 28Yachting Monthly1912/12170
8994MirabelCoade, C CYacht, yawl50 ft LOAYachting Monthly1912/12156
8665LotteryHart, E PYacht, cutter44 ft LOAYachting Monthly1912/12171
11032VagabondCockshott, GeorgeYacht, yawl49 ft LOAYachting Monthly1912/12154
9562PeridotCoade, H GYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting Monthly1913/01238
7517Faugh - a - BallaghCockshott, GeorgeYacht, sloop 16 ft LWLYachting Monthly1913/01234
12978Mylne, AlfredYacht, motor57 ft LOAYachting Monthly1913/01 256
11980Crossley, P C Yacht, cutter29 ft LOAYachting Monthly1913/01261
10091ScudDallimore, N EYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting Monthly1913/01 231
9708PufferCockshott, GeorgeYacht, motor35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1913/04506
12809Morgan Glies, F C Dinghy, sailing 16 ftYachting Monthly1915/02256
12292Hart, E PYacht, yawl23 ft LWLYachting Monthly1908/02294
13775PilotLower SeineYachting Monthly1908/02288
12229Graham, S NYacht, motor110 ft LOAYachting Monthly1915/0556
10370Some BoxStroud, R J Yacht, sloop27 ft C B Yachting Monthly1915/0527
13774DoryYachting Monthly1908/02300
11779Butler, T HarrisonYacht, yawl26 ft LOAYachting Monthly1915/06125
12388Hope, LintonYacht, sloop18 ft B R A raterYachting Monthly1915/06107
13308Shepherd, FMotor41 ft LOAYachting Monthly1908/02299
325 Soper, J MYacht, sloop18 ft B R A raterYachting Monthly1915/07171
11977Crossley, P CYacht, sloop17 ft Windermere classYachting Monthly1915/07179
13356Small BrosMotorTunnel-sternedYachting Monthly1908/02301
12068Dickson, GPunt, duckYachting Monthly1908/010
9240NettyMcGregor, C GYacht, sloop22 ft LWLYachting Monthly1908/01214
12549Laws, G UYacht, sloopSea View O D classYachting Monthly1908/02273
12276Hands, W HYachtFrench O D classYachting Monthly1908/02302
12315Heckstall-Smith, MYacht, sloop18 ft B R A raterYachting Monthly1915/0539
11696Brown, H LindahlWarshipGunboatYachting Monthly1915/02263
11695Brown, H LindahlWarshipYacht , motorYachting Monthly1915/02263
13120Payne, A EYacht, schooner150 tonYachting Monthly1908/03363
13814Dinghy, sailing15 ftYachting Monthly1915/02267
8629Little MaidWansborough, A WDinghy, sailing12 ft Claremont Y C Yachting Monthly1915/04422
9839RhumfishMorgan GilesMotor17 ft LOAYachting Monthly1915/04391
9669Pourquoi PasDuckworth, PMotor17 ftYachting Monthly1915/04393
10747Teddy BearGraham, S NMotor17 ft LOAYachting Monthly1915/04395
9455OspreyStow, E AYacht, steam60 tonYachting Monthly1908/02297
9849RippleSimpson, H HardeyYacht, cutter22 ft LWLYachting Monthly1908/02282
12586Lomax, H J Yacht42 ftYachting Monthly1908/02281
12741Mead, HarleyPunt, quay20 tonYachting Monthly1908/02278
12387Hope, LintonYacht, sloop33 ft LOA Norfolk Broads O D classYachting Monthly1915/04411
12981Mylne, AlfredYacht, motor60 ft LOAYachting Monthly1915/07187
10338SnarkMorgan GilesDinghy, sailing14 ft West EnglandYachting Monthly1915/07149
9756RafageNicholson, C EYacht12 metreYachting Monthly1907/12158
13013Nicholson, C EYacht, schoonerYachting Monthly1907/12 156
10401SpankerMylne, AlfredYacht, motor82 ft LOAYachting Monthly1907/1146
12629Mc Callum, J AYacht, motor60 ft LOAYachting Monthly1915/10371
8074HopeHarmsen, ConradYacht, motor40 ftYachting Monthly1907/1139
8806MarigoldGraham, S NYacht, motor40 ftYachting Monthly1907/1133
8405KestrelHamilton, JYacht, motor40 ftYachting Monthly1907/1143
9602PhyllisHart, E PYacht, motor40 ftYachting Monthly1907/1135
11978Crossley, P CYacht, sloop18 ft B R A raterYachting Monthly1915/10374
918Betty IIStrange, AlbertYacht, ketch63 ft LOAYachting Monthly1915/10366
13387Soe, GQuiquengrogneYachting Monthly1907/1145
9291NomadBroomfield, W F DYacht, motor40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1907/1140
9443OrchidMcCallum, J AMotor50 ft LOAYachting Monthly1907/10505
12578Lewis, C L Dinghy, sailing14 ft Norfolk Broads classYachting Monthly1915/09319
12982Mylne, AlfredYacht, sloop18 ft B R A raterYachting Monthly1915/08235
9141My Lady DaintyLaws, G UYacht, sloop18 ftYachting Monthly1907/12150
8190IrisGraham, S NYacht, sloop22 ft LWLYachting Monthly1908/01222
8937MermaidClayton, HYacht, cutter21 ft LWLYachting Monthly1908/01183
1331ClovellyJames, J M Yacht, sloop22 ft LWLYachting Monthly1908/01227
11465ZouaveCockburn, E C Yacht, sloop22 ft LWLYachting Monthly1908/01218
13716Wilson, GeorgeYacht, motor75 ft LOAYachting Monthly1915/07186
11436Yum-YumMorgan Giles, F C Yacht, sloop22 ft LWLYachting Monthly1908/01224
9530PearlDawson, DudleyYacht, sloop22 ft LWLYachting Monthly1908/01218
11893Cockshott, GeorgeYacht, sloopW Lancs Y C Star classYachting Monthly1907/12152
12383Hope, LintonYacht, sloop21 ft LWLYachting Monthly1907/12159
13815Yacht, cutterCross Channel PacketYachting Monthly1915/08251
12221Goeller, F W Yacht, yawl38 ft LWLYachting Monthly1915/08261
10102Sea DogM.I .N.A.Motor30 ftYachting Monthly1907/1294
12974Mylne, AlfredFishing32 ft LWLYachting Monthly1907/12154
703AramisWestmacott, AYacht, motor30 ft - see also CB 1991/08 p 43Yachting Monthly1907/10503
13813Warship19 m CutterYachting Monthly1915/01 205
10768TerndwernMorgan Giles, FYacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1914/03393
13015Nicholson, C EDinghy, sailing16 ft Lee on Solent O D classYachting Monthly1914/04479
3308EnidCrossley, P C Yacht, cutter38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1914/04468
9610PilgrimMylne, AlfredYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1914/04475
8861MaudFife, WYacht, ketch34 ft LWLYachting Monthly1908/04400
798AyeshaGraham, S NYacht, ketch26 ft LOAYachting Monthly1908/04432
13806Yacht, sloop44 ft LOAYachting Monthly1914/0577
10808TheresaWalton, CYacht, yawl25 ft LOAYachting Monthly1914/0552
11635Bowes & MowerYacht, sloop38 ft - American R classYachting Monthly1914/0566
12777Morgan GilesDinghy, sailing18 ft Thames Estuary O D classYachting Monthly1914/0561
11598Bilson, F WDinghy, sailingTrent Valley O D classYachting Monthly1908/04441
12980Mylne, AlfredYacht, sloop7 m classYachting Monthly1914/0569
11024UtahJames, John MYacht, cutter40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1914/0550
9735Quest IIIDickie, Peter SYacht, ketch48 ft LOAYachting Monthly1914/06145
13714Willyams, HughFishing16 ftYachting Monthly1908/04450
13295Seamless Steel BoatMotor40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1908/04445
12805Morgan Giles, F C Yacht, sloop16 ft LWL C BYachting Monthly1908/0531
10764TernStrange, AlbertYacht, yawl10 tonYachting Monthly1914/03380
13805Motor33 ftYachting Monthly1914/03383
480AlannahCockshott, GeorgeYacht, cutter38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1914/03399
9148MyraDickie, Peter SYacht, cutter40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1914/04471
10191SerovaDallimore, N EYacht, cutter41 ft LOAYachting Monthly1914/04469
12293Hart, E PYacht, schooner100 ftYachting Monthly1908/06122
12708McBryde,W G Yacht, yawl40 ftYachting Monthly1914/04477
7998HazeHope, LintonCanoe, sailingR C C class BYachting Monthly1908/0571
11830Chatwin, L BDinghy, pramYachting Monthly1908/0539
12384Hope, LintonCanoe, paddlingCanadianYachting Monthly1908/0558
11526Ashton & KilnerPilotPooleYachting Monthly1908/056
11543Baden-Powell, WCanoe, paddlingYachting Monthly1908/0558
8888MayflyHope, LintonCanoe, sailingR C C class BYachting Monthly1908/05 71
8445Ki-WiWhite, H W Yacht, motor35 tonYachting Monthly1914/07211
13807FishingLowestoft deck boatYachting Monthly1914/07219
11814Carment, D SYacht, cutter41 ft LOAYachting Monthly1914/12134
13811LifeboatWatson typeYachting Monthly1914/12124
9526PaxDuckworth, PYacht, sloop28 ftYachting Monthly1915/01 181
13812Barge24 m LOA English CoastingYachting Monthly1915/01206
1271CherubStrange, AlbertCanoe, sailing20 ft - see also CB 1991/10 p 45Yachting Monthly1908/03335
9809RefugeeGraham, S NYacht, yawl24 ft LOAYachting Monthly1915/01177
8586L'EsperanceWells, E PYacht, ketch50 ftYachting Monthly1915/01192
999Bona FideOertz, MYacht, sloop35 ft LOA - see also CB 2000/04 p 34Yachting Monthly1908/03355
1032BrandaneEwen, CMotor42 ft LOAYachting Monthly1908/03360
13371Smith, W DPunt, motor29 ft LOAYachting Monthly1908/03378
10938TridentWestmacott, AYacht , motor77 ft LOAYachting Monthly1908/03362
12804Morgan Giles, F C Yacht, motor40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1908/03344
11381WyonaMcCullum, J AYacht, cutter37 ft - built 1908 - see also CB 2002/03 p 71Yachting Monthly1908/03358
13810Yacht, sloop22 ft Huntingdon Y C O D classYachting Monthly1914/1158
8130Ibis IIIHope, LintonFishing126 ton Motor ketch trawlerYachting Monthly1914/1148
3154DruidWatson, G L & CoYacht, ketch94 ft 112 tonYachting Monthly1914/10445
13808FishingKinsale hookerYachting Monthly1914/07220
13397Soe, GYacht, cutter9 m LOAYachting Monthly1914/07204
8791MargotMylne, AlfredMotor60 ft LOAYachting Monthly1914/07211
13809HookerYacht, schooner KinsaleYachting Monthly1914/07220
1360Colleen McCallum, J AYacht, motor37 ftYachting Monthly1914/08295
12385Hope, LintonYacht, cutter6 metre classYachting Monthly1908/1114
12416Hutchinson, H W Motor8 metreYachting Monthly1908/03379
11309Wild DuckJoy, Basil HMotorYachting Monthly1908/03 312
9107MorwennaStow & SonYacht, schooner55 ft LOAYachting Monthly1914/08370
9579PhantomStrange, AlbertYacht, cutter28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1914/08298
12228Graham, S NYacht, sloop 37 ft LOAYachting Monthly1914/08293
11894Cockshott, GeorgeYacht, cutter38 ftYachting Monthly1914/08357
9628PioneerNicholson, CYacht, motor168 ft LOAYachting Monthly1914/09374
8326JosephineWarshipLugger- rigged privateerYachting Monthly1915/01207
10053SatanellaSimpson, StricklandMotor38 ft - see also CB 1990/03 p 58Yachting Monthly1909/12119
9134MusetteHope, LintonYacht, cutter6 m classYachting Monthly1909/1118
1499CreoleAllan, F AYacht, motor52 ft LOAYachting Monthly1911/01213
10404SparkletGraham, S NMotor50 ftYachting Monthly1911/01215
8999MiragePenny, Claude SMotor50 ftYachting Monthly1911/01216
8723MagoniBoyd, G KMotor50 ftYachting Monthly1911/01214
9047MonaMcCallum, J AYacht, motor32 ftYachting Monthly1911/01226
7994Hawk MothStrange, AlbertYacht, yawl22 ft LWLYachting Monthly1911/01256
12056Demars, LYacht, sloop6 m LOAYachting Monthly1911/01254
964Blue BirdGatehouse, R FYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1911/01207
11137VirginiaMower, C DCatboat26 ftYachting Monthly1911/01243
10183SenoraMylne, AlfredYacht, motor30 ftYachting Monthly1909/1166
12791Morgan Giles & MayYacht, sloop22 ft C B Yachting Monthly1909/1150
13791Dinghy, sailing16 ftYachting Monthly1909/1158
8341JoyetteMower, C D Yacht, sloopSonderklasse Yachting Monthly1909/1159
13796Yacht, sloopWestcliffe Y C O D classYachting Monthly1910/12167
13309Shepherd, FYacht, cutter34 ft LWLYachting Monthly1910/12173
9210NautilusLidstone, H HYacht, sloop31 ft LOAYachting Monthly1910/1168
3353EurekaGraham, S NCanoe, sailingR C C A classYachting Monthly1909/12135
11129ViliaCraig, VincentYacht, sloop 35 ftYachting Monthly1910/1175
9043Mollihawk IIIHope, LintonYacht, schooner60 ft LWLYachting Monthly1910/1171
8774Manner IIOertz, MYacht, sloop9 m LOAYachting Monthly1910/1116
8276JelmaAdams, J LMotor50 ftYachting Monthly1910/12160
12793Morgan Giles & MayDinghy10 ftYachting Monthly1910/12175
9894RogueYacht, cutterOriginal & convertionYachting Monthly1910/12142
887BeeStrange, AlbertCanoe, sailingR C C A classYachting Monthly1909/12132
12711McCallum, J AYacht, sloop25 ft LWLYachting Monthly1909/12122
12255H M D Yacht, cutter24 ft LWLYachting Monthly1909/12261
12976Mylne, AlfredYacht, yawl30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1910/12157
13496ThornycroftHydroplaneYachting Monthly1910/12133
13792FishingLancashireYachting Monthly1909/1146
487AlbatrossOertz, MYacht, sloop23 ftYachting Monthly1909/1157
8233Jack SpratSmith, H CDinghy, sailing16 ft LOA - Essex YC 17ft Restricted class also knYachting Monthly1911/02355
10492StephanieStow & SonDinghy, sailing16 ftYachting Monthly1911/02365
10138SeagullBenzon, AlfredYacht, sloop8 m LOAYachting Monthly1911/02360
12302Hart, E P Yacht, yawl23 ftYachting Monthly1911/02362
13344Simpson, H HardeyYacht, model12 metreYachting Monthly1911/02283
13798FishingSt Valery sur SommeYachting Monthly1911/02321
13474Taylor, JamesMotor26 ftYachting Monthly1911/02351
720ArielEwen, CMotor35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1911/03415
9828RestmoreWhite BrosYacht, yawl27 ft LWLYachting Monthly1911/03444
13391Soe, GYacht, yawl30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1909/08272
3326EsniaLaws, G UYacht, barge60 ftYachting Monthly1909/07198
12277Hands, W HCatboat16 ftYachting Monthly1909/07205
8349JulnarFife, WYacht, ketch79 ft LWLYachting Monthly1909/07202
8374KarinaWells, T DYacht, schooner150 ftYachting Monthly1911/02329
1542CybeleMcCallum, J AYacht, motor40 ftYachting Monthly1911/02358
13310Shepherd, FYacht, cutter32 ft Bawley typeYachting Monthly1911/02331
8164InnisfallenStrange, AlbertYacht, cutter14 tonYachting Monthly1909/1153
8986Minna DhuPayne, A EYacht, cutter29 ft LWLYachting Monthly1909/10430
13790MulettaPortugueseYachting Monthly1909/10443
13365Smith, James AYacht, ketch81 ft LOAYachting Monthly1909/10427
13797Yacht, sloop10 m LOA DutchYachting Monthly1911/01242
1504CrestWenlock, S WYacht, motor51 ft LOAYachting Monthly1911/01216
3305EndymionMcGregor, C GMotor50 ftYachting Monthly1911/01211
3352EuniceBleasby, S McLarenMotor50 ftYachting Monthly1911/01214
13392Soe, GFishingBalticYachting Monthly1909/10421
11774Butler, T HarrisonYacht, cutter23 ft LWLYachting Monthly1911/01268
13789BuckieYachting Monthly1909/09356
8443KittiwakeMcCullum, J AYacht, motor42 ftYachting Monthly1909/08273
3259ElfridaSmith, James AYacht, yawl53 ft LOAYachting Monthly1909/08268
12626Maynard, FrankMotor30 ftYachting Monthly1911/03448
12216Glen-Coats, T C Yacht, cutter43 ft 12 m classYachting Monthly1910/10452
11062VanderdeckenStow, E A Yacht, yawl80 tonYachting Monthly1910/03326
9714Puffin IIStrange, AlbertYacht, motor39 ft LWLYachting Monthly1910/04408
8342JoyeuseEwen, CYacht, yawl12 tonYachting Monthly1910/04404
10816ThonaEwen, CMotor34 ftYachting Monthly1910/02207
12797Morgan Giles, FYacht, sloopW E C 5m C B classYachting Monthly1910/02 217
12796Morgan Giles, FYachtW E C 5m C B classYachting Monthly1910/02219
12975Mylne, AlfredYacht, motor40 ftYachting Monthly1910/02252
11279What HoRouse, P GDinghy, pramYachting Monthly1910/04390
10286SinbadWhite BrosYacht, cutter28 ft LWLYachting Monthly1910/0538
12359Hodgkin, A ECanoe, paddling12 ftYachting Monthly1910/0524
9414OlivetteBoyd, Henry PDinghy, sailingYachting Monthly1910/0545
13793PilotRoyanYachting Monthly1910/0536
13794PilotRiver Loire No 5Yachting Monthly1910/0537
11974Crossfield, JohnFishingLancashireYachting Monthly1910/0542
12007Dallimore, N EYacht, cutter10 tonYachting Monthly1910/04 394
12297Hart, E PDinghy14 ft C BYachting Monthly1910/04406
11885Clayton, HYacht, yawl30 tonYachting Monthly1910/02 246
10740TatjanaArcher, ColinYacht, cutterYachting Monthly1910/03334
7662FoamWenlock, S WYacht, cutter32 ft LWLYachting Monthly1910/03309
13492Thiebout, J P G Yacht, sloopDutchYachting Monthly1910/03328
1354CoimbraDawson, DudleyYacht, ketch35 ftYachting Monthly1910/03311
8632Little RogerSoe, GYacht, ketchYachting Monthly1910/03317
9015MischiefDalimore, N EYacht, ketch35 ftYachting Monthly1910/03318
3112Dollar PrincessGraham, S NYacht, ketch36 ft LWLYachting Monthly1910/03313
9600PhydorHart, E PYacht, ketch32 ft LWLYachting Monthly1910/03318
3292EmmaMcGregor, C GYacht, ketch35 ftYachting Monthly1910/03315
8541LassieReid, R LYacht, yawl33 ftYachting Monthly1910/03316
11700Browne, W LHydroplaneYachting Monthly1910/04419
11773Butler,Butler, T HarrisonYacht, sloop20 ft LWLYachting Monthly1910/03332
1361Colleen DhuMcCallum, J AMotor29 ftYachting Monthly1910/02243
9146MyosotisClayton, HDinghy12 ft - see also CB 1993/04 p 47Yachting Monthly1910/02251
8883MayYacht, steamOil-firedYachting Monthly1910/02254
8447KnockaboutStow, E A Yacht, sloop 18 ft LOAYachting Monthly1909/12119
8618LinthShepherd, FYacht, ketch60 ft LWLYachting Monthly1910/07209
10793The PinasseFishingArcachon SardineYachting Monthly1910/07215
10986TweenieTatchell, PercyDinghy, sailing10 ftYachting Monthly1910/07197
11096Vera IIClasen, WYacht, sloop4m LWLYachting Monthly1910/07202
809Bac-a-deriveFishingArcachon SardineYachting Monthly1910/07214
7773GermaniaOertz, MYacht, schooner154 ft LOA - see also CB2000/04 p36, CB 2001/02 pYachting Monthly1910/08299
1312ClaireMorgan Giles & MayYacht, sloop20 ft LWL 6 m classYachting Monthly1910/08288
1501CreoleWatson, G LYacht, cutter54 tonYachting Monthly1910/08292
13795FishingEquihenYachting Monthly1910/08313
8413Kia OraMcCallum, J AYacht, motor44 ft LWL - see also YM 1912/08 p 339Yachting Monthly1910/08286
10197ShaheenFife, WilliamYacht, ketch79 ft LOAYachting Monthly1910/08266
9042MollieGibson, G McLeanYacht, barge31 ft LOAYachting Monthly1910/09379
10063ScallawagBroomfield, FCanoe, sailingR C C A classYachting Monthly1910/01198
10792The OceanWarship98 gunYachting Monthly1910/01131
12792Morgan Giles & MayYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting Monthly1910/07206
1051BritanniaWatson, G LYacht, cutter121 ft LOA - YM 1911/09 p 399, YM 1924/08 p 266, Yachting Monthly1910/06132
917BettyStrange, AlbertYacht, cutter44 ft LWLYachting Monthly1910/06145
11947Cox & Stevens Yacht, sloop34 ft LOAYachting Monthly1910/06127
10745TealEwen, CYacht, sloop21 ft LWLYachting Monthly1910/01155
8219IzaHotchkiss, D VCanoe, sailingR C C A classYachting Monthly1910/01202
9235NerenufMorgan Giles, F C Canoe, sailingR C C A classYachting Monthly1910/01136
8859MattieMcGregor, C GCanoe, sailingR C C A classYachting Monthly1910/01199
8843MascotDallimore, N ECanoe, sailingR C C A classYachting Monthly1910/01201
11525Ashcroft, H JDinghy, sailing15 ftYachting Monthly1910/01168
11046ValottaCole, RobertCanoe, sailingR C C A classYachting Monthly1910/01 203
12550Laws, G UYacht, cutter36 ft LOAYachting Monthly1910/06149
11616Block, HansDinghy, sailingGerman Jolly ClassYachting Monthly1910/07200
10052SaritaWhite BrosYacht, cutter28 ft LWLYachting Monthly1910/07204
11434YsidroRobertson, A J CYacht, motor40 ftYachting Monthly1910/10465
465AfreetStrange, AlbertYacht, sloop20 ft LWLYachting Monthly1912/02289
13467Tatchell, PercyDinghy, sailing10 ftYachting Monthly1912/04412
11395XarifaSoper, J MYacht, ketch90 ft LWLYachting Monthly1912/04467
13466Tatchell, PercyDinghy, sailing11 ftYachting Monthly1912/04410
10601SusanMead, HarleyYacht, cutter25 ft LOA - see also CB 2001/02 p 31Yachting Monthly1912/04470
11776Butler, T HarrisonYacht, cutter20 ft LOA Yachting Monthly1912/04463
8946Merry WidowGraham, S NYacht, sloop6 m classYachting Monthly1909/03330
13740Woodcock, HYacht, yawl37 ft LWLYachting Monthly1909/03346
13782Punt, gunBlackwaterYachting Monthly1909/03308
1658DesireStrange, AlbertYacht, sloop6 m classYachting Monthly1909/03330
12977Mylne, AlfredYacht, ketch56 ft LOA C B Yachting Monthly1912/0564
1097BylgiaMorgan Giles, F C Yacht, sloop20 ft LWL 6 m classYachting Monthly1909/03321
3293EnaCrossley, P CYacht, sloop20 ft LWL 6 m classYachting Monthly1909/03322
7546FiamettaBottomley, R WYacht, sloop6 m classYachting Monthly1909/03331
3349Eun MaraMcCullam, J AYacht, motor53 ft LOAYachting Monthly1912/03388
1666DiackCox & KingMotorB M B C 21 ft classYachting Monthly1912/03390
13129Penny, Claude SMotor40 ftYachting Monthly1912/03355
630AmaranthPenny, Claude SYacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly1912/02292
13752Wustrau, W Yacht, sloop7 m LOA C BYachting Monthly1912/02301
8425King HaroldHotchkiss, D VYacht, sloop6 m classYachting Monthly1909/03329
10283SimplexAshcroft, H JYacht, sloop29 ft LWLYachting Monthly1909/03304
9017MischiefHayles, I R Dinghy, sailing14 ftYachting Monthly1912/02317
13803FishingBoulogne trawlerYachting Monthly1912/02277
10742TaurusFoster, Alfred EYacht, sloop6 m classYachting Monthly1909/03328
9902RonaMcCallum, J AMotor35 ftYachting Monthly1909/03315
8075HopeHart, E PYacht, sloop20 ft LWL 6 m classYachting Monthly1909/03324
11901Cole, RobertMotor40 ftYachting Monthly1912/03366
11506Allan, F AMotor40 ftYachting Monthly1912/03367
11698Brown, W LindahlMotor40 ftYachting Monthly1912/03363
12226Graham, S NMotor40 ftYachting Monthly1912/03 359
10348SnowdropBroomfield, W F DYacht, sloop6 m classYachting Monthly1909/03327
7856Golden VanityBriscoe, ArthurYacht, cutter20 tonYachting Monthly1909/02280
942Black DragonWhite BrosYacht, cutter40 ft LOAYachting Monthly1912/07225
1327CloonHolding, T HCanoe, sailing18 ftYachting Monthly1912/07267
10055SatanitaSoper, J MYacht, cutter94 ft LWLYachting Monthly1912/07259
11063VanduaraWatson, G LYacht, cutter81 ft LWLYachting Monthly1912/07260
10717TaranaDallimore, N EYacht, sloop22 ft LOAYachting Monthly1912/07236
10402SpankerSimpson, Strickland & CoYacht, motor40 ftYachting Monthly1912/07223
13777Fishing,DanishYachting Monthly1909/01173
13778LifeboatStronsayYachting Monthly1909/01157
13779LifeboatStromnessYachting Monthly1909/01158
13706Wilesmith, John & CoYacht, sloop11 m LWLYachting Monthly1909/01209
13780Punt, gunHumber - 3 examplesYachting Monthly1909/01212
8070HonorYacht, ketchConverted lifeboatYachting Monthly1912/08325
13014Nicholson, C EYacht, sloop16 ft Lee on Solent O D classYachting Monthly1912/08315
13227Riddehough, EDinghy, sailing5 m Yachting Monthly1912/07232
7747GaviottaHope, LintonYacht, yawl50 ft LOAYachting Monthly1912/07228
12295Hart, E PSharpie12 ftYachting Monthly1909/01198
13781FishingSwedishYachting Monthly1909/02247
13394Soe, GYacht, ketch99 ft LOAYachting Monthly1912/0552
10763TernCole, RobertCanoe, yawl26 ft LOAYachting Monthly1912/052
9899RonMcCallum, J AYacht, ketch49 ft LOA - see also YM 1928/05 p 55Yachting Monthly1912/0569
9005MirandaHayles, J R Yacht, sloop38 ft LOAYachting Monthly1912/0572
8474La CigaleNicholson, C EYacht, ketch220 tonYachting Monthly1912/0567
13450Suffling, H JYacht, yawl34 ft LWLYachting Monthly1909/02277
12296Hart, E PYacht, cutter43 ft LWLYachting Monthly1909/02269
7579FionaHart, E PYacht, yawl42 ft LOAYachting Monthly1912/06157
13159Preisler, FYacht, sloop5 m Danish JollyYachting Monthly1912/06163
755Atair Nicholson, C EYacht, motor115 ft LOAYachting Monthly1912/06167
8406KestrelYacht, yawl13 m LOAYachting Monthly1912/06165
12294Hart, E PDinghy, sailing12 ftYachting Monthly1909/01198
12551Laws, G UYacht, ketch45 ft LOAYachting Monthly1912/08344
11461ZitaMacGregor, C G Yacht, sloop16 ft LWL Yachting Monthly1912/02290
13799WarshipBattleship 120 gunYachting Monthly1911/03372
12790Morgan Giles & MayDinghy, sailingClass boat for LagosYachting Monthly1909/06130
1109CachalotDewdneyYacht, ketchBrixham 67 ftYachting Monthly1911/06157
7746GaviotoSoe, GFishingSchooner, 65 ftYachting Monthly1911/06134
13443Strange, AlbertYacht, sloop7 tonYachting Monthly1911/07225
7505FantomeYacht, schoonerAlterations to -Yachting Monthly1911/07229
11221Wee KendaGibson, G McLeanYacht, sloop20 ft L W LYachting Monthly1911/07201
12794Morgan Giles & MayDinghy, sailing14 ft C BYachting Monthly1911/07214
11009UlBrown, A HYacht, steam730 ton - sse also p398Yachting Monthly1911/08315
8369Kami-no-MichiMcCallum, J AYacht, motor30 tonYachting Monthly1911/08313
10097Sea Bird Yacht, yawl19 ftYachting Monthly1911/08297
13801Punt, quay24 ft FalmouthYachting Monthly1911/08285
13800Catboat20 ft L W LYachting Monthly1911/08303
1691Dixie IVMotorYachting Monthly1911/10472
13390Soe, GFishingDutch Herring 17thCYachting Monthly1909/06127
8051HildaPilotBristol ChannelYachting Monthly1909/06106
13787FishingFrench CrabYachting Monthly1909/06113
13296Seamless Steel Boat CoMotor34 ftYachting Monthly1911/03449
481AlannahWhite, H W Yacht, cutter25 ftYachting Monthly1911/03480
8062HMS VictoryWarshipYachting Monthly1911/03371
8503Lady JeanMcCallum, J AYacht, motor80 ft LOAYachting Monthly1911/04 534
13786Dinghy, rowing7 ftYachting Monthly1909/06135
3157DryadStrange, AlbertYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting Monthly1909/06132
1040BrideJackson, H DYacht, ketch23 tonYachting Monthly1909/06122
11772Butler, T HarrisonYacht, cutter20 ft LWLYachting Monthly1909/06119
12298Hart, E PDinghy, sailing16 ftYachting Monthly1911/04 533
12743Mead, HarleyYacht, cutter28 ft L W LYachting Monthly1911/0564
11775Butler, T HarrisonYacht, sloop3 ton -see also p 106Yachting Monthly1911/0553
13437Stow & SonYacht, yawl88 tonYachting Monthly1911/0568
13788FishingGerman HerringYachting Monthly1909/06144
13025Odgers, J EYacht, cutter51 ft LWL 15 m classYachting Monthly1909/0535
13783KutterFrederickshavenYachting Monthly1909/0516
12775Morgan GilesDinghy, sailingYachting Monthly1911/12139
9496PampaAllan, F AYacht, sloop!7 ft LWLYachting Monthly1911/12127
9437OpherWenlock, EYacht, sloop20 ft LWLYachting Monthly1911/12126
9214NedaMorgan GilesYacht, sloop20 ft LWLYachting Monthly1911/12124
748AsthoreHart, E PYacht, sloop19 ft LWLYachting Monthly1911/12123
7480FaithClayton, HPilotBristol ChannelYachting Monthly1909/04423
13366Smith, James AYacht, sloop25 ft LOAYachting Monthly1912/01206
8741MaimieMcGregor, C GYacht, sloop6 m classYachting Monthly1909/04383
13465Tatchell, PercyDinghy, sailingYachting Monthly1909/04405
13651Watson, G LYacht, cutter30 ft LWLYachting Monthly1909/04416
9661PoppyStow, E AYacht, sloop6 m classYachting Monthly1909/03324
502Alethea IILuke & CoYacht, ketch25 ft LWLYachting Monthly1912/01208
12231Gray, J RYacht, sloop23 ft LOAYachting Monthly1912/01218
11004UbiqueCockshott, GeorgeYacht, sloop18 ft LWLYachting Monthly1911/12129
9627PioneerMacLaren Bros.Yacht, motor40 ft - gas firedYachting Monthly1909/04418
681AnnetteCole, RobertYacht, sloop17 ft LWLYachting Monthly1911/12120
13785Yacht, sloopYarmouth CobbleYachting Monthly1909/0555
12396Hotchkiss, D VYacht, sloop22 ft LOA SharpieYachting Monthly1909/0511
11751Burnet, Sidney PDinghy, sailingYachting Monthly1909/0553
12314Heal, G AYacht, cutter10 tonYachting Monthly1911/10479
13802Punt, quay28 ft FalmouthYachting Monthly1911/10450
13393Soe, GPilotBoulogneYachting Monthly1911/10455
8454KoniginAbeking & RasmussenYacht, yawl13 m LWLYachting Monthly1911/1151
8919MemoryWatson, G L & CoYacht, yawl56 ft LWLYachting Monthly1911/1154
12126Fife, WilliamYacht, motor61 ft LOAYachting Monthly1911/1157
13347Simpson, H HardyYacht, model12 mYachting Monthly1911/1118
11752Burnet, Sidney PYacht, cutter35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1909/0549
13784Warship50 ft cutterYachting Monthly1909/0565
13372Smith,James AYacht, ketch36 ft LWLYachting Monthly1911/12147
10575SunfishBarber, W O Yacht, cutter31 ftYachting Monthly1910/03319
7770Georgiana IIIHarlan & HollingsworthYacht, motor95 ft LOAYachting Monthly1917/02249
13383Soe, GFishingOstendYachting Monthly1907/03349
12455Joy, Basil HYacht, sloop20 ftYachting Monthly1906/07190
13654Watson, G L & CoMotor20 ftYachting Monthly1906/07219
13819WarshipPatrol Scout designYachting Monthly1916/12124
12323Herlin, TYacht, sloop35 m LOAYachting Monthly1916/12111
13373Soe, GFishingSardinesYachting Monthly1906/07193
3262ElizabethWhite, H W Yacht, schooner132 ft LOA - see also YM 1906/06 p 142, YM 1907/0Yachting Monthly1906/0663
13769Dinghy, sailing10 ft LWLYachting Monthly1906/06106
12286Hart, E PYacht, cutter8 tonYachting Monthly1906/06138
11065Vanessa VIII Hope, LintonCanoe, sailingR C C A classYachting Monthly1906/0546
8415Kia-OraPiper, J RYacht, bargeYachting Monthly1906/0562
13827Coble26 ft YorkshireYachting Monthly1918/01189
8517LalageOdgers, J EYachtSolent 24 ft classYachting Monthly1906/0567
8947MerrymaidNicholson, C EYacht, cutter115 ft LOA - see also YM 1912/06 p 166, CB 1991/0Yachting Monthly1906/0569
12215Glen-Coats, T C Yacht, cutter15 m classYachting Monthly1906/0565
10064Scamp Hope, LintonYacht, sloop27 ft LOA Thames A class RaterYachting Monthly1906/0544
11088VentureWatson, G L & CoYacht, sloop30 ft One RaterYachting Monthly1918/01170
13531Thornycroft, J I & CoMotor25 ftYachting Monthly1907/03407
13349Sims & SonsRowingRacing eightYachting Monthly1907/03356
8712MadgeYacht, sloop20 ft LOAYachting Monthly1917/01178
11783Butler, T HarrisonYacht, yawl24 ft LOAYachting Monthly1917/10347
13451Suffling, H JYacht, yawl28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1917/01147
13825PilotNew YorkYachting Monthly1917/10353
8473La BonneButler, T HarrisonYacht, sloop27 ft LOA - Nursery classYachting Monthly1917/1151
914Beton IBargeFerro-cementYachting Monthly1917/1158
13445Strange, AlbertYacht, yawl29 ft LOAYachting Monthly1917/12122
13826SampanYachting Monthly1917/12131
11781Butler, T HarrisonYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting Monthly1917/01149
13382Soe, GFishingBelgium, luggerYachting Monthly1907/03349
12072Dixon BrosMotor30 ftYachting Monthly1907/03400
1062BrookeShepherd, FMotor35 ftYachting Monthly1907/03402
12287Hart, E PYacht, sloop20 ft CBYachting Monthly1906/07217
7730GalateaSeabury, C L & CoYacht, steam118 ft LWLYachting Monthly1906/07221
12454Joy, Basil HMotor20 ftYachting Monthly1906/07190
13828Yacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly1918/01195
13294Seamless Steel BoatMotorTwin Screw CruisingYachting Monthly1907/03404
12985Mylne, AlfredYacht, sloop21 ft Dublin Bay classYachting Monthly1917/01164
9705PsycheStrange, AlbertYacht, yawl27 ft LOAYachting Monthly1918/02245
12279Harden, A Yacht, schooner50 ft LOAYachting Monthly1918/03277
8842MascotCollinsYacht, sloopYachting Monthly1918/04369
463Aethelberhta IIGreen, A RYacht, ketch25 ft LOAYachting Monthly1918/07157
10339Sniggel-SnuggelHerlin, TYacht, sloop8 m LOA Swedish 22 m classYachting Monthly1918/07185
12581Livesey, F W Yacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting Monthly1918/07168
10797The Royal SovereignWarshipYachting Monthly1918/08198
12583Livingstone, CYacht, sloop24 ft LOAYachting Monthly1918/08247
13448Stroud, R J Motor45 ftYachting Monthly1918/08242
13744Woods, EYacht, sloop32 ft LOA Norfolk broads typeYachting Monthly1918/09321
12714McCallum, J AYacht, yawl23 ft LOAYachting Monthly1918/09315
12593Luders Marine Constr.Warship66 ft PatrolYachting Monthly1916/08307
13336SiberianYacht, sloop18 ft BRA classYachting Monthly1918/09283
1087BunnieLane, A LDinghy, sailing17 ftYachting Monthly1918/10368
11968Craven, H L DYacht, sloop18 ft B R A raterYachting Monthly1916/08282
12779Morgan GilesDinghy, sailing13 ft Nantucket Y C Yachting Monthly1918/10355
13829FishingNew Bedford whalerYachting Monthly1918/02237
754AtahualpaLaws, G UYacht, sloop32 ft LOAYachting Monthly1916/08209
12098Edward, GCanoe, sailingYachting Monthly1918/1135
7654Flying ScudHart, E PYacht, yawl10 tonYachting Monthly1907/04484
11784Butler, T HarrisonDinghyYachting Monthly1918/06123
12639McBryde, W GYacht, ketch30 ft LOAYachting Monthly1918/06110
11785Butler, T HarrisonYacht, yawl22 ft LOAYachting Monthly1918/06112
13381Soe, GBlankenbergYachting Monthly1907/03350
10145SealStrange, AlbertYacht, yawl37 ft - see also CB 1989/01 3 p 37Yachting Monthly1907/03382
12638McBryde, W GYacht, yawl40 ftYachting Monthly1918/0553
9608Piet HeynMylne, AlfredYacht, yawl60 ft LOAYachting Monthly1916/1295
11070VarunaYacht, sloop30 ft Bombay O D classYachting Monthly1916/11349
10811ThetaMcCullum, J AYacht, cutter28 ft LWLYachting Monthly1907/03377
7835GlimpseMorgan Giles, FYacht, cutter30 ft LWLYachting Monthly1907/03386
8622ListaNicholson, C EYacht, schoonerYachting Monthly1907/03398
11896Cockshott, GeorgeMotor33 ftYachting Monthly1916/1123
7986HaruruEwen, CYacht, yawl4 tonYachting Monthly1907/03330
13771Sneak-BoxBarnegatYachting Monthly1907/03396
10012San ToyLivesey, F W Yacht, sloop29 ft LOAYachting Monthly1918/0561
11641Boyd, Henry PDinghy, sailing16 ftYachting Monthly1918/0551
13446Strange, AlbertYacht, yawl35 ft LOAYachting Monthly1918/0697
9030MistletoeBroomfield, W F DMotor50 ftYachting Monthly1911/01212
8971Might-have-beenYacht, yawl28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1918/06127
12778Morgan GilesYacht, sloop27 ft LOA Astur Gijon Y C Yachting Monthly1916/08285
7873GraceMcGregor, C GFishingLoch FyneYachting Monthly1907/04486
11074VectisSiberianYacht, schoonerModel Yachting Monthly1917/02215
12584Lochore, T HYacht, steam110ft LWLYachting Monthly1906/10453
13584Vanderbilt, HWarship74 ft PatrolYachting Monthly1917/0524
9447OritaCameron, J RYacht, sloop19 ft LWLYachting Monthly1906/09376
11634Boulay, E duDinghy, motorYachting Monthly1906/09374
1556Cysne IIForrestt & CoYacht, steam85 tonYachting Monthly1906/08298
3230EelHolmes, GeorgeCanoe, sailing21 ft C B - see also Bmn 1995/03 p 69, Bmn 1995/Yachting Monthly1906/08254
7757GazekaNicholson, C EYacht, motor61 ft LOA - see also YM 1956/05 p243Yachting Monthly1906/1166
9711PuffinRowland, W HYacht, cutter24 ft LOA Mersey O D classYachting Monthly1906/1160
1606De WetFife, DYacht, sloopLoch Fyne SkiffYachting Monthly1906/1118
12218Glen-Coats, T C Yacht, sloop18 ftYachting Monthly1917/0531
1536Cushie' dooShepherd, FYacht, yawl54 ft LWLYachting Monthly1906/12145
13017Nicholson, C E Yacht, sloopRedwing ClassYachting Monthly1906/1291
7682FrancesMcGregor, C GYacht, sloop22 ft LWLYachting Monthly1906/12133
8291JillHart, E PYacht, yawl28 ft LOAYachting Monthly1917/0540
13375Soe, GFishingGravelines, luggerYachting Monthly1906/08278
9233NereidRobb, A MYacht, sloop22 ft LWLYachting Monthly1906/12136